Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1938
Page 7
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T ROCHESTER sev- M ia ». the" Presbyter- Sunday afternoon at 1 „ Sw. George Edwards, „, a hospital In Rochea- i WednesdHy following Hf several months. 'S u _, i .,,ia \unft for 1 Edwa waB.toorn ss2 in the township of „ WU, a daughter of to ' IOQO she was marneu ^ ''t Edwards, Bloomlngton, i Rev F. Schoenfeldt, a friend of the family. lf i housekeeping 'In where Mr. Edwards In 1039 they moved Minn., and five r «, come to Lakota. Five [fsu'vlvo: Gladys Freeark, iJ Beatrice Madson,'San ^ ? CalK., Ralph, of Wood- began Wis.. rnllf,, ' Grant, Lakota, and . me A granddaughter v , ,s been one of the nfnncy, a grandson ark, and her husband Tlireo brothers and M. Willin and >and In Survive, listers Gordon,'Arlington; also at- U,e funeral, which was In te the Rev. 0. H. Frerking. Led quartette composed of r n H Frerking, Mrs. J. E. Georgo Ennen. and Jerry IrtUl b 1 ' _. -r-,,fli._j n««1^ s a In the Rifted Rock, tByc and Bye, and Mrs. ' S s a,g sanB, KOSSUTH COUNT y ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA C. II. KLASH', Field lleprcRentmlvo A week ngo Monday when wo called on Edw. Mnwdslcy, north r>f Irvlngton, he had just 'conic homo from Algona. Ho has one of the best equipped farms in the county and keeps on improving. Wo did not have much oC a visit with Eel as he said he had some plowing to do for corn. * * * R. C. Lage, who lives I lie first farm east of Edw. Mawdaloy on the south side a! the road, li:ul just come in from the field where lie was disking ground when wo called on him, Ho was preparing to plant it to corn. * * # * D. E. Fitch, northeast, of Burt, come in from the field with us hut he had no time to talk to newspaper men. But we hud n fine visit with Mrs. Fitch. She told us about their goats. They have 27 goats, and there is a demand for these i Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Web} were also there, Mrs. Bilslborougi returning with the Webbs for visit. , ; Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ewoldt wer Sunday guests of Elva Ewoldt and Jessie Smith, Algona. The Ralph Reidles, Pcntoi were Sunday guests at the C. 1 Householder's. Bernice Pompe, cf Lotts Creek, spent the week-end there. The Orn. Hurlburts and the Oi nie Behrends family were Sunday dinner guests at Everett Richart son's, Algona. PAGE SEVEN weather permits they will soon have a new store. * * :!( * We hud a visit with Goo. Bon-, acker, Tltonkn, who owns a gro-1 Mrs - Lvle Marlow nnd infant so i eery store. Ho lias been in this 1 1 ' etllrnod lnst week Tuesday fron store for If) years. The first two tho Kossuth hospital, Algona. years he worked in this store and Word has been received of the since has boon operating it ].j e j niarriagc of Hazel Thompson, was busy putting canned goods on ""'"' ' " ' ' " ""' tho shelves when we called. * * * * Henry Knock, southeast of Lone Hock, and his eon were grinding shelled corn last week for their baby chicks. After ho was done with this he was going to Lone Hock to get their children from school. Tlie Alfred Schmidts, southeast which occurred last July 8. Slip was married to L. D. Gold and s now living at Hurley, Net). Mrs. Gold is the daughter of Mrs. Sauo Thompson. Word was also received of the death of Elmer Thompson at Lead Hill, Ark., April 2 All were one time Lone Rock re: idents. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton sper Sunday at W. J 1 . Cotton's 1 . The William Nelsons were Sui ited the parental Frank Macum- bers. Gust Kraft, Algona, spent Monday at Emil Kraft's, and attended the commencement exercises in the evening. The A. A. Kruegers, Mrs. S. M. Gladstone, and -daughter BonUih drove to Iowa City Saturday, visiting Margaret Gladstone, student nurse. They returned Sunday ev- j Baccalaureate services will be enlng. ; Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer, the A. II. Hannas and Elma Krueger at- sort, Armstrong, spent Saturday here on business. Adrian and Janet Ward, Humboldt, spent Friday with their brother Milo at Fred'\Wegener's. Adrian remained to work for Alfred Schmidt. Mrs. Russell Thompson and son Jackie, Hurt, spent Saturday and Sunday with the Weg- eners. Iheld at the school auditorium Sun- Walter Krause, day evening, with the Presbyterian pastor in charge. The girls' glee tended .lent/,, a "500" Fen ton, party at George'sing. club, and the boys' quartet, will Sunday evening honoring tho Jent/.'s 15th wedding anniversary. The I. W. Nelsons spent Satur- The sermon at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning will be, "Measuring the. Man." Sunday school will be held at 10; Y. P. day ttiid Sunday at Rasmus Jen-j meeting at 7:-15, at which the pas- sen's, Ogden. Mrs. Jensen is a sis- tor will speak of Lone Rock, wore eating dinner!day guests at Theo. Jacobsen' when we called last Thursday. They have four children, two boys Theo Krueger and daughter El We'll Never Say Heaven, with Mar- Achroeder as pianist. Leavers were Nick Behrenda, P ' Mussman, Ray Smith, W. E mecht, Walter Rasenau, and fwortman, who with the Rev I Mrs Frerking accompanied " iy for burial at Hartley. [, Class Tiny I'lenses— senior high school play, ,e With Care, directed by „ Larson, was presented at laudllorium Friday evening to ivdcd house. , scene was the living room animals. They also have a fine flock of white-faced sheep. Those sheep are good wool producers. * * * * Ed Hoppe is a now man east of Burt living on one of the George Stone farms. They have repaired the buildings on this farm for Ed, and he has his place in fine shape. * * * * Ralph Carney, southeast of Burt on the L. E .Fairbanks farm, also farms one of the Grant Fairbanks farms that is across the road from L. E.'s place. Ralph was busy grading his seed corn and getting ready for planting. It is this farm where Luther Fairbanks lived, and he is now flying for the government. Luther's mother, Mrs. Grant Fairbanks, and I,. E. Fairbanks •were there crating Luther's furni- j'?,'" 1 '° Humboldt. Bh ' 1 ?' We wanted one ot ** to ° w ' lh U8 - '> ut ma were Sunday dinner guests Inirna Daly's home, land families were Two sis- awaiting larrival of a wealthy brother, Irose Jones, whom they had (seen for 25 years. An old etheart of the brother, two •diggers, two nephews and the other little girl would not '!et I us take her. At August Schipull's, southeast Theesfield's, Fenton. The William Furstenaus, Lot Creek, were Sunday dinner gues of Mrs. Dora Laabs. Mrs. Laafts spent several days last week of Burt, Thursday we talked a lit- the Herman and Archie Voig' tie Deutsch and August says he ' homes at Whittemore. gels a great, kick out of the farm The Rudolph Peters fami news. Ho tells us about the Ger-] spent last Wednesday evening many he used to know. If rain ~~ came in tho old country of his day the farmers would have had to dig Mrs. Tietz's birthday. The Pete family spent Sunday with Mrs. dithes to load the water off theiW. Peters, Algona, being evenii land, for they did not tile there at I guests at Alfred Schmidt's. Frank Tiotz's, Algona, in honor 'Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence attended the funeral of Cruikshank, Algona, Saturday. Mrs. Frank Householder aid at tcr of Mr. Nelson. daily vacation G. J. Burt and Clarence Ender- open May 31. on Europe. Bible school The will i\OTI(!K 01' HEA1UXO ON KSTA11LISIIMKNT OF PilOPOSKD SEC- ONHAHY H.OAT) TVO. R17 Notice is hfi-pliy Riven that there has been filer! In tho office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County, a, petition for the cstalillshment of a Olstrlot for smTncinK the following described secondary road: Deginnlni,' nl the SonthWPHt corner of Section (I, Township 00, Range 29 .inri rimnlnK ICnst One (1) mile. Said rontl to ho surfaced with gravel. Said district to Include the following described real estnto: Owner Description Sec. Twp. Range D !Ki 29 ;> no 20 9 00 29 111 'M 29 II! *)(» '"I Thomas Rend ...."""""^.".'.^.^KVfu NW# l(i iifi ™) Said petition will come on for hearing before the Hoard of Supervisors ril. their office In the Court House In Algona, Iowa, at 2 o'clock p. m. on the J-lth day of May. 1!ttS, tit which time all persons interested therein may ap- . jprar and he heard in the matter. ; Dated at jVgoiia, Iowa, this 30th day of April, 1938. | . E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. N'OTICK OF HKAIUNO 0\ ESTAHLTSIIMENT OF PROPOSED SEC- OMIAHY KOAl) NO. 441. Notice is hereby given that there has boon filed In the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County, a petition for the establishment 'of a district for surfacing the following described secondary road: rteglnnlng at the Southwest corner of Section 28, Township 95, Range 28 (Irvlngton Twp.) and running North One (1) mile. Said road to bo surfaced with gravel. Said district to Include the following described real estate: Owner Description Sec. Charles C. Egcl _. .......... . ..... _ ...... K W. Clark, Comm. of Ins. _ ........... __Sy, Kate Bedell . . ___ a KW i:lare E., Ella H. Lewis ___""_" .......... ~E~ Sarah A. Brass .. ........... ______ ..... wi T"sse Bedell Wu NIEM Twp. Range 95 28 95 28 95 28 !>5 28 95 28 95 28 MI Petition will como on for hearing before the Board oC Supervisors MM i ° mce ln tlle Court House In Algona, Iowa, at 2 o'clock p. in. on the -•mi flay of May, 1938, at which time all persons Interested therein may appear and be heard In the matter. Dated at Aigona, Iowa, this 30th day of. April, 193S. 33-34 E. S. KINSBY, County Auditor. that time. * * * * We called Thursday on Charles Kollasch, nprth of Bancroft. Mr. Kollasch said he has been feeling fine. For a time he d-id not feel so _ well. He can not see enough to | "~M r . "and" Mrs"'Chris"GodfredsJ... read, but he always takes an inter- Rj ngs ted, spent Sunday afternom son David spent last Thursday J. Bourne's, Algona. NOTICE OF HEARING OX ESTABLISHMENT OF PROPOSED SEC- OYIUUY HO AT) XO. rlfil Notice Is hereby given that there has been filed in the office of the g County Auditor of Kossuth County, a petition for the establishment of a district, for surfacing the following described secondary road: ! Beginning at the South One-Quarter corner of Section C, Township 91, - l ! Range 28 (Sherman Twp.) and running North One (1) mile. James Said road to he surfaced with gravel. Said district to Include the following described real estate: Owner Description Sec. Max Herbst __ _ N% NW14; NWy. NEi.4 0 <'.. B. Sample NE% NBi^. 6 Herman K. Plathe -S'/2 N\V%; S% NEi/i G John and Henry Geisheeker I. SE14 C ture. It seems to us that they were j wor id. doing an expert job. L. E. remarked it was rather warm that day. R. F. * * * * ost in what is going on in the Rose T. Buf'fington, southeast of Burt, was diskipg and preparing ground to plant corn. Mrs. Buffington was planting in her garden. Roger, age 4, and Ted Hoover's little boy and girl were there and playing "farming." They have toy tractors and trucks. The Ted * * * * Hawcott, southwest of Burt, was busy mowing the lawn. This is one of the best kept lawns in the county. R. F. has a new rubber-tired lawn mower, and Mrs. Hawcott came out to try the new at Eugene Pearson's. Vera Morris, Gowrie, spent Sun- fliv qf thp nirpntil uay at tne paientai ris home. Dorothy Macumber, Fort Dodge, accompanied her, and n,- Justine Oelshecker Plathe Twp. Range 9-1 28 M 2S 91 2.8 M 28 M 2S Said petition will come on for hearing before the Board of Supervisors at their office In the Court House In Algona, Iowa, at 2 o'clock p. m. on the 2-Hh day of May, 1938, at which time all persons Interested therein may ap- Mr r- nc ' ar nnfl ' Je heal ' u ' ln the matter. ivici | rintori at ,\itmnn T,,,,--, H,I C a Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 30th day of April, 1938. E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. -A MODERN BATHROOM- That Is Beautiful and Sanitary A HOME is not modem unless the bath*" room is up-to-date. For beauty's sake, for HEALTH'S sake, install a modern bathroom now. We are showing a complete array of beautiful new plumbing fixtures and the modern installation by our experts assures low costs and quick service. • For Free Estimate Phone 464 LAING & MUCKEY * * * * V. J. Gross, northeast of Burt, was repairing fence Friday. This Hoovers live near the Buffingtons. | farm is fenced with woven wire, Mr. and Mrs. Buffinglon have four j and he keeps it in good repair. V. sweethearts, an escaped (tic and several others become lived in the plot. The play was ing and well .given. In the were Verdean Baum, Eliza- Rahmstock, Catherine Pow- Fliaxine Griese, Edwin Christ, [red Halvorson, Edwin Steen,J, Arlene Heetland, Phyllis Uson, Margaret Scliroeder, El- .Poppe, Calvin Ukena, Richard Jerson, Howard and Wayne Kop- I Harold Gingrich, and Merle Itland. Special music was giv- fby the instrumental--sextette, I girls' glee club, and a harmon- trio by Howard and Wayne Jipen and Verdean Baum. jrn Clnb Entertained— Mrs. R. L. Williams entertained | Acorn, club Thursday ,. after- Election of officers -was Id: president, Mrs. Harry War>ton; vice, Mrs. W. E. Ley; sec- iry, Mrs. I. E. Wortman; assist|, Mrs. Carl Gerzema; treasurer, Cyrus Renshaw. ' Mrs. Art fiissel read a paper on The ice of Women in Germany. Mrs, j E. Gutkneeht read a group of per's day poems, and Mrs. p. J Frerking sang Mother of Mine, (ft Mrs, Jerry Ukena as accota- Tnist. The next meeting will bo |ft Emma Gutkneeht May 19. Project Women Meet — idyard township home project len held a regular meeting 1th Mrs. Lou Nitz Friday after- Ion, with a large crowd present. flowing the business meeting p. Charles Eggerth talked on lening, and a discussion folded.. Mesdames 0. H. Frerking |d Vance Lester sang a duet, My other's -Prayers Have Followed |e. The next meeting will be with John Heetland June 3. i' Me Tacation Jaunt- Mrs, Ralph Clark, employed In i C. R. Smith store, has a two Nhs vacation from her duties [the store. Mrs. Clark, formerly Nitz, has worked in the lore for about 15 years, and .she |so cares for her home. Mr. and PS. Clark expect to spend part'of |e vacation on a trip in the west- P states. • y Other Lakota News. «• Alice Runn, of Chicago, 6 Saturday to visit her par- the Rev. and Mrsv Carl it)' this week to visit a brother s 'ster, and will then return ! tor a longer visit. The Rev. Hammer drove to Algona Saty morning to meet her. "f- and Mrs. Harry Blome and '> drove to Des Moines a week '» wturday to spend the week- m Ms tmg Mr. Blome's parents, 'Mrs. Conrad Blome. The Monies were ., -- Ukota. it'*^, oldest son of the Ke "ers, is still critically ill Center hospital fol- operation for ruptured He is expected to re- boys. Ho will be 10 years old this spring and he will graduated from the Tltonka school. Donald, 10, is a junior, ;tnd Arthur is nine years old. The boys drive to school" every day. * * * * Leo Bleich, of Wesley, operates an independent auto repair shop. He sells no cars, but is kept busy most of the time. As a rule he has a good story to tell us, but he was too busy doing some repair work on E. M. Olson's truck. E. M. is the cream hauler for the Wesley creamery. * * A. M. Lease, of the Lease & Lease hardware at' Wesley, is always the same pleasant man, even if the weather is unfavorable for the new building to replace the one destroyed by fire last year. The basement walls are in, and if J. is one farmer that believes in farming with horses, and he has 17 head. Lone Rock The Harris Wadsworths were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hawcott, Good Hope. Mrs. Jim Wadsworth has been ill the past week with the "flu". Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Hollister, Kanawha, were Sunday supper guests at W. C. Heiter's. The Henry Schroeders spent Sunday at S. M. Orvick's, Ledyard. The M. O. Richards family spent Sunday at William Bilsborough's, ROOMS—IF YOU HAVE FUR- nished or unfurnished rooms for rent, use this column, 34tf NOTICE OF HEARING ON ESTABLISHMENT OF PROPOSED SEC- (WIUJIY THUD ?fO. 447 Notice is hereby given that there has been filed in the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County, a petition for the establishment of a district for surfacing the following described secondary road: Beginning at the Southwest corner of Section S, Township !W, Hange 29 and running thence Enst One (1) mile. Said road to be surfaced with graveU ^ rthoa ronl eq , Bte . Bee. Twp. Range 8 94 29 8 94 29 N% 17 94 29 wm'come'on'for'hearlng before the Board of Supervisors .AN TO ATTEND THE EVENT OF THE SEASON INTERESTING DEMONSTRATION ON HOME DECORATING Vlvle and Marguerite Miller ----- ..... - ..... iSW% Nicholas, Mathlas, and Anton Weydert ....... "•" Oiiiu peuuuii win uuuio uii LV/I .ii_i*.m... 0 -• *--- _ - .- - *u rt at their office in the Court House In Algona, Iowa, at 2 o'clock p. m. on the 24th day of May, 1938, at which time all persons interested therein may appear and be heard In the matter. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 30th day of April, 1938. g KINISE.T 3 .j. 31 ' County Auditor. COAST-TO-COAST STORE MAY SALE SAVE-Buy your paints from the Coast- to Coast Store and Save $ $ $ PAINTS AND VARNISH Here are the dates: Friday aod Saturday May 13 and 14 v:».>VV<v .. - , '•.•'• & v *. -, FACTORY EXPERT will gladly advise you on color schemes—show the wonderful results which can be obtained with the amazing New Mirrolac Enamel WHILE DEMONSTRATION IS IN PROGRESS AND SO FAR AS TIME PERMITS INTERIOR GLOSS Woodwork or walls, gallon $1.98 FLOOR PAINT, qt. 59* Flat Wall Paint qt. 59£ KALSOMINE 5-lb. pkg. —: 33<i Her. Sexton „ Moth, 'Nay ay at ^served at with a short spent Sun- the Junior- win VARNISH 4-hour dry, qt. 39fi JOHNSON'S WAX paste, 1 Ib. 59^ and i/Mb. FREE 4-HOUR VARNISH Gallon $1.39 49c Turpentine, gallon TIRES AND TUBES 30x3i/, Tires ___$3.98 450x21 Tires $4.98 525-550x17 Tires $5.95 600x16 Tires $6.95 30x3i/> Tubes 69<i 450x21 Tubes 89* 475x19 Tubes 98< 525x17 Tubes —,.$1.19 MOTOR OIL PENNOLINE MOTOR OIL, SAE 20-30-40, gal. _35£ DB LUXE MOTOR OIL, 59c grade, gallon ___,_W CUP GREASE, 5-lb. pail "~SS AXLE GREASE, 5 Ib. pail -W Milk Pail*, 13&-qt, each v30c EXTRA SPECIALS Axe Handles -IS* Car Rubber Mats -W 3-tine Forks 75* Garden Rakes —-W Galv. bushel Bask't W c F. Bl i lb f 20-gal. Flat Wall Paint, gallon -5tp25 Bicycles, balloon tires double bar $22.45 * -T^ J. Im-vr f\tTf\'Y* f\f T<lVO/l WE WILL GLADLY REFINISH TOYS AND SMALL OBJECTS ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. Here's a real opportunity to get a lot of valuable suggestions and free instructions on hoine decorating. The young lady who will conduct this demonstration has been trained to help homeowners who want to add a bit of color and cheerfulness to their surrqundings. For major painting jobs we naturally recommend you engage a skilled painter. But there are so many little things which add a lot to the appearance of your home and which you can easily do yourself. Don't fail to take advantage of this opportunity. SPRUCE UP MIRROLAC 50-ft. Garden Hose i.98 5-tube Oar Radio 16,50 Best buy ever offered. 1 * WoiJe11 ' euests of i and Johnson's Glo- J coat 49* Pint Barn Paint 99* Gallon IS DURABLE Ideal for tables which receive hard wear. The tnirror-smootn JtanTa lot of abuse, Material needed for a •mall table amounts to about.,.,«•• ToVELY SHADES b Youwul probably fin4 just the color you are 3 v - \pntheother Agpod8J?ebureaucan lac COVERS BtWmraiLY IN « CMT Exceptwhen(Joingoyer verydarksurfaceswith a light color, one coat feet finish, ' AUtheenamelyouneea > foranaverage chair costs about. ..«••• IS The over over again, oaactM 1 ? 81 ^ for woodwork wi kitchensanclbath' rooms. 8 ABU OPEN 8AWBPAY KVENBW3S Botsford Lumber Co. JPhpjie WE'LL GLADLY DEMONSTRATE Let us show you the t bending test which proves this enamel will not chip or crack. Let; us show you that alcohol splashed on the surface evaporates and does no damage.. Try the "Touch Test" yourself—it proves MuTolacisthesmopthr j-, est finish you've ever leen. IT TOOK YEARS TO DEVELOP THIS ENAMEL t Devoehasbeen making fine pil4nt^ awce 1754-^the old* estPaintcompanyinAmer^ icg, put |n deyelopjng tfae newwnprovedMirrolacPe-' vpe cl»eniist8 have set a new high standard. Wehonestly beUeveit'sthefiriestenamel you cajj ^* pnce,

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