Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 21, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO COOD avmq ror n teleh epone — as told 4o us ty two of our customers "The extra money I get from selling my hot rolls by telephone is more than enough to pay for the telephone. The telephone also gives me extra pin money." SCHOOL PUPILS, LEDYARD, EXCEL IN AMESJESTS Ledyard, Apr. 19—Ledyard pu- KOSSUTtt COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQOKA, IOWA H. E. Stephenson, salary. 65.00 Ray Barton, salary 65.00 C. C. Wright, salary 42.50 Adnh Carlson, salary 70.00 Ernst Thiel, reading 24.94 Joe Kelly Jr., labor 39.90 „ Ami Bertha Johnson, labor —- 2.63 wope, Apr. 1,)—A capacity The Charles and Kenneth Rutledge Cliff Johnson, labor 2.70 t »VVr"V jV e(l iV added drove of horses was hit with sleep- Shell Petro, Cor.p., gas oil 370.51 seats gathered for Easter services ing sickness last fall, so another Milwaukee R'y, freight - 428.25 at the Good Hope church Sunday, source of "horse-,power" had to be'H. W. Post, freight - 89.92 .A. Olinit* nl s.fl vninma cnurr 1\f«r* i imnn..t«,l i—. ! «. _. Good Hope Church Has a Record Easter Attendance , A choir of 20 voices sang. Mrs.; resorted to. pils who took part in tests at N> D - Mitchell, Leila Rutledge, i Ames a week ago Saturday were Fl ' nn ces Sorensen, Florence Dodds, | Klinnre Knprstroms Here Sunday— Krvin Beenken, Lawrence Flynn, ancl M erwin Gardner gave rccita-' Tne °tto Engstroms, Elmore, at- Arlene Heece. . ., -mJiiiiiv^in^c; J-'lYIllljl , Corhus, and Kathleen I tions nncl readings Their ratings made Lecl- .vnrd 12th high in the state. Ervin placed second in Iowa history, and J^'rcnce was third. Irvin ranked biology fifth in bookkeeping. In Kathleen ranked fourth; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Parr were received into membership by transfer from the Bethodist church at Austin, Minn., and Winifred, tended Easter" services at Good Hope and were .guests of the Henry Engstroms. Other Good Hope. Margaret, and Oliver Plumb were i Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Gaddy, Vin- Arleiie, i transferred iby the same method j to", with four children, were'over- State-Treasurer, tax 476.66 Western Union, service __ Wayne Stephenson, lalbor. WATER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary Harry Barton, salary Frank Ostrum, salary Laura Mitchell, salary __ Harold Roth, labor Earl Bowman, laibor State Treasurer, tax . H. W. Post, freight ..........-tii i.uiiveu iuunn; Arielie, i "" "•' LIMJ »«"ie n.^...—.. — *,,^,. fifth. Mr. Holt accompanied the ! from tlle church at Sexton. Mar- I Sunday guests of the Ben Reids. , pupils, and William Flynn took ilyn Joyce Parr was transferred jThey came Saturday afternoon and r^Mm^T -mnan | the party down. |from pie Austin roll to the Good : we »t ""'"o Monday afternoon. Mrs. ITT A tTLl ^ UlKAL ' *UNL> | Hope roll of baptised children | Gaddy is n sister of Mrs. Reid and \ f , ™ A1]styne ; s(llnl ' y W Oman's Hirfhdaj foli-brated— The sacrament of baptism was Mrs. Eva Mittag. „ ™ ln '- M ° ulds > Si »nry ___ The Ilemme Troffs, the Herman ! Administered to Adris Jane, ,' I he Ilemme Troffs, the Herman '"dmiiustered to Adris Jane, 'Mr. and Mrs. Earl Potter, Hum- jDontjes, the Aeilte Troffs, and ' cl 'i"g«ter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ! boldt, spent Easter Sunday with i Etta, Emma. Willinm. Tlon ,,,,,1 Reid; Shirley Ann. rl.inrMitov n r 1 Mrs. Potter's ixirnnt.s. Mr. nnrl MMI O f | Mrs. Potter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. "The telephone helps my husband get a large part of his income through extra work. People who want him to work for them find it easy to get in touch with him because we have a telephone." (Etta, Emma, William. Ben, aiuT neld ! Shirley Ann, daughter j Fred Groen, near Elmore, were ' Mr - and JIl 's- Arthur Baker; | Sunday guests of Mrs. John Troff Barbara Joyce, daughter of i in honor of her G3rd birthday. The un(i all ' s - A - J - Dittmer. j Merman Dontjes visited the' ;I>ontjes at Guckeen, Minn. i.Aeilt Troff visited Mrs. i Stockman, Swea City. Frida jtcrnoon. The Charles Basharas' f" 01 '?". 1 uagie 'Urove. to put his i M. E. Polhemus, Burt, ; were Sunday guests at Jos. Horn- ' , lnto shane fol- crops, and Ed- work around Good Hope j Sisters Plan 10(10 Turkeys— Mrs. Rose Moulton. who went to ISwca City last week Monday to : spend the summer with her sister I Mrs. Butterfield. was here Sunday' i •with her daughter Alice. Mrs. Moulton and Mrs. Butterfiold plan! 'to roar some 1000 turkeys this year, and they also have 100 little chickens. j C P n rrhin^ in " s> Ralph Valentine, laibor — Jess Lashibrook, salary _. E. Skilling, labor and! Tom Reid. The Claude Seeleys wuZr'a'c**'r*°° r i~* Mr. were at the W. I. Dodds home. »„ii, qn n 6 i* i ' " Martha Madson went to her o'* nkr f. ! " gl la ' bo1 ' — home at Eagle Grove Saturday for ! ' Glmdel > Dick i> „ ,, i~7,~~" ., llonle at Ei 'K'e Grove Saturday for Mrs.' "° I - l '" VM .. hll g 1( ; 1(1 " lv «' Tractor- Raster and two weeks with rela- ; Kenneth Rutledge is using a lives. Her sister Katharine went ! tractor belonging to his brother down Friday. iLoron, Eagle "Grove, to put his! M. E. Polhemus, Burt, did some i land into shape for crops, and Ed- work around Ooo> ! ward, son of Loren, is helping, premises Tuesday. Oliver Bakken, labor John Helmers, labor Herman Lyons, laibor church •liinijnrs Hold 3feo( Tlere Mr. and Mrs. William Green, local schoolhouse terta the SENEGA GIRL WED AT BURT TOVIR Burt, Apr. 20 — Irene Haifa and Armstrong. Lunch served by Mrs. Green. ~ . iry Observed— The Bashara grocery observed its seventh *»• «• " •'•*« j versity. ! -Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meinzer vis- jitod Mr. Meinzer's sisters at Fort ! Dodge Sunday afternoon. Marion ! Hoppe, who had spent the week; end with her parents at Fort ' Dodge, returned home with them. j Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bleich and ' daughter Luella spent the week- jend with Mr. Bleich's mother at i New Richland, Minn., where she Norris, makes her home with her daugh- Bierstedt and a reun- birthday -...'s mother, Mrs. , at Algona* Sunday, j Fresno, a it. ' bo1 ' Riner Helmers, labor ... 9.62 8.52 37.50 65.00 65.00 55.00 52.80 52.80 136.20 1.24 61.00 55.00 50.00 1.40 62.50 59.G8 58.ni 41.96 45.81 27.72 35.42 36.07 23.10 30.03 21 38 21.38 Dick Helmers, labor 11.70 Erick Nelson, laibor 12.75 Jens Chrlstensen, labor - 5.95 John Loss, labor -BO H. W. Post, freight 2.49 SEWER .FUND ' J. W. Kelly, salary 35.00 FIRE FUND Dick Helmers, labor ---- 6.31 Ins. _ DEPOSIT FUND L. E. Holmes, refund G. L. Cooper, refund _'— Elmer Dole et al, refund. 25.00 This Ordinance to be In full 22.30 27.00 5.00 5.00 , force and effect "sa day of A^ril, I'm Attefct: t: ADAH CAm„„ ' City! Clerk. U ' SOJJ . The bride wore a the Copen- jpany had a representative here to I help entertain, and Mrs. Asa War- jner helped Mrs. Bashara serve. Child to «C" Hospital— --.--, .. t j. u v^twwiv ti i CUt?i/tlUil _ , was held at the home of the bride's . Mr> and Mrs - J - G - Sewick vis- mother. Among the guests was her itetl Mr ' S- Sewick's parents, Mr. grandmother, Mrs. Rachel Wheel- and Mrs - J> T - Graham, at Algona, er, Eldora, who was also married nnd tlle Kenneth Mays at Emmets- hnrtr Siinrlotr on April IS. i DUI '& Sunday. Other telephone users tell us many other reasons for having telephone service. U you don't have a telephone, write us today or ask any employee for information about the service. 2% Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bauinan took ' Mr - and Mrs - Howard Modlin ' ' E - 0. Ohipman went to Mason, their 0-year-old son to Iowa City' and Mr - and Mrs. Wallace Norris, City Saturday and brought hnme last week Tuesday and left him in ' E1 <Jora, and Mr. and Mrs. R'ay l»'s son Howard and daughter the university hospital for treat- ! Fl 'eed. Whitten, were among the Vera, who spent Easter with him.! ment. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bau-| KUests n ' om «way. The newlyweds H. L. Sauerman, Sigourney en-' i man accompanied the party. Aid Tea is Mrs. B. A. an Aid tea vorson, guests. . . . gourney en- wel 'e to go to Virginia to visit his tertained Mr. and Mrs K J Smith "1° ^\ T ^ le bride S room is em- and Mrs. Al Staehle at dinner at F° yed , by the McDo «al d Construe- Cook's in Algona Monday evening. , and Mrs. Bashara ' Allbert Daughter for the Millers- Mr, and Mrs. Walter Miller are parents of a T^-lb.-lb. daughter, born Easter Sunday at a Mankato hospital. Mrs. Miller was formerly Aletha Brack. spent Easter with Allbert's par. . - . , cuts, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bleieh. as j visaed over Sunday at James Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nelson and Christiansens. Sunday they drove baby, Waterloo, spent the week- to Fort Dodge to see Mr. Heerdt's end with Mrs. Nelson's parents, parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson [Exceptionally So] THE ORIGINAL NICKLESS Only 5c I.pilyarder's Father is Sick— The Glenn Yahnkes drove Rochester Sunday to call on Yahnke's father, a hospital tient. to Mr. pa- Host to Friends- Frances Yalmke entertained Saturday in honor of her 12th birthday. ; guests at W. E. Brace's. Kathryn Elvidge, Barbara Jean Hott, and Ed Stewart, Cedar Falls , if..\ The cigar that Is recommended for excessive smokers, because the nicotine, as far as possible, has been removed, making it not only mild, but Other Ledyard News. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pingle spent Easter Sunday with Mrs. Pingle's mother, Mrs. Randall, Mason City. Mrs. Margaret Looft, Swea City, was at her son Albert's. The George Watts family, Wells Minn., spent the day with Mrs. \\atts' parents, Mr. and Mrs P C Jorgenson. Phyllis Togerson and Harold Herzog were at the Toger- son home at Mason City. The Raymond Wilcoxes, Fort Dodge, the Alfred Zielskes, and the Arthur Zielskes were Sunday guests at the parental Richard Zielske's. Mrs. Ida Reddinger came with the Wilcoxes here for the day with her sister, Mrs. Harriett Matzner. The elder Mrs. Wilcox and her daughter Frances also came but went on for the day with the son Alden at Lakota. G. Archer, Sioux Falls, visited his daughter Arlene last week Thursday evening. Miss Archer is first-grade teacher here. She and Evelyn Cappel, second-grade teacher, accompanied Mr Archer to Sioux Falls Friday for Easter ,- ,, _, — «~ j.«.i.. cinu. iu.ja. o. ivi. jreitJi'buii. Koestler. Mr. Koestler is in the Mrs. V. A. Smith and children, Lutheran hospital there. Saturday Milwaukee, Wis., spent a few George Jr., Raemond, and Hans days last week with her parents, Koestler, and Clyde Bristow went Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Grover to see him Mr. and Mrs. George The S. E. Straleys, Fenton, the Koestler, Mrs. C. W. Schryver, and G . E. Braces and Mrs. Tressie Mrs. George Carroll visited the Ringsdorf were Sunday dinner Koes tiers Sunday. Have Easter Sunday Guests- ilull , nilu ^ u OLewart) ,, eu!U . fmia and Mrs August Strom, Al- students, spent Easter with their gona, Alfred Matson, Armstrong, parents here and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schultz, Ly i a Olson was taken to the Iowa City were Sunday dinner Kossuth hospital Monday morning, guests at Jay D. Graham's. Lois whe re she was operated on for op- Graham, who teaches near Mason pendlcitis City, also spent Sunday at home. , lMr . and Mrs. Don Cronin, Top,,^.,,«> rr nn ^i,-, • v^-t. led °. spent Easter with Mrs. Cro- i M \vu Cr r,? ^ ^~ * v, u nln'Bjjarents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. iMrs. Wallace Eichhorn and -baby Bleich and Marie Bettin, Forest City, Dean and Rachel Clapsaddle recalled on Burt friends Monday. tnrned to Iowa cit Mond to re _ Mrs. Eichhorn will 'be rememlbered S ume studies as Mildred Anderson, a former ! Burt teacher. Mite lloxes are Opened— The W. H. M. S. held its annual Mite Box opening in the church CITY BILLS parlors Tuesday aifternoon. April 18, 1938. The City Council met at the City Hall in adjourned session, with all Other Burt News. the members present. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hanna, Nora ' A resolution was passed author- Springs, spent Sunday at Mrs. izin g the mayor and City Clerk to Maude Raima's. Charles Hanna enter lnto a contract between the went home with them and left city of Algona and the Fulton Iron from there Monday for Iowa City, ; Wol ' lcs Co - °f St. Louis for a 1000 a satisfying smoke, at the Archer home Mrs. Anna Johnson, Kamrar, Moderate smokers who enjoy a mild cigar are also en- thusiastdeallv in fa Tor of the Nickless Try a box and notice the difference Xonr dealer can get It for you. SAFETY SAM SAYS It's still a good idea to drive on the right side erf the road. Starting on a trip soon? Better have that motor tuned and your car completely checked for possible breaks. You'll feel safer. You'll BE safer. m G. DAD, GARAGE Phono 165. South Dodge sister-in-law of R. E. Johnson, was here last week, visiting relatives Mrs. Walter Meyers accompanied Mrs. Johnson to Elmore last week Wednesday, and Mrs. Johnson consulted Doctor Somers betes. for dia- Doctor Storey's mother, Mrs. I. E. Storey, Cedar Rapids, left Monday morning, after a week here and Edith Logan and Jean Bice! who had spent an Easter vacation, returned to Cedar Rapids with her to resume Coe college studies. The Clarence Tokheims, Armstrong, the Martin Tokheims, of Grant, Mrs. Lars Skaar, Ledyard son Sidney, and Bernard Payne, Almneapolis, were Easter guests at the parental William Payne's. Hubert Osterman called Sunday at the local Warner home He was en route to Winnetoago, Minn , to see his mother and grandmother. Mrs. Parrish is again in a hospital there. George Hagge and his daughter Alice spent Friday at Hans Hendrickson's, Blue Earth. The George ihompsons and Mrs. D. B Mayer shopped at Algona Saturday John Manthei and Jack Welch ason City Saturday, and — ei brought back his Standard Oil truck, which had beea painted there Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Pingle were M™ T?- a , C '. ty Saturd *y. visiting Mrs. Pingle's mother, Mrs. Looft Mrs. Pingle was also having dental work done. Mrs. Willis Pingle, Mrs. Lloyd Jorgenson, Mrs. William Lloyd and Dolly Cassem attended the funeral of Gus Isentoerg at Grant Thursday. The William Dorseys, of Grant, were Sunday guests at Fred Dorsey's. Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers, Lakota, were at Frank Nitz's. Mrs. Albert Barnes and Mrs Aellt Troff erpent Saturday after- where he is a student at the uni- h ' P- Fulton Diesel engine Res. ' No. 3 fixing the amount of bond noon at the Owens home, near ' 1° ' be Siven by Fulton Iron Works Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. George Jacobsen, Kenosha, Wis., spent last week Thursday with Mrs. Gus Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nitz and the Howard- Jensens were Sunday guests at Ralph Clark's, Lakota. Bernard Payne, of Minneapolis, spent the week-end at Lars Skaar's and at William Payne's, Grant. Lars Skaar and Jake Stub/be went to. Chicago Sunday to bring back two truckloads of twine. The Otto Pirsigs, Blue Earth, visited the William Flynns Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Wiemer were at Mankato Friday. Co. for faithful performance of contract at $61,046, was passed. The Bond of the Central Fire Truck Corp. for $2,500.00 was approved. Ord. No. 255 was passed J. F. Overmyer was appointed weed comm. for the 1938 season. The following bills were allowed: APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO. 174 ELECTRIC FUND J. W. Kelly, salary ?* 97.50 Leo Bellock, salary 104.10 F. C. Dailey, salary 105.75 I Tom Halpin, salary 67.50 Walter Gorman, salary ._ 67.50 Mrs. F. L Tribon will hold a furniture sale Saturday, April 23 at the old postoffice building. This furniture comes from some of the best homes in Algona and will be sold very cheap. One Frigidaire in good condition, electric stove, 3-burner oil stove, circulating heater, G-hole gray enamel range, solid oak dining room table, six chairs and buffet, beds complete with good mattresses and springs, 2 child's beds, one bassinet, many rocking chairs and tables, dressers, wardrobe, velvet and congoleum rugs, vacuum cleaner with all attachments, two book cases, a lot of electric light fixtures, extra good electric washer, a New Home sewing machine, and many other things. This sale will start at 9 o'clock Saturday morning. eft -j $4 . 9/7 £/ C n-t ZL C SAVE atA&P! ORANGES, do/en __ POTATOES—" Cobblers, 100-lb. bug __. Ann 1'nfre Salad DRKSSING, (liiart .far Campbell's Toiiiiito" SOUP, Q/7 t ill!/ ^ M m* ]U}.6-oz. cans 44 €/ Shredded WHEAT, 2 12-oz. nligs. Sultnnn Peanut BUTTKU, 2 Ib. .jiir White Jlonsc EVA P. MILK, o^T t 14J6-0/. cans .... &O C Del Jlonln Early Garden ASPARAGUS, ' /I f 2 No. 2 cans 4O C Ann Page CATSUP, r/r 2 8-07. bottles J- O C NAVY BEANS, fi Ibs. Blue Rose KICK, f, Ibs. .. POST TOASTIES, 3 13-0/. pkgs. Armour's CORNED BEEF, 2 cans Crystal White SOAP, 10 reg. bars „ , 10 lg. bars 33c Northern "Lincn-ized" TISSUE, £• Roll OC Owned and Operated by 4hc Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company " Q f „ Zoc 25c 39c RAYON PANTIES Special Value! Pretty lace trimmed ancl tailored styles. Double reinforced at crotch SHIRTS - SHORTS Sale Price! Rayon trimme.l combed cotton shirts Comfortable broadcloth shorts. ea. 25c These are a few of the new Items and new values you'll find in our store during this big event! Don't delay—come in today while oui stocks are complete. Special! Bag Bugs in plaid patterns, 24x48 GRAY ENAMELWARE 19c $) Durable P Priced Low Large 4-quart covered kettles, 3-qnart covered sauce pans and G-quart lipped sauce pans. PURE SILK HOSE Sensational Value! 3 4 and 5-thread chiffons in the popular Spring colors. WASTEBASKETS 25c NEW SALAD BOt Modernistic .semi- porcelain bowls win, green & brown trim. OIL MOP - POLlSil Large size oil mop with easy oiling feature. 48 in. "lav flat" handle. Big 24 oz. bottle of "Snow Bird" cedar polish. White enamel with bright red trim. Handy size and shape. HAIR CLIPS ft' Use these tight spring clips for tidy hair. Large Size! 20x40 inch white towels with pastel borders. Double thread. 15c SaleStarts Tues., Apr. 19—ends Sat.. Apr. 23 W. V. Butler, Owner STOPF MrRCHAND|S|Ng EVER BEEN AN EVENT EQUALTOTHIS;*fr*att ONE CENT SALE K. D. James Tirum .' *""^"0"EOnEfROH COAST TO COAST UM.r ,..,.. .- TOCUTTHECOST OF LIVING .._. SIZE Lo^cativ^ Ago rex Compound Full pint sizeMa$cal'$ Hand Lotion r A JIFFY.' j-.FORJW^ Keep your hands soft and lovely by using this lotion regularly. 2feK / f?»«^«'W'* iS Soft, .b.orbtQt, ^orm-IUting. WEDNiSDAYONLV " mtt ' h • ""gup erert W0 m.n wanti. , "SST- 0 " 1 " CASCADE TWEED # gives your correspondence P er80 °al't y . High quality. SATUftPAY 5O4 - 3 oz. SIZE . DtnturcAdhcs 0* packet 60 Tablet* For minor cut. >nd icr.tcho. IV Fr«b balterie For those who need additional Vitamins A and D. Guaranleed Quality HEXAU. Extra fine chocolate at a bargain rice Oil PSTROPOL High quality. Low price. AS« Excellent for ^uick fort of coldg, headaches, neuralgia, etc.] RBXALU PRODUCT* BIG DAYS WEDNESDAY-THURSDA' FR IDAr - SATURDAY thru Sat. 20, 21,22, & 23 \Fac3 Creaini J lifc iix Uv.»Jt» 111 t Face Powder I \Face Cream \ IjScwfRiuU jjgl lLi,uur liOc tin Klrnio C . Napkirvs low p ri «. —- pound iiu Puielwl""" Jtes*—-'*-*. Excellent for deep pore cle»n«ing. 1 _ **9«t9rtQ'fS OATMEAL S

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