Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 5
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[.« APRIL V1938 [te°Mu" c Meet "^111 .bo S'ven by Algonn Del Canto music federation BlacMmwk hotel, 2i. A double pi- be given by Mrs. Ruth Shlerk and Mrs. Sylvia Giinn who will play C Minor Fantaslc, by Mozart-Grieg; and Mrs. Agnes Volis, Dest Bond, member of Hie AJgona organization, will play a violin solo, FiwHiultn, by Lolxir, accompanied at the piano ,by Mrs! Gunn. An Invitation to participate In the federation program Is considered a high honor. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA sLOCALS PAGE piva Union Services EVENING 8 O'CLOCK First Lutheran Church. Rev. George Vance of the First Congre- t'ional church. TUESDAY EVENING 8 O'CLOCK First Presbyterian Church | . Rev. M. A. Sjostrand, of the First Lutheran hurch. 1VEDSBSDAY EVENING 8 O'CLOCK First Baptist Church. L. Rev . F. Earl Burgess, of the First Metho- Ist church. TIIUKSDAY EVENING 8 O'CLOCK L.u fiuirch will conduct its own service. |()I) KHIDAY AFTERNOON, 2 TO 8 O'CLOCK First Methodist Church s 1 Rev F. C. Volzke, of the Baptist church, Rev. C. W. Pfeiffer, of the Presbyterian llnirch. ] ie public is cordially invited to attend any or 'these services. Plan now to come. The Spirit . Easter Season says, COME. »VSOn ^.^j. jj,, ul i;iorK fit I coll & Ogg'K "Wonder" store Riilh Krade teacher in the Mallard'coii- solidated schools, spent the week- cm] with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I mil Blank, farmers southeast of Algona. Mr. mill Mrs. Carl Gill, Ten-ill, spent Sunday and tho night at the Long has been clerking at the Long Pood Shop. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kapp, with or of C'nrl. live ^'wi tors. Mr am ow s s oro Fairmont Sunday, visiting Roy and ^'IJIll" Sandt, 'brothers of Mrs. ; Kapp. They also called on her brother Lawrence at Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Kapp are farmers | west of Algona, and Wilma is of; flee girl [or Doctor Schaap. j Mrs. l{. It. Hopli a major operation hospital Monday morning. She .„ the former Jeanollo McMurray and 1 i.s a sister ot ner guests of the Chester Harmons, Woden. Mrs. Harmon is a daughter of Mrs. Dole, and the Harmons are farmers. A Mr. McUownn, Des Moines, is the substitute druggist at the Sorenson drug store, and Mrs. McGowan is with him They will remain i till the now owner, H. T. Barker, Mondfimin, arrives. Mr. and Mrs. Barker have Iwo sons. When they will come is nol yet known here. ] mdamin is a to'vn of some 500 i inhabitants in Harrison county, [north of Council Bluffs. .Mrs. Miu-y Harsh, who had been istaying nt Mrs. Charles Walker's, ing to her own homo at 40!) ThoHngton and plans to ferred from Anamosa to Mount Pleasant, and from there to Des Moines. The Falkenhainers were at Anamosa before they went to Mt. Pleasant. Where they will establish a now home has not been decided. Floyd Morris, employe of the lo- rai telephone company here, was taken to Iowa City Saturday for medical treatment. He has had an ulcer on tho right foot for the last three or four years, and it was feared gangrene might develop. If gangrene does ensue, It will be necessary to amputate. Mr. Morris is married, and he and his wife have a son Lloyd, who is in Decker employ at Mason City, and a daughter Marjorie, junior in the local high school. " Mr. nnd jttrs. R. E. Vincent got home Sunday from three months at San Antonio, Tex. They had planned to visit other points of Interest, but Mrs. Vincent took sick, so they had to remain at San An- ton.io. Mr. Vincent's brother Ira, and the latter's wife, the former Mrs. J. R. Stewart, live there. For some years Ira was in poor health, but he is now in good condition. II. K brought home some Texas grapefruit which makes the biggest kind here look pretty sick in comparison. , who Had her house, have rented the house ™» e(1 by the late Mrs. , c . R. Lewis. Mrs. Harsh had been rrom City. Mr. Aalfs, who is in "A^ i store "aVBeimondTThm- son:""" Denver, arHvod Saturday, and will mour employ, recently received ,n ' , ,, , • , again make her home here. Her promotion which roqulredi removal «/ I? ««•»'"«»«'and George ; husband, Harvey Wadsworth, who to thai point. ioniov.ii Swanson; Kansas City are spend-j d , ed vocently, was tho sou of the ui-si cnurcn, and tiho Jlov V V V> ~. ' '—••-««,,.,. •'-~ n. vvuuswurins, out «n Schul.lt, Garner, son-in-law of Ihc ] '' C ~ JJ,° b ,'l 18 ™ 8 "7° .1" a Mra. W. | have living quarters later Hov. r. V. Mnlse, will preach to-'pj?i aparlment. I he local Mr. O ld Bushnell-Wadsworth „„„,«, morrow evening Robinson is a traveling salesman. in . c1 . OS8 U ic street north from the ,. „. 1 ' Irs - Ocorgc IlnHwell was called Advance corner Henry AU K (Micr, Algona stock- to Des Moines Monday by word of | CharlesSlcnlirnsim 'buyor who was'badly gored by a ! the serious illness of her mother,' T THortstspontt bull,,, the Fonton stockyards j Mrs. Monica De Laney. who hasI'hereHeisi ? ' three weeks ago, is doing well, but i high blood pressure. Mrs. Boswell versitv of Minn will ,he abed another Iwo weeks | returned Tuesday and -reported inTiouririlisra ^I_ ,._ n -,.. ono , in , Ule nock which! that her mother, who is 73, suf-! college friend.' son of Mrs. tho week-end versily With him came a was broken heals. ,. , ' Theatre __ — - - — IHSDAY THROUGH SATURDAY, APRIL 7-8-9 I THREE WAY SHOW. PRICES, 10-21. ILL W KOCKIES", "MIDNIGHT INTRUDER" Serial "LONE RANGER" (DAY THROUGH WEDNES, APRIL 10-11-12-13 2 BIG DOUBLE ATTRACTIONS Buy Hut., 1, 8, and 5. Mat. prices, 10-26c to 5 p. in. lobby Breen ^•IN . CALLS II Adven tu re in a strange and beautiful land! NED SPARKS IRVIN. S. COBB RAYMOND PAIGE and his Orchestra^ A Principal Production 2nd Feature EXTRA! EDGAR BERGEN and Revue 1 Pure Feud 2 At the Races, 3 Africa Speaks English • college friend, and the -boys stop,,...„,.,.,.„, ... . . .. ,,, _ - stroke Sunday night, i pc d at St. Peter, Minn., to pick up lout wmi , V r ,' ' S i, D l n , B '^ r- Bo T eH l& P rc *P rietor °* the Robert Selistrom and bring him W,ro «h n ? ° " theAd " A1 ? r ° na , ^ Ulldl T'-, , ' h°rae. Robert attends Gustavus !n, L, ?,v iT" °"- 0 a V f gU " ^^K' 1 ? 1 " 8 Stoif(i1 ' office B»n *°r Adolphus college there. All went hnV, .in n n flln , Ce .' bee " Dr - "-M. Olson, and Bridget Gaff- back with Mrs. Edythe Dalley, who •hc.ie temporarily several times, ney, office nurse for Dr. John N. has been Minneapolis since her :&cnc Kelly, who recently had a:Konefick, have moved into one o£ mother's recent death, iinastoiditis operation, is still off' the C. S. Johnson apartments on Mr. and .Mrs. Thomas Kemis ': (r', T c i Minnesota street with Stella May wore Sunday dinner guests at the | .Mrs. .10 iMvimsoii, of Livermoro, :Breen, whose mother recently re- home of the latter's brother, H. B. ; was an Algona visitor Tuesday. I turned to Titonka, after the winter Cummings, Hartley. They stopped ,;,?,! ! 1 "^ U "l.. i ! R ^ c , k ^, Islan<1 sta -|l lero ; ,SteUa Mae is stenographer ! at Spencer to get and bring home the son Bobby, who had been with 9 ROMPING STARS! 90 ROMANTIC MINUTES! 900 RIOTOUS LAUGHS! The howl hit that topi tip-top "Topper"! Thursday and Friday News and t "Listen to Lucas" with ALAN MOWBRAY - , / BILUJB BURKE « PATSY KELtY ANN DVORAK * TOM BROWN BONXTA GRANVttAB • MARJORIE HAMBEAU Diroclcd by Norman Z. McLsod • Milton H. Bran. Executive Producer SATURDAY, APRIL 9 Matinee 1, 3, and 5 for .T. L. Bonar. tion agent there, and they recently spent two weeks in California. Mrs. Swanson is Livermore correspondent for the Algona newspapers. Mr. nnd'Hrs. MacKinlev Boswell, . t •' ' ~ - V • .--v --,_— i,i.v^ W i w . ilt , . , v*j-ii* t o Ii3 UltHltlf^tJ V/i. (.ornmg, with their daughters Lu- spent last week here, and her the local motor supply branch cillo and Loi.s, were Saturday |mother was here Friday and Sat-1 store, which has headquarters at guests of the Rev. and Mrs. F. C. | urday. Mr. Thompson, who is Spencer. Volx.ke. Mr. Boswell onerates a j with the Northern Lumber Co., is DX stalion, and Mr. Volzke is a;a brother of Mrs. Miller. The It. 11. Millers took their I his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. niece, Mary Thompson, and the | M. Cummings, while his parents latter's mother, Mrs. George, moved into a house owned by Mr. Thompson, to the Thompson home .and Mrs. W. A. White on South at Bstherville Sunday. Mary had Moore. Mr. Kemis is manager of former pastor of the Corning Baptist church. Mr. mid Mrs. H. C. Christensen, Albert Lea, with two children, Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Jenson, who moved here from Bode, are now living in an E. A. Genrich apartment, and Mr. Jenson is in were Sunday guests of County; the employ of the White Rose oil Treasurer and Mrs. M. ,T. Duffy, j company. Mr. and Mrs. Horsford, Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Duffy who had had the apartment nearly are sisters, and Mr. Christensen is n the employ of the American Gas & Electric Co. Druggist Francis Lonergan and Doctor L. R. Potter, Sohaller, were Algona visitors last week Thurs- three years, have been transferred to Fort Dodge, where Mr. Horsford is assistant manager of a Gamble store. Gordon Dewel took his brother Bob, Joyce Christensen, and Betty Fnlkenluilner, of Mount Pleasant, and her baby came Friday for a few weeks with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Denis Goeders. Mr. Falkenhainer, who is a junior examiner of state institutions, was recently trans- GENE SUNDAY-MON., APR. 10-11 Matinees 1, 3 and 5 THE with his internationally known Cowboys Unit THE RANGERS" From Mexico Border's Most Popular Stations XEPN-XELO THE ACT THAT IS DIFFERENT day. The former went to Mason Ley, the latter of Lakota, back to ity to attend the funeral of ajGrinnell college Sunday. Joyce's grandparent, and the latter re- j mother, Mrs. P. J. Christensen, remained here meanwhile to visit his mother, Mrs. L. E. Potler. Mr. and Mrs. Theo Goeders got home Friday from Long Beach, Calif., where they had been since Odtober 1. This was the 12th year that Mr. and Mrs. Goeders had "wintered" in California. This time they experienced floods, but their account has not been learned. Elva Htvoldt, office girl for the mains at the home here for the present, but, with Joyce, may go to Arizona to live after this school year. The Christensen son John has been in college there two years. In this week's Upper Des Moines it was said that Mrs. Miller, Titonka, would preside at the county Farm Bureau woman's Achievement day at the Burt high school Algona Ice Cream & Candy Fac- j this week Friday. Mrs. Miller is tory, left Sunday to go through the, county girls' 4-H chairman. Mrs. Mayo clinic at Rochester, and her Jerry Heetland, lakota, is county mother, Mrs. Carl E. Ewoldt, Lone]woman's chairman, and will pre- Rock, accompanied her. Miss | side. Mrs. Miller will give a talk Ewoldt lives with Jessie Smith in i on 4-H work, the Bertha E. Johnson apartments. | LucIIe and Evelyn Dole, both Doris Lonp, who teaches English (employed at the courthouse, their and dramatics in the Tama mother, Mrs. Mary Dole, Irvington, schools, came home Saturday for | daughters Marvel and Mildred, ,the a week's spring vacation. She is Elmer Doles and the Sim Letghs, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long. Since the departure of the also Irvington, and Clarence Green, Algona, were, Sunday din- IIIGAR fine granulated 10 DJS. WC Hood's ^••^^^^^^^^^•••^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••••1 Store Specials — Friday, Saturday, Monday, I'HONE 855 PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE ALGONA, IOWA 4 daily, 8:30 nnd 10:00 a. in.; 2:30 and 4:00 p. m. Use our new delivery service and take advantage of these special prices. CHERRIES Re'd Pitted No. 10 can 55C (ANANAS firm yellow 5 pounds Z5c N Fresh Prunes ans __ 29C Salad f^ff | fu » quart Z5C Corn, Clarion white No. 2 _ _ _4 cans 29c Kidney Beans, IGA Red No. 2, 3 for 27c Cut Green Beans, No. 2 2 cans 19c Sauer Kraut, 18-k No. 2 2 cans 19c Sweet Potatoes, Kelly No. 2-2 cans 19c Calif. Mackerel,. 16-oz. cans __2 for 23c Lye, IGA hi-test, reg; size 2 for 15c Matches, good grade 6 boxes 19c Toilet Tissue, IGADawn ___3 rolls 19c Cleansing Tissue, Sally May 200s _:i2c Napkins, fancy 100 cpunt, pkg lOc Wax Paper, IGA 40-ft. pkg 9c Paper Toweling, IGA Ig. roll lOc Seed Potatoes Early Ohios, £ 4 10O Ibs. .—9 I Seed Potatoes North. Cobblers 4 10O Ibs. — I • Prunes 10-lb. CO«« box OOC Brown Sugar 4*. ZSc Pork and Beans 25c Large cans, 3 for 49-lb. 11— Flour $1.69 Grapefruit Large Texas Seedless 7 for- -25C Oranges Med. size, OQf* 2 doz. - fell V Coffee Folger's, 2 Ib.s — 53e Gold Nugget Guaranteed 49-lb. bag -^ Omar Flour 49-lb. bag TOMATOES, Red Ripe, 2 Ibs. PARSNIPS 9 Ibs Pure Lard S *** Krawt 5c PORK NECK BONES, J- r Lb .- — VV, lie CALF HEARTS, Lb --------- >_ — FANCY BEEF SWISS STEAK, FRANKFURTERS, SPECIAL EASTER HAMS, ea. CHUCK STEAK, Lb. CHEESE, Amer. or Brick —,,,,—i tt& 16c .50 21C 47c Bacon Squares Lb. _. 14c Pork Roa§t It's Only Ten Days till . . . A Word About HATS New green/5, blues, grays, and tans by La Salle and Stetson— $2.95 to $7.00 SPRING SUITS The new double-breasted drape is the smartest thing you ever slipped an arm into. All the new colors in chalk stripes, herringbones, and diagonals. 17.50 24-50 29.50 TOPCOATS Raglans, balmacaans, English swagger, Kuppenheiiner's famous Valgora, new greens, grays, blues, and browns, in both suits and topcoats. 17.50 37.50 Accessories: SHIRTS—Arrow and Fruit of the Loom $1.65 and $2.00 TIES—By Cheney and Arrow 49c to $1 SHOES—Newest styles by Crosby Square $2.95 to $4,95 HOSE—By Interwoven ____35c to 55c SWEATERS—Hundreds of them for Spring _$1,95 to $4.50 SPORT COATS—Plaids and Her* ringbones $9.50 to $10.85 SLACKS to match $.2.95 to $6.00 Boys' Suits like the big brother's. Double breasted, sport back $8.95 to $14.50 ^^•^w i^M^w ^B w . ^^p^^ •^•^•r PP* .''Pp ' ^^nr Value Supreme In Clgth^ for Men "'wA lap

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