Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1939 · Page 15
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1939
Page 15
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Urates Uption fleiiieiisen After Releasing Lucas . p.'iclicr Sent To tin? 4 v thea-lfrn League Club. ou ar d F. Balinger IdUional release of the vet- ricn . rtnrles 20-year-old tntcher, to Gads len, Ala., in the Southeastern ;.eaeue under iptional agree Vjent, were an- 10unced yesier- 1 Atoy as Pre"- In. ''" I lent William E ' i . .'if a. j ttenswanxer i Ji 'T i J he 'Pittsburgh I, iNkl.-lub departca "'' N.or Harnsburg to attend to- M Liimv day's inaugura- o Arthur H J.imes as Tenn ..'a'5 new governor. T,. vn: nn. a :it Pirate head ,hu turning the popular ..Mrpcd slinman loose, ..'.'ore of tiie necessary steps for reshaping me team It was decided C te 1K9 rare yke an effort to locate a new or Lues, nut nnaing no im-.... Mnnsi1. the club made " ... u iree aser.t. fie now to matte nis own believed he will in hooking up with i free aj-r.orjty -s ar.a u jwd out nt . uiiSfation: He possesses the for a managerial In yujors 1") Years. -wtr.gtr in notifying Lucas Jrf;,,ise made it plain that it seen 8 real pleasure to have :r.:he club and it was a hard o inform him he was turned .,' The littie risht-hander is ihome in Nashville. Tenn. I '5J Will rOI PC ill unw ST.g his 15 seasons in me . chiefly with tne rteas ana i . 1 7 rifrtrioo I'ii.ne nun;; ui iui 1",-, defeats. As a pincn-,eftah!ishoil a major league H bv di-Uvoring 11" such blows t at bat for 479 games. of h:s hiph marks was set he piti hcd the Buccos to "-.njiive victories over the In 1K1 and 1932 he also i his name in the record .'sy hurling 250 1-3 innings in m without being relieved. Diwovered by .Stovall. -enen is a big right-handed vio was discovered on the lots .- , r,.. II Xfornia ny ueorge aiovau. tr Pacific Coast scout for the es. His home is in Santa He will be 21 years old next ;. H.s signed contract with !-J;-n Club with which the h hive h working agreement, rf.-i'ci yesterday. It also :h signature of his mother, ; to the f iet that Bill is not flesi! aje. He stands one i'Wf the ii-foot standard and :. : pound.-. The young man !.! to tram with Pie Tray-H'h.'es at Sin Bernardino : 'h.rd consecutive spring. I A w. r. i. a. l. KTI 1.1. "RTW HI I II. UIMIN WINS. r. B". .c rn--n dt'J LUeworth, ' J- -s-" n 1... W. V. I. A. L. il N Hr .f 'rn'.n last mg'.lt. KLI-SW'TH O. F. P. !'..i r.tr L-.,n (. 3 0 6 1" Uur.l'.n c 1 I....'l ! Derringer Sees Better Season And Pennant Thinks It Will Be Reds Against Yankees Though He Prefers Redsox. SARASOTA, Fla., Jan. 16. UP) Paul Derringer looked forward to the National League pennant race today with the confidence of a pitcher who has a signed contract in his pocket and feels a lot of winning games in His arm. The Cincinnati Reds dicLi t give the big right - hander a chance to pull his usual hold out act this winter. Paul Derrinerr. "They called me in the day before the season closed, put a blank contract in front of me and asked me to fill it out. I did. Thay said it was okeh, so that was that, Derringer explained. Itefuses to Estimate Victories. 'This is the first year I haven't held out, but what could be tairer than the way the Reds treated me? Nothing. And a man can't hold out under those circumstances." "I expect to win as many games as l possibly can. I wouldn't at tempt any estimate at the number," ne said, ducking a direct answer. "But I will say. that I feel better and actually am in better shape tnan l was last year when I under went a rather serious' operation. I'm definitely okeh now." Thinks Y ankees Will in. "I'm confident that the Reds will be in the race for the pennant," Derringer continued. "In the American I think it will be the Yankees again, though I'd personally prefer a Boston Redsox- Cincinnati world series to any other." The pitcher said Bill McKechnie is "the greatest manager any play er ever worked under." "Between him and Mr. (Warren G.) Giles, general manager, we have the best administrative staff in either league," Derringer boasted. 'There isn't a player on the team who wouldn't do anything in his power for either of them." The conversation turned to Der ringer's teammate, Johnny Vander Meer, who pitched two consecutive no-hit games. "Johnny's future progress is en-irely up to him," was the comment. He's capable of winning 30 games, but I could talk from now to etern ity, write volume after volume on what should be done, and then the pitcher wouldn't be helped by it a bit." YOU BE THE JUDGE Founded on Actual Court RecordsBy L. ALLEN HEINE PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: TUESDAY, JANUARY 17,-1939 bix Knockouts t Mark Amateur Ring Matches Foley and Dudek Put Foes Down for Regulation Count. i i j l;i i 1 11 'HMllM IK(vm To WIN. fi . inn. lti. Center-: l-'l.-H'-ri KerlMone to the 'f !!-e Svi ti.in 15 leaders : "Tamm WW At. V 1 i 'NTRVLI.K O. F P. 1 'Hi- urne c 2 10 0 fi 1 7 1 1 0 0 U i 10 1 21 Joseph's Triumphs JAMKS. " ' ir-tlH!l f . ., - .V .rr c ' !--. t . . . . ii . -i-.ro (!. 1 hcu 2 K 10 7 21 s Mops Romero IN-- !i i.V Kddie i' 1 ilei.'.sir.pfd Kridir 1,1 :. m l'l rounds ! n 1ST. of Sag- '' -r ' l knockout In . r.'.mero, 169, of Wildcats Stop Minnesota, 32-31 EVANSTON, 111.. Jan. 16. CP) Northwestern achieved the biggest upset of the young Big Ten basket ball championship season tonight by conquering Minnesota's previously undefeated Gophers, 32 to 31, for its first conference triumph i of the campaign. The defeat was Minnesota's first in four title games as well as its first in its last 20 starts. Addington Vance, Wildcat guard, sparked the Purple by scoring 15 points on four field goals and seven free throws. Many Nations On Duke Roster The Duquesne Duke present an all-nations floor squad this season with 12 nationalities represented by the 13 members of the, team. They include the following: Wilmer Adams, English; Bill Weitzel and Bill VVeyman, German; Noe Becker, Jewish; Rudy Debnar, Austrian; Hiram Hart man, Dutch; Lou Kasperick, Polish; Charles Kristofak, Slovak; Ed Milkovich, Serbian; Jack Scarry, Irish; Joe Urso, Italian; Paul Widow itz, Russian; Joe Yankitis, Lithuanian. Bossing the boys is a little Welshman, Coach Chick Davies. Q!vf.,r,T V . L .vj-uc uuuw were run on in the finals of the annual Diamond Belt amateur boxing tournament at Duquesne Garden last night. With two rings in action simultaneously a crowd of close to 4,000 was furnished with plenty of rapid-fire battling, although knockouts were rew and far between. Only four technical knockouts and two clean cut kayoes. were recorded in the first 45 bouts. Red Foley, of Washington, com peting in the 118-pound open class, stopped Joseph Cimino, of Brad- dock, after 1:27 of the first round, and Frank Dudek, of the Boyle- stein A. C, a middleweight, kayoed Carl Dickey, of New Kensington after 58 seconds of the second round for the only legitimate knockouts. The finals in all classes will be stnrpri tonieht. Last nights re sults: 11I-POCND NOVICE. Pat O'Connor, Pittsburnh Boys' Club defeated Luke Blake. Cody A. C three rounds; Ray O'Shlnskey, Washington, de feated Mike Bozovlcn, fittsourgn uoys-Cluh. foree rounds: Jasper Parker, Penn- nvivania state Training School, defeated Gordon Long, New Cumberland. W. Va., three rounds; Bobby Crosby, Hill Top A. C, defeated Andrew Rohal, McKees Rocks, three rounds. 118-POO'n NOVICE. Mickey Wargo, Willow Club, defeated Mike Shinder, Oakland Rod and Gun Club, three rounds: Gene McCalpin, Pittsburgh Boys' Club, defeated George Bentley, Oakland Rod and Gun Club, three rounds; John Miele, Carmen Notch Club, defeated Ed Dern. Oakland Rod and Gun Club, three rounds; Leonard Marchonie. Pittsburgh Boys' Club, defeated Larry Leggins, Wilkinsburg Boys' Club, three rounds. Eddie Sulk, Krah A. C, defeated Henry Pratt, Superior A. C, three rounds; Ralph Immell, Pittsburgh Lyceum, defeated Eddie Kane, Krah A. C, three rounds; Joe Mc. Kenna, St. John's Lyceum, defeated Vel-mond White. Tiltonville, O., three rounds Red Foley, Washington, knocked out Jos- eph Cimino, Braddock. 1:27. first round. 13S-POCND CLASS. Stanley Siran, Pittsburgh Boys' Club defeated Bob Moses, 1. K. S., three rounds; Billy Martzo, Pittsburgh Boys' Club, defeated James Harper, Greater Pittsburgh A. C, three rounds; Pete Lorn- bardo, Kingsley House. defeated John Burke. Pittsburgh Boys' Club, three rounds; Frank Flavin, St. Joseph's. Bloom field, defeated Albert Laface, Oakland Rod and Gun Club, three rounds; Jack Nagle, Oakland Rod and Gun Club, de feated Kid Sharkey McDonald, three rounds. Robert Oetrini. Willow Club, defeated Jack Apperson, Pittsburgh Lyceum, three rounds; William Schwank. Mt. Oliver, defeated Charles Parent. Carmen Notch A. C three rounds. Woody Sweeney. Pittsburgh Boys' Club, defeated Donald Dixon, Greater Pittsburgh A. C, three rounds; Bobby Neal, Kay Community, defeated George Theus, Mc-Keesflort. three rounds; Buster Lostetter, McKeesport, defeated Fred Youngblood, Braddock, three rounds; Sammy Parrott, Pittsburgh Lyceum, defeated Emmett Coffey, Willow Club, three rounds. 135-POCND CLASS. Adam Miehl, Pittsburgh Lyceum, defeated Buck Crouse, Krah A. C, three rounds; Hosey Dawkins, Pennsylvania State Training School, defeated Billy Short, Krah A. C, three rounds; Billy Clayton, Superior A. C, defeated George Shinder, Oakland Rod and Gun Club, three rounds; Regis O'Brien, Duerr A. C, defeated Harvey Hosak, Oakland. Rod and Gun Club, three rounds. 147-POCND NOVICE. George- Maaters, Oakland Rod and Gun Club, defeated Paul Brimmer, Pittsburgh Lyceum, three rounds: Steve Taoer, Pitts burgh Lyceum, defeated Eddie Zullo, Carmen Notch A. C, three rounds; Walter Montine, Pittsburgh Lyceum, defeated John Turner. Northside, three rounds; John Cre-gan. Marquette A. C, defeated James Basta, Willow Club, three rounds. lBffl-POCND NOVICE. George Costello, Pittsburgh Lyceum, won by a technical knockout over Arthur Hardy, Pennsylvania State Training School, 40 seconds, third round; Raymond Bar-kowskl, Pittsburgh - Lyceum, won by a technical knockout over John Downer, Pittsburgh, 1:58, first round; Homer Jack son. Cumberland, Ma., defeated Henry Smith, Hill Top A. C, three rounds; Mario Mattoni, Harwick, defeated Billy Gainer, Hill Top A. C, three rounds; James De- Cursey, Billick A. C, won by a technical knockout over Charles Began, Pittsburgh, 42 seconds, first round ; Frank Dudek, Boyestein A. C, knocked out Carl Dickey, New Kensington, AS seconds, second round; Frank Nerkowski, Arsenal A. C, defeated Jack Rainey, McKeesport, three rounds. Danny Davis, Monaca, defeated John Harrik, Valley A. C, three rounds; Chester King, New Kensington, won by a technical knockout over Ernest Pelaia. Monaca, 1:12, second round; Joe Mattis, Cbarlerol, defeated Junior Hill, Superior A. C, three rounds; Ossie Harris, Superior A. C, defeated Dave Ingram, Dyke A. C, three rounds. 175-POCND OPEN. Dick Ferrand. St. John's Lyceum, defeated Sam Marshall, New Kensington, three rounds; Willie Huff, Clairton, defeated Arthur Farrell, Superior A. C, three rounds; Jack O'Brien, St, Joseph's Casino, Bloomfield, defeated Hershey Schwartz, I. K. S., three rounds. The STRANGE Case of THE FIRE BUG! W1N!R?ED SCOTT, FARM HAND OF WARVWCK CCUMTV, ENGLAND, HAS cHJSTSET RCE TO A NEIGHBORING HAYSTACK I" GEE, W6 BETTER Mf VWT! I HEARD If IT'S JUST 1 U CHICKGN..MY AUNT I I u-OMfciwr.' I SOMETHING' II A SCARED M COME ON Going to Dixie For Job Confab Williams to Confer With Florida U. Officials. Harold (Josh) Williams, back-field coach of the Pitt Panther football team for the past two seasons, will entrain this morning for Gainesville, Fla., where he is to attend a conference with Florida University officials concerning post on that school's football staff Josh Cody, head tutor of the 'Gaitors, conferred with Williams briefly here last week. It is understood that a meeting in Tallahassee was held last Sunday to act on Williams' addition to the coaching group. Word to journey south for a personal inter view followed. Williams, happy over the arrival of a baby daugh. ter, Kaye Louise, last Thursday, will likely return to his home at the end of the week. St. Mary's Triumphs ST. MARY, Farrell. f. .. Helasco.f . . Strung.c. .. Petagha.g. Sweeney.g. McCarthy. . Totals G. J-'. 8T. CAS . 2 0 4;Zasinar.t. , 5 2 12;Kasekaa,f . 2 1 SiKinutis.c. .. . 0 3 1 7 Maceika.g. . . 1 . u ii 0! siamc'kas.g. 2 .10 2IKUS 1 IGiedaskas. . . O .13 4 30 Totals ... . 4 G. F. 1 0 2 2 U U 0 0 1 0 2 0 U 1 3 11 Scores Quick Kayo NEW YORK." Jan. 18. trP Aldo Spoldi. Italian lightweight, stopped Varias Milling, Los Angelles Filipino, in 1 minute 10 seconds ot the first round of their eight-round bout tonight. Spoldi weighed 135, Milling 129. " -J- T V If a mon is a gude judge o' gude whisky. . . sooner or later he'll be sippin' Johnnie Walker and soda! 0M 1820. , . Va still going strong klj at Statt St Ortt It's sensible to stick with Johnnie Walker BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY CANADA DRY GINGER AtE.INC.NEW YORK, It. Y.j SOLE DISTRIBUTOl RED LABEL (5ths) $3.29 BLACK LABEL (5ths) $4.55 Bozeman Wins Cue Matches Defeats Denton Twice As Tournament Opens. CHICAGO,. Jan. 16. JP Jay N Bozeman of Vallejo, Cal., defeated Tiff Denton of Kansas City, 50 to 44, in 42 innings tonight for a sweep of their two matches which opened the national three cushion billiards tournament. Bozeman won the afternoon game, 50 to 45, in 51 in nings. In tonight's contest Bozeman had a hign run or rour to Demons five. Bozeman this afternoon broke a tie score in the forty-second inning with a run of four, to defeat Denton. Bozeman, representing Chicago in tne long round-robin alxair which will extend to April 14, had a high run of eight to Denton's best cluster of seven. The score by innings: Bozeman 280 015 120 000 010 100 030 000 400 100 021 000 432 104 200 101 5'J. Denton 207 200 101 001 101 102 204 000 001 104 103 012 110 200 001 100 10 45. Innings 51. High runs Bozeman 8, Dtnton'7. ;'- . Bozeman 401 110 122 100 101 020 . 140 131 132 034 001 030 022 002 50. Denton 000 102 020 532 201 021 000 041 00O 020 511 010 003 14 44. Innings 42. High runs Bozeman H, Denton 5. Tartans Risk League Lead Invade State College For Game Tonight. (Continued from Preceding Page.) start, beating Maryland, Susquehanna and "Syracuse on the home hardwood. Once they left Mt. Nit-tany their troubles began for De- Paul, Michigan State, Syracuse and Colorado took their measure be fore they got back to the campus In familiar surroundings they proceeded to whip Western Reserve, Rutgers and Bucknell before win ning their only victory abroad against Muhlenberg at Allentown Against the State mark of seven wins and four losses and a perfect performance on their home court, Carnegie presents a record of six out of seven. They have played only once abroad. The Skibos, who have profited in several games because of the tall ness of Rube Stark, Gordy Combs, Whitey Loos, Bill Levings and Mel Cratsley, all of whom extend at least 6 feet, 1 inch toward the ceil ing, will be more than matched by the towering young Lawther- men. The squad roster lists the five likely State starters as fol lows: forward, John Barr, 6 feet, 2 inches; forward, Charlie Prosser, 6 feet, 2 inches; center, Bill Stop per, 6 feet, 4V inches; guard, Cliff McWilhams, 6 feet, Zh inches; guard, Max Corbin, 6 feet, XVs inches. Primed to Rout Jinx. Coach Max Hannum has primed his Carnegie hoopsters to rout the State jinx just as they did the Pitt hoodoo last week. His proteges can go at top speed tonight for they have a long rest ahead, not appearing again until January 31 when they resume following the mid- semester lull against Duquesne's Dukes. While the Scots are busy in the East Westminster's sensational Titans will be bucking a strong Wash-Jeff quintet on the home floor of the Prexies. The New Wilmington club has made itself a target for all rivals by sweeping six straight engagements and Coach Adam Sanders' red and black array will try hard to put the first bad mark in the books tonight. There are a number of other games listed for decision. Grove City and Allegheny, long bitter rivals, meet in Meadville. Indiana Teachers invade Clarion, Youngs- town College travels to West Lib erty and Hiram appears at Thiel. Sidelights On Sports By Al Abrams- Larry Aurie. Coach Larry Aurie (we always think of Annie Laurie when we see the name) of the Pittsburgh .,, Hornets, had to dig in his pockets not long ago and buy twelve hats for friends and former team mates of his with the Detroit Redwings. .... It seems that when Aurie became the H o met coach, he had ma,de the bets that he would never play another game of major hockey again. . . . Like his players, Coach Aurie is also subject to recall by the Wings, and the wires early last week hummed the news that Larry was called back for one game. . . . He appeared in the Detroit lineup last Tuesday night against the Cana-diens and was happy over the fact that he scored one goal, until his former pals reminded him that he owed for the hats. . . . He came through alright, and one chapeau store in the Motor City recorded a sale of twelve hats at one time. . . . It's a Diaper Dolly at the home of the Natie Lutermans. . . . The Dr. Paul Zehfuss you read about on the society pages the other day who will wed Miss Thelma Harri son on January 21, is the former basket ball star and present coach of the Pitt freshmen team. . . . watching as a coming tennis star. . . . Ford Frick's son is a student at Cambridge University in England. ... It will be a grand party for Jimmy Balmer the genial show man, when his friends honor him on February 9. . . . The Dapper Dolly Club enters the names of Bertha Thomas and Mrs. Jack Fleming, while the Dapper Dans welcome as new members Will- Thomas and Jack Fleming. ... Al Rock, Pirate Pro basket ball team trainer, and Miss Ann Mal-bin, the former tennis star, have announced their engagement. . . Lou Chiozza, . Giant infielder, coaches high school football and basket ball teams in Memphis during the off season. . . . Bill Karr, the veteran end, has left the Chicago Bears, and has started a two-year enlistment with the West Virginia state police. ... To Regis McCartan, Yatesboro, Pa.: Tony Ruff a kicked the goal for Duke against Southern California in the Rose Bowl game; the distance was 23 yards; (2) Due to the fact that no other transportation connections can be made, only the Three-Star Edition of the Post-Gazette is delivered in your territory. ... To Luke Dofezal, West Liberty, W. Va.: Your questions too many to list here; believe basket ball guide, put out by Spaldings, will be of help to you. ... Billy Reese, 17-year-old Peabody student, will bear Here's important news for those planning to attend the Sports Writers' annual party on Sunday, February 19. . . . Julius Levin willi positively NOT recite "Casey at the Bat." . . . Wash-Jeff College golfers get driving practice even though the mercury hovers near the zero mark. ... A driving net, the gift of the board of trustees to the student body, has been installed in a building on the campus. . . . The members of the Typgraphical Athletic Association will show the National League's movie presentation of the "National Pastime" next Monday and Tuesday evening at their club rooms, 927 Liberty avenue. . . . Hank Leiber, ot the Chicago Cubs, is 27 years old today. . . . Oscar Vitt, the Cleveland pilot, tells a story about the late Jake Ruppert which was typical of the man who loved to win. ... At the end of the 1937 season Mr. Ruppert called in his managers, scouts and head men of all his enterprises. . . . He handed out several compli ments, but when he came to Vitt, then manager of the Newark club, he said: "But dere is one young man, whose work I do not altogether like. Understand, chentle-men, I will not tolerate disobedience. In Chuly, this chentleman's team was leading the league by 15 games. I told him I expected him to win the pennant by 30 games. Vat happened? He won by only 254 games. That, chentleman, is not obeying orders!" . . . We NOW SifRVE .the BIGGEST DRINK of FINE WHISKIES IN TOWN! Larger Glass BUT Same Old Price Doubls.Size Double. Kick COCKTAILS Additional Sports On Page 20 GAY NEW COCKTAIL-HOUR for lusineff Man and Woman Daily 4i30 6:30 Cocktail Mut e DIFFERENT! Drop in TODAY and SEE The Probable Lineup CAKt;GlK TECH. PEJNJN STATE. Tompane K Barr Ltmbs ............ Prosser Stark C Stopper Laos U Me Williams Livings Ii t'orbln Kereree II. H. Mjerman. Lmpire H. U. Wltwer. ADAMS TOPJ BEDORF. Adams scored a 58-46 victory over Bedorfs at Wilkinsburg last night. Lineup: ADAJ1S. G. F. P.I BEDORF. G. F. P. Gaturo.f 5 1 11 Daugherty.f . 2 0 4 Caprine. f... 5 2 12 Grieves.f . . . . 2 15 MarUni.c... 2 0 4 Stevick.c 6 5 17 Kemerer.g.. 2 1 5iFerguson,g. . 113 DeSantis.g.. 8 2 18 Frye.g 3 0 6 Fedraro 3 2 8 Swartzkopf.a 4 3 11 Totals 25 8 581 Totals 18 10 46 Re f eree Phil 1 i ps . Pitt and Dukes Battle Again ( Continued from Preceding Page.) lace, Case and Tech scoreless, while the Bluffmen shut out Tech and John Carroll, the league champion, twice. The Dukes have the best defensive record in either section of the league. Only three goals have been scored against the Hill Toppers, Fenn aside from Pitt, being able to dent the Duke cords Pitt, however, has been scored on only four by Dukes and Western Reserve. Meanwhile Coach Larry Aurie and his Hornet skaters will enjoy a brief holiday. The Red Shirts are not scheduled for action until meeting Cleveland here next Saturday night. The boys will not be permitted to loaf, however. Daily workouts will be in order with the Auriemen visioning their first home victory since Thanksgiving night. Tech Gridder Marries DU BOIS. Pa., Jan. 16. UP The mar. riage of Leo Napotnik. one-time Carnegie Tech football star, and Gertrude E. Berkebil of Johnstown, was announced today. They were married several weeks ago And will live in Du Bnis. where Nanotnllc times, twice by Carroll and one each Is a salesman for a printing company. Ccst ill aoo I "It's the Finest V I AH we ask is: Just fry Extra-Dry Silver Top Ale and compare it with any other ale. Your verJJl will be -Ale in Town!"

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