Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 9
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1988. ^_^. — . •— ^SS^?"™ l ""»Mi^^^^^—^—n^^^^^^±~ >3lj xxl V'VJUiVi.I Al ington Church Has SuccesslulYear i.iiiir—' ,LL_ i ^ KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA. IOWA I approved. sows, llioso of George's arc |il " f the Congregation too , ong fo) . ord , na ^ that Mr. siibstan- , has been a steady year,;. in income of both the l n d organization. In the 'closed tlic total was Fred Bultcrfiold, northeast of 8 n ?iS,°lcr n i y ' "" d h ' S ™» "''-ey fau i&n^ R T7oor- !nB - hRyllllothe nil ,,P 1, , """ C( "" Uy uii 01 ins pigs registered. He also has a fine herd of Guernsey milk cows. Me is milking six n chilly Monday, so ho was Wearing a slleep-lincd coat and thus taking good care of himself against a possible relapse. * * * . We stopped Friday at R. J. Welp's, a mile south of Bancroft, on No. 100. This is the jllace where little boys sell melons in season. We get a great kick out of these energetic lads. Last season one of them wanted to sell us a big melon, but we told him it was too big for only two folks, and he said, "Oh I can eat one like thai alone!" The boys are good salesmen. * * * * Henry Engstrom, southwest of Burt, was wading around in the snow, doing chores, last week He marcs, and all stock shows good care. of his 8cll °°l i" the family car. 'The road Hosennu, who lives with was blocked at one point. * * *' * John Ukon, southwest ocj UUMI ^wivn. j-ie i s miming six ..""•' "-uHenuu, who lives with llolln UKon, sout at present, and they give 16 gal-', a "'other at the west edge of La- tonka - was hauling """• i^Mnrt- M L lons , nt oach ml ' lkln K. George in- kot! V alul W0|1 '« on the railroad week Tuesday and , wc re r 7 eln f™?- ri' to r ^nds to show his Poland Chinas ? cct ">''. «M he and Mrs. Rosenau was looki »E after nnltoV SCllOOl Sllperincen ,,» „ n i lm ;hor nf fniva Hi!,. ibollchl. nil ntrl „„! 11 =>^"<iu ,„„..„ f,,,,,.,,,,,!.,,, TT. of Ti- ire m-i-ii."— —• — teuus 10 snow nis I'oland C'lilms nuuul)11 , «aio In lunday school superinten- at a numi b 01 . of fairs u , S0ilson ' I bought nn old Tank Asa, assistant; Frank • _..... ^ <lnull> h,.,.i n , . manure last between trips sows which T. Saibin, Mr. Ro- Wllliam Boldrldge, Mrs. —-.— *ij.i »it J-VUOlJlltlU.' a «.«.» fcw« >ju n o tv 111U11 schoolhousc and WG1 '° farrowing. Ho remarked that ec Lcr'etary-treasurer; Mrs. flckwlrc, Sunday school [•-treasurer; Mrs. i •• -- ".L nuilULMIlUUSC CUH1 "~'^ nniuv _ T " ' ' ! i a U retnode| ed for a home. They he 'believed it would snow that Herman Sodefberg, northwest of | llnvc " ] ade this house not only n 'S"t. for he has noticed that ev- Burl, was at home, mixing paint, | noal but comfortable. j ery spring when his sows are starling to have pigs it up and ' "" ""...^,, iiii.vni^ JJitl III, when we called Friday. Ho said I ['pianist. Elmer Harr ', serve as usher. _.__ •lion voted to continue the roltttionshil) with Mr. he was going to do some decorat- i 01 vine ingl Mn .. Soderberg and her! was neighbor, Mrs. Waltoi The wero leaving for a ,.. omi till .1JL!: l°,'l Saturday at Gus Is-'snows. I * * * * Samuel Welfare, east of Swea City, formerly lived north of the miles nor th of Swea •- ' nilswortii !! J . ll> V ind had a short visi't .„, ri,."l.",';b's boys. Mr. Isenborg is with' the house here, whore they have lived for several years, and Mrs Sunday nn Easter service ]} 0 i e and tho cl)IIdron will rolur ,j [eld, with special music in ]n timo for scllool Mrs Do , 0 ( , oos i church and the Sunday bookkeeping for her father. Elmnr iburs. ! had been operating a garage nt i Algona, bus discontinued it April thf Klines— i. iorpe Sciiffluims drove to t 'Sunday to visit Mrs. Aid Meets This Week— uncle and aunt, Mr. The Aid meeting was announced i Farm Bureau i , , y , s ' Mr - Jsenborg is sick, I city - formerly lived north of the j !1 " (l ''ad' boon to Iowa City. He ' p'ace where he now resides, which ...... !llas !l 1 ' !ll-0 has a rare disease which makes I black spots on his body. He does I not complain of any pain. i * # # # Albert Bosnia Sr., northwest of |Liiknt(i, had just come home from Lakota when we arrived last week same town. ; Monday. Iflvcry other year when' jwo hsivo called on him at this time j wo have found him at work in the i field, but this year, up to that he ..thought the ground was is a half mile across the state line into Minnesota. He bought the eighty where he lives. Samuel is a brother of James Welfare, the harness maker at Ledyard, and Jack Welfare, the oil king in the is unuic <>"" «iu«i., '•*•• j.uu juu. meeting was announced • •»<=«•>. uii Frank Kline. Mr. Kline for last week Thursday but was' ' "° - thou S nt tl] e grc Irned from the veterans postponed, because of drifted roads I"° yet fit for fiold work Dos Molncs, two weeks tm thls week- comforters will 'be Wo * * * * [and he is still traveling tied at the Annex, and Mesdamos r , , cs if « blOOd Aon nnrl TT^rrnl ,,,!11 u _ 1 , 1^113100, aim iiu i" -I- • ---"o LIUAJ UL LIIU ,1111 uuA. aim iviescinmos r»i e ^ " • AV< hes, the result of a blood Asa and Kgel will be hostesses i£ a CC> north ° r Burt > on No > 16 9- U leg. In January he The Missionary society, whlrh 'w.'i«l' , son " olilnd was sick, but tho We called Friday on W. R. of Burt, on No. 169. line time at the Lutheran | Fort Dodge, where he lit an operation for db) of the bowels and adhe- nald '1-year-old son of ..„,,._ „. [Mrs. Kline, had just re- American mm Iowa City, where lie Ian operation on one ieg.afrs. Jennie Colwell 80— hied after infantile paral- ! The Leon Colwells went to Liv|he leg is in a cast, and r in a leather brace. The fcrm 320 acres, but for birthday aniversarv!" MrsTcolwen being Mr. Kline has to , recently went there to occupy lun- I home, after tho winter with her to have met there this week, ; postponed its mooting till next .week Friday, when Mrs. 0. L. Miller will have charge and tho topics will bo Chosen and Tho Indian. ermore Sunday to help Mrs. Jennie Colwell celebrate her gfit.h lot the farm work. boy's mother said it was only a cold. Roger, the younger boy, is the picture of health, and he was preparing some ground in which he was going to plant some seeds. * # # # William Wirtjes, southwest of Lakota, had come in from a field whore he had been seeding oats when we saw him last week Tuesday. Mrs. Wirtjes had prepared a ; special lunch for him, for it was outdoor work. William on this farm 19 'sons Hugh at here. Algona and Loon nt Woodbine — Dole went to Spencer •to purchase a Dodge pick* which lie will drive to > early next week. He is son City, drove To"lrvingto"n |ectianic for his father-in- j week Thursday and left their i Schumacher, who op- daughter Jeanne for a visit till gravel outfit, now near Sunday, when she went home by Otlier Irvlngton. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lofing. Ma"- • ' - • ' last This is one of Mrs. Hamilton's half Mr. and Mrs. Wirtges and •loses, when they will go phey will, however, sections. have two boys, Virgil, 12, Gordon John. Virgil, who was practicing a music lesson, is a fine piano player, especially so for a boy of that age. * # * * W. J. Stewart, Burl auclioneer who lives northeast of thai town, I on Doctor Clapsaddle's farm, was [disking corn stalk ground to get Rev. A. English and •u , , '"I- i,'" ",T «.""•= Hedrick were Sunday din-jit ready for oats lasl week™Mon- Ibinc, and the family will ner guests at the Roney home. day. W. J. was sick a Ihort time |e summer in a trailer , Helen Leigh, high school student, ago, but it takes a lot to keep s™h .is out of school with mumps. 'a good man down. It was rather Grant Mrs. William Speicher, were dinner guests at Roy Mino's Sunday. The William Speichers, the Roy Minos, and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Skaggs spoilt Sunday evening at Dwight Smith's, Lakota, the occasion being Mrs. Smith's and Mrs. Skaggs 1 birthday. sors were Frank Meine and Mrs. Lewis Hackbarth. Portland Lotts I I A surprise birthday party honoring Russell Shipler was given at UK: Shipler home Sunday evening, ! neighbors attending, and 500 was il'lnyed. high prize heing won by 'Mr. and Mrs. William Leininger I''"Y 1 Sh " nlcr . and low being his entertained at Sunday evening din-i w , e ', T0ther S UGSt -s were Messrs. ner Mr. and Mrs. Herman Mitlag, i <an(J Mc » d a.tnes Garnie Hood, Ros- Mr. and Mrs. John Scliallin Mr ' ?° e and WIlbur Stewart, Ivan and Mrs. Robert Schmidt, Mr' and I gl ( ' ocil Long ' "ai'old Ander- Mrs. Frank Pompe, all of Lolls i 1°"; ttml tho latter '« father, Tony Creek; Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Ohm ;. Ando ™°n- Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rad- Elsie Cayler, R. N., a niece, is ig, Lone Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Ru- Knelldln K a week at Martin Beck- dolph Will, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. cr ' s - sho lately returned from ten William Rusch Sr., Whittemore; mont -hs of nursing in a Sacra., and Mrs. Rose Ohm, Port Dodge'. 'Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vigdal, Mr. "' and Mrs. Fred more, Mr. and -...„„ u ^, ll hold, and Mr. and Mrs. " Frank Tietz, Algona, Ihe Ernsl Muellers, Fenlon, and Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Peter, Lone Rock, were Sunday visitors at Ernst Wolter's. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gengler, Mrs. Martin Meyer, and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke called a few days ago on their sister, Mrs. Herman Zumach, who is in a hospital at Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. August Gade, West Bend, were Sunday dinner guests at Hugo Faulstich's, and evening visitors there were Mr. and Mn:. Otto Bell, daui^'ilcr Irene, Mr. find Mrs. William Roeber, son Melvin,, Mr. and Mrs. William Mu.'tr, j Ernst, and Elvin, a'i of Win tie- more. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Meine had their baby daughter baptised Sun- j day and named Janice Loo. Spun-i memo, Calif., hos-pltal. There was a Inrge attendance at V.IIUIIUB visual, mr. Bierstedt, \Vhitte-' n Ij0 B Ion Auxiliary meeting at Mrs. Mrs. August Muen- Tom Tronnry's last week Wcdnes- day evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Water-bury, their daughters, and the Earl Pattersons spent Sunday with Mr. Waterbury's and Mrs. Patterson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. O. Water- tmry, Welcome, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Krosch are parents of a boy, born at the university hospital, Minneapolis, last week Tuesday. This is the second child, the other also a daughter, Marlys. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Skaggs and Marion Mino attended a party at Nels Ovenfield's, Sherburn, Minn., Saturday evening. The JaccJb Frettys, Pilot Grove, and the Al Zielskes were dinner I guests at Jos. Mayne's Sunday. I Mr. and Mrs. George Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Holding, of Burt, came Friday evening to see Iheir granddaughter and niece re- ; spectively, Mary Catherine Allen, in the operetta Rosalie, given at the Grant schoolhouse. The Al Zielskes, the Edwin Aliens', Alice Mayne, and Delmer Anderson were callers Sunday evening at the Dale Blair's, Guckeen, Minn., where a fish fry was served. Mrs. Fred .Montgomery, son Earl, daughter Eva, and Lucille Elert, all of Blue Earth, with Mr. and Started Chick Sale Make It Pay You When you start raising baby chicks, it pays to do it right. Grow big, capable pullets and more of them, to assure good egg profits later. Chicks grow big and uniform on 10,000 chicks one to three weeks old, reduced for quick sale. HAMILTON HATCHERY BANCROFT Give your chicks this feed of uniform high quality. It contains lots of oatmeal and other elements important to healthy growth and best results. It is a complete body building ration. Buy some Ful-O- Pep Chick Starter today. Algona Flour & Feed Co. one 257 PAGE NINE Boys and Girls Ride a Coast to Coast DeLuxe Bike It has everything. FULLY EQUIPPED MOTO-BIK $28.88 STANDARD MOTO-BIK $23.88 Coast to Coast Store Joe Bloom All Feed CHICK MASH The same HIGH QUALITY PEED which has always been sold by us. Strong, healthy, and sturdy chicks result when fed "ALL FEED" Starting and Growing Mash. 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