Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 7
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., Fred Dunn, Tru,d Claude Grelshinan to the bedside, of li, southern Missouri KlftDD spent last week£? Vents, Mr. and WPP, Fcllton ' S1 l e 'Jtthe A. B. Kreaen- K n «i> Kolillifi»s> who ' s K training at -St. nltnl Kochester, has and',wi» not go toack home Mon- | R Wends. He operates Krd Oil station on west Bailey is a salesman for the Standard oil company. Mr. and Mrs. Emll Sloffol, farmers north of Algona, and their son Anthony will go to Dubwiue this week-end to attend the wedding of a friend, Jack Meunstcr, and will 'so visit relatives. Mcsdiuncs E. J. Mnrtngh W li Quarton, F. W. Dingley, ami ii. c. Adamp, thc latter of Los Angeles, wont to Dos Moines Tuesday for a couple of days with former Algon- laiis and other friends. Mr. and Mrs. C. 1). O'Harrow Port ; Dodge,_wcre Sunday guests KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA the .stop at New Orleans. ,, , Mrs, Frank Barnes Mrs. James W)taon (uul nl ^ B ' Moore, nil of Hiue F Mr" dn F K n° S w,, hore ° C 1V "-' " 11U Mrs' VI-'V™ son nnd Mr. ami Mifl. V. K. U.sing. .The Blue Earth MHilors arc relatives of tho Wll- S «nd Risings. -Mrs. Mary J),,i< s turned from Woden Mr. and ro . let. ' JlR "nt "swea*'city with more' "••• " UM1 vvoucn Sunday, after u wuck there with her daughter Mrs. Chester Harmon. Another 'iumhtor Marvel, wlio had visited He Harmons since Friday, came WU1- her. Morvol I* a Junior™." tlio local academy. ,.,.. «... ....v. .T.IO. iv. '.,. muuoiignii. ; ''rN. Jin 11 Kllpp, daughter Wil- Thoy are uncle and aunt of Mr. | mil - (UHl Margaret Bliley went to McDougall, who is in the employ: U(JS 'Molnea Friday and 'brought here O'f the Botaford Lumber Co. back tllc daughter Lueila, who had Alpfonn co-eds at Ames escaped r " li ; !llccl ft beauty culture course loss in .the week-end girls' dor-i ,° lhom " S(m school. Wilma mltory fire. None lived in that v T '°'' ltK nt "octor Schnap'.s office; building. The local girls arc I la ' uu '' giirot ' at Graham's. LeMert, Ida Halp.in, Betty Gunn, , '> ""." Mrs « r " rl Pearson visit- JJ V-- V.1 U| -."•V- J M.^.4.1 J^Jl Jl ( AJ\jl.l.y \_t UI1 II , Ben Ingebritson Dorothy Mawdsley, and Mary Gil- ft .-— rUtlr nrlfVl ~«_..« . ' on " G1 "- s Mr. and r ,, ' -.....,, i,,,, uml us. U A. Pearson, Bancroft, Sun-i "rief . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pooch, Algona, the Allen Christensens and Anton Christensen, Iowa Palls, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott, Livermore, wore entertained at dinner Sunday at Mrs. Anna Pooch's, Livermore. Mrs. Anna Pooch is Prod's mother, and tho elder Pooches were once Algona farmers. Mrs. C. K. IliiBlc, Aurora, Minn., was a guest lafit week-end of her mother, Mrs. Anna E. Phillips. Her sisters Jnanltn Meyer, Des Moines, secretary to the manager of a distributing concern there, with Myrtle Rasmussen, secretary to a company at Minneapolis, and Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Meyer, Lu Verne, will be guests of the S. W. Meyers on Easter Sunday, when the local Meyers' little son, Sherman Wayne Jr., will 'be baptised at the Methodist church. E. If. Heardsley had a surprise visit Sunday afternoon and overnight from his youngest half- i, Mich. This brother is connected with a factory which makes Her sisters .Mrs. Fred Dunn nnd-i B ,, „,.,, *>"*«** half Mn». Douglas Wildin, with Mrs b , rotheri William Boardsley, Bu- Ployd Bacon, took her as fai -is '""" ™° ""'"^ " Minneapolis Sunday, and from there she went on home. Mr. Hagie is superintendent of the Aurora schools. Mrs. Charles Finch, Chicago arrived Saturday to visit her and an address was given by the Rev. L. G. Gartner, Titonka. Richard JIalpin and Jack Chris- chilles, who spent the week-end at Amos with Bob Cooper, son of Virgil Cooper, former Algonlan, had an unexpected thrill Saturday night, when they were "among those present" at the burning of the Margaret hall, girls' dormitory at Ames. They called on Richard's s,ister Ida, a freshman at the State college who is domiciled in another dormitory. Richard and Jack are sophomores In the local school. , ivillii.it. " the oppor- M r.s. A, "(':'. F~ergu'son7'"and"Trom 11.11 -, ', there wore going to Illinois to "„<! ,!\, m ° y -° f : visl1 «isters of Mrs. Norton. Elea- ""'"jnor, dean of women in the South daughter, Mrs c V Smith The 1 " IIUam llul ' Cr ' to ™™iy -° f Smiths will take her to Dea Molnoa \ ,!,„ 1 M,T°''?', haS ??, tl0 !?, t0 ask I " or ' dcan of womcn ^ the" South this week Saturday, and she will I "'fj'e addrefis of his Advance be j St. Paul schools, will return be there several weeks, visiting n' g '?"! S , to Wost Bendl thonce to her dutics - She and her relatives. Mr. Finch U a building i,, , a P\( ni01 ' ? lld had'been cm-| mother have a home awaiting them contractor at Chicago, and Mi' yu .?,*• )ws> but Presumably is i here whenever they have the op- Smith travels for the Minneapolis' !V! W w ' th . the West Bend Journal.; nortunity to use it. The Norton T>J, <• < A J I 1 K W 111 O 1C tl ri n II tr \i t nr* .1 C T —...^. _ _ ' i _. -. . - «- — ...«,.. , ,,«. I.UHIL.J LU unu IL. J. I1U INUrUJil • ..I..™ v,u. i w f e )s a daughter of former house was made over into two •Mrs. Samuel l!n(eman, Mrs.' „ ^7T , J> u " algenmn ' and apartments two or three years ago Aaron Buckles, son Dick, Mr.s T i,, ,, < , r is a brother °£ Viola ! and one was reserved, the other C. Fielder, Olive Batcman nr,H I Ilcllol> . Algona registered nurse. ! being rented. v a . brother, Arthur Glaus- Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sjostrand, wife. Ben works at gt. Peter, Minn., will come for '" • Bwnnson, local A. & p. retired Th, i ^ 1 carson isi" 118 ' ^^nK Welch, with her chil-' l " "• nwunson, local A. & p.' Margaret Durant returned Sun- inomi ,i r- ? I J c«rsons will j dren, Madge and George, visited raanagqr, had the makings of a do- day from Waterloo, where she at"in-Mu inc master week-end with the A. A. Stcrlincs hnvn Snnrlnv lee-table breakfast .provided for him tRmlml .-, mo^tinn. «f <-A !„„„ in limn «»ic>" pictures taken Friday ac- by their superintend- college. ?, vc . ' Louise Miigi'iisson, employe T.' i^- , • • 1 C v iU '' al - 1I)aron .V ol there for [ charge of nomination for offic I mil Wickwire, who accidental- llinl '» v somo fisherman or other She is a former vice-president y shot himseM in his right foot "'lend. "Dutch" wishes to have it this organization. On the wav r li j ls\ Tin i»*« r. I* . .-_.•_ ,. - OH 1 M + llfl f li r, t1m..r..i n .l.1.. _..?. 1 .... . " «J with .Mr. and Mrs. Mer- .. , , while he was hunting throe weeks H 1 \ U. _,^ — j) Aml r( '^ vs went to Des the Iowa Jn'osday for the rest of -into one o led'ncsday for ... _, — • • H««I.M. ini ,-j. i»j.t; | nil Solomon. Mr. Solomon, who ------ • — .»w.j i,w litj. »^ JL t,ino \>i f-,uiLi£itiLnjii. \JT[ Liie way to silid th(lt he thoroughly enjoyed , Waterloo, Miss Durant stopped at „ lv ,. ,.._ .„ j of Dr. P. V. Janse's apart- I... n ,.i.\ 0 |" n l?" ""lumuu, wuu -""o nu wua iiunung tnree weeks ""'" """• " e tnuiuusmy enjoyeu , Waterloo, Miss Durant stopped at fat the General hospital ments on east Kennedy. Doctor 1 .,",,!' <-"e postoffice there, is a|ago, has recovered enough to wear lhn t - r(int iind S'vcs due thanks to • Mason City to see a hobby show I' ..„. ™., n ,,,, n( o T ; neplie\v of Mrs. babin, and Harry a shoe and walk a little. It wasn't! thc K° od Samaritan who provirl-I Thelma Hockenberry, high school south of Algnna. necessary to nut tho fnnt in n o.,of i cd it. Icinrinnt ti,o,.« «;„„„ „« T •>«• -n,_ post-graduate j a iise recently purchased this fgurgery. house from Mary Kain and had it Chicago, spent remodeled. -ri '"'ViT 01 '. n° uth - "••=""«• Mslicr, Cliicago, BIJBIU remodeled. . , All)crt Ogrens, who got home , n d with Buelah Larson. Mrs. Fred En(jcl went to Dnvon- ,!!",', a f S °'', S ,° ; lgo from Snn An ' ; r works at tbe Mars P0 rt .Saturday for a week with her "," . ', ° )ortcd l , hc warmest winter Bpr wui nii *•"" ***** " •«".».«> v.tvj i\j* (i. w uuiv «• iLii nui * lint- 1-1 ,1 i --i. Lory and Miss Larson parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anlone Ila-' , experienced there. De- lNeville'3. kocy. Mr. Engel, who works at thc ,hn in}' nWaS I? 1 to ° pleafi{lnt . I J. Dickinson spent yes- DQ U garage, will spend thc week- .,,, „, , w °ather was ideal, lednesdiiy) at Des Moines en( i ne xt week there and bring his : i, V °, montns temporal "sisters Mrs. Gardner wife home ° '"' U Ullntl nis jhaye ranged up to JO degrees. j Mrs. F. E. V. Shore, | Mrs.;E. A. Pnschke, Echo, Minn., i tired m ' r<M11 °' son Call. with her children Gene and Roger, i nllf i ,,,' ,„,,- - • — rcesnum cwno Wednesday came last woek Tlull , S(] , for tho : niv a «wk nT^i f °V, ah ,° ma |k with her father, CD. Easter ho lidays with tho former's ' „' m ' it ^ , ag °' 3Ut . would have She taught here for parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Her-1 l."^'^ 1 ' 6 ^, dunn \ the next months. Where they were stated. They the southwest since Mrs. Mary Laing was called to Grand Island, Neb., this morning (Thursday) by word of the serious sickness of her brother-in- law, B. M. Hall. Her daughter, Mrs._ Smith, and the latter's hus- as far as Fort there she went postal clerk, said he were at Oklahoma .1^., ~. —- ji,aa[ur uonuays wun tlio former's',,,,,,, ,-t ,, aK °' , wou 'd have 0 ™ 'T-hes 1C [n he Barent 'i Mr i a " d M ™' Con ™ d "^ !?«- ^^^^^^ next , now teaches in tne malli Mr _ p ascn ] £e Is sti]1 a rai] . | schools. road agent at Echo. i nirilg, Mnson City, spent | Tho Dt Di r , lxsoRS and Mvs _ |L j ,urs Saturday with ws o> p axson p i an to spent i Easter' •i-o is at E. N. laylor s. Sunday with Attorney and Mrs. F. Is still manager of the B _ Shaffer, Mason City, the elder tdo hotel. _ , , Mrs. Paxson will remain for visit witn Mrs UU UUU^i. | 1YJ.J a. X tlA I Mrs. George Oelrich, few days lulliiol ,. IDll> TC1U11 llllo ity, were Sunday guests Shaffer, her daughter. m. P. Stecles. The Oel- | j£ r< all( i 3f rSt E v> MiHer, Mason _o are retired, are uncle city, were-Sunday guests of 'Mrs. |of Mrs. Steelc. I Miller's grandmother, Mrs. Will, Hutchison and her iam Dehnert. Mr. Miller is em- , Wednesday morning p»bler holidays with the harents, Mr.- and Mrs. C. |z, Cedar Rapids, a Totter left Sunday for i at Seward, Net)., after _:en here since Christmas [son, H. -M. Potter, who is ilitan employ nere. r ohillington, salesman for |ael Leonard Seed Co., y, will leave Friday for . , ployed at the Mason City creamery, and Mrs. Miller is the former Velma Padgett-Hedrick. County Supt. and Mrs. Shirley drove to De Soto Sunday to bring back Mrs. Shirley's father, S. F. Bargor, who had been visiting a son, E. A. Darger, grocer there. The elder Mr. Barger makes his home with the Shirleys. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cronan took their daughter Opal to Mason City Josephine and Paul Dahlhauser spent Sunday with their parents,, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Dahlhauser, i West Bend, and were accompanied •by their cousin, Gordon Kollasch. Josephine is employed at the Algonquin; Paul at the Norton machine shop; and Gordon at the James drug store. Soren Dldrikscn was here Monday, the guest of his brother Martin. The Soren Didriksens recently sold their farm at the edge of necessary to put the foot in a cast, j as the bone was not ! student there, niece of I, M. Fin. ! ' "^"vj^j.i, Illicit;, JlJUIJtJ UX J., 1YJL. X 1 111---. ... r ^ ,, UJ «„,. shattered. I Mo.vd Morris, Mason City, spent nel. won first with 59 points in this Paul is the youngest son of Mr. : the week-end here with his moth- "how. Her most interesting ex- and Mrs. T. E. Wickwire, farmers i er, Mrs. Floyd Morris. Tho elder hibit was 100 dolls. She was also southeast of Algona. j Mr. Morris, who went to Iowa City, entered in music, sewing, knitting, .Mrs. II. (,. Anderson, Mrs. M. C. | one day last week for treatment of i"»d cooking. McMahon, Mrs. Wil'liam Finn, and ! a right leg ulcer, will be there for! I) r . S. W. Mover of the Genpril CrvT, ?T rholm ' tho latter of \ several weeks yet. He is not in as ! hospital, and Mrs. Meyer, win Dndw i, i ' ?i Pe i nt Tu f day at Pt \ uuch pal " as ho waa before going, leave Monday for a tour n the Dodge, and called on Mrs. Arnin A rare disease in the leg began! east. They will spend Monday with an ulcer on the foot, in which! night at Bonaparte with the doc- circulation is now poor. It is hop- j tor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. ed that amputation will not ' , . Dodge, and called on Mrs. Arnie Horaford, who moved there recently. Her husiband, who was assistant manager in the Gamble store here, now has the same position in the Gamlble store there. Elva Ewoldt returned last week Thursday from Rochester, where she went through the Mayo clinic. It was found that she had chronic - - pendectomy necessary. be i Meyer, and from there will go to Carlinvillo, 111., for a short visit at flowa Theatre THURS., Fill., SATUK,, APRIL 14, 15, AND 16 BIG 3-WAY SHOW—10 and 21c • "COLORADO KID," DANGER "PATROL" "LONE RANGER"SERIAL SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY 2—TOPS—2. EASTER Glorious Entertainment! \ DICK PURCELL Beverly ROBERTS to 5 p. m. THURSDAY and FRIDAY April 14-15 Double Feature SATUK. Mat. 1 to 7 p. m. SDN., MOND, APR. 16-17-18 that she Young people in the local Meth- Mrs. Meyer's (brother the Rev. H. odist church who attended a league | Hichard Rasmussen's. Mr. Ras- rally Sunday evening at West | mussen is Bible teacher at Black- Bend were Donald Johnson, An-1 bourn college there. Thence the .- drew Phillips, Jean Murtagh, Elea-] Meyers will proceed to Pittsburgh, , --- --P-jnor Thorpe, Ruby Turner, and | Pa., where the doctor is to testify Mnmfnv"" T t , Kossuth «os- Betty Lattimer. They were ac- in a court action. Finally the Mey- Monday. Latest reports are companied by the Rev. F. Earl ers will spend a few days in the sne is doing well. Miss Burgess. The study hour was in hills of eastern Pennsylvania, be- — uv .** n i?i_>ii, ivj icia Ewoldt is office girl for the Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory. charge of the Revs. McDowell, yond Harrisburg. They expect to West Bend, and Nelson, Lu Verne, be home by May 2. »/' " - Liit/Ji ua.ufeiiLt;i wjmi LU i*iu»uii V^ILJ ly qnln lithhls family at Quebec. Sunday, and from there she went RHH tn Hnrmnn wm™*f A? Is headquarters here. O n bv train to Elmhurst 111 Miss i Heitnan Willrett, Algona 1 tfri On W Codfrev 'n i to i^imnurst, ill. Miss f armer now in possess i OI1 and in . I .nrs. ueo. \v. uoariey, | Cronan, who had spent a spring tpminri t n mr>-,, Q tn AI,, "•""'" t *\.«i- ^— <<TM«i,.i» r .v. n »f ! ... . . . tenueu to move to Algona, but their son "Dick" spent r vaca tion here, teaches the fourth rthMr. Godfrey's moth- gra de in the schools there. W. H. Godfrey, who ,was | Mrs. -A. 0. Sonerholm, Crystal ast since November. ILake, and daughter, Mrs. A. P. ,aBnrro, Mary Catherine I Nelsoll| calle d on another daugh- [atson March, and Isabel | tei . ( Mrs> Holman Anderson, Tuos- !)• Greenberg, all students { day _ Mrs . Sonerholm's youngest |te university, are expect- , daughter, Arllne, has spent two I or tho Easter holidays. | W6 eks at the Anderson home. . ldim; Hii^s, Dell Rapids,! ji r . and ajj. s . PelTy Phillips ana re Sunday guests of Mr. M rs. Dloyd Phillips took the lat- hi. L. Hagg. Hilding is ter - s husiband to Des Moines Tues- ot E. L., who is employ( Norton machine shop. could not find a house here, so rented one at Britt. IV. H. (iilbriile, his sister Mamie and their nephew and niece Thomas and Helen Bestenlohner got home iast week Thursday nigh from St. Petersburg, Fla., wher they spent the winter in an apart ment. They traveled toy car, an day to enter the veterans' hospital. Lloyd, who is a brother of Perry, ---------- — t ,. , a , i holillmiis came home wlu De tnere f or some time, tak- for a week's vacation • [ ng treatment for sciatic rheuma- parents, Representative tism. P. J. Kohlhaas. He is a [liberal arts at Iowa City. Ichlhaas spent Tuesday at I a business mission. Mr. I keepsi active in the real Islness her- and has an |the County Mutual build- Mrs. Heibert Furst >• at Lakota with Mrs. •eetland, who has been in Ira for some time. Mr. |s feed for a mineral coin- Mrs, D. J. BUSS, with Witer Anna. s,pent Sun- w Hamilton with Mrs. «er, Mrs. Otto Meyer, •fitically sick with heart ph comes today Thurs- fl'? ne f tl)r the Easter l»ith her parents, Mr. I ^ Wsoh, farmers north is a priniary will with her par- er and Mrs. J. >ushte Clear Lake, >' Jean Marie, wHn the former's "• Hopkins. Mr. The Lord's Supper will be celebrated tonight at 8 o'clock at the First Lutheran church, also at the. Trinity, Lutheran, and the Rev. t>. J. Braner. calls attention to Trinity forenoon German services am holy communion tomorrow (Gooc Friday). Mrs. A. E. Michel's son, Maurice, who is in his junior year'.at Ames college, is now in the employ of the state highway commission at Anamosa, but will soon be transferred to Coon Rapids. He plans to resoime college studle next fall. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hilton, with Small Loans Up to $300 ON AUTOMOBILES I.ITK STOCK Hor*i<;iio[,i> FUUNITUKK, urt Prompt, courteous, confidential service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO '••it to Upper DCS Molnes office '*i<.iif IK5 ilKona. Icmi AIT the BIG CENT Week Wednesday, day. Friday ? Saturday . James Flowers for EASTER Cut Flowers Roses, several colors, doz. $2.50 to $3.00 Carnations, assorted doz.$1.50 Snap Dragons. doz. $L5»-2.50 Elaster Lilies, 'cut, 3 for $1,00 Sweet Peas bunch $1-00 PLANTS Lily Plants ....each $14)0-3.00 Rose plants ....each $L25-2.50 Hydrangea plants ea 1JSO-2.50 . Cineraria plants each 50c-UH) Geraniums .each 25o-75o Corsages Made to order of her favorite Fl«wera Gardenias, Roses, Sweet Peas Pansles, etc. 75c to $2^0 e*eh Deliveries on Easter Morning if requested Phone 806 Algona Greenhouses THE YEAR'S TOP LAUGH STARS go wild in the season's funniest screen riot! JHIS EASTER, more than any past Easter, it would be well .for all of us to think over our little personal philosophies not only introspectively, but in relationship to our dealings with our fellow - men. Easter is an occasion of thought ... of meditation ... of prayer. Easter is an occasion on which we may ask for a world of peace and freedom - - all of us blending our voices as if we were uttering one universal wish. In a time when the entire world is fraught with so many grave problems we should all think of the blessings of friendship as He makes us aware of the love of man for his feUow-rnen: and because a man cannot have friends without first peing a friend, this is an Easter when we might w ; §ll give thought to ourselves, and to our capacity |pr true,. universal friendship! . Y ,'- C 2nd Feature PAUL MUNI —in— *The Life of Louis Pasteur" Scratnplty by Bruc. Manning .nd J.ck.on Du«<t»d bt NORMAN TAUROS Anoc P,od JOE PASTERNAK CHAS R ROGERS t*»cuti»i Vic»-P'«tidtni IN CHARGE OF PRODUCTION SATURDAY IVIGHT ONLY, 7:15 TO 11 P. M. WAYNE MORRIS in "THE KID COMES BACK" ini«nAv. B C03DWG-TO THK CALL ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY AIO) SATURDAY, MAY 5, C, and 7 How much for Road H OW much of your future'road funds must go for surface maintenance? How much will be available for urgently aeeded ntw construction? This chart can help you knowtheanswer.Itshows findings from the most comprehensive cost cur. vey of its kind ever made;:; based op d»e official records of ?J state highway departments. It covers long ™" ! ™ 1 i pf time on 135,000 miles of irly half America's Am| hete> wh« it shows! Sur&ce Mlfl|fOi»c« co»f j for concrete aver- age only $103.17 per mile per year. For the next lowest paving material the cost is almost double that of concrete. And for all surfaces other than concrete, the cost averages 3V4 times as great —although concrete in general carried the heaviest volume of traffic, Concrete Costs least Concrete gives the greatest load. Wrying capacity per dollar of co». Wisttesafestrpsd—noa-sldd, highly risible. And it w« &^*f on maintenance. All good reasons why your new roads should be concrete.

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