Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1982 · Page 20
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1982
Page 20
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I 20 PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Thurs., March 11, 1982 The Triangle Tattler: Showcase adds movie discount nightsli Bargain days: Moviegoers in Pittsburgh are being offered more discount prices than ever. Bowing to competitive pressures, the Showcase Cinemas will reduce their prjces to $1.50 all day on Monday and Tuesday at all its North, East ami West theaters. The price change starts Monday. Cinemette theaters bejjan the cut-rate policy three weeks ago at all of its theaters outside the city limits. Business has pieked up because of the reduction. i Talking pictures: The trouble hajsn't ended yet for Francis Ford Coppola's "One from the Heart." Scheduled to open here tomorrow, the expensive romantic fantasy has bejm withdrawn by Columbia Pictures because of disappointing business elsewhere. The distributor will test a new advertising campaign in six cities. tAlso postponed is "Quest for Fjfre," Fox's caveman epic which, conversely, is doing strong business ii its first bookings. The film opens here April 9. ;!No shortage of new movies for the Easter holiday period, by the i 71 ' t George Anderson way. "Personal Best," the controversial film with Mariel Hemingway as a lesbian athlete, and "I Ought to Be in Pictures," Neil Simon's latest with Walter Matthau, open on March 26. And on April 2, no less than seven films will debut: "Cat People," remake of the classic horror film with an "A" cast including Malcolm McDowell and Nastassia Kinski; "A Little Sex," first theatrical film from the MTM company of TV fame; "VictorVictoria," the Julie Andrews-James Garner sex-switch comedy which is getting good advance word; "Some Kind of Hero" with Richard Pry or; "Paradise," a variation on "The Blue Lagoon"; "Silent Rage," a Chuck Norris kung fu horror flick; and "Robin Hood," a reissue of the Disney animated film. On the road: Pittsburgh Ballet Theater won rave reviews for its recent quickie tour of the South with "Giselle." Mircille Lettrrier's dancing in the title role won acclaim from everyone including Patrick Frantz, PBT director, who called her "an absolute revelation" and said her performance brought tears to his eyes. . . . Jean Staplcton and Bill Putch decided not to take their revival of "The Late Christopher Bean" to Broadway after all. Even though the show grossed 486,928 and drew 33,376 people in its 45-day run at the Kennedy Center in Washington, the show was closed. Feeling was that it was "too sweet" for New York. Meanwhile, they're planning for the new season at the Totem Pole Playhouse in Caledonia State Park, Fayetteville, Pa. Stapleton opens the season June 5 in Eralyn Williams' "The Corn Is Green." 'Then Putch plays the lead in "Apple of His Eye" starting June 29. Also on the schedule: the U.S. premiere of "Taking Steps" by Alan Ayckbourn, (July 13-25); the musical "1776" (July 27-Aug. 15); "Romantic Comedy," (Aug. 17-29); the thriller "Deathtrap," (Aug. 31-Sept. 12). Townfolk: Tim Stevens has picked "Blue Monday," one of my favorites, as the next single from his current album. Should be in the stores by now Tom Stechscbulte, whose parents are Dr. and Mrs. Don Stechscbulte of Mt. Lebanon, has a role in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway play "Crimes of the Heart." He was also in "First Monday in October" with Henry Fonda. "Crimes of the Heart," by the way, is one of the attractions on the Post-Gazette spring theater tour. . . . From Nashville, Sandy Mason reports that her song "All I Wanna Do in Life" has been recorded in a new Terri Gibb? album to be released April 1, and her "Only Love" will be released in versions by Don Williams on March 15 and Johnny Cash in May. Punked out: To no one's great surprise, former New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders failed to show up at the Electric Banana in Oakland Saturday night. "His manager was there, his band was there, the place was packed, but he didn't show," said club manager Johnny Zarra, who dropped the cover charge from $7 to $5. "He called from New York about 9 o'clock and said he missed his plane." The Daughters and Pittsburgh band The Five entertained, "and no one seemed to mind," Zarra said. Next Friday's act, Polyrock, is considered more reliable. Musical notes: Pianist Christopher O'Riley, a former Pitts-burgher, made his Washington debut last Sunday in a recital at the Terrace Theater of the Kennedy Center. . . . David Stock has been signed to compose the music for "The Chemical People," the nine-part series on teen-age drug and alcohol abuse to be produced by WQED. The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble will play the score for the film Former Pittsburgh soprano Janet Wieczorek, now living in Minneapolis, has been accepted in the Minnesota Onera's voune artists group. As an experimental project-the group performs an opera high school students, written in part-by the students themselves. Local angles: Bobby Vintori'i "She Will Survive" continues to sell well. All proceeds from the sale dF' the record will be given to Polish relief. Vinton will play the Front!' Row in Cleveland March 19-21. W' Carolyn Laurie Kapner of Squirrel" Hill, a drama student at Kenyotr College, directed Elizabeth AidU," Alan's daughter, in a productions the college of the two-character play "The Woods" by David Mamet The Kapner family was treated-lb brunch by the Aldas shortly after -the opening. Tom Kapner, Carolyn's., father, a stockbroker with Panic Webber here, said, "I heard so many . great things about Alda that I thought there had to be at least ong, thing wrong with him. But he more -than lived up to his reputation aa Nice Guy." 10 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS! .Vfi o I , Mi olden PG 3r BARGAIN MATINEE 1.7 ALL SHOWS BEFORE 6 P HOLIDAYS lit SHOW ONL (WED. $1.00 till 6 P.M. La M.I ILYj NOW SHOWING HOOT! HILLS SIOWCASI WflT. IIOWUSI IAST vuuci iKota Jackion, Harry Hamlin MAKING LOVE (R) 1:30 3:10, 1:40, 7:30, 10:00 10 Jad0my NomlnationtI ON GOLDEN PONO (PG) 1:00, 3:10, 5:13. 7:25. 9:351 Agatha Chriitia't EVIL UNDER THE SUN (PG) 1:10, 3:10, 3:25. 7:35, 9:45 Agatha fhriMta'i EVIL UNDER THE SUN (PG) 1:30, 4: IS, 7:15, 9:40 John Savoga THE AMATEUR (R) 3:00, 4:30, 7430, 9:43 10 Academy Nominations! ON GOLDEN POND (PG) 1:50, 4:25, 7:2S, 9:45 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (PG) 1:40, 4:20, 7:20, 9:40 K.7.vii::nnTi7 FORBES; WOOD ST.355-0I04 THE AMATEUR Al 200, 400. 600.8:00s lOOOP.M f Nomlnatad For Bat Plctura ATLANTIC CITY A(2 00 4 00 .6-00,8.00 4 10 00PM ft?) CHATHAM CENTER , 26M001 J EZZEISZX HEARTLAND AI800& 1000PM. IPG) 20 SIXTH ST.7281-.2I3 ! Nominated EWt P.rture 4 ON GOLDEN POND J At?00 0C ftOO BOn&tOOOPM (PG) oVilH,if'2d 1 4J36 THE SEDUCTION At 2-00, 4 00, 6 00. 8:00 4 10 00 P.M. (R) HELL NIGHT At 1:45, 3 45. 5 45. 7 45 & 95 P M. (R) I 3807 FORBES AVE. 7682-2334 MAKING LOVE At 7 45 4 9 45 PM ft L.Jai I729 MURRAY AVE.421-1633I SHOOT THE MOON At 7 30 & 9:45 P.M. (R) EVIL UNDER THE SUN A)7:45&9:50P.M,(PG) 1ILJ ! -7900 5824 FORWARD AVE.; 42 1-7900 fLmm CHARIOTS OF FIRE At 7:30 A 9:40 P.M. (PG) Lat day) Audrey Hepburn THEY ALL LAUGHED At 7 40 & 9:50 PM. IPG) Mirfc lawn. bfieral Oirtftot ;sburgh . nfolrf cf nler PLAYHOUSE THEATRE COMPANY THK T inv Winter FINAL WEEKEND thro SUN PLAYHOUSE JUNIOR - . miry iaie ravomei y i ftapunjcl NOW thru MAY 30 Tlikati: $1.25 Group Rota! 25 a. t late night musical revuo THE BEST OF FRIENDS Frl. & Sail 4:30 & II pm Marth 12-April 3 FILM REPERTORY Today's Film- 7 30 & 9 30 GREASER S PALACE Friday' Film 7 30. 9 30 11 30 PENNIES PROM HEAVEN !! Saturday 'l Film 7 30. 9 30, I L30 AIRPLANE (PG) 222 Craft Avenue, Oakland 21-4445 TIm Pali. PraytrcuM is ewiwd am. parolee ey Paint Park uhece CHAR5GTS pGj f?OUSE Of I fiVii UNDER OF FERE VAX 2D T.iE SUM 1:45" 7-1 5, 9:40 ,1:30, 7:30, 9:20 I CMGCT0EM,'- ItUKISaG LOVE l 7 20 "l.so lp67::09:30,h'l5. 7:40 9:45 THE SEDUCTION 2:00, 7:50, 9:40 OH GOLDEN PONDi 1:00, 7:10, 9:30 THE AMATEUR R 1 :00, 7:30, 9:40 TJSIY ALL LAUGHED 1:00, 9:45 MISERS OF TH:30 LOST ARM" 7.-30, 9:30 K3USE0FWAX 3D 130, 7:30, 9:20 VIAKIiMS LOVE 1:15, 9:45 EVIL UNDER TKE SUN !: 1:45, 7:20, 9:50 Find buyers for your extras with TIC. Call 263-1201 . THE SEDUCTiON 2:00, 7:50, 9:40 ARTHUR 1:15, 7:40, 9:45 HOUSE OF WAX po 3D h30, 7:30, 9:20 CHARIOTS OF FIRE pq 1:45, 7:15, 9:40 mi mm mi m 1:45, 7:20, 9:50 ABSEMCE TO 1:0 OFRAAUCE7:40, 9:50 TKE AMATEUR R 1:00, 7:30, 9:40 . THE BORDER h30, 7:30, 9:30 f FIGHTING MAO 336 FIFTH AVI. 471-7400 ) aij oo. 400, 6 00,8 00 4 iooopm iri -4433 All fsutf $1.50 at all tlms GHOST STORY Al 7:30 4 0.30 P.M. (R) WHOSE LIFE IS 17 ANYWAY? Al7:30& 9-45P.M (R) RT. 3' ALLISON PARK 487 Mcknight RD.367-5880 All aft $ 1 .50 at all flmat GHOST STORY AI7.30 4 9.30PM.IR) WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY? At 7:15 8. 9-30 PM.iR) NoniiricitaiTor Beit Plcturt" ON GOLDEN POND At 7 4 10 OOP M IPG) Nomina (d For Bait Plctwr RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARtC At 7:30 & 9 30 PM (PG) Nomlnatad far kUit Plctura ATLANTIC CITY At 8 00 4 1 0 00PM R) MAKING LOVE At 7 4b 4 9 45 P M tf) J CLNTURY III MALL 653 0027 THE AMATEUR A17.304 9 50P.M R) MAKING LOVE At 7 40 4 9 50 P M IRI THE SEDUCTION At 7.30 4 9 45 P M (R) HOUSE OF WAX m 3 o At 7:50 4 9 45 P M. (PG) I 2090 GSEEN1E 6-5250 J OONaTdSON S CR 1-87.7 THE SEDUCTION At 7:45 & 9:45 P M (R) THE AMATEUR At 7:30 & 9 30 P.M. IRt MT. LEBANON 343-7300 DORMONr 561-10o6 Lilil AH iiati $1.50 at all timai Nomlnatad For Bait Pfctwro AIDCIS Of THE LOST ARK Al 7:30 9:30 P.M. (PG) 1 EVIL UNDER THE SUN AT 7:304 9 40P M (PG) Nomlnatad for tat Plcforo ATLANTIC CITY At 7 40 4 9:50 PM (H) Nomlnatad for Acodomy Awardi RAGTIME At SKX) p.m. (PG) THEY ALL LAUGHED At7504 10:00PM IPG) DORMONT. 56)-10o6 iff Jl Wli ' All aootf $ 1 .SO at alt tlmot GHOST STORY At 7 30 4 9 10 P M I9 SOUTH HILLS MALL 835-7700 Nomlnatad For Bait Plctura ON GOLDEN POND At 7 45 4 10 00 PM IPG! fWAfli:i..lliV1 1 JlltLL :J ik i -inf-iry fiii MONROEVILLE, 373-1 1 13 1 I NCHtWIN HILLSPLAZA863-6800 1 fMONROEVtLLE MALL372-6 145 1 All toot $1.50 ot oil tlmot Nominated For Bait Picture RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK At J1J4V45CM !''.; THI AMATEUR Al7 50&9:50PM.(R) Nomlnatad For Bolt Picture RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK At 7 45 & 9 50 PM fPG) THE SEDUCTION At 7:40 & 9 40 P.M. (R) lott day! Audray Hepburn THEY All LAUGHED A 7 0 A 9 4 P M rPGl THE SEDUCTION At 7 45 4 9 45 PM lit) Lott day! Audray Hopburn THEY ALL LAUGHED At 7 404 9 50PM tft) THE AMATEUR At 7 30 4 9 45 P M fPGl Nominated for Bait Plctvro ATLANTIC CI TV At 8 00 4 10 OOPM ft) All teati SI .50 at all time GHOST STORY At 7 45 4 9 45 P M (R) Nominated For 3 Academy Award ABSENCE OF MALICE AI7 30A930PM (PGl ilW&iel All oati $ 1 .50 at all timet GHOST STORY At 7 30 & 9 30PM (R( missing. "'"--T'fiiiTfriiira-A'riifliiiitrii iMwn m mm UNIWRSAl PICTURfS and POLYGRAM PICTURFS Piraenl JACK SISSY LEMMON SPACEK an H1WARD LI-WIS Produclion A COblA-GAVRAS hln "MISSING" sBii) MELANIE MAVRON JOHN SHEA Screenplay by COSIA-GAVRAS & DONALD STEWART Based on Ihe book by THOMAS HAUSER Music by VANGEUS fjimlive Producers PETER GUBER and JON PE TERS Produced by EDWARD and MILDRED LEWIS DueclcdbyCOSTA-GAVRAS Read Itie AVON Book A UNIVLRfM PICTURE PGfr'Minu WDuasiKaim -aifl C t8?UNIVEHSl env SIUDWS INC r mm starts TOMORROW J ri 1739 Murray Ave.421-1633 MjTjTj fekKNIOHT RD. CAMDttSS 9 35-5885 9311870 MRUIH KUTlNf E S2.00HR5TSHOWON1V fllfl l'l!lMltill..li.li.)..IMI.ilLI.II.WiWl.ll..iIW..W,iW!, . ),..,,.. J,.., ......W. J Jr. r vi' 4, t ?. 'j 1 1 M AW,-. b COlUMBIAPICTUBLSWISfNT. A RASTAC PRODUC TION A PICHARD PByOII FILM HACfl P3VC M 1 FVt : N Tuf SI INSF T STRIP ana Piod.K fa Dv BICHACL) PRyOfi Di'rr ted hy )CX LATON ..,0...r..rr.......i ' f .mi1 tmiu. Filmed Before A Live Audience Starts TOMORROW CHESWICK Cheswick SHOWCASE EAST Monroeville CINEMA WORLD Century III Mall SHOWCASE NORTH McKnightRd. DENIS Mt. Lebanon SHOWCASE WEST Robinson Twp. EASTLAND Eastland Plaza WARNER Downtown Pgh. DEPENDABLE 5 Mm. from Grt. Pgh. Airporl, 264-7011 INDECENT EXPOSURE (X) HONEYBUNS (X) BARBIT TEST IRl Billy Crystal GREATER PGH. 3 l. 30 '. M.la of Wait-inqheuta Bndga. 874-521 1 THl'RS., MARCH 11, 191 BALLGAME (X) STAR BABIES (XI COUNT THK WAYS (XI Hq 1 w r 1 S I i I V ft I I i I 1 I -;l!F'aa !? f g4""tf WJM'IrW a-fW.il" fri iw mwr Mil 1WII.WH r.- s'mMm ipijun pajiiaaajii- iijavi" M fenniitSr in m r.llllll1l,llJM.Ji....,--i-.J-.M,.....-...-..-.-.J . fc iTT-tiiiliiiiirniiiiiiiiiiiiii n-rnmnir TOMORROW Jl 8:00 PM THIEF WARRIOR BARBARIAN KING .. ff1S -Zk : ' "V . v 4 J f J A-kL-i n n lit ' V!t Jl 'e 1.M , 1 ,r i " ( ' 1 V t , t Tgf WPIWI'': ' KiliMffllHR I WM.PEMM HWY. MOMROEVILLI 824-4424 271-9000 shown with EVIL UIJPEII Till SUM W Qasino irx LI VI I ftrrf Fswcttt "LMk-illki' oo RHONDA JO PETTY Neil STAX en RHONDA JO PETTY tTjTrf SHOW TMIIS: Ha III 11:10. IrW, l I 10:11 ' 1 V h I2:M fit t Sal. Swk; I3:M. 2:M, S:. 1:31 f C' OriN DAIl Y tO Am to $ AM Hill 0 Viaaal 4U( MOt ' III Mi "t i I a nn. .. . . .. : ' . JR-JMrmVAft LLUB FR-, o siiX machine: . "r AN PACE ' ' ' '!!?J? L"THER 19781 "OGE" NICK ROGCHS JACK MRANCLtH JDHI HOLMES XMM COLLETTr iHl MAORISONj -LIVE KALE BUBLESK DAILY XI CHAD S CHRIS AU MALE VIDEO TAPES OPEN 10 A M - S A M,

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