Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1938
Page 9
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prices before you sell bol. W e are paylng [rket prices. GREENBERG 118 ILD tionallr So] ORIGINAL The cigar tlmt Is recommended for excessive smokers. iiccnnso the nicotine, ns fnr ns possible, 1ms been re. ,ii,, T e<l, making it not only mild, but B' satisfying smoke. Miiilerata smokers n-Iiii enjoy a mild cicnr are also en- tlmsinsticnlly in in T nr of the Nickless. Try n box and notice tlits difference. Ymir dealer can get it fur yon. K03SUTH COUNT y ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA BURT JUNIORS ARE HOSTS TO SENIOR GLASS PAGE NINE 0. H. KLAMP, Field Representative H. H. Trenary, west of Ledynrd, was busy repairing fence a week ago Monday. Last year when we called there he had started to cut some brush that was in the yard. We noticed ho did a fine .lob cleaning up the brush. * * * called nt, Andrew Wo Karel's Burt, May 17—The annual Junior-Senior banquet was held In the school auditorium Friday evening. Pimple and silver, the class colors were used in the decorations, which were nautical in character. The ta*bles were cWered with n fish net effect rtf purple paper. Sail boats were used as centerpieces. Place cards were in the form of 1'ife-savers, and nut cups represented fish. The north half of the room represented the dock, and was fitted out with deck chair.s, etc. A "sea-going menu" was served by the mothers of the Junior class. The toast 'program was as follows: Fair Voyage, Seniors, Virginia Patterson; Full Speed I Ahead, Harold Welske; Class Will,! Phyllis Brooke; Class Prophecy, I 'Lawrence TIantolmann, west of Glenn Graham; music; All Hands I Bancroft, was ready lo grind some on Deck. Between courses and fol-1" - - - ings are repainted and show up fine. They also buiit a now hog house, with AH ouUl la ccncreU. feeding floor. They were cleaning out the hog house, and aim to keep it clean. ,T. B. has 75 spring pigs and is feeding six Hereford steers. They are good ones. There are •100 balby chicks, on this farm ten J. B. has ;ivod years. * * * * Harms, who moved from her sister Dora Bierstedt at Algona were the Carl Ostwalds, L. H. Wellrspans, William Madsens, and Theodore Os'twalds, Werner Gade, Wm. Ostwald and Verda Meyer, and Lena Zimmerman, of >\lgjna, and Mr. and Mrs. Tim Klein and son of West Bend. The occasion was Mrs. Bar to'B birthday. Lunch was served. Mr. and Mrs. Erwln Bargman are parents of a boy born Saturday. Sunday dinner guests tit the parental Harry Gmeline's, Mason City, were the Ray Olivers. The Albert Eiselc family, of Blue Earth, Minn., spent Sunday with relatives in and around vVhit- temore. The Joe Yankes drove to Omaha Friday morning to spend a week with Mr. and Mrs. John Schu- makor. Mr. and Mrs. Carl PrimMlng, daughters Francis and Juno, of Dubuciue, came Sunday to spend lowing the 'banquet dancing ed the antcrtainment. Mrs. Lockwood's Sisler >Veds— The W. J. Lockwoods went north of Bancroft, and his son Arnold, 5 years old, told us that he, had a now baby sister. He said I Carl her name is Alice Dolores, and! the Titonka mail route to Wesley was .born February 2!). Andrew j''°uto 2. He had brought in his farms 3>10 acres and has 50 spring I horses from the pasture, and was r pigs. The hired man was bringing jROing to try and .plant corn Satur-ja week with the Peto Weydert'and in the cows. Andrew has a fine' tla y- John Hanhs' two small boys,Simon Weber Jr., families, herd of Shorthorns. .wore there. These are fine boys. | The Arnold Hiliberts, Fostoria * * * * They were helping Carl. and Nortiert Huberts, Bode, vls- * * * * lited Mrs. Emma H'ilbert Sunday. . - , Frank Rakow, northwest of The three women attended a mis- toed last week Tuesday when we Wesley, Saturday said he was feel- lorm- called. Ho has his own hammer ing much better after having been mill. While we were there two of "under the weather" for a time. S. A. Decker's little girls came. Mrs. Rakow has been bothered The Dockers are new neighbors! with heart trouble, and was not Harold Roth, labor 52.80 H. W. Post, freight 1.65 General Fund [. A. Van Alstyne, salary .... 61.00 rthur Moulds, salary 55.00 ecil McGinnis, salary .... 50 ; 00 ess Lashbrook, salary .... TO'.OO Elliott Skllllng, salary .... 66.22 tVillard Oregson, salary 56.50 Dliver Bakken, salaiy .... 37.34 Trank Shilling, salary 35.04 Geo. Gunder, salary 40.03 ohn Helmcrs, salary 46.58 German Lyons, salary 30.43 2has. Harvey, salary 30.43 pear & McVay, salary 24.64 H. W. Post, frt 2.03 {ruse & Blosom, prem 50.00 Sewer Fund . W. Kelly, salary 15.00 Fire Maintenance Fund :. C. Wright, salary 22.50 Cossuth Hospital, service .. 186.00 Deposit Fund V. G. Grosshans, refund .... 5.UO Passed and approved this 13th day f May, 1938. to Corwith Monday, ami Mrs. Lockwood assisted her sister, Mrs. Lester Bonnstetter, prepare a wedding dinner for (mother sister, Velva Hoffman, who was married to Leonard Christensen, of Eagle and this girls ciime to see cellaneous shower at West Bend honoring Geraldine Hasins who will soon wed Erwin El'bert. Others from here who attended the shower were Mrs. M. W. Fandel, Mrs. George Fandel anl Mildred the Hanlel-;.1oke. We asked him how he kept and Blanid, Mrs. Alfred Semr.n These girls | his yard so nice, with nice grass, and Rosemary, Mrs. C. W. Elbeit, lot of fun . He said they were careful and .Mrs. Simon El'bert and daughter, W. R. McDonald, north of Lone . , Grove, Monday afternoon nt the Rock, was busy •burning some rub- Lutheran parsonage, Henwick. The j bish hist week Tuesday, newl-yweds will make their home | said it was almost too wet to work at St. Ansgar. A large group of i on the land. He farms 1GO acres. stayed off the yard with the true- tor. * * # * Herman Nordman, north of Wes- Mrs. Gregg Elbert, Mrs. John Henry, Mrs. Earl Sheppaid, Mrs. Joe Eisele, ! Henry, Mrs. Mrs. Lena Elhert, Esther Ralph Fandel and as he ! ley, had come in for dinner Satur- l Gervai ' SG| an(i B dna and Rose Ann relatives were served at. the Bonnstetter home. 1'nrty for the Seniors— Alice Eiglime entertained the senior class at a party at Mrs. Maude Hanna's Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ortman, of Waterloo, visited Saturday ing at the Maynard home. Mr. Ortman is worth's nephew. This is half of his father's farm, and his brother 160 acres. * * * day when we called. He had been in a field where there was standing water. This land is well tiled, farms the other and he thought it strange that water would stand there. To satisfy himself he dug down to the tile, Last week 1 uesday we called oni nntl found no water in tne ti i e . Albert Anderson, north of Lone j Dirt was packed too close to let Rock. Ihis is a new family on the water through, this route. They formerly lived a few miles southeast of Swea City. Fandel. A. L. Rochleau, H. A. Bartlett, John Uhlenhake, and Fred Kollasch took 21 4-H club boys to Ames Saturday. They spent the day going through the different departments of the eiliege. 'MILWAUKEE] ST. PAUL , OW MER IRES I TO' llowstone )THE [ific Northwest kit lot a vacation you'll never (Visit Yellowstone, Mt. Rainier I Biker, cruise on Puget Sound, Hie Pacific Ocean. comfort of travel on The B Road. Cheaper than driving B. No road or weather hazards; no pitrain. Lowest fares apply on the HFIED, AIR-CONDITIONED OLYMPIAN i tourist sleepers and luxury- I Miches provide cleanlineif and pit lowest cost. Appearing meali Idiaei only 50(5. Oit-ihe-Tray >styour seat, sandwichel 10ft Chnrcli (o Honor Founder On Tuesday evening, Mny 2-1, the Beckworth I Albert hart come homo with a new Mrs. Beck- spring tooth harrow, and he Is going to have his corn ground in good shape before he plants. * * * * Frank Bauer, east of Swea City, Methodist church will join with)is the champion wrestler ot the the other churches of Methodism i northwest. He had finished build- in observing John Wesley's Al-! ing a new garden fence. Mrs. dersgate experience, with a ,«.pec-j Bauer always has a good garden, ial service, which will close with land the boys like vegetables. They the communion service. have five boys. John, the young. _ . est, was the only one at home. The m> to I.oirmn-Aiix licet— otnel , boys were in scllool . Jonn Mr. cind Mrs. 0. H. Graham at-: K!iys ho wrestles Texas style. tended an eighth district Legion * * * * and Auxiliary conference at Don-Last week Wednesday we called Whittemore HOGS. CATTLE, SHEEP—LIVE- stock of all. types can be solt quickly through Advance for-salo ads. 34t£ Mr. and Mrs. John Waldron, Sister Mary Fab fan, Sister Mary Davidica, Mary Catherine Rooney, Ruth Adeline Fleming, Maurice Steier, an'd Stanley Brogan drove to Dos Moines Saturday where t.ho Ronney, Fleming, and Steier girls enterted the state-wide typing contests. Honors were divided between Clarindn and .Eagle Grove. The Wm. Wegeners Jr, of Clinton, and the Oscar Sehattsehnei- ders, of Davenport, were week- nison last Wednesday. Mrs. Gra-,at Peter Rolling's, northwest of'end visitors at August Schitts- ham is county Auxiliary chairman ! Bancroft. This is a new family on chneitler's and Frank Balgemaii's, and Mr. Graham is commander of the Bancroft route. They moved and the Wm. Wegener's Sr., in Althe local Legion post. jhere from near Armstrong, an'djgona. Mr. Rolling bought the farm. The | The Henry Laucks, Sr., of Steen, Rollings have six boys and three Minn., the Erwin and the Walter Council Minutes why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. • Dated at Algona, Iowa, May 1.1, 3938. (Seal) KATHARINE McEVOY, Clerk of District Court. Alma Pearson, Deputy. E. C. McMAHON, Attorney. 34-36 at Eighty-two and 85/100 $82.85 Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the -following described property as the property o£ the said J. A. Freeh and Rena M. Freeh to satisfy said execution, towit: Middle one-third lying East and West of Lots One (1) and Two (2), Block Six (6), and I will proceed Algona, Iowa; to sell said Attest: ilerk. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. ADAH CARLSON, City XO'J'ICK OF SHERIFF'S SALB No. 15826 STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, 'owa, on a judgment rendered in said Court on the 1st day of April, l!)38, in favor of Home Owners' ..oan Corporation, as plaintiff, and against J. A. Freeh and Rena M. JYech, husband and wife, as de- 'endants, for the sum of Three Thousand Forty-Six and 37/100 ($3,0-16.37) Dollars and costs, taxed VOTICE OF I'KOIJATi; OF WILL No. 4389. tate of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. In District Court, March term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an nstrument of writing purporting o be the lant Will and Testament if Alice Holtzbauer, deceased, dated November 17, 1934, having been read, June, 19,38, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District ourt of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause if any they have his day filed, opened and Tuesday, the 7th day of property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at puiblic auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 2nd day of June, 1938, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. in., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this llth day of April, 1938. CASEY LOSS, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. MITCHELL & LOTH, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 35-36 HYBRID SEED CORN ft We still have a few bushels of Iowa 931 unsold. ft Also a small amount of the new E5. Try this on your late planting or low ground. ft If you have never grown Hybrid corn try an acre this year. We can supply the seed in 'small quantities for trial plots. ANDERSON GRAIN & GOAL CO, Family Reunion at Alfrnmi — • The Will Germans and Mrs. Robert Hayward and son Wallie attended a family reunion at the Richard Gorman home in Algona Sunday. A number of the crowd attended the show here in the evening. Donald Warden Dows Graduate— The George Wordens expect to go to Dows Wednesday of this week to attend the graduation exercises there, their son Donald being one of the graduates. S. S. Class Has Party- Mrs. C. H. Schrader, with Mrs. G. C. Allen as assisting hostess, entertained the Golden Rule Sun- ay school class Wednesday after- oon. girls. * * * * Vern Gross, northeast of Lone ^ock, informed us that he sold a mare and colt to a man from Michigan. He came with a truck and trucked these to his farm. Verne says there is a demand for lorses, and he had a letter from a' doctor way down in Mississippi who wants to buy some young lorses. * * * * At C. C. Inman's, southeast of Bancroft, Thursday Mrs. Inman and her daughter were preparing ;round in their rock garden to lant flower seeds. They raise a t and latomaUoa <"lt your local agent < MILWAUKEE ROAD =^5™SHHSSI to PEP X-~v^^^™'' fc Well Grown Make Most table Layers Vesleynns Win Bull Game— A good crowd attended the first eagiie ball game, which' was play- d here Sunday with Wesley. The core was 13-7 in favor of Wesley. 'aster's Wife's Mother Sick— The Rev. and Mrs. J.- M. Doms were called to Henry, S. D., Monay by news of .the serious illness f Mrs. Doms' mother. Other Bart News. The Henry Gettmans visited Mrs. Gettman's brother and at Buffalo Center and Britt Sunday. Phyllis McBride spent the week- nd at the Mrs. lome in Algona. Charles Larsen Mrs. Larsen and daughter Lauretta and Beulah were Sunday dinner guests at the Martin Larsen home here. Mrs. J. O. Isenberger spent the week-end at the W. H. Klamp home in Algona. She will spend Wednesday of this week at the George Bonacker home in Titonka L. R. and Bertha Daniels spen the week-end at the home of Mr Daniels' daughter, 'Mrs. Joe Beit'z at .Lake Crystal, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kohler, For Dodge, visited Monday at the Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle home. Sunday evening Dr. and Mrs. Cretzmeyer, Algona, visited at the Clapsaddle home. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Widdel, daughter Paula and son Reuben, Readlyn, spent Sunday at the Rev. L. Richmann homfe. Mr. Widdel is Rev. Richmann'e sister. Strueker families, and the Henry Laucks, Jr., were Sunday guests at the Edgar Bauman's in Ringsted. The Henry Schultzes and the Herbert Potratzes, of Lot'ts Creek, were Schultz, who works at the Pete Christensen home at Lu Verne. 'The Werner Braatz family spent Sunday with Mrs. Braatz's par- enets, the Frank Sprongs, at Armstrong.' 'Mrs. Louis Braatz and daughter Ruth returned Saturday from Mapleton, Minn., with Herbert Braatz. They were also accompanied by Mrs. Otto Za'bel, Mrs. Martha * * * * Raymond Moyer, northeast of 3urt, was preparing ground to ilant corn. This farm is owned >y an insurance company, and the mildings have been repainted and repaired. Mrs. Moyer showed us their baby boy, who is nine months old. He already has three teeth. Mother says, "He is a fine boy." They have two others boys, Raymond Jr. 11, Darrel Tugene 9. Mrs. tfoyer remarked that they enjoyed joth Algona newspapers. * * * * Lars Skaar, of Ledyard, was busy painting a new chicken house he built recently. Lars owns a half block of ground in Ledyard, and is going to raise chickens. He also does a lot of trucking and owns two large trucks. * * * * Henry Lensing, southeast of Algona, Iowa, Thursday, May 12— The city council met at the Cit; Hall in adjourned session. Mayo Specht and all the councilmen wer present. A motion was carried that tw firemen attend the firemen's con vention to be held at Ames durin the month of May. Motion carried that city ente into a contract with Thorpe Bros, for a well, contract price to be $4,875.00. The following appropriating ordinance No. 475 was passed. Electric Light Fund J. W. Kelly, salary $ 97.50 Leo Bellock, salary 70.00 F. C. Dailey, salary , .:.. 70.00 Tom Halpin, salary 67.50 Sunday"Visitors Tith "Edna j Walter Gorman, salary 67.50 H. E. Stephenson, salary .... 65.00 Ray Barton, salary. 65.00 C. C. Wright, salary 52.50 Adah Carlson, salary 70.00 Wayne Stephenson, labor .. 41.18 Joe-Kelly, Jr., .labor 37.80 Vern Scobba, labor 27.00 Dick Helmers, labor 27.00 Bertha.Johnson, labor 11.20 Mrs. Amy Johnson, labor .... 1.00 Mrs. Thos. Schultz, labor .... 4.40 .. 375.83 Milwaukee Ry., frt 240.21 Remington-Rand, mdse. '102.00 H. W. Post, frt 28.99 Ry. Express Agcy., exp 3.87 Postmaster, postage • .36 Water Fund J. W. Kelly, salary 37.50 Harry Barton, salary 65.00 Frank Ostrum, salary 65.00 Laura Mitchell, salary 55.00 Earl Bowman, labor 52.80 " „ „ i»Al O. WLLU UcLUCl, J.V11 Q. lYicXi (-!!«. I ~, »i —. . n J • 4. real many different kinds of flow- Bl . aat2 _ and Mrs B runett, all of Shell Petrm Co dist. Bancroft, was planting corn Friday. He farms 280 . acres, which keeps him busy. He has lived on this farm 13 years. Mrs. Lensing showed us the new baby girl, born March. They have named her Joan. Mother said she come near being an "April fool" baby. They now have four girls and four boys, all healthy children. * * * * E. V. Kbestler, southeast of Ledyard, had come home from town and said it was a little too wet to work his ground. He is peparing ground to plant beets, ^nd will have 40 acres this year. ^ * * * * Walter Hans, northwest of Lakota, 'was planting corn Friday. He had a Mexican doing the harrow- Milwaukee, Wis., Mrs. Brunett left Saturday evening by rail for Milwaukee. They had all been at St. Peter, Minn., to attend graduation exercises of Edna Braatz from nurse's training. Sunday the Louis Braatzes, and Mrs. Zabel and Mrs. Martha Braaitz drove to Minnesota Lake, Minn., -for a family picnic at Merlyn StauBfer's. Mr. and Mrs. John Kurt, of Milwaukee, were also there. Mrs. Kurt was formerly Myrtle Braatz, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ostwald and daughter Esther, drove to West Bend Friday to visit at the Gus Berninghaus home. Elmer, Esther, Theodore and Delbert Ostwald drove to Jackson, Minn., Saturday on business. •Mrs. John Nelson, and Mrs. Geo, Nelson and Anna Marie, of Mason City, were Sunday visitors at J. M. Fleming's. Sunday afternon callers at the new home of Mrs. Rose Barto and »»•»•»»»••»••••»«••••••• BLANK NOTES 25—In Pad—25c —Also— Chattel Mtg. Notes Advance Fab. Co. 8 bl gger, better Bock o llets that will lay premium eggs and for .* .« -T— • * «nf I'llaU a iMCAiL-a.ii viwi**& v«v *•*.» . — .. The Victor Lowes, Algona, spent | Th)B man came over to where Sunday afternoon at the Mrs. Lii- °- - .. ~ --^ *Han Sheldon home. The L. B. Fairbanks, Algona, Visited Sunday at the G. U. Fairbanks home. The Fidelis Sunday school class will meet with Mrs/ Clifford Holding next Wednesday afternoon, May 25, with Nrs. J. D. Graham as assisting hostess. -William Giddings is doing chores at the home 'at his brotherrin-law, Guy Carlson, near Wesley. Mr. larlson hurt bis hand badly in a sturdy *ol»;e sole layerg. chicks Ful-0, otartey, Flour & ractor Saturday. Mr. am} Mrs. W. j. Stewart weeks spent 'Sunday at the home of Mrs. Stewart's.. parents, Mr, and Mrs. John Prlmising, at West Bend. _ Mrs. Edwina Pratt Is having her house repainted. L. R. Daniels and Gerald Ollom are doing tne Esther Eahling returned last WelSay frow a three visit with friends at Carly e. The G. H. McMullens visited at the hprne of ,Mr, McMullen's .brother at Weibb Sunday. • Mrs: M. E. Pol'hemus entertains hj&^ewJng Circle Thursday after noon of this week. • • • Mrs. Arthur Fandel attended a Hqskins shower for West Bend Sunday. " Mr. nd Mrs. J. T. Heauey were business visitors at Fort Dodge "The^Ea).'! Millers spent Sunday with :.Mrs. Miller's brother at Aus- For Better Valter was planting. He wanted to know what the check row wire was for. Walter told him he had his wire across the field so if he >roke something on the corn >ianter he would not need 'to go md hunt up some wire to repair lis planter. Walter is some joker. * * * * Saturday we were at Leander Seefeld's, northwest of Wesley. This is where they have triplets- Dennis, Donna, and Dixie. These children are now 21 months old, and are a happy and healthy set. Donna is starting to talk. Mrs. Seefeld said on nice warm afternoons they have taken them out on •he lawn. These children at first were afraid of the grass. They also like to show off when people come to see them, as they will lump up and down in their beds. Tb,ey also have another girl, Shirley, 3 years old. ^ ^ Willis Cotton, at the Cotton chicken hatchery, reports a good (business this spring, 'but the new baby boy is more important. He is a fine boy. He undoubtedly has the oldest baby bed, which is the old style cradle, It is built of solid walnut, and, has been carried UP through the Cotton family and is more than 100 years old. The boy's name is John Morgan. Cleaning ^ Pressing Drapes, Rugs Curtains ... Upholstered Furniture We can clean all sorts of things beside your clothing —and do just as fine a job on them, too. REMEMBER OUR FREE SUMMER STORAGE We called Saturday at J. Muebe's, three miles northwest ; pi Wesley. Last year when we called there carpenters were repairing the buildings, ajad nw the I F you are wondering hi to lower your hauling costs still further this year, go to your Ford Dealer and look over his line of 1938 Ford V-8 Trucks and Commercial Cars. Here you'll find the finest Ford hauling units ever built, ranging from smart, speedy, light delivery jobs to big, powerful, heavy-duty trucks on a 157- inch wheelbase—units engineered to fit the job—to do more work in less time at lower costs. See them now! 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