Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 31, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1938
Page 8
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'• JJA6B EIGHT TWO HERE BACK FROM 3 MONTHS IN CALIFORNIA Lars Sorensen Tells of Meeting Many Old Friends. Lf i r s Sorensen and Mrs. Julius Peterson, hte KOSSUTtt COUNT* ADVANCE. AIXJONA, IOWA REWRITES Brlnfs summarizing principal news in Inst Thursday's Upper Des Jtolnes. ' -I. 0. ISKNUERGKR, 80, oldtlm- er at Burt, died Friday of pueu- „ ., B monia, and burial there took place 1 1 !° noring Fred Mu »ger's Vrthday! "- ' - ' BIRTHDAY IS CELEBRATED AUEDYARO Ledyard, Mar. 29—Friends gathered at Paul Nitz's Friday evening Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of various ingredients; a mixture. Sunday, after Methodist services conducted by the Rev. C. B. Mitchell, assisted by the Rev. A. Wood. Mr. Isenberger had a ^f' ?;^ r !_H? d . dlttb ? tM . «n«l to* feet H. for Attending: Mr. and Mrs. Florin Sanders, the G. E. Sanders family, the L. A. Nitzes, Jack Mopul- ton, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gelhaus Tom Walsh, the Charles Basharas, and Ed Munger. The evening was SSS?=SfS!£&3«^^^^^ > a January 9 ua.uuiu.iy y on „ f ,. o _,, 1 ij,, , . T , ----- ..« ^..unuj UUUIH} , train and stopped fir, -?T Hn J ' W le 'V 0 &™ up. At 22 he **-"-• "' tn vuit vr a ' cnnie to K °ssuth and lived near , to •visit Mr. Soreusen's Titonka. In 1SS7 he marHoS nl™ sister, Mrs. W. C. Larson. The Larsons accompanied Algonlans by car to OTlfl rvvi *l» ctuu, on tn6 Wfiy the ixirtv the "" -' * the . - • ••" u*U.Jl 1 JWU. Allen and moved to Burt to a. b * orn, and five S ' X oper- were 1899 1911 Godden Neitzel, who, with lv ^^iJT^SS^v;^^^ srtis.s- zt££%M!££ SSTM: M ™- " "• visit with L. P. Anderson, butter- L A BOUNTY INSTITUTE of maker for the Algona creamery 20 ! ( - hl ' ls tinn education will be held years ago. He also talked with'" 11 tla >' nex t Tuesday at the Lu Tneo. Goeders, L. E. Krantz, and! Verne Pl 'esbyterian church. It will Mrs. Albert Nelson, who were ! denl with Sunday school methods spending the winter there, and and the ta 'ent will be: Julius with John McFarland, Nels Fehr, skcw . Wesley, president; Mrs £\ T« H Tin..4 Tl |_ n . . ' ' l^fnA TIT 1-1- r . -, * •"•»"« Nitz, and Mrs. Bashara. Johnson Baby Is Baptized— Mr. and Mrs. Chester Johnson had their baby christened at the home Sunday. The Rev. O. M Vereide, Elmore, officiated, and sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Car- Comes the cooking school! The only man with 500 to 600 women. That Solomon couldn't have been as smart as thought, or he must have been smarter than heck. That many women could outsmart any man allying, except In one thing —the darlings occasionally slip backward in summer and wear slacks. "She * * * * Married an Artist Plus Buck Jones" heralded the movie canopy over the Iowa last weekend. Sounds like bigamy. * * * * fl'hnt, does a waitress golian border; even Japanese fishing boats off the Alaskan coast. Enough spark for the tinder. The warm sun of prosperity failed to dry out the wetness of debt and the tinder so far has refused to light. * * * * Gum-cheivers should be barred from the movies. The snap-snap of the mouth-open goggle-eyed gum cracklers sound like firecrackers to everyone, It seems, but the chewor. Seme • day some one is going to rise In holy wralh and smite one down. Another pet Four Corners Four Corners, May 29—The Union' No. 7 P. T. A. met at John Sa- bln's Friday evening and the meet- lug was opened with America, roll i call being answered with "the first returning bird I saw this spring." A imper was read by Mrs. Catherine Harris, the teacher, were elected: William president; Mrs. Edna Mitchell, vice, Edward Rich, secrotary-treas- Offlcers Drayton, peeve is children who stand up urcr; Mrs.^ Clara ^rayton, assist and breathe on the back of the thinl T * 1 Vy U.J A. 1 Clll I f-. _ " ' i' * W«J»lA^i.l <, t ill! B, and Bert Peck, former Algonians i Fred Merkle, Lu Verne; Mrs 0 H who now live there. TJV,,..I..__ -. , . ._• • «• « Sees L. A. Algonlans. The party stopped to visit _ - -* j.-t-_«. ,.<_i T1CHL All* Sorensen's sister-in-law, Mrs. Leo Stebbins, Santa Ana, and, besides 30 days at Long Beach, spent ten days at Los Angeles. They attended the Iowa picnic, where Mr Sorensen met other old Algona friends, among them F. H Ves- Per, D. D. Kinyon, A. M. Jasperson, Carl and Otto Peterson, the .frank Gilmores, and Charles Palmer. Mr. Sorensen and Mrs. Peterson eaw their share of the floods, for they were in the stricken area "It was a pitiful looking sight next day," Mr. Sorensen says. ...w, ^^ TCIiic, iurs. u. ri Frerking, Lakota; Mrs. Marvin Vant, Bancroft; Antone Johnson Mrs. Lewis McWhorter, H. D Hutchins-, all of Algona- F L Rv- erson, Melvin " • -'- ' Doms, all of __ Paul Knopf, Mrs. "Ray Stone,"the Rev. E. R, Walter, Lu Verne; the Kev. Mr. Harvey and the Rev R C. Swanson, Swea City; the Rev. Calvin Schnucker, German township; the Rev. Thos. Ahrends, Lone Rock; and Mrs. William Schram, Titonka. JCSTrCK WELTER l ev i e d $25 plus costs Friday against R E Bowman, Streator, 111., salesman vho, near Wesley, as he was driv- on the wrong side of the road, They drove across the Golden °lHded with a county truck.. No te bridge at San Francisco at I driver's license cost Robert Bat"' —~ " ~ ' if- Bancroft, $2 plus $2 Saturday Dale Stoner, Havelock, paid $3 plus $2 for a truckload taller than 1- feet. For no chauffeur's license J. W. Dyer, Mason City put up $5 plus $5. In Danson's court last year's auto plates cost Devere Miner, Wesley, $5 plus $2 and John Bahr, Sexton, paid $1 plus $2 for no driver's license. THE CITY COUNCIL Is expected to air dismissal charges tonight brought against Night Marshal Ralph Valentine for alleged . ne- lect of duty. A' petition for lyle Johnson, Bancroft, and' Mr and Mrs. Arthur Halvorson, Rake.' Other dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson, Bancroft, son Reuben, and tne Burton Johnsons. The baby was named Patricia Ann. Eleven to Elmore Party- Mrs. August Busch, Airs. John Darnell, Mrs. Fred Darnell, daugh" ter Gertrude, Mrs. Burton Johnson her son, Mrs. Orvllle Runksmeler, her son, Mrs. Chester Johnson, her daughter, and Mrs. G. B. Risk were at Elmore last week Thursday for a birthday party honoring Shirley Clark. All Teachers are Eeclected— At a recent school board meeting J. H. Welfare was reelected president, and all present teachers were reelected. Salaries as yet about at 1 a. m. of a Sunday when the tag ends of dances and "celebrations" straggle in for the evening's' wind-up?" * * * * Add to the list of "frank" wan ads the following which appeam in a Rice Lake, Wis., paper: ' "WANTED; A MAID for general housework. Seven children, lots of noise, nothing to eat. Husband, an alderman, another business on the side, late for noon lunch as often as six times a week. Position offers splendid opportunity for one wishing to gain experience as to management of private restaurant or small hotel or possibly a day nursery. Wages. If still Interested call 4822." * * * * Fair warning to men. This is vacation week. It is also ne; neck of the person ahead, but this can be better excused than guni- snapplng. Itaro Indeed is the person who occasionally doesn't feel blue; that the world Is too tough an assignment; that the battle for existence is not worth the existing. There are times when 1 business breaks the wrong way, when the job fails to live up to the grand expectations, when the neighbor seems to faster. Then something, a he getting ahead there Is need of have not been set. Attend Shower at Elmore— Mrs. Fred Darnell, Mrs. John change, a chance to see beyond the small circle that encompasses the average life. A snappy radio program, a book, a movie,' a talk or almost anything can and does break the spell. And the blue days gone by add much to the pleasure of the good days when they come. It is difficult to feel extreme pleasure unless sadness has been endured. * * * * Funny how when suddenly up- >ralded for something the average >erson^ loses control of thoughts. I ant; calendar committee — Mrs. Etna Mitchell and Mrs. Rose Sabin. Five hundred and bingo furnished amusement. Twin Birtlidnys Celebrated— The birthday of John Rich and his twin sister, Mrs. Ethan Light, son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Rich, was celebrated at Robert Ward's, south of Algona, Sunday, with a covered-dish dinner. Attending: Schendels, Buffalo Lights, Bricelyn, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs, William Rich, Mr. and Mrs. John Rich, the William Draytons, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Llndoman, Mrs. Edith Rich, and Earl Rich all of Algona. Arthur Crulkshank left for California last week Wednesday to bring' back hte father, James the Clarence Center; the week means no rest for the head of the house, or perhaps "headS" of the house, for the kids are home. Spring leads the average woman's fancy into a delirium of tearing up the house in general Orville Runksmeler attended night and saw the fair grounds which are being reclaimed from the ocean. The only way the place can be reached is by boat. Calls on Denmark Friends. At Vina, near Sacramento, Mr. borenscn saw four Anderson brothers whom he knew in Denmark. They came to America after Mr Sorensen dad, and they are cousins ^£° n> "- and ' Gent ' Sorensen here. _ The great Redwood forest was a sight the Algonians will not soon forget. The Coast, Mr. Sorensen says, is a beautiful country, and the climate is moderate. The coldest it got while he was there was 11 above zero. Mr. Sorensen and Mrs. Peterson came home via Portland, Ore., and Twin Falls, Ida, hearing is on file with the city clerk, and it bears the signatures of 355 citizens The council Algonian Tours in College Orchestra Mount Yercon, Mar. 29— Maxwell Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Miller, Algona, is a member of the Cornell college symphony orchestra, which will make its 34th annual concert tour April 18. This -15-piece orchestra is made up entirely of Cornell students. Miller plays in the flute section The orchestra will play In high schools and churches the state. lias approved purchase of „ .^,, $5975 fire truck, $1125 to be allowed for the present chemioa truck. THE RET. S. M. GLABJSTOJTE Lone Rock, suffered a severe left thigh gash Friday, when, as he was driving a team hitched to a drag along a road, the horses ran away and a part of the machine entered the leg. Closure "of the wounds required 20 stitches. He is at his daughter Mrs. A. A. Krueger's. -T. D. LOWE, County Engineer Smith, Deputy Pierce, Clarence Swanson, Gerald Gronwall and a. shower for a cousin In Elmore ast week Monday. FarcAvell for the Brownings- Neighbors and others gave a 'arewell for the Ross Brownings VIonday evening. The Brownings have moved to a farm west Burt. Ex-Iedynrder Has Operation— Mrs. Burton Butler was operated on at Fairmont last week Wednesday for gallstones. She is the former Tressa Miller. the Doan [ City and County I Mary Giseh, teacher at Pioneer, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Gisch, north of town, over the week-end. Mrs. Christine Sanders, Denison, thu cooking school demonstrator is putting up at the Hotel Algona (luring her stay here. Mrs. Peter Enters, of Swea City Monday for a few days with her daughter, Mrs. William C. Dau. She will go home today. The Lepfion Auxiliary will meet at the Legion hall this week Friday evening; at 7:30, Mrs. Samuel Evans, president, in charge Hrs. Noal Smith spent the weekend at Des Moines with her daughter Harriet, who attends the American Institute of Business. Mrs, Nita M. Isaacson, of the Kossuth hospital, went to Burlington Tuesday to attend a stale hospital superintendents' convention. The Klinor Doles went to Woodbine Saturday sion, returning Sunday. Mr. Dole opormevs the Dole garage here formerly the Elbert garage. others captured a vixen (female throughout fox) and her five pups near a Black Cat haystack Sunday. They had to dig some 25 feet. MRS. EDYTHE BAILEY, Algona beauty shop operator, lost her mother, Mrs. Jennie Dye, Minneapolis, Saturday from diabetes. Mrs. Dye, 65, operated a furnitur store. One other daughter and son survive. IV. L. lYHITXEY has completed a half century of service on the Milwaukee. He has lived here year over a quarter of a century ATTORNEY G. W. Stlllman's car, reported stolen in last week's Advance, was found abandoned last week Thursday near Emmetsburg. A COW KICKED Adolph Meyer north of Fenton, in the eye Friday. The eye was removed at a Ft Dodge hospital. THE LOTTS CREEK Little German band will broadcast over WNAX next Sunday at 1:30. Irvlngron Fanners Seeding. Irvington, Mar. 29 — Farmers here started seeding oats last week or early this week. Many were hurrying to finish, fearing a long wet .spell before they could get into the fields again Mr. and Mrs. Amos Angle entertained at seven tables of 500 last week Thursday evening. High and travel were won by Mrs. Leander Seefeld and 0. E. Hott; low by Irene Johnson and Ralph. Stoll. Mrs. Vida Bowman and Bud Robison, Algoiia, were among attendants, as also were Mr. and Mrs' Edw. Wolf, formerly of Doan, now of Portland township. Dean Sparks drove to Lake Crystal, Minn., Sunday to bring home his mother, who had been there with her sister, Mrs. Jos. Baker. Mrs. Kate Krantz, Hubbard, and her son Olin spent last week Tuesday afternoon and night at Bryan Asa's, leaving next morning for Brookings, S. D., to attend the funeral of an aunt of Mrs. Asa. The Doan .Woman's', club met with Mrs. Agatha Hapsen March 16, and officers were elected: pres- 'dent, Pearl Asa; vice, Viva Hoover; secretary, Hazel reasurer, Maud Brink. Larson; on a business mis- Baby Chicks Get our famous stock that spells profit for you Large birds bred for years for heavy production of la*rle eggs All flocks headed by males from pedigrefd and trapnested birds. Special discounts on quantities and orders booked early. quanti- CDSTOM HATCHING —at prices you can't afford to let the hens set and we do a better job for you. < ' Get our prices on Chick Starter, Remedies, and Brooder Stoves. NEUENDORF HATCHERY WEST OF FAIR GROUNDS Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Martinek spent Saturday and Sunday with he latter's brothers, Walter am 2rman, and Helmuth, at Hartley Installation of Doan P. T. A. of- icers took place at the No. 9, Bufalo, sohoolhouse last week Monday evening: president, Agatha Hansen; vice, Arline Hansen; secretary, Helen Beed. A large number of persons attended, and L. J. Dickinson, Algona, gave a talk. Mrs. Andrew Hansen, with her sister, Mrs, Donald Mertz, Algona, and the latter's baby were guests briefly of Aline Martinek last week Thursday. Mrs. Mertz was the guest several days last week of Mrs. Hansen, the women being sisters. day brings forth, if anything, and the continual never-swerviu°- resistance to the little woman's pleas for a new this or that. Easter means spring clothes, and silly hats. The Ides of March have nothing on the tail-end of the month. _, * * * * Tomorrow (Friday) is April 1 and the day for practical jokers to hold field events on the unsuspecting. There is some question about who tlae fool Is— the person working the joke or the recipient. ... .. * * * * After 1 a. m. Sunday morning there was a wife still sitting in her car just off State street waiting for her husband to come from wherever he was. She had looked in vain for him for hours. It was chilly in the car in clothing worn during the early evening when the warmth of the afternoon sun had ingered. * * * # _ "H'hen a store which has advertised gets a change of heart and quits other merchants look at it with more than a suspicion. The store is on the downgrade the minute it stops pulling and starts to coast. Advertising is the lifeblood of a store and a town. Every store in a town shouid advertise consistently, not only for its own good, but for the good of the town Itseir. More and moie people are attracted to the town by advertising, and these people shop at places other than at the one by whose advertisement they were attracted. Therefore it is of some importance to each merchant that of *% jT the mom ent. Later when the suddenness of the attack wears off and the assailant has gone the good arguments and the snappy retort that should have been made come. This is particularly true when a false charge is made. Then the assailant really has a bad time or it, and Instead of winning, loses and becomes In the mind of the attacked something vanquished. No one ever won an argument, ex- Two New Babies Here- Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Witham are parents of a daughter born at the Kossuth hospital Sunday, the second girl, also the third granddaughter for Mr. and Mrs. Howard Witham. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom are parents of a son, born at the Kossuth hospital Monday. The is the second son. Mrs.' Edith cept when alone. —D. E. D. trom, is caring for the other Bjustrom son. If. * I). Clnb Wolds The Mothers & Daughters club had an all-day meeting at Mrs. Etna Mitchell's last week Thursday. A covered-dish lunch was served at noon. Five hundred was at. five tables, and high was won by Mrs. Edmond Larson, of Doan; travel, Mildred Robinson; chair prize, Ruth Harlan. A Busing Special,, matrons /too, wi ||t.' n for its " Batiste an<U« "Plift few. a-wra i nschi ' *• O i e The ANNEX is going to Town r, ™ itt l » Sreat Spring: line of Coats, Suit? and fine Silk Dresses ANNEX (The Little Shop Bight Back of Steele's) Where a dollar really does its duty -where you get the best for the h-f u Iaine To PP«s in all bright shades of this Spring ~~ copen ' sreen and « 7 <jg ' Specials COOKIES, assorted 1 Ib. fane y, _______ 23<i POTATOES, pkg ____________ 19<i Jf, No. 2 size, 8 for _25<i I'. & G. LAILYDKY SOAP* 7 Irg. bars ________________ 274 JRACKE11S, 2 Ibs ___________ 21 1 .IGHT HOUSE CLEANSES, S cans TOILET TISSUE, 4 rolls _.. 15«i PUFFED WHEAT, pkg. ______ 9 C The "Shirley Temple Breakfast Food." GAKDEN SEEDS, ONION SETS AND PLANTS FANCY COD FISH 3UDDLES, the others should advertise. The store that quits on the job like a leech or a clinging vine, without the necessary pep and getup it cliijgs to the stronger Cor a 'backbone. * * * * Things are In bad shape in Europe now, but they could be much worse. If the war debts of 20 years ago had been paid, and money was easy there is little doubt but that there would be a major conflict going on. Spain, Palestine, Ethiopia/Austria, and China are but a few of the major causes of war. The assassination a couple of years ago of a visiting potentate in France would have been the fatal spark; Russia ing troops on navy—all sizes Two piece all wool"flann'ef suite" in high shades (including also navy) misses' sizes-a real tailored suit for a little price only fcj.98 bwagger suits in navy—you can wear the jacket for a topper—real buys from $10.00 up. Also separate coats from the Main store—reduced here for quick sell- Hundreds of new p r i n t cotton dresses-this is the most colorful and distinctive line of cotton dresses we have ever shown-slzes U to 52 ,. 98o Any Silk Dress in the Annex Maternity and Formals excepted The Greatest Valnes of the Season SILK DBBSSBS-ln both prints and plain colors—dozens of cute smart silk frocks which would do credit to a ten dollar bill- here at the ANNEX they sell for only $3.99 h ° f ^"^ silk —the most marvelous wearing; sheerest silk hose on the market- at the Hnery-you'll here** 3 pay $2.00 for these -° n 'y $1.19 SCREEN VOGUE HI '-"> 'lV-^ i '> "-•:,,,, ( jJE $2.95 $3.95 Our new April Screen Vogue (Hollywood) are here and a prettier lot you have never seeaJ the new developments are here-sailors, br salad bowls and all the other odd. and fascinatN creations winch are making millinery history. Go "i and see them-exclusivel y at this store. The Chrischilles Sto\ FANCY )}EEF BOIL, 2 Ibs. _25<i ritniE KEB BOAST, ib ______ i MOCK CHICKEN LEGS 7 for 25<i FANCY TEAL CHOPS, Ib. _.25* YOUNG SIDE POEK, Ib ..... 1 9 £ FfiESH DBESSED CHICKENS TOP PEICE FOE EGGS SORENSEN Grocery Co. We Deliver Phones 138 and 139 VOUR HUSBAND WILL LOVi THIS YANKEE APPLE JOHN MIN6 RAVES ABOUT IT- Msscaa^i^SSmiKMaaaKiasMam^^. •-^-^ • | | . KNOW WHY TH6 BISCUIT CRUST IS SO LIGHT AND DELICAT6? If S MADE WITH Spry Spry is TRIPU- CREAMCP. YOU GET LIGHTER CAKES IN HALF THE MIXING TIME Spry PASTRY is FLAKIER, MORE TENDER. Spry-FRIED FOODS ARE AS DIGESTIBLE AS IF BAKED Old-Fashioned Apple Cobbler made a delicious new easy way ,. .. - —"n't you just see Grandmother making it m an old New England kitchen? Can't vou smell the spicy, fragrant aroma as she opens the oven door? Here s a new version of this grand old favorite, better even than Grandmother's kind. For it's made with £pry, the new triple-creamed ALL-vegetable shortening bpry is purer, whiter, smoother, mixes twice as fast. Gives cakes, biscuits, pastry new fineness of flavor and texture. Spry-fned foods are crisp, golden, tender—jp digestible. Try Spry. lnl-lb.and 9-lb.cw, The new, purer ALL-vegetable shortening - TRIPLE-CREAMED! YANKEE APPLE JOHN «cup sugar teaspoon cinnamon teaspoon nutmeg teaspoon salt 2cup 38l f tcdflollr teaspoons baking »„ powder '? asp00n 8alt -»• ^ «. on y half the time wth . M '° ra m l al ' Wake. P'lk. mixing until a soft do £?*"?«' Sp ^-> Add j'Bhtly on floured board fo, ^, { ° rmcd - K «ead into a rectangle 12x8rW (r, ? ut 20 "^nds. Roll Brush with milk Bail" in ho? • ndfit °W BM j£ . (Notice wtat.^mfn 1 ? 25 ° F ° 2S , deli. meg Sauce. Serves 8. .. e hot with Nut- NUTMEG SAUCE * cup sugar t X teaspoon nutmeg i fiff boilin « WBter 2 tablespoons flour i ."P espoon outter Dash of salt tablespoon vinegar Spring Is In the Air And what a glorious, cheerful, and tempting Spr i n g it's going, to be. And how ready we are to thrill you with the most breath-taking line .of .Coats, 'Suits, and Presses you have ever, in all your life, seen. Truly, we're enthusiastic about this great | showing -— enthusiastic because it comes in more beautiful 'than when we so carefully selected it in Chicago, six weeks ago. This is distinctly a STYLE} LINE. This merchandise wasn't picked off the racks or sent to us by some buy er who had never been within a 1,000 miles of Algona, but EVERY ONE of these charming garments was selected foryou and you and you by local buyers from our store, EVERY COAT, SUIT or DRESS has that different look—that look of chic distinction which sets pff BETTER ready froin the cheap- 'HERE as iH oniei . THRILL OB^ YOUR LlPB Week ~^ lft<i " TOU ' J1 '** ChrwchiUes Store

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