Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 26, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1938
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA CAJLS 'o?Tho B |!ow Blrum^? 1001 ™ flna g? p ! B "»>. ft ' S ° to vlslt Mra - Trau1 ' 8 Boe \',"o7s n" r,;° T.,.1 0 : .„?'; 1 P^ents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt J<npp, IJoe wlio tnko n nn i ' i f Bale8 " lan ' June 1 "Vic fnrmers wcst of Mr. Tr an undertaking establish, , .: i « , e shop ment wlth a bro ">er and al.so runs at the . wter n ° S011 Wes- Olson. tf Ini'i vre.t«r, . ,,H E B. Douglas, with fn son, spent Sunday and |n - Moincs wit.ii roln- , lluS . Mr. Douglas is the local Cummlngs the former baby leave 'at Ireton with Mrs. AlVin S. ion,.l(! Hcrl IcaugnM", nnd her Drew will Itz's sister, )[rs. H. M. Olson spent Clt'h Attorney' and Mrs. Ira cicar Ulw. rith the Mra. Olson family Naeve which flho Js hnrself Haulier nnd with their niece ron, will drive week-end to bring home the lat- , ter's sister, Betty, who will tw lieu; i" GW Mlller Lumber Co. j Lowe, who foTn'nmv l^lJI"" 10 doflnlte Plans | "ticker-tape" on baseball. Mr. Mc- Wr nT« "' Clllrg is in the Automobile bual- ,,' J.. jl , rs :. c ' K i Stewart, Man-'"ess. Kenneth Knudsen, g o° Sts ° E the.hero, and the latter's slater, Doriys ' Keith, 20, a Hurt high school graduate, has been editing the paper during J. G.'s sickness. Mr. and Mrs. Thaves have four other children. One boy, wnen last heard from, was working as lin- otypist on the Denver Post. A daughter la a benuty operator at Albert Lea, and the other two a few days. Betty is a junior Ivnlhfi the liberal arts college of'thc Ktn(c Mr!i - '*• A - Evans, will go to Ho'ch- unlverslty , ester next Monday to visit friends Mr. nnd Mrs. c. c. Wright fished illl(1 will attend nurses' graduation at Clear Lake Sunday and ' fairly good luck. Crappios children arc at home and in high j school. I liarbcr nnd Mrs. S. J. Stehle are leaving today on <i long plan- is manager of the go to Waterloo and Hudson to visit i not! vacation trip to visit their son relatives over Memorial day. Mr. i Vevnou and daughter Krma, Wash- Knudsen is in the omploy of the Ington, D. C. Vernon has for pome Pratt Electric Co., and Mrs. Knntl- 'years been ti member of the Navy City Tuesday, and left there by train for his home at Ilatfield, Pa., where he owns and lives on a small farm. Hatficld is some 25 miles from Philadelphia, and he commutes from his nome to the city, where he has for somo years taught mathematics in the Ovor- brook high school. He also teaches in night school at the Drexel Institute. Scott marrii girl and they have cne daughter. Dr. Walter A. Fraser son, is still here, bul tomorrow for his hone at Rochester, New York, wh •on, daughter of Dr. and sen is office nurse for Bourne. . Dr. M. G. I band, and before that was in the Army band. Krma is a r.tenogra- had cx erclscs there. She was Inking! W' 1 '* <!ohvcll, who is in the'nher in the Treasury department, and nui 'ses' training at one of the Ma-' CIT >Ploy of the Green Colonial Pur-j The Stehles are taking a fust train ,. c . hnd to give it up and come liome week-end", here bass are reported plentiful at the yo nos P'tals early lu Uve year, but nuce Co., Des Moinosf spent U)o! Evom Mason City at noon today, lake this year, but fishermen ''•"' '" ~'" " ' . . . . i ... . ... gretfully have to throw thorn back into the water, the not being open yoi. -•r rklt %• " >J1V " V L'»ll *> UUtVtt Wllll LUC ' -"'_" —"««^» mil ^ ivlou Sirs. Ollvnr ,>ldc suffered a mumps. Mr. DeLano works at (he guests of the Colwells Mrs. T. J. sprained left ankle Saturday while UX station here. Mrs. DoLan.>'s i Hil1 is mother ot Mrs. Colwell and off of her feet a while. - ~L - v, „„,.,„ ..ore With his parents, i and will .spend only one night on nerausc of poor hcat.lh. i Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Colwell. Mrs.' the rails en route. They will be at season Mr. nnd Mrs. K. n. DeLano lnve' Tl J> Hil1 ' and Mr ' nllcl Mrs - Les-i Washington two or three weeks, both been sick two weeks with'the' ter Hl11 ' Fort D °dge, were also' and have planned to see all the -• - - ' -• •• " ' - - 'sights of tile national capital. This is the first trip of any consequence that Mr. and Mrs. Stehle have ever taken, nnd they have is a well known'auc- been looking forward to it with great anticipation. During their absence Mr.| Stohle's homo bar- she was pulling weeds in the yard, mother, Mrs. \V. C. Clark Hub-1 Leslel '> all(1 the latter is in the em- She was near a clay bank wiicn hard, has been taking care'of ilio l ' lloy ot n financing company, she slipped and fell. The swelling children, who have so Car escaped Mr - Co1 " ' has gone down somewhat, but It the disease. Mrs. Clark's husband tlonc er. will be necessary for her to remain i operates a hardware store. '""" „ lu Bishop and Harlan Sigs- Mr. nnd .Mrs. L. W. Keith nnd hee wi " spend the week-end at taught school at Clear | )[rs. D. R. Watts, Oiith- r with tiieir son Donald, U. c nd guests of the son Donald is a farmer, and ber shop Is closed. K. Scott Fraser, who came for Irene Dragcr reopened iior beau- Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Keith the ' owa city ' firsts of the former's ty shop Friday in the newly re-! last-named couple oC Burt, left '"'"ther John. They will also see, the funeral of his father, Dr. W.il- janitor for the local post- paired upper story of the "Barry'yesterday morning for threo'week's ' Jfimes ' s sister Rutn all d his. aunt, j ter Fraser, was taken building. .Her shop was destroyed In the west. They will visit the L lMall( l° McBroom, who is principal' •••••. in the Chrislcnsen fire two months. W. Keith son Kyle, Golconda Nev' j ° r tne elementary school of the' ago, and she had since been tern-I'""! will inspect Boulder ' Dam'' univ ersity. The latter, a sister df porarily out of business. She has i They may also go on to California •• Mrs ' A ' A - Eishop, will teach nt Kyle is a time-keeper in a gold the University of Minnesota this to Maton for . Mrs. Kuxiiili Itnullcy, who has mine. years spent the winters with 1 Ini'/ llolmkr, Swea City her daughter, Mrs. Maymo Chilly,'spending Ihe week with her sis-; James summer, and Rulh will be with js her to attend summer school there. at the Steele cloth- lilt .Miirflnis have moved louse on cast State street . . ....__ "occupied by the Everett; Correctionvillc, will not be able to ... _..„_ .„„ Mr. Murtliii now operat-i return to Algona this summer, as Holinke, who was a freshman this' ;linK & Muckey. ! implement shop at Whit- she has boon sick for several year in ihe Swea City high school, 1 K( H<.«r J. <«. Thiives, of the Burl """""•" Mrs. Bradley Is one of is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Monitor, was an Algona — " — id Mrs. E. V. Worloy are 8-lb. boy, bor.i yes- of an [the Kossuth hospital, the Jil. Mr. Worley is 'manager flie local National ; office. months. Algona's oldest oldtimers. tor, Mrs. Ben Ingebritson. Miss ! in ^ shc) P. and Harlan works for caller PAINT Mr. nnd Mrs. L. P. Early, Baxter,' ed for Ihe summer Pridav. , J. Helmke. The school there clos- i yesterday. Mr. Thaves has had a Id Mrs. W. H. Slacy, Ames, .....: severe run of poor health during were guests Sunday of Mr. and Tngebritson works at llie Daii thelast five months. The doctors Mrs. W. G. McCullough, and Mrs. garage. I discovered that his blood had lost Reem-j Harold Hardenburgh, Baxter, who Ha Mao, daughter of Mr. and alraost all of its red corpuscles. had been visiting Ihe McCulloughs, Mrs. D. L. Lefferl, is completing For two weeks or more lie WPS a accompanied the Earlys home. Mr. her junior year at the Ames col-: Patient at the Kossuth hospital. He ,sday guests at the lat- Hardenburgh is a clerk at the logo, bul will slay there for the j is now somewhat improve J and is I'ther County Agent A. L. I Richardson furniture store. summer to work for Doctor Drake, a *>le to get about, though he can- Mr. Stacy is -,onaected TheJtcv. and Mrs. W. G. Muhlc- of the extension department in en-i not vet resume work. His sun i extension department of college. man attended celebration of the tomology. Entomology has to do ' LADIKS- YOU TAN work wonders In your home with Devoe's T!nar,'iols. Let us liol]> you with your plans. Botsford Lumber Company .1IM 1'OOL, golden wedding anniversary of Mr. with Ihe study of insects, and Ila| ...if, Thompson, came Sat-1 and Mrs. J. D. McCumber, Eagle Mae has been majoring in that i Era brief visit with, Elvaj c Grove, Sunday afternoon. The Me- subject. IMiss Dalil teaches a Miral i Cumbers are former parishioners 1 Mrs. Frank IVclcli, with her lear Thompson, and Miss of Mr. Muhlem'an, who lor 11 years daughter Madge, Mrs. T. C. Fieldi employed at the Algona Factory. , J. Dooley, wife of Irecorder, went to was Methodist pastor there. punday for a few days with bluer Ritu, who is a sten- er, and Mrs. Samuel Bateman, Mrs. Merle Webster, who had an all of Webster City, and Belly the operation at the General hospital Jean Hughes, Fort Collins, Colo., Des'a week ago Saturday, is reported were guests Wednesday of the! improving, but is still at the hos- A. A. Sterlings. The Mesdames ital, and it will be some time be- Welch, Fielder, and Sterling are SUNDAY, .MON., ' TUESDAY f for the state old age ie- fore she can return to her duties daughters of Mrs. Bateman, and! | commission. Jat the Cut-Rate. grocery. Her hus- Miss Hughes is their niece. jMclVhortcr and his moth-]band is an Algona decorator. i S. 1). Wilson suffered a sprained k, Mrs. Anna Gill, attended) Mrs. Glenn Swnnson, Fairmont, left ankle lasl week Monday, while Jsral of Emma Kinsley, ofjis spending the week with her par- he was at a Thompson cemetery, last week Wednesday.'ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Pommer- As he was lifting a marker out of |nsley, who was 93, was ,-law of Mrs. Gill. . [ilwln lliicnliold spent from Monday at Dubuque, Ihe attended the wedding of |, Eunice Lemon. Her moth- Aalderks, Lakota, stayed lib the Huenhold son. lid Mrs. Hans Walluka.it, of ening. She came with her broth- his car, he lost his balance, and er Delmar, and Lucille Hildman, turned the ankle. The sprain has the latter of Wesley, who spent caused him considerable pain, and Sunday with the Swansons. Mr. he is not improving as fast as he Swanson is foreman of a graveling would like. Mr. Wilson is in God- crew. I den Monument Works employ. I tr.. i.i i»___i i i_, T Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Shierk, with Harold Itockcs, daughter Judy their children, Ruth and Cameron Kay, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Guderian, Jr., got back Monday from Chi- and the Guderian son Maynard spent Friday afternoonIcago. Doctor Shierk drove to the spent Sunday with Ray Bockes, former's brother, Chris, i manager of the Rutland lant, and Chris is manager (local Council Oak store. Ind Mrs. Walter H. Klamp lunday at Clarion with the Icousin, George Isenberger, city last-week Thursday to get Waterloo. Ray, brother of Harold them. Mrs. Shierk and the chil- and Mrs. Guderian, is employed in dren had spent a month with Mr. a John Deere factory there. The and Mrs. McCall, parents of Mrs. Algonians also made a call at Shierk. ]i. C. McMahon has moved Grundy Center. Harold travels out his of Algona for a coal company. railroad employe, [operates the Phillips office back to his former quart- < Mrs. J. H. DeLuney, Des Moines, |at the Stale and Jon^s cor- md Mrs. Eldon Stoffel are Mr'lers over the Barry recreation par- who is visiting her daughter, Mrs. ••'66" ; lor, and H. D. Hutchins is also es- George Boswell, of the Algona tablished. In his former quarters. Laundry, fell and suffered a brok- The county soil conservation com- en left arm Saturday evening while mittee now has new quarters in she was undressing for bed. Mrs. a boy, Darrel James, f room at the rear over the Barry DeLaney, who is 73 years old, is Nay at the Kossuth hos- parlors. | afflicted with heart trouble, and first child. Mr. Stoffel [at the Cut-Rate Grocery, wife is the former Dorothy grade pupils at the [school had a picnic yester- Messrs, nnd Mesdames Charles she recently suffered a stroke. Schnyder, Henry Furst, and Chris Mrs. Boswell is at present having Wallukait spent Sunday at Lost the mumps. Island, where they caught 15 bull- j Arrival of H. T. Barker who re- heads in an hour. Mr. Schnyder is! cently purchased the Sorensen new butcher at the local Council drug store, is expected June 1. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. McMahon here. That store has now drove to Mason City Monday even- sold. Mr. Barker IB marrtod, and ing and brought Mrs. Paul Ham- he and his wife have two smal mil baclc with them. Mrs. Haramil children, both boys, one of them the Tourist park. Their Oak store, of which Mr. Wallukait Mr. Barker had a drug store at k the Misses Peterson and; is manager, and Mr. Furst is a lo-. Mondamin, near Sioux City, which l ,were in charge. The oth- cal barber. Ihe waited to sell *-'— «"«"•» [es had picnics earlier in |u. C. Anderson, with her «T. spent Monday at Brltt.mu uuun. W»LU •.»*»*. «».-. ---- • n ^, rrL \ e former's sister, Mrs. A, P. is visiting her father, F. C. Zender, old enough lor school. Mr. Nelson is in the poul- a couple'of weeks. Mr. Hammil, K. ». Sheehan was caned pess there, and Mr. Ander-|former jeweler at Borchardt's is Maxwell early Sunday moinlns by '= Partner in the local Jack; still employed in a jewelry store news that his fa he:, William "* at Mason City. Sheehan, had suffeied i Mrs. Clarence Stebbms, plunder, Minn., visited the ons Tuesday. Mr. Steb•fly of the Botsford here, has for some to a stroke. Mr and Mrs. Howard Frederick, The elder Mr. Sheehan, who was 'rated a Botsford yard at Minder. [A. D. Bit-hards had a gall operation at the Kossuth Monday morniir,'. She 1 "" the hospital since Jaat: . '>'• Sh-3 is doing we'.l, 'lave to icuia-u at the hos- f some time. Mrs. j. p. Winandy, of ™ their three children *»day for two -weeks t Wmandy's parents, .Mr. [ • John Simon Sr., farmers "'• Algona. Mr. Winandy is ™ Accountant. "i *«. M. A. Burbank will V' orn ; Lake next Wednes- r 'ag home their daughter - wno was graduated from ^school last year and • l 'r, man fl t Busna this ya a r. Horsford, oi; stfi Sunday of fs. Mr. Horsford^ at the local Gtem- of which Mr. Bar- bui now clerks H P ir~° 3 stol 'e. r ^ ; «rcs S crl e nia S teven- Rurlingtou, Mrs. F. E. Sawyer. . i^ln Alg^fouf.^ye^s Tuesday at the Corey Gra^c ago, and Mr. Frederick worked for the John Deere Co. He Is now a, furniture, dealer. .cr l " m2 Miss o H " " 6U and Dau Lost 16 Sun- goo4 . for k . .-was worked at Elkhart, with burial there Mr. and Mrs. Earl Traul, of Ot- and "Hook" McClurg, St. _ here Monday and the i tumwa, building . next south of MAY 29-81 2—HITS—2 SWING IT PROFESSOR! ...and join the fun with i: the balmiest entertainment isason! RIG FUN MUSIC THRILL SHOW ...wit),' * GEORGE BURNS GRACIE ALLEN MARTHA RAYE BOB HOPE Second Feature JACK HOLT In 'FLIGHT INTO NOWHERE WEDNES. THRU SATUR. JUNE 1-4 Continuous show from 1 o'clock each day Serial now showing at Matinee of Call theater of no interest to children. The Year's Most Talked of Motioh Picture—the Mightiest Drama of Life PAGE SEVEN d an eastern the will other leave ;re he Is a research physicist for the Bauscb, & Lom<b Optical Co. This is a big concern With many employes. Doctor Fraser received his philosophy degree at Ames three rears ago. He is married, but there are no children. The boys both plaa to come back for visits late in. June. Week AT RICHARDSON'S You Are Welcome Th« AMERICAN COMMITTEE •a MATERNAL WELFARE, Inc. Approved by 'be low* State Helical Allocution Human Life Comes into the World, Reverently^ beautifully Revealed! Not Do You Like To Look At Beautiful Furniture? Most everyone is interested in things that beautify the home and make it more liveable. If You Do, You Are Specially Invited To come to our big new show room west of the Court House and feast your eyes on the finest showing of Bed Room Furniture in Northern Iowa. • When Thinking of Anything for the Home, Come to North Iowa's Most Beautiful Furniture Store JUST UNPACKED Our Factory to Richardson's Shipment of Bee room Furniture Bo ight at carload prices and placed on our floors to sell quickly at a real saving to you. To Folks Drive 150 Miles To lake advantage of friendly service. save by our Low Prices To buy Furniture that is different From years of experience in dealing with our friends in Kossuth. and adjoining counties they know what our money-back guarantee means to then:, and that we are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. RICHARDSON FURNITURE CO. "Where Furniture Sells For Less" ^IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH SWEET CORN Good Grade No. 2 cans 14 cans 27c Hood's Store Specials for Friday and Saturday PHONE 855 PJROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE MAY 27 and 28 ALGONA, IOWA THUBS., FRI. MAY 26-27 Thursday continuous show from 1 p. m. SATURDAY, MAY 28 SUN.-MONDAY, _MAY_29-80 THREE WACKY VARMINTS FROM THE OZARKS! Plus Po Eye Sp Technicolor «ALI BABA AND TRE FORTY THIEVES" RICE Fancy Blue Rose 13C Fancy Crushed Pineapple - 8-oz. cans _ 3 Cans— ZbC Fine Sugar Granulated 10. 49c POTTED MEAT, }& cans _______ 2 for BRAN FLAKES, IGA _______ 2 Pkgs, CORN FLAKES, Ige. IGA ____ 2 Pkgs. KRAKLKRISP Wheat Flakes 2 Pkgs. S MATCHES, IGA ____ — ___ -3 Boxes 10* 3 PEAS Early June No. 2 cans. 25c TOMATO JUICE 50 ounce cans 19c SALAD DRESSING, IGA _____ ^Quart jar ___32* CATSUP, Carol 14-oz, bottle __________ 2 for 21* STUFFED OLIVES, 18-k _______ 5^-oz, jar 27* PINEAPPLE, Ripe and Ragged can 25* RED BEANS, IGA No. 2 cans _________ 2 for 17* PEAS, Early June, IGA No. 2 ________ 2 cans 29* PINK SALMON, fancy grade tall ____ 2 cans 29* PORKUEJNS! 5c I 16 ounce cans I. G. A. GELATINE POWDER All Flavors KGS. 19C I IGA-nCREAM SODA, GINGER ALE, OR- ^ ANGE POP, LIME RICKEY, ROOT BEER, =1 WHI1E SODA, AND STRAWBERRY POP =5 3 Bo|rTLES 25 C S SHOE WHITE SHINOLA 10* S HARDWATER SOAP 4 Bars"l9* S DAWN TISSUE, IGA _______ 6 Rolls 37* = CLEANSING TISSUE 2 Boxes 23* S PAPEk TOWELS, IGA 2 Rolls 21* = I Macaroni 2 L bs . 15c Mar$hmallow$ Fresh -Lb. Pkg. 15cSpaghetti 2,, 15c I OMAR FLOUR 49-11). bag—— GOLD NUGGET FLOUR 4 40-llj. bag i g = 100 Sugar . Oil Sardines Cans— 25c Prunes No. 10 can 28c COFFEE Brown Betty 2.11), Quality Meats 21* PURE LARD ,.8 Ifos. PORK HEART AND LIVER Per Ib. BOILING BEEF ' T Per Ib, FANCY BEEF ROAST .— —Per Ib, 19* PURE GROUND BEEF _„___„._____? ibs, 3t* LONGHORN CHEESE _____—_________Ll) f 19< BACON SQUARES -—Per Ib, 15fi ASSORTED LUNCH LOAVES PfiJ Ib ROYA DESSERT POWDER, pkg, 5t> g BROWN SUGAR — 4-lb, bag 23f S PINE-/ kPPLE, No, 10 can 65* = Bananas 27c i ICE, large heads, ea. FRESH PpfEAPPLE, ined, size ._ T . ff CABBAGE, per Jb NEW NEW SPUDS • * . *'',,. -'' -" ^ '' ''.*<'- -^ '^^^<&$M

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