Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1938
Page 7
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,„ ITlMB 2, IMS: who in the interest of her health has for some years lived In Colo- FOOD STOHKS - Perfect fe 1 ™" 28c lt)> ik Miid -, i 17c H). louse rt „ in* ...23C "g (liistiiriis und Ice 1(I)I , 10c \^ M 19c 25c 18c 23c 25c 15 c SOlT, puns — pared liTTI, cans - fcsc 57c 23c Hock "SALT, lia? • i Yon nrun , 2 pl 67c llirve to 19c IVliitc m,K, Q c | Wfic «7^ kinds of White [Products Feature i SAUCE, ! cans lown 1 BUTTER, , jais -— 25c 25c YIXEGAR, OTATOKS, CA11ROTS, Ichcs GES, , dozen I Grown SHES, (ches : Goods Week!' 29 c 20c 21c We FOOD STORES AND OPERATED BV IHI CI1IA1 ic mo PACIFIC irn COMPANY [issue 'Woman's Day'— Td copy. KOSSUTH COttNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A. Vigurs visited relatives at Sioux City week-end. •ivor the The M. J. Ntrcils spnnt Sumlav at Emmetsburg with Mrs. StroH'K mother, Mrs. Martin Coonan. Mrs. I/. H. Voder returned Sunday from Charles City, where she spent a month witli hnr Mrs. Alta Stiles. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. R. Knin, with mechanic nt Dau's. Mnrlii«li came rado, writes that her address Is now 525 N. Nov. ave., Colorado Springs. She adds that she enjoys reading the Advance, particularly the Colyum, Hodgepodge, and T. II. H. C.'s movie reviews. Mrs. r/. IV. Glllespie, with her frnn o.v.nfv'r Cam( n y ° StC1 " day sistcl ' Mrs. W. E Pu far e at- nnni_lo«o (,it.v for the summer ,.or of Corwlth, spent last week V\t vr\l Inv «»i\ tl I fTM_«- _n , *» ' -. ... Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Hagg, with i Raymond Paine is visiting her their two children, spent Sunday at Humboldt, visiting Mrs. Hagg's aunt ami uncle, Mr. Adam Eisler, Dakota and City, Mrs. and other relatives. Mr. Eisler is a former marshal of Dakota City, parents at Spirit Lake. Raymond is now In the employ of an insurance company at Pasadena. The George Frees spent the week-end here. George's drug store continues to do well. Mrs r B Mn ' f' tv,vnni u - , , 11 .• , UCV nnd Tlulrsdny at Bancroft with the Hagg'e. and Mr. Hagg Is a painter. Rob-' -Mrs. Knle Annis and her claugh- ert Hagg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ar- ter 13oth have written to ask that tbur Hagg, Plum Creek township, i their copies of the Advance be held Is spending the week at Albert i hero till notice of a new address Q. . j -- ..«.»i i.ruibj in, jju,ii\ji«Ji.i. trlLIl LJiG 1.1 "*" kllc llclS Com- woinoll's mnlhor Mrq P T Man Plcted her sophomore year at the sml^M ™&liesp1e spent Satur- J- Duffy, their university, where .she Is taking Irbornl arts course. Mr. iind Mrs. Dert Cronan went l.o Toledo yesterday (Wednesday) to visit their son Donald, wild their daughter Alice, loft Wedncs- ?. wns a vnrlot y stol- o there. Mr. day for two weeks at, DeKalb with ~ roilftn ' wll ° "as been Bryant jan- two sisters of Mrs. Knin. ' , mi '».V years, is taking a va- from liis duties. Hen Ingebrltson and Prod E U - ' gel, DOS to County Treasurer and Mrs. M. is given. They have for some years lived nt Miles City, Mont, , , throe daughters, where Beth is a teacher, and it has I Mr. and Mrs. Martin Duffy, Wh.it- a picnic The Martin «t (lay at Corwlth. Mr. Puffer Is a !flr >d Frances Duffy, all of Algona, I been their custom to spend the farmer, and Mr. Gillespie works at j Ferdinand Montag, West Bend, and summer, or part of It, here. Mrs. the Smoke Shop here. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Samp, of Lake Mills, with their children, were week-end guests of their parents, Mrs. Andrew Oodfredson and Mrs. Nita Isaacson respectively. Annis and her late husband, W. W. Annis, farmed many years in tjn- Duffys ion township and Mrs. Annis was are parents of M. J. and Francos, a prominent member of the Union The M. J. Duffy-s spent Wadnes- Motohers and Daughters club, also day evening at Etnmetsburu;, the of the now defunct Halcyon club Mrs! Samp and the chHuren £ BU , estB ot M ' J ' s br °«"»- Wil!i ^' "' t™»- Hutchison and Mrs. . " ; al . SO visiti)1K relatives at Welwter Otto, who is St. Paul branch man- mond. Dorothy is employed in the Sunday her son Dr. Irvin Heise, own the proportv if it has some- T-, in , .- , . . * ' ' ' *- JJ 'lf nuiilt. Monday Mr. Ward. Mr. Word is a carpenter. Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Rist ,W. Nicoulin spent. Sunday son City with Mrs sister of Mrs. Rlst lin. Mrs. Rue Aslie the new home at West Union'! Mr. ...... ,_,, II ,OH i,if?nt«r attended a from Friday tilt Tuesday o»<-, ttone r 'tir V es 0 JowTlf S ° U1 ^ r"? V* 1 ™ ,°" E " S ' " leeting at « l"o winter at CW& ^th I stone tiies, now has a new posi-j Eagle Grove Tuesday as represen- her daughter Edna. Mrs. Engier, \\ Rockford, with his wife and two how got out of his hands without tion. isons, and Irvin's brother, Dr. R. his being aware of the fact 'W. Heise, Emmetsburg, with his Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Geigel, in tntivn r,.,.,, .1 r> , i r,....>-. uunu.. .,1,.-,. i.m s ici,: v v. ±ie sc, JMnmetsDurg, wiiii ns jir. nnd Mix. Frorl rniimi MI. Mr. «n,l Mr, P, oy d Brandt, of'sho'Sad" e^rt' ™'Zu^^' ?Zer coTTro"-d™^, Uc T, ito f^'u "'% "" IT"!"' ™* *« °«™ 2LknK and —i"- •'--• • • ' ul JT.UUI in in .loimei county IOL'JTCICI, o\vn h the Mrs. L. D. Potter, Storm Lake, her Leona Stewart drove tn <$tnrm nve rp- llnllKO nil wool Htntn cti-nnf n^.nM- i i :i. ... j l ,1-.,.. j .-_!.,_.. „»_.. , , _ -".III, u I u V I, lu OLUIJI1 Amos, with their son, wore week- j itiatory work, end'guests at, Floyd's brother old's. Botli men are Docker salesmen. The First Lutheran Dorcas s . , ' loitii.} (inursuny) ..„ - ~. .... ^u^m^un-Aiiur, in. uwH-ices itingier. MiiwauKee; uarnet imnHinr hn,,n M-« W 6 , T ^ ° ^ al ~ ton » a S, un dny and Mr. Miller's par-'and Irene McDonnell, Whittemore; Stni l'e noun, Mrs. victor Johnson assist- ""'^ 71T - —' "•- •"'--- •• -••" - -- — '. — . ' ' ^mim. ing. A special business the Beta Sigma Phi freld Tuesday evening at the of Mrs. D. P. Smith, nine girls tending. Tbc Gcnrpo Conlilins left Sunday for Aberdeen, S. D., for a week with Mrs. Conklin's parents. Mr. 9. Conklln is a Milwaukee railway postal clerk. taking children. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Modin's son Howard, who was a sophomore in dairying at the state college, Ames, during the academic year now closing, is at home for the summer, nnd his elder brother Russell, who is a junior in dairying, is expected next week. Howard has summer employment nt the Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory, and Russell will be employed at the Algona creamery. There are two other Medin boys, both married. Carl, who lives at Mason City, is engaged in dairy extension work for the college, and Kenneth is employed at the Estherville creamery. The young men's father delivers milk and cream for the local creamery. If. R. Kmnncli, Whittemore, was looking after a few .business matters in Algona Tuesday. Mr. Zumach has for more than 26 years been in business at Whittemore, where he now operates a combined meat shop and grocery store. Mr. and Mrs. Zumach returned a few weeks ago from some weeks at Rochester, where Mr. Zumach had his tonsil.s removed and his wife had a major operation. Though not yet able to do al her household work, Mrs. Zumach is recovering. Mr. Zumach's first assistant at the meat shop and grocery is his son, who is married and has two children. The elder Mrs. Zumach is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Rusch, former Lotts Creek farmers who now live at Whittemore. The Frank Sccleys will go to Ames next Wednesday to meet Frank's brother, Col. B. A. Seeley, Atlanta, Ga., who will be there to attend a 30th anniversary reunion of his veterinary class. Colonel at summer school work, and she will Milton Coonim, Des Moines, spent last week Thursday here ond ^outheast of town, were guests at'Larson, sophomore at the college, she will teach music and'English clnngPd to RnrHou TrlT'n Adva " ce j'. he Phl Kanpa fraternity house, spent the week-end with his par- The Fred Geigels are her parents! clnnlnc w»?.y,« h thero be- Ames, Sunday. Their son Ed- ents , Ml , alld Mrs. A. V. Larson.'and the Hackmans are i, 3 r grand- Kinnmg with the number for Junelmund is a member of the frator- Roland was graduated from the parents. i nit y' and the occasion was Par- local high school, and he clerked I Mr. and Mrs. B. R Stratton of wi . h ,, . . . ... A - Barnard, ents day. Mr. and Mrs. Capesius f O r some time at Anderson's Jack i Milwaukee, arrived last week with their two children, spent the also called on their former neigh- Sprat store. | Thursday for a visit with the tor- PAGE SEVEN •••••••••••••taaai Seeley goes first to Lansing, Mich., ind thence drives to Ames in a new car, in which he and his son Alpheus, who has just finished the third year in the Ames veterinary course, will drive home. The Colonel will not come to Algona. Colonel Seeley is s^ill in the army, In which he has served ever since he was graduated at Ame=». He and his wife, the former Minna Helse, have one other child, a daughter, and she is married to an army captain station at the Philippines. To the captain and his wife was born last fall the first child, a son, who is a great grandson, of Mrs. C. E. Heise here. As we see it— MORE PEOPLE HATE been ruined financially because (hey were given too much credit (ban not enough. IOWA STATE BANK Algona, Iowa Deposits Insured , week-end at Winnebago with Mrs. Barnard's aunt and uncle, Mr. and ________ ... ...... _ with his sister, Mrs. M. J. Streit. | Mrs. Charles Norman. The Nor- He is sales manager for the Cook- Glbbs company. J). L. Lcffcrt reiuvuei to work this morning at the Dutlon and _ .. tj _ Leffert flour and feed .shop, after Sunday night to visit her daugli- mans are farmers, and Mr. Barnard is manager of the local Gamble store. Mrs. G. L. Yohs went to Chicago ter, Mrs. Donald Grettie. The Gret- having been alid up a couple of weeks with phlebitis. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ahvin Huenhold . „ .. and Mr. and. Mrs. Geo. L. Miller : boy. Mr. Grettie is a Swift chem- spent Memorial day at Lakota i»t, and Mrs. Grettje is the former with iMrs. Huenhold's mother, Mrs. 'Adris Vohs. bors, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. AV. Godfrey. In accordance with the custom mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Byron of many years, G. A. Brunson, for-j Stratton. B. R. is a sales super- Mrs. George Boswell .,__ ^_ _ bookkeeping duties at her bus- MemoHaT"week-end" here." He! pany, 'manuf a cturevs""of band's Algona Laundry Tuesday, resumed i mer Kossuth sheriff, spent the ] visor for the Cutler-Hammer com- eleetric visitors still owns a half in'.erest in the control apparatus. The ? n ®" ! ]i llf _ W _ eek , £ " f i A1 K° lla botel building. The son were accompanied' by Mrs. Otto John is a department manager Guderian, Co'bb, Wis., who visited the mumps. She had them on both sides. Her mother, Mrs. DeLaney, Des Moines, who is visiting here William Aalderks. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McDougall , their daughter Jean, spent Sun- spent the week-end at Mason City , day and Monday at Denver, la., .with the latter's parents, Mr. and and Arlington. They visited Doc- ties are parents of an 8-lb son, and suffered a broken left arm in born ^Friday night, their second ( a fall a wek ago Saturday, is re" covering. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Williams, their son, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simenson, and the women's father, Dr. and Mrs. G. D. Walrath, with Mrs. Fred Tutoftesing. Mr. McDougall works for Botsford's here. Frances Duffy and Irene McDonnell spent the week-end with their respective parents at Whittemore. Frances is employed at the courthouse, and Irene is a beauty operator. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. W. Becker were tor Walrath's sister, Mrs. C. for a chain store at Carroll, and. the former's 'brother, Byron Strat- the eldest son is on the legal staff ton, and at her husband's hroth- of an insurance company at Oma- ers E. A. and R. H. Guderian's. ha. Mr. Brunson's father, who was. Otto had planned to come also, but a Civil war soldier, is buried in Riverview cemetery, as also is G. A.'s mother. Last week's Garner Leader car- all of Marion, were week-end via-| ried the following "local": "Drug- itors of the Merle and Webstevs. Mrs. Williams and Mrs;. Simenson are sisters of Merle and gist and Mrs . GeOt Freo _ with their two children, motored to Spencer Sunday [May 22] to get Brause, at Denver, and friends at,Dwight, Mr. Williams is in mill Mrs Free's mother Mrs Laura Arlington, Doctor Walrath's old employ, and Mr. Sl-Jienson is a p a j,ie w ho arrived from Pasa- home town. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Hutzoll, with their sons, spent the week-end at Earlham with relatives. The son Fred remained there for a longer i visit with Mrs. Hutzell's sister, Monday afternoon guests of the Mrs. Russell Hester. Mr. HuUell Martin Beckers, farmers near]works for the McCormick-Deering company here. Lee 0. Wolfe, who recently sold his Titonka Topic to Frank Clark, and Mrs. Wolfe were repoited touring in Missouri a week ago. While the Wolfes are away Mr. Burt. The men are cousins. H. W. is agent here for the New York Life. A card was received yesterday from the L. W. Keiths ai Reno, iNev. They had been sight-seeing there, and were about to start for contractor. John Morgan, who has been in Paine, who arrived from Pasadena, Calif., and will visit tor about six weeks with her daughter International Harvester employ and son -in-law. Mrs. Paine accom- here since September, has been, pan j ed hel . daughter-in-law, Mrs. transferred to Austin, Minn., andj G R p a ine, who is visiting her he and his wife will move to that { mot her at Spirit Lake. Tho women point June 15. The Morgans have made the trip by auto" been living in Misbach apartments. | The Lon ^'rights spent the week Mr. Morgan, a former Mason City- end at Ees Moines with Mr, an, was graduated from Harvard, Wrigllt . s alater Hazel Wright> R . three years ago. Harold Itlinkman, and Clarence Bruns, Faris Miner, Marcella Mertz, Ardella Hovey, and Irma I.N., and his mother, Mrs. Ida Wright, who lives with Hazel. Sunday morning the Wrights drove Long Beach ajid other points California. Clarence ('lenient, Iowa and Mrs. Clark, whose home is Dee Phillips spent .Sunday and in I still at Garner, are iiving at Wolfe home. the FRIDAY, SATUR, 3-WAY SHOW Western IXESQUITTERS — in— TRIO ____ 2nd Feature KELLY LOLA LANE —in — in Panama" THRU WEDNES. 2-TOPS— 2 City, spent the week-end here with his brother Marvin. He has just been graduated from the university and will now take up business admin- stration work. Fred Jacob, o! the Coffee Shop, and George Boswell, tne laundry >perator, got back Monday even- ng from a week-end of fishing in Minnesota. They brought home 39 wall-eyed pike. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Blinkman Fairmont, were Memorial day uests of the former's mother, Mrs. Lenore Peck, and his sister, Mrs. 'ohn Foth. Julius works for a for motor garage. Mrs. Win. C. Dau, with her laughter Evelyn, and Mrs. Ben Ingebritson spent Monday at Swea )ity with Mrs. Dau's mother, Mrs. eter Ehlers. Mrs. Ingebritson is niece of'Mrs, Dau. Vera McWhorter, Omaha, went ack Monday afternoon, after a isit here since Saturday with her arents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis McWhorter. She is a bookkeeper for e Lincoln Motor Co. Mrs. James Tinker and Mr. and .Irs. Donald Green, Brookings, S. 3., were Sunday guests of the Harvey Colemans. Mrs. Tinker is tfr. Cpleman's cousla. Mr. Green s in college employ. Mrs. Merle WelMter was taken ome from the hospital Satur- ay, following a major operation 5 days ago. She is recuperating t the home of her parents, Mr. nd Mrs. E. N. Taylor. Mrs, leo Spilles took Sisters tlary Clarice and Mary Loras to "•ort Dodge Monday, and thence hey took a train to Dubuque for a ummer vacation. They are teach- rs at the local academy. Bob C, Bewel hitchhiked home rom Grinhell college yesterday, ut drove back in the family car he same day to. bring home his lothing, books, etc. He will at- end the state university next year. The E. K, DeLanos spent Sunday at Rockwell City with Mr. DeLano's sister, Mrs. E. A. Johnson, and also visited his mother, who ives with the Johnsons. Mr. De- works at the DX station 'G o B, Mr. and Mrs, E. A. Genrich, with he son Howard, spent Sunday at Jpone with Mrs. Genrlch's grandmother, Mrs. W. H. Jennings. Howard remained .to visit his jreat-grandmother for the rest or he week. _ ,, Mr, and Wrs. C. H. Swanson ana ~erald Gronwall spent Memorial day at Hamburg with Doctor and Kr«v Humphrey. Mr. Swanson is manager of the local A & P store, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spilles, of Whittmeore, a son, with Mrs. Helen Dingman, West Bend, and her daughter Betty, were guests Sunday at the Leo SpiUes home. Frank, who is a farmer, is a brother of Leo, and Mrs. Dingman is a sister of Mrs. Spilles. Mr. and Mrs. -C. E. Maxwell, of Eagle Grove, and Arnold Maxwell, Emmetsburg, were Memorial day guests of the R. L. Maxwells here. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. are parents of Monday in the Black Hills. Harold and Claijence work at the A. & P. store; Faris at Dau's; Ardella at Kresensky's; and Irma, Dee at the Marigold Gift shop. Miss Mertz is from Ottbsen. Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Egesdahl, south of Algona farmers, is a new clerk at the James drug store. She succeeds Mrs. H. B. White (Holen Jasperson), who has-been one of the most popular clerks the store ever had. Mrs. White's resignation became effective at the close of to Sigourney to visit the graves plant. Mrs. Wright's parents, three he is field manager for a canning company, and rains have delayed corn planting there so much that he was not able to get away at this time. Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Mitcheltree, Greeley, Colo., arrived Sunday and moved into the Jean Wadsworth apartment on Call street Tuesday. The apartment was previously occupied by three local teachers, Florence Young, Josephine Hughes/ and Naomi Hewitt, who have now left for home. Mr. Mitcheltree is a salesman for the Dr. Fenton Biggertone Co., Cedar Rapids, and he will make headquarters in Algona. He has a brother, R. C. Mitcheltree, who is a real estate dealer at Spencer. Mr. Mitoh- eltree was salesman four year} in Colorado, and for ten years before that he operated a dry cleaning brothers, and a sister. They spent the rest of the day at Sigourney, returning to Des Moines that evening. Mr. and Mrs. Wright were at Des Moines on Memorial day nd saw a parade which lasted an hour. Mrs. George W. Paine, who is ^siting he;' daughter, Mrs. Geo. R. 'ree, Garner, has spent a few days lere. With her daughter-in-law, ilrs. Raymond Paine, Pasadena, R. L. and Arnold. Mrs. Maxwell, business Tuesday. is a sister of Mrs. F. L. Tribon. I Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Robinson and The Maxwells are farmers. Mrs. C. B. Nasby, Omaha, and Gerald is store* employed in * Mrs, C»et WUUaras and her ousin, Mrs. Frank Bandy, the latter of Britt, left last week Thursday for a few weeks at Streator, 111. Mr. Williams is at St. Paul at present, buying goods £,or the Bub her daughter Judy came Friday for a short visit with the former's parents, Druggist and Mrs, K. D. James. Mr. James took them and Mrs. James to Fort Dodge Sunday, and Mrs. James went to Omaha with her daughter for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Peterson, Cedar Falls, with their children, Darlene, Richard, and Evelyn, spent the week-end at E. N. Taylor's.. Mrs. Peterson is a daughter of the Taylors, and Mr. Peterson is in the employ of the Waterloo- Cedar Falls electric railroad company. Mr. and Mrs. Theo Herbst drove tc Ames Sunday to rneer and bring up Mrs. Herbst'u mother, Mrs. B. M. Southgate, who spent part of the winter with her daughter Mrs. D. J. Thorpe, Seattle, Wash. Mrs. Thorpe is the former Dorothy Southgate, and her husbani is a doctor. " " The Kev. and Mrs. B. Earl Burgess, with their two children, came home Tuesday after a two days absence. Mr. Burgess spoke at Memorial services at Pocalum- tas Monday, and from there they drove to Sae City to visit Mrs. Burgess's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Irwin. In a recently published list of points about the county where fishing end hunting licenses may be secured the Staehle hardware at Burt was unintentionally omitted The Staehle store is in fact one of the principal Kossuth agencies for the issuance of such licenses. Mr, and Mrs, Arthur Puhrmann, Paullina, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cox, daughter Shirley, and Mrs. Harvey Johnston, daughter Beverly, all of Ayrshire, were guests Saturday of the John Eomers, and Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, Des Moines, spent Memorial day at the Romer home. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Schulz, Cedar Rapids, came Friday for a week with, their daughter, Mrs. Donald C. Hutchison. Mr. and Mrs. Hutchison, with the daughters Joan and Nancy, will take thtf Schulzes to Pes Moines Saturday to visit another daughter, Mrs I Mr. an'd Mrs. M. Swaney, the lat- and ter couple of Fort Dodge, got home and Mrs, George Miller, Bnf- £%& HeleB Strobben, aud Fred Mario*. Daveuport, wexe . Hudolph Willret are parents erf their first child; a son. born Sunday morning at the General hospital. The baby has been named Wendell Charles, The Willrets are farmers west of Irv ington, on the John Daub farm, Mrs. Willret is the former Ber- Tuesday evening from Indianapolis, where they had gone to attend auto races. The little Robinson daughter stayed with Mrs. M. Prescott, sister of Mrs. Robinson, at Des Moines. T. L. travels for an implement company. Mr. and Mrs. John Ditsworth will drive to Des Moines Friday night to attend exercises at the C. C. C. C. ('business college) in tvhich their daughter Margaret will be graduated. She was a memlber of the Algona high school enior class last year. She plans o work-in Des Moines if she can ind employment there. Dwaine Lighter started work re- jentlyfor the Miller Lumber Co. le was graduated from the Bode ligh school this spring, and came lere only two weeks ago with his parents, Mr. and (Mrs-. Clinton .ighter. 'Mr. Lighter is manager of the Miller yard. The Lighters ive in the front apartment of the ormer Jos. W. Wadsworth home. Mr, and Mrs, Dan Geis, with heir two sons, and Mrs. Henry Geis, all of St. Paul, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Swanson, Fairmont, were week-end guests of the C. t. Pommerenings. Mrs. Geis and Mrs. Swansea are daughters of the Mr. and Mrs. Pommerening. The Geis family fomerly lived at Irv- ngton, but now runs a grocery store at St. Paul. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Richardson went to Brooklyn Saturday to see heir son Bob, who is employed ;here as undertaker. They found lim busy with a funeral, so turned around and came home. They passed through Tama, a good-sized town which, had a cloudburst the day before. Several feet of water ran in the streets, and brick pav- ng was upheaved. Mr. and Mrs, William Bailey, Cedar Rapids, with their two daughters, were week-end guests of Mrs. Bailey's mother, Mrs. Ida Minkler, and sister, Mrs. H. D. .Hutchins. Mrs. Bailey is the former Florice Minkler, and her husband is in the employ of an insurance company Mr. Bailey is . still rememberer here as once an efficient employe of the County Savings bank. Bonnie, second daughter of Mr and Mrs. Lloyd Phillips, startec work Wednesday as part-time stenographer for Charles FriU, of the federal internal revenue office la the new postoffico building Miss Phillips works tie rest of her time at the new Algona Home Made Ice Cream Shop, ne?t north jof the Coffee Shop. She will be senior in Wgb. school next year. The Mitcheltrees have no BAKE SALE Nannie Setchell's Store Saturday, June 4th Starting at 9 a. in. —, , ..— —,„ under auspices of Congrega- his week-with Mrs. Geo. H. Free tional Young People. All IQI'Q \A/lfV» nai* Hn 11 rrVi f JTW_ i« Inn* *•* c proceeds to be used to send Calif., Mrs. Paine drove to lowal re P r esentatives to Clear .rriving a week ago Sunday. Mrs, i Lake Camp. SATURDAY, JUNE 4 COUNTY WIDE DOG SHOW PARADE AT 12 O'CLOCK 20—PRIZES—20 EXTRA SPECIAL! FAMILY PROGRAM Bring in your dog for the parade Plus Conservation subject prepared by the U. S. government "THE RIVER" SUN,-MONDAY, JUNE 5-6 TONE-YOUNG THREE CQMRflDES Plus Party" News GUY KI68EE LIONEL AimL HENRY HULL ADH TCES,*WEDNES,, JUNE 7-8 YOUR FRIEND AT MEAL TIME FRIDAY AND SATURDAY JUNE 3 AND "Certified" Values For Week-End Shoppers Sale Specials as well as purchases made at Council Oak's everyday low prices are always "Certified" Talnes. A positive guarantee of complete satisfaction accompanies every purchase made at Council Oak. Fresh Pork Roast How does this sound for the Sunday dinner? Superb "Dry Pack" Sweet Potatoes with pork roast. A fancy middle cut roast at 17c per pound. A 3 to 1-lb. shank end roast at 15t per pound. Pork Steak Nice lean slices of fresh, pork steak. Especially enjoyed with the breakfast cakes. The price Js 18£ per Ib. Beef Shoulder Roasts Tender, juicy roasts cut from quality beef. • The price for this sale is 18t and 20£ per pound. Rib Roasts For an especially nice roast buy a standing rib roast at 24£ per pound or a boneless rolled rib roast at 29£ per 11). Back Bacon, in piece or sliced, Ib. __20c , Belly Bacon, in piece or sliced, Ib. __24c Morning Light No. 10 Canned Fruits Fresh canning fruits will not be available for some time. The Morning Light Label on No. 10 fruit Is an assurance of quality. Buy a supply of No. 10 fruit for sauce, pies, and preserves at our week-end prices. Oregon Prunes, No. 10 can 29c Peaches, sliced & halves, No. 10 can 44c Apricots, No. 10 can 45c Iced Tea For that refreshing and satisfying flavor we recommend Council Oak Tea. For this sain the 14-Ib. green for 2Ot and the ?£-lb. orange pekoe for 25£- Equally desirable for hot tea. We invite comparison of these full flavored teas with any other brand. Cut Wax Beans Crisp, brittle, golden wax beans that are free from strings. Those who buy a supply of these beans at our special price of IOC on the full No. 2 can are going to be pleased with their purchase. Prepare For Picnics One bundle Superb Napkins, either decorated or white embossed and one 40-foot roll of AVaxtex with cutter. A combination price of "White Loaf" A strictly high patent "Thirsty Flour" that makes more light, white loaves per 1>ag. The MbbL bag this week-end for S1.39- FIRST PEIZE FLOTJB 49-lb. bag SI.19 Catsup Council Oak Tomato Catsup adds to the enjoyment of the meat or fish course. Also enjoyed in salads and casserole combinations. The big 14-oz. bottle at a special price of 10c- Sun-Sweet Prunes "Tenderized" by a special process. .Quick cooking prunes that require no soaking. The finest of all prunes in the 2-lb. carton at a special price of Argo Corn Starch Argo Corn Starch for wonderful custards, richer gravies and for all baking purposes. The pound package this week-end for 7*- Our Red Bag Coffee Those who fancy a mild, sweet coffee prefer onr Bed Bag Whole Berry Toffee to many more expensive can coffees, Bed Bag Coffee Is worthy of a trial at our low price of 174 per Ib, or 3 Ibs, for 49^ Blue Barrel Soap The soap that does the work of three ordinary cakes. It's kind to your hands. The price is 2 big pound bars for 134 for this sale. . . ""-.•• i*i HASKINS « CASTILE «*, 4c LARGE SUNKIST LEMON^ doz, 23c SUNKIST QRANCiiS, ner 4d£eii -23c CRISP SOLID CABBAGE, pound - 4c SLICING CUCUMBERS, e»ch _

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