Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 10
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MYSTERY PLOT FOR 2 NIGHTS Corwith, Apr. 19—The Phantom Tiger is the name of a drama selected by the high school seniors for Titonka Calvin Bode, Algona, Weds N Regina Lenertz, of St. Joe St. Joe, Apr. 19—This Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock in St. Joseph's Catholic church wnu the setting for a pretty welding when Regtna Lenertz became (he bride of Calvin Bode, of mystery ... _ i, u ». 0 Corwith The Rev. Father Theobald ^ffic'ia- a class ted. in of chial school. The bridegroom was graduated from St. Cecelia's academy In Algona. The new Mr. and Mrs. Bode will live on a farm two miles east of Algona on No. 18 known as the old Keen place. progress, which is dated Wednesday and Thursday' nigh^ cr an the cast was chosen by a commit- Plum Creek. 'armera. Calvin is a son Harry Eode of .fh^L^^ Il*^?>° r8 a » ankle-length !iTim , - e re wore Lil Han Meyers Esther Smith, and gown of white lace OKlev U1 Fv if n° 110WS: train ' a c »P"">aT>e ' eyn Dnwson ' white accessories. I loy, and Lc Roy Wolf. Mnny .loin 3Ii>Hiodist Church— ff , et ' e . ctt of white. I Attends Brother's Wedding— 'Mr. and Mrs. Henry Borinann left Monday for Early, where they will attend the wedding of Mrs. Bormann's brother Tuesday. They plant to return Wednesday. Onna Knyser and Ray Becker are taking care of the Bornmnn children and farm during their absence. School to 1'rcscnt Piny— St.. Joseph parochial school it | students will present a play and top and a j.program Friday evening. This will Her accessories | take the place of the one usually She carried an j presented annually the last week with a veil and She carried a " bouquet of roses and was by he """ of flP8 ' ; were received into full ship, and 15 persons were members by confession of made faith of school. Wedding ate is Observed— -iv reception was given for the Ml '. and Mrs. Sylvester Wagner J'- bridal party at the bride's parent- celebrated their wooden (fifth) the bride for the jand transfer. Five adults and ten j children wore baptised. Babies al home and 35 immediate relatives and close friends attended. In the evening entertained their wedding anniversary Monday evening by entertaining a number boys, T ho Oride is well known here Jims respectively, and four irceNSn^.^ndV"' 1 ^- ^ng ".p»t "her" -tiro life in ia^Vook Mr'a^d Mrs Lvie Go°uT "^ c °. m ™ nlty - Sh ° ™celved "« jloy. »nd .Mr/tmS M^ B ^wffim oducntlon in St *°^'* Pare- j Coin-ley. The four small children l of Airs. Sylva Nail, two boys and 1 two girls, also received baptism. Special music was given by the choir, and an annual EasteV benevolences offering was taken. Church Tnembers contributed sacks of eggs for the children's home Sioux City. the newlyweds | ot relatives'in their home friends at a! Other St. .Too News. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilhemi and children, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Odell. of Bancroft, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Skaug- stal, of Bode, spent Sunday afternoon at William Hammer's. at I'.ail Team Loses, The high school ball team lost a game last week Monday to Vernon Consolidated on the Corwith diamond. The score was 3-2. LAKOTA WOMEN MEET AT FARM I AT SWEA CITY with special music. The small son of Doctor and Mrs. Geilenfeld was baptised and named Richard. Church and Sunday school offerings were taken for missionary work. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. J. Donton enjoyed a long distance call from days last week with their sister, | D] , L n Hanson, Lowlslbn, Ida., Mrs. M. W. Kent, Cedar Rapids. | Sunday, Dr. Hanson Is a former employee nt the Denton drug store lUDcrt aueiuicu and is well-known here. He has services at Blue been employed for the past two years as surgeon at the CCC camp Mr. and Mrs. August Bnuman employee nt the Denton drug store and Mrs. Marie Ebort attended ' ' " '""" special Eastei IQnrth Sunday. Mrs. Lymtin Needham, Delia nt Lewiston. Grace Kline, and Viola Thaves were at Estberville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krall drove . Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson and three girls, Wlndom, Minn., called Sunday on many of tlieii Mr ana Mrs. 1'rniiK i\ran nrovu UKMUU ^UH".I.T >•" ...ci..j ^* ^.,^.. to Garner Sunday for the day with friends In the Doan neighborhood. Mr. Krnll's parents. ! T1| o Andersons The Michael Winters, of Mason j south of town City, spent the week-end with lo-' cal relatives. * *ere enieri n i no(1 O. 0. Pefferman'.s at 'Mi's. R. i,. j ( , ni] | this week at Hurt 'Mr. and Mrs. St.. Paul, Minn with the toiler's Mrs. Ed. Cal slater, Emma „ liloj-ecd at HIP Mr. and Mrs' City, were "arold , v fsltoi| ""'•cuts, t ( ,| ol , l * nn Graham's Suml,-,v Mr. and Mrs. ley, spent Su formerly lived HILM u. vu..... I Friends hero Sunday visitors with Mrs. John hear of the MI ; .alk nnd daughter Til!! 9 were- Air. Clarn Kramer r n , " ' Mrs~."w.~P. Dnwson, Aurelin, is ' and Mrs. Art Falk and daughter } girl, to a Mr. ' Vnldj,','^ 1 ' Ion. visiting her daughter, Mrs. Kay Joan, Algona. Smith. Lake.. She is,,,,, , . .. e s t Carroll Reascr and Wayne Mill- Joseph Kram v ers ,r ' o m n R •• ••- • • ' Broad Baking • .*:. .\ A. . '-j^mSwsa'. ••'...;••;!;{.;.•'.• . .••:,£:• :•!'•>:.'••• •* Be baking chomp/on in Yaur ^^ Win a Prize _ Help a Needy Family All bread entered w ;|| (,„ donated lo needy ( amiKts !n your community '•:3W£®;®^&m^tf£v'"-$^ ''"-v SATURDAY, APRIL 30 ... . >..:-*.-,<,•. ?i,-y.vi*.fi.'.- ••'.;,-:f:>, v«:-^ i ••»••'-;;.* .',• . . lOftH FDR *' TH8S POSTER in your , Grocm's Window Foot I'lerccd by a Nail- William Kienitz, assistant at the Schissel elevator, stepped on a nail while he was at work one day drove to Mrl" A^Sn? son pitched for Corwith and And erson's, near &\vea City, last struck out 11 men, allowed three week Thursday for ft Lakota P.es- hi Erdman hyterian missionary meeting. Dele- hits, and walked two. . and Bram, pitching for Vernon gates were appointed to attend scored five strikeouts, bvo walks', missionary, convention or n Jl fl f nil i* l-»i»c. T __ i _____ i_ nt to t*1 n 1 nf "R/^rtTirt A n»t 1 Offf , , and four hits. Last week Tues- t , enal at April 26-27. Mes- vent lockjaAv. him a shot to pre- Rlienmntlsm Patient Improved- Henry Olthoff, who has been having inflammatory rheumatism in the legs, is now able to be about . - , . - , ae o e a day the Vernon team again came, ^ a ™ es Wi E - -Gutkneeht, William some, with the use of crutches but this time the locals won, 7-2. Schroeder, R. L. Williams, and the ' , -. , . . , Halligan pitched for Corwith, and President, Mrs. I. E. Wortman, are struck out 12, allowed three hits tlle delegates. A program was walked two, and hit one 'batter' Siven: devotions, Mrs. I. E. Wort- Bram and Gerstad, pitchers for man; vocal selection, Under the ' Other Lakotn News. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mussman spent Easter with Mrs. Mussman's mother, Mrs. F. C. Keister, "•dm u.uu ijerstaa, pitchers for '"""' vuuiu selection, under the man's mother, Mrs F C Keister Vernon, allowed seven hits, struck Cl ' oss . Mesdames Williams and W. Elmore. Mrs. Keister's son Rav- nnt snv0 n ,,-«ii^^ r:.._ __, ,.. K. Ley; book, Jumping Beans, mond, Mason City, and his family ftp 11 nv T?r»Kfti*t XT TlTy»T „„.... j ... ~ i ,1 . _ ^ . , , w "tten by Robert N. McLean and , were also there, and another son . , an anoer son Mabel Little Crawford, reviewed by Harold, who is leaving sometime M ''s. Gutkneeht; piano solo, In Old I this week for Denver where he Vienna, Mrs. Jerry Ukena. Mrs. | expects to live, was present ... .. _ uwuutXtJ ^ ¥ cuing, i -".-^i^i t,j ui cjic ner, guests being" Mr and Reports were given by the Sick Dakota vicinity, still have their Roland Smith Sr daughter Call and Relief chairman, also by church membership here. Recent- 1 * " ~ " the Pidac chainnan. It was voted ly t . hey completed a new house on out seven, walked five, and hit one. Harold Evans was official for both games. — Mrs. Gutknecht; piano solo, In Old i this week 7or'"Denver" E where '-Aux" Has arceting— Vienna, Mrs. Jerry Ukena. Mrs. expects to live, was present I he Elmer Wilson unit of the Ida Ukena presented the society Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Smith en- Legion Auxiliary met at the club Wlth a 1 unt to P she had pieced, tertained relatives at Easter din n°°^l_ last wee H Tue ? d ay evening. TI _, < L iAnd< ; r ? tms ' formerly of the ner, guests being Mr. and Mrs. garet, and Mrs. Delia Smith. Martin Bo'bo came from Minnesota Saturday and took his daughter, Mrs. Erman Hanson, and her .. — —««^ W i «, s>£/i jut - "" —<T- _«».wwi, t*iiu LIU cc tliree children liorne with him fnr conference at Denison May 11. sons . younger. a short visit Mrs. Ellsworth and Mrs. Studer Ar „ ' Mrs. Bob Clemans Titonka served lunch. Meetings will be Motherless Babe is Baptised- spent Friday with her mother' held in the evening during the Special services were held at Mrs. Emma Smith at the Frnnk summer - «?e Presbyterian church Sunday. I Lewis home, where Mrs Smith Is - . Ml ' s - E. J. Woodworth's little! housekeeper elc ims ' lbmltn ls M',V rurr^~A~~™" ' lctln '— !\l ec ?;, who is bemg cared for b y I Mr - Qnd Mrs. F. G Torine Al- twc Phllrlr« y ? rS • aUd bel ' ^ . Woodwor th8. her mother beinglgona, spent Sunday with relatives for tm , ™, 1 , eavmg home deadl was baJ P"sed and named here. Mr. and Mrs Cyrus Renshaw noon w ll0 n S H Wee1 ^ M ° nday after - MalT Susan Keating - Installation,were Easter guests of Mason noon, when the 4-year-old girl services were held for I. E. Wort- relatives. Carlo Jean, who was sitting in the man, elder, and Carl Geivema Mrs C frnm cant- -..rtj-i, i . i_ _ ... TT ~ - ^TCI/.euia, | urucj. o. that a dollar .be sent to tlhe county tlleir orphan as an Easter gift An- cit >'- farnij, southwest They have one of Swea daughter, «.,,u ul i a.a an easier gut An- ^ lu .'' iue.v imve one aaugnter, nouncement was made of a spring Junior in high school, and three COllfpl'PnPP n *- Tlfti-kf c<nti n» it SflllS vmin o-nt* the cat V8 engine of ha say gives 22 • • Oy• T 1r ,-U)OKATl!i!£ J s per gallon not competely closed, so she reach- Communion was observed ed over the seat in an attempt to pull it shut, >but wind caught it Wisconsin Family Visits Here— i U , , and she was P ul] ed out. 'Mr. and Mrs. K. C. McKlnney of Mie suffered bruises, cuts, and Araery, Wis., and their daughter shock, but no broken bones. Mary spent Saturday here with nn AM of Elmore, driving home the Bnme nl * ht Ml>1 tary-treasurer, Mrs. Lester Krauss The Aid will meet the second Tuesday of every month, and the next meeting will be at Mrs. Zeigler's May 12. Easter services were held at the Ma.gor Center schoolhouse. Seven to Rebekah Convention— The following persons from Corwith attended a Rebekah convention at Garner last week Tuesday- Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Smith, Mr and Mrs. Arthur Scheffelman Fern Paulson (who gave a readin on an evening program), Mrn Charles Oxley, and Mrs. Clara Pat terson. Next year's convention wi be at Kanawha. i Teachers Home for "Week-End— There was no school here on Good Friday, and some of the 'teachers took advantage of the op' portunlty to spend the week-end at i their respective homes: Mary Templeton, at Whiting; Helen Awe, at Buffalo Center; Luella Shaw a |Estherville; Miss Householder a Lone Rock. ^.DELIVERED IN DETROIT EQUIPMENT INCLUDED The Detroit Delivered Price of the model illustrated -Federal and State Taxes not tncluded-with M thejollowine equipment: 2 bumpers, with 4 bumper guards . Spare wheel, tire, tube and lock •2 electric horns . Clear lighter and ash tray . Heat IndlcatoV". Sun? r, 0t « ? Uh tr ' P ° d0mCtCr * "^Uftht beam Indicator . Built-in luggafte compartment • Silent helical gears In all speeds. FORD V-8 Boys' Quartet Organized— A boys' quartet composed of fou high school students has been or ganized by Mi&s Smith, schoo nusic teacher. Members are: Is tenor, Harley Chambers, sopho more; 2nd tenor, Clyde Johnson senior; baritone, Milo Risvold iunior and besso, Lowell Kelvlg 'reshman. . and Heart Attacks for Two- Mrs. Fred Oxley was taken sick ast week with heart disease en will be compelled to remain in be.-_ or some time. (Mrs. Aksel Nellssn also had a heart attack last week Doctor Walley was called, Mrs. Neilsen is recovering. Mrs. Johnson Suffers Fall — Mrs. Charles Johnson fell at her iome one day last week and in ured a hip so badly that she la onfined to bed. Other~Corwith. The F. M. Bravinders, Minneapolis, and another daughter, Dorothy Bravlnder, Wefoster City teacher, were week-end guests at the E. G and George Gaskill home. Mr. and Mrs. Bravinder went home Sunday. the son Bot> remaining. The daughter Eugenia went to Webstar City with a sister. The school there was having spring vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Cox. Hollandale, Minn., and their daughter Shirley Jean came Saturday for a visit at 'the home of Mrs. Cox's sister, Mrs. Shelby Stephens, and with the women's mother, Mrs. Lucy Harris. Mr. Cox has gone home, but Mrs. Cox and her daugh- Grocers Off for Vocation- Mr, and Mrs. Harry Warburton who own and operate the Wailbur ton grocery store here, drove t Olin Sunday for a few days wit Mrs. Warburton's parents, Mr. an Mrs. Buxfon, who are celelbratlni their 40th wedding annlversar this week. Geilenfeld Baby is Christened— Easter services were held at tb Methodist church Sunday mornini ter will remain for a few day longer. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Evans Betty Lou, Roberta Masterson, an John Evans were guests Sundaj of Mrs. Ellen Evans, Eagle Grove who Is Betty Lou's great-grand mother. Mr. and Mre. -Arthur Sheffleman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oxley, and the Oxley daughter Annaibelle at tended a Rebekah convention a Renwlck last week Thursday even Ing. The Eastern Stars met one evening last week at the legion hall, with Mrs. Mildred Gaskill Mrs. Gladys Wood, and Mrs. Addie tiamm as hostesses. Ray Bonnstetter has had his house and farm buildings wired and now has electric service. The Corwith Hardware Co. did the Work. The Victor Applegates, of Eurt were Sunday guests of the Clem Hilyards. The Applegates are former residents of this community Doris Merriam, who teaches at McGregor, is spending a spring vacation with her parents, Mr and tfrs. Harry Merriam. Mr and Mrs. Reginald Bastian, Humboldt, and Rennle Lou were unday guests at Robert Master- on's. The freshman girls were guests t a birthday party honoring Betty llggle Saturday at the latter's ome. 45th Anniversary Year low's Oldest, Largest Hail Insurance Association TT MEANS SOMETHING to the farmers of I owa i ~* hen ^V t^e out their haU policie*-to know ?"J?? ^ id€S fa " ThC RqUedge Company" are backed by 45 years of strength, service, rates, and sound management The Farmers Mutual Hail is not only the Mutual Hail Insurance Association doing busln Iowa, but is one of the oldest in the business. !„ 45 years, many companies have com A BuUthrg^rrighron 8 ' P ^ iCS ' WarS - d ^ ress ^' and bad-because it is operated on TIME^STED PRINCIPLES of safe t y and economy If. . YO\S klMW THAT ^ Qf P"*** 00 M DC ' outyour^. When ' disas * ou "» i > » torm Today, over $1,250,000.00 in asset, rtand, back of Farmers Mutual Hail policy. Since organiza- paid policyholder. over $13,000,000.00 A u . " "*" V w i«y»g losses in good times m.. " *™ wnere y°" KNOW you eet roari- and bad-because it is operated on TIME-TESTED p PfQ ^ tion «* lowest cost - the "W SelteWe'' Farmers Mutual Hail Insurant A , HoJcL!^ ^ M !L^? atlon of lowa A. J. Bllsborouffh, Swea City A. D. Bromn WI.H* F. H. JRofcn, Fenton n A nT^ ' flUttem<>r o v " *• Dreesman, Lukotu Hail Agents Lester, EUner C, Smltt, Swe. Cltf ALjona Ins. Agency F H Bohn F By C. B, la Barre, Algonn Eddie BnUer, AlSn C. F. Berggren, Swea City D. »„„„ » ,, ^ A. J. BUsborough, Swea City * C ° 1UlJ8 ' 1 Agents T^H^ Halne8 ' We ^ I, M Owen. T- i. Herbst, Algona 4 » o** 1 IYW H. M ordJ% Burt ^ W, Sjprgjrpe, Hail Windstorm . Auto Earl TiMce»^ Al«oi>» L. IT, Wlemer, Fire Promotion

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