Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 9, 1938 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 9, 1938
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„ 11, jnduslve-'-Occasiondl in Wst I***- of week, eAr close; temperatures near or iiboVe normal. bnie 37 ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 9, 1938 8 Pages 64 Columns Number 38 EMOCRATS POLL MOST BALLOTS Lr, TRAILS 116 TO 2247 Id PRIMARIES jntests to Draw fate Believed the Reason. the first time In at least re- issuth'county history there e democratic primary .„„,! there were republican, |foct<ls sending local poll- I to 'the wishing -well in on |lo explain why it all hap- J s primary a total of mocfatic primary ballots He* for, and only-2247 re- u primary ballots called mediately upon discovery of t local democrats hailed ,,jat joy the coming of Kos- Luinty into the dirfinite dem- ifold. Republicans, on the Lnd, pointed to tbe contests [ democratic primary as en- ng to voting strength, and i of the same in the repub- rimary as discouraging to -.cans. |licnn Straps Uninteresting. r generally conceded that ^pas little to draw the repub- out to vote except a desire i Kossuth's candidate L. J. son win the nomination. er it was generally felt that ^ certain of the nomination, [there was no particular in- l In state and county vepub- lominations there was either losltion or no interest in the i the supervisorial lepub- es there was no intensely sting battle. e contrary the democratic was more than interest- i the head of the ticket in >ar, a contest on for nomin- I for clerk of court, and ) a I of "gang-ups" for supervl- | nominations. . .""•' i.vote still was., very -light, j because farmers were more led in crops than polities', rery day's work In the field ing heavily after the long r cold and wet spring, [ckinson, Gillette Favored. county voted heavily Ickinson and Gillette, giving Inner a vote of 1491 to Thur- J639. Evidence that Kossuth fcrats wanted no part of and his Washington en- ments, was shown by the ! vote of 1411 to Wearln's Jespile fewer republican vot- pinson received more In the ry than did Gillette. schel and Wilson received i support, with the gover- Nmg 1940, and Wilson get's. Neither was opposed. t Piled up 1721 votes, and id, who will be his' demo- J opponent for congress this |Kcelved 1243. ' Eveland was Posed, and his scant vote In- 1 trot many democrats are i§ to vote for GUchrlst. . Fewntative Kohlhaas recolv- [? l votes, and J. c. Skow, of republican nominee for Mice, received 1151. 'as opposed in the pri- LEGION PLANS FAREWELL FOR 0, S, REILEY - --,• Easy Winner. |tte clerk of court scrap Mrs. •oy, incumbent, received 1523; • ,,°7 on . of Whittemore, 552, l-o-lvote. Sheriff Loss/who F' 0 »osed in the ] l» rwl V aveno . received the for clerk, recorder, 1521; White, attorney, 1626, and coroner, 1689. pre- ia, to cast in dem- vot- or t judge appeared of thus voters inark- ' is la were ' the 03. but only there .demo' EVARD F, GREGER, SECTION FOREMAN, IN SUDDEN DEATH Evard F. Gregor, 01, section foreman for the Northwestern railway from Irving, ton north 11 miles to the river bridge north of 1'luni Creek, died suddenly yesterday morning, following a heart attack, lie had complained of not feeling well In the night, but got up between 6 and C yesterday morning and had started breakfast. Ho was found on a couch. Mr. Greger, who came to Algona nearly 80 years ago, lost his wife In 1031. A son Charles, druggist at Mnrshnlltown, was expected to arrive yesterday. Funeral services will be conducted Friday morning at 11 o'clock at the Methodist church. EIGHTH GRADERS IN KOSSUTH WIN THEIR DIPLOMAS Shirley Reports 209 Passing and 39 in Honor List. BROWMES HAVE TWO HOME GAMES THIS WEEK Two fast ball games are in prospect for Algona fans when the i Brownies meet Worthlngton here tonight, and play Forest City the local diamond Sunday light. Worthington promises to place a strong team in the field, and the Brownies are determined o make up the dlsasterous night ;ame Sunday, when in a free-hit- ing contest Klngsbury, of Des Vtoines, won the second of a dou- Burgess is Named to Succeed Reiley as Adjutant. Plans for the junior Legion baseball season and a proposed Legion farewell party for Adjutant Oliver S. Eeiley, who leaves next week for his new post at Warshalltown, occupied most of ;he time at a Hagg post meeting Tuesday -evening at the Legion Hall. Commander Nugent reported he had attended baseball meetings with the sponsors of the Algoua Brownies and that the committee had made arrangements to donate a percentage of its total collection to the Legion, junior team. This will be approximately $200, with which, it is hoped, new uniforms can be purchased, plus new equipment, to help make a good season for the Juniors, who are under managership of County Auditor E. S. (Duke) Kinsey, The commander said on behalf of Hagg post that the Legionnaires of Algona are sorry to lose Mr. Reiley, who has served as adjutant during his two years here. A committee on the farewell party consisting of M. J. Streit, chairman, Jos. Bloom, and Alf Kresensky was named. Men who served on various Decoration day committees were given a vote' of thanks. The commander emphasized that special thanks were due to four motor firms in Algona—the Kent Motor Co., the Kossuth Motor Co., the Maxwell Motor Co.—and the Hoenk Motor Do. for the use of special cars in the parade. As Is customary,' the Legion will not meet in July and August, The commander appointed the Rev. F. Earl Burgess, chaplain of the post,' to serve as acting adjutant till election of officers in September. JUNIORS WIN AND LOSEJT WESLEY Algona's junior Legion baseball •team defeated the Wesley Juniors 9-4 Tuesday, but a second squad of Algona juniors lost to the Wes- elyans in the second of a double header, 3-2. Titonka comes to Algona for a return game tomorrow night, and Bancroft will come next week Tuesday for a return game. The county tournament will be held at Bancroft June 16-17. Playing in the first game at Wesley Tuesday was the following team: Thilge's p, Will c, Eischen 1st, Watts 2n<J, Devine 3rd, Nelson ss, Kajewski cf, Nolte If, Har- greayes rf. Smith and Thorpe batted in- the sixth. Playing for Algona in second game were Thompson c, Watts p, Smith 1st, Kinsey 2nd, Thorpe ss, Wray 3rd, Nolte if, Winkel cf, and Neville rf. E. 8,» Kinsey manages the local and Junior Kelly la coach. Dutch lunch Tonight. There will "be a dutch lunch for members of the Country club at the clubhouse this evening. A blind bogey tournament .will bo held iprlo,r to the luncheon. Next Sun- dj»y 'the local club members will take part in a tournament at Huni- bpldt. ypted, with the Wgn 78, and' 10? republicans voted with tne Wgn In each case noted above the bteb s«w for tne republicans was - Dteklnso», who had opposi- , etthpr oppose* Results of county eighth grade rural examinations, conducted In February and May have been given out by County Supt. Shirley. A total of 250 eighth graders !n Kossuth county wrote in February, and 209 have received diplomas. Of the 41 pupils who did not receive diplomas were not "down" in more than three subjects, they may be tutored this summer and will have a chance to enter high school next fall if they pass next tests. It is supposed, however, that some of the 41 moved out of the county, and so have completed the tests elsewhere. List of Honor Pupils. The honor students, the upper 15 per cent, had averages ranging from 97 to 90.8 per cent, a remarkable record, considering the fact that the examinations are difficult. Thirty-nine honor students, in the order of ranking, were: Lorraine Thomas, Irvington, 97; Kathryn Ohm, Fenton, 9C.1; Mary Jane Klein, Bode, 95.9; Dorothy Leigh, Irvington, 95.7; Stella Mao Mayer, Algona, 95; Maxine Klrschbanm, Wesley, 94.5; Mary Jane Rich, Algona, 94.4; Frank Secley, Ring- stcd, 94.4. Thelma Borman, Bode, 94; Betty Stewart, Burt, 94; Hita Studer, Wesley, 98.9; Vincent Seller, Algonn, 93.6; 'Marion Smith, Algona, 98.6; Katie Honken, Titonka, 93.5; Patricia Kennedy, Armstrong, 98.3; Bichnrd Bits- worth, Algona, 93.2. Others on Honor BolL Henry Eisenbarth, Irvington, 93.1; Edward Bristotv, Burt, 98; Alvin Keeker, St. Benedict, 93; Mary Wagner, Bode, 92.7; Eileen lieu- ranee, Hurt, 92.7; Kenneth Asa, Irvington, 92.7; Robert Borman, Bode, 92.5; Ruth Heerdt, Algona, 92.4; Shirley Mao Roney, Irvington, 92.4. Phyllis Maxwell, Irvington, 92.3; Elsie Larson, Titonka, 91.7; Gertie Coyle, Ottosen, 91.7; Marjorie Nelson, Lakota, 91.6; Dorine Fraser, Burt, 91.6; Francis Becker, Burt, 91.4; Howard Swnnson, Lu Verne, 91.2; Phyllis Vaudt, Whittemore, Lakota, 91. Richard Groen, Bnrt, 90.9; Kenneth Borman and Alfred Mar so, Bode, and Luella Mueller, Fenton, 90.08. Each of the 39 students will receive a letter "I" for his or her outstanding work. These will be mailed by Supt. Shirley, who had charge of the examinations. FLOWER CLUB SHOW HAS 219 ENTRIES Mrs. H. J. Bode, president, won grand sweepstakes of a choice peony root for winning the most points, 63, in the entire show of the Kossuth Flower club Wednesday in the Algona high school gymnasium. Prof. R. B. Johnson, of the department of landscape architecture at the state, college, at Ames, judged the 219 entries of iris, peonies, and flower arrangements. 'W. A. Poster's peony bloom was. judged the best entry in that class, as was also his iris spike in the iris group. Iris and peony roots, which were awarded as sweepstakes prizes in the several divisions were given by the Eagle Gardens, of Eagle Grove, The Algona Greenhouses displayed plants for sale, and the Eagle Gardens took orders for peony and iris roots on their displays of blooms. The flower club sale of home-grown annuals and perennials was in charge of Ella Thompson. Flowers entered in the show, which were viewed by more than 200 visitors were distributed tc patients at the local hospitals anc to other invalids who are 111 at homes. Don't Forget, Ti* 'Dr. Bwge»s* Now! A divinity doctorate was conferred on the Rev. F. Earl Burgess Monday at Mornlngslde college. He was presented by the Rev. W. G. Mubleman, P. P. Doctor Burgess was graduated from Moruingside in 1916 with a bachelor of arts degree,' and was graduated from, the Garra".t Bibl'ca Institute, Evanston, III., Ja 192J. with a TJachelor of ihaology d.e- gree- Poctor Burgees bap been pastor of the local Methodist church, since last year when he lame here frpw 'the Sheldon, jfotw prorate to succeed, Pr, J. E4ge. ' -; Lu Verne Contests Brain Derby BRINK YOUTH WAS HIGHEST IN '3HESTS Touted Red Oak Girl Really Second in Rating. Richard Brink, Lu Verne, was discovered as the real winner of the 1938 "brain derby" at Iowa City the first of the week, although :irst honors were given to Lois Wayhew, Red Oak girl who won .he honors for two years. Superintendent Evans, of Lu Verne, sent a protest to the Iowa City officials over the naming of ble header 22-13. Sunday night's game will renew the feud between Algona and Forest City ball teams, which at several times in recent years has almost threatened to send fans into scraps to defend the merits of the two teams. The Brownies believe they can take the measure of the Collegians, and plan to start with Sunday night's game. The Brownies got off to a flying start Sunday afternoon by de- feating the Kingsbury team in the opening game of the season 4-3. In the night game eveything happened to -both teams, only the things happened to the Brownies most often. Most of the difficulty resulted from efforts to swat tri- motor mosquitoes and field a ball at the same time, a difficult feat in anybody's league. Too-, the ball became slippery from mowing down mosquitoes, in its flight through the air, and the impacts slowed the spheriod down so it was difficult to judge. And is was disconcerting to each team to have a large-size mosquito lurking 'nearby ready to pounce the minute the player's attention was distracted by a ball. Spectators were not much bothered by the insects, for a braaze in the stands kept them away, and they enjoyed the big game hunt mixed with baseball. the Red Oak girl in first place. The Brink youth had one first place, a second, and a tie for eighth place. The Red Oak girl tied for first, won a second, and had a ninth place. This placement, Lu Verne contends, under any system of figuring, gives-Brink the championship. Brink had a higher placement in third position, which together with the fact that he won an undisputed first whereas the Red Oak girl had to share a first place, should have entitled him to the unofficial title. The state contest officials do not list championships, but merely indicate the positions the students take in the respective examinations. The "championships" are unofficially awarded by news stories, and the Des Moines Register Tuesday announced Lois as the three-times champion. Supt. Evans was keenly disappointed, as were Lu Verne followers, at the way the Lu Verne youth was ignored in the placement of honors, and Mr. Evans is q.uo\ed as saying: "It isn't very often a town the size of Lu Verne gets a chance] like this for recognition, and tben to lose it through no fault of our own is tough." » Seven Couples Get Licenses to Marry Seven licenses to wed have been issued in the first eight days of June: Benjamin Josephson, Anna M. Johnson, both of Boone; Leonard Dunn, Algona, Bernice Williams, Garner; Lawrence W. Meyer, Alice Dau, both of Whittemore; Delbert A. Carlson, Beatrice Stroeble, both of Delevan, Minn.; Wilson W. Brack, Ledyard, Mary Jane Lewis, Lakota. 4 • , To Erect Farm Buildings. Henry Johannsen Jr. and his carpenters have contracted to erect a new set of buildings, in part, oh the O. E. Butterfield farm, north of Algona. They will remodel the house and build a new barn and outbuildings. They are now building a new barn on the J. C. Mawdsley farm. Irvington's Eighth Graders are Tops in County 'Exams' Irvlngton, June 8-pMyrtle Jordan distributed diplomas; to her 8th grade graduates here Tuesday. The class consisted .of seven pupils, six of whom passed with an average more than 90 per cent, while the seventh was in the high 80's. This class holds the record for the highest average in the county, and it was also the largest class in the county this year. One pupil, Phyllis Black, now lives near Burt. The others are Phyllis Maxwell, Lorraine Thomas, Adella Leui- kce, Dorothy leigh, Kenneth Asa, and Shirley Boney. 89 Girls Enter Queen Contest ALL PARTS OF KOSSUTH ARE REPRESENTED Voting Coupons Now Being Issued by Algona Stores. Twenty-eight entries in March of Progress Queen contest were received by the Advance since the list of 61 earlier entries was printed in Tuesday's Upper Des Moines, making a total of «9 Kossuth county girls now entered in the race for the 18-day all-expense toUr of the West and South. A second prize will be $50, and for the purpose of awarding this prize the territory has been divided into two districts. If the trip prize is won by a girl outside of Algona, the $50 will go to the girl having the largest number of votes in Algona. M the trip is won by an Algona girl, the $50 ,prize goes to the girl with the most number of votes, outside of Algona, , Voting Started Mo»d»y. Voting ballots were distributed to all cooperating stores MondaYi the first voting day, and are noitf trickling back to the ballot boxes at the two newspaper offices, where the ballots, with names written in, must be deposited. ., Each of the candidates who'has been nominated will receive a "starter" of 10,000 votes. On all cash or paid-on-account purchases at cooperating Algona stores voting coupons will be given. Coupons come in 25-cent, $1, and ?5 denominations, with one vote .for each cent. Merchants will give coupons in 25-cent blocks. Thus <v purchase of 25-cents will bring one 2,6-cent coupon, 35-cents, one 25-cent coupon, 50 cents fWQ ^5- cent coupons, 80 cents, three 25- cent coupons, etc. New Nominations. New nominations received Tue9" day and yesterday follow; Fenton— Lola Warner, Ruth Welsbrod, Edith Wolfe, Virginia Frank, Ruth Hantlemani Pelores Krause, Dorothy Stigman,' Mathilda Ruhnke, Lorena Preyer. Algona—Norine Greiner, Jane McWhorter, Mary Crouch, Kathevine. McEnroe. . . Btode—Susie Frideres, Amanda Thul,- Lorena Bormann, Betty Klein, Rosetta Barker. Irvington—Josephine Eisenbartn. Lakota-Sadye Patterson, Eleanor Moe, Helen Bebrends, Faye Olthoff, Beverly Tamen, Marcell* Tbaves, Edna Leslie, Elsie Steen,hard, Mary Elaine Smith. Girls nominated during last week include the following: AJfona,—RoBella Vpight, lene Stott, -Mable Kohl, Edna sgje Humphries, jan,e Or,et?m,eyer, Pentecost, Bernice Storm, Efegerty, Husband Claims Wedding Papers Found in Garden The Delbert E. Schalcr- Ruth Woods marriage certificates found in Mrs. Peter Bormann's garden have been reclaimed. Mr. Schuler stopped at the Wilson cufe 1'or "eats" late lost week Thursday night and wa* there shown the mention of the certificates which appealed In that day's Advance. Kext morning he callnd at the Ad- 'vance office and .claimed the papers. Mr. Schulcr, who, with his wife, now has a cottage at the Okobojjis, said 1 that neither he nor Mrs. Schuler had the slightest idea of how the certificates got into the Bormann garden, and, in fact, hud not yet discovered the loss. ma Riddle, Maxine Larson, Donnabelle Merron, Marie Ohm, Ann Veronica Stebritz, Lucille Calhoun, Myrtle- Olson, Kathryn Kelly, Evelyn Capesius, Arline Holdren. •Bancroft—Betty Foth, Callsta Elsbecker. Whittemore — Theresa Orlger, Mary Corine Smith, Mary Bisenius, Viola Schumacher, Ruth Carlisle, 15 Center from Burt. Burt—Arlene Paterson, Virginia Patterson, Mary Ann Smith, Ruth Thompson, Par lene Dray ton, Pearl Alt, Oriole Brooke, Dorothy Brooke, Marilda Pratt, Raemond Koestler, Evelyn Bierstedt, Martha Ruhnlte, Ruth Schroeder, Sarah Schrpeder, Marie Carter. Buffalo Center — Ruth Nelson Opal Osland. . • Lakota—Lila Kappings. Blmore—Arlet Halverson, Iva Thompson, Opal Cprhua •' Lu Verne—Donna Stufllck, Maxine Smith, Mary Alice Biggings, Phyllis I4ehty, Jackie Conaway. Bo4e—Adeline nig. Wesley — Mildred Fox, Lucille Hildman, June Adele Kunz. St. Benedict—Mary Ann dorfer, ( Lone Rock—Laurena Laabs. ' r , > ^ ' Lu Verne*Corwith Pupils 'Plans' in Iowa Brain Derby Lu Verne, June 8 — Rjohard Brink and Otto 1 Pebnert won recognition in the state brain derby at Iowa City Tuesday. Richard was first in English Correctness 10, second in Latin 1, and tied for the eighth piace J» algepra-- Otto was eighth in English Correctness 9. Richard won second in the state last year in general science, and was awarded ft Jeweled, key. This year he will, receive a ruby to place on, the key, Wendell Woodbury, Cortyith placed third itt U. S: This va# the first ye$r h,a<J eyep ea^red, the " KITTENBALLERS START SEASON TUESDAY NIGHT Schedule Two Games on Tuesday Nights Till August. The first games of the season in the Algona kittenball league were played Tuesday night, with Barry's winning from a White Rose team, 7-6, in an 8-inning game and the Hub Clothiers winning from Skelly, 14-7, in a second game. Double headers are played every Tuesday evening; if the weather per- vents, then on the following evening. Next Tuesday evening White Rose will play Skelly, and Barry's will play the Hub Clothiers; June 21— Barry's vs. Skelly, White Rose vs. Hub; June 28—Hub vs. Skelly, Barrq's vs. White Rose; July 5—'Barry's vs Hub, White Rose vs. Skelly; July 12 White Rose vs Hub, Barry's vs. Skelly. •The second half of the season will begin July 19, and the season will end August 23. The league is sponsored by the Algona Junior Chamber of Commerce, On the Barry team are C. Devine, B. Miller, L..Neville, Lawrence Flndley, Kenneth Lynk, Geo. Lee, Joe McNeill, W. Devine, Muckey, and Junior Long. The battery is Findley and Lynk. On the White Rose team are T. Bruns, Simpson, Cook, Rising, Wittkopf, Cooper, Beamish, Jensen, Gregson, • Gnderian, and Pommerening. Gregson and Pommer- enlng. are the battery, Hub Clothiers—H. Medln, Miner, Bruns, Kelly, Shultz, McDonald, Williams, Miner, Schaeker, Johnson, with Johnson, Schultz, and McDonald as battery. Skelly—-H. Benschoter, Sellstrom, Thlssen, Jim Neville, Clark, Gabby Neville, with Seipman, Godfredson, and Poiridexter as battery. „, Sealed Corn Tests Show Fine Results Swea City, June 8—C.'F. Berggren, corn sealer in this section pf the county,' hajS been testing sealed corn for condition, and reports that most of it is in excellent shape and still bright enough for seed corn. He has found only two cribs which showed signs of mold, and in both cases the corn bad been exposed to snow or it was picked top early. Mr. Berggren expects 1 tq be through testing by June 10. ^ Lu Verne Picnic Planned, Lu, Verne, June 8—The Community club wil sponsor a picnic June 23, to- he held, at the LIB, Yerae Parfe A Cfimjujttee jBei ajt the, tQ,V» h*H T»ef 4§? e,ve.$sg tj» Union Bible School is Now in Session, With Ten Teachers The union Bible school opened Monday at 9 a. m. at the Methodist church. Other churches interested are Pre&byterian, Methodist, and Congregational. Children four years and older are eligible, the fee being 25c a pupil or 50c a family. Mary Elizabeth Foster has charge of music. There' are ten .tjeachers: GVendolyn Deal, Mrs. Don Miller, Mrs. B. M. Southgate, Mrs. Frank Seeley, Mrs. R. H. Guderian, Glendora Burbank, Fidelia Skow, the Rev. F. Earl Burgess, the Rev. C. W. Pfelffer, and Mrs. Lewis McWhorter. Classes will be held two weeks. LEAGUE'PLANS BARBECUE TO END CONTEST Trap Shoot, Archery to Be Features of Picnic. A county-wide picnic to celebrate the conclusion of the Kossuth Conservation League's hunt on predatory animals will be held Tuesday, June 28. The contest closes June 15. At the picnic the annual county trap-shooting contest will be held, -with teams from each unit competing, it was decided by directors and the activities committee in a meeting Tuesday night. The trap-shooting competition will be to name the best five-man team in the county, and the individual doubles champion of the county.' Trap shooting will be in charge of a committee composed of Arthur Priebe, Alton Pettit, Delmar Fisher and Eugene Pearson, all of Lone Rock. Archly contests will also be held, with details to be announced later by Dr. R. M. Wallace and Carl VanHoven, who are in charge of this, event. The program will be opened with a huge barbecue, which will be held in the late afternoon and he- fore darkness in the early evening. This will e in charge o: Floyd Pierce, R. L. Robinault, Fred Jacobs, and C. H. Swanson. All events in the trap shoot and archery will be held under the lights at the ball diamond south of Algona. The county prize-win ner of the predator contest will be announced, and prizes will also b awarded in the county indivtdua junior competition. L. M. Merritt is general chairman in charge of the picnic,. FOUR ACTS TO BE PRESENTED HEREJHE 4TH Talk by Ingham and Pageant are Features. Plans were completed for the Fourth of July celebration last week-end by Secretary E. L. Vincent. Four big hippodrome attractions have been booked, there will be three running races, and the big centennial pageant will be given during tbe evening show. The centennial cast is to mes£ Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the fairgrounds for a rehearsal •and designation of positions to be taken during the performance. Serious intensive work whipping the production into shape is scheduled for the remaining week be fore the Fourth. Four Big Acts Booked. On the platform at both afternoon and evening shows will bo a teeter board attraction by the Seven Freydsons, trick shooting by Edna Alee & Co., and unusual dog act by Willie Necker's Doberman Pinschers, and a balancing attraction on a swinging perch. Of particular interest to old- timers and to hundreds of others interested in Kossuth history, will be the afternoon talk by Harvey Ingham, pioneer Algonian, and now editor of the Des Moines Register. In the evening, following the ageant, will be a display of fire- vorks especially planned for the sentennlal observance. This dis- ilay is more expensive than any ireviously purchased by the fair sociation, and was enlarged this ear because of the bann against rivate fireworks placed by the ecent state law. Grounds are Improved. Extensive improvements have >een made at .the fairgrounds this rear. The horse, cattle, sheep and ther barns have been given a borough renovating, and a new oof has been installed over "the lorse barns. Plans for a balcony in the Floal hall are being discussed by oard members, and this may be reeled in time for the fair sbow- ngs. It is planned to place this ialcony at the north wing of the. iall, and whole divisions of displays moved up, with fruits, vegetables, and similar displays on he ground floor, beneath it. AUTO SALES DON'T LOOK LIKE SLUMP 'County Treasurer M. J. Puffy's records show 11 new motor vehic- es sold in Kossuth in the last week of May, which brought the otal for the month.to 61—pretty ;ood for a Roosevelt depression, which, however, isn't very "depressing" in Iowa. Buying Fords were the Algona reamery and Stanley Keith, Algona, and John A. Harms, Bancroft. Chevrolets were bought by inez Miller, Elmore; the Deitering Garage, Bancroft, two; and W. H. ~ odden, Algona. Clara Schultz and 3onrad Herman, both of Algona, nought Plymouths; Ersin Seims, Whittemore, a Buick; and Wayne Meyers, Algona, a Chrysler.. So far In June 14 new motor vehicles have' been bought: Fords, Dr. R. M. Winkel, Swea City; F. J. Welp, Bancroft; Edw. Wolcott, Algona; Henry Van Hove, Titonka. Chevrolets have been bought this month by W. B. Williams, Al- ;ona; trucks by Lewis Duffy, of Whittemore, and Mrs. M. T. McGuire. Dr. F. C. Scanlan, Algona, has beught a Chrysler; B.-J. Sankey, Lu Verne, a Pontiae; C. W. VIorok, Algona, and Henry "Wolfe, West Bend, DeSotos; and Charles Cretzmeyer Jr., aJLlncoln coupe, High School Band, 17 Others Flay at a Sandmen's Meet The Algona high school march- Ing band of 65 members was one of 18 bands which helped close a ;hree day Iowa band-masters' convention at Fort Dodge Tuesday. There were two bands on the streets every half hour in tbe afternoon. At 5 o'clock all lined UP on the main street, The bands then participated in "a battle' of music" which lasted 15 minutes. < • In the evening the Fort Podge band presented a concert under tbe direction of internationally known band men. The ' "finale" was a massed band concert of 750 Instruments directed by prominent Iowa bandmasters. The event honored dedication,'&f a new Fort Dodge band shell im Oleson p4rfc with prese^tto^" o*, gifts to Karl King, who has .done / much for Fort T *' W * B "» ™....»/i' " •"»*' Fined for ^cfc Overload, <He»a Culhertson, .Algona. was 16 pjujj, || co|$9 ,by Justice LfcV S Jig

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