Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on March 14, 1926 · Page 13
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 14, 1926
Page 13
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l 13' DECATUR HERALD SUNDAY, MARCH 14, 192o. DECATUR HERALD IRELAN ORDERS PITCHERS AND CATCHERS TO REPORT MARCH 28 2 Catchers, 7 Hurler s OFFICIAL I. I. I. LEAGUE SCHEDULE FOR 1926 Given Notice; Rest of Team Reports April 4 CLUBS At Quicscy At Springfield At Peoria At Blocmington At Decatur At Danville At Terre Haute At Evansviile Mayt16. 17. 18 I May 19. 20. 21 June 30. July 1. 2. 3 I July t4. 5-5. 6 Aug. 14. 115. 16 Aug. 17. 18. 19 June 7. 8. 9 July 23. 24. f25 June 10. 11. 12. tl3 July 26. 27 Sept. 6-6. 7. 8 May 22. t23. 24, 25 May t2. 3. 4, 5 June 17, 18. 19 July 28. 29. 30 Apr. 29. 30. May 1 (juincy HEAD ALL July 7, 8. 9 June 14. 15. 16 July 31. Aug. tl. 2. 3 Sept. 9. 10. 11. tI2 Aug. 20.21. t22 Present Squad Under Contract Numbers Players Six Rookie Flingers to Be Given Trial with Commies 20 May 29. t30. 31-31 July 13. 14. 15 May 22. t23. 24. 25 July 7. 8. 9 Sept 3. 4. t5 June 10. 11; 12. 1 1 3 July 26. 27 Aug. 30. 31. Sept. 1,2 Apr. 29. 30. May 1 May t2. 3. 4 .5 June 17. 18. 19 July 28. 29. 30 May 19. 20.21 July T4. 5-5. 6 Aug. 17, 18. 19 May t16. 17. 18 June 30. July 1.2, 3 Aug. 14. tI5. 16 Springfield THE BASEBALL June 14. 15. 16 Aug. 27. 28. 29 July 31. Aug. tl. 2. 3 BY H. LEE WATSON Pitchers and catchers who aspire to do great things with the Commodores in the 1926 Three ye league race, have been ordered to report in Decatur March 28 by Manager Harold Irelan, who plans to get the wuic.i ho ni'-undFm"n limbered tp ni.d ready for the rest of the I'ttii'i. niitfielders and lnfielders, 0.:'t: i--''H f'n ermimati'led to appear Apr;! 4 ret'dy the first training Sn far Ire!.-, n has 20 ball players ur.d"--r P'.'nrrji't. Two of them nre ca! !; !, eight nro hurlers, seven, in-clu'ln.u- hlm-"-t'. are infielders and three are fit fielders. Both catchers, .!; Pen I, of Olewein. la., and X. Y. f Ii'rnoro, of Ptor.ington, are rnnkie?, while of the sfven flingers t:r.-e nr veterans and four, rookies. Tu. of the infielders are rated as r. ..ki' - t'.r.'l nil three of the outfield- Pitching rrop'i iooa V;:-( "Nappy" Ja;k Kotznick, p. rr 1 1: imm and Art Kasmvissfri as a e--'Mm nucleus around which to b':;i'l. i'tn hope to develop t 1pm; .-.'jibl': hurlers from the rookies who v. !i rr.o-.t. I'rank Murchison, t righthander who had expe- r. -:. , v.ith .I.-il'-son in class C lragu Iz.-t y-.-tr. : th-.uht to be ready tot T:--"rn .-;,::-;. it ning. i:,tM: : t-f a pix-f'.-oter who fast-t a H r i .; ',v;iy thrii 2n the semi-pro rnk nr'Ufd l;-ilefontaiiir. O.. and T'.:r.' t I i : !.! ;., of ivhrim Irelan tM -ns-'.J-h to p;ry ill? transporta-t! :. fi'-in ' '.i : f i rr: la, are a couple of e'lv - r r: izhx hn ri'i'-rs v.'h o may be wt::, I ; a j . k.-: n lc w: To. Only two left-ha.vifJ.-i nro i. u ritiV rd amorifr ths :xA;:, I:. "W Hover, a southpaw fn-rn ' a:h: City, Jnri., bf-ing one t"A "I'fty"" Wierman of Atwood th C'.hr. tJc I roijns 1 fthandrs are n ifircity !.'! ha II im wadays, and :f t! H' n-i.-r at:d Cntral Illinois rr-.ol-.d nrrr.1-' show anything at alJ ti-;r rhftn. 's of stiki:ig are bright. Tanv whu wpre inii-ressed with B -;;on; f yor.ng f-Iflti io ronl lost ?r!r.sr will wrtt.Mi him tn-cn moro ri--ly thf. Chanms rtj that Kddie n;!I bi the P'-'-om string receiver from t!:e vrrv first day. Ilrltt'0- Toiilcd Fp-n;I tliM iiewroiii'Ts wiui wiil en-dctv-.r to lireak in the TrI-OrU with Th e tM;niit's thi.s spring Albert Itris o. a shortstop last y;ar T&th Ard-more. Ok., in th "Western assocla tln. h.T t h !righ test advance no-V.-f. I;;c l.'U'iie scoi; ts and other hitv-lu : I ni-'ii who have scn Briscoe lr. action sny that he is a renl hitter ir.-l h:. a st a nee at tfie plate re-i-n:ii!:!'kr H.rnshy's. Both l-.Is ffeld-Irifc,- at;-i hiMirig records bear out the cor.r. ntloiis rf his press agents. Of t;: rs f -f ihf rookies Vincent Car-!':', f'.rv. !' i i!ian from Vermont unf-Trf:v. rind Albert Cnstl, outfielder trr !-. v"i, h ir.i, Ka ii.. a re the most I :i- r.'r. g to tb.e ad vance no T: - h-i ttMm-n who have bfn or-4jr-! o r'-;'"-r: her 7nrh !!i arr: Ie:i!. Olewein. la.; -t-::ingtnn. T'itchpr k. I'.-ntur: Arthur ."'ix City, la.; ilnrt o.': F. I). M'ir-.. T'-ii n. : l-Mwa rd Sim-:i ' '. i r.. . k ; Timothy iirgh. H V. U-.y- ::ty. Inn.; . V. Wier- i r. i l.-t . A?: ; 4 ). the ,1:11" K-'t by il.m- r H !!:.! !r.-Un f,r the fullnwins !..'.;! !. ti.-sroM Ruhser. Chlciifro; V !.: .-!:, li: .uford. Conn.: n.i:-.v-. v;:!stT. Wi.hita, Kan.; Ar::.;iT w.rr-y. san Antonio. Tex.: :-i --m;:i;. :.-hitn. Kan.; Albert B-i.v...'. . . 1, -i . ( .!;. ou-fi-:.ir.- -(:.-..rB,. Orkert. Chlca--. A'!'.-.'rt "a"t-l. Wichita. Kan.; I ?. Tr:..n :i-f..ntaine, O. Th ! '. lift d-als only with the tr"n th :t ih. i:mmio have under Mitra-t : n-.is time. A first string j r-lrh-r ,,f , v: ., -ience In yet to ho ff-jt.:.,l . 'i a, nr) ,,utfi.-lder or two. ' " ali that Irelan will J'1''!' " . p.-ri.-ru-.-.l fllncer 1. '.if cuit.im rolls tip AUj-r; i: ' th.e vciir. Ardinore. :. w ill l- th- latest of !: ; .rt. Wli"ii appral.ie.j 4 r.-imrtiiiK ord. r ftrls- and tetiohes tit I'hl- jco,. . k 1 . tl:uh srhcol. itiilt'.'-diritely a x :: i v. ;th it. xy Knlcker- t -: k i-'.t. .rtif.l him tttat u ; '.!. .1 ... t-.ttp.-ssiM f,.r him ( Rriscoe) ;toR': ..zv ,)Ti::i nhotst April 15. BICYCLES 1 T Juliiin, it ml Crown, the t Mrrli-H imulr. TlH'y uTf nml fcttfr M!,,i fnx l-.. Sre our dlv plnj . i:. joiinsov ;i K. MiiiD SI. Main :.,,.' . j.-Uets that -iv.-rej 1 rr 7ANISC RANNY YOUNG SIGNS UP WITH DES MOINES nanny Your.js. former Decatur High and Millikin athlete and the only man in minor league history to turn in a perfect same, announced yesterday that he had signed to pitch this year i with the Les Moines, la., club in the , Western league. Ranny will leave Monday for New Braunfeis, Tex.. ; where the Des Moines club is in spring training:. j Young, after leaving college pitched for the Staler team until Us brcak-' up, then joining Btoomington in the Three PJye whorc he pitched three ! y t a r 3 . Last y e a r he was with D e -, catur and Springfield In this league. I The Dee Moines club is manogej j by John (irhano) Collins, former ; White Sox and Boston American I league outfielder. I mailed out last week by the local ! basr-ball official! are getting a good ! reception among the fans. Knicker-! bocker reports. Several checks for 510 roll in every day and but few of the books have been returned. The 1316 schedule, a copy of which is on thin page, is undoubtedly the best Decatur has ever had. The Commits open here April 29 and have two holiday date.i. Decoration duy and July Fourth at home, as well as eipht -Sundays. The regular holiday double-headers will be played on Monday. .-ince both Decoration day and the fourth fall on Sunday. ECATUR FOURTH IN TANK MEET D. H. S. Swimmers Fail to Score First in Annual Big 12 Event TADLK OF POI.XTS Danville .49 Champaign 22 Kprinsfield II Ducatur f Urbana 5 Danville. March 3 4. Decatur High swimmers were forced to take fourth place In the first annual Bic 12 conference meet here tonight, scoring but nine points. Danville again won the loop ehnmnionshtp, totaling 49 points, with Champaign and .Springfield next in order. King, Garver, Reese, Helmlck. Decatur swimmers won third In the IS" yard relay and larver of Decatur was fourth in the fancy divlnic event, which was won by Jack Miley of Danville. Decatur's 160 yard medley relay team, consistinir of McDavid. Montgomery. Colbeck and Stoddard, won third place In that event, one of the features of the evening which was also won by Danville. The feature event of the evening was the record breakinjr 110 yard fre style race In which Ioekwood of Dnnillle broke the pool record to beat Doss of Champaicn. He clipped off three-fifths of a second from the old mark of 1:'3 3-5. The Sninmaries inn yd. hack strake First, Blair. Danville: second. r'arlson, Chnm-pnlgn; third. Stephens. Danville; fourth. Wlthey. Springfield. Time, 1:17 2-5 (new record). 100 yd. free style First. Toclo wood. Danville: second. Doss. Champaign; third. Dehenham, Danville: fourth. Falrhall. Danville. Time 1:03 (new record). 180 yard relay First. Danville; second, Sprlngf i-!d : third. Decatur: fourth, t'rbana. Time 1:29 1-5 (new record ) lot) yard breast stroke First. Oak-wood. Danville; second. Johnson. Champaign; third. Hose. Danville: fourth. Renfrew, L'rbar.a. Time 1:23 tnew record). 40 yard free style First, Schurtz. Charnpattrn : second. Falrhall, Dan-v i 1 1 : third. Withey, Springfield: fourth. George. Springfield. Time .22 1-5. Fancy diving Firs. MilT. Danville; s-cond. Millr. Danville: third. Wallace. Champaign: fourth, Oarver. Decatur: fifth. Swartz, Trbana: sixth. Owens, Springfield. lit) yard medley relay Won by Danville; second, ''harr.paign: third. IV.-af-ir: fourth. Urban.i. Time 1:10 1-5 (new record!. jiriipii vsboro rors titi.k t H-j tiMOH''.! .frcss) CARBONPALE. March 14 Mur-p!i born won the invitational tournament of the southern Illinois Teachers- college here tonight by defeating Irfuisville. 2S to 12. Carbondale won third place by defeating FInckneyvlMe 41 to 21. INTERESTED Po you hvvr much want her to know you are really in- t erupted picture n her.' lake her She will lili It. We camera. can supply you with the camera. PFILFS CAMERA SHOP 250 N. Water St. I June 4. 5. t6 Peoria July 16. 17. fl8 Aug. 30. 31. Sept. 1.-2 June 1 . 2. 3 July 19. 20. 21. Sept. 3. 4. f5 Oiocmington May 12. 13. July 10. til. Aug. II, 12. Decatur . Mav 26. 27. June f 27. 28, Aug. 23. 24. DanviS'e May 6. 7. 8 June t20.2I.22 Aug. 4, 5. 6. 7 Terre Haute LMay t9. 10. 11 Evansviile June 23. 24, 25.26 Aug. t8. 9. 1 0 MAN! VET ST OF BIG LEAGU Gowdy, Veach. Liebold and Many Others in Majors Last Year Out Now SOME WILL MANAGE TJy Central Press Hank Gowdy. Rube Benton. Joe Oeschger, Tom Griffith. Harry Hooper, Steve O'Neill these are only a few of the familiar figures who will be missing from the major league line-ups when the curtain goes up on the new baseball season. Iast winter saw the passing from the big-time of a flock of well-loved vets. Hank Gowdy who was tuning up with the Giants just a year ago, is now with Columbus in the American Association, as manager. Washington turned adrift Bob Veach, '"Nemo" Libold and Allan Itussell. Veach will be remembered as one of the Detroit Tigers' hardest hitters when he played in the outfield with Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford. He'll be with Gowdy at Columbus this year. : Sox Relense Hooper The Chicago White Sox sent a re-! lease notice to Harry Hooper making ! him a free agent. Hooper, with I'uf-I fy Lewis and Tris Speaker, formed j the greatest outfield in the American I League when they played together with the world champion Boston Red Sox. y Cvengros, a midget left hander, and Outfielder K4sh were also sent to minor league clubs by Collins, but either or both may come back as they are comparatively young, and simply need more seasoning. Steve O'nelll played his last American League game with the Yankees. In 1920 he was at his best as the Cleveland Indian's catcher. The Indians won their first American League pennant and world championship that year largely because of the splendid battery work of Stanley Coveleskle and O'Neill. During the winter Cleveland got rid of Al Walters, whom they got from Boston to try to replace O'Xeill. He goes to the Coast League. Shanks, Johnnon Gone Howard Shanks. Krnie Johnson. Fred Hoffman and Mike McN'ally. consigned to minor league clubs by Htiggins, probably will not return. McNally threatens to quit baseball to go into business rather than play outside of the big circuit. Chick Fewster, set adrift by Cleveland, Is making so much money selling real estate that he's going to retire. Ike Boone and Doc Protho were sentenced to Pacific Coast League clubs by the Red Sox. although Boone was among the most powerful batsman in the American League in l:'25. 1'rotho covered third base for the Senators year before last with fair results. American League umpires will not be compelled to watch the alleged ''doctoring' of the ball by Dave Pant'orth. eccentric southpaw, who puzzled them for two years. Danforth has been released to the American Association club by the Sf Louis Browns. Iteds Released Four The Cincinnati Reds have released four noted players. Waiter Holke. Joe Schultz. Jimmy Caveney and ! Rube Benton. Holke and Benton once i played under McGraw. Schultze wa a shuttle cock among National League managers until Hendricks engaged him last year, while Caveney was sent to Seattle. Brooklyn fans no longer will see Pitchers Oeschger and Hubbel, Short stops Ford and Mitchell and Third Baseman Tiernev in action at Ehbets field. They have passed out of the National League probably for ail time. The Phillies have ordered Louis 1 Fonseca and Walter Betts to minor league clubs, while the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals have accorded similar treatment to Outfielder Tom Griffith and Pitcher Leo Dickerman. Jl ST ANOTHER PROJF.CT I.ouis Wagner, a semi-pro pitcher from New York city. Isas signed with Martinsburg .f the Blue Ridge league. He. is risb.t.-kan.der. ARS ES DRS June 1, 2, 3 July 19.J20. 21.22 Aug. 20. 21. t22 22 June 4. 5. t6 July 16. 17. tl8 Sept. 6-6. 7. 8 14. 15 12 13 May 6. 7. 8 June t27. 28. 29 Aug. 23. 24. 25. 26 28 29 25. 26 May 12. 13. 14. 15 July 10. til. 12 Aug. 11. 12. 13 May t9. 10. 11 June 23, 24.25.26 Aug. t8. 9, 10 May 26. 27. 28 June t20. 21.22 Aug. 4. 5. 6. 7 POOR HURLING THREATENS SUPREMACY OF BUCCANEERS Aldridge and Kremer Only Staff Dependables If Pitching Comes Through Pirates Have Good Chance to Repeat (By Central Press) PASO ROBLES, Cal.. March 1 4. As might be expected, every man in the Pirate training camp expects the team to repeat in the National League race this year. All of them predict the Bucs will take the lead with the ttarting gun and never falter. Manager Bill McKechnle Isn't quite so confident as the rest of the crew, although he figures the Pirates to repeat. His doubts are due to his fears that the over-confidence may trip up the boys. Over-confidence, he knows, has ruined better ball clubs than Barney Dreyfus has ever owned. With Fred Clarke he Is working to make the team realize that It must win on what it does this year not what It got by with last season. Hurlers May Slip Where the Pirates are most likely to slip if they do is on hurling. Only Vic Aldridge an Ray Kremer can be counted upon as mainstays, it appears now. Lee Meadows, who did valiant work last year until the leaves began to fall, must show that a strained arm muscle has recovered) Kmil Yde, southpaw ace, who wobbled last season after a great inaugural year, must prove that he has recovered his effectiveness. and Johnny Morrison, who hasn't done a great deal of dependable hurling in the last two years, also has a confe-baek act before him. Babe Adams maybe termed through he's 44 now and John Oldham, Tom Sheehair and Bernard Coluton, other holdovers from last season, are uncertain quantities, although Sheehan feels that If he's given the opportunities he'll be worth his meal ticket. Rookies !Vot Impressive Of the rookie candidates for pitching Jobs not very much can be said. Three of them Joe Brown, Lou Koupal and Don Songer, the latter a southpaw went to camp with the club last spring. All were turned back for further seasoning and did well with minor league outfits. Of the trio. Brown seems the best Kissinger, Crowder, Cook. Tierson. Brower and Phil Morrison, brother of John, other pitching candidates, are not likely to remain on the Pirate rosrer. Klsewhere, the team Is what it was last season, if not better. Much Is expected of Hal Rhyne and Paul Wa- ner. who looked so good to Barney Dreyfus that he knocked a reputation for stinginess cold by giving San Francisco J100.000 for them. Waner is only 22, but his brief diamond ex perience snows he Is a natural hitter. Coming to the San Francisco club wunout-'previous league experience, Waner began clouting the ball vigorously. His average never fell helow the .3G0 mark, and he fielded his po sition, right field, in fine fashion. Waner Alw First Ilaseinnn TVaner is also a capable first-baseman. As the initial cushion is a spot where Buccaneers are weak, if he is unable ho oust any of the outfield regulars, he will be used there if George Grantham and Stuffy Mclnnls show signs of wabbling. At any rate, he promises to be a valuable addition to the team's secondary strength, if nothing else. " Rhyne is a candidate for Eddie Moore's Job at second, but It is not probable he will succeed in dislodging mm. niiyne is said to be a fancy defense man. His fielding was of sensational brand with the Seals last season, hut his swatting wasn't up to a high standard. When the hbt days of the season came Rhyne wilted. If he can overcome such weakness he may make the grade, but the present outlook Is that he will be stacked in the pile of reserve materia! for use at either shortstop or second base if occasion demands. Ranting Another Candidate Johnny Rawlings, veteran of numerous pennant scrimmages, is another candidate for Moore's job. He was rushed to second base late last summer when the Buccos showed signs of crumbling and steadied the infield. He continued his classy work until a broken ankie pulled him up short. He reports tUat the fracture May 29. t30. 31-3I July 13. 14. 15. Aug. 27, 28. t29 AND SPORTS June 7. 8. 9 July 23. 24, t25 Sept. 9. 10. 11. tl2 NEWS May t9. 10. 11 June 24, 25. 26 Aug. 4, 5, 6. 7 May 26. 27. 28 June t20. 21. 22. 23 Aug. t8.9, 10 May 6. 7. 8 June t20. 21. 22. 23 Aug. t8. 9, 1 0 May t9, 10. 11 June 24, 25. 26 Aug. 4. 5. 6. 7 Mav 26, 27. 28 July 10. tH. 12 Aug. 23. 24. 25. 26 May 12. 13. 14. 15 June t27, 281, 29 Aug. 11. 12. 13. May 12. 13. 14. 15 June T27. 28. 29 Aug. 11. 12. 13 May t6, 7. 8 July 10. tH. Aug. 23. 24. Holidays, Opening L. J. WYUE, President, 313-314 "Joker ) tPfTOAUS CO-fT Stf n TO B SHORTBMKJG FMSERS CAREER. Nominating URBAN FABER ECAUSE he is red-headed and Irish : Because, at 38, he is preparing for his nineteenth season as a pitcher; Because he is lauehinS at the mije guys ivho say the "spilball" ruins a hurler s arm m a few uears; Because he was a "chief yeoman" in the navy in the World ivar; Because he figures on pitching in the world's series this year for the White Sox. has mended. Nothing need be said of short and third base, where Wright and "Pie" Traynor hold sway. The camp got a scare the other day when "Pie" turned an ankle. Gloom was thick until the doctors said he'd be all right in a few days. Outfield, Catcher Are Okny For the outfield McKechnie has three aces from last season in Clyde Barnhart, Max Carey and Hazen Cuy-ler, with the aforementioned Waner In reserve. Earnhart is the slowest of the trio, but the healthy wallop packed In his bludgeon makes up for his lack of flcetness. Carson Bigbee, another wingfoot, is ready to fiil re-brilliant work now that he has relief roles and is expected to do more covered from an attack of sinus trouble that afflicted him since 1922. If McKechnie gets the pitching, he'll be the boy the other seven teams are going to have to beat. Coal! Coal! We handle all grades of Coal, including, "Mt. Olive District" Service Is Our Motto Illinois Coal Co. Offirr Phone M. 3S04 Jtcsldrnce M. MS May tl 6. 17, 18 June 30. July 1. 2. 3 Aug. 17, 18. 19 May 19. 20. 21 July t4. 5-5. 6 Aug. 14. 1 1 5. 16 m THE May 22. t23, 24. 25 July 7. 8, 9 Aug. 20. 21. t22 June 1, 2, 3 July 16. 17. t!8 Aug. 30. 31. Sept. 1. 2 12 May 29. t30. 31-31 July 13. 14. 15 Aug. 27. 28. t29 25. 26 Days. t Sunday Millikin BWg., Decatur, I1L NEVERS PROVES METAUN SOUTH Gets Away to Good Start With Browns in Exhibition Contest (By Aitociatt(i Prrsi) CHICAGO. March 14. Ernie Kev-ers, the blond football star from Iceland Stanford, Saturday proved his mettle on the baseball filed when he pitched to big leaguers for the first time and came through in good shape, although his team failed to win. The Brooklyn Dodgers, opponents of the St. Louis Browns, won the contest, 9 to S, at Clearwater, Fla. Manager Rogers Hornsby led his St, Louts Red Birds' second team, to a 6 to 3 victory at Snn Antonio, where the home town Bears were victims. The showing of Pitchers Huntzinger, Bell, and Miller was en-couraK:ng to the pilot. The first team defeated San Antonio, 5 to 2. Two Ohio teams, Cleveland and Cincinnati, have fat sick lists among: players. Carl Yowle, southpaw fling-er of the Cleveland Indians, developed a sore wins: and will be out of tvork for a few days. A scarcity of catchers, caused by a postponement of a practise session of the Cincinnati Reds, because Bubble Hargrave is recovering from influenza, and Suke-forth is still in bed. At Los Angeles, the Chicago Cubs started their home rim smashing- tactics with Hack Wilson and Cliff Heathcote doing the dirt in an S to 3 victory over the Hollywood Pacific Coast league club. Heathcote got a homer and three singles, scored twice and drove in two runs in five times up. Wilson's homer followed singles by Adams and Heathcote. Blake and Rush allowed seven hits, while the Cubs gathered 11. EXHIBITION GAMES H. 6 S Chicago (A) Shreveport (Tex) 0 Edwards, Cox, Steengraffe and Gra-bowski, Crouse: Williamson, Barnabe, Cantrell and Wilder, Siner. R. H. 14 IS S 8 St Louis N) Houston (Tex.) Haines. Hallahan and 6'Farrell. Vick; Mnhady, Sweatt, Coggi.n and Goff. Burns. R. H. K. Boston (N) 010 000 1619 13 3 Wash. (A) 001 002 0036 7 1 Werts, Herz, Leia, Cooncy, and Gibson; Ferguson, Lyle, Marberry, and Tate, Severeid. At Sarasota, Fla. New York (N) Philadelphia N) R. H. E. b S 1 2 10 3 Ring, Fitzsimmons, and Hartley; Knight, Maun, Crumbier, L'lrich. and Wilson, Jonnard. At Los Angeles: Chicago N) Hollywood (PC) R. H. E. .Ill 1 3 7 2 Blake, Bush, and Gonzales; Mul-cahey. Jfalloy, McCabe. and Cook, Peters. Sffigj WE SPECIALIZE ON Wafch Repairing ALL WORK GUARANTEED R. U JEWELER IIO North IHola Str-e OjinnsH" Lincoln Square Thrn(rr I Apr. 29. lune 14. July 31. May tl6. 17, 18 June 30, July 1. 2. 3 Aug. 17. 18. 19 May t2. Ijune 17. jjuly 28. June 10. II. 12. 1 1 3 July 26. 27 Sept 9. 10. II. t!2 June 7. July 23. Sept 6 June 4. July 19. Sept. 3. DECATUR May 29, t30. 3!-31 May 19. 20.21 July t4. 5-5. 6 Aug. 14, t15. 16 HERALD July 13. 14. 15 Aug. 27. 28. t29 , June 7. 8. 9 July 23. 24. t25 Aug. 30. 31. Sept. 1.2 May 22. July 7. 8, 9 Aug. 20. Central Pre Sport Editor TAMPA. Fla., March 14. Archie Compston. British professional golf champion and one of the greatest links' figure In Europe, will remain in this state this coming summer as a professional at one of the clubs dotting the landscape. I have this on good authority. The American golfing fraternity will welcome Compston. He won Instant popularity with his personality, his general demeanor on the links, and his daring style of play. When Compston and hU partner. Arnaud Massey. French open champion, came to this country both Intended to remain but a few weeks, participating In & few exhibition matches. Compston's willingness to consider an American offer adds him. therefore, to the long list of foreign athletic stars who have come to our fair shores of recent years with the intention of making short visits, only to decide to stay longer, it not permanently. SEVERAL FACTORS ENTER WHILE the prospects of amassing riches brought the decision in many cases, especially among the boxers, opportunities to add to their prestige in athletics, business opportunities, and even just the fondness developed for the country and Its ways have played their part in making residents of many of the visitors. Luis Firpo, the man who knocked Jack Dcmpsey into Row B. Peat 8. cannot be. said to be a resident of the L". S. Luis spent some time here after his victory but finally went home for a. visit that has been extensive. But there are several foreign lada who came here to scrap and remained to reside. Jack Renault came across the border from Canada. Luis Viccntini came from Argentina. Quintin Romera Rojas came also from South America. All call the I". S. their home now. Tennis has drawn many foreign stars. -When Spain, for instance, sent the Alonzo brothers over in 1922 to play in the Davis cup matches no one thought that both men would decide to remain here. They did. RESIDENTS FROM ORIENT THREE great Japanese tennis stars who came here to show their- wizardry in the game are HAWKINS AUTO COMPANY DECATUR ILL. niCHEurrriRES zg hore niu.5 30. May 1 jMay t2. 3. 4. 5 15. 16 Tune 17. IB. IV Aug. th 2, 3 July 28. 29. 30 iApr. 29. 30. May I ijune 14. 15. 16 July 31. Aug. TL 2. 3 Ijune 4. 5. t6 I July iSept 3. 4. t5 3. 4. 5 18. 19 29. 30 8. 9 24. t25 - 6, 7. 8 5. t6 20.21.22 4. t5 June I. 2, 3 July 16. 17. t18 I Sept. 6-6. 7.8 "Ijune 10. II. 12. Tl 3 July 26. 27 ISept. 9. 10. 11. tl2 t23. 24. 25 FIRST 21. t22 now residents. They are Kuma-gae. Schmidzu and Harada. Br;ai Norton, after fighting his way to prominence as a tennis player in iiouth Africa, came to this country to participate in tourney play and decided to remain. His home is now in St. Louis. It track athletics there have been many converts. Hannes Kohlemainen. Finnish Olympic star of many years, lived in the U. S. for 'many years, although on his first visit lie planned to stay but a few" weeks. Willie Ritola did not bring along all his belongings when ho came to the U. S. a few years ago. And yet. 'when the 1S24 Olympic games loomed, Villi was torn between representing his native country and his adopted one. ) More recently. Arr.e Porg. Sweden's "Johnny Weismuller," ; came to this country to meet -." Johnny Weismuller and others in a series of meets. He is still touring the country with Weismuller and the two see no reason why their vacation should be broken by Arne's departure for Sweden. . ,'1 HOFF EXTENDS VISIT AND this winter saw the arrival of half a dozen new foreign celebrities. This list included Charles Hoff. Norway great pole vaulter; Andrce Paul-en, Holland's spring king: Herbert Houben, German track star and others. Already Hoff has given up his original plans for returning home and may remain through the outdoor season if not longer. P.-iulen has been asked to participate in late spring and early summer events and may accept the Invitations. And it must, be said to their credit that th"se men are of the type the American wants. THEY" CAN'T STAY TOO LONG. NEBRASKA U. IS TRACK CHAMPION Ry A weeiat' .l JV.--) AMES, la.. March J4 Nebraska university easilv took first place in the Missouri Valley Indoor track and field championships here Saturday, with over 17 points more than its neaerst rival, Ivansas ' State. Nebraska amassed 363 points, Ivansas Stat scored 19J points for second place. DOOR G6FOfE THE Horse is. stoleh. THE -riiE To PREVENT TiaE "WASTE IS' BEFORE yoot BiT?Tne Tife. -CrET fS MICHEL! N 3t( MflftC MliFS

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