Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 6
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EDITORIAL PAOR depression. If the current "recession" is stopped by 1940 Mr. Roosevelt, if he runs | Koootttd (fomnfr) ^••^^ COLYUM y °t Be Too D_d Serious. - —— • ""locate* o m , republican victories in 85 to 100 at present S^SS f ^M^| M, =rr b r:ut rioSj T- -- FOR THE «"«^^: ^man 8 ' ^^.^^XL. l^.L' ! I 6 .!*'. "''««•«. « any, towards a third term ! ,„.„ ^^'l™ ' aln ' d limer >"< has brought S^°K m ^ oSi , 0 ™. s ., -aruv. Jg-»an. atltaon. ^"•^^..^Bted . , , „ any, towards a third term will in the famed words of William two , ° "' SChenck ' S ' t£&!? nc< f'ifo"ne at all ill n*v» —" ——— — •*———- ——-._ $2.50 year 52.50. '~~' w.oo and 0 m P ,5 rs ,, eolns to Po'n's ami out-nf-tlip-r.rii.ntv mlms ^^ named under No. 1 anove are considered continuing subscriptions to be discontinued on notice from Peculiar Advice from a Banker to Banks k.. — — 'uuito j. in Hot fl. Efrnn r T1 T? «'' e °thers more lofely by f But my face, I don't mind it, !»•? Hi ' y ? u see> rm b ehind it_ If s the People in front that I jar t« i» . ""°" premlum an d editors had tojearn to unite cogency and brevity, an art alas, most of us moderns lack. Witness the The Old Age P ensions Begjn To Bear Offspring ns going to~no£ i " lnm tanllliar w "h banking principles will «nae? oi sf;. r a rd n . d not only Met but c °*pietZ IpssJJ "' 25 26 27 28 20 30 mm nothing cannot b new federal social security , ... .. a-~~> oiiu that me in the first line ought to be "I am " Q ,,H £""•" <V h6 '""rib, ought tc'beVr- late for the Colvu m M« Schenok ° r> •I'm" Too THE MO VIES By T. H. C. j i S to reveal inherent in all now : is ridiculous to assume that not extending all the credit Then came the version o f Mrs . A . R Q14 lost. HoweVer'lt' ;'""' LUnateIy ' « has been „, ,, ' ft> t00 ' seemed lame in th* of a .line or two. e cr^roLr^Ts-sif- and here -a beauty I am not a star i—yea, two Colyums), Baited by the prosopect of wii nlng a $60 prize (or one of 38 ad ditional prizes) for the best view of Goldwyn Follies sent i Merle Potter, of the Minneapoli Journal, I submitted a short criti cism and received two complimen tary tickets to the Minnesota the ater for my pains. I'm not kicking, you understand erhaps my acid sentiments were not in accord with the policy o the Journal, or Mr. Potter's rather temperate reflections, which sel aom seethe and 'boil as do many o my tempestuous observations. I regret that I failed to keep a copy of my review for use in these col,, mno A. ..... , .- At least I Advance ti nv f , ae i-s an opportunity of paselng judgment on both my reac ' -„ „» I«»BIUS juugment on both my reaction and'on Mr. Potter's anility to pick a "winner." dPH^Vr 6 C0ntest 1>ve been von- f« i S U ,» COUld be classed a "Professional." A professional, I take t. is nnn ,„>,„ recelves remunera . « 65 or b andw ago , was 72. A private conside is that the real Pension r O , i We has been so li e h out of monev- nn every oTber kind '" kn old folks. STOW, out of pensior^eT 61 ' =H~»-t-; public pension scnein " ' * pe^onnaSs^ub «re the legislators -uiltle" advance •,;: m ; nt f yarCtiU - kt °«cl take T,K,, now ;;"r tl ™; t -j-; r ce votes. !^;^ public poHcy. but ,hey are «oVen"ed " that the .ones bank , <0 or ; as the that the state has it is asserted, has been "stingied" - votes of the as -- with thf-m to a ! owners. And all f or trusting to the belief (we -.at the beneficiaries will resnonrl u-fth" l'~' *• — this inevitable . This una S'rrr,,.:%sL A '™r to rake S^niiSI^Sf™^- iS,?™-«;s c ;5 co. ^the people in front that I • All o. k., now, but the Jibes in scansion, though > ^0 laClC tllB "Wi 1 ann t However, let it ™ „ i aonl aa Smuoinness. version to offer * S ° me ° ne elee *** * IX t0 the C °™th Pedagog f or that "fferintfs O f whn (a r e . With oth ers your weeklv kisms/ Your recentTf WaM <»»«* ™«S"'•en's "exam boners" n eaH mi i ? sch °°lch 1- of .staid, respectable sSrs ke " P a Party Also, delighted to know (and , tonished) that there's actual* « cnt-day schoo, ma rm who's heartl TSte'mus" have yet to see the time when the little sweetheart of the screen did not completely win me over. Oh, I realize that a certain amount of hokum 'is necessary, that a "buildup" is essential to the minute star's success, but I am not so prejudiced but that I must admit that Shirley has a definite "something." There is a lot of so-called "ibuild-up" in this modern version of an old and sentimental tearjerker (I haven't even ever read the book); 'but after all is said and done Shirley is In complete charge of the situation. In her most in- cresting scene, where she leads a ;lrls' chorus, her work as director s positively uncanny. If you doubt her ability, that scene alone must convince you that she is an artist to her very finger tips. Her lands in this short sequence are dren. That kind of thing has been going on for years, and kids haven't changed much—that is, for the worse. what am I der?— mor{) Mind m °%| Wa f T f l !?E 8 . l . t3r _. ln . lts v marvel of that indescribable movement" which artists call in er feeling. She has It. Yes, I'm. ready to admit that I'm eked, beaten, overcome by this ttle siren of the screen, this cute electatole little bit of femininity vho just naturally steals your eart away and makes you like it m of this gor-| Of course I'm not ready to ad- that there was mit that that feat of deception of ' in its lavish Shirley's in which she fakes a bad r.nrnnf ic\ fnJl n •nnwrn^i-i * T i —._ i - , ° fther ^ds, it is my ln ord " 'to suit all THE OTHER lamed Ted Peel dea. Women e in New York City y he ballet could hardly be i ---y and the Ritz boys^ nor antic, thf °^ Wh ° Scream ^er the antics of these comics be expected over°f± a l f ] - Spin o£ e " stas y over famous arias. from a pictorial point of lothing could ibe more lovely :his new and improved tech- r. The fountain dance, fea- the beautiful and talented , is probably one of the Bxquisite things ever sho-H stiver screen. The Venetia UIIM icj s in wnicn sne laKes a bad throat to foil a perfectly innocent radio director is exactly the right kind o£ a pattern for the kiddies. In fact I think it's a darned poor example for motion-picture producers to ;be putting in front of the youth of our country—deceit, lying, misrepresentation. But maybe It's like the 'Mother Goose tales which H. L. Mencken warned us against years ago as bad for chil- State of mind has a great with a person's happiness and The jolly good-natured DPI* more out of life and more for n than the gloom spreader. The common people what *» , as the middle class are theThat hS ' i in the world. P} iest People | The man and wife raising a i imo ily is the most sacred institution i!\ Anything or any one that he n? .? l and wife to save and provide for hk , ily IB doing a good act. Whether ?/ ~ I mail order house, a chain store Or a t a store it is a good thing Hic-b ,, . honi6 profits, are hard on struggli, l ices ' blfl bad for the country's welfar ily is the very foundation < ment. Neville's Store is a our « , Hefe| pay. The storl^ fun the best factories in the ^"-T^^a 1 ^* 2 ^ - '•» days ofcSig ° 'to ^ *" * *** ™. ^r no nice place ;Lfs eD *** ^ vomen. Well, whv nn ! * ™ unes corted But how about Charley and the) Ritz brothers? After all, they are just there to "devil" the high- Can the high-brows "take country, - . f. . ' I'enpion schouie.s brccilc P'^tniistor^ nn -' 7 *>as to cover ^ r>,.^..,.. , i.nrni jxirents as n '' I'leservitig them, even in vrtnnM: _ -e as escor "o job The! m T "enl.mu.rS I f vunces. if any ^1 W'ants. CJUes tionable I have never attended a, Shirley -emple picture in my life without themost serious misgivings, and I pFOGMPHINe ADVANCE -41gona, Iowa $3.00 slippers at $1.98- $4 on at $298; and $5.00 slippers J t JS BB All well known lines of up-to-date styies The saving is worth while. You »r style without extravagance, and the la est shoe stock ever carried in KooiS county to pick from. You get whS v want at Neville's and save money ^' Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAN matter of course nunisirations, ~"rd- r" " r °"' un:=crurjulou s as re- ( ',","^ ° ns ' as a powerfi d«n on the public. On the other hand old neo '• TI " -T ' ° U Me lo.sc- all sense r,f n,.i,i« „_,, ,...,' . ' hc ^''roads even in republican ad- powerful jiucleus of dem- wouldn't it n* Pension octopus. a.ain due to <-eipt of"-,'r r" f:h " ! ' and ^ Part by recent re ' . •"'oP'i-anda from the N'atlonal Old Age ^ea.'ue (Inc.j, of Des Moines. This organization seeks membership at a dollar a year. What the dollars eo for ... ..„,. the program illustrates about all never get well. In the memoirs which are now beine nnh lished, President Roosevelt, it seems fo us" -jo\\ s oarl tn ci-o in ri rt ,,« j.:... ,, * references A Woman's Plea. % Daisy c. Wilk'hciul. have not longed for luxuries u '••ltd K i """'•*'"'**•*•' mcUSpl'GSSlOn Till V !:;.'; ^-."^a"-v now from pen.,™ JiL^ ^ ^ ™^™t 3°*^**™* ••=a,e adrmss.ons that would reflect on the pen- i^" eousl >- untrue. Incidentally Mr Rooseve t S: onna,ros or lhe ir responsible kin. ApparenV !f o , ts'i.^h ' resort!n S to ^^ the same f- }^2™*J.° r the — ^"- *» ^ - ^te7?e^s eSSi ° n '" and a ™'^ operations to Iowa. The League's demands are set out in 11 Points. The first one, of course, is'foVa raise •n the possible allowance-?2 5 to ?3Q a -Next, characteristically enouf , - -i-~ «. JV _ tiiiu UU11" rlren. But though the .spouse or children desire to evade responsibility they do want to succeed lo whatever property the pensioner nay leave at death, so point No. 5 U elimina- of lne re(,ulrement that property be as- to the state as a condition of "the pent^ion Ti not necessary for the purposes of this -'tin to set out the other points. Ts'eed- tht-y are all concerned with more tiv^° f rn°^ SerVerS / vi!1 agree that the exccu- tue department of the government ought to be leorgamzed In the interest of both efficiency elimination of waste, but opinion -•- ought to do it. In the opinion Q * ifiSLy rood * Some dresses that approach the style J-nat I considered good; In wintertime, a woolen coat Of some desired hue— (And not because of what it 'cost some ugly brown) and new. *^^^^' , s of " -— ,-.v.o.u C1 ii,j ^m matter what party n) is already too powerful and any ex- which already exist. Opinions of Editors .lumped the Gun, So to Speak. L, ami le.ss resmction. Thus it has el- , ».« u uo announce! *-i.--. bf-cn. and will be always, in the pension Rtn f em «it that his bid was issued Jacket. Private -.-reed never fails to take'ad w-'.T f f' onferen ces at the ' vuntafic of public opporiunl.y. Humanitarian adn » nls f«'on leaders." '•mis are deflected by selfish human greed, ex- Tllrilt'ltlfirt ,.,..1 . 1 . . « ( v-*fc r urfc-ats j o r the c; le.ss cost scheme. ---,...,,,. j i >^iv;i;U( UA ••""1 politics. Soft sentimentalism "«-n ends. The old administration '•e of the net-dy"was juster, and far y and subject to abuse, than this ex- und morale-destructive new-fangled Roosevelt Losing But Still. Leading in Polls The latest selective poll indicates that President Roosevelt has again suffered a loss in popularity, though he is still the favorite of more than 58 per cent of the voters. This was the third successive poll showrng a decline but the loss has been only about five per cent altogether. It is a rule for presidents to be less popular in their second terms than in the first. Hero worshippers have by then cooled off. Besides, there is an urge for change, even without reason. The sitting president has become an old story, and human nature demands something new. Presidents also lose popularity in hard times. The people hold them responsible, reason or no reason. After the panic of 1873 the "democrats would have captured the presidency if they had not been counted out, and after 1893 Cleveland completely lost the support of even his own party. What really defeated Hoover in 1932 was not Roosevelt but Sh! Sh! Mr. -e ""° not) printed. to have this m'onhly decently ^'n, Political ninndermeister. nomination \ n fact the 7^^"° senat °''^ win that race? B candidate - Who's gonna . „ not ask too much. Please let me choose my wings. Goodness Gracious! So That's What's Hie Matter With Us, [Clipped from Bamfino ] The Best Bad Climate on Earth is an article 0n ^°eat 0 her™f a E a n Z gl eS •d It Ite eSCribeS the ™' HEAD EVERY OTHER line backward as fol- read to easier be would it think you Do .-lows that way after you got used to it? Well, Prof. Call- in psychologist research a, Clark W B fornla thinks eye-strain would be eliminated to machine a has He .custom the were that if Photograph eyeball movements and after study- strain that concluded has he pictures the in on the eyes comes from the ^ig.ag way that w •Clark cuss; us cuss not Do .read to have not NOW AND THEN the Iowa State Ban) News tells a bellyshaker— registered 85 pounds. "Well, nfbe d-d A exclaimed. "She's hollow!" THE FAItMKH'S SPBITO SONG [By Albert Eisele.] once ^"^^^^^^^B^^B^ $6,000 worth of Ladies' Dresses, Suits and Coats M TpriL": J" 1 - 8 « 00d «*-«<>•> of new •pring styles. Come and get »- oppose s^^trr»'™s«».' Gillette for ' black mounds lie arow And these are hardly April days weve just dismissed the snow! You score this coup as often as ihe New Year's bells are pealed: -,,!, l dream vainly of that day When I'll beat you afield. For always you precede my plow And yearly I'm a dunce— ' For gosh sake, friend, sleep late some spring: Let me be first for once! ONE MERCHANT says that in 100 pounds of navy beans that five pounds of gravel was removed.—Britt News-Tribune. f O. K. about the gravel, and thanks for the perfectly beautiful example of the double- that. No Reasonable Offer Refused Remember Our Selling Time is Limited Will accept reasonable lingerie, hosiery, Iti Jointhecrowd-FridayMds^day Stock of Chri«ten«en Now being sold by ' " —— T wm m~ w~ m •»• »m«»,«^^^» — •--«* and shoes. iJ?. l ">lt

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