Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 5
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r-' KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA w yr Evans were Jl on a business •niw and James Murtogh lrfl 9t,Mct insurance men's He Hotel Hanford, Ma- [Vuesday. Dodge. Mr. Yconmn clerks at the Oam'ble «tore here. Mr. and Mrs. Frank irossmnn of Eagle Grove, with their son Francis, were Sunday guests of the Frank Sterlings. Mrs. Ilossninn is Mr. Sterling's sister, and Mr. Hosnnmn Is a farmer. Mr. mill Mrs. W. A. Foster drove to Spencer Sunday for dinner with , nr( , ner . „ tn eir daughter iMnry Uli/.aboih, I vtr< Clarence Zeck, of who tenches music ,-u PriniKhr.r. P were Easter .guests Mary Elizabeth -was gnulualed from Mrs Oscar Norman, Cornell college last year. . b «* ana Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilbert, iMilora, visited friends here Sunday. Mr. Gilbert, who formerly worked in the laundry here, is now PAfcE mans. The younger Mrs. Norman The Minneapolis Star, a Cowles Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Vigars. Miss and her daughter went to Bode!paper, recently published a taWold Sunday for the day with the for-[section in a building edition, and inch's mother, Mrs. Amanda Aure. | Otto Falkenhainer, former Algon- I'nimncrenlng, James ian, once a local hardware dealer, . - >• "> '" .it... mui r> iiiui managing a laundry at. Kldora, and Delnmr Kiluclsnn whn ta v, Ul0 | t0 iT° r H °l e " MoMahon ' and Lucille "Hildman, 1 now manager of the Moyor Fur- ho Rivt, ',,7, ,l bookkeopcl ' for the latlcr of Wos| W. spent Sunday nacc Co.'s St. Paul branch, had a the Kirsch laundry. Mr. iin.1 Mrs. Edward Ostrum, ,, ;l , .„,„. „,„„„ OWI1I1 Ljle, Mmn., their two children, Swanson Is foreman for »nd Mrs. Oslnun's mother, Mrs. H. leling company there. bchoonmakor. spent the week-end ! works at the local Ch&mplin at Fairmont with Delmar's sis- half-column story featured on one tor, Mrs. Glenn Swanson. Mr.! page. Mr. Falkenhainer a grav-jsized the needs of the Dehnar home in air-conditioning. Vigars is much interested in her work as laboratory assistant in a department of research and survey. One day a week she conducts classes in an Italian district. She is a 1937 graduate of the State Teachers college, and she expects oil * l M^ r - w ?.l t , r . UI ^'!.... I)aro " t ?' 8tatlon - and James at Kent's gai- niitl Mrs. Frank Ostrum. Ed- age. ward is in the employ of the Bols- ford Lumber Co. there. Mr. iiml .Mrs. Tom Mr, and Mrs. A. L. Long attended church services at Fairmont on Sunday and spent the empha- to complete studies for a master's modern degree In another year Mrs. Kthrl McAVIiortcr-Itovls, St. ., , „ , . ..„,,. „ iiiriHLtJi ouiiuay uiiu suem uiu ui- Mr. and Mrs. L oyd Mitchell, of tornoon thcre witll Ulo R . G . Mis . Cedar Rapids, and their two chil- | bachSi Mr> , Miisbach llas for many with their two children, and Mr. c. and Mrs. A. W. Bohrends, with son Irvin, were Sunday din- Duiley, 'dren spent the week-end with the and [with Mrs I "of Mr Jfltche ft , years had an interest in n cloth- broker Ts° UrOLliei JUb~ nf "Mr mw1 TVTt«o Ml • illd M s ' nr -**i, i 1 1 i * , ' in r Mr. Mitchell, who manages a him-' ,,., Q(nVD ,,„_„ ii: 0 w i(v> t« i i > i •• GlJU H StOl G II CFG. JUS WUG In .heryard, is a brother of Laura fr ',. whiHnmnm ^h-i ™h Schuttcr West Iiniui Thn 1, -no MI V r M, I i ,, » former Wlil .-H.iuii.iLi, ,vcsi jiemi. i iio tin ee Mitchell, of the c ty clerk's off ce. ; mn i,i nn ,,.,„,„ women :irn Klstm-K M,. Tinh,.nr,,io ! -\/r..,, T i_...i »»i..i.'n _.._> »r.._ inmucn name Wlilttemoro w ,, 0 wu.s girl Hohn. Mr. and Mrs. Roland White, Des Phillips Minn., friends at Al- Fred Jacohs. Mrs. Meyers ia a truck sister of Mr. Jncoh. Mrs. Post. Buck looked a.rtor Viiril, freshman at J u' came for the Kas(Jl Ml,* t ^ . ii« I'ofltQ .md with hei Paienia J r " Harry Ward. iirsoii, sophomore •oIleBO. A'» os ' I v Soren ? on horo - !U1(1 Mr - Slnmnson "liud" .Mon-k resumed his school 1 wret is emplovod in the l"'- Mr - nn<1 fond ° P T r hP I" Vx^nnr^' «, , "'"^ Molld<iy - tirtor hnvl " K been i Soil'conBeSnolce^ over the week-end. Hie L. J. ISi'lsons wero Sundny (mammiiicd for scarlet fever three, Mr. nnd Mrs. Donald .. , Clear Lake Reportei dinner guests o the O. n. H.-u-t*. weeks. His mother cared for him, Toledo "pen the °veek-end "he,- : '^ lha Oak Park Academy chorus tho recent fie of a Bancmft Mr Hnr 1B Ruporlnlon- | Hn ,i his father s,,,yed with the H.lwlth the former's parents Mr. and of high school students from Nevi ro owned toy Di. F. L,. dent of schools there, and Mr. Nol-, V. Hulls. Virginia Morck, student Mrs. Bert Cronan, and with Mrs ""*<<• tomorrow evening at 8 o'- frlgojm optometrist.^ ^ son '» !J _P^lncrJ_n_the local Nol- at tne_state university of Mlnne-, fronan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G'. clock a;l. the local Seventh Day Paul, left Saturday morning, after a week here with her cousin, Mrs. Irene Gilmore. Her huslband travels for Swift & Co., and they have a son at Chicago. Mrs. Davis is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John E. McWhorter, who were farmers near Burt 35 years ago and later, for some years, lived east of Algona on No. 18. Mr. McWhorter died in California. Mrs. 'Shumway are sisters. ... , , . . .. , and Kvislyn Dole, with i .Josephine, Paul, and Margaret ^ olneAs ; and the latter s Greon. all of Algona, the Dahlhausor spent Easter with M !'t Mary Q ! 11 ' 1 "' . spcnt 1Ln . s . ter '• "-T ,Toel Herbsts, and 'Mrs. emainod for a few days | Horbst, who is another :>land is studying law university, and 'Mrs.' cashier in a woman's ap- , parel shop. Roland is a grandson Cl)uluy jof Mr. and Mrs. Ellis McWhorter. Cronan,! A siicred concert will he given . Davis is also a niece of the Ellis mother |Mc\Vhorlors here, and a cousin of ' ; Ray and Lewis McWhorter. SPECIAL NOTICE MR. ROY LDiDEJlMAN of The Cownie Fur Co. will be in Algona Friday, May 22nd Bring in your Pur Coat for "Summer Storage". The best possible protection for the least cost. Also special attention, to repairs and alterations at this time. CALL 144 Kresensky's The Toledo Cro- Adventist church. The chorus is I Stcnlienson, senloi at S0 n & T-ensing grocery. solili (]ld , lot C011U! Uomc foi . KM .; w i5i c j ch ; " Eu ,:f college, spent the Mrs. Muni (.illc.splc. Fort. Dodgn., tcr. ! nans nnd the Bleichs were' Sunday' nmklnK an annual tour to Adven- with her parents Wlit h her daughter Mr,rlys. spent Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy McWhorter, : oveninr dinner guests of"tho ' Ust churches in the state. No ad- Mrs. 0. J. Stephenson. Friday here with Mr. i Kninkl, student at Trin- Lawrence GiHcsplc. Mr and Mrs. i the hitter's mother, Mrs. Anna ,, , --- , ... . Marlys, who Gill, and Kent Ryerson, the latter c Sioux City, spent tne attends the state university, wnsja son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Ryer- ivith his parents, Mr. having an Easter vacation. I son, north of Hurt, spent Easter B. Prnukl, Irvingtpn. _ Mr._nnd Mrs. George Hoswcll, of I Sunday with the Ryersons. Kent, evening Crnnans here. |il jirs. H. A. Smith visited (,I IG Algona Lnundry, spent Easter i-iRlitcr Virginia at Cedar . a t Des Moines with Mrs. Boswell's ,'Easter Sunday. She is a mother, Mrs. J. H. DoLaney, who at the State Teachers suffered a light stroke three weeks son of the Ryersons, had spent a few days here with the McAVhor- ters. Mrs. A. K. Miclii'l and her son guests of Donald still oper- mission to concerts is charged. Principal and Mrs. M. S. Culver, of the academy, accompany the ates n variety store at Toledo. Mr. iind Mrs. Will F. Walker, got home Tuesday afternoon from j students, six months in the South', mostly j Mr. nnd Mrs. Donald White, of at Pensacola, Fla., where they | Newton, and their small son Jerry had an apartment. Mrs. Walker; were Easter guests of Donald's says that it is now real summer ; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis there. Trees were in blossom as i McWhorter. Mr. AVhite is now in t m aK ?r' nnd , ls ," ot mucl1 improved. Roger spent the week-end at Des ] early as January" 1.'"The "\Vaikers ! the employ of "the" Goodyear" Rub,0. Anderson went to ^rr. and .Mrs. W. C. McDougiill, i Moines with Mr. Michel, who is spent a month at Chicago and at'.ber Co. at Newton. The Roland S. D., Saturday to visit w j t n their son Boihby. spent Sun- j assistant state W. P. A. adminis- Cedar Rapids .before coming home, j Whites, also Des Moines, who vis- cnts. Her husband is in f ] ay [lt p ort Dodge with Mr. Me- j tral.or, and with the'other Michel ional Harvester employ Dougall's uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. O'Harrow. Mr. Mc- IV. J. r'ulli'r's sister, Mrs. Dougall Avorks for Botsford's here, ji, Spencer, came Satur- jf r> !in( ] jf,. s . Garry Clarke, Des son Maurice, who is in highway commission employ at Anamosa. 1 of Iowa City, spent Monday with Roger is a junior in the local high , Mr. Thompson's sister, Mrs. R. H. school. Miller. Betty is a sister of Donna Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson, , ited the Joel Heribsts Sunday, Bob Barger, and Betty Merron, all i called on the McWhorters in the afternoon. Donald and Roland are brothers. I). I). Monlnx reports that the second lecture in a series spon- i visit of indefinite length. Moines, spent Friday evening ati The Kev. and -Mrs. Walter Schlie, Belle Merron, who lives with spent the winter m rj. p. Smith's. Mr. Clarke, a lealli- of Hatnvia. 111., arrived Monday Banker and Mrs. Miller, uncle and sored by the Masonic state service er salesman, lived here ninny j evening for a brief visit with Mrs. , aunt, and is employed at the Iowa ; committee, given at the local Tem- Mrs. Theo Herbst ^are years ago, and his wife is a former iSchlie's grandparents, Mr. and j State bank. Mr. Thompson is with i pie Friday evening, was attended [today (Thursday) at Ma- Aleomi high school musin teacher. ,', where they will attend jf r< „„,] jf rs . A w Amunsnn re- •ance luncheon at the Han- turned from Des Moines AVod'.ies- ,el. . day afternoon, after having at- Floyd Snundcrs is helping tended an optometrists' convention t the James drug store there since Sunday. The convon- Ja one-cent sale. The sale t i on •Wednesday and will end tp i p] aco . t t the Savory ho- Melvin Sliilts. Omaha, was here id Mrs. Holman Anderson, fnr tllo v /eo!f-enil with his father, |c son Jerry, spent Sunday Banber Frank Shilts. On leaving :al Lnke, visiting Mrs. An- Monday he went to Minneapolis to parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. v i s j t his brother John, who is employed at a Depker packing plant Irholm. ind Mrs. C. E. Sjostrand, of there. fir, Minn., went home_Tues- jfr. and Mrs. Albert Grooters, Mrs. Gottlieb Groii'bach, and with her other grandfather, George Hohenberger. Mr. Schlie is a former pastor of the Livermoro Lutheran church. the Scott & Mclntyre Insurance j by some 80 persons, with 13 lodges Co. i represented. The speaker was A. Ilnrilctte T. Agard's .younger H. Bolton, Sioux City. A third lec- brothor Gerald, who has been ' ture will be given at the Temple coach two years at AVest Bend, af- j Tuesday, May 17, when Raibbi Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dole, with i ter two years at Fenton, has been • Mannheimer, Des Moines, will be the children, Lois and John, left! reelected, tout has not decided j the sipeaker. The public is in- Tuesday for AVoodibine, where Mr. whether to accept. That his girls' .vited to attend. Dole will do road construction basketball team Avon the state [er having spent the Easter w j t h their three children, spent JMcMurray, Belmond, were Easter ~ " 'guests of Mrs. A. Zittritsch, mother of Matt and Mrs. McMurray. work for John Schumacher. Mr. j championship this year was a big Dole operated a garage last win- i feather in his cap. Besides coach- tor in the former Elbert quarters. | ing, he teaches history and eco- The family had been living at Irvington. .Mr. and Mrs. Matt Zittritsch, Newell, and Mr. and Mrs. Glen k at their son the Rev. M. Sunday at Boyden, visiting Al- Itrand's. ; bert's sister, Mrs. L. AV. Hills, and ind Mrs. AValton Fisher, of their brother John Grooters. Al, were last week Thursday bert now drives a Skelly tank of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Vohs. wa gon. iher is a stocWbuyer for the . jf r . ,„„] jfrs. R. AV. Anderson City stockyards. •spent Sunday at Des Moines with tad Mrs. Philip Dorweller, the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. lodge, were Monday evening j 0 h n Anderson. John Anderson is |of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Duffy. i n Younker employ there, and R. eiler is a fruit inspector w. -^orks for the telephone com- nomics. i'liyllis Mathes, Ames, accompanied Mary L. Gilmore, State college student, to Algona for the week-end. Phyllis is now a senior in the Ames high school. Her fath- Mrs. C. R. LaBarre took her son' er, who still operates State's cafe Bob and Harry and Isaibel Green-'there, was here for a day or so burg back to Iowa City Monday. | early in the week. The Mathes The younger people had spent the j family still regards Algona as Easter holidays here. Mrs. La- home. Mary Catherine Hum, state Barre was accompanied by Mrs. i university freshman, rode up from Matt works for a construction , H. L. Gilmore, who stopped at Ames with Phyllis and Mary L. company, and Mr. McMurray has, Cedar Rapids for a visit. On the Margaret Tigars, post-graduate operated a variety store ever since way home Mrs. La _Barre stayed student at 'Chicago university, 'i went back Tuesday, after a visit [since Saturday with her parents, he left Algona. i at her sister Mrs. H. S. Struible's pany here, her Mrs. C. C. Wright returned last I section. (Donald Hnichins took Mrs. McPhail, Bloomfield, Tuesday from two' weeks at Sioux Wednesday, returning the city with her daughter, Mrs. R. A. '»: Mrs. McPhail had visit- Burrows, who is convalescing i since Friday., from a recent major ' operation. Murtha, her daughter, Mr. Burrows is a Presbyterion nneth Frank!, went to pas tor there. Tuesday for the funeral John T. McGnire is moving the iday of John Beierschmitt, house in which he and the family • of Mrs. Murtha. have been living to a lot across the Bcckwitb, of Kansas City, street south from C. A. Momyer's. the week-end with his fath- He plans to build a new home on IT V. Beckwlth, and his sister the former location near the Bry- C. Yeoman. He travels for a nt schoolhouse. p ready-to-wear. The Key. and 3frs. Atterberry, of pine Hurtagh returned to Minneapolis, -with two daughters, -ines Sunday evening, after spent last week with Mrs. Atter- nere with her mother, Mrs. berry's sister, Mrs. Voorhies, wife urtagh. She works in the o f the pastor of the local Nazar- I security offices there. ene church. 'Mr. Attei'bury is pas- narnard, local Gamble tor of a Nazarene church there. if, his wife, and their two Gwendolyn Deal, freshman In the ». spent Sunday at Winne- State Teachers college, spent the Mum., with Mrs. Barnard's Easter vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Deal. She is .of majoring in physical education, were bunday dinner guests Gwendolyn was graduated from Wter s brother Herbert the local high school last year. Mr. Purat travels for a Saturday's Shopper will ' 'carry feed company. - ' " Mrs. C. A. Norman. Harry Mathas, . „, »•— j- announcement of a sound motion i.!, rea8nrer nnd Mrs - Ml J - Picture, King of Kings, which will with their three daughters, be shown at the Methodist church punday dinner guests of M. next Wednesday evening at 8 rents Mr. and Mrs. Martin o'clock. There will be no admis- M^ Whlttemore. sion fee, tout an offering will be ){™ nzow has been unaible taken. • tms week because of an Mrs. J. M. Moore, with her lumbago. He travels for daughter Patricia -who attended rry-Burrell creamery sup- the Bryant school, left Friday to «ny at Cedar Rapids. tj oin Mr , Moore at Ayrshire. Mr. "csensky ™as at Mlnne- Moore, formerly employed at the lnr« ii ay ' bu >' in s gooda for I Algona creamery, is now cream- I««M mie Nevill e and his ery secretary and buttermaker at J . were there the same Ayrshire. 8 for the Neville store. Mrs. Lawrence Gillefi- their daughter Marlene, at Ledyard with _.- - sister, Mrs. H. S. flf»l ii° rseys dre fanners. Otchell and Lillian Clap- Rn^ ter of Mas °n City, Kochester Monday, the for- leck-up, the lat- the Mayo clinic. George Ko Lula and guests of the i near Mrs. Fandel Since returning from San Diego, at Vinton till Tuesday. Calif., where he spent the winter •—-^j_— with a sister, James Cruikshank ^__^^^_^^_ has 'been oibed with a severe spell of heart disease at the Algona home of his son A. R. He was reported somewhat improved early in the week. The elder Mr. Cruikshank is 87. Mrs. Elmer Craychoe, Estherville, spent Monday here with Mrs. D. J. Bredall. Mrs. Craychee's husband • is with the International Harvester company there, and Mr. Bredall is in like employ here. Mr. and Mrs. Bredall spent Sunday at Akron with the former's mother, Mrs. J. C. Bredall. Mr. iind Mrs. Bernard Keefe, of Gait, are parents of their first child, a boy, born Saturday at the Kossuth hospital. Mrs. Keefe, the former Bernice Banwart, Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Banwart, Algona, who now have six grandchildren. George operates a'local dray truck. Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Monlux took their son Roibert back to Iowa City Monday, after he had spent Easter here. Robert, a junior, is taking a pre-medic course. On the way back Mr. and Mrs. Monlux stopped at Marshalltown to attend a meeting of the grand chapter, R. A. M., Tuesday and Wednesday. Klva Ewoldt was taken home from the Kossuth hospital Tuesday, following an appendectomy last week Monday. She is recuperating at the Bertha E. Jonnson apartments, where she lives with Jessie E. Smith, Both Elva and Jessie are employed at the Algona Ice Cream &' Candy Factory. ; i MrH. Edward Norman and her daughter Phyllis Jean spent Saturday here with the Oscar Normans. Edward, who travels for Swift & Co., is a son of the local Nor- lor. are THUKS., FEIDAY, SATUB, April 21, 23, 28 Comedy Hit of 1938! " A< Gr °°tera, <K ° chlldr en, were to Sun-' the let im Proved when and Mrs. Del- accoino aai6d tholr to daughter Plankinton, S. Tues<Jfl y Mr till D. Mrs. W. manages rd M the Jl Johnson, of Mrs Te / ril and t¥eo w«a, with her Plus Added Fun , Ski Line •*Sport Kevue" "Ship That Pled" Hlstorlal Mystery SUNDAY and MONDAY April 24 and 25 Greatest thrill romance of 1938! OED/CA7YNG ro... whh Lionel BARRYMORE TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, APOT ?6 AND 87 KAY FBANCIS, PAT 0>BJ«EN in «WOS*EN ABE UKE THAT" Comine Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Ifay 5-0-7 %NOW WHITE AND 8EYEN DWABFS" The Author o/ "How About a Man" names this CARTWRIGHT Dress She took one look at its flirtatious youngness and named it after her gay book on the art of collecting men. Reasons; (1) because it's young and yet sophisticated. (2) the sheer dark bodice makes your skin look so dazzingly white, (3) it's the sort of dress that's enchantingly fragile and feminine. (4) the inspired designing by Cartwright's Martha Gale does miracles for your figure. Black or navy pure silk marquisette, Sizes U to 17. Exclusive with K R 0 E H LE R Superbly Styled Modern Kroehler Group! 59.50 A modern suite of distinguished design with richly carved hardwood frames. Can be had in colorful brocatelle or velvet coverings. A super value at and up You don't know what real comfort is until you have tried this new Kroehler suite. It is built with the famed new Kroehler Sturdi- flex seat and 5-Star Construction that eliminate all materials that AA 7 ear out easily Step in tomorrow and let us show yyou what Kroehler quality really is. Watch for Photogravure Bills Foster Furniture Co. CUT RATE GROCERY PRICE QUALITY SERVICE ORANGES Each lc ONION SETS 7 Ibs. 25c SOUP MIXTURE 3 pkgs. 25c BUTTER lib. 29c RAISINS 2 Ibs. 13c SYRUP ... _No. 5 can 25c IT FLOATS 99%.% PURE IVORY SOAP Mod. 6c R«d Heart DOG FOOD 3 cans ' 25c White or Yellow POP CORN 2 Ibs. 19c Whole Wheat Flakes 2 pkgs. _ _ 19c BLACK PEPPER lb. 13c SUGAR 10 Ibs. 49c OYSTER SHELL 100 Ib. bag _83c BRE'KFAST~FOOD BUY THBEE GET ONE FREE 4 pkgs. 33c Extra - Special Johnson's FLOOR WAX DEALS % 1m. can Paste Wax FBEE with purchase of 1 Ib. can 59c 39c can Glo-Coat FBEE with purchase of 1 pint can 55c PURE IVORY SOAP FLAKES DRY FLAKES 23c 9c Whole Wheat FLOUR 5 Ibs. 19c K. C. BAKING POWDER 2 lOccans 15c Butter Nut COFFEE Lb. 27c TEA Green, £ Ib, 13c Black, Hb, 15c BROWN SUGAR 4 Ibs,. 23c Corn Fed Lb, BEEF ROA5T . HAM— Shank, Center 16c ea. 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