Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 4
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j»AQB FOUR Ideal Hour Washer Same machine as above Coast Bloom I'KID.VV AM) .SATL'RTUV, AI'Kir, 15 A.\D 1C KOSStTTtt ROUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IQWA^^ " . Amateur Night Is Planned at Wesley ntinn A n • *»i4*fti*« : -~ PREPARATIONS ALSO FOR THE POPPIES SALE FENTON atnr ' at the Kleinpeter hall. Mrs w±°''wT Jl ;- was hostess - This week Wednesday the Auxiliary holds .a monthly carpet-sewing anil radio party at Mrs. Halvor Flom " Mrs. Mrs. *- -,r 141, A f Jl o, J.liH Mrs. George Vitzthum and H. H. Piom co-hostesses. MI-S. "flir..?™™"^ 11 ^ tho local made govern- by disabled veterans in ment hospitals in Iowa for dis- -"!/• i«n» iu iuwa tor distribution here on Poppy da-y Saturday, May 28. Tuesday a group of the women attended a spring meot- The Independence township, Palo Alto, Farm Bureau club met last week Thursday evening at the Center schoolhouse, and was opened with a welcome to now neighbors. County Agent Randall Hoffman spoke, and music was fur- ilshed -by Faith and Wayne Fii'ine- stad. Mr. Juhl played two numbers on an accordion. Lunch was served by Mr. and Mrs. Fessler, Mr. and Mrs. Ulerick Juhl, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Solberg, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gowans. The Jos. McGoverns, Whttte- more, were dinner guests at the parental W. P. Weisbrod's Sunday III linnet. rtF T\T..~ A r _^i .. _. . .. ing of the county Bancroft. Anfliony Johnsons ,,......„„„„,, Mw. iind Jos., children of Mr I ,,,«.i, -\r n "" "" •"«•"««n >v«ie and'Mrs. Anthony Johnson, are at>™ tr''' Rcmiers Parents, Mr. and „ r..„..-_. „ . Mrs. Henry Reimers. Raymond is i'»'~>'tm ,,. j. . yyeiaoroa s olinuay in honor of Mrs. McGovern's birthday. The Mark Simmons family. Fairmont, were Sunday dinner guests' at the George Jentz home, and af- rnrnrmn noil™., there we) . e M] . ^ )niz, son Maynard, T,"!'; *""'"' oohweppe, daughter Ruth, Theodore Krueger, daughter iMmn and^Hertha Ruhnke. Mr. " . R e j mel , g ^gyg Mrs. Mrs. Walter Arthur their uncle George Goctz's and _ thence to school in town. Lillian and Billy are with their grandmother, Mrs. Mary Goetz. Mrs. Johnson and Bernadlne are Quarantined for scarlet fever, Ber- nadlne being sick. The child is much improved this week from last week, when it was feared that mastoditis was developing Mi- Johnson, employed at Ottosen' spent the week-end with his fam- -—. mon s employed at a Mason City drug sfm*n n r* A. !-,«. . . .. _ ° the his the store, and- he was spending week-end at Ringsted with family, who are there till close of school. The Harvey Higleys, Fairmont, were entertained Sunday Vit the Michael Besch home. Mr. and Mrs. Easter Greetings! Swift's Premium Hams Mj'von to >Vt>st HP,,,] iMcelint?- He en Nelson, Madeline and Don- Jiell iM'dmann, Ruth Mary Seefeld Lavon Gerdes, Donald and Charles. T, ,•„,,« T.,,,.. _..., , . <-«.mes wiUi Mjig Prank McFalf's.' The E. K. visited the .parental Mr. ..„..„ vioicuu uie pa Henry Wegeners at Algona. :«,• and Mrs. C. M. Umsted, Bancroft were at H. C. Lindsey's Mrs Mie ' -° n ' , Mrs> Lan sermann is recover- Voigt, her children, Kenneth' and '" S n a lcg lnjury suffered last , - Center Cut of Ham Junior Bottom and Victor Mullins, chaperoned bv to Rev. Arthur Bottom, drove to T SUndBy eV<3ning for «» League meeting. The Vesley ans had charge J ^ ions Lorcon Johnson accompan- ed for the evening at her co- teacher Gesina Schutter's. jl-onten Services T,vo Lenten services are I at the local , to be held church - -—, t , nitwits, the Bottom, pastor, con- An Easter program will d the Paul Klenz family. ; M , el ' Minn., spent Sunday ,.„,„}*• . J J°^-_ p . arent . 8 - Mr. and ' l'""™. birthday. Attending: the Arnold Krauses, Mr. aivd Airs. Earl Wallace, the Maurice Wallaces, the Arnold Halnzlngers, Mrs. Sylvester Hainzinger, her daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boylcen, Fred and John Haack, Melvln and Lola .Warner, and Walter Jentz Jr. Mrs. George Belkin and Mrs George Freeman Sr., Cylinder spent Friday at the Alfred Meyers home. Glenn Hammond, Waterloo, and Frances Hendricksen, Ringsted, were week-enders at Elmer Weisbrod's. The E. A. Weisbrods, Whittemore, and the Merle Davidsons, Algona, were dinner guests at the Fred Kluss home. Mrs. K. T. Baumann, Ringsted, and children spent the week-end at Henry Berghofer's. The Harry Barkve family were entertained at Albert' Mitchell's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Rdbert Voottler were dinner guests at the George Stems home! The Edw. Mitchells visited Mrs. Mitchell's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Mittag, Truesdalo. 'C. H. Geronsln is spending a couple of weeTis with his brother- in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Charles- Stewart, Bode. Mrs. E. W. Ruske entertained her bridge club Saturday. Mrs. Walter Ohm won high, and Mrs. G. B. Johnson was second. The Fred Lakins, Estherville, spent Sunday at John Espe's. The Walter Wegeners and Dorothy Stlgman, all of Fairville, visited Mrs. Bertha Langerman at Hamp- Langermann is recover---CT 1. ••< n ~~ '•-•winter. 'Mrs. A. H. this day filed, opened j and read Tuesday . the 3rd day of May 3938, is fixed for hearing' proof of same at .the Cotirt Utilise in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk fit* tin! A fmt *<!• I jftt\ rt ni XAU _-.»_! >..» hntrwl ""n;nr el,,.. oatcd and n n not '"iwn .,";'««, Court of said County, or the Clerk Love Song and Only a Rose, wera of said Court; arid at ton o'clock u given by Francos Juhl and Lajtn., of the day above mentioned all Vaun Prlobe. The members sang persons interested are hereby notl- nnd did good posture exorcises ex- fled and required to appear, and plained by Ruth Welsibrod and j show cause If any they have, why T-TnTon Vni'ii f P1in rrii'lc ctlan rilnvnd i plained by Kutn weisioroa ana i Helen Kern. The girls also played j a folk game. . ! ^ ^ Tcxns Corn Knee Jligli. Corwith, Apr. 12—John 0. Mill- j ilns, local seed-corn man, lately! received a letter from his brother j Charles, San Antonio, Tex., saying; that corn planted there February] 20 is now knee high. The seed >. was hyfbrid from the Mulllns plant! bore. The brother added that po- j tatoes were in bloom and other i garden vegetables doing well ceased. 1938 . Bated NOTICE OF I'KOIJATK OF IVILLJ No. .1380. | In District Court, State of Town, i Kossuth county, ss. March term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: You arc hereby notified, That on | instrument of writing purporting I to be the last Will and Testament! of Al Meyer, deceased dat- ( id April ]G, 1!)37, having been 1 Bankers Life Farm Loans Low rate, long time funds from an IOWA COMPANY. See me for prompt closing, no commission. EIMVAIU) CAI'ESIUS Heise Bldg. Algoim, lowi STQ(j We offo,- THEBARCMN TRAILLCAD5 A WANT ADS MILFOJD'NII "Where HH, Growing" , r ;; • "-en. o iJcuuiiiB, rar. am Mrs. Henry .Boevers, and other lo cal relatives. Walter Krause had a tonsillectomy at the General hospital, Algona, Friday. . The directors of the Farmers elevator company met Thursday. Charles Weisbro'd, manager, Fred Mortensen, assistant manager, and Alfred Meyers, secretary-treasurer, were re-elected. E. J. Frank is •esident. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Mueller, their I itn-l^trt-iT T5,,j.i- i^- . _. ' "*^4* Veal Roasts Fresh Beef to Boil, per pound ____ _12c Beef Roasts . rogram will *e presented at the church in the Sunday school hour, 11-12, Sunday morning, with preaching at 10. JTondaj- Kl ff ht— The next regular P. T. A ing will be held Monday I April 18, at the Kleinpeter numbers. Mrs. John is chairman, Mabel *i ----- ', , "" R iohardson, and the public school teachei's charge of refreshments. -.. u.i,u lujs. j. / v . Mueller, their daughter Ruth, and Karl SchAvartz went to Hartley last week Thursday evening for dinner at Ivan Maxon's, and Doctor Mueller and Kail then went on to Saniborn for a chess tournament, all returning the same evening. Krause entertained friends at 500 .Sun in honor, of Mr day evening ... Krause's birthday. The Henry Bruhns and Mrs Mary Bruhn visited relatives neai Fairmont Sunday. Eunice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. K. 'Johnson had an infection in one of her fingers, undei the nail, and it was necessary to nave it lanced Saturday Mr and Mrs. Emil' Bleckwonn daughter Nornm Jean, and Mr. and Mrs. Ole Pederson visited Saturday and Sunday at John Micklick's, hal in Plantation Pineapples iV tllfi SI)W>ial pricc Kas1i ? r-|Jiiked Hum u nd for Sah, 'I ' T , <0 f;an ' ish th « ..if, wlutlne d,sser( ITnd fruif c&tnl! ^^ '° r ]llnoai)I)lc Cong'l Communion Tonight- Easter week communion services are to be held Thursday night at the Congregational church. The Sunday school pupils will present a program Easter Sunday at 10 a m., and church services will follow lot ii. with the Rev. Olaf ~ to Algona afternoon to 'bring home Mis. Tommie Long, who was recovering from an appendicitis opt-1 u,Cl Oil, Mrs. Carl Priebe entertained relatives and friends at dinner Sunday ,„ honor of Mr. Prietoe's birthday, and guests included Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Priete, Lone Rock son Dennis, Violet Larson, De- Sweet Spuds The Egg Hunt Chocolate Cake it for rarochinl Tenchcr is Sick— Sister Mary Nicholeta, of 7th and 8th grades room at Joseph's, was sick early in week and her pupils were missed for the week. Other Wesley News. Brown Sugar Dromedary Dates Cocoanut Taffy Bars ™ roo at the s " eeial price «f 2 pounds for 25 i Honey Krushed Wheat Bread y at Council Oak. Council Oak Coffee order. an ? aroma ; a , Ud fe ' round ***** the St. the dis- ---• A-. ""c*i.> teacher, witi, ti T , w ^ ek - end at Ringsted Wpt Ule , TRnl P 11 Flehlers. Ralph Welter, Mason City, was a Sundav guest of the home'folks, as were also Edith and Delia AVelter, \1- n,-tf r ? e Rev ' Olaf Johnson, of Britt, and his family were Sunday supper guests at Ole Flora's the Lawrence Ricke family, of Williams, spent the week-end at Henry nicke's and Charles Froeh- ichs. Anna Johnson and Benia- nin Josephson were guests Sun lay at Olaf Funnemark's, return- hnn even mff to Boone, where both are employed. 'Mrs. Esther Skow and Harold spent Saturday evening at the former's sister Mrs. Fred Bentele's near AVoden, helping the Ben tele children. Maxine, 11, and Lotf £ celebrate birthdays, which came Saturday and Monday respectively Mr. and Mrs. John Seaman, Al- r ' - a " Goetsch ' Agnes Gotsch, ^' D ° r0thy Arrhart - Raymond Uriebe.son „..„ Mrs. Henry Tie- .Gladys and Jack, were Sunday dinner guests at the Arthur Tietz home, near Burt. The Lloyd Bartletts, Titonka, were there also, and the occasion was the birthdav of Mrs. Tieman. * Mrs. George Mienke and her two sons spent last week with the formers parents, Mr. and Mrs. T H Brennan, Hampton. ' ' . Jos ' Maddens visited Mrs . mother ' Mrs - Ida Kohli and other relatives at Cedar Rap- Mr: ..... Connie. Coach and Mrs. V. J Tatum pn tertained the former's parents M" and Mrs. W. F. Tatum, of Nora Springs, and Mr. Tatum's brother- m-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. F kliarp, Clarion, daughters Don"^Mae, Laum R ae , and Bonnie an, at dinner Sunday The Rev. A. K. Gaard, Cylinder and his daughter Helen were Sunday dinner guests at Harlan Gaard's, and that evening the Har ±^ S ^5 Helen £ Ottosen, A • -Harlan the Rev. Mr. Gaard's son Postmaster and Mrs. 'j ---—-. accompanied them as far as Allison to visit a college friend who teaches there, and Mrs. A E Nelson and her daughter Frances accompanied the party as far Manchester to visit relatives. the John Homans, Ringsted S".M U 2^5^Vt Hefmln'l Mrs. Strueck- i „„ lllc ^mu Ei mers ] lonie n the afternoon. Mr. Eimers has been sick two weeks with bron- ehial pneumonia. Carol Jean, 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bierftedt I had e mastoiditis operation a week ago at an Estherville hospital ' busan Goeders, Cylinder Tuesday to do sewing for ence Weisforod at W T brod's. ' Featured at the cooking school The bread flour so good it won 809 cake prizes! V"' • To get extra good results in cooking, of course there's a lot in knowing how. And you learn many a helpful new method as you watch the demonstrations at the cooking school. But even the most skillful cook can't do herself justice unless she uses good ingredients Especially in baking. So when you try out any of the demonstrator's recipes at home, be sure to use the flour she uses . . . Omar Flour. The Omar blend has been developed to give greater tenderness and delicacy to all baked foods. That's why this celebrated bread flour has won the impressive total of 809 prizes for fine light velvety cakes. Cakes, mind you Fon -P^POse our Follow the example and advice of bakine experts-hke the hundreds of state fair baking champions . . . llse Omar Flour! OMAR FLOUR for ' '° r r M >' s - . Zerbe. Live '™ore, The were Mrs. Louis R. Wingert and her Mrs Hazel Gerdes attended a nf, n , postmas ters' meeting, ourth class, at Mason City Friday hC PRESENTS TWO SMART 7 NEW STYLES • Authentically styled Air Step shoes offer you unbelievable comfort. Their exclusive "magic sole" turns hard sidewalks into soft carpets, and provides a cushion of comfort for" every step. t£ h5v Utts> of the ^change tate bank, who had spent five or Ix weeks in territory from Texas 0 Florida, got home Sunday. Brooder House and , 500 Chicks Burned of a ride. >. v House Brooms The material used and how thev faean a broom >vlll sweep and this sturdy house broom priced how P. & G. Soap Products SPECIAL FOK THIS SA1E Oxydol, large package _ 21c Kirk'sJHardwater Castile __2"iakes 9c ttae" Mtad^nK^^'^l broodf; ^^ disc ? vered that their $6.00 i. j t_ "•*-** «vw i-vYu-weeK. i in th ' ^I'^raed to the ground ± hntlg , ht ; The ^ily retired r££f ti e ' aat| ever ytMng- was --right then. It is thought that a brooder stove caused the fire ' Green Top Carrots Winesap Apples . . £&. Ledyard Esther Heller opened her new I beauty shop here last week Thurs* She has a room above the Miss Heller, who is op- conteft snt ; hool11 P u »Hs are having a «nh^i \ s eiiing magazines. The also a dSbouHf 8 ™ 1 commisslons . which it ig planned to buy ill contest i« a success. ' BROWNELL'S j» se «,„„., . o, r actually outselling one of the BigThrfl the lowest-priced field. If s a«//goi n g ahead-not car NumberS«J or ^ight, as one might expect by its p class, but one of the season's Four! sellers! There is only one explanation of su. record when made by a car in the tbousi dollar bracket. Such a car is so good«-bas so much ofv ln ""People just won't do without it! They buy it not only in preference too cars-they buy i n preference to waiting easier times and readier money to-«M That's the convincing sort of car r en't yet bandied anewBuick,)] t to—just to see what «ucb a car is I"

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