Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1938 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 11
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BUHNERS ARE TRAINED DOWN ^ENDURANCE KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA Lillian Huskamp Wed to Chicagoan CEREMONY AT FENTON THIS WEEK MONDAY PAGE TttttEl Fcnton, Apr. in—At Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Huskamp's Monday at -11: DO a. in. the daughter Vivian was married to J. Marshall Seglin, Chicago, by the Rev. W. J. Witter, Nemahii, former Methodist pastor here. The bride wore a peach-colored ankle-length, lace Young Ottosen Mother Dies After Operation Mrs. Harvey Steven. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Steven, with their daughter Muriel, were Sunday dinner guests of the II. Stevens, 'Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berger, n .,- a A ,„ ,. _, , wi t h Hie former's mother, Mrs. uttosen, Apr. 19—Mrs. Iheodore and the following program was Arch Bcrgcr, Burt, were Sunday unucrijcrg, 31, who had seemingly given: roll call, pet peeves; group ] dinner guests of Mrs. Sarah .Wise neen in good health till six weeks I singing, Nobody Knows the Trou-1 mother of the younger Mrs B<v- ago, but was taken to Wie Lutheran i ble I See; scripture; psalm No. 93; ger. hospital, Ft. Dodge, Tuesday, April lesson, Our State Institutions, Mrs. I Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield •>, ana iind a major operation there! Roy Morgan; special music, host- with their daughter Edith were next day, died last week Sunday ess; Reader's Digest, Mrs. Henry Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and morning. iLovig; hobby, hostess. A potluck Mrs. Clem Cunningham, near Irv- I'amily funeral services were | lunch was served. , ington. Mrs. Hallard Snyder, Ti- conducted at the home at one o'clock last week Wednesday afternoon and public services at St. tonktt, and her children were also there. IMr. and Mrs. Herman Wise spent [so is R STATE In cans iIn cans tin bulk . In bulk In bulk OTO .that's why it's so long-lasting! Iso-Vis Motor Oil is given "workouts" for greater endurance. Special Standard Oil refining processes work out the wax and unstable, carbon-forming portions. What's left—the Iso-Vis Motor Oil you buy— is all oil! That's why it is so long-lasting. Ask for Iso-Vis when you change this Spring. of STANDARD OIL DEALERS Stnilcnts Tonic Home— __. Donald Wehrspann, who attends dross with short,' 'inif'feif "'sleevos ' C ?' a ' l " a clnirch . B °de, at 2 p. m. by ! Valparaiso university, Valparaiso, Sunday"witti'V^ w'ise's parent", and silver accessories, and she ° n<3V ' K - c - Haaclck . Interment |Ind., got home last week Wednes- Mr. and Mrs. John Voss Sr near carried n bouquet of snapdragons, I wns mnde m st - Olaf's cemetery, day lor a spring vacation with his Lu Verne. white Miles, and lavender hollo- Surviving are Mr. Uiulerinerg, | parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wehr- George Sparks, Algona sppnt trope. Mrs. Wesley Witter, sister ° daughters, Barbara, 11, and'spann. Millard Storesund, who at- Sunday with Rex Taylor The bovs of tin; bride, was attendant, wore a Mflrlo »- !) . "-nd a son, Wallace, 5; tends the Iowa university, was are students in the Algona high blue suit, with roseburry accessor- Ro a '"'"tiler, Lawrence Hanson, also here. His mother is Mrs. school. ie.s. The bridegroom was attended Whlllemore, and a sister, Mrs. | Sarah Storesund. I The AV. J. Greens spent Sunday by Wesley Witter, Des Moines. I Raymond Haugen, West Bend; and _ — with Mr. Green's motho -, Mrp. ° '"•'••••*»-"—• —-' -•- I OHii.r OHn«oii Ar>wc_ j Grace Green, near Lu Verne. The bride is a graduate of 'the cme iMiW-'brothor and five half-ais- Fenton high school and of the tel ' Sl Munkato Commercial college and Mrs - Undertoorg's maiden name Oilier Ottosen IVews. Blanche Henrickson, who leach-! es at Lone Rock, spent Easter with ' There \vaa a good-sized atten- dance Sunday txenlng for in Kas- l.ei 1 program al the church i^ivcij by the Sumiciy school. Reoitn;:ons and dialog were given, songs were sung, and a pantomime pageant was featured. A baptismal service was church hour. Mr. and Mrs. Frank/ Berger, their ba/by daughter, and the ba'by son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Zwelfel were baptised by the Rev, Arthur Bottom, pastor. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glove, ol heldjBritt, were Sunday guests at their. Sunday morning in. the usual: daughter Mrs. Fred Nearing's. — Use one LEVEL teaspoonful to a cup of flour for most recipes. ientifically made by baking powder SPECIALISTS to produce best results. KG BAKING POWDER Same Price Today as 45 Years Ago 25 ounce* ior Z5o You can also buy A -Fi 1 11 1O ounco can *or IOC •L UL1J, IS ounce can for 150 Double -Tested — Double -Action ;t>f POUNDS HAVE BE*N USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT is a violinist. She lias been in the wns G ' a dys Hansen, and she was! her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry employ of a Chicago advertising born on a rarm west ° r n ° de July I ricnrikson. firm for some years. Mr. Seglin is - 13 ' - 11 ' 07 ' ller Parents 'being Henry! Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Purdy re- a lawyer, a graduate of Northwest- find Lillie Hanson. The mother j cently went to Wisconsin 'and crn university, lOvnnston, 111., with tliotl wllG » Gladys was only six i drove homo in a new Nash. A. B. and doctor of jurisprudence montlls o!d > and the baby was' Mrs. Jesse Van Buskirk spent degrees. ' i cared for by an aunt, Mrs, Willie'last week with her daughter, Mrs. Following the ceremony a two-' Williams, for two years. Lee Holt, Arnold's Park, course dinner was served, after 1 In November, 1!)26, marriage. R. J. Dahl and Olt- Ellingson ;it- whlch the ncAvlyweds loft for a took Place, and since then the fam- ] tended a church meeting at Ruth- 1,000-mile tour to Texas and Mex- | lly llonle has been on a farm west veil Saturday. co. They will live at Hammond,' of Ottosen. \vw much for •ad jyjaintenance? till! OF ROAD SURFACE $10,000 Will MAINTAIN FOR ONE'YEAR 1 much of your .lure road funds J) for surface.main- fl How much will lilible for urgently J new construction? •chart can help you iieanswer.Itshows jfcom the most -Aensive cost sur•its kind ever made ... based » official records of 21 state Py departments. It covers long poftimeon 135,000 miles of pys-nearly half America's ninkhighways, under all traffic .eather conditions. Ibere's what it shows! Surface """"e costs for concrete $ver- ONCBIII 16 1 MI1IS age only $103.17 per mile per year. For the next lowest paving material the cost is almost double that of concrete. And for all surfaces other than' concrete, the cost averages 3VJ times asgreat —although concrete in general carried the heaviest volume of traffic. Concrete Costs Least Concrete gives the greatest load- carrying capacity per dollar of cost. Itisthesafestroad—non-skid, highly visible. And it saves large wins on maintenance. All good reasons why your new roads should be concrete. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION I 408 Hubbell Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa J AnoHona/ organization to Improve and extend tho uses of con- I «/• through scientific research and engineering field work. MIXING" A SMKXUHC BRACING •»-,.•«,.,**>* ^he life Of The Party 9 serve nt a wome»t'3 notipp. Yw Pepsi-Oola cooli r, Prink Works Ind., where Mr. Seglin has built a ionic. Out of town wedding guests wore Mrs. Witter, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Witter, Des Moines, daughter Joan; Dcrt Huskamp, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Huskamp, Fort Dodge, daughter Judith Kay; Mr. •and Mrs. William Huskamp, son Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Derwood Biglcr, son John Robert, Eugene Huskamp, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Huskamp Jr., Mr. and .Mrs. I win llus- kamp, Olivia Krossin, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Arbognst, daughter Yvonne, all of Fenton. .Mofliodisfs Olcbnitc Easter— 0. P. (\ Program Given— The 0. P. C. met at Mrs. Wayne •Mrs. Tom Olson and her sons were Saturday guests of Rodman relatives. Mrs. Lovig, Fort Dodge, spent Truesdell's last week Thursday, j last week at her son Henry's. KETZENGERG, EX-LU VERNE, DIES APRIL 12 till Sunday at H. C. Allen's. The Milton Woitos, Scranton, were guests of the former's mother, Mrs. William Woito. The Dr. A. J. Ensons entertained Mrs. Eason's mother, Mrs. Peter Andringa, Orange City, and the L. E. Crowleys, Lo Mars, over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Christenson came from Millersiburg, where Harry has employment as a brick layer, ! Lu Verne, Apr. 19—Funeral ser-' and spent Easter at the parental ' vices were held Friday afternoon ' Hans Holm's. Lorraine Stephens, Easter services at the Fenton at the Methodist church for J. Win. i who teaches at Sheffield, visited Methodist church opened- aunday lKetzeniberg who die(J , ast weelc :Lu Verne friends, and the J. E. with early breakfast for Epworth , Tuesday at the home of a daugh- """" "~~ !1 " "—--•'•" -••- -" Leaguers and'their counselor, Mrs. ter at Tama He wag b ^ V. J. I alum. At It o'clock services . nminn- TII i,, 1877 „„,! <„ innn 1 , oming, 111., in 1877, and in Ross family, Humboldt, ate dinner at Edw. Hof's. The Earl Riche- 1900J s ° ns were week-enders from Wat- - ,...-". ». o , j..i.j in. J.U I I , ClllVJ. Ill J-i^ VU i ..**.** ..uu.i.u<>v*u*u *.iu the Rev. J. G. Waterman, pastor, was marrled to clara Sweiger. erloo at Dr. H. D. Meyer's confirmed 15 boys, and girls: La- Seven, children were born. Mrs. vonne Newel, Pauline, Phyllis, and Shirley Frank, Betty Ann Meyers, Betty Jean Schwartz, Marian Wid- dol, Phyllis McFall, Pauline Voigt, Ethel Weisbrod, Mary Holldorf, Harlan Holldorf, Lyle Weistirod, Maurice Weistorod, Ralph Voigt. Mrs. Ketzenberg died June 12, Former Resident is Dead— .1937, at Windom, Minn., to which place the family moved from Lu Verne 12 years ago. death Mr. Ketzen'berg After her Mrs. Harry Lichty received word Sunday that her mother, Mrs. J. V. Robinson, North Platte, Neb., was went to s!ck > and later in the day news Tanm. The children, all of whom ' came that she had died. Mr. and survive, are Mrs. Paul Nybakken,' Mrs. Lichty and Harold left for Ivan son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester j Chicago; Mrs.' Guy Giddingsi | North Platte to attend the funeral. Weisbrod, pharlotte^ Mae, daughter Tama; Mrs. Herman Ward, Heron I Mrs. Robinson formerly lived here TT T ,,. ... jjj nn<; jj rs Harold Arndt, (and with Mr. Robinson managed a of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Holldorf, Charlene, Harold Eugene, and Cleo, children of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goetsch, were baptised. Mrs. Windom, Minn.; Ralph and George, Chicago; and Howard, Windom. The Rev. Harvey Nelson officiated Frank Eigler and her daughter nt the serviccs he re, and a trio- Mary Jane joined the church. In } Mrs . Harry. Lichty, Mary Alice the evening the Young Married Folks S. S. class presented a three- act play, Half of My Goods, under Bigings, Kathleen McClellan — accompanied by Mrs. Ray Stone, sang. Casket-tbearers were Otto direction of Mrs. J. A. Mueller, the ' RamuS) Max B i ocki Frank Biegger, cast including Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jos . C urran, Carl Swanson, and Stoeber, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mey- William Risiau ers, V. J. Tatum, Betty Jean Schwartz, and Milton Weistorod. Dinner Honors Confirmant— Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newel en- Easter Goings and Comings— Many Lu Verne people spent Easter with relatives away or entertained visitors. Among persons lertained at family dinner Sunday away were the Lewis and i Elmer in honor of the daughter Lavonne,; Herkles, who visited the Carl and who was confirmed that day, and j Walter Merkles, Wilma Merkle, guests included the LeRoy Newels and Mrs. Lewis Merkel's parents, and Mrs. Kate Newel, Hartley; the Lester Johnsons, Bancroft; Howard Raibey, Cedar Falls; and the E. K. and Truman Johnsons, the E. J. Franks, and Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Johnson. Children to "Rending Party"— The primary and first and second grade pupils in schools In Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Geis, and her brothers, all at Minneapolis or St. Paul.^ The Archie .Sanfords visited Ellsworth relatives Sunday and Monday, and Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Chapman and the Irvin Chapmans spent Sunday with William Chapman at Ames. The Rev. E. R. Walters w~ent to Boxholm Monday for a day with his mother and ' a Fainfield township, Palo Alto brother. The Arthur Rileys drove county, taught by Sidonia Bierstedt and Alice Conway were taken to Cylinder for a "reading party" conducted by Florence Wells, Jalo Alto superintendent. Home from Twin City Yisit-- Mrs. William Hantelman returned last week Thursday from six weeks at her son Wilmer's and with the daughter Susan, Minneapolis. The son William, who attends Concordia seminary, St. Paul, accompanied her home, for Easter. Attends Shower at I>cpow— Mrs. Ernest Votteler attended a 'bridal shower Sunday at Mrs. Isaac Drew's for Tresa Drew, who was married Monday to Joseph Molloy at the St. Thomas Catholic church, Emmetstmrg. Mrs. Votteler and the bride are cousins. Ringsted Girl Will Wed— Announcement is made of the coming marriage of Prances, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Hendrickaen, Ringsted to Ralph J., son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wels- brod, Penton, which will take place June 1. Two Children are Baptised— Judith Kay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Huskamp, Port Dodge, and John Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Derwood Eigler, Penton, were baptised Monday afternoon by the Rev. W. J. Witter at E. A. Huskamp's. Hospital Veteran Improyed— Ben Mitchell, Mrs. Morris Mitch- elj, and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Olson, the Olsons of Haifa, went to Knoxville Saturday to see Morris Mitchell, patient in a veterans', hospital. Morris is much improved. _ New Girl for Ohrtmans— Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ohrtman are parents of an 8-lb. daughter, Nancy Louise, born last week Wednesday at a Fairmont hospital, the first daughter but sixth child. Play for Hotel Plpner— Mrs. Gilbert Hantelman, violinist, and Edith WoMe, pianist, furnished music at nooa dinner at the Kermore hotel, Emmetaburg, Easter Sunday. ,_ ,, Other Mr. and Mrs. J. A, O. Smith . spent Saturday night and Sunday at MWJ. Srotth's sister Mrs. C. H. Mdlory's, Nashua. Fre4 ZSwelfel and Perry Jen*ea, Iowa State coj- lege, speat Eafj&r re- to Redwood Falls Saturday to bring .back Mrs. Anna Sankey, who had 'been visiting there. Mrs. William Bigings, with Robert and Mary Alice, were guests of the former's mother, Mrs. George Stoddard, Renwick. George 6toddard, who is visiting there from Rock Island, spent Monday here. Among "Week-End Visitors— Esther Fritzemeier, teacher at Lena, 111., Josephine Donelson, Garner, Earl Legler, Cedar Falls, and Edward Llndebak, Forest City, were at home over the week-end. S. E. Smith, Minneapolis, joined his family here Friday for a stay local hotel. are Opened— The Mothers Jewels, a Methodist children's missionary society held \ their annual mite-lbox opening at their leader Mrs. H. C. Allen's Fri- j day. There were 18 children and 11 mothers present. Another Appendicitis Operation— Lehvyn Thomas was operated on for aippendicitis at a Fort Dodge hospital Friday. Doris Dehnert, I who had an appendicitis operation, ' was brought home Saturday. ! Thirteenth Child is Born— I A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs., F. F-. Fett, near Hanna, Friday night. This is the 13th child. Other Lu Verne. Rose Halligan, R. N., who had been taking care of William Miller three weeks, returned to Port Dodge last week Thursday. Bolbby Beh, younger son of Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Beh, spent from Thursday to Sunday at Dr. R. L. Coi<bin's, and j another brother Edward, then, came for a few days. Mrs. Minnie Parks, who had i been visiting her daughter, Mrs. I Edw. Dehnert, for some time, re- I turned to her home at Fredericks- j burg last week, accompanied by another daughter, Verna, who teaches at the Vernon consolidated school. ! Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Evert Hodgin, of Webib, were week-end guests of Mrs. Hodgin's parents, Mr. and speotlve parents, Mr. and Jacob Zwelfel and Mr. and Peter Jensen. Vivian Voigt spent the week-end with her sister Blanche, Emmetsburg. Mrs. Emma Ruske entertained at a quilting last week Thursday, the Mesdames L. J. Weisbrod, C. G. Humphrey, Prank Eigler, Philip Weisbrod, John Newel, E. C. Lindsey, and H. B. Relmers, guests. Mrs. W, J. Weisbrod was hostess to Mesdames V. J. Tatum, Anna Osborn, and Frank McFall at a quilting the same day, Howard Rabey, Waterloo, spent the week-end at E. J. Prank's, Sally and Clarence Beukema and Ervln Gremmels were with Sally's and Clarence's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beukema, Kanawha. Carlota Stevens, Des Moines, spent Saturday and Sunday with his 1 parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Stevens. Mr. and Mrs, Edward Jansen and Elizabeth Evert, all of Grand Mound, came last week Thursday for a visit till Tuesday at the Rev. H. D. Stafcmer's, FairvJlle. The Jansens are. Mrs. Stahmer's parents, and Miss Evert is her aunt. Mrs. Hugo Mittag, Truesdale, and her daughter Arlene spent last. week with the former's sister, Mrs. Edward Mitchell, the women's parents, Mr. and Mrs. PauJ Nemitz, and other relatives. Mr. Mittag came Sunday. Mrs. Wesley Witter, Des Moines, came Thursday for a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. AXHuskamp, and Mr. Witter, with the daughter Joan, came for Easter and the Vivian wedding. Huskamp-iSeglia Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Welabrod, June, and Ralph, %ith Mrs. Mll- tona Weisibrod, her daughter, .and Prances Henjoricksen, the latter ot Rtageted, attended a family reunion at Ralph Luedtke's, Gamer, Mrs.. Sunday. Mrs. I IMr. and Mrs. Charles Callaban, Ames, and the Delmer Coopers, Algona, spent Easter with Mrs, CaUahan's and Mrs. Cooper's parents, the Rev. and Mrs. J. G. Waterman. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Reimers, son Richard, and Hazel Weisbrod, all Des Moines, came Saturday for Easter at the H. E. Reimers and Mrs. Emma Curry homes. A. P. Peterson accompanied Edith Laage and Florence Weisbrod to Des Moines Sunday for a visit with Mrs. Minnie Starke, niece of Mr. Peterson. Michael Besch went to ' Sioux City Saturday to bring home his brother Ray, who attends school there. Ray recently had an operation. ' Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Krauae, son Edmund, and Mrs. Henry Meyer spept* Easter with Mr. and -Mrs, Enos Wrede, Port Dodge. Mrs. Walter Fisher attended the meeting of the Cylinder Woman's club last week Tuesday held at Mrs. Viola Card's. The Jos. Landstienere, Fairmont, were Sunday evening dinner guests of Mrs. Landsteiner'g- sister, Mrs. Ernest Votteler. Herman Huskamp, patient at the Coleman hospital, EsthervHIe, for several weeks, was brought home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Light went to Iowa Palls last week Thursday to visit their daughter, Mrs. Clyde Brooks. IMr. and Mrs. William Stoeber and daughter Gladys got home Saturday from the winter in California. 'Mrs. John Dempsey, Lone Rock, spent several days last -week with Mr. and Mrs- John Arbogast. The Fenton Forwards 4-H club cleared approximately $10 at a bake gale Saturday. * ' ' ' ' ' EVER HAD CHBCKEN CROQUETTES THAT TASTED LIKE CHJCKEN A LA KING? HERE'S THE RECIPE AND YOU'LL LOVE IT/ THEY'RE CRISF; LIGHT, DIGESTIBLE, FRIED IN Spry. NO KITCHEN, EITHER AND LOOK- LIGHTER CAKES WITH Spry IN HALF THE MIXING TIME FLAKIER PASTRY, TOO AND AS EASY TO DIGEST AS BREAD 4 tablespoons Spry 5 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon salt Want fried foods so digestible a child can eat them? Get Spry "TAIGESTIBLE and doubly de- lightest, best-tasting cakes ever ••—^IlCIOtlK Pflsn. (rnMf»n t-*anr1*ar fnr 1»rr rvirtnoi. flilria^ nnn ^... licious—crisp, golden, tender, delicate. Just try these wonderful Chicken KingCroquettes and see. Spry is marvelous for baking, too. Blends like magic, cuts cake- mixing time in half. Gives the for less money—flakier pastry, too. Spry is ALL-vegetable, purer, whiter, smoother, stays fresh right on the pantry shelf. Get Spry from your grocer today. Get the big 3-lb. can and save money! In 3-lb. and 1-lb. cans The new, purer ALL-vegetable shortening CHICKEN KING CROQUETTES New, delicious, easy to digest teaspoon pepper 1 cup canned chicken soup or milk 2 cups cooked chicken, cut in smallpieces 2 tablespoons pimiento, chopped }4 cup sifted bread crumbs 2 eggs, slightly beaten with 2 tablespoons water Melt Spry in saucepan. Add flour, salt, and pepper and blend. Add chicken soup or milk and cook until smooth and thick, stirring constantly. Remove from fire. Add chicken and pimiento and blend well. Spread mixture in shallow pan, chill until stiff. Cut into croquettes with 2J^-inch biscuit cutter. Roll in crumbs, then in beaten egg, then in crumbs. Fry in hot Spry (375° F.) 1-inch deep in heavy frying pan until brown. (No smoke or unpleasant odor when you fry with Spry.) Drain on absorbent paper. Notice how crisp and tender these croquettes are. And like all foods fried in Spry, they're so digestible. Serve with mushroom sauce. Serves 6 to 8. MB measurements in this recipe are level.) L (Clip and save this Spry recipe) _ _ TRIPLE-CREAMED ! S URE, we know —you've had your troubles! You've fretted, worried, wondered wher^e do you go from here. Well, what has it got you? What you really need is a change of outlook—and we know where you'll get it! You'll get it in the front seat of a sparkling new Buick like this one pictured here. ^ You'll get it as your spirit lifts to the buoyant surge of a power plant that can leave even your cares behind. You'll get it as you forget dull care in a ride so enjoyable that it's a pleasure again to travel just for the sake of traveling. Yes, you'll be happy in this car that can make it clearer with every mile that there isn't any better way to invest your money! Look at the record a minute. Others have had their problems, too. Others have wondered if they should wait a while before they buy. But they didn't wait. They looked at this handsome big eight, they measured its value, they checked what it could do, for them and to them—and they bought! They bought because Buick is too good to do without! They bought because they could get more for their money— not just more automobile, but more fun, pleasure, solid satisfaction! Go now and do likewise! This great straight-eight lists at lower prices than some sixes—drive it and you 11 know bow to be happy though harried! A OINWAI MOTORS VALUS KLASSIE MOTOR CO., Algona

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