Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE TEN KOSSlTTti COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Smart New Cotton Dresses ANNEX We have just received 25 do/en of the smartest, most attractive cotton dresses of the season at our popular priced ANNEX and we un*e you to see this complete line. These cottons include both the heavier sport-type, as Avell as the sheers which are always so much in demand. There are jacket suit-styles and wide flowing skirts—in some of the most unusual patterns you have ever seen in this price frock. All .sixes are complete from 14 to 50 and you will wan to buy two or three at this extremely low price (a large Chicago department store advertised them VERY SPECIAL at $1.09 last Sunday) . . . For a real treat to your pocketbook we offer this grand collection of the greatest cotton dress values of the season— 98c Straw HAT DAYS ' Are Here Lee Straws are Smarter, Cooler, Lighter, and Better This summer . . . your straw or panama should be very light in weight . . . possess a new wider brim . . . and a new lower crown ... in other words, it should be a LEE Summer Straw. See them now! Summer Sailors Correct proportions and proper balance means the difference between just another hat and THE hat. See these hats today! $1.95 Others to $3.50 Novelty Straws Every famous make of new straw, in newest sport styles . . . with high-color bands and novelty weaves. In every size. $1.95 Others 9Sc to $3.50 Summer Perforated Visible vent perforates make this lighter and more comfortable hat a real buy for summer. Plain or colored bands. $1.95 Others to $3.50 ALSO A COMPLETE LINE OF SUMMER. WEIGHT FELTS $3.50 to $3.95 IRVINGTON FARM YOUTH WHO FELL SICK IMPROVING Irvington, May 24 Duane Campbell, 18, who was operated on more than a month ago for ruptured appendix at Estherville, is now able to take nourishment normally. He has been in such seri- |pus condition that up till recently his nourishment had to be injected. Wn-Tnn-To Club Has Party— The Wa-Tan-Ye club met Tuesday evening at the home of Anna Buss, Elva Ewoldt assisting. 'Cooties" was played «t five tn Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacob attended a birthday surprise party for Mrs. Delbert Hanna, Lone Rock, Sunday evening. Five hundred was played at seven tables. Mrs. T. C. Sherman entertained the Candlelight club at 6:30 dinner last week Thursday evening. Following dinner, bridge was played at two tables. Mrs. L. E. Linnan entertained at recording secretary, but was de- 7 o'clock dinner Saturday evening recorng secrear, -. feated. It was decided to hold the in honor of Mr. and Mrs. 1939 convention at Cedar Rapids.! Falkenhainer. " ! for 12. LotU Creek The LotU Creek Lutheran church will have English communion Sunday at 10 o'clock. The Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merril Culbertson was bap- tised Sunday, named Kathleen Shower for Mrs. Dohcrty— Ralph Campbell, Seneca, formerly 1 Irvington, were called, and then took him to an Estherville hospital. In the operation not only - - <•" "- i-juvt.- Guests of the club were Mrs. Ira - He was working at the Ralph Kohl, Lula Kohl, Grace Berg, Lu- Lage farm here when he was tak- cile Black, Ella Thompson, Grace — sick. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dreesman, and Cora Dahl, the lat- i,,h ,•„—^11 a ,..i tor Qf Thompsou A lwo . course luncheon was served, and toy balloons and "Guess What?" pack- t -.. m^ v^^itinwn IIUL uiiij- ages were favors. The next meet- the appendix but also an intestine ing will be a luncheon at the Al- were found ruptured, and some six! gona hotel June 7. The Wa-Tan- ,nr.hn= ^ f »T,O <„+„„ i.-., ,. v.- ye" club will give a $5 award at graduation exercises tonight to the senior high school student having the highest average in a two- year course of shorthand and typing. Farewell for Mrs. Evans— Mrs. E. W. Evans was honoree at a farewell-birthday party given "Cooties" was played at five tn- Slower 'or Jirs. jioiicrty— I Mrs. u. J. stepnensem eiiieruuii- bles, Jessie Smith winning high' Jfl ' s - H - AI. Doherty, former Ad-: ed the Needle club Monday at the and' Lula Huenhold being low. vance society editor, was honoree j Ambrose A. Call state park. There M. H.. Elizabeth. Sponsors were Mr. and Covers were laid Mrs. Martin P. Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dltsworth 'and sons Robert and Dick, of Algona, Mrs. 0. J. Stephenson entertain- inches of the intestine had to be removed. Later another operation had to be performed, part of the intestines having become knotted. In the last few weeks Mr. and Mrs. Campbell have stayed at Estherville. Mrs. Campbell's mother,! Mrs. Alice Duryea, is at the home, caring for the smaller children. Aid IVill Have Urtko Sale—The Missionary society met Friday with Mrs. 0. L. Miller as leader, and the topics were Latin America and Spanish-speaking peoples. The meeting was opened with a song, and Mrs. M. L. Honey offered prayer. Lorraine Thomas and Shirley Roney sang Ivory Palaces. Mesdames Thomas, Schichtl, M. L. Rouey, H. T. Sabin, and K. P. Roney read Items or gave talks on the topics. A covered-dish luncheon was served. The Aid will meet this week Thursday at the Annex, and hostesses will be Mrs. M. L. Roney and Mrs. K. P. Roney. The Aid will hold a bake sale at Mrs. Setchell's at Algona Saturday. Uoldridfro Girls Home Again— Alberta and Elnora Boldridge got home from the Piney Woods school in Mississippi early last week and plan to spend the summer with their parents here. They came as far as Chicago by automobile with friends and there was an accident en route, when the car got out of control and ran into the ditch. None of the occupants was injured, and the car was not seriously damaged. The trip from Chicago was made by train. Elnora had been at the school several years, and Albertha went there for a visit last fall. Eighth Graders 1'ass Tests- All pupils in the Irvington school who took the eighth grade Legion Legion passed with high are Lorraine Thorn- examinations marks. They „ as, Adella Lemkee, Dorothy Leigh, Phyllis Maxwell, Shirley Roney, and Kenneth Asa. All plan to at! tend the Algona high school next (fall. Phyllis Black, who was a 'student here till her family moved near Burt in March, also plans to attend at Algona. Church Sen-ices are Cancelled— Because of a recent automobile accident in which the Rev. A. Eng- |llsh was involved no church ser| vices will be held .it Irvington till I further notice, but Sunday school will be held each Sunday at II. Practice has been started on Who |Bids? a pageant which will De pre- jsented on children's day, June 12. Surprise for Frank Eisenbarths— A group of friends recently went to the Frank Eisenbarth' home, north of Algona, and surprised the family .who moved from this vicinity March 1. Attending were the William Dunlaps, the Charles Egels, the Chris Jensens, the Isador Eisenbarths, and the John Shaws, and Mrs. Katy Jennet. Meat Locker System Planned at Lu Verne Lu Verne, May 24— A refrigerated locker system will be opened soon in Lu Verne by Walter Hefti, Fort Dodge. Mr. Hefti recently purchased a business building on the east side of main street of Mrs. May Spooner, Fort Dodge. This property was for many yea'-s the residence of the late Dr. A L. | Spooner.Mr. Hefti iaid Saturday j the establishment will hou.-ie ?30 ventilated lockers and will be ready about July 1. In addition to the locker, the plant will include a processing room, where freshly butchered carcasses will be reduced to "cuts" desired and stored in individual lockers. A butcher will be employed. Methodists' Observe Wesley Anniversary A Methodist Aldersgate anniversary service was held Tuesday evening at the church. There was a program, and at 9:15 a broadcast of a special message by Bishop Oxnam from the First Methodist church, Omaha, was heard. After the program there was a reception for high school seniors who are j Methodists, also a reception for members of the church who have | been received during the pastorate I of the Rev. F. Earl Burgess here. j Irvington 4 - Horse Team Gets Tangled Irvington, May 24—Four horses on a tongiieles disc became badly entangled in a field at L. A. Johnson's recently, but only one was hurt, and that one suffered only light scratches. Mr. Johnson was driving the disc when one horse tried to bite another. The reius became tangled, and the horses, confused, started to back and piled up on the disc. Woodrow Johnson aiid Percy Schichtl, working in a nearby field, went to the rescue. Needle Taken from Titonk^Girl's Heel I Titonka, May 24—Patricia Ball had part of a needle removed from one of her heels Saturday evening at the Kossuth hospital. She stepped on it a week ago Sunday, but wasnt sure that there was a piece in the foot till Thursday, when she began to feel discomfort at a skating party. An x- ray picture was taken Saturday. She will have to remain quiet for some time. Her father is Titonka's veterinary. Monday evening at the hall by members of the __„..._ Auxiliary. Thirty-two women attended. Bridge and Bingo were the diversions, Jvlrs. L. M. Merritt winning high at bridge, Mrs. Kermit I. Forbes high at Bingo. Mrs. Evans, who has resigned as president of the Auxiliary, was presented with a post president's pin and a birthday cake. She will leave this week-end for visits with relatives and friends at Sioux City and other points. Mr. Evans is a salesman for the Maxwell Motor Co. here. Farewell for Mrs. Keiley— Mrs. C. R. Holt entertained at a farewell party Monday evening in honor of Mrs. 0. S. Reiley, who is leaving Sunday for her former home at Red Oak. Bridge was played at two tables, Mrs. H.' E. Woodward, Whittemore, winning high. Mrs. Reiley was presented with a gift. Mrs. H. M. Potter will be hostess at a one o'clock luncheon Friday in honor of Mrs. Reiley. Mrs. Reiley will visit a short time with Mr. Reiley's parents, Dr. ~- J Mrs. W. S. Reiley, before go- Marshalltown, where Mr. be secretary of the at a miscellaneous shower Tues-iare 12 members in the club. day evening at her apartment.! 'Mrs. C. W. Morck entertained Hostesses were Pauline Van Horn I the Legion Auxiliary Radio & Sew- , , were Saturday evening visitors at Arthur Jackman's. Johanna Feine camo home from Early to visit her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Felne. ]l( , v nllll AH1=< ^ 01I1C< and Ruth McKee. Bridge was play- j ing club yesterday afternoon at, f H Fnu ] st ioh'fl daughter !-_..- ° .... .•••>_• ed at three tables, Hazel Potter her home, winning high. Helen Corey was second high, and Mrs. Donald Mertz was low. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. H. C, Bresser, Burlington, and Mrs. Laura Doherty, Des Moines, Surprise for Eisenbartlis— Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eisenbarth, five miles north of Algona, were taken by surprise Sunday, when a group of former neighbors near St. Benedict arrived to help them celebrate the day. Attending were the Chris Jensens, the William Dunlaps, the Charles Egsls, the Jerome Eisenbarths, Eldon Shaw, Mrs. Kathryn Jeunett and her family, and the Isador Eisenbarths. Breakfast-Shower is Given— Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, Mrs. C. B. Mildred accompanied Mrs. Arthur '','""• ~, „ ,,, ,„ f Mildred accompanied Mrs. Arthur The St. Thomas Gu d will meet j kmajl flnd ^ughter Phyl i ls lo today (Thursday) with Mrs. Geo. sty)e s])ow , n th(J h , gh ' gohoo , Schlief. Mrs. James Allen entertained the Easy Aces at two tables yes- (I HiyiU SIIUW 111 U1U 111&H auditorium. Friday evening, terday. -*Georga Ann Geigel to Be Graduate at wnutemoi , Storm Lake School Sunday evening. Storm Lake, May 23 — Georga .^-s^™ Ann Geigel, Algona, is one of 66. students who will take part in | annual commencement activities of Buena Vista college here Friday evening, June 3. She will receive a bachelor's degree for completing the four-year course. Miss Mr, and Mrs. Hugo Falilstich, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Furstenau, Mr. and Mrs. Schmiel, Edgar nrjd Ruth, and I Hannah Felne attended the St. j Paul's student Choir concert at the Whittemore Lutheran church and n , c,^'VS»«fe caiifinri nnm.i i' 'Sine, vxiiini-'U *'''ll.S ! (jni'nKl motor, and •> „ " a| i stalled. Nn' , n,T e »8« d , on0 ' Al '>* o ° ai the Hocoml rir," I' and wet cement J,, The Umo ], )st \.; working i il(ol . ln n ' I SWAY MY CLICKS LOCAL RURAL SALESMAN W» need man ov»r 25 years of »q« at onci »o ITOCO JCOIDS,<! AND ffl Wit B^fflS Ftliitttlll|( do con fid, n tlal work for our old o c or o r o •iai. Geigel has been active in the Y. ; we || rated corporation. Muit hav* own car W, C. A., the college choir, and understand live Itock f««d!na problem!. nr i i , f -*r , -.» 1V1US1U C1UU. Oily Will leu-Cll 111US1U an,.. f*nmn!0fo tfArtlnn Mahon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I ..„..,. „„„_ „, \ rt> ,,,,- ^ t™-,, nf 9™ Ji ; ~ omp ' 8te . " ar ". n , g . S. K. MnMahmv Tnvprs woro laid ! le . Xt .?. ear 3t . Art A U1 ' a tOWU ° f 25 ° i No . '" v " ™"» ° ?"V k '. nd ,, n ,o ioi,ll J , were laid, inhabuants jn I(Ja CQUnt for 1<J. . married June 4 to Dr. Ralph Car penter, Iowa City. Sioux City. Her parents i stud Mrs. Fred Geigel, farmers. Chamber of Commerce after June 15. Luncheon for liridgette Club— __ •Mrs. J, W. Little entertained the Bridgette club at 1 o'clock luncheon Tuesday at her home. Bridge was played at three tables, Mrs. W. C. Irelan winning high and Mrs. William Shunk being low. Mrs. T. p. Foster, visiting sister of the hostess^.had the score nearest 1938. Guests of the club were the Mesdames T. C. Michaelson, of Humboldt; Foster, of Coin; William Logan, Spencer; John Dreesman, D. P. Smith, and Julia Shunk, all of Algona. Bridge Club at Okobojis— Members of "The Grand Slam" bridge club returned Wednesday from the Okobojis, where they had vacationed at the George Elbert cottage since Monday. Members in attendance were Mesdames J. L. Bonar, H. L. Gilmore, Robert Larson, D. D. Paxson, Elbert, and Jos Bloom. Mrs. D. C. Hutchison and Mrs. W. D. Andrews substituted for Mrs. Ralph Meidke and Mrs. H. Dobson. The diversion was duplicate contract in tournament play. No prizes were given. Sorority Girls^ttend Conrention— Beta Sigma sorority girls who returned'Sunday from Sioux City, where they attended a state convention over the week-end, were Bernice Harrington, Valeria Pickett, Buena Raney, Thelma Knutson, Mrs. D. P. Smith, Deane and Lorraine Arndorfer. The local president, Buena Raney, was one o CC , B j, of the nominees for associational Wright Shower for Mrs. HnrdgroTC— Mrs. Ralph Brown, south of Algona, entertained at a miscellan-, eous shower Friday night in lion-! or of Mre. Dwight Hardgrove. At-' tending from town were Mesdames J. M. Hardgrove, Wallace Hardgrove, Vernell Hardgrove, Howard Ulfers, and Atha Hardgrove. Mrs.; Hardgrove received many gifts. Club Meets at Park— The Thimble club met Monday afternoon at the Ambrose A. Call state park, with Mrs. 0. J. Stephenson as hostess. Ten members attended. Mrs. E. A. Genrich and Mrs. L. N. Thorpe were club guests. This was the last meeting this season. I west make. Write fully In sealed letter, giving ag« -• 'and previous experience. Applicant's name kept in strict confidence. Address Mr. Palmer, in care of this paper. i r— '\.Qr. Salshu,,, POULTRY HEAI-, | SERVICE SUTi^ LUSBY'S SUPER BUY ONE FIRST QUALITY TIRE AT OUR LOW SALE PRICE AND GET YOUR NEXT TIRE AT Store Force Plans Picnic— ! Members of the former Christensen' store force are keeping up their organization and will have a picnic tonight at the Ambrose A.; €all state park. j Other Society. ' Dr. and Mrs. H. L. McCorkle will entertain the Elmer Jaspersons and the Victor Youngs, the latter of Mason City, on Memorial day. Mrs. McCorkle, Mrs. Young, and Elmer are sisters and brother. Mr. i Young works for the Standard Oil company at Mason City. 'Mr. and Mrs. C. R. La Barre entertained their dinner-bridge club Monday evening. The group had 7 o'clock dinner at Cook's, then play- ! ed bridge at the La Barre home, j Three tables were in play, and Dr.' and Mrs. L.- G. Baker won the high, score. i Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacob attend-! ed the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Luedke, Fen-1 ton, Friday evening. Mr. Luedke is a farmer, and Mr. Jacob is pro-! prletor of the local Coffee Shop. | Mrs. L. A. Winkel entertained :he Laf-a-Lot bridge club Tuesday afternoon. There are eight members. Mrs. M. J. Duffy won high; Mrs. George Mahoney, travel; and Mrs. Tom E. Dailey was low. Mrs. W. A! Vigars entertained her bridge duo Tuesday at one o'clock luncheon, and assisting lostesses were Mesdames Frank Seeley, Anton Didriksen, and Lon PLUS 2 INNER TUBE INCLUDED WITH EACH PAIR OF TIRES REPEATED BY POPULAR DEMAND! 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