Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 31, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1938
Page 5
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA JLOCALS . Jfiiyor Spechl was bedfast Mai' 2!) ~" Oeorge : Thursday, Friday, and' Saturday, of town farmer, with intestinal flu, hut was up puny there. last sickness north lay, n fter n jrlay <* A P" eU r n ! ft 146 and Sundtiy and expecting to he about again soon. Klcunor, daughter of Mr. and F. r,. Thorpe, went to Mltch- „„.. n°i eurnonm. ™., Mr(Jj 1)|ui() ^ , , ™,*7 n T, 0 ' Both «"'° »° w hlJ wife, thej wns a Monday dhlnc . ' t ' 'r^' seniors, the latter in the Mitchell ." nick "Spear, and one and Mrs. Thomas Komi: Mr! "'^ M *°? } ' rs ' „ ith three etep-'Kerni<< is manager of tho local Ar- ,, 3}T ' nil(1 3Irs< Robert Slmonsen, Sl 2, wltnui ^ _ n !,,old Motor Supply store. C,rnoUmgcr, nnd Mrs. Slmonson's to visit Elea- The girls are former PAGE FIVH rheumatism. She will room at Dr. F. C. Scanlan's. Mrs. Scanlan is tho Chrischilles bookkeeper. Mrs. 8. .!. llfiekiis, who, ,with her daughter Beth, has for some months been at Dubuque, came Saturday to look after business affairs. Beth is clerk in a department store there. Mrs. Backus has a sister at Duhuque. The Ba.ckuses still consider Algeria their home. Mrs. Shipley, of Oltosen, with her daughters, Ruth and Doris, and Mrs. Lawrence Holdren, Olto- sen, were here last week Wednesday aftd were dinner guests of Mr. Mrs. P. ,T. Foxsen, Mrs. Jos. Priester, Whltlemore; Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod, Mrs. Donald Weisbrod, Fenton; Mrs. C. C. Inman, Mrs. 0. G. Pcfforman, Bancroft. Hetty Wiinn did not spend a week's Ames spring vacation here, contrary to a report in last week's Advance. Instead she visited a classmate at Evanston, 111. Betty is the daughter of Mrs. Sylvia G'unn, local music teacher and Congregational organist. Last, week's report was the result of a misunderstanding. Mrs. Frank IVInkol came home and Mrs. G. L. Vohs. Mrs. Ship- J ' "', rra " " K(!l cnm , e h ° me ley's husband was the late Doctor 'f^rday trorn Minneapolis .after • Jhlploy, who died about a year ™ * ,., survive, also a |gun(lay gHOHlH llol .' 0 of M] ,' , im] ' were Sunday guests of thc Dick north,of town. Mrs. Chet Williams. Mr. Handy ° orcnscns and Bert Deals. Mrs. ' f,.nm Germany conducts a theater. Mrs. Bandy Is ?' lnon - scn . Mrs. Sorensen, and Mrs. 11 W"» . _*••••_ •***..«.. ** I JPJl I !1 Prt tilt..* nun , ln( i e lter came '•-— ]lved a cousln of Mrs Williams. Funeral services- W. K. Guy, Lu Verne, has been "• Reformed sick with the flu s Schnucker his daughter Mrs. was made son's here. Mrs 11 "T /.omptery. ployed at the Cummings store. , urch cemeteiy._ ^ ^ ^^ Qf ,, a!5 , ololif Woman's sis tors. Irving, who is a Simpson college. , Indianola, junior and is taking ac- mv . e . n ° w moved to , an apartment counting, was expected home yes-;'" Ul ° former Northwestern hotel terday for a vacation. The elder °' , we , st SU ' t0 ' Mr ' Duck ls fin son. Max Jr., sophomore at Cor-, E1 °P™"* ^™.^' e ' Thursday. Her 'brother, Melbourne Mansmlth, who has been working in a factory at Chicago, came as- far as Algona, and Mrs. Gillesple took him to Bancroft. He will remain at home till the factory requires more help again. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Smith, former Algonians who again spent the winter at Grande Courts, San \ntonio, are now back at their home at Wabasha, Minn., but will course soon go to their cabin at Lone elapse before he gets entirely well. .La'to, near Aitkin, Minn., for tho ^''Un™,?-, gt ° n story has summer. As was the case a year ago, their daughter Maud spent the latter part of the winter with ave '> home, but later news Is that his mother brought him back Tuesday. It is now two years that this 12- year-old boy has been laid up with bone disease, a good deal of the time in tho Kossuth hospital here or in the university hospital at Iowa City. The "U" doctors now believe that he is on the road to complete recovery, though of time will yet have to .. 1 ,, Deen Klllea ' K. Conner, 305 E. Union Wheaton, 111., has renewed Mr. Dehnert built his first house. Edward Dehnert, Lu Verne, "built both of Mr. Dau's big barns. Mr. and Mrs. Dau have three married daughters and plenty at. grandchildren, besides four great-grandchildren. The daughters are all married and Hving near Fenton, and the youngest daughter is on the old home farm. DEMONSTRATED Al COOKING SCHOOL thorn at San Antonio. i both her Algona papers. It is C(>Tifj;rc>f,'iition»l Christian En-' many years ? lnce she lived nere . clcavor young people who attend- ' ? r has seen the town ' and her s 'S nt ed a joint C. E. meeting at Hum- j ls " ow . so poo . r that she , llas boldt. Sunday were Mary Jane Nev- ' , C " lty '" , b "t she is still •'••*«'• "J«tt viit.,7 *i ».; I *j ATI III JUttlHSiilWii. j. t i lllo. Neva Colberg, Meredith Lar- inte rested in news from the old son, nussell Buchanan, Jack Long, h ,° m< V Ref erring to the recent fire, Smith James Nevillp shc had tnou S n t the store was hmiin, James Neville, „„,.„„„ thn ^^ where the w _ p _ Donald A nipt(! from Wm. IF. Gllbride, grocery once stood. For her Komi, as he was to start for home ing> wlth two of their phiiHrnn teaches physical education in the ,',,,,,' Public schools K. AV. Anderson, the original Quinby once tnere . on the Gal- I braith corner, but many years ago llests was served, thes ta-| come "'Id with aPP'e blo , s ' l f j; 01 " il „ larse birthday cake Moline Irploco. The guests in-; lively. fcnimr " , M ' Mr. new double-front, , ,, building two doors annual county fi- Algona State bank bullding and lt the county aud- , vas there th t th fi t k } Anderson, who ,, . „ _ L journaltem from >fr ' "^ * n ' Fred Dau - Fenton ' editing the Dis- were Algona visitors Tuesday, f-ithcr A L An • Tnev llave lived in town 21 years, City last Thursday to ' see ""her J f naenv ° 1r1 wont( to "umboldt Sun-1 derson publisher, became 'post- ' but ov ^ n a 32 0-acre farm on which .nephew, Terence Cullen, who had f, ay p, 6 , h '. to ~^T a m . eetm e °£j master, and has been making a there are two sets of buildings, an appendectomy a week a-o the Christian Endeavor there. Mrs. great success of it . Mr. Dau, who is now 74, has lived 1 Monday and is rapidly recovering ' L> Ivarson and the R ev. Geo. C. i ,. . „,.,__„. w , . , , oori ' in the Penton neighborhood 68 i Terence who is eicht is ?ho Inn' Vftnce took the pavtjr down - Some >.,« • h ! iinn *: r ' ^' 10 h ad been _ He was a small child when ,mr HUI7PH wr n, h , , o^ M: anl Mrs M K Cnllt, nn of the youn « ^Ple from here' nive J nl S '» M '» ncs °t a ^° ™ on ^ , brought to this country from Gerand Davenport rcspoc- "', l f."' *"' Uol) erts operates V, " ' ,,., M . ls ' M - , K ; Lullen, and { ]k d h PIumboldt f'"' Gmn & Co., schoolbook pub- ° b hi narents Mr n au 1CUU ,..„ ... , Arnold is local biology ^C'w \° r n^"' ' Smlih S 8^ 5 ° U " S folks presented m^^^^^^^ ^Von^n PI rioi Newels Mrs. G. | teacher. , " lft "• <'• I'll Hers spent the 01 "' l "i "«• o«eit. , and Mr. and Mrs. John j The II. 0. ISuells, Burt, who, ^. k ^ llcl . ' lt Spencer with Mrs. | ^ » nd »«. Cecil McGinnis ' the Frank Weis- in accordance with their custom, Fullo '; s s 'ster, Mrs. William Maur- spent Sunday at Arnolds Park wnh and the Le Roy j have spent the winter at S! I' u t- T' Mr ' Maurer is a aalesmnn for,5J»- and Mrs. Maynard Stephenson. Mr Weisbrod, erdburg, Flo., have written' that'" 10 ° livcr fiu ' m implement com- Mrs - McGinnis and Mrs. Stephen- dMrs " 5e"ke7s" mother'lJFrs' M'U"-'^"^ there and left last week-end T^'Ka 'Newel, was they will start for home abou f™*'- **'• Pul1 "' travels for a SL ° VD^V ^ ° £ ^ ^ Ml 't -°tto ifoux ai^and ^ of ™ 1S : April 1. Mason City concern. I L - J- DeGraw here, and Maynard, Ott ' . Holst ii n DU-IUP who fttter which sfl e will go to Michi- :braUng. < ____ 1J|ary ^^ dauglUoi . of Mp j John (J. .UcDowell, high school son °* Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Stephen- J}™ 1 with the Becker^ attends' « an 'or an extended period of for the Cottons. and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore returned principn1 ' with his wite and fam - son> , ] ? engineer for a lakes sew-, hip . h SP , lnn) horo M v nnnt«,. r*,.. travel. •Kouk/Mar. 28-The W. J. to Ames last week Thursday. She 1 !! 7 ' >s spending the spring vaca-^disposa project. tavean8-lb.5-oz.Bon.born i s a fl . esh man in the State college ^ on *', ith , lh ,e Parents of Mrs. Me- ! *«• >o"'o A an Allen WJ . JIU ^ the Kossuth hospital, and had spent a week's spring vi-i °' vo11 <u She11 Rock ' an aunt of. ^theiville Monday to work in the Yo rk LMe io^ Morgan. The Cottons • cation her ' e . ** "^ " !^' S ^J° wa , Fa !'^« d a -ter of , ^^ n f- sto -, there Curing the | °^ Mar, PEN-JEL „. w . 8 W n,rthCont near the Milwaukee depot to its I location, and he says that j CUTS JELLY-MAKING COSTS See how easily perfect jams and jellies are made with Pcn-Jcl, the original powdered fruit pectin. America's favorite jelly-maker ii also the most economical—when you figure cost by finished glass. Just follow simple cup-for-cup method—one recipe for all fruiti «md berries. Guaranteed Never to Fail! !' merly of the Elk Cleaners, is now Mrs. J. E. Moulds received word t°, writing insurance for the New Tuesday that her granddaughter, 1 Mrs-Loren Sohoby, Humboldt, was! Uick hatchery here. This i Mrs. I). ,I. Itrednll, with her ! Ml V< McDow1 Oll.at Waterloo. , a de Mr. aud Mrs. H. E. mother-in-law from Akron, went' I '' n ^ K - •h« ! »cy, Advance press- Algona, as well as Bank-| to Rochester Monday for a several' ", lil " , who had been off duty i . , r,~ t <^ v,orp ! days stay _ . Ml ._ Bredal! is in the 1 and slnus troubles ''' employ here of the International ; Ule last two or three weeks Harvester Co. . II. Graham, Burt, and •R. A. Iliff, Webster City, Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs. rest of this week. One of the . there sprained u ™ ° an iMrs. N. L. Cotton Irenla. [oiorcj'dc Kills J)og. '" j la ;. 29-Arnold Kueck- *<• the Kossuth hospital". lhe so " ot Mr - Mrs ' E ' J - B uu , ...... --- |1B u Burvuyor ttlso a big bump on the A c , ass fflf ' n dog was killed. Ott .osen school had Brown's Studio .Mrs F. Earl Itnrgcss entertained ten women at a shower Monday evening for Verda Meyer, Whittemore. Miss Meyer, daughter of Mr. George Meyer, will be n May to William, son of _. . spent Sunday at Hardy with Mr. and Marshall Field & Co. cus-' mother of an 8%-lib. boy, born that i tomer's stationery, . Mrs. Carolyn morning. The Schobys live on a (Aaron) Steussy recently wrote i farm two miles south of Humboldt Chicago that she was there and have two other children, twin girls, now 15 months old. The new baby is Mrs. Moulds' fourth great- grandchild and Mrs. Sohoby's par- school grades from the kindergar-lonts are Mr. and .Mrs. W. E. MI-O A r< TM ' _. —--. ten up. The course was to take! Greene, Humboldt. Mrs. Schofty at- Mis. A. C. Thompson. The Thomp- three weekg| after which she was tended tne h igh school here. this to community women played basket ball [the fat men at the Grant ited schoolhouse Saturday ungallant fats were win. JJ7-23. I School Bcopencd. Line" school in Cres- lip, two miles south of TruesdeH accompanied the party. Gene, son of Di. and Mrs. R. J. Thiseen who has been working in T)r . his sister, Mrs. Mary Lampright, and Harold Lamnright went to Independence bringing the doctor and Mrs. Ruth Tribon, who is here for a few | days of visiting. there for some time. An open air "front" has been Bounds, was reopened , new u^uto^m^^ j ^*^^^^. after having been closed .the B. J Hodges lot next south of | she , B a teacner , n the Elmhurst ['because of scarlet ?ev,er in Uhe postoffico, and the rest of the liter 3arr lamilyv 'No other "parking space will be fenced. „ Goo. W. Godfrey,. Ames, was here Monday to look after his farm. He made up Rotary attend- e4>een . ;er Kills Aged Woman. fcn, Mar. 29— Mrs. Denvood ance with the local club, of which ived news Sunday of the he is a past president. He is now |lrom cancer of her grand- a member of the Ames club. Mrs. T. H. Halstead, 76, Mr. mid Mrs. Robert H. Bell iburg. The funeral 'was| a p eil t; Sunday at Emmetsburg with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schmeling and attended a party for Mrs. Bell's twin brothers, Harry and Irvin Schmeling. Irvin lives at Depew. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel • Baylor, with their daughters Gertrude and and Mrs. Chester Bailey Gladys, were Sunday dinner guests Union i |the week-end at Sioux City eir daughter, Mrs. Clifford land Mrs. L. C. Puth and Mr. schools. Dora Carson, principal of the grade school here, is visiting Miss Cronan this week and will come back with her. Edmund Capesius returned to his studies at Ames Saturday, after a week here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius, southeast of town. "Sonny," son of Mrs. Clara Walker, spent the week-end with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Capesius. Mrs. Addie L. Seymour, of San iego, Calif., is spending a few of Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Daughn, farmers near Corwith. Mrs, Daughn is the former Isabel Baylor. Irs. John Knaves, Gilmore Mesdiinies C. F. Specht, August r ere callers Sunday after- jit Louis Bode's. Evelyn was a guest Sunday of Bode. Huenhold, Alwin Huenhold, and Harvey Coleman are spending today at Lakota, helping Mrs. Alwin Huenhold's mother, Mrs. Wil- Mothers & Daughters club '• liam Aalderks, celebrate a birth- set at Cora Reid's next week .)', Veda McArthur, near n, assisting. Election of i will take place. The nom! committee is Mrs. Held, JSmith, and Mary Sarchet. Mothers & Daughters club ist completed replenishing of [Aid kits in all of the seven "B of the township from a raised at Christmas time. The Ittee which arranged for U )ted of Norma Bailey, Ada uicl Cora Reid, i Krieps is clerking at the store, Algona, a fire sale. this laid Boevers shelled cprn Sat- day. Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Butler, spent Friday at Rochester Butler's sister, Mrs. with Mre. Henry Be- joier, who has been in the hospital three years. Mr. Butler is manager of the local Ben Franklin store. Mrs. K. 1). James got home Sunday night from two weeks at Omaha with her daughter, Mrs. C. . B. Nasby. Mr. Nasby, a corporation lawyer, has had no return of his critical sickness of two or three years >go. Mr, and Mrs. J. A. Bateman, of Webster City, wjth their two children, were Sunday dinner guests of the A. A. Sterlings. Mr, Bate- iowa Theatre TODAY—SPECIAL HOLDOVER Continuous Show from 3 O'clock BEBGEN, CHARLIE MCCARTHY, , RITZ BROS. «60LDWXN FOLLIES" AND SATURDAY, APRIL 1 ANB 2 HEART OF ROCKIES, Plus SERIAL Second Feature BOLAflD in "MAMMA RUNS WILD" Prices, 10-2ic 2—GREAT ATTRACTIONS—2 TOP DOUBLE? FEATURE S&SU'-nn THl BRIDE'S BACK HUMt AND BROKE' LOVE onths here, looking after varied roperty interests. She Is a for- ler Algonian, and with the late anker Seymour, lived many years t Liakota. Mrs. Seymour is stay- ig at Paul Richardson's. Willis Colwell, son of Mr. and [rs. H. M. Colwell, started wosk londay for the Green Foundry 'urnace Works, Des Moines. He s a '36 Algona high school gradu- te and was graduated from the apitol City Commercial college at )es Moines last winter. Alice Rooney, Primghar, plans o come back Friday to resume lerking at the Chrischilles Store. She began work at Thanksgiving ime, but had to take time off for sons farm near that village, and Mrs. Thompson is a sister of Mrs. Vohs. Mrs. G. L. Vohs, with her son Carl, West Bend druggist, and Carl's wife, were at Fort Dodge last week Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Foster went to Webster City Friday night to attend a dinner party at the A. E. I^asmusseu home, returning Saturday morning. Mr. Rasmussen owns a shoe store there. The Fosters formerly lived at Webster City, and at that time were neighbors of the Rasmussens. Irene Capesius, of Mason City, ame Saturday night for Sunday rith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'rank Capesius, southeast of Al- ;ona. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Winkel, Ugona, were also Sunday guests at the Capesius home, Mrs. Winkel jeing the eldest -daughter. - Irene s cashier in the Sears & Roebuck tore. The Union Mothers & Daughters ;lub will meet next week Thurs- lay ait Cora Reed's, Beada McAr- hur assisting. The program will roll call, driver's questionnaire; paper, Why Be Cautious?, Mayme Winkel; article, Getting Away With Murder, Mrs. Ida Wintie Jr.; music, in charge of the hostess. Kossuth Farm Bureau women who attended a Palo Alto Achievement day at Emmets'burg Wednesday were: Mrs. A. L. Brown, Lucile Pepoon, H. D. A,, Algona; |\; to come home. Mrs. L. W. Gillespie, with her little daughter, visited the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Mansmith, Bancroft, last week FULOPEP Grow Your Chicks Into Profitable Layers A pullet must be well grown to produce the most eggs Grow your chicks to be big strong and healthy on Ful- 0-Pep Chick Starter. It supplies the oatmeal and other ;ood elements that growing chicks need to develop into pullets that lay and pay is a balanced ration especially prepared lor easy assimila — — tio » b y * h . chicks. Stop in for free liters ture. Order In the Irvington news there is mention of Duane Riley, who lately underwent an operation for bone infection at Iowa City. It is said that he was not ready to .come Boys! Your Home Is Now Open Barry's Recreation THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, MARCH 31, APRIL 1 Daily Matinees GEO. BRENT CLAUDE RAINS MARGARET LINDSAY 100% Technicolor "GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT" SATURDAY, APRIL 2 The laugh special! College Musical Comedy JIMMIE DURANTE HAL LEROY — 3 STOOGES 2—BANDS—2 —in— "START CHEERING" SUNDAY AND MONDAY, APRIL 3-4 Randolph SCOTT loria STUART illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllM RED-A COFFEE — ^ ^* Hood's = Pound IT IGA LYE Regular size = 2 Cans Store Specials — Friday, Saturday, Monday, PHONE 355 PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE ALGONA, IOWA 4 daily, 8:30 and 10:00 a. in.; 3:30 and 4:00 p. in. Use our new delivery service and take advantage of these special prices. Sugar i Fine Granulated . = 10 Ibs. 49*1 Limit SALE - I G A SPRING HOUSE CLEANING - SALE = Standard No. 2 I CORN 4 Cans 29C H AMMONIA, Carol, qk ^.___ = AMMONIA, Carol, pt. H BBOOMS, gold grade j= LEWIS LYE __2 cans H FLOOB WAX, No Bub, pint 39* S SCBUB BBUSHES, each 10* 11C A Flour $1.69 |DESSEBT.POWOEB4p^.19c Ij PBUNES, large size -2 Ibs, IS* = WHEAT UUFFS, large __2 pkgs. 17* = BBOWN SUGAR 4 «js. 25* ~~ POWDEBEP SUGAB 3 Ibs, 2t* CHORE GIRLS y _a for li* COFFEE, Folger's ,. 2 Ibs, S3* _ COFFEE, Brown Betty —2 Ibs, 49* = ONION SETS, Jb. —,_ 5* Yellow, White, or Bed Feeds for your chicks now. Algona Flour & Feed Co. Phone 257 SCOUBING POWDEB IGA 3 Regular cans 13c 1 LEG. OXYDOL and 1 LBG. SOAP GBAINS BOTH FOB 37c Peanut Butter, 18-k Nutty 16 ozs. 23c Cider Vinegar, 18-k Quart bottle 15c Cider Vinegar, 18-k Pint bottle 9c Peas, Early June No. 2 cans _____3 for 25c Tomatoes, very best grade 18-k No. 2 _ _ 15c Milk, Standby tall can __3 for 20c Macaroni, Noodles, or Spaghetti ___Box 5c MOP HEAD & MOP STICK, both forlifc Wall Paper Cleaner, absorbent -3 cans 25c Clo-ro*San Quart bottle 15c Soap Chips 5 Ib, box 31c Spray Brite Window Cleaner ___8 ozs. 19c Coffee, Blue G Carol, bowl free 25c f vit>2;K Matches 18c Boxes. G«t your OMAR PASTRY SET Here for only If C with the purchase of any size sack of OMAR No. 2 Cans S Tomatoes4 for 29c | CLOTHES LINES, 50 ft. 23*'s BLUING, Carol 8-oz. bottle 9* S SATINA, box ____5* S CLOTHES PINS, box of 40 _10* = DOWN TOILET TISSUE Drolls 19* = MABSHMALLOWS 1 Ib. 15* S Omar Flour $1.751 RINSO Large Box 19C FRESH FBUITS S TOMATOES A 2 Ibs. 2S* J| PABSNIPS S Ibs. 2S* s ORANGES, good size, dozen —19* APPLES, Winesaps, Delic's S Ibs, 2i* BANANAS S Ibs, 25* CABBQTS _—-_-___2 buuches SI* RADISHES 1—_3 bunches 10* POTATOES, Irish Cobb, 10O Ibs, 1.15 PURE LARD Extra Special Pound ^ft QUAWTY MEATS AT ALL TIMES SIRLQJN OB Lb, 23* TEAL HEARTS — ~ ------- Lb, t2* LARGE ___Lb. ti* Lb. tf* PORK CHOPS Lb. 23* PORK LOIN END ROAST LJ), |?* SPICED HERRING, fceg __H* SALT HERRING _f Ib. keg if* LONGHORN CHEESE Lb, 17* BACON SQUARES Sugar Cured ^^^H^^ ^^^^B^p

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