Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1938 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 12
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PAGE FOUR KOSSUTM COUNTY APVANCfi. ALCKMiA. IOWA J^URSDAV ^••'^•^•^•^•^••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•IHHHI^^B^^^^B"*" IH " HHHI111 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^•••^^^^••••^•^•^••••••^^^^^•^••••^^^••^^^^•i^M^^^BBi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SUPERSER VERSARY SPECIAL Illlllll •• ••^•••^•^^•^••^^•^^••••^••••••••—l^^ Prepare Now for Summer Driving With New YEAR TIRES If the treads on the tires on your car are worn out it is an invitation to disaster every time you step on th n i,™ k . at high speed. It is also an Station to disaster on hot summer roads wl™n iSeraS is combined with the heat of the road. Smooth tires are Goodyear Ail-Weather The world's most popular tiro. First in popularity anil sales for 23 conso- eiiLive years. U-3 AlMVcnthcr gives morn safety anil wear at. no premium in price. See the PLUS features of tliis croat tire. Goodyear R-l Come in—and see this "bear for wear," the uninzlng now Goodyear value tire. Center traction for grip, blow-out protected plies of supertwist cord, mean long trouble-free mileage. Goodyear Marathon The new hi-wiile tread tire of first- line quality at a price. New roll-grip non-skid cord breakers, compression proof cord. A first-quality tire at mail order prices. Wise Motoris An $8.50 Value for $5.98 Prepares your car for Sp ALLOWANCE ON YOUR OLD TIRES Avoid the Danger and Inconvenience of "Flats" ard Tubes ORDINARY (£. TUBE .„ ,,,He S ,v, t .ho,, „ „ tllo soc(m(1 LIFEGUARD TUBE tection against injury resulting from blow-outs n short ant to you as your life, because they may save your life SSS are just as import- -^—^—•^^^•••••MI For Tread-Skid Protection for Shorter Periods actory Retreads These factory retreaded tires, with the famous All-Weather tread, are true in eve™ A * «l ^^«-^?a=£^^^^gS-^-2^^ retreads with the "• - ~ WASH CAR SIMONIZE CAR CHA.NGE OIL (adding 5 quarts Polarine) LUBRICATE CHASSIS PAINT OR WAX TOP CHECK RADIATOR HOSE CLEAN AND ADJUST SPARK PLUf* S CHECK TIRES AND INSPECT CHECK KNEE ACTION This is a complete Checkup service on your car, doubly important at this time of the year, and at this special price in observance of our fifth anniversary. Only vital things are not cared for now before that our anniversary comes at this time of 11-value offering on real motor comfort winter accumulation of dirt on outside nnd inside,! has put your car in a dangerous condition if thest ""• spring and summer days come. We are " our special offer, as outlined above, gives ail today to Dutch's Super Service fW » fi I ~, --.d Simonized, taking the dW from n r^T Bnd C ° mplete check ' u P- Your «| ance again. The oil will be changed drainlns o t « "^ presentin e tha * "new" appewl sludge, and clean, fresh lubricating 'poiarin/inl J, , W !, nter accumula tion of engine-destrojtail anne mstalied. The top will be painted or waxed. ' SEE US FOR USED TIRE BARGAINS ALL The vital radiator hose lines Your spark plugs, little seen „ lliutll . 1VJ , the sparl. will ignite all the power in your pressure. Knee action on cars having it bad condition yon will be advised a,,,,,,™™,,,, could not go, will be cleaned and adjusted sol be checked against nails, and forairl .,r „„.! foatJgj.y. -- — - - . .1 liglits, ABOUT OUR CREDIT Motor Cleaner BATTERIES WHY 1)0 YOU WASH YOUR HANDS AND FACE OR TAKE A BATH] Every since we were born we have had lessons on the value of cleanliness. It is an established fact, that in order for a human machine to function properly it must be free from dirt, film, and foreign matter. JUST SO, is this true of the mechanism of the engine of your car. STOP: THINK! Can you IMAGINE its condition after thousands of miles without a bath. You've seen the rings in your bath tub. SEE THE DIRT we get from the inside of your motor. Cleans oil lines, valve stems and guides, rocker arms, oil pump, behind piston rings, and removes sludge from crankcase. BATHS BY APPOINTMENT for your motor. Any hour any day. COME AND SEE THIS NEW SERVICE. You will agree it is a REVELATION to engine performance, and understand why it increases the life of your motor threefold. Winter usage has damaged your battery if it is more than a few months old. It may fail on the road. Bring it in and we will test it without charge to see if each cell is doing its duty. Batteries need care. Goodyear has three outstanding values in batteries: GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER BATTERY Here's a heavy-duty battery that will "take it" and come up for more. You drivers who make short drives, who have radios, power horns, cigar lighters, and other electrical equipment need this battery. GOODYEAR R-lBATTERY A quality battery that will stand months of abuse. Come in and let us tell you of the features of this new battery by Goodyear. It is better than its price. GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY BATTERY A first-line battery, with plenty of "kick" when needed. If you need a new battery for an older car don't fail to look this one over. It's a top quality battery at mail order prices. ^"^^•^^••^MB Motorola Radios See the new Motorolas with dash controls to match the panel of your car. There are 6 controls: Country, city, street car, music, bass, and voice, besides wide-tuning on the dial, and volume control. There is real motoring comfort with a radio to bring you news, music, and your favorite programs Indispensable on trips where new stations come in with varied features as you go farther away from home. Vulcanizing Protect your good but damaged tires by having the carcasses vulcanized. It will add many thousands of miles to the life of the tire, and make you free from . blow-outs caused by the original damaged spots. Have all damaged spots protected immediately. PRESTONE SERVICE cold weather comes again it wilte There Is Absolutely No Charge for this Service — f *•*«*£ .JJL You escape the muss, of valuable Prestone of this service. * * Jt 1OSS a(Jv antage TCH'S SUPER- PHONE 33 AND HAVE YOUR CAR PREPARED PROPER, y essones Here you win find a complete line of J Pendable accessories for your car, little mgs that are not expensive, but whitf mean a i ot to your motoring comfort. A jew of the many items are seat covers, fog ueaaiight covers, insect screens, polish and cleaners, top dressing, radiator solder, tube repair kits, windshield wiper blades, spark p ugs (and they may need changing), yroil, headlight bulbs (carry a couple of spares), fender guides, 4-oz, Slickster raiak coats. We are also dealers in Stanolind, white mineral oil, . f / I Hypoid Gears gears in J ate model c.ars special lubricant or they will be dam« C6I>tain the y 8 et this rteK lubrK Bring yo ur car to Dutch's and have greas e changed now before NG

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