Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 7
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APRIL •:'*,- 1988. •re's the Complete T( JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA NO, 2H ;l onor>t5OTtaN, HAND- ^--""SSwfefcON Mr pENA't/TY I ,rOF THE CITT OP Cfll- 1, Con-truetlonT There "hS provided a separate ml'lk IIOUMO milk room for the han.Illmr n n-n f\f rvilltr n...i 11. _ ! ." ' bo New SECTION 10. rfSuto,! 1 ".'"the f« the case the name c ream may be, milk The i\I 1 DI3PUUNU J. l*_f *•*«• j. »•« 'Un/Uon/i shall apply to itatlon and enforcement of special Council. the milk houso or room «»t-»'i t "" v construction a, To 'permR^^c^," inir. and shall 1>e painted -• milk or in letters not Jesi Milk Ordinance PAGE SEVEN approved by the City Council. Where mnic is served from a serving device prominent plfico showlm? n tvn%«j\vn i «< ^w^. P ^t 0 -2!Sr- All milk, and cream sold at retnll or?!? m l a ;! ry ' ™!__ «"«">•. m »* aepot, sold In bottlea only. Blorc ' WttBon op conv cyanco, shall be tho whole, fresh, rf'seoretlon obtained by miiklnir of one or more IK P opcfly fed and kept, |C &3 not less than 3 per Hktet nor lees than 11% -milk wltis. „,'„,. Cream is the fresh i $k containing; at least 18 •.(Milk /at which rises to L, of milk on Btandlngr, or Is I V centrifugal force. rallk: Skimmed Milk Ti^rnvMeh the cream has IS, or which is poor in E-nIng less than 3 per cent of To? less than 11% Per cent of ftMolate milk: Chocolate milk fto which has been added, In •y manner, a chocolate syrup • composed of wholeaome in- Milk from which choco- |v IB made must conform to Sards herein fixed for whole •Kilter milk. Butter milk IB Butt which remains when but- Tls removed from milk or Jjweet or sour, In the process tins; 't contains not lees than [cent of milk solids, not fat; tatter milk Is the product re- •om the ; souring or treatment add culture of milk or s. * products shall be taken and Include milk, cream, I milk, chocolate milk, 'butter d culture butler milk. istcurlzatlon: The term "pas- ion," "pasteurized" and slml- is shall 'bo taken to refer to less of heating every particle or milk products to a temper-1 [ approximately 145 degrees never less than 142 degrees j ot this temperature for at minutes in pasteurizing ap- approved by the health offl- provlded that such apparatus operated as directed toy the uncll. Milk producer: A Milk pro- i any person who owns or one or more cows, a part of the milk products from Is sold and delivered to' any Ilk distributor: A milk dials any person who has in on, offers for sale, sells or milk or milk products to ri. Disinfectant; A disinfectant taken to mean any germlcl- stance approved by the City of the City of Algona, Iowa. Person: The word "person" In this ordinance shall mean ' "firm," "corporation," rjhlp," or "association." Tilppins cream or whip Whipping cream or whip hat contains not less than. 30 it-of rollk fat. PON 2. ADULTERATION pITHD. No person shall dls- or attempt to distribute with- wrporato limits of the City of Iowa, any milk, skimmed [utter milk or .rallk products, or which Is advilterated the purpose of this ordinance team, and skimmed milk shal ned adulterated In any of the K Instances: If any water or other sub Iras been added. If It contains any visible dlri contained In any container li not clean. •lit be obtained from any ahl- vlng disease, sickness, ulcer or running sore, or which has j !™. m a cow within fif •I aaj-s before, or five (5) davs living. I'll 'be obtalnfd from a cow ™ an unhealthful place or fed W substance in a. state of put»• or of an unhealthful nail case of milk, If it contains in 3 per cent of milk fat, or •» JH4 Per cent of milk solids case of cream, l£ it contains J » per cent of milk fat procured from a milk pro- and k * 3trlbu t°r whose 1 Md enulnmnnt have not health once each year, or finished i nvla ^ nor approved by tho ci y Coimc " The milk house or roomVhnll h° wo j llSntcd and ventilated and all oDpn Ings effectively screened to prevent the.entrance of fllon, and shall bo r* other purpose than tho ind storage ot milk or milk products find other opcraf dent thereto. Thn cleaning or operations shall be conducted However, when th ior delivery of milk o Comity automobile uset other than the deliver —, gt %rt&Ss£S&Q& otn- all Umtss while belnu- n.,_tV. 5_, n . nn,* , - w mift v t , conducted as to prevent any contam- BeotllTn i, .^"'"S contained In t Inatlon to the milk or to disinfected mnl ^ ^ ' nre . ven t the delivering equipment. Tho milk room shall ° am from not . ° am _ from not more this o than house. construct such of milk Person, firm or corporation or expOBo for sale, sell milk or cream, under a . be- or supply: The water supply followin expos l ° the ^^ - provided: <*>• Construction: They must be •made of noniUjsonbent material - and . » PL A NT£?*> SANITATION. t , loor8 ° Ca11 r oo hanalc d ahall be • asonen material - ana In which of such construction as to be easily conduct-,! cleaned, and must be; at all times, in cmraftv imn« J? f or oer good repair. Joints and seams shall miterin! m ?i L ol !f , nnd caallv Cleaned be soldered flush. All milk pails shal ij drah P d n 1 ha " b . e , 8m00 '". ' "- or other (<b). Care: Cleaning: Theymurtbe thor- pughly cleaned after each usage and kept freo at all times from rust (2). I>lslnfectlng: They shall, between each usage, be disinfected by steam, hot water, or chlorine, or In a manner approved by the City Coun- Wails and or fa^ 0t and W h aSh i? bl f p !' Bht c olored "sur": ia.ce ana be kept clean. !„ , P oors at >d windows: All openings Into the outer air shall be effec- (3). Storage: They shall be so atored as not to become contaminated before again being used. (4). Handling: After disinfection no container or utensil for milk or milk products, shall be handled in ,„•, and fll and ventilation: All well lighted and ven- Crom contamination and fll T-h erationq qhnu i Vftrl °V s mi "<-Plant op° loCatcd and - doted tn . v suoh a manner as to permit any part tlon to th«. min of the person or clothing- to come In "" to the contact with any surface with which milk, or milk products may come In ' loCatcd and co »any conta mlna- contact. B. MILKING. (a). Clean cows: The udders, flanks, bellies and tails of all milking cows shall Ibe clean and free from visible dirt at the time of milking. Ob). Milkers: The milkers' hands shall bo clean, rinsed with a disinfectant and dried with a clean towel immediately before milking. Should the milking operations be Interrupted, the milkers' hands must be redisln- fected. Wet hand milking is prohlb- for thoTmf' ^" means n <*«»ary uqprtT-h mlnntl , on of flies sh all be Ol - P', 8 ,. 1 -.-.d eem a n separa 1 te b0 ro in " weighing from the cooling and bottling op"• ofj-aw milk shall not the pas- eratlo™ annot Ited. Convenient facilities come In which has been in con- to disinfection, mllfc or cream, or ' or containers are handled nr * ,,iners shall bo rectlv IntrT p S C( ! v ha11 not ODen d| provided for the washing of milkers' e y sWb ' e lMnB for In Section fn ' J ?, x °hanged or exposed for sale, or delivered or bronchi to another for domestic or potable use oxcept it shall first have beeri efficiently pasteurized. »h^n hS; W . ?5 llk or . Pasteurized milk shall b« sold or offered for sale to an™ v m r CrS which contains more than an vr J?- fa L eraBe fop one month of from Apr11 Octr October 76,000 h to or more than an aver, ore an an average for one month of 50,000 bacteria Per c c from October 15th to April r t a » W < % c ? m or .Pasteurized cream be sold or offered for sale to Wmsumers which contains more than hUm av f raBe for onc month of 150.000 bacteria per c c from April l&th to October ISth, or more than an av- rago for one month of .100,000 bacteria f(Hh ° ° October 15th to April Bacterial counts of milk received at pasteurization plants of over 1,000,000 per c o are undesirable and repetitions of high bacterial counts will bo sufficient cause for tho exclusion of (a). Health Certlflcatea: Every cer- nfawt V th thc srJunB of raw milk, or In the employment of a, pasteurizing plant, whose work l ". con 'act with the pro"",?' storage or trans- milk, or milk products, excepting those peMong who handle £n v h 1? tt , cl1 f 0 "' al '""-B anJ cans Tr™in, Bha *" .£ urn .', sh a Certificate of Health at tho time ot employment, thorcaf t«<-, showing «nt f mrounlcablo tllsnasos. satisfactory to the city ht-iilth officer! (o) Notification of dlueaao. Notice to the health .. ._.. ... - / <iny mlltc producer or .rtbutpr upon whoee dairy farm, or In whose milk plant any cage of ifcknefls or any Infectious, contag- °, Uf ! or communicable disease occurs. («). Cleanliness: All persona com- r"£* i contact , wlth mllk or mllk products, containers, or equipment, shall wear clean outer garments and shall keep their jhands clean at al times while thus engage,]. SECTION IB. PteNAI/rir: Any .per son violating any ot the provisions o this ordinance shrill be deemed guilty or a misdemeanor tor each Bffense and shall, upon conviction, bo fine< not loss than ten i dollars (MO.OO), nor m i°n!wiAs tlian , on! hundred dollars (JlW.OO), or by imprisonment In tho county jail not td exceed thirty (30) SECTION 10. MATY OI.AIUSE: Should any section, paragraph, (lenience, clause, or phrase of this ordinance bo declared unconstitutional, o> Invalid for any reason, tho remainder of said ordl- nl J/J?5Jl ha!l not b .S affected thereby. SECTION 17. RElPEA.1, AND DATE OF BBlFECT! Ordinance No. 192 of the City of Algioha, Iowa, and all other ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflM with this ordinance, are hereby repealed, and this ordinance shall bel In full force and effect Immediately! upon IU adoption ana publication a« provided by law AIDOPTED AKD PASSED, by the City Council of t j le cny of Algon Iowa, this 31st day of March, 1938. ADAH CARiI^SON, City Clerk of the City ofc .r™™,-,., Algona, Iowa. * AIPTOOVBD, by me this Stat day of narch, 1938. —^—————. _ Clothing for South Africans WESLEY WOMEN WILL FORWARD A FILLED BOX Wesley. Apr. 5—-A good-sized at- endance at a Priscilla Phoefbe society meeting last week Wednesday at Mrs. Silas Sko-w's. Mrs. Frank Johnson read letters from missionaries in Africa and South America or help. expressing appreciation Mrs. E. M. Paulson was ere or intn nr hands. AIHkers, and milk handlers, Kuaollnp n - n , shall wear clean outer garments while £M or stnrnfl working, and ,milk stools shall bo kept - °r_ stored, clean. ' SBCTTON 1 7. OATCB OP MILK. (a). Removal of mllk: Mllk shall be •removed Immediately after milking to a clean place and strained i,, f bU u dln , ff ' ln whlch "" drlvat 'ves is uny person to pro- Into or receive into the lts f° llce iur °« K sel1 ' or °" er ha ° °" nand - any m thls Ordl permit Moon^euous'pi^ron 81 ^ irn Plant. Con "»« a publle ""> holder mllk P r °via rules of City 10 Or c - ot the ana to wholesomeness may -""ahe or anatlon ot or n °t the agencies tho in- t««ffliir(« ?l Sia o m r 'he rit,, _V on . to the inhoh. & «le. r f re ^'« ?tored feSg^Hrt- 1 ^ ^S^^SP^S: *,!„ t c"r,- fa °Hities: Every milk Plant shalL.be provided with toilet the Ordi- or Algona. There one room, or vesti- for milk - shain ,b"le not through a new cotton or other clean, twee'n fho to!i»f 1 ™ llk P" r P°ses, be- efficient strainer. Milk shall be cool- in which mnL "it * any room ed Immediately after milking to a ..„„„.„„ „.. temperature of CO degrees F., or less toilet rooms and maintained at that temperature j e t rnimV until delivered, excepting during the process of pasteurization. condit in Ob). Bottling and Capping: Milk closets ar» n» shall be bottled from a container with shall be se a readily cleanable valve or by and shall b means ot a bottling machine appro/- SSeratefl In ed by the City Council. Bottles must dEces of be capped by a machine which shall fe) w a t -- -- ...... - B) - Wat mu h Th ? floors of all etS Si f "? loslns: - Toi - kopt '" a <='ean repair, and well ventllni T , we c » aprlve9 or enrth be cleaned each usage, in sanitary therein until and disinfected Caps shall be before ply y , they buiI(1I nB ed and the Or ' (a). KBUVERY OP MILK. Milk Trucks: All milk trucks water sup- ade- qual- (h). •Washing' facilities shall be hot running water towels of a typ health officer. Tho towel is prohibited. (I). Mllk piping: milk piping" of a type Which' easily claned with a brush or wagons picking up milk from dairy farms for delivering to bottling or pasteurization plants in the City of Algona shall be kept clean while used in transporting mllk or mllk products. No substance capable of contaminating milk or mllk products, shall bo transported with mllk or milk prod- (j). Construction of ucts in such a manner as to permit eaulnment with whir-v, contamination. Mllk cans shall be uqu ! pmen V with which covered, at all times with a clean canvas in such a manner as to exclude heat, dust and dirt, and shall always be protected from the weather. Truck drivers shall keep the outside of said cans clean and in a sanitary condition. » th« M^ n P y a common Only be contkct shal be constmcpfl manner as to be eaally cleand (k). Disposal of wastes- AH "'"J 1 "" 11 OI Wastes: All — -• ——-—•»• d*it TI cuaico disposed of In conformity •""•"' '- of tho city shall bo with the requirements health officer. (1). Cleaning and disinfecting of containers and apparatus: All milk (b Schedule: All milk shipped by contoine^s and m'likTp^ratus sZll truck or wagons from dairy farms be thoroughly cleaned after each us for del very to bottling or pasteuriza- age and disinfected in a n^annlr ap- tlon plants In the City of Algona proved by the city healthTfficer be- sholl be .collected at the farms and fore each usage un«.er UB delivered to pasteurization plants on (m). Storage of containers- After a regular time schedule, said sched- disinfection, all bottles, can's, and ule lo be fixed by the City Council: other containers shall be stored in », (o)> ..Transferring or dipping milk: No milk producer or distributor shall transfer milk or milk products from such manner as to be contamination. from irom . (n). Handling of containers and an- Between disinfection and paratus: usage, containers and apparatus one c6ntainer to . another upon the street or In any vehicle or store, or usage, all in any place excepting a bottling or shall be handled in such manner as milk room especially used for that to prevent any part of the person or purpose, except as may be specially clothing from coming in contact with permitted by the City Council In the any surface with which milk or milk :ase f :ase of milk being delivered In bulk, products may come in contact.' The sale of dip milk is hereby ex- (o.) Storage of caps: Milk bottle pressly prohibited. cap3 shall be purchased and stored (d). Bottles: All milk intended for only in sanitary tubes and shall be lelivery to consumers shall be bot- kept therein until used. :led except In the case of consumers p). Pasteurization: Pasteurization n charge of the lesson, and more nan a half dozen women recited n unison the 17th chapter of St. Tohn, which they have committed o memory. At the April meeting Mrs. Prank Johnson and Mrs. Lena -.arson will entertain at the former's home, and in the meantime )ld, usable clothing is to be left at lanna Nelson's to toe sorted, pack- d, and shipped to the missionary eld in South Alfrica for use by he natives. . T. A. Plays Raise Money— .The sum. of $45.85 was taken in t three one-act plays given by the '. T. A, Friday night. The plays ere well-given, and the audience corned most appreciative of the hance to see and hear people they meet almost every day "do their tuflf" on the stage. Many pleasant surprises greeted the audience, and some fine talent was discovered. .Twenty-four characters took part. The funds will be used in a health project for local school children. .To Florida for 2 Months- Mr, and, Mrs. Al Wagner and Dwight drove to Mason City Saturday. Nina Mae, the daughter who had been attending the Hamilton university, came home Monday for a week before going to Rockledge, BURT Pla., for two grandparents, months with Mr. and Mrs. her Ben P. Felt and an aunt, Mrs. Nina Ranck. She expects . to return about June 1 with the Felts In early June. Millers Back from Wisconsin- Mr, and Mrs. George Miller have returned from Wisconsin to live here with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Strieker, and help on the farm. Wesley Girl Among Confirmants— Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Strieker, will' be a member of a confirmation class at the Lutheran church at Algona Sunday. Parochial School Entertains— Visitors' day was observed Friday at St. Joseph's school, • and many mothers and children of preschool age visited the four rooms. Other Wesley News. Alvina Johnson, junior high ;eacher at Marshalltown, spent Roy Wooldridge | and baby, Algona, visited Bertha Daniels Sunday afternoon. The George Wordena were Sunday dinner guests at the Rev. Geo. H. Wessel home. Mr. and Mra. Enos Wrede, Fort Dodge, visited In the afternoon at the Supt. M. C. Bowie home. Mrs. C. E. Sigelbee and Mrs. Wyot Stott were tooth on the flick list last week. Mr. and Mrs. August Strom, Algona, spent Sunday evening at the J. D. Graham home. The Paul Willes, Algona, spent the evening with F. O. Stow. Mr. and Mrs. 'Martin Larsen were at Corwlth Friday and Saturday, helping Mrs. Larson's brother Arthur -move to Lu Verne. George Koestler has .been confined to bed since Sunday by sickness. Tihe "W. J. Lockwoods spent the week-end with Mrs. Lockwood's parents at Renwick. The Arthur Fandels were Sunday dinner guests at the Leroy Schiltz home, Bancroft. Mrs. J. T. Heaney entertained the Mesdames Virgil Schrader, M. C. Bowie, and Glenn Anderson at bridge last week Tuesday afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. B. K. Bahnson a lesson on "Women in Industry." Mrs. Erdmann was assisted by Mrs. Vincent Daughn. •Mrs. Penn Eckles will be hostess to the Hutchins Bible Study group at her home northeast of town Friday. Several women here plan to attend. Special Lenten services will be held at the Congregational church this week Friday night, with the Rev. O. M. Johnson in charge. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Wester spent Sunday at Humboldt, guests of JButtermaker and Mrs. Anderson. Moran J. Ferstl is, confined to his home southwest of town with pneumonia. the weekend with Doctor Bahnson's parents at Inwood. G. : J. :F. Vogel'took his daughter ieanor. back to' Grinnell Sunday. She had apent a week's vacation at home. Mrs. Vogel returned Mon- W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. Midwest Supply €o., mdse S. F. Bowser Co., mdse. __ Ingersol-Rand Co., mdae. Malleable Iron Range Co., mdso. Westinghouse "Electric""" Supply Co., mdse. , Terry-Durin Co., mdse. Corp., Shell Petroleum gas, oil Johnson Oil Reflning~"<5ai gas, oil M. St. P. & P. ~R'y~, freight on gas, oil Secony-Vacuum Oil Co lub. oil ,_ Gil Lawson, mdse. 23.55 26.32 36.36 28.20 331.65 80.24 50.35 1593.88 288.86 873.40 203.77 2.04 Christensen Bros., mdse.- Kossuth County Shop, mdse. Thos. Akre, mdse." Lumber Co., . ------ ------ . Algona Laundry, laundry 2.70 <osfiuth Motor Co., re~- ipairs kelly Oil Co., gas and"o"il kely Oil Co., gas and oil Harris Bros., gas and oil "V. W. Bell Tel. Co., service TOSCO Union Elec. Co." signs day. 'Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Heaney were Des Moines visitors Saturday and spent the night at the S. J. Fardel home at Adel. Erna Baars and Marian Hopipe were Sunday dinner guests at K. J. Smith's. Mr. and Mrs. James Vinaas, of Ottosen, the Donald Larsons, and Mrs. Mary Malby] Bode, were Sunday guests at the M. L. Vinaas home. M. E. Otterson, Fenton, also spent the evening there. The L. H. Schencks visited Sunday at the Horace Scheflck home at Lake Crystal. Mr. and Mrs, J. H. Hoppe, Fort Dodge, visited their daughter Marian in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bleich and Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Rachut visited Titonka friends Sunday evening. John Schroeder and Zelphe Rae Pratt visited Mer^lda Pratt at Runnels over the week-end. Jennie Thompson has been sick the past few days. 'Mr. and Mrs. Walter Burckle, of Webster City, a son, and a friend spent Sunday at the J. H. Graham home. Mrs. Burokle and Mrs. Gra- iham are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. J G. Sewick visited their daughter Mrs. Kenneth. May, Emmet&burg I. W. Post et al, freight- iVm. Dehnert, laibor Vy Express Agency, express »Irs. Thos. Akre, return meter G. Richardson, labor _ V. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage dvance Publishing Co., iprinting nited States Pencil Co.", mdse. emington Rand Inc.", mdfie. WATER FUND . W. Kelly, salary 'arry Barton, salary rank Ostrum, salary _•__ Eleanor. back to' Grinnell "iundoy Laura Mitchell, salary __ ou. ,..., . . • Earl Bowman et al, labor Joe Kelly Jr.; labor Hugh Carroll et al, labor Dick Helmers et al, laibor Earl Bowman, labor Harold Roth, labor ~. Leighton Supply Co., mdse. Fred W. Hanks Co., mdse" The Supreme Paint Co., mdse. Oakite Products fncii mdse. Glen Strayer, mdse. —Ill Glen Strayer, freight Laing & Muckey, mdse. Tom Frankl, gas _ Skelly Oil Co., gas I Norton Machine Works, repairs Geo. Holtzbauer, mdse. GENERAL FUND H. A. Van Alstyne, salary, H. A. Van Alstyne, salary R. H. Valentine, salary __ Arthur Moulds, salary H. A. Van Alstyne, dogs Cecil McGlnnis, labor, Max Meslng, labor , Nelson & Lensing, rent Harris Bros., gas Kossuth Motor Co., repairs Cooper Sinclair Service", gas 11.30 18.17 23.75 3.13 30.99 1.87 28.14 1.25 4.74 10.00 .77 160.00 j 30.45 .88 1.02 Botsford mdse. __ F. S. Norton & Son, nidee! Erick Nelson, labor Algona Greenhouses, mdse. , R. E. Ladendorf, refund poll tax _, Bert Whitmarsh, salary". Dr. Sawyer, rent rest room Mrs. A, M. Collinso"n,"sai- ary, matron Advance Publishing Co,^ .5S 9.12 .65 11.94 74.44 7.70 3.001 25.00 25.00 20.00 printing 53,37 Algona Upper Des Moinea "printing 6.0ft 1.3S 1.60 .75 Algona Gladiolus Society, adv. Albert Barnes, notice County Recorder, fees W. W. Sullivan, P. M., 'box rent C. F. Specht, salary," 1937- TT 3 T ^r 300 - 00 •H. L. Gllmore, treasurer salary ;__ Dr. J. N. Kenefick, health officer J. L. Bonar, city attorney W. E. Hawcott, 21 meetings , W. E. Harris, 21 meetings Frank Kohlhaas, 19 meet- Ings __ J. F. Overmyer, 20 meetings 50.00 400.00 21.00 21.00 19.00 20.00 21.00 21.00 75.00 130.00 130.00 110.00 158.40 33.37 18.42 26.40 26.40 32.23 7.77 19.11 20.30 19.11 .50 5.70 1.56 12.30 Council Minutes ! March 31, 1938. . City council niet at city hall Mayor .Specht iq chair. Members present were Hawcott, Harris Kohlhaas, Overmyer, White, Huen- tiold. Absent, none. Petition filed tp reconsider R. H. Valentine, appointee, was not considered. ' A. E. Moulds i appointed night marshal at salary of $110.00 per Grace Kouiba, Des Moines, spent month, the week-end with her parents. Ordinance No. ,254 passed. Application mcjde to C. B. Murtagh, comptroller, .for temporary transfer of $3,000 from electric light fund to fire -equipment fund. T» , ti -, ..i • Following -bills allowed. Parish night will be observed in APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE the school basement this week Fri- VMIMW^ Lotto Creek day evening. Mr. and Mrs. Nick NO,' 473 ELECTRIC FUND Gengler Mr. and Mrs. Noah Reis- J. w. Kelly, salary 195.00 ner, and Mr., and Mrs. Fred Haack Leo Bellock, salary 14000 are the serving committee. p. c. Dailey, salary I4o'o0 ..n^Vf 4 M ^- S> HU |°« FauAls " oh - Tom Halpin, salary „__' 135.00 eon Vlctpr, Mr and Mrs. Arthur Wa i te r Gorman, salary ._ 135.00 Jackman. and the Robert Dreyers c. C. Wright, salary _____ 85 00 visited the COG camp at Bancroft Ray Barton, salary 130 00 Sunday. There will be English at H. E. Stephenso4, salary, services Adah Carlson, salary the Letts Creek Lutheran Harold Roth et al, loibor church Sunday, with confirmation Ernst Thiel, meter read- of five children: Mildred Paul- mE 1 • with many to Rodman .he week-end here 'riends. She went Sunday night to visit her brother Carroll, superintendent, and was to go thence to Alta to visit her sister Mayme, then to her home at Radcllffe for the rest of the week. She is having a spring vacation from teaching. The Methodist W, F. M. S. met ---« „-_. —n., fc ... vi<i« t-u>-ij i_r_. _•!_-...lu int-t 4 _*/» *• n-*_w-i* itfOj\,i\JH t •C~**»JLGUr.i5H,t_QH i. 1.r T -r —**_• making 1 two gallons or more at one shall be performed as described in. at Mrs> Lawrence Hanson's Fri- dellvery, and shall be delivered In the the definition section of thla Ordi-' day, nine memlbers and two vifli- orjginal bottle. No dirty, unwashed nance. All pasteurizing apparatus I tors Mra Bernard Thrvmnonn onH bottlea shall be returned to a dellv- shall be equlppd with a standard type 11?™' T»I?,'i Be ^ n ? rd Thompson and ery man or store, nor shall milk bot- automatic time and temperature rec- Jvlra> Jfaul ardmann, attending, .es be used for any purpose'than for ording device which shall be attach- stich, Robert Leininger, Reuben Goulds Pumps , repairs i Puerstenau, Ella Wetzel, Regina Fulton Iron Works Co. Walter. The services begin at 10. repairs ' Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lleb were Electric Supply" CoTnidBe" Sunday afternoon visitors at Adam Burndy EngieerW Co Lieb's, Algona. { 0,0-, Examinations will be given Prl- I day afternoon at the Lotts Creek >' Lutheran church. ed, adjusted, and used in a manner PROM prescribed by the City Council. The milk and milk products. SECTIONS. .RAW MILK _ . . ... _„ _.„ TESTED HERD. No raw milk shall time and temperature record charts >e sold, exchanged or exposed for shall be dated and preserved for a sale or delivery or brounht to anoth- period of one year for the informa- sr for domestic or potable use except tion of the City Council. No mllk hat .produced from a healthy cow or shall be pasteurized more than once. ierd of cows as determined by a No milk or cream or milk products physical examination, and produced produced by cow or herd of cows rom a cow or herd of cows which which have reacted to the tuberculin lave been placed and maintained un- test and to the agglutination for con- ler State or Federal supervision for taglous abortion or abortion disease he eradication of tuberculosis, and shall be sold for human consumption, contagious abortion or abortion dls- whether raw or pasteurized, isse, provided that a cow or herd of (q). Cooling: All milk or cream OW8 from which milk or mllk prod- shall be cooled immediately after ucts Is now sold shall be considered milking to a temperature of 60 de- un,der such supervision when there is erees P., or less; all pasteurized milk on file In the office of the Iowa Com- or cream shall be immediately cooled mission of Animal Health an appli- to a temperature of 60 degrees P., or atlon for such supervision, or which less, and maintained thereat until de- lave been tested and found free of livery. (r). Bottling: No milk shall be bottled at any other place than In the milk house or milk plant. (s). Overflow milk: Overflow mllk which has become contaminated shall to the ventilation by uberculosls and contagious abortion Iseaso by an "accredited" practicing veterinarian. A cow or herd of cows ther than those' placed under State r Federal supervision shall be test- d for tuberculosis and tested by the not be sold for human consumption, agglutination test for contagious ab- (t) Capping: Capping shall be done rtlon or abortion disease, at least by machinery approved by the City nee a year, and where any reactor Council. is found, it must be permamently re- (u). Cleansing exterior of contain- moved, unless admittance again to ere: In addition to, all, the other re- the herd is recommended t>y the Iowa quirements of this Ordinance, the ex- State Veterinarian. No cow or cows terlor of all containers of milk or shall be allowed to associate with or cream shall be thoroughly cleansed be added to a cow or herd of cows after arriving at the milk plant and which have been found to be free of before the contents are dumped or tuberculosis, and contagious abortion emptied. and abortion disease, as above pro- SECTION 02. HOTELS - .RES- vided, except such cow or cows as TAUR'ANTS — LUNCH BOOMS. No have been found free of tuberculosis, milk shall be sold or supplied as a and free from contagious abortion beverage by the owner of, operator and abortion disease by the 'aggluti- of, or any person employed In, any nation test, as above provided. No hotel, restaurant, lunch room, soda producer or distributor of any mllk fountain, or public place, making a or mllk products shall be granted any business of supplying mllk for such preliminary or pro visionary time for purpose, other than mllk which has full compliance witb this section or been bottled at an authorized dairy any portion pf this Ordinance. Every or pasteurizing plant and which has operate of a dairy fa>w shall, with- been kept in such bottlea with ca» In twenty-four («« bourt notify the Intact, when delivered to the patron, g«y CouncJU haylog Jurisdiction ever excepting those usjng serving devices Mrs. Carl Hanson gave the lespon, and Mrs. Herman Ostercomp was in charge of devotions. -Mystery box questions had a place on the program. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Glddings, son Wayne, and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Glddings spent Saturday at Mason City. Ida Young, Mason City, spent the week-end here with her parents. Bernard Erdmann and his roommate at the State Teachers college spent the week-end here with Bernard's parents. Mrs, Gerhardt Skartland and her two daughters got here Sunday from Milwaukee, where they .had spent two weeks with a sister of Mrs. Skartland and were met here by Mr. Skartland, lot Pilot Grove, Minn., and a son, who took them home after the < day at Samuel Alne's, Mr. and Mrs. Lester and the eon' Arvln spent the last'week-end in March at Rock Rapids, where they visited Lester's sister and two brothers, who have a clothjng store there. Mr. Larson's sister's name is Mrs. Allie Lyng, and she formerly lived at Forest City. Mrs. Tneron Hanson, her baby, Mrs. H. p. Emory, Mrs. Raymond Hanson, her baby. Merle Glddings, Mrs. Milton Giddings, and the latter's two children attended an Embroidery club meeting at Mrs. Homer Anderson's, Algona, last week Thursday. Mrs. AJ|r^4 Erdmann enter^ta- ed her Study club last week Thursday, with Mre. Krau 8 in charge o? mdse. 130.00 140.00 150.14 30.30 96.60 78.12 268.32 13.46 Wm. C. Dau Garage, repairs N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service Cowan Building Supply" Co., mdse. Electric Paint & Varnish Co., mdse. Jesse Lashbrook, salary _, Jesse Lashbrook, salary Elliott Skilling, man and team _ Elliott Skilling, man "and team Willard Gregson, man and team Willard Gregson, man and team . Frank SWlling, labor""" Frank Skilling, labor Geo. Gunder, labor Oliver Bakken, labor Oliver Bakken, labor John Helmers, labor Vern Scobba et al, labor- Johnson's DX Service, gas and oil White Rose Service, and oil Harris Bros. Station, gas and oil reenJberg Auto Supply, mdse. • Thorpe Wood & Iron Works, repairs Coast to Coast Store, repairs ' , D. James, mdse. Kohlhaas & S pi lies, mdse. Norton Machine Works, repairs . A. Heard, repairs eo. Holtzbauer, mdse. Frank Cook, mdse. 49.40 3.98 107.00 15.00 110.00 '110.00 4.00 4.20 2.80 10.42 12.82 1.41 10.07 3.96 3.32 12.75" 37.62 W. A. White, 21 meetings Alwin Huenhold, 21 meetings FIBE FUM) C. C. Wright, salary C. A. Heard, repairs Skelly Oil Co., gas Advance Publishing Co., j printing i Whittemore Fire Depart! ment, fire call : Emmetsburg Fire Depart- ! ment, fire call Mrs. C. T. Wilson, meats_ . Pierce's Cafe, meals ! Clapp's Service, battery i chg. Kossuth Motor Co., repairs Algona, Insurance Agency, renewal firemen's ins. Algona Insurance Agency, truck ins. renewal- Algona Fire Department, fires ___ 208.00 SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. DEPOSIT FUND F. E. Safford et al, refund deposit 118.00 This ordinance to take effect and be in force from and after Its' passage and approval. Passed and approved this Slsli day of March, 1938. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. 45.00 .50 1.09 5.40 50.00 50.00 9.08 8.48 2.00 16.71 4.08 30.00 29.63 NORTH IOWA FINANCE GO gas Small Loans Up to $300 ON AUTOMOBILES LITE STOCK 90.00 ffODSEHOLD FURNITURE, ETC* 35.00 . Prompt, courteous, confidential 74.70 53.90 91.251 <eit to Upper Des Moines offlo* I fkoie 12fi Alcou. I<nm 30.80! , NURSERY STOCK We offer a larger and more complete stock than, ever before. Ask for our new free price list, it's a money-saver. Landscape Service MILFORD NURSERY Milford, Iowa "Where the Evergreens are Growing" 61.22 11.55 93.17 i 69.68 25.03 81.23 9.00 5.21 23.53 34.94 2.66 31.65 2.16 .21 '21.59 57.68 49.47 5.08 2.58 LARGE MAP OP COUNTY, suitable for framing, accompanies each Kossuth county plat book, now ready for delivery. Book and paap • only f3 plus tax. Not sold separately. Cash with mall orders. We pay the postage. otf 9^^' ^!IP , - w- •• ^ff IPs, fRi niiir Super Service Phone 33 FHE TELEPHONE is the last thing we'd do without our farm- ii A FARMER TOLD US "The telephone saves me time- mileage and money. What moral <an anyone ask for?" Let the telephone help you get what you want—added income, visits with friends, protection for your family and property, In run. iiing a farm, it is a full time asstst< jnt—-one that pays you much more than it costs. If y»y don't h«vt a UUphon., writ* us or "k .ny UUphon, *mp|tyf* for In- form«t,on about ih« wrvic«. MILD [BxeeptlOMUy So] THE ORIGINAL TOE ORIGINAL A NICKLESS f Only 5c The clgftt that Is recommended for exeesslYe smokers, 'lecause the nlco. One, as far as possible, has been re» moved, making it not only mild, but » satisfying smoke. Moderate smokers who enjoy a mild cigar are also enthusiastically in fa- TIP? of the Nickless. Try a box and no- Hce the difference, four deajer can get K for yon,

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