Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 28, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1938
Page 5
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE FIVI GALS » and Amelda Lav- fat Dodge last week Li, Thursday. o tnif/elis w»l spend ,Bkr vthMr.HuWell's JSnce and Lawrence's ftwreneefe a teacher. *«d nroe returned Sune Junior col- "ere wiher Fairmont, Dorothy, •with were their daughter Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Blinkman's sister Mrs. John Foth, and his mother, Mrs. Lenore Peck. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. "W. Behrends Jackson. Jack, who la a senior, will clerk In his father's grocery ° . Htwiml Thompson, ,!.° n , ftor hHi«I nnd , with Wil'hur Greenman, all o£ Lamoni, wore week-end guests of the Ralph Bucks. Miss Thompson, a friend of Mrs. Buck, teaches in a Ringgold county school. Mr. Buck is an Eieclrolux salesman here. Dr. and Mrs. H. F. Shirley, Iowa f'lty, with their two children, were guests from Saturday till Tuesday of Doctor Shirley's parents, Coun- gan, all of Eagle Grove, were Friday guests of Mrs. Chris Wallu- kait. Mrs. Shaunte Is an aunt, the other women cousins, of Mrs. Wallukalt, whose husband is manager of the local Council Oak store. Ruth McMnlion, teacher at Garner, came for the week-end with per parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. 10. McMahon, and with them went to Storm Lake Sunday to visit another daughter, Mrs. Richard Schmidt, the former Marion McMahon, is in the b health for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heetland, of "*' 1'. N.c.crson spent the ( IIio Malt, Seiners drove to Mason i week-end with .her daughter, Mrs. i-ity Sunday to visit the daughter Arthur Alexander, west of Algona. _ . . . -- ...... -. -- , ('lUherlne, student nurse at Mercy • Two other daughters were Sunday Kenwicic, with their daughter hospital. Catherine and Eleanor ' dinner guests there — Mrs. Fern «i Ce ™ Wel '°A S " nda - v , suests of Mr. Payne, the latter daughter of Mr. Huling, Britt, and Mrs. Aijelt Mey- ir ten W 8 ."^™"""." Vi % A w ay , , S , UCSts ° E Mr - Payno ' tho lnUer daughter of Mr.^Iullng, Britt, and Mrs. . iora and Julia ™J®»' oe ' £ rnd . M ™- A ' w - "ohrends. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. P ftync here, will be er, Ringsted, and both nd M rs ' C ' ^A v spent £, n' r ^r 1 "' 0 n"^ °, alor> is a K1 ' ndllntcd fl ' om noses' training 'on ' companied by their hus h their son Bobby, spent brother of Mrs. Behronds. , May 12. children. < with ' Lorry, son Bo'bby, spent .. nnd Mrs. Carl ;tnar ;' nea ar Swea City r, and John Gisch hndar s uest9 of thelr cous " "" • Kramer, Lu Verne, a rn clerks at Hawcott ^j rs H. L. Cluui, Bm- tte re Sunday guests of .sister, Mrs. Gordon ll jir. Clum owns a recrea- ^'"sirnyer, daughter of Mr. ! j A Strayer, had her ap- emoved yesterday morning at the Kos- brothor of Mrs. Behrends. Mary IMoscr and Mrs. Eva Deim! were ac- husbands and Wcorfn- JtosweU, of the Al- | County Agent A. L. Brown ot- were Sunday dinner guests of UiO|K° mi laundry, returned Sunday , tended a Whittemore boys' 4-H ' | hitter's daughter, Mrs. Woodrow ^ rom , Molnes, where she had| c 'ub meeting Monday evening at ipital. I Her, . (•' M'. I'fclffcr, Mrs. L. s, and Mrs. Fred Gei- roafl, ended a Presbyterian mls- onvention at Bopne Tues- yesterday, fund Mrs. A B. Pannkuk, Elieir onka r daughter Helena, were ^ Tuesday to attend the of Mr. Pannkuk's sister, Hoffman are Valley today (Thursday) a the funeral of Drs. F. C. j. Scanlan's mother, who ipsday morning. McKcc, Upper Des Moines went to Mason City •4111*1.1*1 M V4ull£,lll.l;l , ULI n. YVIJUUIUW I "<" J-*U.l IVIUIHUrt, WIICIO KI1C ImCl I^IUI/ 111UUL1U& 'IVJLUUUfcly UVt,llUl& *IL Johnson, Irvlngton. Mr. Johnson ' been since last week Wednesday ' J- M. Elmore's. A. L. Rochleau is Is a farmer, and Mrs. Johnson iai w "-'' her mother, Mrs. J. H. DC-'leader. Mr. Brown attended a sim- the former Catherine Deim. Laney, who suffered a stroke some ilar Lone Rock meeting last night •AlgonlaiiH who attended a recent tlmo wo and is now slightly nn- conservation meeting at Humboldt Proved. Brown's Studio, and will be entertained at the Call theater afterwards. Thirteen St. Mary's seniors from Emmetsburg had pictures taken last week Thursday. The Rev. W. F. Mason accompanied the group, which was likewise entertained at the theater through courtesy of Mr. Brown, the photographer. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dau have returned from Arkansas, where they spent two months. They say that our last snowstorm got as far south as that state and left a two- inch blanket of snow. Unable to find a house for rent in Algona, they have rented a room or two at Fred Anderson's on west State. The Dau farm near Burt is rented. 'Mr. Dau has been in rather poor health of late years, and his wife had an operation before they went south. dollar a month, which includes 1 local, state, and national dues. Credit information wl^ch is to be sent out monthly in bulletin form will be provided at 50c a month extra. Membership in the state and national organizations was voted, which will be invaluable to the local organization. A largo attendance is anticipated at the next meeting the evening of May 16. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon got back Saturday from Los Angeles, Calif., where they had been since last August. Mr. Bohannon worked there for the Remington- Rand Co. He and Mrs. Bohannon report a most enjoyable winter, which included a number of sightseeing trips and a visit at Mrs. Bohannon's brother Roy Pence's. Mr. Pence does insecticide work for the DuPont company. Mr. Bohan- from East Lansing, Mich., where he had been since Christmas with the youngest daughter Irene. He brought news that Irene was married some seven months ago. She was a teacher there, and her husband is a member of the faculty. Mr. Shaben and Irene spent a week in New York City, and the other three children were there. Leo Is in Dalton Adding Machine employ there; Margaret Is a home economics extension worker connected with the Michigan state university at Ann Arbor; and Lillian is a teacher at Ithaca, N. Y. 1037 FORD COACH — MAXWELL Motors. 5p32 non has not yet made definite The county association of petrol- plans for the future. He was a eum retailers held a monthly j guest Monday noon of his old Ro- neeting last week Monday, adop- ed by-laws, and fixed dues at a Icr, >r WL..I. L " -^r , y 'for the rest of the week _ ,cr parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Uol . Kee , former Algonians. 1 jn ,j jiclglcr, Denison, spent „• here with her parents, Mr. irs Fred Zeigler. She is a Igoiia high school graduate s now employed at Denison. nnd Mrs. F. K. Hobbs, Min- • HIIU J« •" ' _ l_l»;j iWI Ells, sp-nt Saturday and Sun- fclth Mrs. Hobbs' sisters, Mrs. iBieser and Mrs. W. J. Payne. lobbs has a government posi- [and Mrs. H. W. Becker- were ^ fuc ^ son City Tuesday, on a bus- mission. Mr. Becker, lor-j • of the Elk cleaning works, an agent for the New York „ and Mrs. John Light, Fen- Ivisited the former's sister, Mary Harsh, Friday. The s were on the way home after (it with a daughter at Iowa that B«n F. Sorensen is out . drug 'business, he has taken [new line of work. He is fig! jobs and otherwise looking new business for Kenneth .an. t and Mrs. A. A. Sterling, with I three daughters, were Sun[ dinner guests-at -Mr. -Starrs sister Mrs. F. E. Hossmau's, le Grove. Mr. Hossman !s a were E. V. Pierce, H. M. Smith, Ralph Meidke, Joe Lowe, L. M. Merrltt, Harold Stevenson, p. j, Kohlhaas, and John Frankl. The llev. Mr. Flulf?, of Webb, was a guest of the Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Vol/.ke Monday and Tuesday. Mr. Flaig is pastor of a Baptist church, and ho and Mr. Vol'/.ke were schoolmates at Chicago. Gosinii Sclintlcr, teacher at Wesley, was a Saturday dinner guest of the Tom E. Daileys. She is a niece of Mrs. Dailey. From here, she went to West Bond to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Schulter Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Guderian were at Sheffield Sunday, guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Furness. Mr. Furness is a trucker, and Mr. Guderian is linotype operator for the Advance. Messrs, and IHosdnnies L. J. Nelson and James Watts were at Fort Dodge Sunday, attending a ball game in which the local academy's team took part. Mr. Watts is janitor at the new postoffico build- Marilyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Tuttle, has been sick since last week Thursday with chicken pox. She is in the fourth grade at school. Mr. Tuttle travels for the Des Moines drug com- [three-day Methodist state .Sun- ichool convention opened [sday at the First Methodist rch, Fort Dodge. The Rev. I Mrs. F. Earl Burgess are at- )ing. is reported that R. B. Waller, |he Upper Des Moines, has pur- the model brick house on . Phillips (cemetery) street a year or so ago by Geo. taller. )r. and Mrs. Ted Lieuwen, with daughter lone, and Mr. and Harold DeGroote, Humboldt, a little son, were Sunday fcer guests here of Mr. and Mrs. tier Klamn. } motion picture, King of Kings, (lory of the life of Christ, was wn last evening at the Metho- church. There was no ad- felon charge, but a silver offer- Iwas taken. [be Rev. P. C. Volzke was at '.er City last week Thursday, |(J|iig|ji pastors' retreat. Mrs. B ; accompanied him to -visit '/-,._nd aunt, Mr. and Mrs. |; Gillman. r »h'd Mrs. Julius Bllnkman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacob and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson, all of Austin, 'Minn., were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacob, The Robert Jacobs are parents, Mrs. Nelson a sister, of Fred. J. M. Patterson drove to town Tuesday for the first time since he was taken home from the hospital He is now considerably improved but is still too weak for work. Ho lays his recent sickness to an attack of the flu. Sosanne Holtabauer was taken abed Tuesday with a light case o rheumatism. She is a sophomore at the Academy and recently won third In the humorous division in a final Sioux City diocese declamatory contest. Mrs. Elizabeth Mangan, Minneapolis, with her sons John and Harry, were guests of the daughter- Mrs: M. C. McMahon over the week-end. They are former Al- gonians. John owns several meat markets there. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Glasier, St. James, Minn., spent Saturday vening here with the P. D. and J. Dooleys. Mrs. Glasier is a sis- er of Mrs. J. J. Dooley/ and Mr. lasier is a farmer. The Glasiers nee farmed near Algona. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long, with .>lr. and .Mrs. 0. \V. Krickson will ake the latter's mother, Mrs. Isa- Wesley, to Minneapolis Friday, (Wednesday) at the Lone Rock schoolhouse. A. H. Hanna is Lone Rock leader. Mr. anil Mrs. G. L. Vohs went to West Bend Sunday for a visit at nd thoncn she will return to her , their son Carl's. They helped their lomo at Rhinelander, Wis. She grandson J.immy celebrate his sev- las been here since December 1. enth birthday, and in the afternoon VIr. Krickson travels for a hard-!drove to Rolle to hoar a musical .'are company. Mrs. I0va Di'lin and her ; program conducted by Mrs. Carl sister, | Vohs, who teaches music in the Vlary Bicsscr, will go to Minneapo- schools there, is next Sunday to bring Wade j Mr. and Sirs. E. A. Iliff, Clarion, lanson and John Deim home for he summer. The boys attend Dun- voody Institute, Wade majoring in irchitecture, John in sheet-metal vork and plumbing. Kstlmr 'Liivreii/ had a tonsillec- with two sons, James and Walter, were Sunday aifternoon and dinner guests at* C. E. Chubb's. Mr. Iliff, former superintendent at the Bancroft C. C. C. camp, now holds a similar position at Clarion. The tomy Saturday morning at the Gcn-'lHiffs lived at Burt a year ago, and oral hospital and is recuperating it home. She is manager of the ocal reemployment office. The listrict manager, E. V. Worley, has sharge of the office during the absence of Miss Lavrenz. the son James was a student in high school there. Kate Skinner, who travels for Ginn & Co., schoolbook publishers, spent the week-end here with her mother, Mrs. Anna Skinner tnry pals. Jos. Shuben got home Friday Mcsdaincs Wm. Dehnert, Walter | Her sister Mrs. Frank Seeley, and Klamp, J. R. Troutman, and Mar- the latter's husband, met her at tin Vinaas, the latter wife of the i Mason City Friday and brought hotelkeeper at' Burt, were guests I her up. She left for Ann Arbor, of Mrs. H. E. Chellberg, of Mason Mich., Sunday, and will spend City, last week Tuesday. Mr. Chell- some months in travel in that berg is contractor for a new Ma- state. son City school building. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Frost visited Mrs. J. If. Cox, Mrs. C. V. Bar- I the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ker, south of Algona, Mrs. Clare Winkie, Mrs. Earl Miller, and the latter's daughter Maibeline, all of near Burt, were Fort Dodge visitors Tuesday. Mrs. Miller is a daughter of Mrs. Cox. The Coxes are driving a new Dodge. Rose Lndwig, Myrtle Turnbaugh, Fred Frost, over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fisher, Davenport, were also guests. Mrs. Jack Frost and Mrs. Fisher are sisters, and both couples went from here to Greenville to visit the women's parents. The local Mr. Frost work out of Algona for the Regis- and Herman and John Fritz, the ter & Tribune, latter two of West Bend, visited Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Rising were friends at Woodward and with the ! at West Bend Sunday, visiting the Jack Hansens, Sac City, Sunday. I latter's sister Mrs. Irvin Shell- Mr. Hansen, former butcher at the Council Oak store here, now has a similar position at Sac City. The Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand took their little son to St. Peter, Minn., Sunday and left him meyer, and brought home with them their little grandson, Richard Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bell, who had been there while his mother was a Kossuth hospital patient. Mrs. Bell and with his grandparents, Mr. and her infant son Ronald Lee were Mrs C. E. Sjostrand, while his I taken home Tuesday. parents are attending an Iowa Lu- | Sixteen seniors from the Whitte- ALWAYS COC INDAY THRU. WEDNES, J MAY 1-4 [e are prour to offer War- frBros.' greatest achieve- lent— |0fllm Davis' Stage Pl»y BUTLOVRBLt! She in ,i i, ., battleyiuun.i ,: °l a niaii'b i.i.ni" BETTE DRVIS Plus ana Dwarfs theran Augustana Synodical convention at Ottumwa this week. Mrs. Evert Swcnson arrived last week Monday from. Chicago for the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Johnson.'She is the former Ella Mae 'Johnson, and her husband, a medical student at the University of Illinois, is to be graduated next spring. Mrs. Ella Patterson, mother of Mrs. E. N. Taylor, came on Easter Sunday for a visit of indefinite length. She had spent the winter with two daughters, Mrs. 0. M. Butcher, Fairmont, Charles Greer, Blue more Presentation academy are having pictures taken today at and Mrs. Earth. Mr. Butcher and Mr. Greer are farm- leir son Jack, plan to spend ers. unday at New Hampton with | Mrs. George Shaunte, Mrs. Den- tfrs. Long's mother Mrs. Ruth nis Moon, and Mrs. Howard Mor- Small Loans Up to $300 05 ACTOMOim,ES LIVE STOCK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ETC. •Prompt, courteous, coDlidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE GO Wext to Upper Des Moines offle* The Algona Auction Co. IVe am Itero to serve both the seller and buyer at onr pavilion in Algona every Saturday. Saturday, April 30 Don't forget ire sell anything that, yon have to sell every Saturday by the head or weight. Our place is packed with buyers, and all stock is dcnmndjng good prices. So don't forget to get your stock in, as you ivill get the best cash price. IIOKSKS—Have listed a nunilivr of horses. R'ill have some good work Lorsns. CATTLE—"H'e expect some good cows and young cattle. "\Vc sell by the pound or weight. Don't forget, we will take horses or any stock on new and used machinery. Roller bearing steel wheel I. II. ('. running gear, good as new. A. A. Dryycr will sell his senior Holstein herd bull in our sale May 7. Bring your sows in where you can expect good prices and bring vaccination papers. We hirve liscted some good red sows for this sale. '82 Chevrolet Pickup truck. IVo also handle the complete line of Massey-Harrls machinery. Don't forget to look this Twin Power Row Crop Tractor over. Will handle 32-in. sep. and 3 14-in. plows. We have the contract on the Belle City nnd Woods Bros, thresher. Open every day. Sale barn phone 77 or residence 3F22. Start on stock at 1:30. TERMS—Cash. No property removed until settled for. C. O. RIDDLE & SON Operators and Auctioneers. , FBI., SATUB. School matinee at 4 p. m. Thursday, Dollar Day in Algona THE TRULY SUNDAY AND MONDAY 10 big stars 10 big tunes 100 thrills 6 Free Tom Kelly Shirts at School Matinee by the Hub Clothing Co. NEWS on Belease Date Coming—Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 5-6-7, "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs." none 186 Alstona. low* Hood's Store Special for Fri., Satur., and Mon., Apr. 29, 30, and May 2 PHONE 855 PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE ALGONA, IOWA 4 daily, 8:80 and 10:00 a. in.; 2:80 and 4:00 p. in. Use our new delivery service and take advantage of th,ese special prices. Blue G Coffee With 6-in. Monox Salad Plate FREE PUMPKIN, 18-k No. 2^ can —!<>£ SAUER KRAUT 18-k No. 2 2 cans 19* CORNED BEEF, 16-oz. tin 23* POTTED MEAT, % «" ns 2 cuns 1S * VEAL LOAF, 2-oz. cans __ IS* COCOA, IGA 2 lb. can 19* "CAKE FLOUR, Swansdown 25* CAKE FLOUR, IGA, pkg. 24* P&G Jumbo Soap 5 bars 19c | C'n Flakes, Ig. IGA 3 pks 25c BAKING POWD'R, IGA 1 11). can 19* SOAP GRAINS, IGA, Ige. 17* T'LET TISSUE IGA Dawn 3 rolls 19* HARD WATER SOAP, IGA 2 liars 9* APRICOTS, fancy 2 Ibs. 29* PEACHES, fancy yellow --2 Ibs. 29* PRUNES, California Ige. __3 Ibs. 25* PRUNES, Calif, med. 3 Ibs. 19* FLOUR, Gold Nugget --49 Ibs. $1.33 FLOUR, IGA 49 lb, bag $1.69 Macaroni or Spaghetti, 5 Ibs. ----29c Peanut Butter, 21b.jar --2Sc Folger's Coffee, glb.can 53c S Pork and Beans? tall cans, 3 for 25c PINEAPPLE, 8-oz. cans 3 for 25c COFFEE, Butternut 2 lb, can 53c COFFEE, Brown Betty _ _ _2 lb. can 49c BROWN SUGAR - - - - -4 lb«, 23c POWDERED SUGAR 3 lbt, 21c NEW POTATOES - 7 lb«, 25c ORANGES, good size- _ _ _ _ _ 2 doz, 29c RADISHES, 2 bunches _____ 5c LEMONS, good size, 1 doz -25c GRAPEFRUIT, good tize _ _. .5 for 25c » OP 24 QZj bottje strawberry, Root Beer, <• for White Soda, Ginger Ale, Orange £P ISinoked Ham, Easter Cuts, 2 for 35* Pork L|yer __ T^JSJ Fancy Beef Boast __,. T —-^-*»» **,ZSf «o,«nd Steftk, U> : >*p --}?{• Pork £oin B°*st» Vb ----- *** Pork Chops, center cuts Lb, 25* Pork Steak ——„ -—Lb, 21* Veal Roast, milk fed __,: .—21* Ring Bologna, Ib, __ T ;,. 17* Bacon, by the piece, lb.~,~ <i!* Lard, lb» Summer Sausage, lb, ^-- Style Knows No Age Limit Whether you're twenty or seventy, you can look smart, well . dressed and up-to-date . . .and we stand ready to prove it, if you'll give us half a chance. Better still, we'll prove it without overtaxing your pocketbook, .without unbalancing your budget. To be exact, $22.50 is all you need to do the trick. You'll get fine all-wool fabrics. You'll have your choice of all the newest patterns. You'llvknow the pleasure of choosing from an immense, complete selection of all the smartest styles. - . The workmanship is guaranteed. The value is insured. The reliability of your investment is protected by our unblemished record of years of selling fine clothes. ; THE CLOTHING CORNER OF NORTHWEIT IOWA

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