Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HENDERSONS, OF POMONA, CALIF,, AGAIN BEREAVED Daughter Wanda Dies May 21-Other Coast News. received a letter from ' my old friend, Ella Peterson-Llnd, Lindeborg, Kans. Her husband teaches in a college there; I believe, a Lutheran college.. The Petersons moved there from Algona to educate their children. A daughter now teaches in the Kansas City schools. Two of her brothers live in California Leon, who runs a KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA El- fruit ranch near Fresno, and for ten years was t Homes & Gardens at but last August moved to THE MO VIES By T. H. C. CttUIE DOESN'T PAY- fects o! the screen upon the can't help In view of our complex pattern younger generation. I ^ tll ,. llt , t , of society, I often -wonder how: feeling, also, that this Crime Does much effect our motion pictures N °t Pay series must do a lot to, ™ *** Wftys of citizens ' Cer- wards showing that the criminal tamly if it is true that the greater la always apprehended, therefore, of cinemaddicts belong that misdeeds do not pay divi- REWRITES Briefs summarizing principal news In Tuesday's Upper DCS n'h i ! i , on o cnemacts belong a Gabriel. 15 miles from Los to the adolescent group, then pi c - ! dends. les ' 't ui ' es ' Angeles. Elmer is still „ ,, llll , the magazine, but no longer as ed- j itor-ln-chlef. He resigned because iof the poor health of his youngest son. Ella says the climate of Call- , t ui ' es appeal to the most impres-! We're living in a fast-moving connected with jsionistic of our population. By Jfclllo Gray Kowyer. , ..... _ fllo ul ,_.„,,_ Hollywood, Calif., May 2-1—Word fornia has been kind to the boy. from Mrs. Frank Henderson, Po-1 Elmer now does a good deal of mona, Calif., reports the death of .free-lance writing for other maga- her daughter Wanda on Saturday,! i!lnos - " is second son is finish- Way J.l. Wanda hud been in deli-.'"K an interne.ship at a Santa Bar„„.„ i,™i.i. ..:..... ,...,...,. , ,i,..,... h OKI ,Jta]. . lll( ] in j uno wj]1 bo cate health since babyhood since the death of hoi which she greatly mourned had gradually grown worse. for 1 " 1 age, In which the youngsters know ------- „_ v.v.i i/vj/wia,nuii» "•in--* «»* " in^ii my juuugsicrs Know l have never been Particularly more about "the facts of life" than exercised about the general effect ! man > 0 n » °'dster of a generation motlon pictllres ou voun g folks. ! ?*°-, S ? whatever criticism may be er all most of us elders lived Ieveled asalnst the motion picture a mos o us elders lived s e moon pcture through the day of the dime novel na an inspiration to evil must be (that sinister Bogey of Sin in the somewhat dissipated by cinemas ' ' ogey o n n te y cnem no's), and yet didn't turn out to be! wnlcn snow tne results of crime. — Yet, every ij?nmv awhile, along comes a , picture that seems to strike DOCTOR MAHAtf, director of the extension department of the University of Iowa, gave the commencement address here last week -Thursday for the Algona high school. Special awards wore given as follows: Delphian society, $5 for eighth grade English, to Margaret Miller; Wa-Tan-Ye award, $5, to Maxine Caldwell for best two-year record in commercial studies; D. A. R., $10 for best record In history and social sciences, to Curtis Ward; P. E. 0., $25 to as were held at the D. D. Sparks home and at the Methodist church Friday afternoon. He was 72 years old. Coming to Kossuth In 1916, he farmed in Cresco township till he retired two years ago. He died at the home of a son at Wells, Minn., where he had been sick for some time and bedfast for six weeks. JIKLYJST SCHROKDEH, 20, La< kota, was released on $1,500 bond Friday, after having been bound to the grand jury for assault with Intent to commit rape: He Is charged with an attack on Bertha Vaske, 34, Bancroft, who was badly beaten up a week ago. W, M. huband of Mrs. CUARTiKS LEHMAN, Charles goua-Elmore star route. C. H. Klamp's sister, died at EttU Claire, Wls., one day last week. The Millers lived north of Burt 16 years ago. Cretzmeyer, Fred Kent Jr., and Donald Akre attended Indianapolis, Ind., 600-mile auto races Monday. They were to visit Detroit before coming home. A DATJOirfKK, was recently born to the Kenneth Currans at Los Angeles. Mrs. Curran was kno"wn here as Theda Smith. Tlie ' baby was nnmed Judy Kay. S1V.KA CITYAffS are after .... other star mall route. Plans call for one to connect with tho l'"t a rim, Mrs. Maine Brunson will Dicksou was at the superintendent of the Algona schools, and Mrs. Dickson taught for her home at' Mason "city Sun-'1 )OUK ! U ,'' f '! le "; ild '" day, May an, after tho winter at' Ijloyd ^""endorff Long Beach and Los Angeles. She ' u"'u n " med by th has been extensiely entertained bv ! ."£ , tno old friends, including the Henry ! ,. Pl ' ofosso1 "VVhelans. Mrs. S. B. French, the e Jailer's daughter Cidney, Mrs. Lou QuinUin, the C. A. Palmers, and this winter Mrs. Brunson was also enter ' ' " was more. .Airs. iZigning is known artist here, and her pictures demand ;i good price. She is a sister of Thos. Sherman and a sister-in-law of Mrs. John Goeders. Yesterday Mrs. H. C. Adams entertained Mrs. Brunson, Mrs. --•-• a -.-..I- .-,.*!, tu AII_»U~ ert Muckey and Maxine Larson. There were 63 in the class, and there are now 1810 graduates from *" | SnJT'fir'%r ^rsc^ * '* ™ ™^£* ^r.'^2 ' ft ' ^ »"=.' t^'=g Lr,, ,,", ,,„.;., , Ue , i . etcls>01 ^i something so grim, so real, sn hnr-'? 1 ? 6 qu . ito so spectacularly beautl- anci exciting has been offered: •"• J>> JIUALILV completed 30 motion picture audiences in a I years of railway mail postal ser•"'"" on the Algona-Chamberlain, run Sunday evening when younK drlver ' M BWy added, w o into a couple at the side Io " K time ' - _ t ..... L c lu " a 'Ut, the Algona high school in 54 years. I). MOJfLUX completed iotisly injuring a girl. graphically screen that .._ ..,,„,. help being impressed. nd ser- It was so portrayed on the no spectator .-oiild kettle The music by Mr. Korngold is unforgetably fine. The drums will long hum in n., cnlo The superb acting of Claude Rains and Basil Rathbone was a treat, -*• Lowe is West Bend Memorial Speaker West Bend, Juno ] French, fldney my daughter' Gwen-Ulay was observed here Monday! ito tSl "i^L^ri IO -EiS, h ;«£« »TS drive through Beverly Hills, Belle : trio sang This is My Task and I cement floor "during "the" p^e'-CY"' T"'?,' 1 S6t ° new hi £ h of ™- liminaries, but once the plot got'm, LH" , Cmema> Add Jt a " down to brass tacks the silencej motion nP°HI ™ ?,?" B 100% was almost oppressive. Gasps and ! ° P<cture_as you'll find moans greeted the dramat'c dovol- MOOXSIflJfF VS -opments, and they were of abject Memorial! "° r .™ r > unconscious utterlngs IT_..J-.. l wlucn. came from thoroughly aroused members of the audience. Surely a picture like Hit and Driver must have n he got off the Sioux from the west. He is now in retirement. His place will be taken by Arthur Glaser, St Paul who is moving to Algona. Mr. Monlux is master of the Algona Masonic lodge and custodian ot the grand chapter. SERVICES for George W. Brown -....j ,o lrJi> idjin. tuiu J. i — ~.»»i,-i uiuoi mi v e jin eiiBCt True, and a boys' quar- | on in e minds of spectators, espec- A.11 Through the Night, i in ">' if the audience consists of the ... „ . ..„ lluulc ss was given by J. D. I . vou nger element, as it was on the estates'Lowe, Algona, before a large audi-i n 'S ht when I attended. io u «•'"">" ' P1 '~ "-- " - - •• Then, am I wrong about my conclusions about "-- "" • : • ' ts- r^nf n -^° P o° 1 l ent> nB Aire, Brentwood, and Westwood i Would m'^'vin''- und A , Irs - Ad;l '»s live | tot sang All Through the in the \illage. We viewed some The address was given bv J o£ the finest homes and estates I LOWE " " here, some of them of movie stars. ; ence. The Rev H ^^f.^ ] ^ UC ^ y ' K -^^l F ^- ylCri:in "'"'"''••'save the ben- elusions about the effect of the i the a »,?* ^ F'^rrSir""- *- H. D r^ck^i>oung al M T^^T^R a Aisit in Austiaha. She has been! Algona. was marshal for the day. [general run does not stress wrong, I Swing Ft- 1» ,_„._ ,1 _ i AVll 1 pll \l r n o Vrt rti cftttn nin.^. i, -. •__ •».- . . a decision the Call> Ken ' * J. Noeding, the ben- Not world on , .,..!. n, ii« 0 nesiiiiess and spontaneity which make it a really enjoyable little show. If it's the_Ritz brothers who interest Swing has I trio of are just as terri- tho 1-nltPri Austro h sh "," 1 ""- ^'^ "" s "ueiii^iKuna. was marshal for the dav. ' senerai run does not stress i 10 SU n °' sto '' ies oejLeona Gibbons and her fifth grade ^Wch we are discussing her S Un- n er grae ssng ere. Un- boat to: pupils gave a flag drill, the Legion der present censorship, I can't see u- s ", J ° r ,' and b> " ! ,° yS a " d " ower sirls mal 'clied to how any child or adolescent could -or of S rlnnv i ^ , l ° t . he j tnelc ?«netery I followed by citizens. Set started on the wrong path. a th ° USUal exe ™lses were held, Not that I believe in censorship. ' of Sydney, who, in turn, in her to the president o.. ... „.. the Victorian railroad, by whom taps, she was employed to write stories about the country. She was provided with a private car, also with a woman companion and an attendant from a tourist bureau. At towns where Mrs. Reed stops she is met by private automobiles and chauffeurs, and she inspects , " J Pastor is Burt's Memorial Speaker the among the population in general is such that censorship is •\r j, ~ iiab jauiiis ana Allen, Martha Raye, and a host of others... all out to enjoy themselves if we are able to detect an extemporaneous element in the proceedings The tunes, too, in this college opus, have a decided advantage nvov tli« U!11 l,:n_- . . . wiii-eifac; Bui "t. June 1 — Decoration day aeurs, an se inspects sel '. vices were neld at t fie Presby- mines, factories, etc. She has been! terian chu rch Monday morning. 0. ' ' alarmed much about the bad ef- j "winnali!" s over the hill-billy picture. So,'all ; -"" °" T1 ~i compelled to give the "i this local movie-com- the little old Iowa—the SHOES School Building at Corwith is Entered entertained by mayors and other '< H - Gl 'aham, post commander, was notables, including 'a Mr. and Mrs ! in cnal 'ge- The Rev. S. H. Aten, Mitchell, who have a gorgeous Delta ' former long-time Presbyter- Corwith, June 1 — L home in Milbourne. Mr. Mitchell,: ian . pasrlor here ' offered the invo- Tuesday when Charles i * rr.,-_ Tl... -r -., Lotts Creek . . she was surprised to find, The Rev. J. M. Corns, pres- Corwith school " ° se was surprised to find, i a ! on. e ev. . . orns, pres- Corwith school janit en t tn tl P t™ t Drother of Melba. the famous sin g- :ellt local Presbyterian pastor, gave I schoollloll ," ° ] . a . nltol> Went to the |;°' " er, who took her name from Mel- the address. Erna Baars and Mary f h ° olnous e be discovered that the temore - er, who took her name from Melbourne, the place of her birth. The Nick Genglers, the Otto and the Arthur Rusch were Friday evening visi- Leininger's, Whit- Zelda interviewed everv- Ann Smith sang a duet. Following the service at the church the reporters | World war veterans, the high ----- —., ,, C i, niiormed on sch ° o1 band ' and tne school chil- Mines. While I was once visitin"' dren marched to the cemetery, -*- where by newspaper .„,,„.,„..,. She was already well informed on her in Reno, she took me to"vir" i where tne Braves of veterans were ginia City, where the Comstock! decorated Lode made millionaires out of many early residents of San Francisco, and she gave me much information about it. Besides her other activities, Zelda has taken over the management of a magazine on beauty culture. The Dodge brothers, Carl and building had been broken into. The! The Jack Ditsworths, Algona prowler, or prowlers, had gained 'i vere Sun day dinner guests at A entrance via a fire escape on the' L ' Jackm »n's. 8 anda , d °° r whlch 'hey!' Ruth, daughter of Teacher an check - u P revealed I Mrs .W, lllam Schmie]> Dana, of Fallen, Nev., in addition to their road building and other interests, are now working a gold mine, which is turning out well. There was an old was cleaned „ v, Tractor Uuset in a Ditch; Driver Jumps cook asked if she might have the dirt, and Carl said yes. Then in spare time for two days she worked it with a pancake turned and a toy rake, and when the ore was •washed she had $100 worth of Irvington, June 1,—Ronald, 15- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Sabin, escaped probable serious injury last Friday, when he jumped free of an overturning tractor. He had started for an adjoining farm to do some plowing and he ' ' ' ~ ' 1 up th if on th. „ The tractor tipped as it was going down into the ditch and turned completely over. Henderson wrote that Stanley Bezoier was dead. He was a prominent banker in Minneapolis, and he married Mabel Meansi whose father \vas "Brad" Means'. Her mother was Martha Hender- No Civil War 'Vet' Here. Sunday's Des Moines Register nothing missing. ~' -""~ graduatloTeller'c^'tolB WeekTo +— her twin sister Esther, who ha hr. Cecelia Sisters Leaving. ° een taking nurses' training at St With the closing of St Cecelia's Mary ' s hospital, Rochester. Rut academy for the summer', some of ° ame holne Wed nesday. the Sister have left. Sisters Loras _ Ml ' s - Hu S° Faulstich and Mrs and Clarice have gone to Dubu-! Otto Ru hnke helped Mrs. William que; Sister Isador left last week ! f u erstenau with paper-hanging Wednesday for Calfornia to visit: last week Thursday. Q ClO-tnT. •,..! • • -, . »*OiL (TIT,, „„ J ,11 f TT -^i*i4-uiiiio. tU ViSIL a sister who is sick; and Sister Paschal has gone to Forest City to teach in summer school. BILLY REDIL. Corwith, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Faulstich Mr. and Mrs. William Fuerstenau son Reuben, the Rev. and Mrs E Feine, and the Feine daughter'Jo hanna drove to Spencer Saturday BILLY REDIT,, Corwith was r a 1 na ve to s P en cer Saturday kicked in the face by a horse as? M 10hear Dr " W ^ lter ^ Me >'er give week Wednesday and was brought I wu? pen ' Tng ad<lres of a state to the General hospital for treat- L ,, er Lea S u e convention. Doc ment. l ' edl tor Meyer is a famous ratlin 0. S. REILEY, Algona secretary of commerce, was speaker at Me, e- morial day services at West Bend None was listed in Kossuth coun- Z ty. It is now 73 years since close of the war. Veterans „,,„ enlisted at 15 as late as 1865 are 88 now. The everage present age tor Meyer is a famous radio speaker via KFUO, St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gengler, 'with the daughter Betty Ann, were Sunday evening supper guests a the Emil Tilsh home, Whittemore and Mabel was born at Algona. The family moved to Minneapolis many years ago. Mattie Robinson-McCoy, writes that she has been spending some time at Mexico City. I have also gan in 1861. liuvs an Irringlon Farm. Irvington, June 1—U. B. Frank has purchased the former Alber Butterfield farm. 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