Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 14, 1938 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 2
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HERE'S THE «EW DESSERT EVERI ™** L W»r Cake- Coconut Prostine HWH Java Coconut Cake eceq and r $ cup fresh cofTce •-• beverage m _ KOSSUTH COtTNTg ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA LuVerne^lans^ecial Easter Services GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE FOR LUTHERANS Lu Verne, April 12—Easter ser- nri S *(, e Ulthei 'an church in- ude Maundy Thursday English ,ommunion at 7:30; English ser- — b —. 6 uu L „„ nls "ce at !):30 a. m. Good Friday, ledi routo - Patrons will continue to Union Gets Mail Later; Carrier Has Added Duty Union r-,v]., Apr. 12—The mail man has not been tardy, but patrons on No. 2 out of Algona are receiving mail a bit later than has become customary, because of a change in carriers' routes. The local carrier now makes a delivery in town before going out on Tils Tribon, who lives ftt Olendale, shortly Dlttnnlng n visit home ' "*• — v-xjv* A i iutl^ , 113U j - — ... ««w ii in tuilllUUU LU the Rev. Mr. stahmer, Fair- ! reoolve mail !1 ' the same time as 'lie; and German communion at! 0:30 The program at Methodist nurch began last week, with ser- ices each evening. There is a ommumon service Thursday eve- nex weeK up, a sunrise prayer meeting o f Thursday at Mrs. Maine Winkel's ,l e ..Jl?. a _ guo g . rou » at 6:3 ° Sunday with Frances Gould assisting, and rni I r»« 11 ti-llt u« t ______ » _____ ! 1 " thc lnst week ' & '>• Hill) to - T 'ie Mothers & Daughters Schools l)ny Chairman— Mrs. De Los Gardner has been appointed chairman of the Run Schools clay committee, the chairman Carrie Bourne, heretofore appointed not having returned from alld Reib- Johnson, Mrs. , , w H « onson, Mrs. ---- n . llv<0 club Walter Heerdt, WiHiam Dravton be entertained next week Jens Soreneon, and Quentln Bin, ' sdav nt Mrs M<,,, 10 wi.,1,.01., ! f>-m>, wuenun Bjus- train. lorning, and n "baptismal service ! roll call will be American nu reception of members at the'dors." A paper on, Where Do'Wo "Won- I Wortman, were at Blue Earth Saturday. Mrs.'George Edwards was taken to Rochester early last week and had a second operation for bowel obstruction. She was reported in serious condition early in the week. Her hus'band, the son Ralph from Minnesota, and the daughter, Mrs. Clifford Freeark, of Clear Lake, were with her. Mrs. Tom Dailey, Algona, spent part of last week with her mother, Mrs. Minnie Heetland, who has been sick for several weeks, but is now reported recovering. Mr. Dailey and Mrs. Behrends came after Mrs. Dailey. The Presbyterian choir emerged J Sunday morning In new choir nrbes, which will be worn at all I church services hereafter. hospital last week Wednesday The other son was at Algona with his great-grandanghter, Mrs. Editl Rich, during the ten days his mother was nt the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Baker, of St, Cloud, Minn., and Mrs. Edith Rich Algona, spent Sunday at Edward Rich's. •Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, east of Algonn, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Alexander, daughter Joan, and Mrs. Ida Nlckerson, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests of the Louis Lowtnans. Mrs. Ralph Witham and her infant daughter left the Kossulh hospital last week Wednesday of Ihe Howard 11UM[JII(11 ItlrtL \VUUIV l» and spent the remainder week at the parental Witham's, Geraldtnc, the other child, stayed with her grandparents. The new baby has been named Betty Ann. --- 1- --- •• VM. iiiciuutJio (i L tug ' "^ ' Ot orning worship. There are ser-i"et Our . - . .^ ..... „„, „ lu oe cos each evening this week at i by Julia Taylor, and anothe „--- <o St. Joe Shower— „• --,--. ^'c ^<J >vuj Mosdames George Kohl, Lnw- Prejiid.ces? will be read | renco Gisch, Clarence Kramer Syl- Iw"" Iho,. n,, VeSffir Arnrlnnfn,. T-..I- „_,'.-' "i™' Ben Farrow, who has been seriously sick for several weeks, is .~.,7 tii^iv j. u j cxjviiJHI weeHo, IS not much Improved. Marie Jacobs, Siiran O!*T»., .,.,_.— i _ .. > « Bancroft .. " """ neen. HL i -•• •" »u.nui, uuu unotller Oil •angelical church with a snniTho Oregon Trail, .by Marie Bode nse meeting Sunday morning and,'There will - be pioneer music and ™, ^u,v ana rern Gisch an instrumental solo by Frances and Kathryn Bode attended a ,e- I COllt slln\vm> nt Of T__ *_. „ < S ° e . a «V with triple-creamed Spry 1 d ° " Add •••^•.'"(5 oumiii.v morning ana a program of music that evening. , V .M,I^II^ C JYMiniei, SVl- vester Arndorfer, Louis Bode/Mrs Leonard Cruickshank, daughter '' r i <•! i i i~, — . — •I- .1. (.liih to Klcct — A social meeting of Winkel. the J. J. liliis Fino Time on Visit— ., .i j_.uuu uLieiiuea a re| cent shower at St. Joe for Regina Lenem who is to be a briSe rent events were given for —, ,,, jjuc veri s writes from Duncan, Ariz., of the wonder- time she had at her son Ken- »uunit., 11 uij t t i bfuGOtil. -Pour batter into two S-inoh Invrr pans greased with Sprv Bake hi moderately hot oven (3750 p? "~ inl?"^ 3 ' F r os . t with Coconut Frosl- d"?' rToxtnr att ^ n °o flaVOr and tc »' ° Lr texture this Sprv cake has You'll always use Spry now. Coconut Frosting- 2 CBB whiles, unbeaten it cup brown sui;.ir, firmly packed 71 cup granulated suctr 5 tablespoons watur *-'J*- MIU L Put egg whites, brown sugar ^^^^-•-^con^' !lt foil] i Wolf and ..... I won high and .„., 1M1 ,. KS ,, i lively. Election of officers for next | year will be held at the next meet""? April 22 at Mrs. John Ram- Lenertz who Is to shortly after Easter. ."^.. 1111^1 uvuu. msuiu Juuoutt, City nurse, is now caring for i the local day, The Earl Grabaus spent Saturday at Fairmont. A The Bancroft Legion Auxiliary will entertain a connly meeting at Legion hall next Tues- afternoon. ternoon. ! of Mr o, i Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hood attend-1 Fort Dodl I cd the 60th wedding'anniversary I naugh is f;, AI Menke's is suhed- Klv™™ wives was held *' the i •"' il "="^« S UrUML'Kllil IK SIJI1CU- uled to play Ior nn opening dunce * 1 ^ Lcsi011 ha » llcl ' e noxt a Presbyterian manse Monday even ing. 1 teaspoon dark torn sirup Dash 01'salt 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cupshruclck'd tnul llnn - PPCr Par of d »We boiler and mix very thoroughly Place over rapidly boiling ' lical IVdinon ."Hoi-l— -Mrs. K. R. Walter and Emma -Marly were hostesses to the Evi angelical Woman's Missionary society at the Walters homo Fridav. I he group began study of a. new book Rebuilding Rural America; Luella Blumer gave a review .,f the' life of the author Dalber; and Anna Woito presented the first chapter. Mrs. Henrv -Marty was devotional leader. »'in in Music Contests- Friends here were pleased — Half-sister of Former Good Hope Farmer Dead Mrs. F. J. Welp drove to Man- I kato Saturday for her son "Billy," business college Devino and Frank Ba- were served to callers. All churches here held special services in passion week, and special services will be held on Easter Sunday. ! M. ance niv; i^i iiinj 11 ill v \.' I til iy , J. Wolfe attended an insur- meeling at Algona Tuesday N Careful selection and mating have developed good producing, vigorous breeding flocks for the Swift Hatchery. These flocks pass on their vigor and ability for good growth and egg production to the SWIFT'S BABY CHICKS you buy. Your Swift opects eac/, . l^l'ty. cleanlin ture. Only the eggs i mean big, healthy chicks that will tyou* Swift & Co Phone 264 , Io wa .=....-., , u Suinner Saturday for the funcra- Dr. Martini of Mrs. Bertha Dienst. In onc ' were Mrs. G °° d raornIn B- Several children ' are to be baptized, and the doors until and thick (.AH measurements i,, these recipes are l me [) The new, purer ALL-vegotable shortening TRIPLE. CREAMED! hc.-n- that a concert Hu-bbard directed by Pin, former teache'i band Harold here. to from Tur- gona, and another daiigat John Reid, of Good Hope,' Alden, in another, Mr. and' Martin Jensen, Algona, and R. P. Hawcott, Good Hope, fii'st-nainpj • '''- . , Minnie Knoll, jof the. church will be open for -P Gnlbraitl,. Al- ceptlon of new members. Sunday Mrs. son Mrs. Mrs. Easter DANCE FEM'ON Monday, April 18th Music by FREDDIE SCHOLTT Direct from Ames Campus featuring BIG (Red) APPLE 'superior" in a district contest at Webster City Scranton musoisians rated four superiors", and Milton, son of -Mrs. \\oito, Lu Verne, directs the orchestra and band there. It AVas Cold in Florida- Mr, and Mrs. Frank Devitt have come home from three months at St. Cloud, Fla. Natives there considered the winter the coldest in The last few days before Devitts left, however, temperatures rose as high as 87 dsgrees. iney found considerably different weather here. Seniors Pick Class Flay— Black Magic has been selected by the seniors for a class play. It is a shivery but humorous mys- ij play, with 12 women characters and six male characters. It is to be directed iby Louise Louers, j«"i« the tentative date is May 13. I \icco Dies in Arizona— Anna Murray recoved word Sunday of thc death of a niece daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith, Livermore, in Arizona. group returiled won urday; the other, Sunday music ]Dientz was a half-sister of i.^. wi nil O and the late William Trep- Knoll tow. Services for Easter Sunday- Services of a special nat'urr. will , -.w,. ancmut;!s. ounclav school will be held as usual, with services of worship at the customary hour 11:15. Any person interested in the privilege of -baptism for himself or of children, Sat- °r in union with the church should consult the pastor. Other Good Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Reid, Halfa, attended Good Hope services Sunday and were guests at the Ben Reids. Mrs. Mrs Lakota Mrs. Alton Anderson entertained the Acorn club last week Thursday, and following a business meeting Mrs. I. E . Wortman read a paper on modern trends in education and Mrs. Harry Warburton gave a short talk on schools of opportunity. Mrs R av Smith will entertain on April 21 W. H. Hamilton, president of th» --amilton commercial college at Mason City, will be speaker for th Norma Heetland, treasurer; chairmen of committees — Gertrude , Ukena, Elsie Steenhard, Margaret ^±°^' Vi °' a Th -es, Joseph ,-, E I. E. Wortman and Ukena with the hitter's daughter Dorothy and Four Corners I I'he Pour Corners Mothers & Daughters club will meet this week with Mrs. Iva AVitham instead of Mrs. Lucille Rich. The Union No. 7 Parent-Teacher association recently held its last meeting this season at Ed ward Rich's, 25 attending. Th opening song was My Old Ken tucky Home, and roll call wa anslwered with current events Five hundred furnished entertain ment, and high was won by Mrs Catherine Harris, Algona, and Ed ward Rich, low being Mrs. Lorett Hansen, Algona. Mrs. Susie Witham was takei by surprise Sunday, in honor o her birthday, toy Austin Witham am, Mrs. Myrtle Vin'ing, daughtei Harriet Frances, Mr. and Mrs. Roj Witham, Mason City, Mr. and Mrs Leo Ramus, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Witham, and the Everett Withams. The guests furnished dinner Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom and her infant son Harold Andrew were .brought home from the Kossuth Mrs. Smith had winter, and Mr. plane Sunday. been Smith there went all by t'liapinnns hi Goldfield Event— Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Chapman and tne Jrvin fhapmans were at Goldfield Sunday evening, and Mr. and -Mrs. Irvm Chapman took part in an Easter cantata at the Memorial hall given by a chorus of 80 voices. Exhibits AirOfail Stamps— Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lichty I he Presbyterian Christian En deavor recently elected officers for six months: Calvin Ukena president; Paul Ukena, vice Vernon Smith, secretary; Marcella Thaves, corresponding secretary? Smith, Minne Mary Ann are H. C. Allen's. James and the week -•-•"< f• u, uiuiitv and Ruth attended a meeting of" postmasters at Mason City Friday. Mr Lichty exhibited a collection of airmail stamps which belong to his brother Don, of Chicago. Woman Ifurt in Fall— 'Mrs. H. P. Sorenson fell one dav last week and hurt a kneecap. Ihree years ago she suffered a Roslmg came from Fort Dodge at .If T IV confj ™»tion services at the Lutheran church and to visit the Charles Wolfs Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Long and Irene, and Warren spent Sundaj at G. A. Eggleston's. The E broken hip and was long time. an invalid a JVEW CHKKRFUL colors in Devon Knain- els. It's fun to toucb up tin; home with these paints. Come in for in- forimitiiHi. Botsford Lumber Company JEH FOOL, riirco Days School Vacatiou- Ihe Easter vacation of the public schools is Thursday and Friday this week and next Monday. U. F. Bnrtis Has Ili'lupse— B. F. Burtis, who had been -e- cuperating from a winter sickness, fell sick jigainjate last week. Other LuVerne. Mrs. Edw. Mason, Charles City and her sons Edgar and Verle spent the week-end at Lottie and Jennie Mason's, and Monday went to Renwlck to visit Mrs. Mason's mother, Mrs. E. A. Schoolcraft. Marjory Baker, Carroll, has oeen a guest of her parents Mr and Mrs. S. R. ~ " '' •Mr. and Mrs. Duane Neal spent t ° £ daya ^ "Ellsworth last nhiri Q r' they took Mrs - Josephine Sanford to her home there Mrs. Willta-n Hoepner Jr. and her baby returned Friday to their home at Bloomington, I!l., af ter three ^-eeks here and at Algona. Mrs. Flora Raney returned Sunday from three weeks with her children at ReJnlbeck. Forrest brought her home. A large number of Epworth Leaguers attended the monthly! rally at West Bend Sunday after- nonn nnrf oirn«i«,, ' ""•"=' Circumstances Circumstances often decide what a n 8 t0 , d0 ' Mrs " Franklin D. Roose- will not wear a veil over her face If she had a face like mine she would be glad to wear anything over it. h,,t t?S - R °T7 elt can do as she pleases but there are lots of us that can not Manv wh!!5,? aV f a lh ^ ted amount of ^sh w^th which to do our Easter shopping. It is all right to spend the cash but keep out of debt. Going in debt puts your nose (or your husband's nose) on the K;R!|NGS HOME THE EXTRA P/$|KAGI iir' 4 BIG DAYS • B. .41 For Teeth/ Mouth,Gums Mag-Lac Tooth Pasle. . .2 for .41 Anlisepline Toolh Pasle . .2 f or .26 Penslar Denial Cream.. . .2 for Anlisepline Tooth .Powder... ............ 2 for Antisepline Liquid, r l? OI b-V ........... 2 ^r sodium rerborale. flavored ............. 3 f gr Mag-LocToolhBrush....2 for Henslar Tooth Brush ..... 2 for Junior Tooth Brush ...... 2 for Dotolme, liquid aslrin- jf or BEAUTY AlbS-Fine Powders, •'•"'_ LZ '••' Cream and lotions For Shaving Colonial Club Shaving Cream Colonial Club Shaving Lolion Colonial Club Talc for Men Colonial Club Bay Rurn'. Colonial Club Lilac Vegetal * t. Colonial Club Rozo, '' n"Ll S & 9le E ^< or Double Edge .... ,jf or j Nelson sBrushfree.Shav- . ing Cream .... Eau de Cologne ................... 2 for Fleur du Midi Face Powder— Assorled Shades ............. * t Cocoa Butler Cold Cream'.'.'. '.'.'.'.['. .'.'.'2 f°r Ihealrical Cleansing Cream ........... 2 for n eur tM^TA hin9Geam ....... « " F j u WM' ? old Geam ....... ,...2 for Fleur du Midi Tissue Cream ...... ' ..... 2 for Camphor Ice Lolion ........ o for G ycerine and Bay Rum .......... | " '9 *_, Glycerine and Rose Waler. . .. ...... .' ; 2 f°, . Creme.of Almonds ..... '.'.'.'.'.'". ..... i Spring Blossoms Cold Cream ..... M ,' .' .j .51 .51 .51 .76 .51 .51 .51 .51 .26 .26 .51 .26 .26 .61 Trade at Neville's where you get th P same shoes and slippers for one-thfrd less We are now showing all the new from some of the best factories in eautul n patterns noon and evening Mr 'w"£ o 1 "",' ^ hris Anderson, W. F. Godfrey, Rubye, and Pocahontas visitors Mrs. Wilson Legler came home Friday from a couple of months with sisters at Omaha and Chica- Simon Ellifritz has returned f fu -5 A full and more coming every day Some extra specials in men's oxfords. A real calfskin Goodyear welt support oxford at $2.48 oxfords, all colors, Le have Our $2 98 Club Jimtnie Neville EPSOM SALT Highest quality recrys- lalliied U. S. P. Soli Full pound air light tint 2 for COD LIVER OIL U.S.P Plain or Mint Flavored 2 pints 90° PENSLAR Creosoled Emulsion Laxative Cold Capsules Cherry Bark Cough Syrup Maglax Castor Oil, 8 or. !!.!!'"' Epsom Salt, 8 oz ;..'.'!.'!!.' Senna Leaves, 1 oz....*'"' Castor on, 3 oz...:....::;;;;;;; «;< Camphoraled Oil, 2 01....'. ""'"I fa ' Bone Acid Crystals, 4 oz 11.'' j £ ' White Liniment • ' •••."•••?'•'' Spi* Camphor, 1 oi..:.;....| J JJ! ' Cascara Ext Tablets (100) '!.'.v!!,':.'."jfc ' Glycerine, 3 ozs. . , J! Soda Mint Tablets (100)..-... " j|"' enslar TREAD-EASY FOOT POWDER SOOTHCl TIRED FEET 2 for 26c COSMETINE A soolliing and healing lolion lor chapped skin 2 <or SIC ALCO-LIH The finest quality rubbing alcohol. Full pints. 2 t<» 51 c , THE BABY ^'..T 3 2 for .26 P 2 for .86 •••2 for .26 -s..2 for .26 ^cAc^p3.'.-.V ;2f0r - 26 Done Acid Oinlment... ".••"•••• ^' r °'"otic Castor Oil \\ .'' saTHEH^^ Penslar Hair Tonic.'.'.'.' 2 J" -51 Bay Rum Boraled, 16 or 2 f or - 7 « Colonial Club HairTon""-'-"" 8 for •'« Rose Hair Oil... C 2 for .$1 r^fr^i'TonicV:::;;;;;;' \ {" ™ IUD Tonic Shampoo 2 , ' 26 lianline... 2 for .51 Tri S L Q ??' 1 %••'•'/- M or ' S6 -3 CubHaifOil " 2fo ' -26 wrol Club Boy Run, * for .51 2 for .51 2 'or 5JC sis- r • ? 11 Finish-*'* Quality Robber Good* C00 LIVER TABLETS $1.50 Fountain |»r- | U H 2 t ^° rt$1c ° s1 b'")?'" 1011 1 quail 4 BIG DAYS- Cpid Geam'.'..'.'.';;;;;;: •milk Tissue Cream!!.'!."" ismg Cream. STOCK UP 2 for 2 for 3 for 2 for 2 for .51 .51 .51 .51 .51 SAVE MONEY AL "- NEW, FRESH GOODS ,_ »IAU 4 CLUI JICV-l from an extended visit in Illriois. wri.snx's ftvwTvwn n ~ ^"™"™ ^fc WILSON'S CERTIFIED BONED HAMS No Fat, No Bones, No Waste You can buy these hams in any portion We can slice them thick or thin. >r E Picnic Shankles* and also Boned and ff^ii^ WILSON'S fc e e rtifi e d Boned Kcnic-Rolled"" ^^ mifimiia _____ These Are Ver y M™ Eating H||. FIND LONG'S FOOD SHOP THE BEST PLACE TO BUY FRUITS ••••^•^^^••••i—^^_ U L IJV VITE MR ' A NJ> MRS ' ^ABMER TO BRING THEIR EGGS HERE > ) fll EASIER DAY PEWVEBJES

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