Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 4
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TUY US—JOHNSON'S DX Station, Cor. State and Moore. 9C31 FOR SALE—TWO BROOD sows.— Charles Egel, Irvlngton. 8u31 AUTO LOANS — REFINANCING. Lower payments. — Western Credit Co. 8u30tf .WANTED—WILD LIVE RED FOX furs.—Henry Iowa. Hainline, Creston, 10p31-33 FOR SALE—PUREBRED HAMP- shire fall (boars. — Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 10p31-33 WANT TO BUY—TURKEY GOB- bler, any breed.—Mrs. Wilbur Zeigler, phone <IF3, Algonei. I3p31 GOOD WORK AT GALL PARK BY WPA LABORERS Many Improvements Made and More Under Way. Spring fever is "catching" wkh, many people nt this time of the i year, and picnics are the order of KOSSOTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA THE MO VIES By T. H. C. ! youthful, pepful Bcnnna Durbin, Is i positively unmoral. The spectacle jof an innocent, pure, adolescent 'girl building a complete structure ; of lies to support an imaginary ^^ j father and adding more nnd more "UKRItlfiY "\\'V t TVP i i " " ~—«-—• falsehoods to substantiate her wild ' . .. . . ' I'Mt— i of my minor objects in writing this : claims, produces in me an emotion I think a better title for this: column is to court a large number verging on revulsion, picture would be. the one running : of '. hls class - j True, the little lady crosses her "••'ting. I have always contend- fingers (and takes great pains to 1 should stimulate thought, and 1 call attention to this"); but the fact through my mind ever since last week Thursday nlcht — "Di77ftv ,- , stllm »<"* thought, and; call attention to this); but the fact Wn T! T, K , We ahvays asree with the author Remains that she is Ivine, Ivine. We Liv-P. T. hoinnac ,„ „,„ -,.,. whose work we arc reading, there : lying in everything she savs 'and We Live. It belongs to the category of domestic-relations pictures is really no reason for reading. : does. FARMERS, WILL BUY YOUR red! •fox pups. — Fred G. Beckon- ' baugh, Fort Dodge. which have been more or less pop- n\ hen we disagree, we think; when Is guilt excusable when freelv n f° m r e :! le 'T,. thls excep ' we asree - we merely flatter our- admitted? Can I burn my neigh- rJl of 7. M . el ; nl - v ^' e Ll ;-e saves j selves. And there is certainly no . bor's house and say, "I know it's nost of its violence for a few sVift benefit in self-esteem. wrong, but I have mv fingers Moments in the grand finale. Of course, the net results of'crossed?" Can I Zander mv ; of cur- such n poll might be as inaccurate Mends and apologize, "I know it 0 = 1, * .1 • ••--"- ago> and ns tlle late Literary Digest presi- 'isn't true, but my fingers are : asked the pointed question, dential poll; but in this ca«e I be- crossed?" Ambrose A. Call i n „ . an >' one e »W the spectacle .Here, it at least shows interest in ; Oh. the picture is passable, Miss --.. had many," l'. olso » a | violence and furniture- the movies. i Dili-bin's singing is creditable the and picnics have 'been '.^"il'.Z 1 U Lreference to _d_omes- One feminine voter took the Photography's superb, and the'cast about my col- above average. But there is some- fox pups - Fred G Beckon- j S ^° park " ns * ] ™** **A many ?' P?""™! violence and furniture- the movies. ' jDurbin's sinking to crcdltnblo, tl baugh, Fort Dodge InWO- 1 !-. ' i" "M ,' and plculcs have *een '.,' b . f' . lt ",, lo ^ rence to domes - One feminine voter took the Photography's superb, and the ca — _: l_j_l , Held there by various groups !^. 0 °.' u ' ons :.. However, Merrily pains to write "Bah" about my col- above average. But there is som 1>IANO-ONLY .$.18 LEFT TO pay. ! si "? e '"'d-March. .\\e_Live, while belonging to this umn. Of course, I have some cur- thing lacking. You guess what Can be; seen in Algona. — Write MallJ " wikl flowers arc already ! ^, ell j u . s '. ls . less stringent, nnd 'is iosity to know who this caustic 1 * : 1». 0. Box 250, Des Moines. 15p31 .'" bloo »>. with bloodroots, .blue-' , , Wlth 5O many Kems of wit cHtic w «*. but probablv I <=hall-Fa«f ("lato at l-k« i I bolls, and dogtooth violets most " mi lnlmo ' - - that the general effect never know ' C-asi Oat6 at tfte FARMS _FOR SALE—IF you want, Prominent. There are also Snrinir: ls _°"9 of 1'leasant diversion. The ultimate result of tt,» „„!! i C(Rm*»f*»fTr R omn ^ r ^. Cemetery Removed ;.^.I..T, nun UUKIUOUI violets most FARMS FOR SALE—IF you want, Prominent. There are also Spring:'* onc of Pleasant diversion. The ultimate result of the poll to soil a farm Advance readers; Beauties, Dutchman's Britches i Perhaps the cast has something will likely be to spur me on to' s." * imm " ci B " • ""-I? : S£ z&sz :<=" £ i v~ MttJK 7,;rr ss\ ; ; ! ;.sr ;„«' a? s U tsi s"if,r e "• <•» asa^K ro .. SA1 . E _ r m ^^£sxZ£g^%--SZX.'$ !S,g"S1^S: ^'"^SS^^ ^^"^^'S. °SZ .,mck, oa.,-. mcnmn.ivo ,v«y to l« ,„ M ,, o ,,, m , coml ««:«'« Knowing jl.nce. in. M s ,,m- After all. we ,«u,l MI ,,™ 1, ~. !,S i!!','","" 1 1° ""' 0 !"\'" "" linn II., I,»y«r.-Advnn ce lor-,,,10 m a, o,, il.e ,,.„ ,,,, l , OBt ,„„,. rani ,1,,'a, of .honlderi TVhot . muM, i,,T«r,S" „!? duis ™ , remmia Tta" " '" e "" 1L' tn lo^voo o,,,l .!,„ — .-_ f.'linilv nf nr^tnvo tlinon !}»,•.»»»!. •,„,! ;.i ., ' - otuiis, ituiuveu. me ads. tfjing to leaves, nnd the grass ,» i sri-een whore leaves do not cover I WILL NOT BE RKSPON'STHT.K f,' L -•- -- •—•-• •» -••• — • for debts contr-icted bv" olhi^'s e ground ' i from a restrained direction. Her than myself after'April H!.—C. E. ! S( ' ori ' s «'' »"' lienchps. : role ' ^ llle resembling all her oth- Bnrnard. 10p31 s i"ce mid-February nearly OQ • 01, Pa - .' S . casicr on tlle nerves. ' — WI'A workmen have'bppn Pm'ninv -V simply a rich socialite QUICK TIPJ.; SERVICE - WE'LL e d in The park The workmen h^ve : '» W ° Se obsession is » call for. repair, and deliver. Just ' built ueurlv'l20 neu benches of .y nm » sf «'« I W"B to help them, phono Sjifi. Our work is depend- split logs with smoothed off fla ' X till U""" 0 ..—\i<:.« bervire Station. (2)31 surface.s for .seats. A cross log 111 '"'th end raises seats to the lMOCent 52X1) STREET— a chain was for them, as the gateway was .„„ ..... row to let a snowplow in to clear the roadways in winter. mothering t E y er , since J saw Georgie Tapps.! ep them * trom his "Holl^-ood tri-' .omewtai » ' . d !""J"_ 1 ™ C ?^ nteht IF YOC HAVE POME GOOD mare-s to brood to a good Percheron projior level. Some of the ho,,, ,„ v: , Oro^ ^™*.'«™ S\» ^ w {j'- dK hi^ous"resuHs: ''-• - ji buted in the local park wherever novelist (out to get local coi- for a Knight of the Road and last summer. I had had a mild touted as an artist of tin•eat- akes hin\ ^her"hoZnoT ™h' ^™*,™ '^^^. . . , two miles wist Lone Rock. \VA.VI--EI)—GOOD STEADY GIRL for housework on farm.—Mrs. E. G. Ely. null, west, 5'-i> miles north Wesley. Brian Aherne is the "tramp." screen production, I naturally expected that he would have a rather conspicuous role needed. ' ™' i" 1 " "e doe, a creditable job. add- Sutlnn^ln L™^?™* l '°^ n.. 1 ?,! o7t!;r^r^ch^^ ^f£^-^° ± L-.^«S i n m ta °? ^; complete new pronrh sanlt - v - T1 * rest of FOIi SALK -ONE 10-FT. NEW Western sprni-kt-t packer and mulch(:•;•. -Alvin Weber, Lu Verne. lo ' vu - Mp31 FILMS DEVELOPED AND printed lur pictures :md one FHEE.— I.usby's. have also made a set nf direction signs and other special .signs, to be hung on in the park. A few. liow proach sanity. The supporting cast — Tom Patsy Kelly. Clarence Kolb, ... ..n. r.1,,^. ,v , e ». nowever, will Mel .,. ih . be jilaced on main roads leading to ;,l f ' i Live which places lie park. WA.\TEI>-TWO ies, black or spotted, snittll and very gentle. - Bernhai-d, Bancroft. FOR and r K regu- is chiseled into tlie wood, then laruement painted. They will :1 dd a disti-i.-r Hj2)31tf .rustic.^ touch to the park and young man had an extremely rain- Brown ° r ! i an> S ° minor ' in fact ' tliat his uiown, total appearances could not have Aian consumed more than three or four minutes of actual running (or dancing) time. Well, such is fame. It made him an actor and assured him of a good wep.klv «niov,- x,,. . bevond to THE MODERN WAY TO BUILD A SMALL HOME BV WELL-KNOWN ARCHITECTS! . Must be Maurice 16p31 definitely in tlie "enjoyment" col- U71111. Only one thing spoils complete pleasure. In two or three in- that I dnnht 7vTY''' ""\ ,, 1 stances farce has been carried to hear much c^ th^genUenS^ a^n'i not ar • • •• Sireet head-liner, had other iv , , -, "ncretc Mndtr A new concrete bridge RENT—HOUSE, GARAGE,; has been finished. •-- completely improbable heights, as. for example, when Constance makes fudge in the kitchen, using beMde Alr'Tan^"' Th ; pickles, and ending by throwing a ter \Van< er a nrort,, T '" whole egg, shell and all. into 'the abilitv with PIOtiucer of "° ' just in- mixture. It is just such an insi" ±'^'1™^ ,^0"" -—•-• J "*-_ t ill .....»l.i*4W. AL 1O JltOl CUl, II it II lll^l'- the entrance 10 the park significant and yet wholly im- to Alsona. his Vo LAW.V MOWERS saws filed, furn all work guaranteed.—G,,,.,, tc „ . St. John, phone 57-1. 2Sp30-33 PHTMBI.vrTxSTALLATIOXS — Phone S3. We will come to your .home and make definite estimate' on new work. — Holubauer's Tin Shop. ifiroi'i : l " e " 1J(2)ul House. the Shelter House. A son might throw tea pickle, under , built stress of circumstances, but no; production. ir was The /fitlyAtoefe'cn HOME THIS from the Shelter House rest. A farce may south, then east, ihen north along unusual, of the park, with a cros- long as a situation might arise it aiTd thP w,v-' t , he , new footbridge on will get by. "We all do crazv tnc wa> back to the Shelter things, in fact, someone has said that the 1)000 Trees. i us see here at our office. Hunter was hope- ! tions, these Weyerhaeuser 4-SQUARE. Sis Silvers ; Demonstration Houses illustrate the given littie : & eat value ^ at competent planning ~ heir be-t i can get into the Modern Home. The workmen are now cleaning are more of us ^strict inThV'juneVlmir'i^" It? lhe Pai ' kl tnklng outman >' of **?*• * M ?\ '* Ule most <=« to pieces. -Claude A. Samson P "f^>"^ 1 ^^^ U ' 6eS ' a " d P Iantin § ' reachero " s ° l , a11 dramatic en- And that, dear readers • ^^ -IpoU-o.i nearly 9.000 new -reefi. A number deavor ' A . nd b >' ^ same token, the end of the sad storv The'one WE HAVE IN STOCK AIANIL4 '' n t"^' a°vi ? tS WiU be erec ted, u , !S on f ° r ' h e rarest and excruci-, haunting theme song, f'still Love folders of the sort used by pro ! er H ° US€ wi " hn ro ' S dellghts when skilfully i to Kiss v™ r. nn *~&S -_ UU _^°. ve fessional and business men for "ling letters, bills, and other papers.—Advance. tf be re ' paired. The men will be kept busy for ^several monhs yet. skilfully | to Kiss "You Goodnl'lhtr one of the Successes ,ike The Thin Man Sy'ta^f TZ' ^nt , N^ fKl^ "^SV^ sane a i valu( : lnto a home - See how these tion of owning genuine value. takes complete knowledge of authentic architectural design, materials, construction and unusually attractive prices on ' "il "" silverware gift che.st.s. Manv C om" I the 1>ark ' bmations and patterns.—Lusby's. I 17(2)31 w^if ^ - el ' ' ~> \, ,r 7T .i un -«an zectiveiy bandied in the produc- ^^^ family needs to eet ^ood for fireplaces is now plent- and , M - v Man Godfrey are almost tion; and Kenny Baker gane » value lnto • ho »e- See how uSe uul, and in view of the added im- P erf ect specimens of this type, for [Hawaiian number rather WP!! .hut 1 P romil « n t architects and engineers provements, the public is urged to they always reflect our "insane" . this, again, was poorly nhntn I 5? vc done this in ^^e 4-SQUARE niaRf* fllll HCO r»r tVtn ^^ i - C&ll-OC Vot n l«»o i-^ !-««»-. ««« * * n-«« „!. _ J _ _ i . _* VVJl *J ItlHJLV- , rV>mnn«1-rafti-tt-l U'nm.M O «_ _ . . SILVER CIIKST-WE CAX quote > !)ro , veme , nls> 'he public is urged to the >" ahva > -s reflect our "insane" , this, again, was" 'poorly"^'noto''! ^ d ° M ** '*" tWClve ^SQUARE ' on ' n ;' ake fu " use of the advantages of selves, yet always keep one foot graphed and staged Pnoto- Demonstrabon Homes. See how the v " the i>ark. of rpnlitv nn tho <r,.ni,r,/i <j« „.« ___. j,. . ' I owner of a small house can secure the at 4'/o% int. \ 0 commis- swn.-See Ostwinkle & Scholtes «*hcc over State's cafe, Algona! SJX.PUN TO ATTEND , of reality on the ground. Well, this ought to be not only , enough for Merrily We Live, but I for this column for the week. _ So we may dismiss another icale to " whence there is no return. planning. MAI) ABOUT MUSIC- Readers will forgive me for ser- AOGUSTANA MEErffiB-rp"™"™-- 1 -^^"^ -^Vm t re£^ 0! ai , . ., «*i-iiiiu Advance cooking school brought Point ou that the theme of Mad 20p31! The Tn«.^ rTT forth some really surprising rev- Aljout Music, starring wl-stfni Svnod wil n\ ^ (era '^ A "Si«ana elations. I took the trouble this B W1StfUl> b>nod v,,ll hold its 70th annual week to tabulate the results which LJ ' nd nlamlin^f T* ,", °" umwi . ! l 'P ass on to ™aders with no drf na are he RPV a "fd from A lgo . | Ite idea further than to let them na di e the Rev and Mrs. M. A. share my surprise. Ole Allison, who | A total of 469 votes were cast RAESLY LUMBER GO, Near Milwaukee Depot. Phone 234 ,. !'•*- t-_ mii; \Ji £JUU1- • w *>-t>»LC. wy supplies.—Howard Hardware. I Victor Hulterstrum will be "ay . e ay 17(2)31 ! delegate from the Bancroft church ing—Our new lines interesting color have all qualities, any - rc ,7 i a ", d , ^ r>s ' Hans p resthus, Bancroft! , , ! n I e lhe miss 'onary, delegate. include | Both groups will leave Wednesday l' returning on the following Monday. — ~", <i.n j pi luu u«.j. |-|,<r «(,.**( Cowan Building On Sunday, May 1 Mr Sjostrand ' Ji 5 ,7, ome " H ^f ll ? e column, onl •iirowji win „ u '. „*..' M .V ajostmna 31 did not. This, it seems tn m< range desirtd. Supply r 0 . ^»^7sTAl?Fi7^ . HJUN1 _ ne . auoes mortality, develops chirks ! Q •' ^' *•"'" Lllc ^ugi -" Pullets much'.sooner Conuins *™ l ^7- Ho P k Island . "1- elemenus. Get informa- -Anderson Grain & Coal Co. 22C3 women always read the movie column, 99 sometimes read it, 30 never. In short, 273 women al ways or occasionally read my co! umn. In the category of likes and dis likes, I met with a further sur prise. In the three days' voting FARMS county farms, from $500 per -acre U p ; aU siz(js aml d ; r- e0tefi ' of " State's Cafe, Algona, Iowa. __ 25p31 OP WORKING mn with sore feet .banished with Wolverine Shell Horsehide work . Stay soft. Woar in, you'll see. - Hah -• " -i -•-» • «Jjuotl*Hlli preach at Centerville, 30 miles^southwest of Ottumwa. A stu- preacher from the Augustana preach here that Sunday. w m "»»» , This, it seems to ine a hopeful sign. I would even have felt flattered had the propor tion been larger on the "dislike side, for, I take it, the "don't likes were those who disagreed, and on AM A CANDIDATE FOR COUN ty supervisor of the Second di's irict on the republican ticket a the June primary. Your sup-por "J* v ° te ^ U1 D O greatly appreci •ted.—A. R. Crulkshank. 30p27-3 GENUINE CO-BURN ONE-WIRL electric fence. Safe, effective and economical. Battery and high line models. See me before yoi *uy.—Clifford Riebhoff, Sexton. . 23p30-3 BUY A HOME—WE HAVE a fine list of houses for sale, located ii *11 parts of Algona. Several new liouses. These homes will make line homes, or good investments —See Optwinkle & Scholtes, office ever Suite's cafe. 37p31 LARGE MAP OF COUNTY, suitable for framing, accompanies each Kossuth county plat book «ow ready for delivery. Book and map only |3 plus tax. Not sold separately. Cash with mail orders "We pay the postage. otf COUNTY Weekly Newspaper Founded In J901. Entered as Second - Class *Utter December 31, 1908, at the Wwtcrfflce at Algona, Iowa, Under the ^ct of March 2, 1879. THl'RSDAV, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, APR. 21-22-23 Prices, 10-21c TWO TOP FEATURES AND SERIAL "HEART OF ARIZONA" "DANGEROUS TO KNOW SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY 2—GREAT HITS—2 JOTOTHY LAHOUR IVNNf OVERMAN "» HCMMCOlOtl Sun.-Mou. .__ 1 to 5 — Prices, 10-26c Night, 10-36c Coming Sunday Through Wednesday, May 1 to 4- Bette Davis, Henry Fonda in "Zezebel" Coming Sunday and Monday, May 8 and 9— "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" Bargains It is after Easter and you are naturally looking for bargains. You need not go to Minneapolis for I j ust got back with all the real bargains I could find in three wholesale houses. I say they are bargains and you will say they are bargains when you see them on display at Neville's this Friday and Saturday. Shoes and slippers for the whole fam- Babies' soft sole slippers, all colors, at 19c Ladies' good easy every-day ventilated oxfords at 394 Men's flexible sole oxfords, all sizes at 98$ Ladies' 4 gore shadow-proof slips at__49* Ladies' ribbed top hose, fine combed yarn 2 pairs for ; Ladies' rayon dress hose, all new colors 2 pairs for . Men's and boys' polo shirts, assorted colors, at 24* Men's extra size work shirts, sizes 171/3 to 20, at t Boys' whip cord blazers, slide fastener extra bargain at Buy now. Get ready for depression before depression comes and we will never have depression. High prices slows up buying which in turn causes idle factories Then workers go on a strike. The whole economic machine is out of gear and the country gets into the H of a shape. If Congress and all the rest of us would practice economy all the budgets in this country would soon be balanced. Buy where you get the most for your money is good advice in depression or out of depression. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAN GUST ISENBERG, 65, NORTH ENDER, DIES A paragraph on Chas. H. Klamp's farm page in today's Advance reports the critical sickness of Gust Isen'berg, north of Swea City, with a strange dispose which caused black spots on his body. The Upper Dos Moines reported his death Monday and survival of his wife, one married daughter, and six sons, two of the sons at home. Additional facts are that Mr. Isenberg was in his 66th year. Funeral services were held last, week Thursday at the Evangelical Free church, East Chain, Minn., with the sons as pallbearers. The family has been on the same farm 23 years. Neighbors had recently turned out with tractors to help the hoys at home finish disking: John Cas- scm, Delbert Hunt, Walter Engstrom. Orville Ramsc, Ell Qun.ni, Walter Stevenson, Walter Magnusson. The boys had the oats seeded, and Harold Fischer had helped seed barley. The children arc Mrs. Myrtle Olson. East Chain; Ralph and Gerald, Minneapolis; Gordon, farm hand in Minnesota; Elmer and Gustav Jr., at home; Carl, at Elmore. Jack Frost Plays Return Date Here The rainfalls of Friday, Saturday, nnd Sunday failed to cause the mercury to fall below freezing In the last week, nnd springlike temperatures have been registered in spite of high winds,, though there was a real frost yesterday (Wednesday) morning. The weather record for the week follows: High Low April .12 71 37 April 33 79 47 April 14 74 50 April 15 (.05 In. r. f.)_.GG 51 April 16 (.GO in. r. f.)__62 66 April 17 (.11 In. r. f,)__74 51 April 18 76 47 April 19 67 55 •Bents. Some 2 .-,o the- mooting f wore n buff,,' m ffoor show. ° '" ncll «0n, wo«i_ '«•„„; 7,,,"" 1 "" P. O. Nick 19- Ido - Minn.. M,,,,,], 'V 1 . death of MIX i, ',, y " c »i Nine from Here to Standard Oil Meet PUN Ml lenrv .' — <>-nu'L\ conducted by p.' St. Cecelia's with cemetery. MIX ,.; 1 1)0611 ». Pno ,„. ;<*'»• - ' ' in Local Standard Oil dealers and agents who attended a dealers' sales conference nt the Surf .ballroom, Clear Lake, last week Wednesday evening were W. A. Lor- jenz and Walter Lichter, of Dutch's , Super-Service; Jos. Harig, Ralph lElbert, James Reed, Wallace Hag- gcrson. and Nick. Wagner, of the Kossuth Motor Co.; H. C, Hnr- greaves and Ira Kohl, local h °ni April <l' o- cas, and on " • ' ' married, i Anna Mario came to Si 11,, ,. •« farmed ^ ^^ came to •\\i- lt \ . eight sons,'..,„,] '',' h ^ survive: i. f ,,, " ; : .° George, Joseph vi ''^ >t home; A J' J :;"»« 'Benedict; I> r '.M'" ' ''« Anthony, ~ odge. era. OMAR PASTRY SET ONLY (REGULAR RETAIL VALUE ... $1.00) WITH THE PURCHASE OF SIZE SACK OF OMAR FLOUR Marvelous new aid to more tender pastry! You rub flour into lhe extra- heavy pastry canvas... . . . and into trie specially-made knitted cover for your rolling pin. Now dough doein'l slickl With your Omar Pos,rySel,you(U keep working in extra fiourl Reinll, melt-ln-your-moulh pie cruslil A WONDERFUL BARGAIN! • Many a woman has gladly paid $1.00 for this efficient pastry set... m retail stores. It's such a help in making tender you to ^ the iden ^l PUrChase of any size sack of Flour JS ?. featured of Iht cooking school Hood^ffii store Use our new delivery s'ervke and !«i!«°, 1' M1 V 2:3 ° and 4:0 ° P- '"• ' ^^— i "ce and take advantage of these special prices. COFFEE RED A No. 2 __2 cans 29c .Van Camp Med. Can g SODA CRAOCRS * lb. box OHIO POTATOES ^^^ Duality No. 2 . _ _4 cans $129 2 bunche.c \m* * "-"AVk, inA n iu e *° ta Grown 100 Ibs. $ U9 . Seedle.. 6 for 25c , bright fruit . . __ .4 Ibs. 25c BROWNSUGAi ORANGES MEATS — . — _acon hnas, a 15, j,ox oacon Squares, lb. Beef Roast, Sine dozen 29* 2 11 f '" IP. box _ _ Horse Radish, "jar V_~_"_~_" Branded B «& Lard, lb,—-----lOc 12-oz. can __ ." ' __ 3lc ¥j 1 V • ' . Fancy Veal Roast, lb. -2^ Veal Steak, Hi, ,__ 35c

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