Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 28, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1938
Page 7
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1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA Well Grown ike Most fable Layers »er, better flock of Jets that will lay Ig, premium eggs and Ley for you, You r cr losses and greater theFul-0-PepWay, 0 -PEO STARTER* jots of oatmeal, is [baby chicks to digest, ;he feed that chicks need for sound sturdy growth to be profitable layers. Feed your chicks Ful-0- Pep Chick Starter. ma Flour & ?eed Co. Phone 257 BIRTHDAY OF BURT WOMAN IS OBSERVED Hurt, Apr. 26— Friday was Mrs. P. W. Kollasch's birthday, and friends gave her an evening snv- prlso party. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Julius Ba<is, Mr. mul Mrs. E. C. Schwietorl, Mr. mid Mrs. Herman Busslo, Mr. and Mrs Carl Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. C, \V , r °K |slcrs "" " r ''Is Ilnmrishlrcs. Blelch, Mr. and Mrs. II. A. nielcli' I V' lsl , we , c , H A<lv!111CG ^Ported the and Banker and Mrs. II. K. Hnchut !! loilUl of Mr> ' PAGE5 SEVEN C. II. KIAMP, Field Representative Harold Fischer, north nf Swea City, was at, the Clust Isenherg fnrni, helping with the seeding, when we talked with him laat week ^Monday. Me had 100 .pure- One of her legs is in a cast. She spring pigs. liar- The evening was spent at 500. Mr. Baas and Mrs', n. A. Bleich won the high score prizes, and Air. and Mrs. Rachut were low. New Resident from AVcsloy— The Ben Gerdes fami'ly is ot Bancroft, where they have bought a house. They sold their home here to Mrs. Alice Locbig, Wesley, who is 'bringing her household goods here this week, 'but will spend a month or so with her daughter Mrs. Ray Black, west ot Burt, before opening her new home. She is a sister of Mrs. R. L. Cogdill and W. T. Kennedy. Former Hurt Woman Jlnrc— 'Mrs. Ella MucArthur, Wilton Junction, visited friends and look- id after business matters here Sunday and Monday. She is the widow of the late Monitor publish- ibut now lives with her mother. Burt trucker, and had a short visit. A daughter .who had been at Iowa City for infantile .paralysis, was at home for a short time. says she likes it at the hospital and she hopes to get well again. # # H» * At John Rademakcr's, northeast MARTIN MEYERS, OF LOTTS GREEK, 25 YEARS WED Fenton, Apr. 26—Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Krause, son Edmund, Mr. and Mrs. Walter JenU, son Maynard, daughter Mnxine, Mr. and Mrs. William JenU, Mr. and Mrs. George JenU, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jentx, William Meyer, daughter Lorena, the William Elmers fam- , Hy. and Mrs. Mary Mittag, all of of Titonka, the men were 'building ; Fen ton, attended a silver annivers- fence Friday. John said he was'ary party honoring Mr. and Mrs. going to have a larger pasture for'Martin Meyer, near Lotts Creek, his hogs. A dredge ditch goes Sunday. Dinner was served to MO through the field, so the fence at 6 p. m., and the evening was could not Tie set straight with the ' spent at cards, singing, and visit- world, as John put it, but he ing. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, married thought the hogs would not mind- 25 years ago at the Lotts Creek Wednesday, had an operation Monday. He was in good condition Monday, according to a telegram received by his son, W. II. Wolf. , , h ' 1 and low the neighbors hud <bocn turning out to help the family. # * # * Last week Monday wo called on lioy M. Pchrson, who lives on his mother's farm, northwest of Swea City. He had just come in from the Hold, whore he had .been disking. Roy snys he likes farming- host of nil. He spent several years on the road, selling differ-,, . cut lines, and he has also had M» always busy when wo call there. ...... some experience nt dairying This! Wc werc nt llis P !nco Friday, and fornia. The "oldweds" were prc- lattcr shows up for he has'some I llc nntl Ms mnn were taking dirtjsented with numerous gifts, in- fine 'milk cows ' ' I from under the west .part of the eluding silverware and a large V * * * I house. There is to be a full (base- | purse. The daughter Loretta was Harley Work northwest of Swea | nlent under the house when the unable to come. City, and a brother who works ,J° b ls *U finished. Mrs. Mechler | for him were repairing the ytird fence last -week Monday when we wore there. They werc sotting a a little thing like that. * * * * C. W. Mechler, south of Titonka, Lutheran church, are parents of four daughters: Mrs. Alvin Potratz, Lolts Creek, Lucille and Elvira, at home; I-.oret.ttt, in Cali- was at her brooder house, taking Seventy-Sixth llirthduy Observed — ca.ro of baby chicks. C. W. has' Mr. and Mrs. George Siems, made it handy for water for the daughter Shirley, Mr. and MrsJ^rs. Henry Wichman, Spencer Dinner Honors Girl's ltirtli<1ii)-— Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Bonn entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of their daughter Mary Ann's 1.6th birthday anniversary. Guests were Mrs. Herman Bonn and ;he Edward Dehnerts, Lu Verne. Hunk (Jlerk lit New Job— Maynard JenU, who had worked at the Fenton 'branch bank several weeks, left Monday tor Armstrong to enter the employ of the First Trust & Savings there. Two to Wisconsin Snnltnrlnm— Dr. J. T. Wai to and Axel Peterson left Sunday for Prairie du Chien for a few weeks of treatment at a sanitarium there. FENTON NEWS Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Weis-brod, of Whittemore, and Mary Alice spent Sunday afternoon with Fenton friends. The Leo El.berts, Whittemore, visited Mrs. Elbert's mother, Mrs. Mary Hanson. Mrs. William Boyken, Woden, and her son Dick werc at the son Fred's in the evening. The 0. H. Stoebers were dinner guests at Mrs. Stober's brother Joseph's at Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eigler entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and said he was going to keep his ch.ckon lot. to Inter-School (,'nnf(!St— •Floyd Stott, Zelpha Pratt, Wilfred Wolt'/,, Mary Jean Rachut, Luella Weiske, Sayre Winkle, Evelyn McChane, and Ruth Reed took part in a district typing and shorthand contest at Estherville Saturday. Four to Church Gathering— The Rev. and Mrs. J. iM. Doins find Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stow went ewes ewes arc raising them. stool g-ite and Harlov | chicks, having laid a pipe to the Ernest Votteler, Mrs. Katie Han•'•'-'-'-- '-• telman, her children, Mr. and Mrs. | _ _ Arnold Hantelman, Mr. and Mrs.; ' !J '; a , rs- ' . John Weselman, northwest of o]aE Norland Mrs Clara Wehr-i wes> Lotts Creek - son Arlen. Bancroft, was cleaning up and l8palm Mrs 'midreth Pettit, and per K«ests included Mr. and Mrs doing some repair work on a the la ' ttcr ' s children spent Sunday . He ™' y £? app . e ' Coolie. . ,., „ , , . „ brooder house Saturday. He said . aflernoon w i t h Mr. and Mrs. Rob- ] . Thc Claude Seelys and Mrs. Ma- Last week Tuesday wo called on ho and Mrs. W. were expecting • ert Votteler in honor of Mrs. Vott- rie C. E. Anderson, northwest of Swea [City baby chicks. He took time out to )elei ., a blrthday anniversary. In °> . nerson, norwes o . ei . , and found him and Mrs. An- go to the house with us for a short tne aflernoon the gro up "8tened> u eckois. Wsselman said their Aa ay with he Mi. and Mis Will.am , . demon at work, planting garden visit. Mrs. Wesselman said their Uf) the Lutneran hour from seeds They have a fine garden 'daughter had just been married to > he recedin i eve rv ye E. C was marking out ! Jos. Krebsbach on the preceding the rows, and be was doing a fine i Wednesday, and now she would heard a German service con- bv the Rev. E. M. Franzell. ' to her .. guests o -m-l aw and daughter, Mr A Gennan hymn was job, though ho was not using a | have to do all her work alone. But Mrs> Vottelei . requested by Dort , nt . , pwlnE . rirplp v Trq line. Mrs. Anderson says she cans she has five "boys and tl,ey h ep j , law and daugnt er, Mr. and ,^ th Do cab s ™ ^ M| mni-n timn aftft rmni-u nf vpGrp.tfl/hles mother a lot. Jonn was .loiiiiih Mrs.'Sinms. T T _ .... T ,, , ,.,... „. '. . , Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod entertain the Dorcas siiiu mi. mm mm. >.. j.. UIU.Y .YOU.. mnro ti la n 300 quarts ot vegetames .numid «. IUL. uui.n -^^ .,„.....„ m rs.'aiems. to Boone Tuesday to attend a summer Most of the last with one of the little boys and said, spring meeting of the Fort' Dodge | season > s product had 'been used. he guessed that they would put | njrt , uliiy C i u j, Has Party- Presbytery. » * * * dresses on him, but the Iboy spoke. The Birthday club met ; [ It's A Curious Thing |"WHY DO WE SAY HELLO?' " it is a corruption of to You." And earlier | to You," an ancient form lutation, you store your clothes i they have first been Modern Cleaners We Deliver Presbytery. Son for Hurt Couple- Mr, and Mrs. Lyle Marlow are parents of a s»n, born at tin Kossuth hospital Sunday. Oaves for New Job— Robert Moore has gone to Wesley, where he has charge of a produce station. Other Bnrt News. Fred Jennings went to Fairmont Sunday to get his sister, Mrs. Mamie Speicher, who is doing the housework at the Jennings home while Mrs. Jennings is recovering from a sickness. Mrs. E. L, Jennings, Titonka, spent last week there. She is Mr. Jennings' mother. Lulu Hawcott and .Selina Clifton spent Sunday at W. E. Hawcott's, Algona. The R. L. Cogdills and the Henry Smiths were at Mrs. Fannie Albright's, Sexton; the Floyd Duncans, the Emil Persons, and the Ray Smiths, were at Tom club met at Mrs. ............ Wo slopped at Lloyd Gardner's, | right up and said he could help 'Dennis Hendricksen's last week — • • ' without dresses. Mr. and Mrs. | Thursday, 19 members and a guest,' northwest of Swea City, last week Monday, and he and Mrs. Gardner were milking, as it was evening chore time. They have a fine herd of Holstein cows. Lloyd moved to this neighborhood two years ago from near Estherville. Mr. and Mrs. Gardner have two children, a girl and boy. * * * * .-' Tuesday, Apr. 10, we were at the Pat Hynes home, northwest of Bancroft. This (family is new there, having come from south of Emmetsburg. There are four boys and four girls, and two of the girls were planting garden seeds, while two of the boys were helping Dad load manure. Trenary'B. Leona Lichter, Algona, spent Friday at Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle's. Lois Graham, who teaches near Mason City, spent the week-end Krebsbach are living five miles north of Whittemore, near the Geo. J. Winkel farm. iMrs. Anna 'Soderberg, south Bancroft, was mixing Ibatter for a F ssler _ Refreshments were serv- cake .Saturday when we called. | ed . M] . s R G Berkeland and She always has good luck at bak- M . T John * * * Koestler, oldtimer lives on what the call the who "Divide farm," west of Titonka, was cutting up seed potatoes for iplant- ing when we arrived at his place last week Monday. John owns 500 acres of Kossuth land, tout remarked that he would like to sell out and retire. He has always worked hard and is now entitled to take things easy. * * * i Mrs. Peter 'Govern, who lives on with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. the first farm west of John Koest- D. Graham. Harold Allison, Altoia, was with his aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth ler's, between 'Titonka and Burt, was peeling potatoes for dinner when we saw her last weke IURSERY iTOCK per a larger and more |l*te stock than ever be- Ask for our new free list, it's a money-saver. Landscape Service IIFORD NURSERY Mllford, Iowa re the Evergreens are Growing" lone Moyer, R. E. Moyer, and .Wednesday, and a daughter the latter's son went to Fontanelle washing walls as :part of Sunday to get Mrs. Moyer and the ousecleaning. Mrs. Govern is other children, who had accompanied Mrs.' Moyer's mother Mrs. Powers, to .that town Friday. Mrs. Powers had spent the winter here. •Mr. and Mrs. Everett Holliday, Leland, visited Saturday at Dr. B. K. Bahnson's. Mr. Holliday is superintendent of the Leland schools. Edna Button, Fort Dodge, was a week-end guest at Bahnson's. She is the doctor's cousin. Harley Peterson, attending. The program consisted of guessing - ' The games and jurnbled songs, committee in charge was Mrs. Henry Gowans and Mrs. Fred meets once a month, and the next be with Mrs. ing cakes. Her son Fredolph, who has not been well this spring, had_ his tonsils removed recently, and that may help. He has 'been out and around all the time. He served i x> UI ,n s j n Reading Party- Mrs. A. J. Berkeland Kennedy. The and club Henry J. Hendricksen, Ringsted and the latter's daughter France at a quilting last week Wednes day. Mrs. Walter Ohm was hostess t her bridge club Saturday. Mrs. A J. Krause won high, and Mrs. E. C Weisbrod was second. Mrs. Ray mond Stoeber and Mrs. Henr Schulte played for absent mem bers. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hein, o Waverly, son John, Gerald an Vivirfn Madden, and Lloyd Georg lerville Monday. Mrs. Oscar Voigt, Alden, Minn., came Sunday for visits with relatives. Edw. Meyer is her brother. Used Machinery ,Two Good Used Gang Plows •Used McCormick-Deering 3 bottom 14-inch tractor plow. Several good used McCormick-Deering corn planters. Good used two -row John Deere cultivator. MdCormick-Deering two row cultivator. A very good McCormick-Deering 10 ft. disc harrow. Good used Mc€ormick-Deering No. 4 manure spreader. Used Easy Way Hay Loader. Used 5-ft. Minnesota mower. Very good used F-20 tractor with steel wheels. F-20 tractor. Rubber all around. 1934 Ford V-8 truck with grain bojc. LWB. 1932 International 1 ton truck.- LWB. McCormick Deering Store Phone 52 E. State Fessler. on the jury -for the April term of court. OTTOSEN The fifth six weeks honor roll of the Ottosen high school included Mavis Holt, Calvin Jacabson, Alf Lee, Norbert Veerkamp, Mary Jane Hoflus, La Vonne Hansen, Thomas Olson, Iva Mae Tonderum, Connor Starin, Donley Jacabson, Richard Jacotoson, Jean Ann Jacobson, John Hansen.' The Ottosen "500" club held a farewell dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Jacobson Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Jacobson and sons will move to Belle Plalne, where they manage a hotel and was'; cafe. G&B Special satisfy!; for o,e' smoke particular smoker, the flavor favorite ivlli be cigar. B - made by men Geo. W. Boevers and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boevers, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests at the Rev. G. H. W.essel's. The Leon Wor- dens, Ledyard, spent the day at George Worden's. The men are brothers. The Robert Carneys, Algona, nd the. Ralph. Carneys visited unday at W. R. Carney's. The W. Lockwoods were dinner guests t H. 'G. MoMullen's. Supt. and Mrs. M. C. Bowie, with heir little son, spent the week- nd with Mr. Bowie's parents at earing and Mrs. Bowie's parents t Marshalltown. Ruth Schroeder accompanied her ousin, Herschel Hartmann, Fenon, to Hector, Minn., Friday to isit their aunt, Mrs. A. E. Hauck 11 Sunday. Mrs. R. A. Blelch and daughter Luella and Katherine Manus vis- ted Mrs. Bleich's mother, Mrs ohn Falk Sr., Titonka, Sunday. Virginia Thaves, employed m a eauty shop at Albert Lea, spent he week-end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Thaves. The E. A. Iliffs, former Burt esldents, called on Burt friends unday. They were on the way to heir home at Clarion. The Fidelis Sunday school class s to meet with Lulu Hawcott and Selina Clifton this week Wednes ^Banker and Mrs. J. T. Heaney visite4 Mr. Heaney's brother a Mankato Sunday. Frances Vaughn was a visitor a Jumlboldt Saturday. Can Get Some P, - ' be£or e the supply is Write or calj SENECA the one f Kossuth's oldtimers, and we al- •ays enjoy a visit with her. West rom Govern's a new road is be- ng built through Union Slough. * * * * At EJ P. Marlow's, northeast of Burt, the men were shelling corn ast week Wednesday. Herman ichroeder, Burt, was in charge, E. '., who i-ecently suffered a broken bpne in his right leg, above the ankle, is getting around some, but said it was tough to be laid up in a busy farming time like this. * * • • R. L. Krantz, at the northwest edge of Titonka, was not at home when we called last week Wednesday. He is away, 'buying stock, most of the time. R. L. is a big cattle feeder. At present he is feeding 280 head on a farm near Swea City. Dwight Potter takes care of these cattle, grinding two loads of grain^very .day for them R. L. trucks most of his cattle to Albert Lea. * » * * C H. Downs, who now operates a store at Titonka where George Sonuenberg formerly operated, tolc us last Thursday that business is good. He was on an oil truck so long that it seems strange to see him.behind a counter. But he always wears that pleasant smile and his customers like to see it. * * * * Gordon E, Hansen, southwest oi Titonka, was painting (beehives when we saw him last Thursday He has gone into the bee (business and he was expecting arrival of a shipment of ibees any day. They were to be trucked from Texas Gordon likes that kind of work even 1f a bee stings him now and then. * » * * We always like to stop at the German Valley store, north of Titonka. The folks who run it are always busy and cheerful. They have rearranged the goods to make things more convenient. Walter Krause and his mother operate the place. * * * * i At Martin Griese's last weel Thursday we found that hapipy The Modern Mixers met at Mrs Albert Cody's Saturday and helpec her celebrate a birthday annivers ary Bunco furnished " entertainment, and Mrs. Carl Petersen won high. Mrs. Ralph Campbell and Mrs. Emil'Elmers served luncheon. Vfany gifts were presented to Mrs. ».. and Mrs. Elmer Lee enter-] tained relatives at dinner Sunday. Mr emd Mrs, John Merger, Plum Creek, spent Sunday «* u tbe -,f "5; entalJ. W. BolUg's- The Henry Berghoefers, Fenton, were guests of the Krachts. The K. J. Campbells were at Ralph-Lage's, near] . 4W , «. S. senior play. The I Orchid Limousine, will be presented in the gymnasium next week Thursday aja4 Friday evenings. ' The Cujrtis Olsefts were dim guests at Bay Goering's. -•• - Sunday- Mrs- Oi " ire sisters- Verna Holt was a guest at the Thomas'home in Fort Dodge ver the week-end. Tom Olson, who had been in the eterans* hospital for two months, as returned home. Mr.' and Mrs. Henry Henrikson .nd Mrs. Helen Rasmussen and on Raymond were Sunday visi- ors at Arthur Fisher's at Perry. Sixty pupils from Independence township, Palo Alto county, who are in the primary, first, second, and third grades, took part in a reading party at the Center schoolhouse four miles west of Fenton last week Wednesday. Florence Wells, Palo Alto superintendent, attended, and Misses Ridder and Wallace, state workers from Iowa City, conducted the meeting. The object was to find means for improvement in oral and written tests. Haifa, were Sunday guests at Jo Madden's. TVlrs. Madden is a sister of Mrs. Hein. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lindsey, with the son Edward, were guests Saturday . night and Sunday of the William Kents, Omaha. Mrs. <ent is the former Vivian Lindsey. Mrs. Walter Fisher was at Havlock a few days ago, visiting a ister-in-law, Ida Fisher, who eaches there. Mrs. Fisher is a ormer Havelock teacher. Eldora Struecker, teacher in Denmark township, Emmet coun- y, took ten pupils to an all-day >oys' and girls' institute at Es- Sexton Mrs. Sarah Wise and her daugh- er, Mrs. Drusie Noble, left Friday morning for an extended visit with relatives at Mason City and in northern Minnesota. Mrs. Harvey Steven has been ill since last Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Voss and daughter Dolores, visited Mrs, Herman Wise Saturday. .Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield and daughter Edith were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Curran, near Lu Verne, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Neuman visited friends at Lu Verne Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Gjace Green, Lu Verne, was a caller Saturday afternoon at W J. Green's. "Billy" Green came home with her. He had spent the week at Lu Verne. A number of pupils from here attending the Algona high schoo went to Humboldt Tuesday with the Algona glee club to take par in a glee club festival. Mr. and Mrs. Sim Bemis and daughter Delores spent the weekend with relatives at Graettlnger (Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders attended a birthday dinner party ai Mrs. .Sanders' brother, John Pink's near Titonka. Old Hcsidenter Visits Here— Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Benson, of Eagle Grove, were last week Wednesday and Thursday guests at Mitohell's and with other relatives here. Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Benson are sisters. The visitors were accompanied by Mrs. Barney Thompson, Pelican Rapids, Minn., vho remained to visit relatives and Id friends. She operated a hotel here some 30 years go. The Del- iert Longs now live there. Attend Shower for Newlyweds— Sunday dinner guests at A. R. Willret's were Mrs. F. J. Willrett, daughter Elsie, and Frederick Willrett, all of Algona. The A. R. Willretts attended a shower honoring Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Price, Lakota, at Albert Wtt>t>en's home near Bancroft, in the afternoon The Prices are newlyweds, and Mrs. Price Is Mrs. Wibtoen's sister Visit Des Moinef? Patient- Mrs. Peter Hayenga, Mrs. Harry Haase, daughter Shirley Mae, an< Mrs. Aaron Taylor, the latter o Burt, drove to Des Mojnes. Friday to visit Mrs. Kathryn Doege, in a hospital there. Mrs. Doege is a sister of Mrs. Hayenga, and Mrs. Taylor is a daughter. All returned Sunday. Dinner Celebrates Birthday— Mrs. Herman Struecker entertained at dinner Sunday in honor „<> >,„,. vniRihand's 'birthday anm- Bankers Life Farm Loans Low rate, long time funds from an IOWA COMPANY. See me for prompt closing, no commission. EDWARD CAPESIUS Heise Bldg. . Algona, Iowa Woo Get our prices before you sell your wool. We are paying JOE GREENBERG of her husband's birthday versary, and guests were Mrs. William Struecker, West Bend, her children, and the Fred Strueckers and the Lewis Braatzes, Whittemore. Beauty Course is Resumed— George Pert! took his sister Marie to Minneapolis Saturday to resume a beauty culture course, after ten days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Peril. They were accompanied by the sister Helen and Anna Finn. Freeman Wolf Has Operation- Freeman Wolf, who was taken to an Iowa City hospital last week All Feed I BARN PA I NT The sawe HIGH QUALITY FEED which has always been sold by us. Strong, healthy, and sturdy chicks result when, fed "ALL. FEED" Starting and Growing Mash, It is mixed daily, which insures a fresh, pal" atabie chick mash, Start your chicks on "ALL FEEP" today! Chick Chrowtjj Per Bag of Feed'* Manufaoturei and sold by COAST COAST E. R. Rif ing Algona, Iowa Other Algona Dealers-—Nelsoii & Leasing 1 Grocery, Alfpfta Hatcliery, op market prices. PHONE 118 TWO QUESTIONS AND THE RIGHT ANSWERS Question: HOW CAN YOU RAISE YOUR USUAL AMOUNT OP CORN ON LESS ACREAGE? Answer: GET A MO CORMICKJDEERING . "100" SERIES CORN PLANTER TO INSURE MORE. CORN PER ACRE. Under the new farm act, every com grower's acreage is limited, but his yield per acre is not. 'The released corn acreage goes into soil building crops. Big yields per acre are not cheating the objective of the farm act, but helping achieve the end in view—the rebuilding of our soils to the condition our forefathers found them. Question: WHY JUNK AN OLD BUT USABLE PLANTER? Answer: BECAUSE YOU'RE PROBABLY LOSING TWICE THE PRICE OF A 4 NEW MC CORMICK-DEERING EVERY YEAR. A new McCormick-Deering corn planter, barring a drouth year, should produce enough additional corn on each 40 acres to pay for the planter PLUS a profit of 100% on the price of the planter the VERY FIRST YEAR. See The McOormick-Deering'Corn Planter on Display at Our Store McCormick - Deering Store Bring in your seed; we will recommend the correct plates, free of charge. Listen to the MoCormick-Deoring Program over KGLO (1210kc) every Monday through Friday—12 to 12:80 noon Featured at the cooking school... The bread flour so good it won 809 cake prizes! In all her demonstrations, your cooking demonstrator uses Omar Flour • To get extra gw>4 results in cooking, of course there's a lot in knowing how. And you learn many a helpful new method as you watch the . demonstrations at the cooking school. But even the most skillful cook can't dp her. self justice unless shf uses good inzryfitnts. Especially in baking. So when you try out any of the demonstrator's recipes at home, be sure to use the flour she uses... Omar Flour. The Omar blend has been developed to give greater tenderness and delicacy to all baked foods. That's why this celebrated bread flour has won the impressive total of 809 prizes for fine, light velvety cakes. Cskts, mind you . ., the hardest possible test for an all-purpose flour! Follow the eicample an4 advice of baking experts—like the hundred? of state fair baking champions .,.«$? Qmmr F(wrl ^^ ! ™ "• ^p^^ wHl 1 W, ™ ' iWP ^IF ^^K ^ flT

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