Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 4
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'MINNIE' DOES HER STUFF AT CLARION MEET Four-H Club Leaders and Girls Study a Manikin. My NEIGHBOR Minnie, the Manikin, was tag ras< c t ho n ^ ° 4 " H 1)ost » re Thursday whinh 'ISP 1 ? w °ek miff™ wiiicn I,JG leaders, committee members, and club girls attended from n counties. ' I<ossuth leaders and club - 4 irls ""• attended were Mrs G C "man, Dorothy Mescher. 'l3an- -, Airs. Fred Kollasch. Lon>f- j^^rrrc,"";."^' Hy Lucia Wallace. When I was a little girl my family lived for many years across the street from Mr. and Mrs. A D Unrke. we have always remembered the fine friendliness, the constant kindness, the calls to * ies, that came across the Last summer I visited Mrs. old. in the --— v.it.tLui ma home of her daughter; and still her heart and memory vividly lived her life and her friends at Algona Many will recall her keen mentality, her warm interest and her understanding of .business and current problems, her executive | ability and her success in church and club work. Those who have enjoyed the i-acious hospitality and charm of ,--Irs. Adams' home know that she jiuis but carried on the warm, and :fi;ie,Hlly .merest in f olkSi tho i Kindly deeds for friends, and the spirit of neighborliness, that ruled her childhood home and made her mother a strong, outstanding, vii brunt personalitv. ST, JOE YOUTH WINS FIRST ON DENTAL POSTER Winners of dentnl poster contest sponsored by the county dental society, are: Kural schools—first, Leo Thil- gos, Gth grader, St. Joseph school • second, Jean Putzstuek, Sth grader, Wesley; third, Miss Putzstuek's sister, also of Wesley. City schools—4th, 5th, and Glh grace division, first, Sylvia Ann Gerdes, fifth grader; second, Robert Diekmaiin, Gth grnder, third • : Naomi Brayton, sixth grader, all jot the Wesley public schools, i I here were no entries in the jun- jior senior high school divisions. I Seventeen posters were entered. ; I he Leo Thilges poster was of cut I out colored vegetables clinibiii" jtwo ladders, with letters at the ; top reading, We Build Good Teeth i ^11 first and second-place pos- wili be entered in a s[at e KOSStTTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA ^^^^^^^^^^^^""^''""""'""^'^^'^^^••^^••••••••^^ NEW TABLES TO BE PUT IIHY BARRY The interior of Barry's recreation parlor, damaged by fire recently, will be entirely changed this week-end when seven new tables, with all accessories, arrive for installation. The new tables I include a 5x10 billiard, n 5-10 IIMI. V vu J 7S xa PocKet | billiard tables. The new tables are he latest Brunswick-Balke-Collander design, and in keeping with the times are "stream-lined" and have chromium decorations The new chairs for those watching the games will ,be to match in design and have cushioned leather seats' and 'backs Coming with the tales will be a new set of cues, balls, racks, and other equipment nm,| P £ mMnS Ba ' Ty>S the *«>8t nnnhvnnH Cemetery Officers are All Re-Elected The annual meeting of the Cemetery association was held Monday afternoon at the office of Secretary D. D. Paxson. Only some ten persons attended. Officers were re-elected; W. H. Freeman, president; M. P. Weaver, vice; Mr. Faxson, secretary-treasurer and superintendent. J. L. Bonar, who has served many years, was re- 3lcted trustee for a three- year _orm. Hie other trustees are M. G. Vorton and C. E. ciiu.bb. H E if is sexton. No plans for cemetery improvements this year have yet been made. Cookies—1900 of Them are Served at the CCC Camp More thnn 1900 cookies,, with free coffee, were served Sunday afternoon to visitors at the Bancroft CCC camp "open house" as i courtesy of the Bancroft Lions :ltib. The visitors wore taken through the camp grounds and tit buildings to see living condition of the CCC workers, The hug "mess" hall, the workers' shop the recreation room, the tennl tables, etc,, all were open to in spectlon. The 40-<plece Burt hlg] jspection. Tiie iiMpiece Burt higl school band in full 1 uniform pro vlded music. Matthew Thompson official of the State Safety Coun ell spoke. front end of We Have All the New Styles for M l ^ n. Mrs. A. L. Brown -\i"-o- i w - !•"<>» mis SSin Ule R D ' A - Luci 'o I'e-'h!;; 1 " 1 ' " vcr , lhc unforpotten t, Poo". ibut walks along » higher road. J. no uirl" ' * ' ~ ICadcrs WiH H ctluip - Former AlgOHa Boy Postmasters are to Attend Meeting at Mrs. A. A. Studer, Ex-Wesleyan, Dies' \\esley. Apr. 5—Word was re- 1 ceived here last week-end of the' death of Mrs. A. A. studer at Free- ' Port. 111.. Saturday morning „ 7 i n clock. Mr*. Studer. mother of • fi\e children, by a former mar- ! "ape. left Wesley following the dmh of her husband, Aninndus A service. Wash- ^"<'er, here in 1925. and went to £ve with a daughter near Muni ° Fiom there she went to Freepor't Jwo step-sons, Alf and ' still reside liere. Karl R. Hoffman, and H.'L 3Ic- Corkle. The poster contest is to be an annual affair. .fatfcl Hip Broken at 75. But Will Recover Irvington, Apr. 5—Mrs. Kate Bassett, Sheldon, who had been a Sioux City hospital patient wi'th a boken h,p, was lately taken home and she writes that she is feeling fa rl well, considering her age, which is now 75. She will have Roland Paine, ox - HI., left Saturday for a ----- weeks Caribbean cruise, sail- as *™m New Orleans. Stops wore to 'be made in Gutemala, Honduras, at the Panama canal In i Luba, etc. They have a baby I which is meanwhile with 'Mrs I I Fame's parents at Montgomery I . A-ia. Mr. Paine, who hii 'hnn.-, ' with the Graybar Electric Co ever 1 since he left Algona, is now U? e ' ST* f erViCC manasor ftt Chi-I S,i "' S ^ he ,™ ^ ] ^ local J-oz. •fcH* Kr-.VZ^^^^^f^OS^^^fS^. ^^^S^^^^^SfV^ •"- ^T**<\Z£Z*a-S^&SS*Jsss« tonstmistress at an quot Walter Les| k ,, r^,-,,,., , member of the connniltee on ar- Rock 0 '" 1 ? 1 !';;; ™' ely ". EarlnK ' Lone ^^KVu ec fCe n of^ eilt r;; mail committee; J. ,\. Schwartz Fenton, of the entertainment committee; and Lucy Newville. Titon- Mr r0f ,, tlo . res " !uti °"« committee. Mr Lichty is chairman of the Kossuth organization. Cars Sideswipe on Hilltop^t Fenton Fenton Apr. 5-A car driven bv Sw.'fe-irjsj sideswiped on the crest of FOR KE\T-NEW 5-ROOM apnrt- :D ment.-M,, w. C. Good, en s. WANTED _ CATTLE TO PAS- ture Plenty shade and water. - H ugh_Raney. 10p28-30 ELECTRIC ._ teed five years. , tt£W ed.—Chas. Scott, Burt. . pric- 12p28-29 MORE SEED CORN OF BETTER , Quality for your money. — \ C Larlisle. Whittemore. " I2p29 i .— LINOLEUM SERVICE — RICH new Armstrong patterns. The Piactical inexpensive solution to y0 C™ 00 ™ P ; OWem - Ex "ertlylaid —Cowan Bldg. & Supply Co. (2)29 OF combina- Get information.— 21(2)29 i F °^.. SALE - AL L- E LECTRIC sial SPECIAL INVITATION Hos P'tal, Algona. WANTED—SMALL 6x8 OR i—SMOOTH, leak tulb ..„ jjlete infor- 83 ' — Holtzoauer 19(2)29 £T«hS£ ?" l 1 !!^:^^-^ a A,gfr ^ -i - j *-M,i o, »> JL •Rufus Olthoff, Lakola. 15p29 The drivers u .. tlicli Paying own expenses. Jaskuikes, Wed Year s Fenton. Apr. 5— Mr. and Mrs Leo faskulke, whose -17th wedding 1 anniversary was Saturday. teTe- }>rated Sunday at a fami'l • reun 'on at their home here. Dinner w« served and attending were Mr I FARMS FOR SALE-IP you want to eel a farm Advance readers will be interested. Use a for-sale a f____ tf LIVESTOCK FOR SALE — THE quick, easy, inexpensive way to find the buyers—Advance for-sale WANTED—400 FAMILIES TO buy . our quality meats and grocer- F e o S odVop W ] ° W P " iCeS ' - L -g to^oT P »° ld PaintS n^^e up _. 25p29-30 FREE LEG-HORN COCKERELS , Al you pay i s for sex , d ' S ' B {!oo UB e y 2 We °^i —— , I AM A CANDIDATE FOR. COUN- trict S " Pe r, visor o£ th ° Second tenet on the republican ticket at h , 6 , J ! U ? e »F ™ry- Your support SARGENT STARTING MASH- Formula now includes Vy-lac- tos, marvelous conditfnnor f«,. chiplre fi^«t »-u«uiiioner for cnicks. Costs no more. Try a rn a ^—Anderson Grain and Coal Company. 23(C)29 18c "Kitchen Tested" 19-11). «»*•>**'-- 10 HMN/ KK'i'CHUr, -I f\ H-ox. bottle 1*7 1 FOOTls, 5 ' 1 '' 1 ' o Q » -Wl-W.. C'HIIS &O( 2 14-ox. cjins £l( WHO Kose RICK, (\ Ibs. 21 JTAVY IIEAXS, 4 Ibs. .19, POST TO AST! Kg, Del Monte, Mary IVashfng.' t»n ASPAKAGUS, 1 lb. .'i-o/. can 9St i'enick fiolden " SYRUP, So. 10 can .40, ^*w«~- *mm **-'Vv« <v lerlan: New Blues! Patent! Wheat Linens! . and many others . ri""H !((,,. Tl Leon stock, A f, Ilr ^ ( son of A. if i.' rysvi "e Saturday eveMi"r>e, L GARDEN SEEDS - MOST WANT- an^^Ke^r £B rwi 1 ^-^-^ WE HAVE IN STOCK MANILA folders of the sort used bTpr^- ^! Jon1a L and bU8iness men for Per n s g -Sce bmS - ^ °^ % was unable io come.' o „_> Livermore seniors ~HOSprfAL " March 30—G'"E" ir n vn« n mainr B ,,,™,.. lia>ne ' Algona, surgery '' Bode, 1IRE TROUBLE! WHEN IT happens to you, just step to the Phone and call 856. Wll 'be right out'-Vic's Service Station ($9 Ip to Y by^ A ^ SOMR GOOD mar « to breed to a good Percheron horse, can V . J. Gross, mile noAh two miles east Lone Rock. p29-31 ^~^VE~ABOUT 500 CHOICE second baby chicks bi-weeklv «t very reasonable prices. I Wrfn\ Hatchery, Bancroft, Iowa. (2)28-99 uiiu weiv Hampshire Reds- Krause Hatchery, 2% ml!esKSO ui h 1 mile west of Lone Rock, phone COLUMBIA VENETIAN BUND! aWpLSS^K a,,-.r=^ss i s llll!; 23(2)29 E ^™^~^^~^^^. new W P n Van o y ° f new P iltter ns, vSrJSiuS'Si fflfSSt Ues.-Cowan Bldg. & Supply c o 24(2)29 RELIABLE MAN WANTED TO ca.ll on farmers in Kossuth county. No experience or capital re ™ -. 3d \ Make up to $12 a dav ^ firlt ° Mr - Thomas, P. o. Box No! 156, Waterloo, Iowa. 30529 F °n?H C , EN TRAI, PETROLEUM products Columbia extra, qual-j refined, -triple-filtered, see Frank I Hanson, 402 N. Hall,'Algona. ' . 31(2)27-29 MEN'S SUFFERING ENDED! When they change from "stiff- as-a-board" work shoes to Wolverine Shell Horsehides. They're soft, flexible, but tough a B rhino! hide. Come in fw „ try-on.—Hub .. 29(2)29 I AM A REPUBLICAN CANDI- date for county treasurer at the June primaries. Your support will be appreciated. FRED s. GEIGEL Irrington, Iowa. 39.30 «uj- Your Garden and Flower Seeds at A&l'j SKK1) I'OTATOKS— Chios, 100-11). bag $1.29 Coltblers 100-lb. bnir I'OR OBAKGBS, slxe 220 fe 1-2S •toon :._ 23<i April Issue "M'oinan's Day" -2nd Copy. ' 'GUARANTEED AS ADVERTISED IN GOOD HOUSEKEEPING X LOOK FOR SMARTEST ,est hats of the season! Kresensky's Shoes^ Ready-to-wear Hosiery ^ Voriefy! Featuring th c collnrless silhouettes in boxy and full-back silhouettes to wear throughout spring; Others $10.95 to $29.50; KRESENSKY'S aiijona eyery Saturday. ' r Saturday, April 9 ers, and all stock Is deaandta. ™ ni f 8C J? to get your stock In, as you ^ St H,? 1 Hare Usted a number of UTO w« hi be Saturday and expect to CeToS.H « ad a ^' 01111 ^ is as ^ -11 erery Sat- packed with bnjl So don>t f °Wt cash P ric «hors « "ate last «-l Sweef c «d young cattle, We any stock on new and -ft. mow ,r, Pototoes sonie Hanip- ots Tractor over, .Will handle 82- InT sep? and thrir^" ^ C ° ntract « tte Bel* CUy s°r? oT^cftt S. bara phone " TEHMS-Cash. Ko property removed until settled for C. O. RIDDLE & SON Operators and Auctioneers. £=« •^ for Easter be Smartly Suited jt h as a BOLERO jt has BUHONS it>s WHITE-TRIMMED Worthy of your precious perfume — i s this delight- fu »y young, definitely 1938 fashion! Black or navy, or in color. Other dresses 8.99 to 19.75 KRESENSKY'S Jn a season that offers so many styles to choose from — it becomes a fascinat- ng business to select the millinery which we think yoa will want to wear. &, *<»' S^ 1 ** ^V ,.*•**' Kresensky bhoes R Pa ^,, , TIr V Ready-to-Wear Hosiery $17.50 We nominate as the classic of the season th te link closed, man- tailored Also at $10.95 KRESENSKY'S

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