Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 10
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TEN KOSSUTH GETS $103,449 FOR TAXJEBATES Sales Tax 'Divvy' to Cut the Taxes on Homesteads. County Treathe Rtnto """ receiv ed irom Btate a warrant for $5172-169 Prwm* i\* Y"A,ii.i,y^ *-wvt-i me county s allocation sales taxes for homestead tions for the first half of taxes now due. Shower Honors Recent Bride— Mrs. Edward Zender was honoree at a post-nuptial shower last week Wednesday at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. L. E. Potter, 20 guests attending. Mrs. Zender received many gifts. A two- course luncheon was served by'the hostesses, Mrs. Mel Potter, aunt of the bride, and by Mrs. L. E. Pottor. Mrs. Zender, the former Gail Potter, was married in February to "Bud" Zeuder, who is associated with his father in conduct of the Zender clothing store. Kurly Risers Have lircnkfnst— Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shilts euter- otjtaincd the Early Risers' club at 8 "^ : o'clock breakfast Sunday morning. •' In attendance were 14 club mem- Here's an Algona Financial Wizard When He Grows Up Hubert, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Deal, shows signs of developing Into a Wall street financier. He won a sack of flour at the Sorensen grocery last week and traded it to his mother for eight gallons of gas, but with the proviso that she use part of the flour to make him all the hot rolls he can cat. KOSSUTM COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQOKA, K>WA some "Jimi ILIA. -town, township, etc. and ,n ana a P* , . — non the first half of the tax- all homesteads. Another es warrant of the same expected next fall. How Exemption Operates. To illustrate: the taxes on the w. C. Dowel home •amount to • .'H 1 * """'.'or the first bers and five guests, the latter be- ampngjjng John Shilts, Minneapolis;" Mr. jond Mrs. Robert Gill, Los Angeles; and Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Stewart, Algona. Following the break- imniinf , filst ' the sroup attended Presby- amount is, te ,. lan c i, urch services . {Church Society to Meet— I The Methodist W. F. M. S. will meet next week Thursday afternoon at 2:30 at the church, and 1U _ ,...,.~,. . tlv; LUUU t.re- ait for the year will be ?33 75 which, deducted from $6095 l e -iv- es only $27.20 to pay. ' -». ,1. ay. j "-' vim; interviewed by an Advance re- Ml ' s> A - n - C'ruikshank, and The Porter (himselfJ. Mr. Dewol , n . Sword of the Moslem will be Mrs quired concerning the cost of a Card of Thanks." explaining that ho foil grateful to all the renters who contributed sales tax pennies to help him p ilv tnc taxes Qn ^ Home—or. rather, to get something like one-half of sales taxes he paid himself. Mr , , , » -— Dowel added, however that he wns UC to !"' e -Easter services, sorry for the poor people who a Legion Auxiliary Radio and had to help him without gettin° AT""""™ lb met Wednesday at anything back.l settm., Mrs Honry Becker , g> >"<MV T.i-ilj-ard Four.II Club— The Ledyard 4-H club recent- leader hostesses will be Mesdames'win- dvke's Af?or nie Long, A. R. Cruikshank, Ver-'" tei non Spongberg, Earl Stott, and Lloyd Muckey, and D. H. Hutchins. Devotions will be conducted h.y The Methodist Aid meets today the church for 1:1 ... , Henry Johaunsen will be hostess, Mrs. Esther Hel berg assisting. The Nidana sewing club wil meet Monday evening with Valeria Pickett. There are seven members, and the clu'b meets every two weeks. The Baptist Aid will have a covered dish lunch at the church today (Thursday) at 2:30 p. m. and will elect officers. The Trinity Lutheran Aid met Monday evening at Mrs. J. G. Har- T JW1S> A - J ' . . business meeting, entertained A. A. Bishop's topic. Wii-tan-jc .Meeting Abandoned— ^ Eleven members of the Wa-Tan- Ye club met for a business meeting h-ipk i lnd ° °' clock dinner at the Algona tho Tuesday evening. It was de"«- cidod not to have a meeting anything back.] Based on Valuations. The allocation to counties oy '"^ "i-u.vuiu t-n CIUD tne .state, and by the county trea- ly reorganized at thc new surer to taxing districts, is based Mrs - E - L - Eggesdal's, ai On T HP tntnl 1l nnm n 1 1 . . i . . Cri nl o -,-nf-r* ,1 i „ !____ ,» next --. „. -..x.nnv^t. uilLUI liUllUU her club at a Bingo party Tuesday evening. There are ]2 members. The Cresco Embroidery club will meet next Wednesday with Mrs. John Dreesman, Algona. .Mrs. Glen Raiiey entertained the Episcopalian Guild at 1 o'clock luncheon Wednesday. The Methodist Aid served some -00 persons at a church supper Saturday evening. Muhleman Travels 362 Miles, Then to Grant for Sermon The Rev. W. G. Muhleman did a unique "stunt" April Fool's day j for a man of his age. He left York, jNe'b., at 10 a. m., drove 362 miles home, then drove on to Grant township to preach that evening. jV.? 0 , 1 ', 1 * Mr> Muh 'eman visited a Methodist children's home and took movies. The home is on a i?,"o cre fnrm> nnd th ere are 125 children there. There are 186 such Methodist institutions in the u. S. and the Algona Methodist cinch as well as all other Methodist churches, help support them. Ar 'f'' S ;,f Iuh ' eman alld her sister, Mrs. Alee Vennink, accompanied Mr Muhleman. The party left last week Tuesday, and spent two days at Omaha, where Mr. Muhle- V« « ii •• , "***-»*- ATAl. IVAUIlitJ- ma " attended a district superintendents conference with Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam. „- T ° OFFICIAL TUBLICATIOX WHOM IT MAY CON- Music Teacher to a Great Festival Held at St. Louis During the week of spring vaca- ---.-^ ~.-n .,-L.T, in uuheu , •• "• ^e-t?«-onin o, tiiiu me on tne total homestead valuations gll ' ls yoted to keep the old club's ior taxation in each case. Where nam e, Ledyard Loyal Laborers any taxing district has a tax levy Margaret Smith was elected presi- bigher than 25 mills, however, dont ; Nadine Hans, vice; Dessie and the tion Carmen Roskopf local public ' -' ' ' ubKOp1 ' local puDllc Nor- credit is limited to 25 rniYis.' Bosl «a, secretary-treasurer- All incorporated towns in the ma Heetland, historian county fnii in thls clasg M _ other taxing districts do not have r ol " T ' ocal T' 0 ' 1 ^— levies exceeding 25 mills and «o ' T T ! le De " roe of Honor met at the get all levies on homesteads back. Lieglon lwl1 Monday evening, 16 AInTiv t^T,-Tic- «« A » m _ i . * members nttonrlmo- nn.3 r n ..« ., bi-i uji ji-vics on Homesteads ba^k ""'"" """ J"unuuy evening, 16 Many towns and townships are mcmbors attending, and four new divided into taxing districts which mem " ors w ore initiated: Mrs. Gar- accounts for the fact that there man ' Stl Ben °dict; Mrs. Raymond are .so many districts. Algona for on - • vr '' <! Tn " <Tn "" > 7:<*..:i~-i- _.... example, is divided into"disVricts Nos. 1 and 2. school music teacher, attended „ national music educators conference at St. Louis which celebrated the 100th anniversary of music- teaching in the public schools of America. Some thousands of musicians and educators attended the conference, and more than 10,000 elementary and high school, college, and university students par- St . Zlttrltsoh. and Three llumls P-'esent- i r . ., J ' IabeI Olson, Algona. Follow "'" ------- had —"-^..ituinum.-, tut; j.uu j ctli O( UIIU •T . m*v* ^viLnijm a rural school music festival m- bem £ now on file in the office u eluded a chorus of 3,500 children. the C1Tty Clerk of th e City of Al A choral program featuring the i gona> J owa, and by reference madi devedopment of Negro Music in a part of this notice. , t ^,,.T ,,, --V. .^,. „,.,.. imB . j-, j n raner i America was presented bv 350 Ne- ' T h at a resolution authorizing tne towns appear in the first and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bollock gro pu P' ls m their high school ?,, dlrectin S th e Mayor and Citj column (no account taken of oth- were entertained at 6 dinner Mon- The st Louis Symphony orchestra! F! erk \° ent . er _ into sa 'd contrac Tn ing the meeting, the group All.ication by Towns. | nch at the ^l! 0 ! cafe the two following columns Child's Itirtlidny f'elebrnted— the total homestead valuations , A f , M ™<»1 Americana," a Pageant commemorating the 100 years, and h nn of the Cit y Council the City of Algona, Iowa, notic is hereby given that on the 5th da of April, 1938, the City Council o the City of Algona, Iowa, passed r reso ution approving certain plans specifications, and proposed con ract to be entered into by and between the City of Algona, Iowa and the Fulton Iron Works Com- Jany of St. Louis, Missouri, providing for the purchase ,by the City r Algona of the following to-wit: One (1) Type BGS, mechanical injection, vertical, four- cycle, eight cylinder FULTON-DIESEL engine, rated at 1000 B. H. P. at 225 R. P. M., arranged for direct connection to gener- tor and chain driven exciter. One (1) 875 K. V. A. (700 K W at •8 P. F.), 2300 volt, ' 3- phase, 60 cycle, 50° Rise Generator, with amortis- seur winding, rheostat and sole plate. One (1) 25 K. W. Chain Driven Exciter, 125 volts, compound wound, 40° Rise suitnJble for above generator, with rheostat but without sole plate. One (1) Chain \ Drive, complete with sprockets and casing for above exciter. Said contract price being abou Sixty One Thousand Forty Si Dollars ($61,046.00). Said plans and specification and proposed contract for said en gine, accessories /and equipmen tion, vertical, four-cycle, eight cylinder FULTON DI'BSEIL engine rated at 1000 B. H. P. at 225 R. P. M., arranged for direct connection to generator and chain driven exciter, One (1) 875 K. V. A. (700 K. W. at .8 P. F.), 2300 volt, Biphase, 60-cycle, 50° rise generator, with amortisseur winding, rheostat and sole plate, One (1) 25 K. W. chain driven exciter, 125 volts, compound wound, 40° rise, suitable for above generator, with rheostat but without sole plate, One (1) chain drive, 3omplete with sprockets and casing for above exciter, and said resolution may at any time be amended and passed or passed as proposed. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 5th day of April, 1938. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk, of the City of '9 Algona, Iowa. N T OTICE OF PROBATE OF WILT, No. 4371 State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. In District Court, March term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of J. P. Nickerson, deceased, dated January'10, 1919, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, the 18th day of April, 1938, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, March 21, 1938. (Seal) KATHARINE McEVOY, Clerk of District Court. Alma Pearson, Deputy, IHUMWAY & KELLY, Attorneys. 27-29 Cut Rate Groce ANNIVERSARY SALE ry! FOLGER'S COFFEE 27c 53c CRISCQ i IB. . 3 Ibs. 49c SUGAR - 1O pounds Brown Sugar 4 Ibs. 23c Light House CLEANSER 3 cans lOc CATSUP 2 14-oz. bottles 19c 3 Ibs RICE 13c RAISINS 2 Ibs. 13c 4 Ibs. 25c TOMATO JUICE 50 oz. can 19c Powdered Si IDS. , MATCHES box carton can ___ BANANAS 5 pounds — The Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner or than the principal taxin: trict except at Algona) and amounts respectively, for stead exemption in ' the column: Town Value Algona $ 837,768 dis- day evening at Mr. and Mrs. Al- ihe oert Hagg's in honor of the birth- home- day of the little Hagg daughter - ag second LaVonne, who was celebrating birthday anniversary. Bancroft _ . Bun Fenton Lakota Ledyard Lone Rock _ Lu Verne Swea City _ Titonka _ Wesley Whittemore .09,140 113,251 90,051 89,373 42,587 26,550 63,866 127,960 76.060 83,071 95,918 -*- Amount r-i i i e ? 10,266.47 UlllJ to Soc Art Works— T ! le Woman's club will meet -i.^oy.^o 171 • i --- *-iitu win meet 1,415.64 *riday at the library, and there 1,125.64 } V1H be exhibits of prints from the 1,117.16 Metl 'opolitan Museum of Art, New 332,34 *° r *'' the American Federation 331.87 of Art ' Washington, D. C.; and 798.33 '' le Museum of Modern Art, New York - ™ The St. Louis Symphony orchestra' , k to enter into said contrac under Vladimir Golschmann, gave A °, r and on bellal£ of the City o a complimentary concert. These Igo ^ a ' Io wa, and authorizing the were a few eof many outstanding purcnase of said engine, accessor- programs. • ies and equipment will be consid Huhleman Kept on Run. The Rev. W. G. Muhleman will assist with a revival nee fn- at Fenton tonight; one at Lu "verne ered by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, for passage at a meeting to he held on the of April, 1938, at eight m., in the City, at Masons to Observe the Constitution's 150th Anniversary Harry A. Palmer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Masonic grand master, 1,599.50 1038'39 Atton(1 Ont-of-Town Party— 1198.'98 . Mrs - J- H. Brechtbill and her sister, Mrs. J. 0. F. Price attended a one o'clock luncheon at Fort Dodge last week Thursday. It was given at the home of Mrs. D E Daughmun, Mrs. Ethel Heater assisting. mberofld Cltv t Friday; another at Ayrsaire on ti!lf . ty> at Sunday; and meetings at Buffalo any person intei 'ested Center next Mo "Sly Tuesday appear and and Wednesday. During the rest of Passion week he will be at Ellis PoontheThompson charge. , PlnS may objections to the a , nd a P ecifi <= a tions f ° r C(sts ° f said Two Birthdays Are Honored- Flora Tiss, employe at the Sema, lunci iiusuuic grand master, •"•". n»», employe at tne Helias issued a proclamation calling curit y State bank, and Bess Hopon all lodges of the order to hold kins Wfil 'e honored at a 6 o'clock meetings next Tuesday evening ; n i dinner and birthday party Monday observance of the 150th annive'r- • oveni »ff- Eleven friends enter- sary of the adoption of the feder-I tained tnem at the Walburg Baral constitution. D. D. Monlux, lo- R "° cal master, announces that ' the Quilting; is Hold- Mrs. Fred Zeigler entertained at an old-fashioned "quilting bee" lodge here will meet at S p. m. for the observance, and D. C. Hutchi- , , „ son will be speaker. The ceremony f» ok '-fashioned "quilting bee" •of presentation of the fla<* will be W Wednesday, and women observed; Mr. Monlux will road attendln S were Mesdames Roy the proclamation, O D Shumwav } M ' son ' Cecil McGinnis, Rutler, will read the_grand master's me a- " Wau « e - and_Glen Strayer. Other Society. Mrs. A. L. Peterson and Mrs Jos. Paxson entertained eight wo- fiiw, and J. F. Overmyer will read the Prayer of the Nation, written by the grand chaplain. The Masonic riuartet—H. D Hutchins ~~ --o—•• ••Roy Keen, Fred Goi^ol F i' men at a Bridge luncheon Monday Thorpe—will sing. Members of the ilftcrnoon at the Peterson Livorinore, Bancroft, and Burt lodges have been invited to pt- tund. Slenderize Your Waist and Hips... With This "Easy On" Talon Girdle —- Loses Mother. Frank f'aughey, who opened his home Mrs. C. B. Murtagh won high. The Beta Sifema Phi sorority met Tuesday evening at Ruth Roland's and Mrs. Kenneth Knudson, Carmine Rolkopf, and Dean Arndorfer 8 nve talks on flower gardens. outdoor advertising business here | The °- N'- O. bridge club had a - year ago, was called to Fort one o'clock luncheon Tuesday al Dodge the middle of last week by Mrs. D. D. Monlux's. There were the illness of his mother, Mrs : two tables of bridge, and Mrs. L Thos. H. Caughey, who died Thursday. Funeral services were held Ihoro Saturday. Mr. Caughey"returned to Algonu Monday. Wins "Excellent" Hanking. nn h«r , TUI ' ner , WOn "excellent" ,„,=. „. o. ^u^, wui euiena.u on her bass viol solo last week- the Dessert Bridge club Friday af- n} -R "tt stnct music contest ternoon at her home. There will be rut< two tables of bridge, f. Hanson won high. Mrs. C. C. Shierk entertained her bridge club Tuesday afternoon :it two tables of bridge. She herself won high, and Mrs. H. M. Olson was second. Mrs. L. S. Muckey will entertain Briardale Store GROCERIES and MEATS On April 15th, 1938, we are discontinuing the Green Stamps, so pay up your accounts before that and get the stamps to fill your book. 247—PHONE—247 Moc & Sjogren Two of its sixteen inches extend about the waistline for control. The front is of rayon figured batiste and the back of two-way stretch elastic. Model 373 ____ The uplift is of dainty eyelet embroidered batiste. Model 4098. | iPiHn* -g n Cliriscliilles If You Want BARGAINS try tlio ANNEX The ANNEX is offering this week, the greatest array of values ever put on sale at this little bargain store. COATS, SUITS AND DRESSES AT RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES We have taken about 25 good coats and toppers to the ANNEX from the Main store—some new, some from last season but representing wonderful bargains. Toppers at $7.95 and some full length coats in grey, blue and tan from $5.00 to $10. SWAGGER SUITS—wear the jacket for an extra coat and you have the skirt for practically nothing. These suits once sold for as high as $30.00, but you can buy them for as low as $10.00. All sizes, including large ones to 42. EXTRA SPECIAI4—Any silk dress in the ANNEX (formals and maternity dresses excepted) for only $3.99. This is the biggest dress-news of the season as this includes some of our best sellers. Prints and plain colors, many with jackets, new materials, new colors, new styles. Siaes 12 to 44. Your unrestricted choice, onl y _ $3.99 BUY AT THE ANNEX AND SAVE Dependable merchandise, clean and fresh and cheap. It's A Curious Thing Why does a bride wear a veil? ... In ancient times the bride was completely covered with a yellow robe. Others say it comes from the time when brides were captured by throwing a covering over the head. Step to your phone now and call 537 for our delivery truck to pick up your Easter cleaning. Modern Dry Cleaners 4 Ibs. PRUNES 25c TEA Green, | lb. ___13c Black, ilb 15c K. C. Bak. Powder 25c size 19c DRIED PEACHES 2 Ibs. 25c MACARONI or SPAGHETTI 2 Ibs. 15c Oval Sardines 2 cans 19 C Dried APRIC( 2 Ibs. cocoivuf Jell Powder 6 pkgs. Oransgs Calif t Navel Shredded Wheat Pkg Can No. 10 Prunes 32c Golden Syrup No. 5 can _L 25c Gan No. 10 Peaches 48c 3 larg — « Corn Flakes Can P&G Giant Bars 10 for 37c OYXDOL Medium 19c 50% • : MORE SUDS, MEANS 47% . LESS WORK FLOUR Guaranteed 49 BOLOGNA, Ring 1 Lb. Bag _ 5c Short Shank Dairy PICNICS, lb. __19c LARD 2 Ibs. 190 CHEESE Full cream ___ Pork Cutlets lb. ij Boiling Beef lb. 1 \l -; \« \ S The Lady Dresses for the Easter Parade both Ml $17.95 ' br °W» and faultlessly made "* 1 * 11 Full length Toppers ___ ~_~~_~~~ tailored suits, inwl blacks, S i zes 12 to 40 at ------- lo 40 , Other swagger BultV"""^"""""* 1 * 11 * and $19>7S for ._??!! SUlts ' Wlt * separate topper coats New blouses in Bli" or" * 19 ' 78 tO f 35 '°° rivals dusty rose aS e , and chi «on-late ar- Hundreds anrl I 1Uggage ' »*'»* and $8.98 ' to courteous Rough 8 of this spacious where bright daylight * in your choic «- Hats $2 ,» 5 $3 05 Stow

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