Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE fitQH? kQSStJfrft COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA TRIBUTE PAID TO MEMORY OF REAL PIONEER By Jfellle 0. Bowyer. •Hollywood, Calif., Apr. 14 Mrs. , ., r. -rs. A. D. Clarke, who was taken sick the night of April 3, and died the morning of April 5, had only the c —C3 v- Jl^l II ,J ( || day before been taken for a" ride", and on return she asked her, ... daughter Mrs. Irmn D \dams to' n ' veisal 'es, Mrs Sheirholz" and have dinner early, for she wanted! Mrs - Waterbury being McFarland's to listen to an address bv e\-Presi- i daughters. sl n «l TT-_ _. * * « ooi ... Triple Wedding Anniversary— Ninety-five relatives and friends gathered at the William McFarland home at Bancroft on Easter Sunday to help Mr. an d Mrs. McFarland. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sheir- holz, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Waterbury celebrate wedding an- n tVPr.Q-n vtae YTi.n ctu-«_i_ i cal unit. There will be a joint county Legion-Auxiliary meeting at Lakota tonight (Thursday) _ The Methodist Bible Searchers •• S. class- met Tuesday afternoon at Mrs. L. E. Potter's, and roll call was answered with Biible verses Stories were given about the lm- FIRE DAMAGES THE CARTER HOME; BURT Burt, Apr. 20—Fire damaged the A. F. Carter residence Sunday evening. The cause is not known, but it is thought it may have started from a defective light wire, as it originated in the attic. There was some delay In getting the fire under control because of ft '^ C ! e . nt .. at * he ? a >r works. ^ ,*... vjiic unieueu IO ail or it, and got a real thrill, for she' 150 mile was always a staunch republican Bask ets 3.riQ infpro.Qtnrl i« T-,^1 lit _f. ' !l hi [T di ., the Bible - "Keith and Joyce Potter played and violhl duet There -s- . dent Hoover. She listened to all! Families came from as far as ™ '' 50 miles and from all directions WeTr ^ 28 ?[ e(S , en f; . Methodls ' Homebullders . been run too n Baskets of food were brought for , °, Methodls ' Homebullders ~.^ „, ^u.uius ouen re- " M B dinner. k f lass Il£ld an April social meeting marking that we never have good ! A bfl11 same was the entertain- £„, eve !! Ingnnat the ch "' - ch, with T.lTnns: llnHoi. « ,1 .. , V . I mntit rt f *!,- _*. ..v-iwiu tllniiei' fit h!/»0 Tha vn.rtn... and interested in OltGli marking that we never have good! A b "» same was the entertain- dlnnpr ? ? g -n ™ times under a democratic adminis-! ment of the afternoon. For din- ,,',£' at H T , he , pp tration. , ner there were three highlv dec- ? direction of Mrs Mr., rio-i,... i,-,.,. .... . (orated wedding cakes, made by nl1 ^ "^"ee. tration. Mrs. Clarke's health had been' orated wedding cakes, "made ""by "'a apparently good, except for lame-' Ml 'f- sh| erholz, Mrs. Fred Habeger, ,,,« "ffs *? one knee whi ch made it i and Wl ' s ' Earl Patterson. Towards „? (ilfriPMlf ,fr\t* Tmt«*n»._A i „. ' pvpntnP- t Via tm» n « __._. . . . "^ T' • ~. "Hi « J-CILLUIOUIJ, ± O WcirClS ft 41*1 --i_» — —.*.«. *f.»i_<iiutt,jr ---..„. .... .„ scl around. She \f™ nl *B the honor guests treated W0 n hVh Mr, w^V Z ? U ,' S Lynk was taken for a drive daily and!' e crowd to Ice cream , J} sn> Mrs - F> J - Latng was often came to see me. [ would go j,. A «endlng: the Lester Fullers, ^"trawl Raymond out to the car to visit with her. Mr ' and Mrs - Cecil Long, the Mar- tla>el For c—„ ,i_. ,,... „. . . i;V in and Elmer Petersons, the G. — -*.m \Jtlf ^T'ltll . V? 0< T J le ,,P I- °gram was Douglas entertained bridge club Monday was Igou - -..„ ^. »>,„. i mu ueen run too into the 'building in which It vas kept, and was over a water lydrant there. When the Truck L 1 " 1 " 1 ^"^ 'f cau « h t °n the hy- ^nt and broke the hydrant off and water shot up. The water had to .be turned off till the broken Pipe was plugged. w er. . g, e ar-M« T M,, » ,,, For some time Mrs. Clarke hadiX"\ and Elmer Petersons, the G. ' fjl f £'„*, TI' ^ g 1 l w111 en tertain lad a practical nurse. Meals were I ?',t McFarland8 ' Mr - and Mrs. Ran- d ft ° a "f elight ? lul5 at 7 o'clock mostly served in her room whfch dal1 Br ° oks ' the Carliss Kails the Si rn !T 1 e J enin S «n honor of I considered the pleasanteTt in he I^ Lee f ^'bakers, the Doyle Sand- . h Mr? &,^ T\ ?' Quart ° n ' Adams' fi l B er« famil ' ' Hu tchins - _, ,. •IUIBC. .ueais were i „ „ —•—»~, ^i. uuu inrs. nan- din, mostly served in her room, which ? al1 %'°°* s ' the Cerllsa Kails, the h er I considered the pleasantest in the ! Lee f Hawb akers, the Doyle Sand-. Mrs Adams' fine home. Seldom did n , ^"^ the Clyde McFarlands,' ed SIP !„!„ ,^ , . . ™ l Ula Dale McFarland, the Donald Fun- denburks, the Maurice Leins the Harold Watei'burys, Alfred McFar- . • •""- ii^iiic. oeiuo ehe join the family at table Of Hteh Intelligence. Mrs. Clarke was a 'woman of the Pattersons, Peter Sheirholzes, Mr -- W. B. Quarton. Hutchins entertain- Dridge cluti at two tables ' afternoon. Scores are . . — there are no prizes. Mrs. R. H. Miller entertained her Mrio-rt rtl tiU nr _•» _ . **v« then attached di. - the pump, but wate pressure caused the hose to spring a J eak ' a « d It took sonle-time be fore much Water could be obtained an?°fho Ve f rt ' there was no w 'n d and the fire was got under control before much damage was done except to the roof and by water Donovan, Algona, owns the Truck Gets Mired on Graveled Road Ledyard, Apr. 19 — A large truck owned by one Williams", of Livermore, and carrying a alrge stone crusher, got stuck in the gravel on the road a mile south of town Saturday and it took all day Saturday an,d till Sunday afternoon to pull it out. Two Selfert caterpillars were used, and the ruck's front spring and the hous- ng were torn out. The truck was i practically new Chevrolet, hav- ng been driven only 500 miles. The weight, including the stone- crusher, was estimated at close to ten tons. Come Here for Pictures. Twenty-three seniors from the house. . about or for children she enjoyed I Sh . e also had acute business I affairs. At one time p Co »Kregational Hear .Hrs. Reed— mbers of the Wa-Tan- c ub met for 6 p. m . dinner "day at the Algoua hotel. Reed, guest, gave an " a ' « ; - ?5? - ™" ""'u-vrn ," hv " y ' sl.cn ."'-en staa croduced then c.nnot ' : attend in the last two,' n , ow - In a business meeting Adah Clarke had many sorrows !choscn delegates to attend an^as 6 ifetime. but she overcame ' s °ciational convention at Cherokee 1 'bravely and retained her! ^ Ia >' 15-16-17. Elva Ewoldt mem- I and social nature to the er of the associational board will ,„ ,. u! 0 ..^, 1 , 6 " 11 - The llex t local meet- --• --• -*. "iinci cuiaruiinea ner l^ff ,l u . b . ^day evening. Two and Mrs. G. w«,,, In ' w. Stillman won high Eisele 'Makes' the Commonweal With PeatJFire Article Albert Eisele, formerly of Whit- innrA r\n\v n t __. temore, and , a termer near Mrs. W. „ -. Presnell assisting. Mrs. Louis Lynk will entertain the Dessert bridge club tomorrow afternoon (Friday) at 1:30. There are eight members. The Royal Neighbors will meet next week Thursday at 7:45 p. m . Blue call- months "made" The Commonweal, a weekly review of literature, , and ± , M , at New York. - -, the published His latest contrilbu- . es contrlu- tion appeared in the Issue of March and was a story entitled The * -. ~i»i,j -mi cc at;uiur« Iiom tllC Burt high school will have pictures taken at Brown's Studio Friday afternoon. Supt. M. C. Bowie will accompany them. SPELL 'CHAMP' CANT ENTER D, H, CONTEST Doris Dehnert, Kossuth spelling "champ," will not take part In the state contest at DCS Moines this week Saturday. She has just been taken home from Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, following an operation for appendicitis, J. M. Patterson is Improved But Weak Irvlngton, Apr. 19—Jewell Patterson, who had been at than a systemic General hospital more week, suffering from „,„..„.„„ poisoning, was taken home Saturday, much improved. His temperature, which was high for sev* eral days, had returned to normal, and the swelling in his feet and In (TCI lln rl tr/Min f4mir*t TT*» I*. «_.___ M« j * "*• the! tod fty by the n ov . " ^.rraS 1 'grade student -/the celling in h.. feet and In the Lu Verne schools and is the ?*• >' ad *™* down - He IB never- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward «>eles9 still weak, and It will be n.i i TT-.. i i i- tr»...i.t; some time before he can resiimo p a., where i m in in the Lu verne schools ana is tno | daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward | Dehnert. Her teacher is Harriet i Beatty. I It is hoped that the runner-up i _ n the county contest, Mildred j Simpson, Whittemore, will be able o take part in the state contest In Doris's place. Miss Simpson plac- jd first in oral but third In writ:en in the contest at Algona on March 7. Who ^ar ago. fir «', a b , Melh ""'«i S° is now Mr. * .T ^wii.f c*4*u ju vrii-i uo j 1TIT« Jill before he can resume drove to u 'short visit. tT^rv, n V— K "vercame, them all 'bravely and retained her! cheerful and social nature to the "So Many Memories." So many memories about her crowd my mind. I recall a timele'sl when Mabel Carr and I wanted™! ... , -"^. n^^ L iui;ai lueei- will be a party next Tuesday evening at Adah Carlson's, with as assisting host- . entertained -. A. bridge club yesterday afternoon. There are eight meT Mrs. Fred Frost entertained her sewi ng oluD Wednesday afternoon, ihere are six members. .. —• *— . Priest to >'ew Parish. Father Maynard, Catholic priest Here some years ago, will be installed at Ledyard next Sunday Hf had previously .been stationed m Canada. Peat Fire. A fire had got a start in a peat -bed and an old man was traveling up and down and exhausting himself to keep it from reaching haystacks. His broken talk about the fire is a bit of character study such as is sometimes found 111 the magazine Atlantic. Rare Hives Attack Suffered by Woman Irvlngton, Apr. 19—Mrs. O u h u 7 a o taken to the Kossutl hospital Saturday, suffering wUh a Sfiverp ntfonir ~o t-»__ Carl Tons, West Bend druggist Visltor ' -•"" """"."IKS as a guest, and I •* "*'•> lrt!K to Swea Cih- felt highly complimented. Most of , The Swea City Baptist brother- the members T had known practic- lood entertained members of the f^ , ^l W / life ' Two of them s aid local Baptist church at a social that the first time they saw me I meeting at Swea City Tuesdav was m my father's arms at church evening, and 40 here responded to in the town hall. the invitation. Five persons from Among the members of this club ^ gona furnished the program were Mrs. Stacy, Mrs. David King, The principal speaker was R £ Mrs Hudson (mother of Mrs. B F Rl chardson, and others were Dr Reed) Mrs. A. Durant, Mrs. Ho- £• A - E vans, H. N. Kruse, J A Mr Ss ; ^^ D. T &r n ^s ^/k ^ ™'^ * ^^ ^ Nicoulin. Mrs. Dona Sheetz, Mrs J. J. Wilson, and Mrs. Lewis. Mrs Clarke had felt most lonely since all passed on, especially since the recent passing of Mrs. Lewis. last of Ifer Generation. I believe that Mrs. Clarke is the - —.— and Mrs. Wayne And°r- son, Alta, were Sunday guests "of the Roy Wooldridges. M. P. Weaver and R. H. Miller were guests of the Emmetsburg Rotery^club Tuesday. 3IcCullongh spent Easter l.t MitnVinll o -r^ a severe attack of hives. The Millers had started for Algona foi the evening, when Mrs. Miller's face began to swell and became blotched. The swelling and blotches spread rapidly to other parts "f her body, and then went in»v. Be £ ore Mr ' Mill er could wn *" « x 5? SP ' tal hls wife>s thr °at wab so badly swollen that breathing was difficult, and physicians said the same condition existed in her lungs. She is now slightly improved. =>"fa"Liy --„ at Mitchell, S. D., with the Dr. J. H. Edges. ,. H' and 3trs - D . L. Leffert vis ited the latter's sister, Emma An derson, Swea City, Sunday Janet Zcrfass, employed at Des Moines, spent Saturday and Sunday with her father, P. p Zerfass arr. and Mrs. Ben IngeTbritson spent Sunday at EsthervUle with relatives. Ben works at Dau's gar- **-fiG the local pastor's gave a recitation, and Hiram and ""-' - - "•*" Mrs. louis Wegener Celebrates— * lr - .» a * Mrs. R. C . Berrie, Math, i ,f y> - SP6nt Sunday ner e with thfi 1 " tt " B Mr. and Mrs. Wegener reached her -. anniversary I In the afternoon her no ^. John _-- - ..,^, so Mr. and Mrs.' ners - Pent'on; and the W J „,-„ Heckart let them sleep at j b ^, Algona. Mrs. Bierstedt Mrs unfurnished ^ ai ' nei- . and Mrs. Sigs,bee' upstairs. Mr. Clarke bought Mine unWeached muslin, with which Mrs. Clarke hade a bedt ck -sewed by hand, for there were no sewmg machines in Algona straw S and on fh on the floor. . Clarke wore her bridal hnt after arrival. It had a lar-e white plume, which caused a sensation among the women. Mr Pair of bootfi, and pinched his feet h bravely. Happy in 1'ioneer Algona. though wore they them dauBhter,, and Fred ^TL^ Mrs. Wegener. Mrs. Wegenar has a son at Clinton and another at Tacoma, Wash., who were unable r fl artanfl A. Barry. and Florence teacner s, spent the Woman in Severe Fall. Ledyard, Apr. 19-Mrs. Roy Mmo fell on stairs while she was attending an Aid meeting at the Hammond home last week Wednesday and suffered cuts on the face, the most serious on the nose where a gash required three stitches to close. tn«! v\ ?? c11 has taken ° ver oh?, Janitorshi P ° f the Methodist church succeeding A. M. Collinson, who resigned This week's price on wool is ^c. Should the market idvance we will pay more, should it go down you still get JOE GREENBERG "nTT/fvri ^ .. rt to attend. Surprise for Fred Jacob- Fred Jacob was taken by surprise last week Wednesday ing, when relatives and fi from Fenton, Lone Rock, and Lotts Creek arrived to help him celebrate a birthday. Six tables of 500 were in play, Mrs. Gaylord Johnson and Charles Newel win Arh th V high Prizes, Arthur Krause being - Husic ( '1«'» Wll Elcct- neers were so happy despite vicis- - situdcs was because they were 1 The Q el Canto music cluh will nn r ,T/ Ul ' Mr8 ' Clarke j" lee <- n?xt Wednesday with Mrs. E t ., Mrfl - S ' )enfl er both ( : McMahon, and officers will be and Hur ,' r8 ' from, i t ., Mrfl - S ' )enfl er both , frequently sa ,d that the best times Reeled. Reports will be given No be additional program has been . ,, . JllFl ^ LIIUL LIIU nesr tinips bey ever had was wnen th us ^ to attend dances at the courthouse The"''' - thnir billbl ? s wlth lht >'ir slept on beds'on chairfi'made''^^ the mothers' wraps. Croquet was once a popular Al Rona Rarne. My sister Libbie the lived with the Clarkes. Henry DU runt was one of tho Icading'play ers, but Mrs. Clarke and Libhi were champions, and how Mrs Clarke did love to play. Some Other Oldtiniors. After they got settled in the early years the Clarkes lived in a five-room house where now is lo cated the Collie Chubh home On the lot west lived the ChuM brothers, Cohnan and Charlie, and the Chubb brothers were Mi- Clarke's clearest friends. When the Chubbs moved to their farm south of town, the Jack Wallaces lived in the old home. Mr. Wallace wa.< the father of Lucia Wallace. I recall being there one time when Dugald Wallace played his violin and how I enjoyed it, though too bashful to ask him to play more. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke were both extremely social by nature. Friends were always most cordially received, and no one failed to have a jolly time at their home. Mrs. Clarke kept up that spirit of hospitality all through her life. I shall miss her. as een P lan »e". but there will be chorus pmt;t r- Present officers are- president, Mrs-. C R Holf secre^ w'' y> r ' G Shierk; Church Society to Meet— The Methodist W. H. M. S will meet next week Thursday at the . urch. Mrs. Ralph Harbert's division will serve, and Mrs. W. L Whitney will be leader. Mrs. C. , ' 1]o ' t wm b e in charge of a len- ten offering postponed from the last meeting. Woman's Club Meets Tomorrow— iho Woman's cluto will meet tomorrow (Friday) at the library and the program will relate to Domestic art. Mrs. Alfred Schenck WIH give a talk on Cookery Old and New. To Plan for Bally Day— The county 4-H club committee will meet at Bancroft Friday to make plans for the county Rally nay to be held the first week in 'une. Other Society. Mrs. E. W. Evans and Mrs. .L VI. Merritt, Algona, with Mrs H 3. Woodward, Whittemore, drove o Bancroft Tuesday to attend a ounty Legion-Auxiliary meeting Urs. Evans is president ot the lo- A length tor every leg in these Three Length Hose Chrischilles Store We are featuring two nationally known and e tionalljr high grade hose in the three'iengt"? din sion which is so popular today. Buy your hosierV only according to foot-size, but also a " F ' size—short, medium and long. wearing, most serviceable =f ; we S^tt^^^^i^j-JJ-* long-all new spring colors, for only ______ 79C 2 for $1.50 Positively Slashing Prices on all Spring Suits and Coats AN N E X HIGH GRADE APPAREL AT AUCTION SALE PRICES Chrischilles Store SbT un aglly d ° ing bUSiness at our Iittle ANNEX. 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