Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1938
Page 6
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>AQESiX ALGlil SPEAKER FOR BIGBANOUET Mrs. A. A. Bishop is Guest of Honor at Lu Verne. ' Lu Verne, May 3—When mothers and daughters assembled Tuesday evening for the annual banquet at the community hall hare the attendance was such that some 20 members of tho Methodist Aid which sponsored the banquet, gave "UP seats, though plates had been' set for ins and every added spacei Was utilized. ' ' The rainbow theme was used and the hall was decorated in .rainbow colors. i' 0 u.od pansies anil ba.skrts of spring flowers were table decoratioiiK, and (bo programs were on the back of miniature rainbows. Mrs. Harvey Nelson gave (ho THE POCKETBOOK KNOWLEDGE KOSSOTH COUNTY ADVANCE. AL^ONA. IOWA ,, Albert Genrich, served as paintnm-or" (Toastmaster) Six Primary :;irls, under direction of Miss _ !• uioy, teacher, presented Aliasing Rainbows, a poem about .mothers rociu.,1 j,, UIllson . |)ori l^gleslon gave the baritone horn solo as a "bow ,,f welcome" 'Airs. S. K. Hakor welcomed the da KI.U..-S ,„ ,, « bow nf , ovol>i mith l.iclity responded witli the + bow of gratitude". Harriet Heattie gave the "bow ,,r beauty', Winch was the vocal solo Mother. Mncn-ec. Misses Fiuley and Mad-! sen played a piano duet for the 1 bow of harmony." The main talk, which consitut- .ed tho bow ,,f inspiration", W4ls •given by Mrs. ,\. A. Bishop, \l--o- na, who emphasized the need of the best home i if( >. with co-operation ,,l lathers a.s well as mothers In a "bow of recognition" Mrs! ,toue Kollms, Hast Moiine 111 Was bonoree as oldest mother' Present; \ancv Wills as the youngest daughter: Mrs. H D THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE MANUFACTUR/MG IOO IMVEN TION OF THE 18™ JNVENTDR. BAR8EU ROD " INSISTED C ? RO SU5PENDEP FROM n, U ' ANP WHIC « TRAILED ALONG THS GROUND. WA9 DISBURSED IN WAGES ANP SALARIES.?. By 1909 THE FIGURE INCREASED TO OVER 54% AW TODAY 'BewwMHv SWIM tlSnNIH6 ONPIKm 'ATTACHED TO mf/K ft£TS) NATIONAL INCOME IS DISBURSED IN WAGES AND SAURIES 30 . FOOT PERISCOPE (S AN OFFICIAL GOLF ACCESSOR ON THE THE GROUND 165 yARPS AWAY WH^H & OBSCURED By AHIUL - A/gona Audiences Need a Lesson in Art of Listening This week, national organizations in some thousands of communities are celebrating National Music week, with the slogan, "Foster local music talent." Quoting from an> editorial, entitled 'America the Musical, In the Scholastic Magazine: "The musical headquarters of H.v Mrs. A. E, Michel, Algoniu — , ^ .,.,_, » ^ V1 Ll (Jin rjiiruiJO o America, This change is a comparatively new one. Music's preat mines are still dominated by Tos- canini, Sibelius. Heifetz, Pings- ad, Melchior, Pons, Iturbi, Stra- •insky. nnd others of musical raining. The time- is near, how- ver, when the great names will iclude more like Spauldtng Tib- ett, Menuhin, Durhin, Carpenter, |Anderson. Taylor, Thomas, Gershwin, and Grofe, retained and rooted in American soil." "America was once regarded by European musicians simply as a i land of bulging pockbooks. Today they are grateful they can find a cultural home and artistic incle- jpendance. Thousands have settled jhere to contribute as American I citizens to the glory of our civil- lzation. Great composers, performers. and great musical audiences cetl out such talented musician as Bruno Walter. When German- begged Arthur Schnabel to pla> Beethoven in Berlin, they received a chill refusal. Schnabel was un willing to accept favors from Hit ler." "At the same time, we have no found it necessary 'to import our music. Music educators agree that you can hear more good music In America than in any othei country In Europe. Two million school children listen to the music appreciation hour conducted by Walter Damrosch, and ten timos as many every day hear musical broadcasts of amazing range and variety." Algona's adult audiences need to be reminded of the art of listening. When Jean Hutchins and Dorothy Pierce played Lizst's Second Hungarian Rhapsody as a piano duet, and Agnes Vohs inter- pprted Kreisler's "Estralita on her violin, at n recent social event, a few Individuals showed lack of good taste and breeding, or perhaps merely lack of sense of proper musical appreciation, by failing to accord the entertainers the courtesy of silence. Good conversation is also F A l f rte !T Tl" S rt! eS , A1 ^ onia ns at Ames Already This Month Active in Veishea, — -,. , .^uu u uov iic it;i no— ,ed to play tho party anthem. Doi mination of the Bayreuth and Salv- burg festival by Nazi policies for- Richard Wagner once said "Music, is to the other arts what the church is to religion." Fair 'n, Warmer D. M. MAYOR GOT HIS WISH; DIED LIKE DAN KELLY The sudden death Sunday from a heart attack of Mayor LHvight Lewis, Des Molnes, recalled the fact that he was a Drake university law roomwnle of the late Daniel Kelly, Emmetsbtirg. The friendship continued unabated till the death of Mr. Kelly, whoso passing was us sudden and unexpected aa that of Mr. Lewis. The two men frequently got together to recall old times. Mr. Kelly, who died In 1032 was the father of Mrs. W, W. Sullivan here. On receiving news of Mr. Kelly's death, Mr. Lewis remarked: "It seems doubly hard when death strikes suddenly; but when my time comes I'd like to go like Dan, while I'm still in harness." The end for Mayor Lewis shows that his wish was granted. eral T Sweh. City, Mnv -u r 6 J> "ear Swen c : ii v ,. aillM about one o'clock ,! ! C(l * has. been . B | ck „,„'.. ll| '« h With high bloo I ' l: ' Sl -' Dunn ^llved in A],, PSS1 "' C ' il years ago, and w,i« ! ', nbo «l £ the late Alary nun',, '',-,"' ;n l'er vices will be'hold p ' /'""'rn! „' at 2:30 at Men-iti,,', i,,' y "^l •——.!!:" Si C TOO n,, SY to come to (own? These are busy (la , country. Phono lls can be of servir-, (o ' any way. IOWA STATE Deposits Sixty-three new cars were sold ;in the county in April, four being ,sold last week-end, one each |o Norman D. Frerking, Uikota, who bought a Xnsh: Cecil A. Robinson, "ancroft, wnose cnoice was a new Ford; I,dward Rii ;e , Tltonka. a llymouth; and | Ames, May 3—Algona students ;at Iowa State college active in i preparation for Veishea, annunl j 3-day "open house" May 12-13-14, i include John Ferguson, senior in ! forestry, son of Mrs. Hortense I Ferguson. John is working on ihe i«ppe n trop;:^ko:js s en d " t - yod ^ 1 - Anothor is Rus '!*- ( ^^?S '^!? " SW-'SSJ 1 ^ iiind purchases were W r ™ Y' I' 1 ?' RllSSe11 is chairman of the ™£.!!^ Goets,h as llllltllcr of the \™ , ner. Livennore, '±1 c.eorS Hat ™™ C *£? 1 ??'V^V *?• ™* *am,l y: and M,,. w ; , yno Dornfer- i «• Le^rd. all of whom^ought SX^ir ?he^o^tor" C^ stnnt at making a home economics Husband of Former Ledyard Farmwife St. Ben Girl Hurt is Kicked by a Cow St. Benedict, May 3—Word has Ledvard MnT^ -M,.= A IF ,, been received by Jos. BruninK c- , 7 ,' * " — Mrs. Alfred ,that his son-in-law, John Nauhaus i endorf was kicked in tn e leg | was badly hurt a week ago Satur- one da y las t week while she was Diking a cow. ""The leg was not broken, but she suffered severe Three handkerchiefs, printed with designs of the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition on San Francisco Bay, make up the bathing suit worn by Gloria Daily. Gloria donned the attire for a dip in the surf at Santa Cruz. ~ bruises. • - - - ... ••*•"-"•• ci fc>wu a IU1- (day, when as he was riding on a | truck, he fell off and his skull i was fractured on the pavintr Mom- „ • Dei-8 of the Brunlng family drwe, rU18eSl U was feared that slle (to Dubuque to see the patient re-| might bave been injured internally, i turning last week Wednesday, and! but nothing definite has .been •n e .?, "If.?! le ? be. was still uncon- j learned from her doctor. The -'•»••'• i* n\ iiu uoi iiocr- ~* "^"jtn u, <ui ui \vn as mother who l la d C()lue ,- ' Chevrolet*; Jol m Griese andTohn ?,"""•• * • • *!; „_ iRoeirsema. both of Lakota?E^d '-----. "' '" MS '? tnnt at makin S «^>KS: "»•—• HSw&^ISi^ ,=j- | Algona bought Fords; John " '" macher, ~ Bancroft Youth is a Student Pastor University of Dubuque. Dubuque May o—Wilbur Hassebrock, Bancroft, is a member of the middle class at the Theological Seminary -or the Lmversity of Dubuque He •was called last fall to the student pastorate of the Presbyterian •church, Elizabeth, 111., and under iifl leadership the church has been and Father °j" i Brooder House and Anna Bruning. Ledyard Girl Has an Operation Here Ledyard, May 3—Marjorie Ma te- ener was taken to the General hospital, Algonn, Monday evening for an appendectomy. She is employed at the Boudrye & Carpenter hardware here and is the daughter of Mrs. Harriet Matzener, nee Jenka who operates a local cafe. _ I Burt Far mer Joins Fenton's H. S. Ball Team Beats Seneca! Army Flying Corps 500 Chicks Burned -M. -Mallinger, Algona, Dodges-' Arthur Collins, Swea City, a iJinck; and the Algona Motor Sal-, es. a Pontaic. | Portland Twp. May 3—The Al- D i~r* i "" I fred Godfred son brooder house JtJread Bakers Win !^!!. h . J°°. f ,'r e -: v ? el ? .ehJcka, was _ • . ---.w.i ^v.iv ijinuivcj. \VtlS Pt-i'^oe "7 17 ~", | bui ; ned at n o'clock Sunday night, Arizes at rentOn' nnd some hundred pounds of chick Pnnr .T ~T L feed '" the buildi »S was also des- J-enton, May 3—The Omar flour I troyed - Th e cause of the fire is -—......._ .„ lul , .leeu.com^'r 8 ^ 118 ^ 6 ?, a bread-baking i unkn ° w "- A hard coal brooder making steady progress. In Febru- ! dav nn,l M T f, ° y Store Satui> ' 'T S ?"'* Used ' and U ma >' have ary, an anniversarv pro-rim ' v •, J r ' ~ s ' John Menz !lnd Mrs. started the blaze. The Burt fire conducted rpUhv^ti',,,/,,," -r.,. ' i i-'.eorge Goetsch tied for first nriyn J '~" v-i«-« .-. conducted celebrating th^ an- ' Mrs W n mversr ' ^iversary of the church, and T i ^ ,,'. " lSer PriZ<3 ' won second; Mrs. tlt]rA - Fenton, May 3—The Fenton high school baseball team defeated Seneca here Wednesday, 3-2 Prie'be, Fenton, and Johnson, of | Seneca, fought a pitchers' battle each allowing six hits. Priebe struck out 12; Johnson, eight. Schulte, Fenton, and Looft. Seneca, had walks and two hits each. Dotson caught for Seneca; Schmidt for Fenton. Burt, Apr. 26-L. j. Fairbanks I received orders early last week to j report for service at Shreveport, | La, where he will be a second | lieutenant hi the Air Corps of the , regular army. With his wife and I children he left Tuesday. Mr. Fair- j banks had belonged to the army re serves air corps for some years. He took his training at San Antonio lex., nd has since ibeen farming LARGE MAP OF COUNTY, suitable for framing, accompanies each Kossiith conntv pint hook now ready for delivery. Book and map only $3 plug tax. Not sold jopamtely. Cash, with mall orders We pay the postage. n tf ROOMS—IF YOU HAVE FUR- nished or unfurnished rooms for rent, use this column. . r re department was not called, it be' rpi t o " Y -»'". ^.i, emu i)u Joll J^asiei- bunday Mr. Hassebrock re- wic ,, ^n iT""''. "' i '" c ' L vi'tv i "-—* ceived into membership ei-ht '«»,« n » ™ C ° f Omar> but b e-|ered. young people. Mr. Hn^ebrock wil jceived "* ^"^ give full-time service to the was a sack. ing too late to' save house when the fire the brooder was discov- •church each winner re- prize third, a 5-lb. planting will find read\ J'OR SALE—USED Joe Bloom. BICYCLES.— 6u33 AUTO LOANS — REFINANCING. Lowe r Credit Co. payments. — Western SuSOtf AM ROUTING MY REGISTERED sorrel roan Belgian stallion Telephone 445. I will bring him to your barn.—H. M. ColweU. 20u33-34 WANTED— WILD LIVE RED FOX J WISH T0 ANNOUNCE MY f ""° " ........ T ' - - ' funs. Iowa. -Henry Mainline, Creston, FOR RENT—70 ACRES OF PAS- ture or cattle to pasture.—Hugh Jtaney. 12p32-33 ,. dficiac > difitrict on — Tharles H. supervisor in the 4th the democratic ticket ' Newel, Fenton. 19p33-:!6 FOR SALE—PUREBRED ILUIP- shire fall boars. — Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 10p31-33 PROSPECTIVE BRIDES! Select your silverware pattern, add Pieces later. Ask about our buv- '- See DeW Pattenis at 39(2)33 FARMERS, WILL BUY YOUR red PL UMBING ESTIMATES — WE fox pups. — Fred G. Beckon- , ' Sladly submit complete cost 5(2)30-35 |^"."^^.l^hrooma or any type •.ir-j. imii&. ^i ^-(j| baugh, Fort Dodge. TIMBER PASTURE FOR RENT, or pasture cattle.—Albert Gould' Burt - 11P33 NOTICE cycles. Bloom. WANTED, USED BI- e pay cash. — Joe 9u33 SALE—PUREBRED IRISH 15(^)30 35 — ""' — ^L i of installation. Phone 83, HoitV- bauer's Tin Shop. 20(2)33 15-YEAR SERVICE BOND See L W. Larson about 15-year service Plan covering One Minute Wash" Further proof of One Minute qual- UJ -—"• W. Swanson. 23p33 Setter pups, $5. -phone 19!). -522 E. State St., 13p33 SALE—ONE BREEDING "" " Gardner, Algona, 10p33 bull.—F. R. phone 22F21. FOR SALE—TWO CHOICE, highly improved farms near Algona.— J?. W. Dingley. I lu34 I WISH TO ANNOUNCE MY CAN- j. , ' * ' v *-* * ' vj4^j lyj. i OA1N- didacy for the republican nom- FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN—1938 — — — fc^-i-i*^ J.LJOO Ford De Luxe sedan, color black white side wall tires, radio and heater, only run 3050 miles.—Inquire at Stewart Super station, 302 street, Algona. 32p33 i- 4i „ — '«=iju.uijuun nom[nation for supervisor of the Sec- June Primaries. YIELDING SEED con . aud $1.75 a bu.—A. C Car Jlsle, Whittemore. Hp3 VOH SAI^E—5 BUSHELS GOLDE^ King seed corn, $1.50 a bushe Blumer, Livermore. 14p3 ITLMS DEVELOPED AND printe —Any eize film. 30c for 8 regu 3ar pictures and one enlargemen LuBby's. 17(2)31t 1AWN MOWERS SHARPENED saws filed, furniture repaired mil work guaranteed.—George W St. John, phone 574. 28p30-33 SOR SALE—'36 FORD V-8 truck long wheel-base. Motor one Tear old, $375, bargain. — Mrs Janssen, Bancroft. 19p32-33 TfSED MACHINERY — THERE IS ready demand for used farm ma- ttbiiiery. Tell Advance farm readers what you have for sale. 34tf IMPROVED KOSSUTH RELI- auce corn, $2.25 per bushel and down.—Arthur L. Look, Lu Verne, 13p33-35 —Claude A. Samson f AM A CANDIDATE FOR COUN**-**• vx A v ^KJLJJN- t> supervisor of the Second dis- republican ticket June primary, be greatly appreci- -4»j . », b>caLijr upnreCl- ated.-A. R. Cruikshank. 30p27-34 FOR SALE — CHOICE TOMATO Plants, right size and variety All transplanted. Same kind of tomatoes that we have been sell- ng for several years, 25c per dozen. Phone or call in afternoon — B. J- Hodges. 33u33 FREE ADVICE TO FARMERS- wishmg to rid themselves of foot discomfort from hard, stiff work shoes Wear Wolverine Shell iorsehides. They're soft, flexible 0 H g ,,h'r?i rh ^' comfortabl e. See us —Hub Clothiers. 30(2)3J JARD OF THANKS-We wi S h~t^ express our thanks and appreci- tion for the many kindnesses and xpressions of sympathy extended o us at the time of the death of ur beloved wife and mother.- Heni-y Lichter and family. p33 BUILDING Materials and Fuel ^®&&*£&r Your tatereste * re S- NORTON & SON PHONE 229 " The finest remembrance of all was a Long Distance call from my daughter." A MOTHER TOLD US THUKS. THIUJ SATURDAY Daily Matinee School mat. Thurs. 4 p. in. Sat. inoniiiig' matinee at 10 IT TOOK /,ooo ARTISTS 3YEARS! -— ^ ^iji^lj OAXtS have no used cars so ^ u you a remarkable trade on WE your on your Present car. Buick sedan deHv- eied complete your door, $107200 -Birum-Olson Co., of Algona temporary phone 798, addreTs 302 37p33 SARGENT Contains STARTING Vy-Lactos, MASH— minerals, cod liver oil," sc-n«ica,lyTend-' ----- i-.^icu uy years or tes .—Anderson Grain & Coal Co. BANKERS LIFE FARM LOANS-— ™.* ^ j.'^.iviyo. i^JAINS—• Low rate, long time funds from an IOWA COMPANY. See me, ™£ prompt closing, no commission — Edward Capesius, Heise bldg., Al- MAN WANTED TO SUPPLY CUS- tomers with famous Watkins Products in Algona. No investment. Business established earn lugs average $25 weekly starts immediately—Write 'j Watkins Company, D38," Minnesota. Pay . R V/inona 24p33 WANTED-A tlve to gona. HYBRID .o-fHM ^"no«*" 1 ' veneration, state :ertified 98% germination, raised by myself. Edge drop, $5.90 per bu Hill drop, ?4 per bu —M A <?nr eln, Bode. ' ' 2 g£ RELIABLE MAN WANTED TO call on farms in Kossuth county No experience or capital required.' lake up to $32 a day.Write Mr houias, P. 0. Box No. 156, Water- oo, Iowa. 30 33 CHICK FOUNTS—HEAVILY galvanized, easily filled and cleaned. Five sizes. Unusual values. — Howard Hardware. 14(2)33 WISH TO ANNOUNCE MY CAN- didacy for the republican nomination for representative of Kossuth county in the legislature, subject to the will of the voters in the June primary.—J. C. Skow. 30p33 LOCAL reprcsenta- _„ , j te insurance in Algona and vicinity. All classes of insurance except life. Compensation to be paid on commission basis. If interested write to L. E El- Jis & Company, Securities Building. Des Moines, Iowa. 37533 AUTOMOBILE OWNERS ATTEN— Our tion— Safe driver rewards. > , h £!S erS always save rora to 30%— coast to coast claim service non-restricted — standard coverages. Buy standard protection . _—„ *^-rt.A'«ui\ij.j!>i>|'\jji;jj ailtO mechanic—Mechanic with little capital and few tools to take over service department for dealer sell- rig very popular make car. Many -- •• *- — j.'v**cn '"fi n tr Uiii. owners for immediate ser- A chance for right man to iocal -- ^"t*jj.v-f5 iui rjgnt jet In business for himself.—Apply this paper in writing, address 45p33 Used Tractors your voice your mother is Mat. Prices 10-26c Night DARRYl F. ZANUCK'S S production IN OLD ,. CHICAGO POWER-FAYE-AMECHE ERAny-DEVlNE • DONLEVY Plus "•'How to Dance SUXDAY-MOltfiSTsTe At Iowa Theater TUES., WED., MAY 10-11 * MAY 8 * and ONCE A WEEK by LONG DISTANCE I'illsbury's '•Host" 11,. ]m $1.09 Bine Ril,bo n -Lig ht or dark 9 f^ l& S »>• can . ........ __55C Horniel's Chicken A LA KLNG, 9 o J1 -»z. can .......... OOC Honnel's SPAM, 12-oz. can _____ ' l>intj- Moore Beef 8TKW, 2 24-oz. cans 39c tors, 2 2-row mounted Parmall ^ buy on one in good shape at $225. you any kind of a used tractor that you deal on it and give you t , ong . n t ur « •• her', Day ... th . w r ' duced «*•« that apply in 1 ? 1 " afttr 7 p - M - a " da «v Sunday. 2 IC-oz. cans __ KEN-L-BISCUIT, 8 Ibs ' OAKITE, "" 2 M-oz. pkgs. 29 C 25c White House MILK, four 14*2 cans _.. PKNICK GOLDEN SYRUP, 10-lb. can .' PEACHES, 10 can Sunn j field FLOUR, 49-lb bag* CHERRIES, S. P, Ko. BLUE ROSE MCE, 0 Ibs. i POST TOASTIES, /7/, 2 Ige, pksg, X / I/ Cookies, Flgr Bars, or GINGER SNAPS, Ib. CRACKERS, 2-lb, box IONA PEAS, 8 No, 8 cans White Eagle SOAP CHIPS, 6-lb. box _15c _25c COME AND LOOK THESE OVEB Clear Lake Grain Co. CLEAR LAKE, IOWA NEW ] 10 Ibs, Roman Beauty APPLES, 5 Ibg Fresh PINEAPPLE o •* «uf?e size, each ..'__% 1 COBBLEE POTATOES— For seed or STORES i'8 Piy"~gp Copy;

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