Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE TEN ALGONA TRACK TEAM 4TH AT CLARION MEET Humboldt Wins First Place in Contests Held Tuesday. The high school track team won fourth place in a North Central ,,„„ , , ... -—" — -•Conference meet at Clarion Tues-j , colnted with Maypoles of laven- .day. The meet was held despite „' go] °' blue - >'ellow, white, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA ,100 Attend 0. E. S. Meeting— A district meeting of the 0. E. S. was held Tuesday evening in ,the Bryant auditorium under the .direction of Mrs. Laura Lenz, and jnore than 400 attended. _A 6:30 banquet was served to .150 by the Dorcas society of the First Lutheran church under supervision of Mrs. D. D. Monlux. Tables jn the dining room were Gordon Worster are also on the entertaining committee. Seven to County PTA Meet— Algoua women who attended a county P. T. A. meetings nt the Titonka schoolhouse last week Thursday were Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, Mrs. John G. McDowell, a Mrs Mitchell, north of Algona, Lucille Pepoon. H. D. A., Mrs. E. W. Ev- picnics were held at the Ambrose A. Call state park, and in one group were the A. A. Bishops, the W. H. Rockys, the E. A, Genrlches, the O. B. Lalngs, the John G. Mc- Dowells, Mrs. A. E. Michel, and Mrs. Minnie Long. Party for Irrlngtbn Girl Twenty Years Ago ALGONA LOST ITS first boy In the army March 10 when Howard Hodges died at Fort Sam Houston Marvel Dole, Irvington, wns hon- from tmeumonla. Funeral services oree at a surprise 'birthdav nartv' were held here wlth a11 stoles Saturday evenfng at he homeland c '°f d and the high school attend- 20 young peopl were in atend- 1 edl » ance. Games were played, and re- ' n " d . lmd freshments were served by Mar-, 1917 - wasn19 ye , a ™. on December 31. despite Tflin and a soft track, and the. Clarion quarter mile relay team •green, and red. At the lavender ' . I! ' e seat ed the worthy ma, Bet a new conference record of j' , ns , antl Patrons of the district, vej's mother, Mrs. Mary Dole, who, . T , ,.„ , , . was assisted 'by Mrs. U. B. Frankl.' T A _ LETTER ^ WAS received^ from Haptlst Aid Begins Yenr— The Baptist Aid meets today (Thursday) with Mrs. J. B. Wheel- ' coast of Ireland. He told of the ock. This is the first meeting of sinking and six hours in a 'Hfe-'Z^ ™iinfrv thfi Aifl's now vnnl. Aar.t n *1**» !,««! hnnf nnrl n(> *V,n HFrt U* T71ii o-l ««r1 ^UUllLF/, Lewis Rist, who was one of the survivors of the Tuscania which was torpedoed and sunk off the speaker at die Sunday patriotic services at the opera house. THE WALTER Vhiffens wrote from Peking, China, of their new home there. He had ibeen In Russia for a long time as war correspondent during the Russian revolution and was transferred to Peking. * * * * THE NATIONAL food administration had issued new food rules which wore published that week. Sugarless, meatless, and food sav- ,bclng enforced over boat and of the life in England. ans, Mrs. D. P. Smith, and Mrs I the Ald>s new year. Assisting host- Sandburg. Mrs. Gilmore took oth- esses win De the Mesdames W. A. er members of the party to Ti- Whlte - C. A. Samson, and Orville! MRS. D. A. HAGGARD died tonka. Miss Pepoon, who was! Elkins ' Mrs> Jon >i Jordan has abroad seven years ago, gave rece recor o , , , ..^.v^u ocvcu jeiirs ago 47.6, while the Humboldt two-mile ? n grand guests and instruc- ,'talk on Spain and Italy. relay team made a new record of 9:34.8. Humboldt won the meet with 72% points; Hampton was second, •with 69; Clarion was third, with 67; Algona, 17%; Webster City, 15; Eagle Grove, 3%. Iowa Falls did not take part. Coach Finrtley took ten men to tors. Other visitors were seated at tables where Mrs. Betty Granzow, .Mrs. Eva Corey, Mrs. Zada Nait- dain, Mrs. Marvel McDowell, and Mrs. Eva Wllle acted as hostesses, At S o'clock the formal meeting ' was opened at the Bryant auditorium. At the east there was a canopy of stars, and ferns, palms and Hrenkfast for "Knrly Risers". Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Rice host and hostess to the "Early Risers" Sunday at 8 o'clock breakfast. Fourteen persons were present, including Mr. and Mrs. J. • H. Hoppe, former members now of Fort Dodge. Guests were Messr^. and Mesdames Robert Gill, Fred lo i * _ " ** a j charge of the program. Benefit; Party Is Planned— were cii • j * i .. -- ~, «..« *v-i no, jjaiuis iiuu —~~~u.u*to AI.V/UUI L vriu. jp red *, trTa ™!l , m _ usc . les ...A n , lbasket , s •>' «owers to form a back-! p .^ks, and Cleve Stewart. Mrs. Eth^ « tt , ,, L i Ju M ci o LU iUI Ul U IXICK- s and Lund's legs prevent- .ground where distinguished guests ed the locals from making a better were seated. Showing. A summary of the meet l The officers of Algona follows: • 120-yd. high hurdles — Harmon (Hum- :(Hampton) first, Bjornson boldt) second; Dougherty Jon) third, Nyby (Humboldt) fourth. Time, :17.6. 440-yd. relay—Clarion first, Hampton second, Webster City third, Algona fourth. Time, :47.6. Mile run—Westball (Humboldt) first, Simmons (Humboldt) second, Rodriques (Clarion) third, Strom- chaprer The Rebekahs will hold a benefit bingo party this week Friday March 16 at the age of 81. She had been an invalid for years and was kell known as a pioneer, coming to Kossuth county in 1865. J. W. Haggard, Melzar Haggard, Mrs. Al Falkenhalner, and 'Mrs. Harry N. opened the meeting in form. They Nebraska. eline Bake'r, former member, also attended, airs. Baker spent the, toflnv fThllPa ., ov x t ^ . Nebraska Calif ° rUia> ^'^ " d MrWttrSS. "* "* h ° me * n pf_... „ „ . n ii , -.-—«j A- c*in.cilliu,iut;i , UllU 1V1I H, JL afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Eur- Moore were her children opean hotel. Mrs. L. F. Rice's and cnimien. Mrs. 0. A. Anderson's division will serve. All Rebekaha and friends are iuvited. Fort Dodgers Here Today- Twelve members of a Fort Dodge Nazarene missionary society, will be guests of the local club fluist .4:57.1. (Clarion) fourth. Time, then vacated their stations to officers chosen from the district for (Clar-1 the initiation ceremony. Mrs "-'-'^ Gladys Lande, Worthy Matron, of Lae Mills, presided in the east while the guests were presented. Mrs. Rowena Johnson and 0 I Kirtetig, Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron of the 0. E. S. of Iowa, were presented. After they were presented, Ann 440-yd. dash—Maach (Humboldt) first. Hall (Webster City) second, Neville (Algona) third, Stevens '(Algona) fourth. Time, :58.6. 100-yd. dash—Morris (Clarion) first, Tomke (Clarion) second, /Wilson (Algona) third, Towle .(Hampton) fourth. Time, :11.1. Two mile relay—Humboldt first, Clarion second, Time, 9:3-1.8. Hampton third. Payne 2:20.2. Low Half mile relay—Hampton first, Clarion second, Humboldt third, Algona fourth. Time, 1:41.5. 880-yd. run—Simmons • (Humboldt) first. Brandow (Algona) second, Thompson (Clarion) third. (Hampton) fourth. Time, hurdles—Haromn (Hampton) first, Morris (Clarion) second, Nyby (Humboldt) third, Brunner (Webster City) fourth. Time, 220-yd. dash—Harrison (Hampton) first, Towle (Hampton) second, Dougherty (Clarion) third, Swanger (Clarion) fourth. Time, .: 25.20. Mile relay — Hampton first, Humboldt second, Webster City third, Clarion fourth. Time, 3:56. Medley relay—Humboldt first, Clarion second, Webster City third, Hampton fourth. Time, 4:52.8. Handkerchief Shower Given- Mrs. Frank Vera was entertained by the Handkerchief Birthday club at her home Friday. The diversion was bridge, with Mrs. Gordon Kuhn winning high; Mrs Andrew Godfredson, travel; Mrs Fred Powell, low. Guests of the club were Mesdames Powell, Elmer Phillips, Roy Roeder, Henry ----- „..,_.; "V.*W ^/iCOCllLClJ., /Ill 11 T» -v -- — »*. vi I J.i^iilJ Stillman and Bobby McDoueall P.'' uns ' and Elmer Hartshorn. Mrs. presented each with district 4 . a was given handkerchief Place In the east with the of the given other guests. Mrs.^Ada Price and Mrs. Doro- ! tSoiT'of Mel Canto Plans Breakfnsfr- The Bel Canto Music club will entertain at a breakfast next Wednesday at the Country club. Members of the Eagle Grove Cecelian club will be guests. Other Society. Fourteen members of the tan-ye club met Tuesday at the Algona hotel for Pole vault first, Vaughn ond, Henley SMcGrath (Hampton)fourth. Height, Tomke (Clarion) (Eagle Grove) sec(Humboldt) third, JO ft., 4 inches. Discus throw—-Fowler (Hampton) first, Meyers (Humboldt) this year is music and home fur- thea Kuudson were initiated into the order. After this ceremony, short talks were given by the Worthy Grand Matron, Patron, and district instructor. The Grand Matron showed moving pictures of the Eastern Star home in Boone. The initiatory officers then vacated their stations and the meeting was closed. Past matrons were hostesses at the Masonic Temple. Letts Creek Lassies Organized- Five Letts Qreek girls organized a 4-H club April 23, at Mrs. Lawrence Kirsch's, with Margaret Red- mg as leader and Mrs. Kirsch as assistant. Officers are: president, Ruth Meine; vice, Bertha Potratz; secretary - treasurer, Gertrude Kuecker; historian, Doloris Potratz. The club's name is Lotts Creek Lassies. Meetings will be held twice a month in summer, once a month in winter. One other present member is Alda Haack. The next meeting will be held this week Saturday at the Kuecker home, and it is hoped that more girls will come and join. Any girl 12 to 21 may join. The program second, Nyby (Humboldt) third, Poor (Clarion) fourth. Distance, 102 feet, 9 inches. Broad jump—Swanger (Clarion) first, Price (Hampton) Muckey (Algona) third, second, Rosdall (Humboldt) fourth. Distance, 20 feet, 7% inches. High jump—Muckey (Algona) and Towle (Hampton) tied for first, Dougherty (Clarion) third, Lynk (Algona), Martin (Eagle] Grove) and Harmon (Hampton) tied for fourth. Inches. Shotput—Burton Height, 5 feet, 6 (Webster City) first, Nyby (Humboldt) second, Meyers (Humboldt) (Clarion) fourth. feet, % inch. Javelin throw — Nyby third, Poor Distance, 40' now (Humboldt) first, Burton (Webster City) second, McGrath (Hampton) third, McNeil (Algona) fourth. Distance .156 feet, 2 inches. The locals will attend a track meet this week Friday at Fonda. Speller Again Hospitalized. Lu Verne, May 3—Doris Dehnert, county spelling champion, was again taken back to Fort Dodge Sunday, this time threatened with She had an appendec- three weeks ago Fri- pneumonia. tomy there day. MARKETS HOGS linht butch., 140-160 $6.90-7.15 nishings. Margaret Reding, Mrs. Kirsch, and Ruth Meine attended a 4-H meeting at Bancroft Tuesday to hear Miss Forbes, Ames, state leader speak on home furnishings. Snrchets Half Century Wed— Union Twp., May 3—Mr. a.nd Mrs. Presley Sarchet, two of Union township's most respected pioneers, will have ocmpleted 50 years of a model happily married life next Tuesday, and in honor of the occasion open house will be held between two and five. Mr. and Mrs. Sarchet were married in 1888 by the Rev. Mr. Padoji, then of Burt, on the farm where they are living. The farm was then owned by Mrs. Sarchet's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Schryver. They have lived on this farm, which is south of the Black Cat, tslnce 1919, and before that they lived on the north side of the Black Cat. They have five children: Roy A., Algona; Jessie, Robert,. Mrs. Ola.f Romstad, all near Burt; and Verne, Laramie, Wyo. Another daughter died when she was eight. Twenty-Two to District Meet- Twenty-two women of the local Methodist W. F. M. S. attended a district convention at Clear Lake yesterday (Wednesday). They were: the district president, Mrs. A. A. Bishop; Mesdames Walter Klamp, E. A. Genrieh, R. B. Anderson, Wheeler, W. H. Rocky, Paul Wille, Burdette Agard, A. E. Michel, Homer Anderson Roy Brownell, E. N. Taylor, Neal Smith H. Phillips, Bert Galbraith, W. G. 00 ' Best light butch., 160-180 $7.15-7 40! Muhleman > Vennick, F. E. Sawyer' Best light butch., 180-220 _ $7'50 j nusse11 Maxwell, J. T. McGuiie' Best light butch., 220-250 _ $7 40 ' E(hv - Carney, and Thomas Keinis' Med. hvy., 250-270 $7.23j Carev B "rllett, O f Maitank, China' Med. heavy, 270-290 $715 !was Principal speaker. Fifteen '-•' heavy, 2!iO-325 $705 j members of the local Standard 'Bearer group (boys and girls) attended a dinner at Clear Lake in the evening. Methodist Aid Meets Today— The Methodist Aid meets today (Thursday) for 1:15 luncheon. Mrs. Earl Moore is chairman of the program committee. Mesdames S. W. Meyer, W. D. Andrews, Bert Baldwin, Eva Carey, Mary Corle \\. J Dan, Garret Dearschs, Kermit Forbes, C. L. Ingersoll, Harold Kuchenreuther, Victor Lowe R McAtee, J. M. Moore Jr., Ray McCorkle. H. M. Olson, Vaughn R!S™ ™ Sprague, C. J. Stephenson, Wm. C. Steele, W. F. Steele Clarence Stewart, C. H Swan-snn' Merle Webster, Jesse WilTey and Med. Butchers, 325-350 Butchers, 350-400 T» 1 . 'PV. I IJ Packing sows, 275-350 _ $6 50 Packing sows, 350-400 .III "$6 40 Packing sows, 400-500 __ ~$e''30 CATTLE Carmers and cutters $2 50-3 50 Veal calves S4.75-6J5 Stock steers $4.75-675 Fat yearlings $5.75-6.50 Fat steers $6.25-7 ->5 Bulls $4.25-5.25 Fat cows «3 75.4 7 CHAIN No. 3 mixed corn 41 No. 3 white corn I4iy,c No. 2 white corn No. 3 yellow corn _ No. 2 yellow corn __ No. 2 white oats ___ EGGS Hennerys 18 No. 1 _"is No. 2 Cash cream— No. 1 26 No. 2 24c Sweet 27c POULTRY Hens, over 5 Ibs. 14c Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. 14c Hens, under 4 Ibs. lie Leghorn hens lie Cocks, under 4 J /fc 6c Cocks, over 4% 8c Geese, live lOc Ducks, live lOc Markets subject to change by the time of publication. 20% 14, pression of Nature. Mrs. Geo. „. Vance, chapter sponsor, gave a report on Nature Themes in Music. Auxiliary Gives Benefit Party— The Legion Auxiliary gave a benefit bridge party last week Wednesday at the Legion hall, and there were 12 tables. Mrs. John Kohlhaas won first at contract and Mrs. W. T. Daughan was second. At auction Mrs. H. W. Post was high, and Mrs. William Barry won second. Mrs. Fred Bartholomew won a prize for the score nearest the number 1938. Farewell for Mrs, Johnson- Mrs. Stanley E. Johnson's bridge club entertained her at a farewell breakfast last week Wednesday at Mrs. Samuel Medina. T-wo tables were in play, and Mrs. Johnson was presented with a gift. The Johnsons left Saturday for Magnolia, Minn., where Mr. Johnson, former city mail carrier here, now has a rural route. Flower Club to Meet— The May meeting of the county Flower club will be held in the assembly room of the library here Monday evening at 7:30, and roll call will be on "Garden Don'ts." Mrs. Harry Holmes will talk on perennials, and Ella Thompson will lead a following discussion. J. D. Lowe will give a talk on conservation. Wa- evening a 6:10 chicken dinner and business meeting. Next week Tuesday there will be an informal meeting with Mrs. Lura Sanders, Amy Johnson assisting. Mrs. Charles Gilbride entertained her contract bridge club at 1:30 dessert luncheon last -week Thursday, and prizes at cards were won by Mrs. John Kohlhaas and Mrs. 0. W. Erickson. Mrs. Isabelle Weslley, Minneapolis, was a guest. Mrs. M. J. Duffy entertained the Laif-a-lot bridge club Tuesday afternoon. There are eight members. Mrs. Tim O'Brien Won high score; Mrs. James Watts was low; and Mrs. Tom E. Dailey won travel. (Mrs. August Slagle, northeast of Algona, entertained Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, Audrey Fritz, and Mrs Minnie Long at 6:30 dinner Saturday evening. Miss Fritz is fourth Trade teacher here. The boys of the Methodist King's DOLPH RANEY campaigned in Irvington township selling wai savings stamps and sold ?25,000 with many taking $1,000 worth each. John Frankl assisted him. Other townships were far 'behind. •* * * * MAGDALENA, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Freeh, was married that week at Bancroft to H. R. Clark, a sergeant in the army. * * * * THE K. P. LODGE had made a service flag showing that 12 of its members were in the service. THE FORD* MOTOR CO was working at one-third capacity as the company was making submarine chasers for the navy. THE RED CR*OSS* made an appeal for old clothing to send to Europe for the -use of war needy. Many donations were received. THE COUNrV* Liberty Loan committee was getting ready to 'loat the thir.d li'berty loan drive. " J. Muratgh was chairman. The county had responded very well to the first two drives and was expected to go over the top again. COUNTY SU'PT.*Wm. Shirley re- )orted that there were 3,500 junior members in the Red Cross as the result of the campaign in the county schools. , THE PROPOSE*D*new Milwaukee depot was to ibe postponed till after the war, but some repairs on the old depot were to be made. THERE WAS A*WILD rumor in Algona that week that the'crown prince of Germany and 350,000 German soldiers had been cap A DAUGHTER was born to the Tom Gillesples. Ho was in the service located at Hoboken, N. J. * * * * THE COMMITTEE for war gardens was urging that work be started immediately for planting. The Commercial club had rented some land north of the light plant and each organization of the city was taking over part of it for garden .planting for relief purposes. DAVID D. BAKER, a 15-year-old lad, had succeeded in enlisting in the army. He was Ibig for his age and fooled the officers in charge of the enlistments. DR. AND (MRS. W. J. Bourne observed their 60th wedding anniversary in Algona the first of April. They had lived in Algona for several years. Bumps Parked Auto, Then Hastens Away A tan-colored Chevrolet backed out of the parking space alongside the Advance shop Monday evening and dented the rear lift fender of another car in the parking, but the driver drove away without stopping to make settlement. He was seen, his car was spotted, a lookout for the car is to be kept, and when next found in Algona it will be impounded by officers without notice and with costs, unless in the meantime the driver calls and makes settlement. The name of the owner of the damaged car may be obtained from the Advance. Newborn Child Has an Operation Here Burt, May 3—Mr. and Mrs. W. parents of a born early Saturday The child was taken to H. Steward are daughter, morning. Heralds met Monday at 4 p. m. at - tur e<J, "but the daily papers faile the church. Mrs. E. A. Genrieh is to mention it as true, leader. The girls met Tuesday after school under the same leadership. The Nazarene women entertained at a birthday party Tuesday evening at the Mrs. Jennings home m honor of the birthday anniversary of Mrs. E. N. Taylor. The Woman's club meets Friday at the library, and R. B. Waller will give a talk on "The Newspaper in Community Life." Mr. and Mrs. Howard Seeley en- Club to Meet at Fort Dodge- Members of the Bridgette club will drive to Fort Dodge next Tuesday to meet with Mrs. Tony Kirsch, former member. There are now nine members: Mesdames W J. Fuller, J. W. Little, L. W. Fox, W. C. Irelan, Fred Bartholomew, Edward Hanson, Charles Bergfeld, George Stewart, and T. L. Larson. Sunday Day for Picnics- Sunday was an ideal day for picnics, and several Algona groups took advantage of it. Most of the 140 WORDS A MINUTE ON A ROYAL PORTABLE Says Albert Ttm^en Nrarfcr* Typing Champiam STUDENTS! The sky's the limit! Smooth, effortless, big-machine features and a full- sized keyboard put Royal in a class by itself for speed and convenience. Yet Royals cost no morel tertained at a bridge party Tuesday evening. There were tables. A CHAIRMAN in each townshi of the county was appointed in th third liberty loan drive .and Mrs H. C. Adams was chairman for th women subscribers. RAY McWHORTER, a U. S avi ator located at Austin, Tex., cam home for a furlough. He had bee sent to New York once to be sen across, but was returned to Sa; Antonio for more training. THE Buys Expensive Refrigerator. Mrs. C. T. Wilson was at Des Moines «i9nn DTu f sd , a > r ' buvi ng a new $1200 Percival porcelain, "walk- * * * . , FIRST daylight savin four time was started in Algona Sun day, March 31, and was in effec all over the country. The purpos was to use the morning sunup fuel for lights a tram's here. as conducting a Methodist church. He at The was also CUT RATE GROCERY MOTHER'S DAY FRUITBASKET LEAVE YOUB OBDE-BS—$1.00 AJVD UP Only a few cents a day! Ask about sensational new Easy-Pay Plan. I. G. Dewel at Advance Office PINEAPPLE, fancy Cuban, large size, each 19c IM. PBESEBVES, Basp., Straw __4 Ib. Jar 39? Baker's BAR. CHOCOLATE ___}£ Ib. bar ISf FANCY UNCOATEB BICE 8 Ib. bag 25* MIBACLE WHIP Salad Bressing Qt. 38* "SILK" TISSUE, 1000 sheets S for 13* For your SHORT CAKE Med. 19* Lge. 33* CANS for 15c HARD WATER SOAP 8 bars GARDEJT SEEDS 8 pkgs. 10* BUTTER, 1-lb. print „,. 28* RED HEART KIBBLED DOG FOOD _2 Ibs. 25* MINUTE TAPIOCA 2 pkgs, 25* Carton LARD, 2 Ibs. 21 c NO. 1 Wise. CHEES, Ib. __ WE BO OU» OWN IENS GBINDH«J DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Algona, Iowa CHUCK ROAST, corn fed __lb, RING BOLOGNA, speciai made ib. 16* BACON SQUARE, sugar cured _lb. 15* SIRLOIN STEAK, corn fed - Ib. 27* SLICED BACON, cello Mb. pkg. 23* ! ! THE BEST COSTS LESS—WE SELL IT J ! the Kossuth hospital Sunday where she was operated on for a closure of the stomach. The bahy was re- oorted getting along "fairly well " Mr. Steward is the Burt marshal and they have four sons and three other daughters. Mrs. Steward is the former Helen Germence of Lotts Creek. Mrs. Mary Steward is caring for her daughter-in-law. H, S, AND ACADEMY TO PRESENT PLAYS The high school Senior class play, Spring Dance' will be glvon in the school auditorium tomorrow evening, and the St. Cecelia Academy senior play will be given nt the Academy next Sunday evening, both at 8 o'clock. The H. S. play's plot features events in n girls' school, and the characters wll be played by Enid Fuller, Marjorlo Phillips, Mildred Pratt, Meredith Richardson. Maxine Larson, Jack Long, Richard Keen, Ted Chrischilles, Harold Banwart, Everett Black, Hlcliard Norton, Louise Smith, ahd Uayle Shackelford, Is narrow and The Boy Hurt in Crash of Two Autos Here Irvington, May 3—Marvin, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leigh, returned to school Monday, after having suffered a broken lose In an automobile accident Saturday. He was with his uncle, Simon Leigh, who had called at the Algona Ice Cream and Candy Factory. The Leigh car collided with one driven by a Wesley woman at the railroad crossing west of the factory. This road at the north edge of the factory premta- not see ahead Place right on was the only on . occupants O f u,' two of Marvin's —""jy'" S *« IT cSsTSU S5 | BUILD with the tynn of, sell. ' of 'win Labor costs am labor joints none. We can soil house on cheaper than bought at all the last 15 you RAESLY Near Mlh vnukee Phone l\\ MAYSi IS WHY DON'T YOU Mother's Day S'prise her with a specialized design to suiti —permanent .... Compliment Her daintiness with Madame 1 stein Cosmetics, Cologne, Perfume or Preparations . . . Splurge—and give Her Barbizon Lingerie- lovely satin night gown or slip and don't I get that pair of Gotham Gold Stripe ings ... There are many other.complimentaryarticlej our regular line of gifts ... Marigold Shoppes (Over Council Oak) PIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||,|||,|||,|| Chrischilles Stori Welcomes You to Important May Sales Event ing to give you the Our clerks a ri speciai you to know that we ar <> honestly I Cxpcct from the lar e est stffl Suits are No Half-Price We are placing about 25 high grade swagger and talta on sale at just exactly y 2 price. These i •'^GSGn t 3.11 "^i *7AC Q »•» /i i 111 ""^ ana colors and offer you sc remarkable values. Why not pick up a suit now for! wear. Suits are "in' r to stay and you'll need one, ° P are feat* and net new summer colors here, $1 .98 aml$Z. White suits for graduation $6.75 New banquet dresses and$7«» ...$7.i Special Displays of New Curtains and Curtain Goi = T tMsWeek | Three Important Specials for this Wee Trid coats grade fur-trimmed coats — sizes 12 > , = strawberry, and mango Greatly Reduced f***** Dresses entire stock of Spring dresses ~ sold $25 ' 00 In ffa - —are now ra< ically reduced. This is your oport get Buy Sheets Noi The prevailing low] es on sheets at this t /will not last. Every | dication is that will go up. We '' sheet—81x99 - w "| we* are selling " special for only Stock up. Also buys in towels ana * er summer needs. bed ss -triced in the dry goods busi»jj almost endless variety of gff too, and you'll want $6.75 $9-

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