Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1938 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 3
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21, 1988. [BUSINESS IIRECTORY English Is Complimented at Irvington TOKENS GIVEN AS A MARK OF APPRECIATION Algono. Iowa. t pbon< 460-W. Algona, taw* & LDUf A J E. McMaboc Attorneye-at-Law « n new County Mutual .Bldg )B»»? W ^,, Alcrnna Iowa Office. 261. *= Attorneys-at-Law • T0 NESS, 0. W. Lawyers {Office in new Helse Block. 213 s- Risen Indeed. Three Easter ongs were sung by a sextette of romen, and an offering of $13.35 or home missions was taken. At he close of the service M. L. Roey presented to Mr. English an Daster lily, and Mrs. Orville Hedick, pianist, gave him a hydran- en, these gifts as tokens ot ap- reciation from the church and ,s organizations. Following Sun- ay school the junior department ang two songs. Wallace McArtlinr Has Birthday— Mrs. Wallace McArthur enter- ained on Easter Sunday in honor f her husband, who celebrated a Algona, low* hShumway E. D. Kelt} & KELLY "Attorneys-at-Law Over James Drug Store. , 58 Algona, low* L. A. WIKKEL Connty Attorney. Attorney-at-Law Over James Drug Store. Phone 180 __ WHITE Attorney-at-Law 'Ice over Iowa Stale Bank 206 Algona, Io»» Harlbert, all of Algona; the Jos. "oppens and Vivian Dutton, Liv- rmore; the Milton Pierces, Lu-. /erne; and the Glen Teeters, of ] Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley \. Dutton, Algona, were afternoon ,nd evening visitors. Mr. McAr- hur was honored with a dedica- ion, When the Mighty Organ Play- d, via KGLO. P. A. DANSOS Attorney-at-Law I Office ovor Iowa State Bank Office, 460-J; Res. 316 [HUTCHISON DONAH) C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON Attorueyo-at-Law Security State Bank Bldg. me 251 Algona, lows SAURICE C. McMAHOH Attorney-at-Law Office hi Heise Bldg. 325 Algona, lowu DOCTORS JOHN N. KEKEFICK Physician and Surgeon |0tflce over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 i H. CItEXZHEYEB, M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith Block Phones 444-310 ;ona low* MELTDf G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon nea: Office, 197; residence, 194 DENTISTS DB, H. M. OLSON Dentist fice in New Call Theatre Bldg Business, 166; Res., 788 Algona, Iowa D. WALBATH, D. D. S. General Dentistry 20 Algona, Iowa KABL R. HOFFMAN Dentist -• Office In New Helse Bldg. Office 44, res. 116. Phones: »B. C. D. SCHAAP Dentist Algona, Iowa Over James Drug Store. Phones: Bus. 133, res. 174. VETERINARIANS I- W. FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarians State Street, Algona nes: Office, 475-W; Res., 475-B INSURANCE ~- namrr C °UNTY MUTUAL KSUEANCE ASSOCIATION worth of insurance In A home company, Safe, ae D. Paxson, Seeretarj AND INSURANCE KURTAGH & SON T Beat Estate Insurance and Bonds Security State Bank Bldg. Phone 105 Worth In KEAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE JOEL M. HERBST er la. State Bk, Phone 8? Algona, Iowa See D. B, PAXSON Dwelling, Household and Automobile Insurance neglect your policy for of 3 occurs when insurant SHOE SHOP Slilued and KQgSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA Irvington, Apr. 19—The church ere was Billed Sunday morning, fhcn the Rev. A. English preach- d the annual Easter sermon, this Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of Tarlons ingredients5 a mixture, I lift Old Home Town— Rather elderly lady at the fire sale holding up black lace teddy with contemplative embarrassed ,grin . . . but she laid it aside. She'd felt immoral in it anyway, but it's Spring Some people are taking a terrific razz olbout a cer- 1 <J — «.**.» ... *u i mill (UIJVSUl U> Vitjl me using as his text, The Lord I tain piece of luck . . . The three gents who go "once for a quarter" and have two dollars worth of fun cussing each other . . . Bank employes disclaiming any responsibility whatsoever for the whlm- The dogs sical town clock who successfully wrangle pieces of doughnuts from the !) o'clock breakfasteers . . The Smoke Shop arguments . . . The annual promise of a new hotel addition . < . The Saturday night young couples who park off State street to be alone . . . The young lady (at 13!) pounds with) who avers she's pretty good as a wrestler, but does not know anything about rasslin' The trio of good-looking , ,. , , ,, -;-" — ... 1 uu Ll m U.L UUUU-1UUH.1IMK irthday anniversary Monday, andj marr , ed women who travel togetll * It Jlaf a \ttr\ff\ Afli-i t. nun ., *-. *1 TIT 1 . . i*».«>»*v»* o »*w uests were Messrs, and Mesdames The 1 a. m. Sunday morn« 1 -%«• T 1-\ i • * * ^ tV * lll> t-JUllUWJ' H1UI 11 R. and M. L Dutton and Ralph lng cate roll cal , with a few penBy anteaters the only familiar faces in the youthful crowd The lrl Suffers Hone Break- Shirley, small daughter of Mr. ind Mrs. R. Hansen, fell last week Thursday evening and suf- ered a broken collar bone. The Hansen dog, taught to retrieve a all when it flies out of bounds children are at play, a ball when the little while the ook after irl had a rope around its neck, and she was thrown to the ground. Surprise for Mrs. Sabin— iMesdames M. L. Roney, Nina Schichtl, and A. McLean took Mrs. H. T. Sabin by surprise Friday, when they arrived to help her celebrate a birthday. The visitors had covered dishes for dinner, and the women spent the afternoon at sowing. The birthday was Saturday. for in a n Meyer Patient Again— Herman Meyer, farmer near Galbraith, was taken to the Kossuth lospital last week Wednesday. He lad an operation for tumor on, the >rain at Rochester late last win- .er, and for a time was believed to be regaining his health, but lately he began to fail again. Wound from Ax is Healing— Francis McConnell recently had nine stitches removed from a yound below one knee which was healing. He suffered the injury when, as lie was cutting a tree down, his ax did not strike true and bounded back, the blade triking him on the leg. Xew Family in Village— The Ivan Mullins, Northwood, iiave moved into the Henry Hahle house here. Mr. Mullins is a bro:her of Mrs. R. Hansen, who, with her family, lives in three rooms of the same house. Mr. Hahle kept three other rooms in which to live when he is here, daily arguments in front of the old postoffice and the banks. + # # * F. I). R. is again' about to pull the Moses stunt and lead the faithful into 40 years of wandering. The last time the promised land was just ahead. Seems now that some of the faithful are not so certain about shortening that 40 years to six months. * * * * Students in two Iowa schools pulled sit-down strikes last week. In the old days (when the rubber hoso was in use in the southwest basement corner of the old Central building) there wouldn't be any suc'h foolishness. Kids who start- d such a stunt then wouldn't have able to sit down for a couple SWEA CITY'S STUDENTS AND TEACHERS HOME Swea City, Apr. 19—Students- teachers, and others of our young week. Children's programs appropriate to Easter were given at the Methodist and Congregational churches Sunday In Sunday school hours. The programs consisted mostly of musical numbers. The J. T. Meurers spent Sunday afternoon and evening at Armour Lemkee's, near Irvington. The Leo Renos, Ledyard, were Easter week-end guests at the local Reno and Kleinpeter homes. people who were at home for The Samuel Alnea drove to Story Iwister included Marjery Buger, City for Sunday with Seversike Dist. No. 4, Plum Creek; Geneva relatives. PAGE THRBj Berg, primary at Swaledale; Freda Bergeson, 5th grade a Newell; Paulene Kessler, 6th Dows; Esther Smith, grade music Conwith; Walter McCraryi commercial at Buffalo Center; Thos. Hanifan Jr., coach at Bancroft; Lucille Berg, Buena Vista college; P. W. Pults, Junior law, at Iowa City; Roy Brarender Jr., commerce, Iowa City; Virginia Fults, filing, clerk, Comptroller Murtagh's ofifices. Des Moines; Opal McCrary, asistant surgical supervisor, Midway hospital, St. Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCrary, Fort Dodge; Mr. and Mrs. Merle McAninch, Rolfe, son Maurice; Arlo Froom and a friend, Bricelyn, Minn. Nelson Family In Reunion— 'Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Nelson drove to St. Paul Saturday to visit their son Virgil and daughter Gladys, and spend Easter Sunday with W. O.'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. 0. Nelson, who are in their "eighties." It has become a custom in the Nelson family have Easter breakfast at the parental home, and this year 26 of the children and grandchildren wore present. Julius Kunz Jr. returned to Iowa City Monday, following a week's vacation from the university. Leonard Alne and Edward and] Mildred Funnemark will go back Wednesday to Northfield, Minn., to resume studies at St. Olaf's. Clarence DeBoer and John Froehllch have returned to Ames, following the Easter week-end with the were Easter folks. The L. H. Kents guests of the daughter, Mrs^ Tom McMahon. Irma Ward, teacher in the Rudd Consolidated schools, Easter week-end with folks. her age. She attends Sunday school and church, and during the week makes visits as the occasion irises. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Clar- snce Dornbier was the scene of a big gathering of relatives and friends at Easter dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wellik spent Easter Sunday at Duncan with relatives. and Mrs, A. E. Giddings were guests Easter Sunday of Mr. md Mrs. Milton Giddings. Gordon Giddings drove to Des Moines for the day with his wife, who is tak- ng medical treatment at the Re- ,reat there. Members of the Study club at- Lended a theater matinee 'Sunday it Algona, "Mad About Music," fol- owed by lunch at The Algonquin. The Study group holds its next meeting at the home of Mrs. Alfred Erdmann. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Giddings, Milton Giddings, Mrs. Tony Seller, and RoseMary Seller spent Friday at Mason City on a business nission. Mrs. Anthony Johnson and her daughter Bernadine, who are under quarantine for scarlet fever, expect to be released late this week. Mary Ellen Bottom, student at the State Teachers college, Cedar Grandma Skow reached her 87th birthday Saturday, and much to her pleasure she received 30-odd greeting cards. She is active for spent the Falls, spent the week-end with her her home j parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Bottom. ,Mrs. Arlo Dawson has been sick ind confined to her hom»j. The Lester Larsons drove to Goldfleld Sunday to spend the day with relatives. iMra. R. B. Hopkins, who recently had an. operation at the Kossuth hospital for gall-bladder trouble, was to be brought home this mid-week. The Raymond Rickes spent Kafi- ter Sunday at Williams, visiting Mrs. Ricke's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sherman. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Elkins, Des Moines, spent Easter Sunday with the latter'a grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welter. Gueste of Mrs. Susan Lease for Easter Sunday were her children, Mrs. Edw. Studer and Mrs. J. W. Walker, Corwith; L. L. Lease and A. M. Lease. The families and the Morris Studers, Whlttemore, were also guests. The Jack Grants were guests Easter Sunday of the latter's par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Allbert NeuroUit Stanley Smith, of Marshalltown, was a week-end guest of the H. J, Braleys, and the Braleys and Mr. Smith were guests Easter Sunday of relatives at Britt. The young folks at the J. EL Haverly home entertained guests on Palm Sunday, including Evou- ral Loebig, Dennis Licktelg, Luella Waldschmidt, Elliot Waldschmidt, and Edna Mae Licktelg. Clement Ohmes, relatives of the John and Louis Lickteigs, 0-ree- ley, Kans., is employed at the J. L, Haverly farm for the summer. Mother Celestine, of St. Francis Convent, Milwaukee, brought a sister teacher to Wesley Monday to replace Sister Mary Nlcoleta, who is at Mercy hospital, Mason City, recuperating from an operation, for gall-bladder trouble. Repairs for Jones Farm— Mrs. M. J. Jones, Algona, is having extensive improvements made at her farm. Repairs are being made on the barn, and the land is being tiled. She owns the place where the Edward Dits- worths have lived for several years. Mission Women Meet Tomorrow— The Missionary society will meet this week Friday at the church. Mrs. 0. L. Miller was scheduled to lead, but as she is sick Mrs. K. P. Roney will substitute. The Topics will be Chosen and The American Indian, Quilt is Tied by Aid— The Aid met last week Thursday at the Annex, and a quilt for Mrs. Armour Lemkee was tied, Hostesses were Mesdames Egel and Asa. Iowa City Patient Home- Louis Gronlbach was returned to his home here Friday, after several days at Iowa City, where he received treatment for weak eyes. Improvements at Scuffham's— The house where the George Scuiffhams live is undergoing many improvements, among other things a new floor in the kitchen. Farm Hand is Sick- George Hahle, employed at the Blumer Bros, farm, has the mumips. Other Irvington. The Ralph Ballards, Redwood Falls, Minn., were visitors lost week Thursday at Bert Sankey's. Mrs. Jos. Wilhelmi, Bancroft, and her children were Sunday afternoon callers bt M. L. Honey's. The Jos. Ya*hnkes and Mrs. Lawrence Menke, Bancroft, spenl Sunday at Elmer Dole's, and the Albert Deiterings, Bancroft, were last week Thursday. i:vonin? callers at Dole's. Vivian Dutton, Livermore, spent from lost week Thursday till Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Wallace McArthur. Avis Wilson, Whittemore, was a recent guest of the McArthurs. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lofing, of Mason City, brought Mrs. Mae Grobe, who bad visited them two weeks, to her home here Sunday Carl and Francis Reed spent .Easter Sunday with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Grover Reed. Ethel Mertz was also a guest there. The M. Hansens, Lu Verne, and Mike Kalen, Algona, with his son Max, were Sunday guests at Hanson's. K Mrs, C, K, Schoby Irvington, Apr. 19— Mrs. Ches ter R. 'Scbdby, who had been « patient at the General hospital suffering from rare poisoninf caused by moth balls, is again, a* f days. * * * * The reorganization bill was klil- d by the house, or the "little fel- ows" who traditionally are supposed to have no backbone. This s a more bitter blow to the administration than was the defeat of the court-packing bill. The prediction in this column of a fear ago, when Roosevelt introduc- the court plan, is beginning to :6me true. Though there is little •epublican force in the congress, .here is democrat vs. New Deal. Roosevelt is suffering the fate of he second-termer, and the bitter acrid criticism that got Hoove.' is atoout to "get" him, even though t might be equally unjust. * * * * Some of the women's neav hats >ring memories- of those "skipper" stones, which when thrown with a skilful touch would skip across the water in a lake or stream and leave little widening ilrcles where they zoomed. * * * * National baby week is coming Way 1-7. Those who have never lield a snuggling moistly warm child in a rocker, and had a tiny land hold tightly to a thumb or 'orefinger while the child slept, will not be much interested. There is something about that final drowsy blue-eyed glance of the baby' before he slips off to sleep, when he is assured that all is •ight with the world Ibecause you're there, that makes the married feel sorry for the single. * * * * The reason the young man was !ired last week, if he doesn't know it, is because he was from 5 to 10 minutes late on the jab, and stopped work to prepare to quit about 10 minutes ahead of .time. In six days at 10 minutes per day this would be an hour that the youth was paid for that he failed to deliver. An hour a week for a year would give a week's vacation at full pay. The boss ordinarily wouldn't have cared if the youth had put in full speed on the job. * * * * By the way, what was it F. D. R. said about the budget in his first- of-the-year message? Now four million for recession-killing is wanted. Even the democrats are 'viewing with alarm." * * * » Radio stations are in much the same boat as newspapers as far as holidays are concerned. Each is expected to keep rigtit on the job despite holidays, come fair weather or foul. Thus last Sunday afternoon the "Voice of the North Iowa Press" over ' KGLO came on 'as usual though it was Easter. Each is in the job of producing a highly perishable product, which is demanded by the public on time. * * « * There are, two kinds of tiredness —mental and physical. One can be physically tired, yet mentally alert, but a man who is mentally tired is also apt to be tired physically. This is not always understood by those whose work is mainly physical in contemplation of jobs where the mental strain is the greater. Sadest form of being tired is the spiritually worn out, who plod an always weary way, without hope. They fail to see the joy in having accomplished something, be it small or great. * * * » Pictured in Life is the birth of a baby. Boston (banned it, and news stories carried the report to all parts of the country. • Sale of the magazine was boomed many times over the number of copies which might have been sold in Boston. Nothing so particularly revealing about the pictures either. But there must be something done to preserve that fine old tradition about cabbage leaves and the razzberry bushes. Some of the objectionable diagram pictures could be obtained at any drugstore in literature advertising certain products. The trouble is that Boston is still in the birds and bees section and the kids are way ahead, patiently waiting. The pictures would probaibly scare the daylights out of the average youngster and teach rather than entice. Selinii Johnson Visiting Here— iSilma Johnson arrived Wednesday for a month with the home folks, after having spent the winter at Miami, Fla. She thinks she may go to New York from here, nstead of returning to Minneapolis, where she had been employed during the last several years. Guild Invites All Women— The Ladies' Guild will meet this week Friday afternoon, and guests will be welcome. The will be in charge of Mrs Van Alstine, and the committee on refreshments is Mrs. Kessler, Mrs. Fred Peterson, and Mrs. Jennie McCrary. program Andrew Olson Sisters Visit Parents- Agnes Olson, spent last week grade teacher, and Wednesday nights at her home seven miles east of Swea City to be -with her sisters Alice and Hannah, came from St. Paul for a visit. Baptist Annual Meet Held— The annual business meeting of the local Baptist church will held this week Wednesday evening instead of on the customary first Monday in May. Other Swea City. Mrs.' R. P. Bronleewe and Mrs. Dows bring Charles Kessler drove to last week Thursday to Da'rlene Kessler, who teaches the 6th grade there, home for the Easter vacation. Garold Kessler gc home Friday evening from Minneapolis for the week-end here and at Ruthven. A group of women here attended a county Legion-Auxiliary meeting at Bancroft a few days ago. Betty Knutsen, of the second grade, was hostess to other little girls on her 'birthday Saturday. LOT SALE Saturday Morning From 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. on our lot hack of store Again we repeat—this is merchandise that we overbought on, merchandise traded in, merchandise that we want to sell regardless of cost. We cleaned up last Saturday regardless of rain. We held our sale in basement of our store. 55-qt. 4-hour var, nish, 4-hour dry, qt. Axe handles, each ______ LOOK AT THESE BARGAINS 33c 15c 3-tine forks 75c 1000 ft. 3-8-in. rope, 50-ft. lengths 39c 1 Grunow electric radio __ $5.00 who short Wesley The Tom Forburgers, the Alfred Brdmanns, the J. P. Studers, the George Vitzthums, the George Wards, the Jack Studers, the Jack Haverlys, and the Edw. Hlldmans were guests at a 500 card party at Henry Eischeids, near Algona, Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Vitzthum won a family prize for high score, and Mrs. Alfred Erdmann was low. A special meeting of members of the Congregational church will be held this week Tuesday night to plan a basement under the church. Subscriptions have been taken, and more than $800 was pledged last 1 Stewart-Warner elec. radio $5.00 35 gallon red ?1.40 grade, per gallon barn paint, $1.00 House paint,,Keystone, to clean up* Too much hand, per gallon _ flat on paint $1.15 Car mats, styles, each all rubber, all 45c Fishing rods, steel, clean-up, each 45c If you have something to sell, bring it in and we will sell it for you. GOODYEAR SEAT COVERS * Protect upholstery and clothes against dirt and dust. Easy to install, fit all cars. Colors to | blend with car interiors. DUTCH ola Car Radios, Goodyear Washing, Standard Oil WARM WEATHER "LUBE" SERVICE • Expert .workmen, high quality lubricants, and the latest modern equipment—all these assure you the best lubrication job in town. And, it costs no more! '0 Super Service Specialized Lubrication, Crankcase Flushing, Motor PHONE 83 Batteries, Greasing and and Gas, Brake Service. Seat covers for autos UP More garden hose 50-ft. legtih 1 lot coaster wagons $1.: 5 good used bicycles $6.00 a ^ 1 Sidewalk bike, used _ 1 trycycle, used Chicken feeders, out they go 5C and IOC 1 good used 6-volt $40.00 value _ «Pl< battery 5.00 2' new lawn mowers, 8-inch wheels, QA. QO Milk pails, each Kalsomine, overbought all colors. 30c We Pkg. 100 sheets window glas, 8x10, each Rakes and hoes, 51.00 value, each ___ 25-lb, pails axle grease $1.50 10-lb. pails transmission grease. 75c Horse pads 40c 20—30x3% tires, each $3.90 Golf bags, new, $2.00 values, each __ 75c Plenty of used tires to pick from, each— 50c Poultry tonic, 5 Ib. sacks, each 40c 12 new 6.00x16 tires, tires. These will go fast, each ___ good $7.40 25 empty,5-gal. cans, each 25c This is something new Come to our lot sale and see how it works Hundreds of items that will »e on sale we don't hare room to advertise them all. COME EARLY AN GET FIRST PICK •Joe Bloom Clerks—Our Own Gang. Terms: Cash. For SMALLER BILLS You'll be AHEAD with a CH E VROLET KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. rials, fcone Bock TWo nkn

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