Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 5, 1938 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1938
Page 3
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,„.„ there has been mod In tho office of the oBSUth County, ft petition for tho --•-••• • UI lnc the following deflcrfbed secondary ..—^ corner of Section 28, fn - t North One (1) mile. W'^Tmirfaeed with gravel. id '".„ include the following described real estate: :l rlct '" lnclu Description Sec . N-U NiW% 28 .-™-"f~lns.~ - S% NiW% • a* 28 29 29 2!) Blstrlct Rncr _. Twp. Hange % 95 95 'ir> te u,'n'7^¥r"c"o"me"on"7o""hearln¥'befoi r o tho Bofm'l of Supervisors SS %, C a' r wh1o°r^ n e ^fT^r^n^eVecf ^ r ?i nmln - ^ ° bc Sna In iowa ( Th"B r 30th day of Apr,,, 1938. I at AlB"" ' p; g KrNS'ElY County Auditor. OF rilOl'OSEI) SEC- f i. hereby Blven that there has been filed In the of flee of the R 'inn? of Kossuth County, a petition for the establishment of a F !?rVclnff the following described secondary road: FT It the Southwest corner of Section 8, Township 91, • [l lnB thence East One (1) mile. ,'tobe surfaced with gravel. IM to Include the following described real estate: r ' cl Description Sec. ^Marguerite Miller _ SWi /4 R W" " 29 [ jratiiins, and Anton We y dcrt S ^ji j« M 29 i^mlon* wlli'come'on" for hearing: beTtore the Board of Supervisors Kc In the Court House In Alffona, Iowa, at 2 o'clock p. rn. on tho I if May, 1««. at whloh tlme a11 Vcrsona Interested therein may {in- l ., hpnrd In the matter. t'ugona.-Iowa, this 30th day of April, 1938. E. S. KINSE.Y, County Auditor. Burt Kan BO 20 Twp. Range 29 HEARING 03V ESTABLISHMENT OF PROPOSED SIT- OJVPAIIY U.OAT) NO. 817 ¥ is hereby Riven that there has been filed In the office of the Auditor of Kossuth-County, a petition for the estaWishmpnt O f a r surfaclnff the following dc-scrllJed secondary road: ,| n g at the Southwest corner of Section 9, Township 9(5, Ranee w in? East One (1) mile. " nad to he surfaced with gravel. istrict to Include the following described real estate: SSylRJ!?! 1 Se °' TyP-nnnsre n 0 IS IB 18 W, nr, 2!) 21) 29 29 29 _S% SW% iTrust" Life Ins. Co. SBy, Id Com E. Annls N>Ei4 iStclnman N 1 !/, NlW^i; SIS 14 NiWy. heed — SWy. NiWi/ t Ipetitlon will come on for hearing before the Board of Supervisors [office In the Court House In Alffona, Iowa, at 2 o'clock p. m on the r of May, 1KB, at which time all persons Interested therein may an- 1 be heard In the matter. * ' I at A'gona, Iowa, this 30th day of April, 1938. E. S. KINBBY, County Auditor. JNCIL1 fcTORESl IIOUR FRIEND AT 3MHAL TDfE FBIDAY AND SATURDAY; MAY 6 AND 7 Invited Guest i consider the following list of specials and all Council to follow your personal invitation to visit your nearest icil Oak Store. To our invited guests wo endeavor to ex| such courteous consideration as will make you glad to call Beef Roasts •go nnmbcr of homes are depending on Council Oak to sup- i tender, juicy beef roast for Sunday. Fancy Beef Roasts Jsplnj- at 15£ and 19£ per pound. Pork Neck Bones I mention of Neck Rones at 2 pounds for 9£ brings to mind | It is again time for bean soup or a satisfying meal of Neck i and Sauerkraut. , ; ...... ,..;: Fried Apples with Pork Sausage bory combination. When the pork sausage is nicely d you add the sliced apples. Fork Sausage for tills sale per Ib. Winesaps are excellent apples to fry. sh Beef to Boil, pound rge and Ring Bologna, pound 14c (icon Squares, pound' _ _ , 15c Raspberries i delicate flavor of this versatile fruit Is enjoyed in sauce, i, cobblers, on sundaes and In sherbets. Bed or Black Basp- nes In a good 40 degree syrup at the special price of 17«t I tie AO. can. Swedish Rye We yon don't care especially for ordinary rye bread. If so, suggest you try Swedish Bye made by an original Stock, i formula. This light fluffy rye bread sold only at Council Post Toasties »« weather brings Increased demand for this popular no serve breakfast cereal. Buy a supply of the large car»«Is week-end at the low price of 8* per pkg. Superb Amber Syrup month of the year we enjoy this delicious spread on 1 »»fl pancakes. For this sale a special price of 271 on > Pail and 491 on the big" 10-lb. palL White Loaf < "A MOST THIRSTY FLOUR" the baking qnallty of this all purpose li -M i akin S bread remember that White Loaf absorbs ordinar)r ol Wnlto ' PBI2E FLOUR, 49-lb, bag ....................... $1.20 Tomato Catsup ibb no panlry "apply of tomato catsup. From now on you'll ilsh. u? nwre cat8U P to* wlads and for a meat and fish He. U W a siPPly. of the big 14-oz. bottles at 10* per 0 ' Blue Rose Rice 8«»ln. white rice for that delicious rice ffi. Our "Red Bag" Coffee •4 Co h ff»l a ? cy a ""fl* sweet coffe« prefer our Bed Bag Whole '% off* i i Ma ?y "WW expensive can Coffees. Bed Bag is rift/ tt Ula * at our special price of |7$ per Ib., or 8 Ibs. Double Dip Matches «H£I?^? ***** w**j «*<**« FW I* 1 * s * ie ^ price m(labl « matches at 3 boxes for 10*. I ^lar Oxydol X^.^PSt sattsfacjtorliy in the hardest water. Oxy and water softener. Yog, will like it -' washing. Tfce regular 25c stoe for , for BURT WINS IN WEST KOSSUTH BALL TOURNEY "".';h. Ma £ 2 - B " 1rt *on the west baseball tournament played here last week. ..- of tho rain making the diamond unsuitable for play --.- "Cml-tinals were played at Bancroft Friday. Fenton beat Bwea rl y ', 7, « 3 ' and Burt Defeated tyrant 7 to 0. In the final game, which was played here Saturday afternoon, Burt defeated Fenton the score being 7 to 2. George Koestler Becorcring— Mrs. Maude Hanna and Alice Kighme were Sunday dinner guests at the ,1. Hoppe home in Fort Uodge. They also called on Mr. and Mrs. George Koestler at the Lutheran hospital, where Mr. Koestler was operated on several weeks ago. They found him getting along well. He expects to be able to come home within a few days. Thompsons to Dental Meet— Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Thompson lert Monday afternoon for Davenport, where Doctor Thompson is attending the State Dental convention. They took their son Richard with them to Waverly, where he spent tho time with his grandmother, Mrs. Chittenden. Burn Made Into Garage— The barn at the Presbyterian manse has been lowered and turned around and is being remodeled into a two-car garage. The C. V. Schraders have made a similar improvement on their property, having cut down the barn and'turned it into a garage. Editor Thares About Again— Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Wurtzer, of Clear Lake, visited at the J. G. Thaves home Sunday. They are old friends of Mr. and Mrs. Thaves. Mr. Thaves, who has "been confined to his home most of the time for several months, is now able to be about agaiij. Woman's Cousin The Arthur Fandels spent Sunday with relatives at Whittemore. Mrs. Fandel and the children went on to Emmetsburg and on Monday attended the first mass of the Rev. Donald Joynt, a cousin of Mrs. Fandel, who was ordained at Sioux City Sunday. Mrs. Schrader Loses Brother— Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Schrader were called to Elmore, Minn., Sunday by the death of a brother of Mrs. Schrader, Ralph Smith, aged 41, who died at a Mankato hospital from ulcers. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA PAGE THIUBI Phones Buzz Busily , but Union Women Gossipless Union Twip., May 3—Line No. 2 was "busy" Monday, but lor once not from gossiping women. The wires came Into contact somehow with the hl-line, and all phones were kept buzzing till the trouble was corrected at 11 a, m. An additional rural phone line fact of Interest here is that new wire has been strung for No. 26. Rudolph Will, lineman, did the work. Looks Like n Fruit Year- Wild flowers are now in full bloom In timber areas near the river. Plum, cherry, and apple trees are in heavy bloom, and if nothing now unforeseen happens there should be a wonderful crop of fruit this year. The only setback is that numerous- trees, especially apple trees, have been blown down in the lost few years and not enough orchards have been replenished. Mrs. Will's Sister ImproTed— Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will, with the daughters Alice and Martha, drove to Whittemore Sunday and visited the Arnold Meines and the John Shealers. The women are sisters of Mrs. Will. Mrs. Meine, who suffered a stroke a few months ago, is now able to be up and around the house and has re- To Have Eye Check-Up— Mrs. Trina Wiese, who recently had a growth removed from her eye at the Park hospital In Mason City, will go tack for a final check-up this week. Fire Hundred Chicks Burned— The A. R. Godfredsons lost 500 haby chicks when the brooder house in which they were kept burned down. Popnlnr Teacher Has Mumps— Erna Baars, teacher of music in the public school, is confined to her room with mumps. More Scarlet Feycr Cases— The children in- the John Helmers family are. ill with scarlet fever. Other Bart News. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Watts and daughters Betty Ilene and Norma Jean, Marvin Anderson and Max-, ine Worden, all of Dpws, spent Sunday at the George Worden home. Mr. Watts Is M^s. --Worden's brother. The Rev. G. H. Wessels were also Sunday dinner guests at the Worden home. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kruger and daughter, Fairmont, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Christiansen, Lone Rock, visited Sunday at the Ernest Kruger home. Albert is Mr. Kruger's son and Mrs. Christiansen Is his daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Wallace and sons Jack, and Ralph, -Mason City, spent Sunday at the G. P. Hawcott home. Mrs, Bertha Wallace was also a guest. Vaughn Is Mrs. Wallace's son and a brother of Mrs. Hawcott. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Wickwire, of Des Molnes, and Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Iliff, Webster City, spent the week-end at the J. H. Graham home. Mrs. Wickwire Is Mrs. Graham's brother and Mrs. Iliff Is her sister. Mrs. E. 1«. Halstead and three daughters, iMrs. Adams and Mrs. Carey and two daughters, of Em- raetsburg, visited at the C. V, Schrader home Sunday. Mrs.. Halstead is Mrs. Schrader's sister. Mr. and Mrs. John Recker returned Sunday from a short honeymoon trip spent with Mrs. Recker's aunt, Mrs. W. J. Easterly, at Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Recker is the former Mrs. W. T. Peters. Mrs. F. L...Pratt and daughter Zelpha Rae, and Mrs. J. G. McDonald and daughters Dorothy and Mary Jean were Fairmont, Minn., visitors Saturday. Mrs. Velma McBrlde, daughter Phyllis and son Milton, and Kenneth Cook spent Sunday at the George Schroeder home In Ames. The L. E. Riebboffs, Rolfe, called at the M. M. Chipman and Jay D. -Graham homes Sunday. The Riebhoffs formerly lived here. Win. E. Bleich is driving a new Chevrolet car. Mr. and Mrs. Bleich visited Mrs. Bleich's brother, Ed Bohn, at Garner Sunday. Alice Eighme took Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sewick and Mrs. Maude Hanna to the movies In Algona Friday evening. Mrs. Ellen Hanna, Shlndler, S, D., came Sunday for a few days at the home of her cousin, Mrs, Her-r man Neitzel. Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sewick and F. O. Stow visited at the J. T. | Graham home Jn Algona Sunday afternoon. . . • The lj. N. Dittmera spent Sunday wltn Mrs. Dittmer'B brother 1 Glenn and sister Elsie in Dea Moines. 1 The L, H. Schenckf spent Su* day at the home 9? Mr. Scheack's gained use of her right hand and arm. Union Woman Is Patient- Mrs. Robert Harvey was taken sick on Good Friday and has been confined to bed ever since with a nervous disorder. Mrs. Taylor's Father Sick— L. J. DeGraw, Algona, father of Mrs. Earl Taylor, is again confined to bed. He was ailing most of the winter. Joins Knights of Columbus— Joe, son of Mr. and Mrs. N, J. Krieps, was Initiated into the K. C.'s Sunday at Algona. OTHER UNION NEWS. Mrs. Ruth Blair, Guckeen, Minn., was a guest from last week Thursday till Sunday at Walter Heerdt's and Newt. Bolin's, who took 1 her home Sunday and spent the day fishing and as guests at James Hanson's. Mr. and Mrs. William Spear, of Elkton, Minn., spent the week-end at Roy Sarchet's. William Is a brother of Mrs. Sarchet. Clifford Aalfs, Sioux City, spent the week-end with his wife and son Gary at Chester Bailey's. nlversary. Cards was the entertainment, and ttie guests- Included Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gremmels, of Spirit Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Gremmels, Mrs. George Gremmels, Mr. and Mrs. George Bolte, the Earl Wallaces, Irvln Gremmels, and Sally Beukema. Herman Hnskjimp Patient— 'Herman Huskamp was taken to an Esthervllle hospital Monday for treatment, accompanied by Mrs. Huskamp and Mrs. Clarence Arbogast. RABBIT EATEN AT A BANQUET CONVERTS HIM Livermore, May 3—Frank Hoffman, who recently returned from Peoria, 111., where he attended a tractor company meetjng, was delighted by rabbit meat served at a banquet to 125 dealers. Local rab- biters failed to interest Mr. Hoffman before he made the Peoria trip. Now, however, he has invested in Chinchilles and modern equipment from the Telshaw Rab- aitry and will rear his own rabbits. Club Picks Tear's Officers— The Twentieth Century club recently elected officers: Mrs. Fred Hlntz, president; Mrs. Chas. Howard, vice; Mrs. John Olson, record- Ing secretary; Mrs. Karl Baessler, corresponding secretary; Mrs, William King, treasurer; Mrs. Hartley Mackintosh, Mrs. Howard, and Margaret 'Malin calendar committee. A study course which the women will follow is entitled "Historic Shrines." Clair Berrj-h ill Brother Weds— Mr. and Mrs. Clair Berryhtll went to Kamrar to be attendants at the wedding last week Thursday of the former's brother Lynn to Henrietta Cook, both of Kamrar. The event took place at the Presbyterian church, and the bridal party came to Livermore Friday for visits at Gail BerryhiU's and Edward Opheim's. Lynn has visited here many times. The newlyweds are living at Kamrar. Clark s Have a New Home— Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clark now live at the Midwest service station which Mr. Clark recently leased. The living quarters are new and small, but are suitable for the Clarks, for Mrs. Clark is nursing most of the time. The Clark home has been rented to the Gronbachs. The house vacated by the Gron- bachs has been sold by Otto Anderson to Howard Hoffman. Railroad Flat Redecorated— Don White, local contractor, recently finished interior decorating at the Rock Island flat. There are seven, rooms and bath, and some work was done in every room, but most In the kitchen, which was done in a red and white color scheme, with a dash of black. Frost Does little Damage— A frost last week Thursday night had folks here Vho have berry patches and fruit trees worried, but It Is believed that no great damage' was done. StraV- berry beds were not at the stage to be affected. Ophelm Daughter in Accident— Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Opheim, suffered a painful accident at the school building Friday, when she fell from railing Other Livermore News. Editor and Mrs. W. F. Miller had as guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Gimer, son Thomas, Mrs. Myra McCormick, and Mrs. E. L. Gile. The two last named are from Boise, Ida., and Riverside, California respectively; the Gimers, from Renwick. iMrs. William Bordwell was having a visit last week from a sister, Mrs. Sura Gash, Anoka, Minn. The latter was guest of honor at a party at the Bordwell home Friday, when Livermore acquaintances helped her celebrate a birthday. Women from clubs here attended a federated annual meeting at Ottosen Saturday. _ FENTON FOUR-H GIRLS CHOOSE AMES DELEGATE Fenton, May 3—The Fenton Forwards 4-H du'b met Saturday -with. Irene Bleckwenn, and roll call was answered toy 18 members. Program: demonstration, braiding rugs, Irene Krause;. demonstration, pictures in the home, Lorena Dreyer; health talk, What does the tuberculin test mean?—Ruth Dreyer; talk, pictures for children, Marian Finnestad; music talk, Kathryn Ohm; poetry, Faith and Marian Finnestad and Pauline Frank. In a business meeting Ruth Dreyer was chosen to attend a state '4-H convention at Ames in June, and Mary Ann Bohn and Irene Krause were picked as demonstration team at the county fair. Betty Ann Meyers joined the club, which now has 19 members. brother Horace at Lake Crystal. \The R. 1 E). Meyers, lone Moyer, Harold ^towards,- and Myron ,-Mein- zers fished at Tuttle Lake Sunday. Donald Reimers went to Fenton Friday to spend a few days with his aunt, Mrs. Shelby Weisbrod. The G. H. McMullens spent Sunday with friends at May City, where they formerly lived. The Rev. J. M. Doms was confined to his bed a couple of days last week. Frances Vaughn spent the weekend with her parents at Rolle. The H. E. Rachuts spent Sunday with friends at Rolfe. SAFETY SAM SAYS When you're driving watch out for three persons, yourself, • the fellow ahead of you and the fellow behind you. Ignition? Carburetion? A slight adjustment may add 50% to the efficiency ot your motor. Drive for a complete checkup. WM, G. DAU, GARAGE Phono 166. Boutb Podgf on the steps and bones in her left hand were fractured. Tines Pierce Youth's Foot- Leonard Brogan is recovering at the parental George Brogan's, following an accident in which pitchfork tines pierced one of his feet. He was working on a farm north of town. Surprise for Fred Knecker— Fred Kuecker was taken by surprise Saturday, when relatives invited by Mrs. Kuecker arrived?to help him celebrate a birthday an- Baby Has an Operation— Patty Bamsey, 4, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bamsey, had a tonsillectomy at the General hospital, Algona, Saturday. FENTON NEWS The Robert Kyhls were Sunday dinner guests at L. M. Holldorf's, Ceylon. Mrs. Holldorf is the Kyhl daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newel were entertained at Hershall Flumerfeld's, Eagle Grove. Mrs. Flumerfeld is the former Evelyn Sharp, who once taught here, C. Frank and Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank, Charles City, visited at the son E. J.'s over Saturday night and Sunday. The father, C. Frank, remained for a longer visit, and will go from here to Minnesota to visit other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gremmels, Spirit Lake, visited 1 at the Julius Gremmels and Mrs. George Gremmels home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Greinert, Whittemore, visited at Edw. and Edwin Greinert's. Mrs. Ernest Votteler visited her uncle, Robert Galbreath, Emmetsburg, Sunday. Mr. Galbreath ; has heart trouble, but is improved. The Mark Simmons family, Fairmont, and the Delbert Hannas, of Lone Rock, visited the • George Jentzes Sunday afternoon. HOGS, CATTLE, SHEEP—LIVE- stock of all types can be sold quickly through Advance for-sale ads. 34tf 'lIDJlllllll 1 "t Illllllllllllllllllllilll' 1111111 ' 1 ' MILD [Exceptionally So] THE OBIGINAL NICKLESS Only 5c The cigar that is recommended for excessive smokers, because the nicotine, as far as pos- f slble, has been removed, making it not only mild, bnt a satisfying smoke. Moderate smokers who enjoy, a mild cigar are also enthusiastically In fa- Tor of the Nickless. Try a box and notice the difference. [. Tour dealer can get It for yon. A TIME SAVER Prepare biscuit or muffin dough when convenient. Set in cool place and bake hours later it you wish. You save time in using «._> j^ Double Tested — Double Action KG BAKING POWDER Same Price Today 09 4* Years Ago 25 ounce* lor 35c You can also buy A £_ _ 11 XO ounce can for !•• 1 U.J.1 if ounce can for Xf« MILLIONS OF POUNDS HAVE BEEN USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT FAMOUS FOR CLE&N REST ROOMS since the early days of OIL offer still greater md protection for MotorW •*» 'NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL A BOTTLE OF BEER!" mt ^ r ^ ^-^-rTk.T/^ ANNOUNCING Axi entirely new beer .v Axi entirey thm .. .."^^•^^^^^ Gluejt Brewing Comp»ny, Minoe»poU<

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