Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 1, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a bettor understanding of the transient nature of the many phys- ls, which vanish before proper of- gentle efforts—pleasant,efforts— y directed. There is comfort in i knowledge, that so many forms of mes3 arc not clue to any actual dis- e, but simply to o. constiputedconc?'- l of the system, which the plea.sii.in; ily laxative. Syrup of Figs, prompt- ^jrwmoves. That is why it is the only MSnedy with millions of families, and is ywherc esteemed so highly by all value f*oo<l health. Its beneficial cts are due to tho fact, that it is tlie remedy which promotes internal Uiness without debilitating 1 the .«M»ns on which it acts. It is therefore •U important, in order to get its bene- . "effects, to note when you pur- _e, that you have the genuine urti- , which is manufactured by the Cnli- Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by •U reputable druggists. If In the enjoyment of good health, the system "is regular, laxatives or er remedies are then not needed. If cted with any actual disease, ona be commended to the most skillful «fc™icians, but if in need of a laxative, «•« should have the best, and with the •»»ll-in-formed everywhere, Syrup of • stands highest und is most largely I and ffivesmost general satisf action. Tho Eleventh Indiana Cavalry, In reunion nt Sheridnn, elected S, S. liar- tin, of Darlington, president; Snnfonl Scwcll, of Grooucnstlo, vice president; E. W. Collis. of Fendlcton, secretary; D. M. Burns, .of Lebanon, treasurer, and .7. R. Sauuilors, Lebanon, librarian. II you have ever seen a Itttle child in the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the troubl And appreciate tlie value of Instantan eons relief always afforded by DeWItt's Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea it is a reliable remedy We could not afford to recommend this as a cure unless it were a cure.—Jno. M Johnston. RIDES ON A RAIL. Franks of • California Wheelman Who JU Booking Notoriety. E. G. Wilbur, of 1427 Erondwny, Oakland, Cal., is looked upon as a curiosity by the bikers of Alaniccla county. He .races with, railroad trains, rides has wheel on n railroad.rail, and does other queer tricks. Thursday Wilbur raced the narrow-gauge train from the pier to Oakland, riding his wheel on a single rail behind the speeding train. Wilbur tor some months has been practicing- I'M ing his wheel on a single railroad rail. His method is to take a. companion's wheel and use it for bal- nncing. In this manner he can ride on a railroad track for miles. One hand In the common school oratorical con test of Montgomery comity, held ai Crawfordsvllle, first honors were awarded to Bertha GofC, of Wayne township, Charles GHkoy, of jRiplcy stood second, and Cora Harsubarger of Scott, third. Theories ot cure .may be discussed nt length by physicians, but the sufferers want quick relief; and One Minute Cough Oure will give It to them. A safe cure for children. It la "the only harmless remedy that produces Imtnedl- cte resnlts."—Jno. M. Johnston. The Porter county teachers favor the pensioning of disabled teachers and the establishment of a State Normal school in Northern Indiana. The whole system is drained and . undermined by'Indolent nicer* and open •ores. DeWItt's Witch Haeel Salve speedily heals them. It »the best pile cure known.—Jno. M. Johnston. At the Democratic county conven tlon, fcsld at Wlllamsport, Pa,, the other day, there was a deadlock over the nomination for treasurer, which was:declded by nipping a silver dollar. . Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, •calde, burns, nre quickly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. The State executive committee of the Indiana Christian Endeavor Society, headed by L. .7. Kirkpntrick, of Kokomo, held n meeting at Mnncle yesterday to arrange for the annual convention, beginning. November 20. Chief among the speakers on that occasion will be William Shaw, of Boston. Don't trifle away time when you Save cholera morbus or diarrhoea. Fight them In the beginning with DeWItt's Colic & Cholera Cure. You don't have to wait for results. They are Instantaneous and It leaves the bowels In healthy condition.—Jno. M. Johnston. Hitched to n wagon by the roadside near Rockford, 111... a team of horses, both dead, were found by W. W. Bennett after a storm. It was supposed that lightning killed them. Many a day's work Is lost by sick headache cnnsad by indigestion and stomach troubles. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the most effectual pill for overcoming such difficulties.—Jno. II. Johnston. Dr. H. 3V*. Taylor, of Anderson, well known because of his many accomplishments, Is the victim of an apo- jdcctlc stroke. • Subscribe for The Journal. T HE ONLY True Blood Purifier prominently in the public eye today IB Hood's Sarsaparilla. Therefore get Hood's and ONLY HOOD'S. HE MADE GOOD PROGRESS. is used to steer his own machine, and tho other rests on the companion wheel which he pulls along by his side. After ninny experiments on the Seventh street track Wilbur decided lie was pro fu-ient as a rail rider. The sport on tht ground was r.ot exciting enough for him, so he determined to ride a rod over the long narrow-gauge trestle. At seven o'clock Wilbur started out from the mole behind a train with his two wheels, cue on the track and-thc other jumping over the trestle ties. He made food progress, but was unable to keep .vitllin hailing distance of the train But his speed was high considering the fact that the slightest slip meant a fall n to the bay. The Webster street draw I'ridfre was crossed in safety, and when the rider arrived at First street he dismounted with the remark: "I defy any other wheelman'in California to make that ride." Not satisfied with this feat, Wilbur loft Tiburon. on' o run to Santa Rosa. using the railroad track. The run was made in good time, and now the wheelman is looking for some other mode of cstonisfliing wheelmen. Wilbur simply takes these w;ld rides in order to amaze people. He likes to be called queer and pointed out 05 a crank. "I can- beat, any man in the United States riding a bicycle on n. rn.ilroad track," said Wilbur. "I like to be called u crank and pointed out as a fool for taking chances. This thing of riding a wheel on a mil is only a matter of practice. Any man. with a steady nerve and n little courage can do it. Next week I am going to make a trip from the Oakland mole to Sun Leandro on my wheel, and I will ride a rail all the way." CLEVER POLICE PLOT. Woco»n FaU« » Victim to an Alleged Organ Grlndci. An organ-grinder limped, painfully up to a house in Michigan avenue, near Sixteenth street, at Chicago, and nnc bnrdcned himself of several flat-noted and otherwise discordant airs. Then he looked pleadingly and pathetically upward. No pennies fell. More fearful sounds were twi/sted out of the organ. Then trouble came. A woman descended whence the pennies were expected to fall. She motioned to tho organ-grinder to go away. He .misunderstood her and increased.his unpleasant noises. The woman showed great anger ^ and insisted that the sounds cease. They did not. Then a bicycle rider appeared. His costume, rivaled. the noises of the organ.' But he wanted THE WOMAN GOT MAD. So a monopoly of that sort of. thing. ic seconded, the motion mode by U» woman, to the effect that the man who iurned the handle- get oft the block. It looked dark for. the. poor man, who wanted pennies and not trouble. . . • Heing backed up by the bicyclist, the woman grew bolder and went close to the organ-grinder. There -was a sudden scuffle, a few screams, and those ,vho had been -watching 1 the little affair saw that the organ man had seized tho woman. The bicycle man .had an official-looking document in, his hand and ;ho woman looked chagrined. The organ-grinder was Policeman Brctternitz, the bicyclist was Policeman Dorgran, the woman was Mrs. Glo«»y Krotzer, who was wanted for violat- r\g certain ordinances. She knows a x>liceman a. block away, .and whenever me went to nrrest . her ;she laughed lerisively and he, felt that he had been made .a fool of. :'•••.*•'. So the plot was concocted. It worked well and Mrs. Kretzer will-bo tried by Justice Richardson. . . ..... ONE DISEASE AND ONE REMEDY. "The art of painting" said MlUaie, "consists in selecting the right colors and putting them in tho right place."— "Tlie wny to win »• battle," said Napoleon, "is to ranss your troops at the critical momout ngniust the weakest spot in the enemy's line."j-"The way to cure-many ailments," said the grc.it Dr. Abort-ramble, "Is (o purify tho poisoned spring in which they ari.se, generally the torpid and Inllninpd digestive system." Thus wisdom and experience simplify and condense. Thus the- Shakers of Mount Lebanon reasoned when they sought, and dually found, a remedy for Indigestion and dyspepsia. Where one person has something else, they nr- guuil, a thousand have this. To cure this alone, will almost rid the world oC sickness. Why should we vex ourselves with confusing definitions? A good digestion Is life and health; a bad ouo disease and deutli. Hence, from the healing and stimulating mountain herbs, they extracted the principles which make the Shaker Di- Kestlve Cordial the rarest and most effective of medicines for one disease, lind one only—indigestion and Mys- pepsln. Do .von suffer from any of t.hoso miserable feelings?—depression oC spirits, heaviness und pain in the stomach after mcnls, bad t.nstc in tho month, wind in the bowels, irritable disposition, nervous we.-iknoss and alarm, worry ami weariness, costivciiess or irregularity of the bowels, nausea, pnl- •pitation. sick headache, heartburn, loss oC appetite and sleep, dry skin, etc.— ? Don't indulge in lil'ty foolish fancies. You have Indigestion and dyspepsia und nothing else. 'Sot tho disordered stomach right with the one medicine which will surely do it. Shaker Digestive Cordial, and these symptoms will vanish with their cause.. A good effect will follow the first doses. Even chronic cases soon yield. Tost tho cordial, nt practlcnlly no cost by taking a. ten-cent trial bottle. For sale by nearly nil druggists. The sheriff of Grant county secured a pointer which enabled him to head off a jail delivery nt Marion, which was. engineered by Hurry Ravel, of Ft. Wayne, accused of robbery; Joseph Hilchcr of Vnn.Buren, and possibly one or two other prisoners. In n recent .letter to tho manufacturers Mr. W. F. Benjamin, editor of tho •Spectator, Rusliford, N. Y., says: "It may Ik; a. nlwisufc- to you to know tho high esteem in which Cliamberlaiu's medicines are hold by tho people of your own States, where they iraist be best known. An nunt of mine, who resides nt. Dexter, Town, was nbotit: to visit mo :i few years since, and before leaving home wrote me, asking if they were sold hero, stating if they were not she would bring a. quantity with her, us she did not. like to bo without them." The medicines referred to arc Chamberlain's Cough llemedy, famous for its cures of colds anil croup: Chamberlain's Pain Balm for rheumatism, lame buck, pal us in t.he side and chest, and Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di- arrhoea Remedy for bowel complaints. These medicines have been m coustan: use in Iowa for about a quarter of :i century. The iwople have learned that, they fire articles of groat worth and merit, and unequnlod by any other. •Tlie-y are for sale here by B. F. Kccs- llnj:, druggist. ..'Obediah Meredith, who caused such a sensation in Shclbyville by attempting to run amuck, during which lie was nearly brained by a deputy sheriff, is sold to bo wanted for attempted murder in Henry county. INGRAM'S MUMMY. A Story That h'a Decidedly Weird and 1'orfectly True One. I must digress for a moment to tell the weird, extraordinary story of the ultimate fate of Herbert Ingrain, Lord Charles Beresford's most brilliant and dashing volunteer, says the Strand Magazine. In. the first place, Lord Charles outlined the story for me and Sir William Ingram very kindly filled in the details of his brother's tragic death. So keen was Mr. Ing-ram's interest in the Gordon relief expedition that he actually took his own steam launch out to Egypt, to join tlie expeditionary forces. As a kind of souvenir of his adventures in Egypt and the Soudan, Mr, Ingram at length bought a mummy for £50 from the English consul at Luxor. The mummy was that of a priest of FREE PILLS. Send your address to H. E. Buckleti & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pills are easy in action and ore particularly effective in the cure of constipation nncl sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have boon proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the system. Regular size 25c per box. Sold by B. P. Kcosliug, druggist.- SUFFERING FOR A LIFE TIME. Persons adlic-tcd with rheumatism often suffer for a. life time, their tortures being almost, without remission. The joints and muscles of such unfortunates are in most cases shockingly contorted and drawn out of shape. To afford them even temporary relief, tho ordinary remedies often prove utterly useless. Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, on the other hand. Is avouched by persons who 'have used it, to be a genuine source of relief. It keeps the blood cool by promoting a regular habit of body, and removes from it impurities which, in tlie opinion of all rational pathologists, originate 'this agonizing complaint, and its kindred malady, the 1 gout. Besides this tlie Bitters remedy disorders of the stomach, liver and nerves, prevent and eradicate intermittent fevers, promote appetite and sleep, and arc highly recommended by physicians, as a desirable medicinal stimulant and tonic. The poultry dealers of eastern Indiana and western Ohio mot at Ridgevillo and organized for mutual protection, with John M. Stewart of Ridgevillo. president and ,T. Long of Portland secretary. IN Mrs. N. P. Rogers and daughter, Charlotte, accompanied by Miss Al- mlra Rogers and Mrs. Zanders, all of Michigan City, while driving, collided with a telegraph pole, and all were thrown out. Mrs. and Miss Almira Rogers were severely bruised. SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER GERMANY. Mr. Jacob Esbcuscn, who Is in the employ of tlie Chicago Lumber Co., at Des Moiucs, Iowa, says: "I have just sent some medicine back to my mother in the old country, that I know from personal use to be tho best medicine in the world for rheumatism, having used it in my family for several years. It Is called Chamberlain's P.alii Balm. It always does the work."' 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Ke&llug, druggist. YOUR BOY WON'T LIVE A MONTH So Mr, Oilman Brown, of 34 Mill St., South,Gardner, Mass., was told by tlie doctors. OETis son had lung trouble, following typhoid malaria and he spent three hundred and seyenty-flve dollars with 'doctors, who finally gave him up, saylug: "Your, boy wont live a month." He tried Dr. King's New Discovery and a few bottles -restored him to health and enabled him to go to work i perfectly well man. He says he owes his present good health to the use of Dr. King's New Discovery, aiid knows it to be the best In the world for lung trouble. Trial bottles free at B. F. Keeeling's drug store. " . An incident connected with the old settlers' meeting in Madison county was the presentation of a gavel made 'rom the first apple tree planted In the county. Tho donor was Mrs. Lucinda Harden. TTrom all accounts Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is a Godsend to the ifllicted. There is no advertisement about .this; we feel just like saying it. —The Democrat, Carrolton, Ky. For sale by B, F. Keesling, druggist. NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. Indianapolis and return, $1.50. Wednesday, Sept. 2d, the L. E. & W. railway will run a special train leaving Peru at 7:10 a. m. Returning leave Indianapolis at 11 p. m. Tickets good going only at 7:10 a. m. and for that date. The Citizens' band ot Peru, the best band In Northern Indiana, will accompany this train and discourse beautiful music during the day. On account of the G. A. B. Encampment The North-Western Line (Chicago & North-Western Railway) will on August 31 and September 1,1896, sell excursion tickets from Chicago" to St. Paul and return at rate of $8.00 for the round trip, good for return passage until September 15. with privilege of further extension to September SO, 1806. For tickets and full Information apply' to agents of connecting lines, or address A.. H. Waggoner, T. P. A., 7 Jackson Place, Indianapolis, Ind. THE MUMMY'S PAPIERMACHEMASK. Thetis, and it bore a mysterious inscription. After obtaining-, at Cairo, the necessary permits, Ingram sent the mummy home in a big case, which was opened by his brothers at the office of the Illustrated London News. Over the face was a, papier-mache mask, which is now deposited in the British museum. Th« last-named institution' was asked to sejid along an expert to decipher and translate the inscription, which was long and blood-curdling. It set forth that whosoever disturbed the body of this priest should himself be deprived of a decent burial; he would meet with n violent death and his mangled remains would be "carried down by o j-ush of waters to the sea." This is the first part of a fascinating romance of real life. Some time after sending the mummy home Mr. Ingrojn and Sir Henry Meux were elephant-shooting 1 in Somaliland. when one day the natives brought in a great chunk of dried earth, saying it was the spoor of the biggest elephant in the world. The temptation was too much for the two sportsmen, so they hunted up that herd. "I've left my elephant-gun behind," cried Sir Henry, in dismay. "Take mine," said Ingram, generously : leaving-himself with a comparatively impotent smallbore. When they sighted the elephants Sir Henry went after a. bull and Sir; Ingram turned his attention to on enormous cow. His method was to turn, round in his saddle, fire a shot and then gallop his pony on ahead, dodging the infuriated elephant among the trees. At last, looking bock for another shot, he was swept out of his saddle by the drooping bough of a tree.-. • TheiEOmcnt he reached the ground the wounded elephant was upon him, goring and trampling him to death, notwithstanding the heroism of his Somali servant, who- poured a charge of shot right into the monster's ear. For days the elephant would not let anyone approach the spot, but eventually Mr. Ingram's remains were reverently 'gathered up and buried for the time being in a nullah or ravine. Never again wns the body seen^ for, when an expedition was -afterward -dispatched to the spot, only one sock and part of the human bone- were found; these pitiful relics were subsequently interred at Aden, with military 'honors.' ' ' It was found that the floods caused by heavy rains had washed away Mr,' Ingrain's remains,. thereby.f ulfilling. the .ancient prophecy—the awful threat of the .priest of Thetis. The mummy is now in the possession of Lady Meux, and Sir Harry has the-tusks of-the elephant. MRS. THOMAS E. WATSON. Word Is received that the Lakeside Nail Company at Hammond will shut down indefinitely. Two skeletons were found in a grav- -1 pit in.an upright position, near Hart- ord City, their appearance indicating that they had been there for many years. Tlie skeletons were those ot x man and woman, and they had evidently been buried in the position J.fonnd. "Boys will be boys,'? bot you can't afford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple aeuon by having DeWJtt'B OoUe & Cholera Cure In the house.—Jno. M. Johnston. A' daily paper will make Its appearance shortly -nt Dunkirk, to be called •the Republican. J. R. Smolley will be 'editor. .-. ,• . '..''.'. . It docsn.: matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, Indigestion and constipation are caused by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily curs them all.—.Too. M. Johnston. Th» Clever Wf« of .tb» PopulUl C»»dl- ; d»te'fpr'th«Vio» Preild«ncy. Mrs. Watson was a Miss Durham and her father was on« of the stanch business men .of Duffie .county, Ga., .before and after the war. She is 39 years ot ;bge, though she .would impress one 'with'-being;: less 'than" 30? ' She wcars- 'a happy, contented smile, she is watchful of her hueband's interests, and is heart ond-Bonl in sympathy with KENTLAND FAIR EXCURSION Via Pennsylvania lines. Excursion tickets to Kontland account the fair will be sold September .1, 2, 3 and 4; good returning until Sept; 5. '. FOR OVER FIFTY TEARS. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of'mothers for their : children while, teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea,. It will relieve the poor little snfferer Immediately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. MHS, THOMAS E, WATSON. the people's party. She is thoroughly familiar with the political situation, and confers with her husband concerning every campaign and political move that he mokes. Her hospitality in her honie is marked. Her pleasant manners, bright, cheerful disposition •ore feattfres' that make Tier "home attractive to anyone who may be entertained there. In •Washington, where Mr. Watson was a 'member'of the Fifty-second ; 'congress.^ the-Watson home was always open, and. on' several occasions his legislative coir leagues' "were 'entertained at ."dinners!', that Tvere ' pronounced as enjoyable a» cny ever given at the capital; but the .humblest constituent in the Tenth congressional district of Georgia, says tb» New York World, would have shared th» same favors. They All "There are fads .in medicine as well as In other things,"said a busy druggist, "but tho roost remarkable thing about Hood's Sarsaparilla is that customers who try other remedies all come back to Hood's, and this is why the enormous sales of this great medicine ••• keep up and continue the • f\whole year lonud, steady • \^ as a clock. "Why is it?" "0, simply because Hood's Sarsaparllla has more real curative merit than any medicine I ever sold." This is of daily occurrence in almost every drug store. Hood's Sarsaparilla has cured more sickness, and made more happiness through restoration to health than any other medicine. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the standard — the One True Blood Purifier.' , -m j,, ¥•»• 1 • are the on 'y P" ls to &*• HOOd S PlIlS with Hood's Sarsaparflla. DELICATE WOMEN Should Use FEMALE REGULATOR. IT IS A SUPERB TONIC and exerts a wonderful influence in strengthening her system by driving through the proper channel all impurities. Health 3Hd strength are Guaranteed to result from Its use. My wife was bedrlddun for eighteen months, after usinK BRADFiELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR for two months. Is geulne well.— J, M. JOHNSON, Malvern, Ark. BBADFIELD REGULATOR CO., ATLANTA, GA. Sold by ill Dnifjiiti »t SI,00 pur bottli. wrr. s. P. KLOTZ, PASTOR n. R CHURCH. , ind., Sept 8,1806. Pcpftln Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I. have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or sour rtomach. I have tried different reme- 4le* without much benefit Finally I konffht a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep- tin and found that it benefltted me. J tm convinced that It will do what It .« recommended when taken according i» directions. I hav* taken nearly one »«ttle and feel like a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. for sale by B.' F. Keesllng. B T3 Trade ^0 4 B: I Mark 1 ; FOR THE J BLOOE), I NERVES,? LIVER f —AND— * KIDNEYS. 4B. B. B. B/curocVrac of He-art^ and Bowel TroubL-. '- ours, £ . ' Msa. HASSTAII SPIII^ Milroy, Ind, 4 B B B B are pc "ely vegetable, j; Put up in capsules, sixty in a box. jjj Thirty days' treatment in a box. £ Price $1 per box, or 2is for $5. Manufactured by H. C. BRAOQ, Connersvtlle, Ind. .For sale by all druggists. FOR SALE BY B. ,F. KFBSLING, Druggist. UOD POISON A SPECIALTY ,:.l:uy.: BLOOD I'OISON po Primary, s«0i homo foreame price under s . „ Ity. If ronprcfirtoeomebcro wowlllooo* tract to pay railroad fur«atidhoteii>ilii,uid ;ocJ)ft«rn, It wo fall to can. Ifjou have tokea mercury, tcxlldo, pofcwh, and mil have acb« ul onins. MucousVatchet In mouth. Sore Throat. rimplct, Copper Colored Spots Ulcers on iny.piLrtol Lho Dodj, Hair or Eyebrow* nlllDff uut. It U tbls Secondary-UtOOD fOlSOf roco»»ntoetocur«. Wnwltclttbomoet-otwlt jatc cace* and chaUeufTO'the -worjd jor« Gained the (kill of t tie mott •minent p! =lao».-.«OO,OOO capital be&lnd'our.Oui —olatoprooflifonn ' 5c«A>lOBMEH>: iwU^ !J^ Cintnl Muiie.H«ll, Chietg^, Or. F. Zligttlifrtt. •l.t-Yru- bectBi **ft-1t !»*•.' ed Va Tanmott IiutltuUon o/ America. led fullltlei tor a tboroacb oonne in MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART lic»uonifor tlwftee wdputltlieboltnklp-..- V

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