Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 8
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EDITORIAL PAGE THURSDAY •NTERED cember AS SECOND CLASS MATTER DE- -, 1DOS, at the poatoffice at Aleona ""tier the Act of March 2, 1879. A ' SOIm ' TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION h county poatofflceg and bordering postoffices at Armstrong, Bode, Britt. Buffalo « ". J"-' ( ' onvith - '-yMn.ler. Elmor.?, Hardy Mutchms. Livormorr.. Ottoson, Rake, .Ring-steel, Koilman, htilson, \Ves>t Beml, and Woden, y ear _ $150 i—Advance and Upper Des Molnea both to"same address at any postofflce in Kossuth county or $2.50 there is grave reason to fear that this will not bo so after the next great war. For in the world war it was discovered that whole peoples could be regimented for war. The fact sank in. If in war, why not also in peace? Stalin and his predecessors found that it could be done. So did Mussolini. So has The COLYUM Let's Not Be Too D—d Serious. . .. -c. durlng and after the next editors..who tried the scheme said, beginning "on scrap, as judged by Hitler's Jolt f Vi« TTn ! * nsl C* *.„*.„,-. __ . : i i_ i i_ t _ r*ueit 1 in * Vm« n .(r nHA u ____,;ui _ _ _ .1 t arldrese at all postofflces not excepted In No. 1, ! year $4.00! o^ff. 8 t h Snt t ? $nS! named under No. 1 APRIL 1938 TMY T F S 1 2 ,3 4 5 C 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 to be discontinued only 1 on notice from subscribers or at publish-; erty has been bound with new shackles, and hope of release is small. Already there are signs that a like fate awaits major war in which the United States engages. That the country will have to be regimented from crown to toe is apparent. The generals and the admirals are preparing the blue prints, and the president and congress are taking the preliminary steps. The proposed universal draft act is but the begin- !E OTHER WEEK the Colyum reprinted from "Pa" Olson's Story City Herald a for getting at anyone's age which in| eluded use of the amount of loose change un' cler a dollar in the subject's pocket or purse; and now comes "Pa" with reprints of what Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of various ingredients; a mixture. Hitler's election in the week-end made Austria over the Farley- Roosevelt machine look like a piker. Hitler's "ja" percentage ran 'better than 99.75, or approximately 400-1. The Roosevelt-Landon elec- results, therefore resembles a ibat- counts. Roosevelt won 3-2 on the with thig- Editor Dewel, of the Algona Advance, says, sort of surprised-IIke, "Derned If It Don't Work." On perceiving which, this Colyumist, in' be turning green high alarm, sprinted to the files to discover envy whether he had In fact 'been guilty of such palaces, dens, ships, or whatever was necessary in the job or thwarting the dire plot to exterminate the world, which plotters then Included such outfits as the Third ward gang, the Northsiders, the Southsiders, and the Acrossthe- trackers. * * * * The prlnclpnl object of some of the new books is to get as near to the raw of life as possible in order to shock the public into buying. * * * * The Federal Trade Commissioner recently took the hide off A. T. tie that would justify a couple re- j & T. and recommended a 25 per The re- icent cut in phone rates. popular vote. Farley, who uses porti which was presented to a | green ink for his signature, must congressional committee, says the • be turning green all over with corporation is really a monopoly, The necessities of modern war are such; maltreatment of grammar, and found that he that regimentation will have to proceed to the ; had not, wherefore a slap on Pa's wrist—nay, _-..__..„, „ to S n"n-| ultimate ' H °w to do it having thus been' two slaps and a half—for misquotation. TU^'NO. r = ! 't^ " ^ be """'T'! ln "«"*• "^ And h <^ what, two other editors had to win be discontinued 1 as we have known it in this country, will be without notice on«| something "Vastly less after our next big war month after expiration 1 . ... , . 6 of time paid for. if notl u ' ess ' a11 hay e been characteristic of wars, * * The Chinese, termed a dumb race, certainly gave the Japanese cause '° respect that brand of say— will rent-wed, but time for be extended if requested In writing. natural accompaniment. But now a new danger impends in the next world war, and a dire one for democracies. The war over, in the old days, the countries F. 0. Satter, didn't try the in Central City news-letter—I « il ™' mu1 " plied by two, added five, then multiplied by 50 - nese resistance seemed weak. Then all of a sudden it rained China- all over the place and thous- —but this happened on the day when, first time in five years, Ma Falstaff was before I was! The Average Family Man and His Taxes With the cooperation of a Des Moines fam-1 pretty much tneir accustomed grooves. Dem-1 niy pocket to count my changed" instead" and that its books are kept on a basis which shows a smaller than actual earning for a year. This might be good news to phone subscribers, but if the government! takes a hand it might be some-, 1 thing else. It certainly would be' to the thousands who own A. T. | & T. stock. Government owner-j ship, as has been suggested, might | be a swell headache if some of the j i followed in governmental agencies PUBLIC IS INVITED A prophetic Bible lecture, "Thunder ,_,. ,„,.„. Flashes of War" will be .given by Elder D. s O s ^ Ll rtt of the Iowa Seventh Day Adventlfit Conferenro , ' pre! church on West State Street Friday evening \ nr ii tlle at 7:30 o'clock. Elder Osgood is an able and ',,, '."^ gellst who speaks over radio station WHO even- q' cs " n S ing at 9:15 for 15 minutes. • hlln <lay, The local church has been re-shlngled, tho the Interior redecorated and varnished, and ;„[". plt r «l» hung. The exterior will be painted and otlu-r • CU 1 made as soon as the weather permits. ""Proven Young Teople's Convention Saturday, April 16, a young people's convention, -, i for churches of the Second District, within a r<iili,, s :-Hul « K " alh up ; iiy man, the Iowa Daily Press association is conducting a most interesting and enlightening bit of source research Investigation in the incidence of taxation. This man undertook to keep and report monthly in I'jIJS an exact record of all identifiable taxes paid by him. He is not a hypothetical man, but real flesh and blood, with a wife and two children. He drives moderately, pays security , , , , , , J oy Hanson, in which had engaged in it. settled back into!stunt to see if It a __ -**~^u.^ Of ! ocracy resumed its slow but steady march, and ! Rllallge l f °und a note written in reT"ink: Liberty threw off shackle after shackle. But:',',?" are ov y dr awn 59c." Phooey! I never did has t , . take much stock in catch problems of this ' Timely Topics a car, taxes, etc., The state liquor commission has sent to newspapers three sheets of clippings favorable to the state store system. Unfavorable comment, if any, is not given. Nice questions here: Isn't this too much like propaganda? the could help out. Japan dragon by the tail. * * * * It's dangerous to be a hero in Russia. The Polar heroes of only a few weeks ago are now enemies of the state, and have, so it is stated, conspired with Trotsky against the Stalin government. It now appears they were really hiding out in the Arctic and plotting \\--h- h • u , j iterriible things. In Russia yester- Vv.nich is why (and you had, of course, nev- day you were a hero; today, a or noticed the fact) it is almost never used in traitor; tomorrow, a memory in this sheet. We follow a rule suggested a few years ago by some alleged authority on jour- THE MOST OVERWORKED word in the English language—"very."—Cedar Falls Record. the howl of the cold wind of lead- I en death. , ., , just as other men do. In short he is consid :0up:nt an agency of government to take vol- 1 na 'ese— write "very" as often as you choose, u - ------- ered an average family man in income ' unlary argumentative part in public contro- o man hlf the "«. «- the argument relative to the reorganization bill were to be submitted but always cross it out. Away Down S-0-U-T-H IS DIXIE. [Relayed by Earl Hall.] -. . t e . -. . es, Algona. or anywhere else in Iowa. ; to a Jury of 12 ^intelligent, hard-headed Amer-i Ti P Sa ms had twins and a razor-back sow, To date this man has returned t-hrp* ™rmi->, • icftn citizens uninfluenced by politics, the ver- 'Three dogs, a mule, and an old roan cow ly reports, and the record for \rJrh £ VT dic ' ^ ould likel >" °e that reorganization is j A bone-spavined filly, and a one room house, total, to- rhe f t ' WUh tbe neededl that Since U is an executive matter 'And a little wrinkled mammy, just as meek as ' iuuij_ I.Q. me rust three months nf i-h^ ,-a,,,. the nrpsiripni ------ - . . j appears in the ree months of the year, tne president (any president) ought to have a j a mouse. following itemized statement: " ood deal to sa ^ abou t it, but that the people, |° ld Ti P growed tobacco Type of Tax Sales State iras Federal sas State cfgaret Auto registration State iirjuor (Est.) Social se-curitv Federal tickeu Telephone State income 1432 Fed. playing cards 20 City auto teat 5D Other taxes March i I.SO 2.2S .76 .7-t .55 1.83 .60 Three Mos. $ 4.09 7.27 2.42 1.7S 20.00 1.27 5.60 2.11 .35 14.32 .20 .50 .14 as represented by Congress, ought to keep itizht strings on it. Homer Hush, sometime state senator, now and he trafficked some in skins, For he had seven sons in addition to the twins. And every mother's son, and little mammy political affiliation from repub- j'.iran to democratic, explaining that the G. 0. P. has abandoned the principles which made j it si-eat. Pish! Tush! The real reason: the i Demos gave him. a jab. The local ministers are doing a most corn- a " But Tip kept a' heart, and the tw^s both diggin' and he never lost For the dogs hunted rabbits and they "cotched a right smart." The bone-spavined Jfeatest comeback attributed to a. farmer chided about being paid not to raise crops, came (of all places) at a gridiron banquet in the east, where "big wigs" are shown how 'bald-headed they are. One of the skits dealt with a Swede farmer from Minnesota who was having a bad time arguing with a city slicker about crop reduction benefits. Ole finally got this off as a justification: "By Yimminy, we are paying some fellers to -build battleships not to fight with, ent ve?" * * * * Those gals in the Franklin in Des Moines dressed in trousers and stiff shirts look like neither female nor male. It is suspected that the management .proved merely smart in requiring that uni- tions of the churches of different denomina- J cow tions now from 50 years ago? Then every'And the acorn-fattened farrow of the razor- ... The "Washington Whispers" section of the eruptions as head of a family and the support rnited States News (Washington) says visi- of dependent children let him out of the f """ ""* "~~" ' *" " ' " ~ era! income tax. If in the remaining nine months of 1938 this ' claim s he is seeing a lot of Wallace, who "now average family man pays identifiable taxes at' 1 '! ° 11 tOp ° f the official heap." The seven sons are sleeping on fields of France. ro- the battle- the same average rate a month his taxes for the year will be $265.16. mendable job of working together for observ-j a plow, «• P e -?orm. Thus the drunk, near-drunk, ance of Holy Week. How different the rela- ! And they lived off the givins' of the old roan ' , S ! S . Sy wonlt be attrac ted away • : --- -* -- -'•• ' fr om his fluttery companion to the pretty waitresses, and the gals won't object to escorts taking them there. So there! In these enlightened days of paper cartons and truck-shipment of unwrapped merchandise the kids are suffering. No longer is it possible to plague Dad into buying a Piano box to be rebuilt as a playhouse. These piano-!box houses were the tops in days not too long ago. Doors were cut with the rusty family saw, and hinges were made out of old leather strans | church was against every other, and there was ! back sow. ... hila • • $66.29 no cooperation. The modern attitude is cer-lBut here a chapter closes in this little wuue mia average family man had enough tainly vastly more in accordance with any! _ mance; net income to require payment of a state in-' n ' ue understanding of the Christian gospel. come tax, his allowable deductions and his ex- 1 ' "Dtif T' P g r° ws tobacc °. and he traffics tors set the im Pression that Mr. Roosevelt thinks tbe mi( ?dle or far west should furnish the next president; and another paragraph Interesting if A. It is some in skins, And the little wrinkled mammy has another pair of twins. Boy, Paste This In Onr Hat! [The Farm Journal.] If you ever mistake the hat of John Namce Garner for yours, you are likely to be speed- In oorsidpnrin f n, ,• "• Ia res P° nstbl >' reported that one state in ily disillusioned.' 'inside , iu consociation of the tigures the fact that the Union has got in so deep in the matter of piece is .pasted the label- tnese are identifiable taxes only needs to be 'extravagant old age pensions that the drain yours. Put it back!" emphasized. This averase man is an ultimate ' may compel cl °sing the schools. If so, the' consumer, and as such he ™,v= ™ — <. Politicians in that state must be viewing the the Texan's ! Like h head- it's pays many taxes situation with naive astonishment. What is prices he h-, • „„ . ---- —-".- t,. t uuuou wua naive asionisnment. vvnat is • Ineal ^ ot separating from the this country coming to if the money can't be trood.s buys. Tariffs are examples, also every tax above him which has to be reflected in costs and prices. In Other Lingo, "Please Excuse." [From Northwood Anchor.] f° r every new ism that can be thunk up? . Another Questionnaire for the Editors In these columns before to the mimeographed editorial service which the Industrial News Wash.. send.s free to questionnaires which tors. What is happening is a quiet swing back to-! wards orthodox methods, for the unorthodox I methods . . . have failed to prevent depres- j sion.—Washington private business news-let- • ter. Economic law always catches up with j violations and exacts the penalty. Who makes Sign at Japanese Market in Los Angelea— "Don't blame us for what's happening in | China. We just sell fruits and vegetables " Referred to Gall F. Towne. [Earl Hall's Column.] >...»™ ^ ^^^j. „„„ m.^™ , "I've wondered how long it would be befare economic law? You do, we do, in our ordinary, j OUI \'bald-headed gentry rose up and demaad- everyday reactions to the problems of life; !™L J ? stice - I t's happened at last—down in reference has been mide ' uot fiome P° u tician's goblins who are never j Lmckasha, Okla. A Brotherhood o£ Burnished named, and can't be named, because they are i " rows has been formed and its first demand Review, Portland, newspapers, and to the it conducts among edi- (The Advance does not use the editorial -service). myths. Opinions of Editors comes tabulation of the answers to a They are Panning Mr. TTearin. Humboldt Independent—The newspapers of .\ow :ecent questionnaire on business and'thYad- r °. wa . are certainly "panning"" Candldate"6tha | way - Further- ministration. The questionnaire «-•>= — - Wea . rlnu whois_seeking Senator GElleue's seat 1—Bald-headed o.j-J Iuwa editors and 12.52 <:ountr;. .-.'iuors in the whole country replied. Whether in each case, or either, the number of replies is that barbers charge only for the amount of hair they cut. Tain't right the way things are, the chorus rises. But don't get the idea that the barbers aren't ready for this eventuality. They've seen it coming for years, and their defense is all set up. In the main the barters' story is that they don't like to deal with bald-heads any- in the United States senate. editors in the nying that Mr. Wearin attempted to" c'reate the ' rare sprigs. it lar?e. Sixty Iowa editors and 1480 . ''"Pression that his candidacy was sponsored men are by President Roosevelt. wa.s sufficient for a near-accurate cross-sec- j tioa of general editorial opinion is left to the > judgment of readers. . j The first question wa.-i: Do you believe in-! du.-.tnal monopoly is largely responsible for '• th« current business slump? Eleven Iowa edi- i'H-s answered yes; «. no. In the country at 1 l;-!^'e ^7.j editor* said yes; 117S, no. | 2— Do you believe the administration's pres- I eiit anti-monopoly campaign i.s ' with the principles it advocated under NRA and the NRA'S industrial codes? yes, ft; no, II). ( Crash in a Dole Family. N'orthwood Anchor—In Richmond, Calif., a rellow on the dole, dignified by the name of ! Austria. WPA payroll, was going somewhere in his ' automobile. At a corner he collided with another automobile owned and driven by his wife, also on the free list. The wife had her husband arrested for drunken driving too particular; de- afraid something will happen to one> of their the : rare sprigs. 2—Glare from a bald pate is hard on the eyes, and has made it necessary for many barbers to wear glasses. So don't get the idea that this 'battle is going to be any pushover, like Hitler taking Sounds Like a Good Idea. Malvern Leader—To the editorial desk last consistent: w eek came Art Hultman, statistician for the state liquor control commission, to comment the ountry: yes, 20!); no, 110 T • • on a su 'S esti °u made some time ago by the i Leader that a percentage of the profits of the state stores be used for temperance education. o p. • *-~-~ ~,. u .i..j lyv, wocn iui LCtll|JCl clUCc CUUCULIOII •>—uo you believe big business would delib- Mr. Hultman had, he claimed, liked the idea so erately create u depression which might in- iwe11 tnat he nad presented it to the commis- jure itself in order to discredit the acimini^tra- i"' nn With a P° 3sLble Plan for such work. lion? Iowa: yes, 7; no. 1262. 4—Do you believe I no, 53. Country: yes, 199; | It'll I'oine By and By. I Iowa Falls Citizen—Add to the list of in- seneral policy to- sane proposals the suggestion that fuel oil •wards business is conducive to orderly recov- 'should be taxed one cent a gallon. The idea" ery and sustained prosperity? Iowa: yes, 6;' was advan( =ed in congress recently. That no. 54. Country: ye.? 167- no 1''86 ' ' . would mea n a tax of about 12 per cent, and r H- ,.,.,. . ,. ', '.,.'"' ! the sole Purpose would be punitive—to dei>— i*> >ou believe tne militant labor move-.ci-ea.se the use of oil for fuel and to increase ment has an important bearing on the current' the use (>f coal - And federal taxes are sup- business slump: Iowa: yes, 54; no, 6. Coun- i posed to be levied for income purposes only! try: yes, 1352; no, 111. PAUL ARNDT, who works at Ledebur's, delivered himself the other day of a complaint that had been on the tip of our own tongue, Said Paul, "Those radio singers who sing 'Bel Mir Bist Du Schoen' don't pronounce 'shoen' right." That is true. "Shoen" on the radio is pronounced like Rudy .Vallee first pronounced it, without benefit of umlaut. "Schoen" rhymes more with "shone" than with "lane," as the radio boys say it.—Alfred Eisele's Post Chaise column. Like fun it does! You're of German descent, Albert, and we're a damyank, but if "schoen" m German isn't pronounced like "shane" (with the lips rounded) in English we'll come right up and fight you all over the township. And for why do you twice make it "shoen"? (Which last, by the way, was this Colyumists's mother's maiden surname.) 6—Do you believe a person with ready, money is justified in fearing to invest it in j of industrial securities? Iowa: yes, 51; no, 8. j in Country: yes, 1244; no, 221. The Advance offers no comment beyond expression of surprise that any editors took stock in the theory that big business brought about the depression to spite Roosevelt; that wicked-fairy tale never having been meant for men with sense enough to run newspapers. More and More Bureaucrats. Add Cost of Our Next War- American Liberty! The enormous loss of life in modern war, the appalling destruction, the misery for survivors, and the economic dislocation and dis- x years, according to latest figures showing that the number on state payrolls has grown from 2,400 at the beginning of Gov? rc ^ r H " rui S's administration to a total of X600 at this time. A 260 per cent increase in five years is sufficient cause for uneasiness among the taxpayers who must foot the bills. Whatl—Farley for President! Webster City Freeman—There is no great ?£?, rr Roosev e 1 t to succeed himself in ,^f? ?£V£ 1 ?. 194 . 1 ' and these to question t h t t^^V 0 wla even u a candidate. But the talk of James A. Farley being the nominee is foolish. His qualifications do not run in that direction. He is a great organizer aud political party leader for eome/body else, but if he himself were the nominee he would not stand much show of election. Wherein a Biblical Reference Melted tlie Collector. [The Logan Observer.] Most unique of all responses to collection letters of this office is tbe note written on the bottom of a statement by a man who owes a small advertising bill. "Please read Matt. 18-29", said a little note penned on the statement. And this is the quotation: "And his fellow servant fell down at his feet, and besought him, saying, Have patience with me, and I will say thee all." And indeed that man shall have time to pay. OLD GEORGE GALLARNO, of Plain Talk, Des Moines, has appealed to tne Colyum for one of its "fur-liaed" medals to pin on the proud breast of Editor W. F. Hunter, of Webster City, who claims to have read the new farm act in toto and all by himself. But George will have to wait a few days. Our leather medals, with veil in cap effect, have not been fur-lined, but it's a good idea, and as soon as a carload which has been, ordered arrives George's appeal will be met. —A1JRN. . Some of the more palatial had electric lights by the simple ex- Pe * £ ,°, f buying dry batteries and hooking up with flashlight bulbs Some of the rich kids had two boxes, hence two rooms, and some piled smaller boxes on to make a second agement, and no doubt the rates could be cut. But government ownership and.operation is not the solution. Control is. —D. E. D. superintended by Glenn F,illman Ft. Dod"o will begin at 9:30 a. m. Elder K. L. Gant M ; i, ,, " alh S tlonal superintendent and Young People's Mission ' 6 Secretary of the Northern Union, comprised of | n ,l ry , Volll "< North and South Dakota, will epeak at 11 oVWi, Iin »« baptism will be conducted at the Baptist chm-rh lunches will be eaten at the Call State park shelter Several of the young people, leaders of m-ichh eties, will speak in a symposium at 2 o'clock mm g! of Union college will furnish special music. ' pr . eseilt «tli er, Iowa educational superintendent and Mlssion EI,] OI , . ssionnr secretary, of Nevada, will speak, and invest t vo ' completed courses with "Friend," "Companion Comrade" Pins. G. H. Boerig, Iowa Field Miss and of Nevada, and Elder F. E. Bresee from Union'r"[|Z Secre Nebraska, will also speak. A young people's social gathering will be hold park shelter house Saturday evening at 7:30. Similar youth's conventions are being held districts. in MI Olller '« WE'VE GOT THE CAR YOU WANT... 1937 Ford f ordor sedan Blue 1937 Ford Tudor Coach Blue 1936 Chevrolet Coach Grey 1936 Ford Tudor Coach Grey 1934 Chev. Master Coach 1933 Ford Tudor 1934 Chevrolet Fordor 1931 Ford Tudor with new paint 1929 Chevrolet Coach A Few Others $75 and up and you may not need money now! Many el th» ni*d can «nd trucks we oiler •i* "B4G". Than u* renewed lo Ford Factory ipeclflcattoni. Then guaranteed in writing to glr« wtUhction or your money back! TRUCKS 1934 Dodge, L.W.B, 1933 Chev. L.W.B, story. top boxes used to"cost ^"donar^and some extra bargains were obtained at half a dollar. As soon as completed the boxes became caves Kent Motor C<J Algona, la. SALES SERVICE Phone 434-; Pure Cane 10-lb. bag Hood's Store Monday, IOWA IGA GELATINE, _ DESSERT POWDER, all flavors __ O Sugar Pnre Ci* 100-lb.bif pkgs. 19c Thompson Seedless 4, 25cl can Chocolate Ovaltine, 8-oz. Mustard, salad style, 9-oz. glass 9 C | Apricots, orchard ripe, No. 2£ can 22cf Peaches, ripe 'n ragged, No. 2£ can 22c ' reenBeans Ca^l No. 2, 2 cans 22c /•*« i 117 r» *~ *•> ** *-«•"» ftftC Cut Wax Beans, Carol No. 2, 2 cans 22c ^ Pineapple Del Monte Crashed,8-oz. Cans Corn, 18-k whole kernel No. 2, 2 ens Corn, Carol Golden Bantam _2 cans ... Peas IGA sifted June No. 2, 2 cans 291 Apricots, choice dried, fresh _2 Ibs, 2?f Mixed Fruit, compote dried __2 Ibs. 29c| Prunes, large Santa Clara ___3 Ibs, 25fl Peas Seed Potatoes, Early Ohio, 100 Ibs. 1 29 Seed Potatoes, Irish Cob's, 100 Ibs. US Fancy Mixed Cookies, 1 lb. IQ C Flour, Gold Nugget, 49-lb. bag""$1.29 Cottee, h olger's _ 2 Ibs 53 Fresh Country Eggs ~_~_~ 2 doz.' 33c (Ovenex Baking Pan FREE) Spices S AtiDds 4 BOMS 29c 1 ————-—.—__^__. Fancy Beef Roast, lb. Smoked Ham, 2 center slices *9c£ Veal Hearts, lb ° Pork Neck Bones, lb. Pork Roast, lb. Pork Steak, lb. _____ Pure Lard, 4 Ibs, ____ Ring Bologna, lb. Lamb Chops, lb, Longhorn Cheese, lb. {/unes, ™ ed - «ze California _3 Ibs, 19f jjait, pi am or iodized 2 boxes 15| Millr f 11 "*» tresn 1 IDS, b&S *^!| f^ ' — '^**»»w -» ** f* jins Soap Flakes, IGA'laVgVbox " — M Macaroni and Spaghetti g'lb. box 17c 21c 39c 16c (Large Cereal Bowl - 25 Lemons, large size, doz, Radishes, 2 bunch Tomatoes, 2 Ibs. Celerv, well bleached - - " " 10c and U es Shallots, bunch they last) 0 ft ffo4il lw |th chase of

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