Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1938
Page 9
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[Brothers Make Weeks Trip |to Coast. I rims. H. Klnmp. 1 m"c, s«ven miles north ' w ns cleaning his l. n we were at his place Ere had done only a Vlvltli It and was going , coat of varnish. „ an Interesting young 1 with. He told us about T t at he and his broth- I and Everett, made in LI, going by way of v Tulsa, and Mexico, i Angeles. He said the . .ji J70 each for six L rented a caibln nights l lr own cooking. None .. is married, and Orvillo | doing his own house-| 'o don't often.meet as •ng man as lie is. Lid that one of the most 1 things the boys saw • Llsbad caverns in Hex- , I were 750 feet down Into, The government has 000 dollars to Improve tie may see this, and- 0000 for an elevator. s'onc down in one min - t took one hour to walk , in this cavern seven (open to the public. There les more that is known. jAngelos, where the boys leek, they found about 1 of the actors that will Jio premiere of the Chl- IThoy also went over the I there, then went by fc the bridges from the L visited old Mexico, Jme of the market places led to take pictures, but Tans would not let them. • * * * Bllsborough, southwest k, was choring when we [him last week Monday.' Is find him active. We Eat he has a line herd of Trlss cows and that they dcare. There are a good Jry cattle of that breed in •h neighborhood. • * * * i Rode Sr., who lives at Jias a fine large house in Ilive and she keeps every- Itiplop shape. She has II garden of flowers, and [to talk Deutsch mit uns. lered with her a little J were at Titonka last (day. 1 « * * * JJ, De Walls are a new [Titonka. They hail from I 0. J. has a portable Ihe says he has been en- Igood business since com- 1 to Kossuth. He likes to Inical work when he Is ling, and when we saw liveek Monday he was •with a garden motor cul- |sing a motorcycle motor f. In this mechanical age / tries to make machines ravy work. • * • * we stopped at Roy Bud- kuth of Titonka, last week •It was noon, and Roy had Ithe house to get the mar- Iradio, as well as to eat •e has two hired men this I Wayne Fetters is one of 1 he is married arid lives Ira small house which he ] wherever he works. This w that some other farm Ithe county have found ft. It does away -with living to build separate fr help. I » * « » In Hove, west of Titonka, ]e in from the field last jssday when we called at land had brought his cows !> 'or it was near evening U*- He has an excellent line Brown Swiss 'breed. •Mrs. Van Hove have four ~ four girls, and the chll- >» healthy-looking. This 'where both Pa land Mft Plenty of help. ' * * * .'Slroeble, northwest of I to a large St. Bernard '"I rip out the seat of . he gets ,i chance, He |'«i in the daytime, but is T* a t night, and woe be marauder who conies.to y men. Mrs. Streoble re- . jiince this dog be- of the family. We 0 Pass up this farm l.nT We wan t the Iweken dumplings. ' fVu a , han P y bachelor [ Titonka. He told U8 J just 25 years i came to s a »»»»,, ,v nun w U called on Edw. Wertjes, south of Lakota we found that Mrs Wertjes was having the Hlichen redecorated. The painter was doing a fine job. Mr. Wertjeft likes to tell good stories, and wo Always where he now lives, acres, does all of hla ovhis 160 work, and , an has a barn, a corn-crib, a chicken house, and a hog house, all built , by himself, and has had only a little extra help at times. All of which shows what an industrious man can do. The only mistake Joe has made Is in not getting someone to share life with him. * * * KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA buy, finally purchasing thd place using This to Sllch m i , o ' o Sllc work ' But ho keens the trnctor under Instant control nnd keeps out of the way of n possible break. * * * * Hoyo Bookoimnn, who formerly ved north of German Valley, now ives fit, Titonka, but goes out to iclp the children on the farm. It Last week Wednesday wlien wo ITinwilV 11 '' 1 L 01 ' him lo set used illp.d nn Rdw. W O ,.M«* „".;.,. " to lown Hfe. -Mrs. Boekelmnn re- M - that she missed her chickens, and that life seemed so different in town. * * * , Charles Amn, southwest of Ti- have a good time listening to him ! „?. f WIS gc , ttin K somo healthy Harry Schroeder, who foLor v , f n , t R » liui "S wood when we lived at Titonka, is work np lor!"?" V la V eek Thursday. Ho Mr. Wertjes this season and lit. I r? S oops busy ' chil '''es showed was putting away somo maclC I "5 ',™ ty ?!" 1K PUl ' )|)ies : Hc ™ m * r *- llmt "10 mother just came to ery.-for Mr. Wertjes likes to have a place for everything and everything in Its place, as niiy good farmer ought lo do. * * * * At the Rev. 0. T. Schnucker's 3erman Reformed parsonage wo had a short visit last week Thursday. Since he has been pastor ho ._ „... ,j. t pvt.», vniiinj \.\j the farm and made her home there, then presented him with the pups. * * * George Eden, who now lives at I'ltonka but still spends a lot of time at his farm, was at the place, which is southeast, of the village, when we saw him Friday. His boys li.. /I 1M... 1 „ l l ... . ** has made a fine improvement in 1 '" 1 ' 1 finlslle(1 Painting rebuilding his church. He also ad- ' " " a large than five tractor one of no fcwci ,..,„,, ilYC Fordsons on the place. The boys »ru great on repairing used tractors and always put good shape. They them into also paint tllrn out a ded an acre of ground to tho parsonage site nnd is having it cov- ever with gravel for a parking space for autoa of parishioners. "" uvj .-nuiiju. Mr. Schnucker is a progressive 111 ' 0111 ' and wnon u ' H -v ""'" out a minister, and rural neighborhoods t ]' ftctor il looks and runs like new. everywhere need preachers like i c '. eol ' go K!li( ' lle always gets a great him. i kick out of our farm news. * * * * IT-I **** Clarence Seofeld, who lives on I Eav ' B '<ikley, southeast of Tithe first farm north of the German tnnka ' WilH ; >t work in the field township Reformed church, on the wllcn we called Friday, and Mrs. east side of tho road, bought this Blfl ' cloy antl tne Doy were at home, farm'some time ago, nnd it was a Tno boy Ilacl du s "P some night- fine investment for him. He and c >'a'wlcrs, for ho was going fish- tils hired man have done a lot of ' I1K> Tll ere_is a creek north hard work towards improving it * * # Ralph J. Harms, southeast of Ti- lokna, was building woven wire for _ „ „„ ....,,.U»,,,K , L . where the Blakleys live, and the Among other things they built new liicl lliis Been catching bullheads yard fence, also a new building for'" 101 ' 0 - Wo noticed that Mrs. Blak- the cooling tank. Clarence will ley llsld some pretty flowers, soon have his place in excellent shape. * * * * lokna, was building woven wire John Harringa, who lives across I fence Friday. He explained that the road from Clarence Seefeld in | ho "eeded a place for his spring German township, was cleaning I ————— out his-horse barn when we were! there last week Thursday. He is a lover of good horses, and we noticed a smooth team of strawberry roans hitched ' to the manure spreader. This is the farm where one can see a pair of beautiful twin colts. John has been offered a fancy price for them, but has not accepted. They are certainly dandies and it does any horseman good to get an eyeful of them. John has a lot of cottonwood which the Bancroft CCC boys cut along a dredge ditch. We noticed a new way of drying the wood. John set up oven-wire corn-cribbing and filled the cribs chunk wood. T I ek asper Ma^dsley In |e '° r ' «. then for to OM *° to pigs. Raplh has a fine field of alfalfa, as good as we have seen anywhere. * * * * W. A. Stoutenbcrg, west of Hurt, was In the field, plowing for corn Friday. For a man of 71 or thereabouts he keeps in fine physical condition. The farm looks best to him, and he Intends to stay there, though once, for a few years, he lived at Algona. It was noon when we arrived, and he came in for dinner, We saw him in the field and rods to the house on the tractor. This is great fun. Mrs. StouteiVburg said she enjoyed our farm news because it told her what her neighbors and other friends were doing. The Stouten- bergs have two daughters, both married, one living near Titonka, the other near Swea City. * * * * At Mrs. August Bahling's, west of Burt, we found John and George, her sons, shelling corn Friday. They have their own shell- er, and they were doing a fine job of shelling. They had beautiful yellow corn to work with. This was a Minnesota hibrid corn, and it was extra dry. Some of the corn of last year's crop was showing a little mold. * * * * Claus De Boer, north of Weslley, was cleaning his barn when j we wore at his place Saturday. He I asked whether we recognized him. 'We had seen him in Algona one day last week, and he asked then when we were coming to his place, and we did not recognize him, for he had been serving on the jury and was, all dressed up. But we knew him in the overalls all right. Wesley convention at Des Molnes Monday. The Frank Conleys, daughters Annabel and Betty Lou, of Livermore, visited Frank's mother, Mrs. Kate Kennedy, Sunday. High school pupils had a skating party at Titonka Friday evening. Ruth, Dorothy, and Donald Ward and Arthur Neuhring attended an all-day Luther League convention at Hampton Sunday: Father Fidelis Goetz, of Tarkio, Mo., arrived Sunday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Goet/ and other local relatives till Tuesday. He was also to attend first mass by the Rev. Linus Eisenbacher Tuesday morning. The Goetz daughter, Mrs. George Hauptman, Charles City, and her husband were also here Sunday. | Mr. and Mrs. ,1. L. Mcu'rer, I Cheryl Ann, and Jimmy were Sun- ; day guests at A. M. Lemkee's, Irv- i ington. j Mrs. Eldon Ravlin, daughter! Irene, and Dorothy Shaunahan' drove to Rochester Saturday for further treatment of Ilene's eyes.' Mr. and Mrs. Stage, Detroit, spent the week-end with their daughter Mabel, teacher in a local I high school. I 'Mrs. Kathorine Simon and her} children, Clover, Rosemary, and. Peter, came Saturday from Cam-1 elsporl, Wis., to visit Mrs. Simon's mother, Mrs. Katherine Hildman, and other Weley relatives. Mrs.' Simon is a sister-in-law of Mrs. I Ignatz Eisenbacher. Clara Simon, | sister of Mrs. Eisenbacher, came with the Simons, and all attended the Rev. Linus Eisenbacher's first mass Tuesday morning. The Methodist W. F. M. S. sponsored a missionary thanks offering service Sunday evening at the local church. The Rev. Mr. Zabilka, Klemme, missionary from India, gave a talk on that country and exhibited many curios. Special music was furnished by Violet and Molly Simpson, who sang ,i duet, accompanied by Molly on the guitar, and a vocal duet was givan by Mrs. Krause and Mrs. Bottom, with Mrs. J. Mullins at the piano. A. E. Gddings celebrated his 7fHh birthday Sunday at his son Milton's. A large birthday cake graced the dinner table. Laura Hansen, of Des Moines, visited from last week Thursday till Monday with her mother, Mrs. Johanna Hansen, and other relatives here. Julius Kunz Sr., Davenport, spent the week-end here with his '. family. The P. T. A, will meet at the iKleinpeter hall next Monday night and there will be election of offi- Icers, followed by games in charge of the hospitality committee. Clara Aldrich will be chairman of re- fres'hments. .Mrs. Veva Lease reports that $38 was cleared at a bazaar and supper at the Methodist basement Saturday evening. Alfred Erdman, Arlo Dawson, and George Aldrich fished at Clear Lake Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hildman, daughter Lucille, and son Law-. USE THE WANT7ADS — A FEW cents can pay you big dividends. Phone 254. 34tf »••»•*»+»»»»»*»»»•»••«««•« * » BLANK NOTES 25—In Pad—25c —Also— Chattel Mtg. Notes Arfyance Pub. Co. rence were Sunday dinner guests of the daughter Mrs. Bob Katn, near Sexton. Mrs. Roy Kleinpeter entered Mercy hospital, Mason City, a few days ago for a minor operation. The Legion Auxiliary will meet next Tuesday, Mrs. Tom Forburger hostess. The Auxiliary wilt have a carpet-rag party (date not given) at Mrs. Kate Kennedy's, Mrs. Edith Ward and Mrs. Clara Aldrich co-hostesses, Mrs. Barbara Schrauth has bought the Alice Loebig house and will move into it sometime this week. Mrs. Loebig bought a house n Burt. • . Special Sale of . . Assorted Cockerels Day old 91.90 per 100 One week old $2.90 per 100 Free feeder with every 200 chicks. Hamilton Hatchery BANCROFT, IOWA Mrs. Agatha Haverly has received word that her youngest sister, Mrs. Frank Huber, is dead, folloW- I ing an operation. She lived at 'Wahpeton, N. D. Ed\v. Hildman attended a truckers' meeting and a grain dealers' Elmer Gray, north of the German Valley store, was building yard fence last week Thursday. His father, Henry Gray, and Elmer's brother were helping, and Special! Leghorn Males $2.25 per 1OO If you have not ordered your baby chicks, be sure and get your order in as egg prices are going up every day and this means that there will not be a drop in baby chick prices. See our agent, ALGONA with PRODUCE, or order direct. WELP'S HATCHERY Phone 18 Bancroft, la. You Can Get Some Pioneer Hi Bred Seed Corn Many farmers ordered enough Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Corn to plant their entire intended corn acreage. Due to the reduction program of the A. A. A. farmers are planting less corn. This makes some Pioneer availaible for sale. Get your order in now before the supply is all gone. Write or call E. D. 3IAWDSLEY, Burt, or WALTER, YACDT, Wliittemore WEEK PAINT! SPECIAL PRICES FLAT WALL A Perfect Flat Washable Paint Gallons . . . $1.85 gallons . . .65c Interior Semi-Gloss WASHABLE, DURABLE FOR WOODWORK Gallons . . . $2.35 l /4 gallons . . . .85c House Paints 18 Beautiful Shades Gallons . . • $2.50 i * 5 gallons . per gal $2.40 •T 1 ' Red Barn Paint 5 gaU. Pmte piint, per gaL _ _ _ - $1,40 •_ 1 gal oil, 1 gaj, paste, net, per gallon _____»_ $1.20 s 100 Percent Pure Paint | Let u» figure on your job, labor and material | 5 can save you money | Cowan Building Supplyl An E«*im»te Co»t» Nothing Phone 27S, 896,150 | mvwmmmmmiwmiimwwmim, MAY 7 to 14 Mother's Day An ideal gift for Mother's Day Sunday would be one or more items of our new line of glassware and hot- oven china. These items will be more appreciated every day of the year than more perishable gifts. From 39< to $1.29. BOSS 9 Long Chimney Oil Stove $28.60 Regular This Week Only $19*95 Full Size' 5= IRONING I BOARDS f This Week Only 1 98c Guaranteed Values Hardware Week only FARM NEEDS DIXIE POCKET WATCH, only _79c HUMANE HOG RINGS, box ___ 23c HUMANE HOG RINGER, ea. ... 45c COLLAR PADS— Oil cloth faced, ea. 65c GARDEN PLOW Electric NORTON WASHER With Set of Rollaway Tubs This Week Only $49*50 $5 down and $1 per week HOME CLEANING ITEMS JOHNSON'S GLO-COAT, One pint and One-half Pint ABSOLENE WALL PAPER CLEANER, Q r S 3 for 23c— Each S BLACK SCREEN ENAMEL, = Quart. FOR THE 26-in. 8«pt. Disston Saw only II 6*Ft. Folding 4 A M Rule—__ _ I 3C $2.491 i^HHHHBMI^HIHi^^^^H !^E SPECIALS I Cake Carrier and Tray gg 49c | Kingston Roller Skates 89c Fishing Reel, level wind 89c Lawn O'CEPAR FLOOR MOP, $1,50 value $5*95 ^^^^T; ^. 9.,J|^^K. ^^^^. ^B^H ™ W ™ id. WPUP Quick Courteous Service ALGONA IOWA

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