Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
Page 9
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MAT8JJS5S. Algona Auction Co. n tn soito both tlio seller nnd buyer nt our pn- S crcry Saturday. [Saturday, May 28 ks )•»" TOD ' , we expect some good cows nntl young cnUIn. Wo |J!"j"iYe will lake horses or any stock on new nnd •lurry* ii used 2S-ln. lied Kiver Spccliil irriiln scpnni- ! wind 'limn. 2<Mn, ,,r sows in where you can expect good prices mid jmllon pliers. Wc n 'M' c lls((!(1 SOIIU> B°°<l Spoiled i'linnillc tlio complete lino of Mnsscj-HniTis inn- Wlorwt to-look this Twin Power Kow Crop cr 1VII1 linndle 82-In. sep. nnd 8 14-ln. plows. f , '(he contract on tli3 Hello , City nnd Woods ]!ros. dnj. Snlc wnrn phone 77 or residence 8F22. tuck nt 1*30. ' h So property removed until settled for. I 0. RIDDLE & SON Opcrntors nnd Anctloneers. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA JUNIORS ARE SENIOR HOSTS; WHITTEMORE Whiiiemorc, M;iy 24 — Monday oveniiiK nl. the ncadomy ball tlio juniors iiinl seniors of St. Micli- |nols nradcmy held their banquet, •which was prepared by the mothers of the juniors. The senior cuiss I lower was the red rose and "loir colors wore blue and ' K o.d. sa a o nnce I ho class motto was "Chamber la' of shrubbery were planted, and alThey keep tholr tbo co > • L C. II. KLAMP, Field Representative it!^ mm y , We callctl on l to movo h >'°°'ier houses every Harm Mil nga, northeast of Wes- season. The men were doing the ley. He lives on w He lives on what is the Merrill estate farm, consists or 320 acres. On this farm called job with a tractor which ' of evergreen a o tho T of nil program follows: Edna I. Hnrr, northwest of Irv' 'boys week " w rollce circle, shape. Mrs Han _ -. „., w .,. ,.„ uij^ivj.itijjfirjjv;, ivirfj, M fll "Hie posts, which were all set in strawberries, and fences in good raises a lot of she f'lnss - -.,.. n.,,_, " v nif^ i\; i , \j vil' I'lVS- ! CGITIOII t) \VGVG Pillll t Qtl \vl\ll O l'!!oii lr0 n.° K , lbel ' t: Clnss (:olors ' CCPl the lo|)s> which nl ' G a •bVlKlVfuiTbloomTnd she' 8 honed inT™" Uiolla Biscnius; Appreciation, Kd- red. Woven wire used in the fence'a good crop aV ° mi J-andol; Tlenmrks, Father Is of a special kind. The Hillings! * * * * K.neip; ] ulh of Gladness,. Juniors; 'arc proud of their fine yard, arid! Freddie Eden fiV mlin ,1 , toasunastor, Father William Veil, thoy have good reason to be. So Wesleywasc"o-infne™iNT? ° f I he seniors are John J. Bisen-1 many farm yards are anything but last Thursday H^nfm, .„ ^™ /us, Luclli, A. Disonlus, Mary Anita Inttnictive. It would add greatly to!both his bTni nnrt hi« i P , Bison us, Uuth Ann Domok, Irene the joy of living if every .farm yard He „ so keens hi, HolH f ^ |£. Elbert, Edna C. Fnndol, Robert i wore to be made attractive to the weed, % E de fn ™ irn™ ° f <-. Gcnglur, Eugene W. Muellor, eye. L,,,, , '-^"en iai ms 160 acres also closed Friday. She plans teach near Titonka next year. John Erpelding drove to Kingsley to visit. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Stilzman and their new daughter Marilyn Joan. Marilyn Joan is the first grandchild of the Erpeldings. Buena Haney accompanied the business girls' sorority on a trip to Sioux City over the week-end. Hut.li Black returned Friday after a year's teaching in Mallard. She will attend the summer school at the state teacher's college. Mr. and Mrs. Barney Capesius entertained at dinner Sunday In honor of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arndorfer. Mrs. John Erpelding is home after several weeks in the hospital. She is reported feeling better.' Mrs. John Schultx, Betty Lem- Union day at Good Hope ^T Answers Alarm of Fire at Mile and a Half a Minute * * * * W. Kollasali, \vho lives fct -„, ..-- ..... „ ^. . , Salx, and Ver- . tnc northwest edge of Wesley, was after the •planting Baby Chick Prices are Down ' ' ' —"(-!*-«»« »» . JUU(.'I IL'l i iioorgo L. Mueller. Lewis J Prissier, C.'letus A. Reding, Donald 0. Hingler, Uoincld 1 noil S. Weber. A dunce took place bamiuel. Graduation exercises will be bold - „... .-„,. «.., „„,.,., (it St.. Michael's Catholic .jlmrch for II. C. Bauer, the farm iraplo- ouudiiy morning, May 2i), at !l. ment dealer at Wesley, who owns' „. . • the farm. Roy also helps at the! I ionic Honors Ciilll'ornlniis— |shop when he is not busy on the! A picnic was held in tho Ray farm. I Carlisle grave Sunday honoring v -------- ..... uuo,, in,., 118 JD() aoreS | Swea City, May 2-1 — Jack Frost, and keeps the place well stocked ! former marshal at Armstrong, has He has ' corn wiUi a tractor- last week 'Monday, I hit hf: was getting rows. Roy works oce , He has TOO spring pigs, and he'i loased the cilv Service filling sta- snowed us a yearling colt that tion liero ' but wili continue to live weighs 1000 pounds. There are at Armstrong, driving to and from one hi _ , when he was notified by long-distance phone that his virtue of Special Execution directed to me from the Cleric o! the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in s'did Court on the 1st day of April, 1038, in favor of Home Owners' 'Loan Corporation, as plaintiff, and against J. A. Freeh and Rena M. Freeh, husband and wife, as defendants, for the sum of Three Thousand Forty-Six and 37/100 ($3,046.37) Dollars and costs, taxed at Eighty-two and 85/100 $82.85 Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described property as the property of Die said J. A. Freeh and Rena M. Freeh to satisfy said execution, towit: Middle one-third lying East and West of Lots One (1) and Two (2), Block Six (6), Algona, Iowa; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof oa may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 2nd day of June, 1938, at the east door of the Court House In Algona, in Kossuth county, •Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this llth day of April, 1038. CASEY LOSS, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. MITCHELL & LOTH, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 35-36 . and Mrs. T. A. Swanson, Glen- Harold **** Carlson, northwest The Rasmie Hansons, Irvington, I arc a new family there of .spring. Rasmie works at Six minutes after receiving the call at his Swea City station he was fighting the fire at Artn- since strong, what- miles away! ,e time to fill your brooder house with chicks. May is _,aby chick month and prices are down. Eggs arc high fchcap feed prices you will make money. NEW LOW PRICES thorns, (large type English) .....per 100 $5.30 En Leghorns, Anconas .:'. per 100 $5.50 Pile, Buft Rocks per 100 $0.50 I Wyamlottcs per 100 $6.50 i, Buff Orpingtons per 100 ijiB.SO « ,...,..;,... /. , per 100 $7.50 ; Minorcns per 100 SG.50 Mil per 100 $5.50 ,V.R. & W. L. Cross) .-. per 100 $0.00 I Hibred Pullets _.pcr 100 $11.90 s per 100 $7.50 llcts per 100 $7.50 |Cotkerels per 100 $1.00 < ..per 100 $2.00 |rtcd Chicks always on hand at bargain prices. lamilton Hatchery BANCROFT, IOWA • "-^"1-t.it.juij, VIJV^II- --....«,_,,« veil *uuii i liwi Lll W U>T L •-". "I" *Hf*it •ilfl.OlJJJEj jdiio, Calif., who are visiting here. Wesley, said we were just the fel- : over he can find. ''6f"late''hp V1 h™ NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE : Attending were Mr. and Mr*. Eiery low he was looking for 'when we been doing some tiling Therp I'I-P ! No 15826 j l oarce, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carlisle,' nrrlved last week Monday. He five children in the family Inrlurl .STATE OF IOWA, , Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Carlisle,! "kes his daily paper, but it .bad ing twins, a girl and iboy' Donm" 'KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS ; Air. iind Mrs. L. W. Swanson; Mrs. stopped coming because he had May and Donald Fay The twin's 1 Notice is hereby given that by ! Lottie Sharp, Mr. and Mrs. Edw.'neglected to look after renewal.: are now eight months oJriI A ' , Myers, Humboldl; and Mr. and Harold has been confined to his daughter Margaret -is 12• Sh'irlpv' ' " ~ jMrs. Harry Cornish and son Joiui, : bed for some time with heart trou- is 8; and Leonard is 4 ' ' DCS Molnns. ble, but. he was sitting up out on * » * * tho porch when we saw him, and Edw ' Eden, who lives across the ho hopes to be on tha job again ] '' oad ° c his brother Freddie, north =""" Herman Carlson's boy was' of Wesley, is nursing a painful - J ------- ''boll back of his left ear, but is doing his farm work. There are three girls and one boy in this of family. the north side of his house, and soon. 11 DCS Moin.es. Jj Hip Hrolsen in u Fall— : Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schmeling ,-—•-"• "^nncm •_.«,! ioun a uuj was and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Schmoiing, there, and he had shot a starling I drove to Fort Dodge Sunday to A bounty on these birds is pail call on Mrs. Ernest Sager at the I * * * * Lutheran hospital. She fell last I Wllllam Ricke southwest week Wednesday at the home ofl Wosle >'' llas built an addition Mrs. Anna Tict/. and fractured her' the Ilortl1 s i d e of : . ._, there is also a new basement. He hip. buiit the wall of the basement with neggerheads. The rocks make a fine wall. Not many men now can j Rich Point Collegians (Jive Concert Here— A concert at St. Paul's Lutheran ,ime wall. Not many men now can j School No ° closed , church Sunday evening given by 'build such a wall, but they wove the summer 'vqntimi T1 10 31 students of Concordia college universally used 50 years ago, and and their teacle^• MrdnP was well attended. The young men'every mason was familiar with enjoyedla nicnicsat tbP ^ ranged in age from 17 to 21, and splitting and fitting rocks. Mr. Sunday Ma-Re y Johnson's wore under direction of Professor Ricke also does his own carpenter' ^aifeeiy Johnson* work, and he was hanging a door when we were there, and Mrs. Ricke was helping him, i * * * * I P. G. Engen, the buttermaker Get our prices before you sell your wool. We are paying top market prices. JOE GREENBERG Lorenz Blankenbuehler. PHONE 118 Meet General Donald ...an army of thousands obeys his command ... When little Donald talks over the telephone to his Cousin Dick, he is using a service that requires throughout the United States more than 300,000 telephone -workers and over four billion dollars worth of telephone property. Telephone requirements of communities differ greatly. In every community, it is our practice to have ready at the command of all telephone users the telephone men and women and equipment necessary to provide the service required. The job of furnishing satisfactory telephone service at present revenues is becoming tremendously difficult because of greatly increased taxes and wages. Continuous improvements in equipment and methods of operation can only partially offset these increased expenses. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Niece of Cuviinaiiglis Graduated— Druggist and Mrs. C. L. C.iva-, naugh drove to Sioux City Sunday | . . u . ^ Ilecjl , LUO , ullL1 . Bru , UKel . u[ to graduation exercises at St. Jos-, Wesley, Avas making test of butter : eph s hospital in which Virginia, when we called last week Tues- jf Mrs.' - • •• A 116 ••• i ' _ jouse Fly fill soon be here despite the cold and late Veather. Shut him out of your home. Let us p a price on your screen doors and window ! We carry a line of doors and will have Imade on order. can satisfy your needs and requirements plity screens. Potiny for Quality Materials and Satisfaction. pi-THREE YEARS OF SERVICE TO ALGONA AND COMMUNITY [1'IOXEElt LUMBER AKD FUEL STORE •.NORTON & SON PHONE 229 Attend Shower at St. Joe— Mrs. Mike Besch and Mrs. Edw. Besch till it had a brown color. The process is too deep for a mere news- paper man to » the but- I ' come the bride of Nicholas ner> Wag- * * * * Swen Pearson, northwest of Wesley, "was cutting wood for kindling when we arrived last week Wednesday. He does not do field work now, but he likes Esther Itelinkc Graduate Jfiirse— Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Behnke left last week Wednesday for Chicago to attend exercises in which their ift " y . fleld work now - '°ut he likes daughter Esther, nurse nt n Lu-'^ do s °me work about the yard. His son Anton does the farm work. * * * * We called on Fred Girres, northwest of Wesley, last week Wednesday. Mr. Girres and a son were moving a brooder house. It is well Small Loans Up to $300 ON AOTOMOim/ES T,IV1? STOCK HOPMKHOIJ) FURNITURE. ETC. Prompt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO to Upper Des Moines office. >»«• 125 Alfrona, Iowa FW/eof! ideal f, •*--• +Ul«Uf JIQ. S.'S*'" we rate of Coactety, imooth but noo- ikid, iatute* * quick, certain outf, spring breakagf, »te*f- penoncpocre^ Vet concrete is not only safe —it is more comfortable—it sav'es in driving costs—it costs " cost o| .that dwkuess. CEW^NT ASSOCIATION ttfouoh*iKTia" w W»^* »?* *#P*fpf Wflltl i* «Wis nmnk mi «9f!»MW»i daughter Esther, nurse at a Lutheran hospital, was graduated. . Otlior Whitteniore. Supt. and Mrs. P. J. Rochford, son Tommy, and daughter Sheila attended graduation exercises at St. John's Catholic school, Bancroft, Sunday; and from there were accompanied by Sister Mary Sheila, Bancroft, to Mason City, where the latter was to be at Mercy hospital a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Oliver spent the week-end with the Loy Olivers, Le Mars. 'Mr. and Mrs. Edward Alters,'Boone, spent Sunday at A. D. Brogan's. Mrs. William Higgius and her son Bill spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sylvester, Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sheid'.er, son Edward, and daughter Norma Jean, Mrs. Freeman, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanley, Fort Dodge, came for Sunday with the Curtiss Sheidlers, and all went to Lost Island for a picnic and fishing. Paul C. Urich visited his mother Mrs. Mary Urich, Duncan, Sunday. The J. L. McTigues, Einmetsburg, visited at Postm'aster John S. Cullen's, and Mrs. Cullen accompanied them to Emmetsburg for a few days with relatives. Mary Challies, of Claire, was a guest of Dr. and Mrs, J, W. McCreery Sunday and Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Moore and Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Johnson, Mason City, were Sunday visitors at the Louis Braatz home. Mr. and Mrs. John Gilligan, of Gilmore City, visited the Larry DoyleS Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller and Tom Miller Sr.,. Armstrong, visited at John AValdron's. Peter Elbert, Mrs. R. J. Vaughn, Mrs. Leo Walters, and Mrs. Frank W. Elbert, with Mrs. Bert Fuschen, West Bend, were at Spencer lost week Wednesday on a business mission. The Frank Sprongs, Livermore, were Sunday dinner guests at the Werner Braatz home. The Frank Jergens family, West Bend, spent the day at Herbert Zunaaeh's. Mrs. Anna Thilges, her family, Mrs. Les Jensen, daughter Ruth Ann, and Mrt. Ray Jennings, Lakota, were Sunday dinner guests at the Jos.-Beach home. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schumacher and Dr. and Mrs. H, C. Aliud attended a Legion meeting at Des Moines last week Thursday even- Ing. Mrs. Joseph Meurer left last week Thursday for Menomin«e. Mich., for a week with her daughter, Mrs. William Frantz. The Rev. Father C. P. Sweeney, of the Sacred Heart parish, Foit Dodge, visited friends here last week Thursday. Peter Schumacher and Harold jKnecht attended a Diamond club meeting at the Algona hotel Tuesday evening,' The Edgar Baumans, R;ngsteo, were Sunday visitors at Fred Struecker'a. '• Sunday Memorial Service ?lanne«. Swea City, May 24-^Officials of Fisher post announce that Memorial day services' will be held here at the Reynold* part »t 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon The JRev, C. 0, T^Wnonn -nrill be snelaker. Make It Pay You When yoq start raising baby chicks, it pays.to do it right. Grow big, capable pullets and more of them, to assure good egg profits later, Chicks grow big and uniform on Give your chicks this fced of uniform high quality. It con* tains Jots of oatmeal and other elements important to sound healthy growth and : best results. It is a complete body building ration, Buy some FulrO* Pep Chick Starter today. Algona Flour & Feed Co* PK/CES OF Every one of our used cars is all set for real service. And tfie prices are absolutely rock-bottom. Choose the car that suits your needs—you can 1 pay as little as $15 monthly. Better! hurry! It may be gone tomorrow!; OUR R&G USED CARS ARE RENEWED AND GUARANTEED IN WRITING. BUY TODAY AT BIG SAVINGS 100% SATISFACTION OR 100% REFUND Two 1937 Ford Tudors One 1937 Ford "60" Tudor One 1937 Ford "60" Coups Two 1936 Ford Tudor* One 1934 Ford Tudor One 1933 Ford Tudor One 1933 Ford Sedan One 1936 Chevrolet Coach Two 1934 Chevrolet Coaches One, 1934 Chevrolet Sedan One 193$ Chevrolet Panel One 1937 Chevrolet Truck One 1937 Ford Pick Up CAB OR rv, , YOUR *fAY IK)WN PAY10JNT For Kossuth County's Largest Stock of Used Cars See the MOTOR G

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