Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 10, 1918 · Page 11
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 10, 1918
Page 11
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Mrs. Parr Discusses Potatoes and Need of More Practical Use i . i PREPARING IN CAMP AND ON BOARD SHIP TO LICK THE KAISER - I.I.K HI FFVKK Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. ;. r.uff-7!r. S0t East "re!'.ard tire!, who i.o utationed at Charlcstftn. . C. H unlisted In the navy Iut No. yn-.hT and says that he is happy an likes the life fine. JKIK It. I.OI.I I i-nn of J. j. LocrLe r-."5 S..:llti l"ran(Io street, stationed at Kort H. A. Russell. Wyominix. in the rd Field Artillery. He w:is recently hnrre on a furlouch. and is a brother-in-law of H V. Willouhhv. u mmmmmm? m mm? mrmmjmm B irr i --o r Roster of A. CoA24th M.G.Bn. A rrM of honor printed in Irfuibf-r of A i'n. l?irh Ma.-hinp Cl'in Pn.. h:s 12-S Sourh ior;indo sfrpt from his n. I)fry Willoiisrhby. The roll i. printM in thf renter nf a beautifully mboppr frarn warte up f.f iirrny db with the colors tlrnpel ovr th top. Allhouch there liave brn a few thanffes from This roll, it is th first complete list that has been rereivel tr inre 1 rn !. X. became- a tart of the 1 C4t it. and vrinte-1 in Wcember. is as follows 'apta:n W. I.uti KirtMum. ,niman!-b1 rorci'sriv, first Src. Mrrtji M. M-k!-!. Mjb Pts. Everett W. Stuu". cond Lieut. Ray IV. Wenh,'1tT. Pcond Lieut. Lwly P. Rojrrj. P'Jrpy Srjrt. Al'rfrl V. Srnnin. Stabie Srgr. Iw-y P. Kors. Serjeants. R"b-t A. Peniwil Hvron C'ln. ton HarrtM J. Maxwell J,n,:in I.. P-ry ini Allan 11. .! not! man JSM L. Hilt CorponilM. .tifin Bf.wr lfdipft She'!y ''ii-'jr Duncan ftoland Short Krank H.i-nfH ward 1 'na'oon KaroM fanforj r'-f P. Martin K i vrd HTrh Earl Rorherm-! Biicler. X-'l I F:he- Kvrett lSr"T IrivttirN. nrn ArttleriiTitk Ribrt c. Anderson Jhn Ba'jrr,m Raymond Berkley Kurclfl P. Berkett frnard L. Hit ke Knrr H. R!ai.t k I.-wia W. pi.-kes raiv:a Bother Rrron B Bov-I BmU Brennen William p Broki HarAid pjr'eiph ors w. pr.v)k : E. pody -rlf-s Cones He-man Cameron H-rrr.an Chapman -M-t; i) Chilton Phiitp cia-e Harry L. C"Tf rl T.ennar if. Colby ii-rman Kar.'"her "VViiham .1. F:ynn PatrirJc i7cer.ild Parl L. Fisk Edwin ;ala mbark Krank Card Kilsar J. C.nnrr-tt Eraery tin"k'"w David V. Harris Herman Uiks t'hir5 P.n!a Hltt Wi-Iiam Hn'mau Frederick Ilouser Jfhn II. IIubh!il Me-rrl't Huir-irt William K. HtrnmI- riKM Roy E. HrwaM Harry E. Jnnt-n Ber.jamtti Jnh non Harold Jnhnfin nY Ciark Washington X. J.ck- i'Ham S. Chamnlin son "! L. Crahtre Roiland Koontz wUtlam Davidson rr!a Davfs Jwey Delaushter "hr Divly Meivin Dohbs Everett Imwr.ev rj( Dvnrai rank Dunham J!!lm Dunond "'I.iiim Del'aty rJ Dubnt Edwards Wf EUarji alter E!iton CT rente Fosr Frederlt k Kemp .tohrr Kiifhn'.er Edward It. Kirk orf- R. I.ov-joy flijy J. assort Edward M iicrve John Marklin .vo Martm I.Jovd Marnn Earl Mathen Pav F. May Fred Me-.r Tt? nk Mvrr Homer Mi.ligan Leo Moore -Thoto by Wasson Stadios. I.KO 1 OIT. , Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ri, hard ft I'l' who recently went to Tampa. Kla. He is in the draft rail and signed up with the aviation corps. He is now awaiting his call. THREE SOLDIERS, OLD OR YOUNG, 1 i S3 4 ft tf1 i:v m ii. lot r.nnt. Son of IT. v". Willnuschhr, 12".' Soiirh poratrlo street, and a m'-:t-1-r of A i 'o. l'4th Machine 'Ii'ti v:n. at Camp l.ocan, Houston, Texas. Artp,,r w. .tr- :it - llnvln S:hrof.,T t r !.afl'rn'-o Tncnpy t 'h-: v:i- ViDf n"sr!t .In rm Tra v !-; Kl-Mii It. M- Nutt 'ti.i T:y!or V. 1 1;-!-r ! I'Mucilt Clay TayN.r Hr.u.i:.! McI.-rnTt :.i-str Tharrhpr I t m-r N t J) i v:iin r '!ivn H;n..;d nwen3 DaiUfl Oung Albert Owe?' Arrwrifis F'atrn k r;n-l PiII Irvine J'aUnth Artliur Kut hrft I Hoiiit Kyd'T 'hi'! I. -r-T P:i til Shikowfki Walter Shinn lMtil Silvern E.i'.vin Sn:it!i I.'U- V.. P'r.ith PlMi'.p Smith William Sra!- v I.nvrpn',p SuII'i i h J'-h;i P. S."ir-'ider Fre ! A. S - ':v:h II:tn y IZ. S:- h !;-.rrt . Trent Pert lamin Trimbi tiny Trimhy Frd Turr.fi- l-:vr'n Turtle .bihn Tuttip Ray Txlhver S' nim-l V.iss An., nr. Walk.r i;eor W!lhr Ti e-i.V.re Wi'e:';s P.irv Wii!i:vn;-. INii'Tt Williams PoMio Workman !:.:. -1 Wynecir 1 -t w rn ' Van z Stuart Walsh 1 a -e n e Yea w Jordan Ynun? 'a ri Z iinmer F.:r,;I Zimraer of i n. A. lllin-.ii" infantry. ' V.m pa ii v I r th i'a:;e,j rf s.-rv!'- M.ir'h lttlT. at tur. f'li'i"-?, and rfinajn-'d there until April 3. lf'17. It ws htMi ordered on de-ta. hTii-nt r i -1 at Hoiidryon. Ky.. and Ma;:ni, II. In cuarrt L. A: X. railroad bn :5 ami r-nm mcd thre until Aus. 14. K ! 7. A ' t r ir-avme fieiders-m and Maunle it nas n'at;one i at a:ro. Ill . until Sept. It. l!17. nod rln !r--T to ramp I.ogitn. Hotnton. Tex.ts. n-'iv:nir ti S'pt. 1". f'n " t. :-17. ''"!ii i' : iy f. "'h I;'.:nol Tnf?ntrv bf am--" 'rrrri ny A 124th M. TJ. P.: Tt t'v'-n re,ruit"d tip to war sren 2 r h cf 1 T J n.ti. Tn i l;;tt a i ion tj known as ili "p:it'.aliin f Iat:i." ha -ni r'eivi-d t Ii t rt.i m1 t '"'m t h peop! nf Houst'in n tht- iay of tt'e creat parade. Nov. 7, ir!7. The rnf n are now acerly w-airins their turn to c-. "niT" and do thMr idf in th" wr!d war. v i 1 H y it Ili lVH I. W?tl I. . M tKV. Irwn C. M:txcy . II. V.l I). I Clyd"1 Kmion ! i;oyd. rotiMiis. enlisted in the Navy Jan. IS. and are now awaitin a call i to the sorvicv. Sir. Maxey was born and reared in Flcminsr county, Ky.. j coming to Illinois in the spring of i - ' a I ; U- i J t ? 1 C1IARI.IK I.. SADLER. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Georse Sadler. S miles northwest ot Decatur. He le:t Decatur last summer with I. Co and is in Camp Locan. in the Machine (hin Battery. He is enjoying good liealth and likes it fine. RELATED I 'Ms , h7 1 t fj 4 t V 4. R. T. WILI.OIRHBY. 'Jnndfather of Pewey "U'ill-oH'.ri)!.y. v. ho served in the Civil ':tr ami was a member of c 'o. 117th 111. Vol. Inf.. 1 St H Army Ori s under Col. A. J. Smith. He lives in ?tr West Macon street. DIRECTS BAKING OF 15,000 LOAVES DAILY SKHfiT. fiF.ORC.K AV. WHITTIXCTOX. I ycrgfant Whittington of Jefferson barracks, recently visited his sister Mrs. T. K. Barton and family, 226 West Wood street. Sergeant Whittington! is now serving his third enlistment in! the army. His first enlistment was! in the coast artillery, and his second! and third in the bakery department! of the army in which he is now hold-! in? office. I SorgeBnt Whittington has IS men' under his direction and during the' ruh of enlistments early in Decern-! ber was baking 15.000 pounds of bread daily. He says that conditions there now are again normal, there being only five or six thousand men in the barracks. ir-lt. Wlien he enlisted he was years obi. Mr. liods home also was in rieming county. Ky. He came to Illinois in l!'ir and is but 19 years t.M. Jle is a son of C. H. Boyd of L'ewitt. Iff. 3L t&vi- -s?' ECATUR SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1918. ARI.IE PAY Mi. Son of Mrs. Lanra Shanks of Chicaso. and an enlisted man in the quartermaster's corps. He was formerly of Bement, and left Decatur for .tefferson barracks the middle of Docenfber. WITH ENGINEERS REGT. IN FRANCE He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. F. c. Hanna. P"; North Clinton street, and is with an engineers' regiment "somewhere in France." A brief mwisase announcing his safe arrival in France was received by his parents two weeks ago. Kay Hanna formerly was a brakemnn on the Pennsylvania lines out of Pecatur. on which his father is a conductor. He qualified as a conductor in the engineers' regiment, and although no definite information has been written on that point, it is presumed he is a conductor in the engineers' regiment. Hay Hanna when a boy was a carrier for The Herald, and later was a bookkeeper in The Herald office. His brother Clyde, enlisted last June in the navy hospital corps, and was sent, to the Pan Francisco station from Decatur. At the present lime he is in Newport. Tt. I. Clyde is expected home about March 1. BUGLER IN ENGINEER REGIMENT AT DODGE r L 4 4 W4$& SKWltll) TROW BRllH.K. Bugler in D Co. 313th Engineers stationed at Camp Dodge. Ia. Mr. Trowbridge writes that lie likes army life. The boys of his company say that they are ready foi the call for "over there.". His home here was in 271 East Olive street- x vjctg ffi HERALD i.i;smk I,. JOXES Sons of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Jones, of Harrisburg, Ark. Lessie, the eldest, volunteered for the navy in January, 1917. He was a farmer by occupation, having lived near Harris-town for the last two years. He was a member of the Harristown Methodist church and known as an upright, industrious young man. His younger brother, Willard M. Jones, volunteered as an infantryman Decatur Soldier Buried Beside Sweetheart In Iowa The burial of Walter Emery at: Whiting, Iowa, perhaps reveals a bit of romance which came to light only with his death in Camp Cody, New Deming, New Mexico, Jan. 28. J Walter Emerey had been engaged in farming near Whiting. Iowa, but last June sold his belongings and enlisted in the 134th I'. S. Ambulance corps, Sanitary train 2"9, 34th division. While in Soux City, where he enlisted, he was secretary of the camp Y. M. C. A. In September his unit was transferred to Camp Cody, New Mexico, for training, and there, in December, he became ill, suffering a mastoid abscess which 1 caused his death, after an operation had failed to give the hoped-for relief. Reside Sweethenrfs Grave. When his death was announced, the family expected that the body would be returned to Illinois for burial in the cemetery, west of Maroa. where his parents and other members of the family were buried. However, he had requested his brother, who was with him, that his body be taken to Whiting for burial. Then it was recalled that two years ago the young woman to whom he was betrothed had died in Whiting and was buried there. The soldier did not express a wish to be buried in any certain part of the cem-tcry, but he did say that he wanted his body buried in the Whiting cemetery, and there was no hesitation in doing just as he had requested should be done, the funeral being Feb. 3. His age was Z'2 years. .I. EXPECTS A CALL TO FRANCE EARLY JOSEPH A. Ml ltPHV 111 the iRith Infantry Machine Gun company. Camp Beauregard, Alexandria. Da. He Is a brother of Misses Sadie and Nellie Murphy, 946 East North street, and Mrs. Yv. F. Taylor, 1.133 East Eldorado street. He enlisted in New C'rleans Oct. 31, and writes, that he expects soon to be moved from Camp Beauregard, probably to France. He is 33 years old and was graduated from Decatur High school. He went South about fjur years tgo for his health and has been in the real estate business there up to the time of his enlistment. In 1312 he was employed for a time as a salesman for the Wait-Ca-hill Co.. of Decatur. CLARENCE SMITH T. P. A. PRESIDENT H'ont K Elect Officer" Plnn for I Mnte Convention nnd Men'M I ! Social. i ' Coyer. j sates will be elected to go to that con-Post K. T. P. A., in its myelins Satur-j chaplain J. W. Kelloy. j ventlon. There is always a parade at the diiy niglit in the K. of p. lodge rooms, j I'nectorH for tuo years I.. L,. Scribner. time of the convention and Alex Van Powers building, elected the followinj of- J. K. Strobel. Elmer S. l'.ovcal. iPraag was elected to feature something ficera: I The past president. I.. 1.. Scril.ner. was I for tills parads for Post K. I"resident Clarence P. Smith. unanimously Indorsed as a candidate as a! Frank Dudley was elected as chair- First Tite-presidcnt L. F. Rothchilds. state director. jmau for the big annual social which will What Are YV1II,RD M. JOM-'.S at Jefferson Barracks in May, 1917, and was stationed there two months, being sent then to Camp Meade. Md., where he was male a corporal. In Novemer he was sent to Cainp Greene. N. C. He has been offered a place as messenger and is now awaiting his call to go to France. He was an electrician by trade, being employed by the I. T. S. as station agent at Kdwardsville, 111., at the time of his erilistment. "as, 's WALTER EMERY Leaves After Furlough, Soon Goes to France 2. GUR1. WI 1,1.1 AM B. CORR1NGTOX Who returned to camp at Morrison. Va., last Saturday, after a few days' visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Corrington, 995 West Marietta street. Corp. Corrington enlisted in. the aviation section section in July and after a few weeks stay at Jefferson Barracks, was sent to San Antonio, later being transferred to Morrison, Va., a destination camp. He expects to go overseas in a short time. Before enlisting he drove a truck for S. D. May ot Decatur. -i; fiecond vice-nresident Harrv R. y.iptrl Third vice-prenldent Hnintr P. (iro'und. Secretary and treasurer Geurge Ii. i P. '.t . -lAJi..-..'.'.-..'--"-.:.f.- 2Swl K I fit mUllffitM. if Decatur And Central Illinois Boys Doing In The Service Of Uncle Sam HAY C. StHKRER. Schcrer was employed In the auditing department of the Sta-ley Mfg. Co. before his enlistment. He entered the service as an apprentice seaman but has since changed to the radio section. The men at Norfolk are living in bungalows, supplied with plenty of coal by the Government. DECATUR MAN WRITES OF FRANCE FRANK J. M'KIXMJV Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Me Kinney, 1244 East Leafland avenue, who arrived in France the middle of January and writes his parents he is well and is enjoying the life of an army man. He describes the city as "queer to me. All the buildings are made of stone and the streets are ot cobble stones and very narrow. It seems like it rains here every day. We have not been stationed here yet." He has a sister, Mrs. F. L. Kepler, of Assumption, and a brother, C. J. McKinney, who is a machinist 'n the Wabash shops. BROTHERS IN J I -41 RAYMOND JOHNSON. These boys are the sons 'of Mr. and Mrs. James O. Johnson, 137-139 South Water street. Raymond enlisted In the service on July 7, 1917, and is now located at the The state convention of the T. P. A. will 1,0 ",1 1,1 Champaign some time in May. At the next meeting of Post K. 22 delc- rY ' a. - 2 K 1 ROY B. PISTORIl"?. Roy B. Tistorius, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Pistorius, of Blue Mound, recently went to Peoria and enlisted in the naval reserves. He is now home waiting for a call for service. It is worthy of mention that he refused a third interest in his father's farm if he would stay at home this year and help farm the place. GAINS 30 POUNDS IN SOUTHERN CAMP - " -v- - 1 -r (tat. 1 PAI'I, SIIIKOWSKI. Private in A. Co., 121th machine gun battalion . Csmp Logan. Texas, is in Decatur for -a visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Julius Rhikowski, 119 E;ist Grand avenue. His furlough is for ten days. Paul Sliikowski enlisted with Ij Co., eleven months ago and it is his first visit home sie he -went South several months ao. When he enlisted his weight was 130. Now he tips' the scales at ' 160 pounds and declares tnat he' never felt better. and that he has had only pleasant . experiences thus far in his army life. NAVAL SERVICE CSri V JAMES A 111' lit R JOIISO. training station at Norfolk, a. Arthur went to Chicago this week to enlist in the naval reserves as a stenographer and as yet no word has been received from him. be held the fourth Saturday in March. At this Boclal the men will entertaUj their families and friends. ' Over seventy members of the faculty of the University of Chicago, are now in the war service. Of ihu number twenty-seven are of professional rank and include the president of the university. I

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