Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 6
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V y^tssr DOG -S __ CLEAN DUCK FEATHERS FOR sale.-Joe Ferstl, St. Benedict. . SAJ 1 E -MKDIUM RED clover - .1- D cl soed.-Ray McWhorter, Hurt T TlPS r GiVEN TO AT MEET HERE FOR SAKE—POTATOES, SEED 01 ^t^ble, 50c per 100 Ibs. up.—Ray —— __'.. till. 15p30 TRY US—JOHNSON'S DX~srT tion, corner of State and Moore. _. : 1PC30 CALL 52, LONE ROCK, OR SEE me for your sheop-shcnrhiR fab ~E. Pearson. tipZO F ^i SALE—ALFALFA HAY AND fcaled straw. — Aaron Tivlnr i Burt, phone 8-B7. VWO\ GOOD! 'Fans' Hear Hints on How to Have Good Gardens. T1 >e county Garden club held a monthly meeting Monday evening n the assembly room at the local 1'hra.y, with Mrs. H. j. Bodo president -.presiding, and Mrs H E. Woodward, WhHtemore, as the speaker. Richard Keen, accompanied at Ihe piano by Mrs. Donald Hutchins, sang, Roses of Pfcnrdj- Members of the club an.swerod h "° mer B °evers, West Send lura no™of Tgo'na^uf W ' B ° eVe ™ back last'September TvhlU ,,: ""S handling lumber. The In- ury failed to heal, and he has been a patient in a Sioux City ho£ > tal during the last ten davs \ Piece of bone from one of his less ws been grafted to his spine. A? er the operation he developed ve - ow Jaundice. Mrs. Boevers, who s the former Nellie Waters a eacher at the Alkona Third Ward ehool prior to marriage, and the « two Boevers- children w?" pend thte week-end with Mr oevers. Mr. Boevers was born fndA ™»_ r ? d aM»eandahalf GENERAL. 0 ^ rl ' n7 -W«lter Krause, Lone --ock, tonslllectomy; Mrs- E r Wehrspann, Ottosen, mCr U Dl £ —~ t .i, Ottosen, boy B^!'medtf" Fred '«**>». BottoSS"- c ' *• **«*,, v.X ssr *• patte -»- Winter .Sl m il>. s Discussed. Woodwai-j discussed HEART ATTACK IS FATAL FOB AEHIENS Lotts Creeker Dies Suddenly Friday at Noon. Lotts Creeic, Apr 12 p »l-f Tl«1, _i ' ij LETTERS, STRIPES PRESENTED AT H, S, In a special program nf tim AI TRUCK DRIVER MISSES BEING ELECTROCUTED Truck Skids Against and Breaks Off an Electric Pole. now $1.98 gallon; art enamel, 6Dc qt.; screen paint, 39c qt.; cup grease, 5 Ib. palls, 49e. — Joe Bloom. 20C30 RELIABLE MAN WANTED TO call on farmers In Kossulh county. ~No experience or capital required. Make up to $12 a day. Write Mr. Thomas, P. 0. Box No. 156, Waterloo Iowa. 30p30 Hope, Apr. 12— Deiiwood had a narrow escape from death in his own lane last week ihursdny ns he was returning fiom trucking a ] on d of stuff from Minnesota. I The truck slid off the road against a high-line electric pole, which was broken off and fell across the truck. The wires hung clear, but lat£„'„"« Mr> Mitt(lg was at ^e house, the wind blew them over against the truck and the cur- lent traveled along the frame of PERSONALIZED LINOLEUM-^ lect your own Individual pattern. We'll cut and fit to your room requirements. Ask about this service.—Cowan Bldg, & Supply Co. 22(2)30 ON HAND, THE FOLLOWING started chicks: 3000 W. Leghorns 1 to 2 weeks old; 1000 Dr. | Leghorns 10 days old; 500 Bar.) R. and Red Hfbrid pullets; 10001 Hibred W. R. and W. L. cross- 1000 Br L., 500 Heavy Mix; 500 Bf Minorca®—reduced'for quick sale. —Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. 52-30 Robert' Conk'lln? 10 An * er *™- ?"* done. truck body no damage' was GET ON "EASY STREET"—MEN who wear Wolverine Shell Horsehide Work Shoes say they're i.v on feet as house slippers. Soft buckskin—wear like iron The u-xira wear will save you money. Jrv °» a pair. We have them.— -HUD Clothiers. .10 o\ in 1 £\6J G U POOL CARLOAD FERTILIZER! • P'ICG J'our order now and save. Mr. Building Owner; Friday and Saturday we tvill have ln >v , pert roof mechanic oil built-up roofs Ti happy to check over your roof and 1 an tl ; you, mate on new or-repair work HP , •,-' Ullesti: "III frj v price on a bonded asphalt or pitch and without obligation to you. LET'S KEEP HIM BtTISY mm LUMBER n LOWER PRICE Om _ * ^V, -....„. ^ m i-(j nce jjevne- strinoo I ,' j->ur\vuuu uuen in tne ».^r«ar,2S2.»% S'-^ns ^ ™ ; when ,t was seized for removal, nW t °L^5 mc . n .T? UW ^ve been Junior to . el , a fann Advance^der^'XvodT^ 66 " 8 shou "'d"n'evor l "be ^11 bo interested. Use a f or-sa,o :si,S 0 " ,.^ 0 ^ ..V" . c "'^ that a "• J «*ntll..U, j funeral services were bold -,t\ on e M 0tdS Cre ° k Lutheran church! HSgS^!=^=^^ .... ^ i>*iuivJii^jii> Ll it'll [111(I I pyf- .* " j wi Lilt: I) 1(1 nr Mm Tit i>nr1 I A n • <-' i<~ <*i iiuu I.I. 1 fit,- = ^..^ood ^^ l Zl^^\^-^ »« once to get in on the Pool car- Swift & Co. ,| 2l , ;io -.-.-„. U utu uiuu wouitt have been electrocuted, Armstrong service employes declared. . The shorting of the electrical circuit consequent on the accident was recorded on the instruments nt the company's Armstrong »tn- ;° n ' ^d when the call f ol - he p '"--hed there the service crew 'n.«Sh ad «a n 5 r 2 rt " BBIIt0n . LIVESTOCK F-nr? v A '-'IV was boni Feb WANTED .. „ ,„.,„ „„ „„„„„, „ • Want Ads --._.. u[l , luiui , 6i j;) 12 i <nnrned to Dora Steven' u • ""°' . !E --' oils; two sisters, "~Mrs' ZunH,ch.___ L otts Crcoh, and Olson, Gen- i-iinz, Lerov and Wegner. Hnlpn Min ei , «REEN COLONIAL FURX \rTsi in^r.?" 1 ^. 1 "' 1 "^"^^! Skids on Ice; Minnesotan Hurt ^ r •R SALE—ROPE 3-8 7nT~50~r7l- 3!)c; motor oil, summer grade ^'' gallons. »l.9S in cans; 4-tine forks i SBf hn,,;._ __. . .! _ L '" t lOIlVb, ^ Anotnor Case of Mumps. HEREBY^A\-.\Or.\CE Ml^T . dlda cy for the republican nom- i H 's sister Dari^ n ~",""" J "'s«r. "nation for di«trirf rnnrt ,11 j'thn ,1- ^a'Jene, who had hart ^?5^!lg TiRE^m^^TI^ri^ ' modern equipment. Phone S5G rhen your tire is down. We'll Hospital Patient Ii'vington, Apr. ichoby was take lospital Monday lor lre , 11 infection in one arm. Chester . I AM^A CANDIDATE FOR tripf nn *v, t the SecCnu uis- i^C^^^shank 7 30p P 27-34 HENRY FORD HAS HAD M\.\Y .n Kood idea—Keeping Ideas in circulation is cerlalnly a worthv public service for any community. Henry Ford «,, ys (hat the only real security (hat ;i man can have in the world is „ ,. P .s C ,,. V( , of Knowledge, experience, and nbililv and that ho appreciates the wav Ihe Reader's Digest presents a wide range of current thinkin^ Ho says that nothing is more profitable for all walks of life than nu- tations ideas. The Reader's Digest does give everyone the most stimulating of new ideas and I certainly recommend it to our renders.—The Editor. INLIVING MEMORY OF MR Q k. Van Dorston, who passed i away four years ago on April 32-! Dear one you are not forgotten,' Though on earth you are no more, Still in memory you are with us As you always were before ^Mr S . G E. Van Dorston. chil- gona' a hOBt ° f friends in A1 30 i Saturday, April Don't forget we sell miytliing that you h-iv,, i , I '"'(lay l,y the bond or Woigl.t. Our niacc i, , ?"" 6Tei T S* JTS, and all sioclc is demanding good ,,riJ' "'f'"' "'"' C «• get yonr stock In, as youhvill g ot tLo , cs ; ,.h ' in V l C Have Hated a niinilicr of horses. Wo h n ,i ' ' lsh '"''w. Sntiirdaj- and cxnoct to hare a gon<l UiiPtin7 ,!''' : ' M ' sa| t i yours in as Hie demand Is as good as it will i . m ' ( '''' n (1;A ''" l ' r ' 1 ' : —IVe expect some good cows nmi J °' sell by the pound or weight. (1 3mii1 - '"illlo. no,v 5-ft. 1110 , or , ^ „ on the farm with vh.ch Mrs. Sc hoby had .bee" wo k- ig. She consulted a physician in Jes Momes Saturday. k Wtli Scarlet Feyer Rock, Apr. 12—Dorothy 3-year-old daughter of Mr nml ick wuh r s Hobson> IS ""^"y Plications. The* 2 HoTo'n "Some"^ selp Install _aNew Club ^4r bi £^i^r^^ Presented. The local club iT'-L^ FRED'S. GEIGEL Irvingtoii, Iowa. at the »'t will over Will handle 32-ln. sepTand 8 i?in ave the contract on .t, 18 B ol. P e S|J l No property remove,! until se ttl fi(I for C. O RIDDLE & Operators and Anctioneers. _____ GENUINE electric fence I WISH TO ANNOUNCE MY C\N- aC> f f ° r the re P ublf can nom for supervisor of the Sec ^ the June primaries Samson. 21p30-37 : ^^^~^^'^'^~R^Auri^: expensive heater which delivers iot water when you want it. Get $n *l h ° ne 83 ' "oltzbau .tin bhop. 21(2)30 ^HA^r^^r^i^ folders of the sort used by nro- A»alonal and business men for H"ng letters, bills, and other pa- Pers. —Advance. o ™™, MINJTE WASHER - Equip! ped with latest Westinghou.se olUess motor. See this washer demonstrated at Swanson's. (2)30 HOG FEEDING SHORT CUT— Sargent Mineral Meat Meal fed with corn fattens at much less <jost. Get full information.-An- aerson Grain & Coal Co. 23(2)30 p «ts 25 times . . more soap Uight on dirty J spots ^ioT^-iec BREAKFAS?FOOD BUY THREE GET ONE FREE AH for 33c CUT RATE GROCERY ^"'^ORANGES Good size Naval •uiiiiiauHnaHHHBB See this ixchange Merchandise 1—32 volt light plant, 100 amp. batteries, only 114 year old Price $75 1 piano 3 used electric refrigerators, one Norge, one Majestic, one G. E $45 - $95 2 commercial refrigeration equipments. 1—24-in. steel furnace $75 One Pipeless furnace $45 One hotel range ___$35 Van Camp's Pork & Beans 3 Tall Cans 25c — Macaroni or Spaghetti 2Lb8....__ I5c APPLES Solid Jonathan BUTTER — Garden Seeds 3 ^————— • PREPARE YOUR CAR HERE FOR SPRING ONION SETS 25c PRUNES 69c Foranenloyablehour tunainonKateSmith Thursday Evenings Columbia Coast-to- Coast Network -W t ^SaSfen SPONSORED BY m SWfl NS ISgJ DOWN CAKE FLOUR 24c CALUMET 21 c INC. 10 PRUNES can 29c Brick or Anier. 2 Ib box CHEESE^^^ Horrnel's 7T DAIRY PICNICS 19c Corn Fed . Th POT ROAST r _17£c (Boneless Prime '£, u ~" JOAST , . . 2^ H»lf or Whole 2ft S.^.tJ^!t T " AT Ei> SUPER SUDS r^»»»i'.* b '"» "»* NAVY BEANS MILK — 11 ^^ ^"^ -^-t^ T~^f M—J fj 2 Igs. pkgs. 25c 20c DRIED FRUIT~ Prunes ____ 4 Ibs. 25c Peaches ___2 Ibs. 25c Apric 0t8 __21bs. 29c ! Ibs. 25c| PUFFED WHEAT 3 Pkgs. 25c AND GO PLACES IN SAFETY AND COMFORT ON NEW * G-3 ALL-WEATHER TIRES No. 5 can. •** * *%VSA Golden Cane FRUITS M for SALADJ No. 1 tall ^^ cans___ 29C Yt NJ. MILLED FROM WASHED WHEAT i < -- ' v HEAT OEAL OF MINNESOTA SS___ ___ LAHD End PORK ROAST _19c • GOODYEAR R.i GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY World'. SPECIAL CAR WASH and POLISH Get your car cleaned up now-at, Price. We'll dQatWojob for you, , . "LUBE" SERVICE Phone 33

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