Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 31, 1938 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1938
Page 10
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TWO K03SUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA }o t <le.iciou s food Week-End Specials Beef Roasts Beef Steak Farm Home Near Titonka Is Burned MATICII J. P, MOUSELS HOMELESS AS BLAZE RESULT LONE ROCK NEWS Mr. nnd Mrs. Karl Ewoldt spent Sunday with their daughter Elva I at Algonn. The Jos. Culbertsons | wore at George Lowenborg's, Armstrong. visit relatives. Mrs. Hemple, Mrs. Kmil Laabs, and Mrs. William Furstenau wero last week Thursday guests at Albert Kressln's, Lotts Creek, and Mrs. Lnabs and .Mrs. v .vuii-i imM Jin o. -ijticiun tiiiu Titnni-. \rn~r" 90 -,,, ,. i Mrs. James Wadsworth spent Hemple wero supper guests the •oVJ nni nri \ ' r"" 1 ' 10 , ^men Saturday afternoon and night with .might before at William Schmidt's, >eie cancel Monday tn tho T, .T IIPV aloio.- AT,.- m in T->_I_- ™ TT>,,,,I,,., Fenton. «-m.o n n i Vr T muiucii ^"luiua; luiemuon ana n gut with were called Monday to tho L. J. her sister, Mrs. E E Paine Burt guests of Mrs. Eliza Richards, Al- the Walshes. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrich spent the week-end at Mediapolis with the son Mainnrd, who had just returned from Fort Worth, Tex., to which point he accompanied show and sale cattle. Margaret and Gladys Nelson, of Chicago, s]ient the week-end at the parental William Nelson's, ami | Sunday dinner guests there were j tho Theo. Jacobsens, Humboldt,' the Alton Ilurlburts, Whittemorc, and Mr. and Mrs, Maynard neck, Good Hope, additional afternoon guests ibeing the J. T. Cherlands. Mrs. Edwin Howe, Emmctslnirg, who recently had (00% TOTAL CONSTftUtTtON ANt> MAINTEMA~J/^ fire was not noticed till flames Mr« T? n mi Sunday afternoon at D. broke through the roof. It Is nml JIPI-«nn T 1,1 PSOn> Burt ' so "' s ' Burt Mr. and Mn !!razrs'£,xv±sa H ™H'^" 11 -- ssy. 1 -- "'" » i^-rraT.w^^srs^^,™-^^^'^, j blowing from the east, but not in and Mrs Arom NnM, , S * ?'' Minn " wl 'ore they visit , the direction of_other buildings. •™&\^ r £ W] j$l.™«j£ ft*?"*?'* ""T^ *" ir,.,.!.. TI....M- <-.< „ Mr. and Mrs. Frpri nnwa „„„„* ^ ' . A - wiener. Mrs. Roy ( ed. Mrs. Mousel had taken the children to school, and Mr. Mousel was at work in the barn, so the fire was not noticed till flames Mr« T?MBO 11 mi i~ ••• " i ^""'"" n*. u. .L. jiou-i ,,, ,• ,, .,- ... broke through the roof. It Is nml^,. «V? ? i F ° mpson ' Burt, son's, Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Tlobson i, M' 1 - *" d Mrs. Alex Krucgor, who thought it was caused by a defec- "nd M F?"i w kl ° S " e - at H 1 ,?, we< *- nmdo n busillcss trip to Mankato i lui , (1 sl ' ollt Ul ? P^t week at Rochi uui ,it HrnM Wno-nr,,,,.',, mi.. *,__ !-,,_. , jester, came home Saturday for a; il'ow days. . • j D. W. Fernnu spent the week, end at Swaledale, and Mrs. For-, (nnu, with the children, who had; last week at William Fcr-i LEFT FOR CONSTRUCTION Where these lines meet n "THE END OF THE returned Glenwood,' visited Mrs.! Smoked Jowl Butts Fresh Beef to Boil, pound 10c Fresh Smoked Ring Bologna, Ib 15c Stuffed A pricot Salad ri/i<if« .1 i i i.., • j . " • * t Jill Oi oUpor*} \^ liolo l J t'(*l*Ml \ it• A*wui:» ill UK* SJJOCIllI ItrJot* of 1*1** *-»- m vu -i|f Vanilla Wafers Music Pupils Give Program— i The music department of tho ihigh school had its annual music | night Tuesday evening at tho H. |S. gym under direction of Emery i 0. Stewart. Tho program consist| ed of numbers by n girls' sextette, j a boys' glee club, a mixed scx- i tette. a boys' quartet, a girls' glee i club, a capolla choir, and a tuba j solo. Oil Station Heine: Remodeled— Work was begun Monday by Contractor Gerdes, Woden, and his! men on rebuilding the front of the garage building occupied by the > K. & H. nil company. A corner j will be cut away, and the gas! pump will be set back from the! street. New driveways will bo • built. i Tomatoes ^caroni Products Thirsty Fioui Si.59 on FIRST PRIZE FLOUR, 49-lb. bag $1.39 Sardines ssw-.-sar Honey Krushed Bread ss Council Oak Coffee Galvanized Pails r.AKGK SEEDLKSS NAVEL ORANGES, dozen 23c HARSH SEEDLKSS TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT ex. large ea. 5c HRKJHT SCARLKT RADISHES, original bunches BICYCLES Standard Bike $23.88 Before you make up your mind the kind of a bike you want look our selection over. JOE BLOOM COAST-TO-COAST STOBE Little Girl Is .__, Leola Krominga celebrated her llth birthday Saturday by entertaining Louise and Mary Ann Baade, Elsie and Mildred Stroebel, Donna and Betty Krominga, Deloris Isenbrand, and Phyllis Falk. A candy rabbit hunt was a feature. Kntertnins for Birthday— Rosemary Bacon entertained seven guests at Sunday night din- pier in honor of her birthday: Dorothy Peterson, Feme Oesterreicher, Harriet Schram, Raymond Ricklefs, Gerald Huber, Arthur Loats, and Donovan Andrews. Hulk Station is Robbed— The Standard Oil bulk station here was broken into last week Wednesday night, and ten gallons of gas was stolen from a truck run : by Ben U. Meyer. Empty cans and! a funnel wore found next morning! in the county-shed yard. ' 11 Daughter for the Heifners— | A girl was born Saturday to Mr and Mrs. L. Heifner. There is only one other child in the family a son, Ellsworth. Mrs. Esther Askins is caring for mother and the new daughter. I Six Among tie Sick— Among Titonkians sick with the flu have been Mrs. Otto Falk Evelyn Willet, Mrs. Ray Miller. Mary Hoon, Sigwell Wood, and Harold Miller. Off for Southern Tour- Mr, and Mrs. George Breen left Sunday for a sight-seeing tour through the Ozarks to Louisiana. They expected to be gone three weeks. Birthday is Celebrated— The Birthday club had a potluck supper and helped Mrs. Wil- ! liam Batt celebrate a birthday last week Wednesday evening. Grocery is 1C Tears Old— The Bonacker Food Market celebrated 16 years ia .business Saturday by serving coffee and cake all | day to customers. Other Titonka News. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Huher, with the daughter Marietta, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs Edw. Huber, Hutchins. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Winter, Mason City daughter Deloris, and son Gerald were week-end guests at Druggist W. J. Denton's. A Legion Auxiliary work meeting Friday at the welfare chairman Mrs. Eva Peterson's, Mrs. Jennie Breen and her daughter Stella Mae, the latter of Algona, assisting, was well attended. Anna Ladd, fifth and sixth grade teacher, went home Friday evening for the week-end, and Carol McEwen, high school teacher spent the week-end with her parents at Storm Lake. Leota Oesterreicher returned to Riceyille Sunday to resume teach- JjvL '£ J he fifth and sixth grades. She had spent a spring vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Kay Oesterreicher. Edith Eibeen, B'uffalo' Center! Edw Bruns, Humboldt, and the Horace Schencks, Crystal Lake, called at the Henry Bruns home Sunday afternoon. ' and two chidlren spent Th^^eek- end W |th the former's sister, Mrs. Rose Johnson. Mrs. Cota was formerly assistant postmistress here M, j and Mr8 ' R " C - ^11. with the daughter Patricia, were at ^^ P °l S ,, Monda y, and Tuesday. T-.. ... "vt \, \,i ^itut/iidUU1 b Phyllis and Charles Hawks' ; were at John Geitzenauer's, Arm- !?n.f" B 'iW ay to help celebrate: j John's birthday. i Fred Wegeuer accompanied his' | brother Robert, Fairville, to Min- jiieapolls Saturday to see the latter s son Merlin, in a hospital -there with pneumonia. Merlin is a I i Lutheran seminary student at Min-' ueapohs. Mrs. Frank Householder entertained for her son Kenneth's ninth bnthday anniversary Saturday. Attending: Darwin Frye, Charles, Joeph. Richard, and Mary Ann •Householder, Charles Hawks, Kenneth FlaiK. .Iiminr a nd Rita Hurl- Donald home. . and the wore Sunday i Chrischilles ^ ir , wn •? i? 1 ™ 1 Chnrlea with Ruth Krueger, Burt, trip to Mason City Mr. and Mrs. Merle Jergeusen Ledyard \ ap ent Sunday at Mrs. Lillian Worthington's. Delina Roge [ s . who attends a beauty school at Fort Dodge, was here for the week-end at the parental Victor Rogers home. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig, daughter Laura, Mrs. Frank Hemple, of Pasadena, Calif., and Martin Meyer left Sunday for Barney, N D to Edw. Blanchards, Irvington and Mrs; M. E. Blanchard, and Sunday dinner guests at A D Newbrough's. Mr. and Mrs.'William Christenson and Joan Zwei- family, Algona, to Eagle Grove for the day at Edw. Ryan's. The Chris Mortensons, Ringsted, were at Frank Flaig's. The Rev. and Mrs. A. : e with him Sunday. 'Mr. and Mrs. Donald Radig and Mr. and Mrs. August Zumach, of Rolfc, wero Sunday dinner guests 1 at John Schallin's, Lotts Creek. Mrs. ^C. W. Peter, Algona, daughter Carolyn, and son Elmer spent | and the Alfred Schmidts were evening guests there. | Robert Gladstone. Duhuque "U" student, is spending a week's •, spring vacation at A. A. Kruogcr's, | and Dwight Stover. Sibley, was his ' Saturday night guest there. To Play Professional Hall. Lone Rock, Mar. 2fl — Donald Blanchard left Friday for Solma, Ala., for baseball training. He will -'-" with the Selma I NFERIOR, temporary highway surfaces clamor for more and more maintenance and reconstruction year after year. Eventually, any «e«> roads are out of the question. All the annual road money goes for upkeep! Then, "the end of the road" has been reached, both literally and figuratively. B« He.', Big Ne wa , Tax/layers save from $88 to $465 per mile per year in the cost of surface maintenance on concrete highways compared with other tybes of i . J /<7 " c '"«> '^ based °ml» I ortso ^ surf acemain, ~i Costs ° n 135,0 _ Ot P avemen t in 2 1 states I ... CVery Statc that these Concrete is the standard by 1 which all roads are judged, VflOll *"< ft rm, «_ * * *. *°"sts.High visibility ••• eas y°' ntire s,gasandrepair s Demand concrete for voui roads. City last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Blanchard, 0 in. spent the week-end at J. M. Blanchard's. The Robert Hurrays, Spencer were at Charles Bierle's, and Dottie, Betty, and Forrest Mur- cation emain ° d there f ° r Sprlng Va ~ Hugh Walsh mad> business trips last week Tuesday and Saturdaj to Sac City. Mr. and Mrs. B W Hamon, Early, spent Sunday witl PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 408 Hubbell Bldg.,Des Moinc,, I owa A national organization to improve and extend «,, concre/o through «tonfffl. re.eorch and eng/neer/ng _ -^ 1 JSlfrr PRESSING SEND TO The Modern Dry Cleaners Our modem equipment, oar modern methods give unparalleled results to the cleaning we do. If s done carefully to protect fine fabrics, and thoroughly to insure your satisfaction. We Call for and Deliver OMAR PASTRY SET (REGULAR RETAIL VALUE ... $1.00) ONLY 1 0 (t Wl ™ ™ E PURCH ASE OF ANY Q / r SIZE SACK OF OMAR FLOUR Phone 537 Marve ou» new aid to more tender pasfryl You rub Pour into the extra- heavy pastry canvas... Vt • • . and into the specially-made knitted cover for your rolling pin. Now dou 9 n doein'» .lick/ M *$*' With your Omar Patrry Set, you don't keep working in extra flour I Reiulli melt-in-yoor-mouth pie cruitsl A WONDERFUL BARGAIN! \~? i 'S& w^ - /v Ci < 7* "< b*'™ * ~' * V 1*£ w >«\ & -•=.'0 —*•" v » t^wixjUK \ „ - JK' 8 won 809 lUKe pnzejj, ^-"fts^^saa"-"*- icvac^jj^N'iit. ••• Hoturtd of the coot/fig K/ioo/ r I.IUE m . . and Mra. A. R :uthbert, all of Woden Mr and Mrs. Gordon Han sen daughter Priscilla, and the Jr, DS fL Viflit6d the Van near Ottosen Sunday. Bankers Life Farm Loans See me for prompt closing, no commission. EDWAHD CAPESIU8 Heise Bldg. Algona, Iowa 'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiittnfljiiiiiiiiiwiniiii jls No Substitute for Quality" That is why Mrs. Sanders has selected Iowa State Brand BUTTER .elected ta ere a,e nts . «* ' ° too 01 " "» >»«• «,. re CHEISTINE SANDEBS Famous Cooking Expert, who be in charge of the Cooking School. Demand State Bran Butte Creamery ^IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJ,,!!!,,,,,,,!,,

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