Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1896
Page 3
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Zoa Phora won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine •will. For Bale by B. F. Kt-esllng and Bee j 11 w. • All Brtfi, N'ckal PlaStd nod Bum* -osene Oil. The J 3 ath!ight] A benu:,lul. tJioruuchly made «nd finely finished Di:yclo Lump, Jolt tud cyclone fire.::". 8<mctoniiv [.-ii-:er:h<icfJtir.:rT(i>:c7\rc.«flnrt>piil(n onrocoi;.'. . t ]•• i.-i.f :.:«. , :.iu.i >,„ \v-, ,:uii tuy It of jour locuJ ...v.;...- L.jrt; Httlt, li.-.v; :IL»:£ him.) TH7 K.R" i, TE.I.'IV MFO. CO., 14" Cir.lro St., Mew Y<K!I. -owe , jo 2 Chemicals won" 1 1 make Nature 1 sRoolbeer. HIRES Rootbcer is made of roots, barks and berries — wholesome tilings. Jl»i!o only hy Tho Ch»rlc< E. IIIrM Co.. X "Za. package uiakcf & i,'it!loai. ^otd cv No Cheap Rates to Niagara Falls This Season. THE INSTRUCTION CAR General News of Railroads 'and Railroad Employes. It •!.•» apparent that cheap excursions to Niagara falls have been doomed by the circular just issued b.v the .luint Trailic association nianagi.'i's. The board of authority lias already disapproved of three Niagara Kails excursions as follows: A three d:iy special excursion from Cleveland, Erie, Dunkirk and immediate points to Niagara Talk and relumed, bused on a maximum fare of £1, with graduated fare:' from inuiiediate points. Second a NicUle-l'late special excursion from Fort, Wayne and immediate points to Niagara Falls and return. 0:1 a basis of •?T from Fort Wayne and proportionate fares from immediate pdilHS. Third, a Pennsylvania line .special excursion to Niagara Falls from East Liverpool upon I lie basis of fares proposed from UU'vclnnd. People throif-rlir.ut tho West nany mourn, but Uiey \vill mourn In vain. There are thousands of farmers ind residents in villages and cities, also, who limlliig a trip to En-rope—such as iieir cousins In New Ynrk take—dis- asiefiil o:' inconsljjlont with I heir bank iceount or otherwise objectionable, eon- cMit themselves with an ouiing to the "alls. Some of the roads run these ex- •iii'siou trains in four or five sections, o popular have (hey become. The busl- icss is almost .entirely new. that is. the iassc:i;.'er.s would not have traveled f.\- ept for Die cheap rates. The regular rave! is undistiirbi'd, :i.nd tile cxcui'*- ons yield a rich revenue to the lines :iiii£ Ihem. . STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPORT. TND.J • S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. "W. Ullory, Vice President, H. J. Holtbrlnk, Ceshler. DIRECTORS. J. F. Johnson. S. W. Ullcry. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and sell Government bonds. Loan money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special certificates of deposits bearing I per cent. Interest when left one year; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boies In Safety Deposit Vaults of thl bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and 'other valluablos rented at from J3 to J15 per year. AN INSTRUCTION CAR. AVilliatn tiai-stang, superintendent of •.olive power, on April 1. ordered Mas- Meclinnic F. M. Lawler. • Uright- •ood .shop;! ID erect a suitable e:ir to inlain the following ninr-hinery to be .sod For insiruction purposes: Two lo- •mtotivc ei]tii|!inents (H 1 air-brakes, gua.l and steam heat apparatus, and >ven equipments of the s:imc- as rtprc- Mited on a train of sevc.-u cars. This machinery is so arranged flint it is operated under air pressure the same as in road service, and In .-uld.irion Hie valves in duplicate are cut in sections that tlu'V may be more fully explained together with blackboard models. The modus operand! of Instruction is for the car to go from one terminal point to an- tj!hCT. where the men are to be instructed in two classes, namely, the engine men in'one class and the trainmen In another, and the examinations held as to their understanding, the object being to have the men understand more thoroughly each duty, that harmony will prevail In railroad service. The appearance of Hie car- and machinery as coiistTiiefcd indicate -much skill displayed on the part of mechanics for which great credit Is due Brightwood shops. The car will leave for Wakish. Ind.. this afternoon, iu charge ill' Mr. W. .7. Hartman, the company's instructor, who will be on the line continually at this particular work. "c* P 'Berg,''of tlie T»iler^uop ts off* duty nutsing a soie inn 'Ed 'Corrlgau, -the famous Chicago sport, -was In tlie city yesterday ou a special train, ,T. M. Wakehmd of the store room, is a temporary widow, his wife is visiting In Idaville. John Murphy of the ereeiing department, is again, at work after recovering from his injury. Notices are being sent out to the effect that Wilson Lovengood has been appointed freight and iVket agent at McGrawsville, I.nd. The lire department of the Panhandle Is practicing every evening and expects to be able to cope with any ordinary bhf/.e that may occur. On Saturday the commercial travelers of Ohio will go from Columbus to Cincinnati over the Pennsylvania line. The p'nrty wil number i!(10 or more. The employes of the Big Four ,vt the shops in Wabash yesterday presented i heir late master mechanic. Doeble.:', with an elegant diamond ring. A regular surgical si:iff has been or- ganixi'd on the C'oluiul.-us, Hocking & S.-inditsky to provide capable surgical service promptly w.'ien It b'.vomes necessary. A Panhandle switch engine crashed into a wagon belonging to the lfowi> Ciivit.-' company, per.'onivng In Chicago, smashing the wagon and fatally injuring liv.: men. The AVaha.-h fast mail train due hei'e at 8:17 in tlie evening, was annulled Tuesday on account of the numerous washi-iits that have rendered !he track in bndy shape between Fort Wayne and Lafayette. Marvin Smith of tliu boiler shop, had a wedding at his house Tuesday evening. Will Dnmliiii-k of Chicago, wa> married to -Miss Similize, by tin; Rev. Mr. Tirmensiein of the Gorman Lutheran cimrch. * The lire i week iu .lune the Protective Traveling Men's Association will convene at Torre Haute. Yesterday the ex- mi rive eonniiiflee of that body arranged '•'»" an excnirsK u ,to Toledo and Detroit over the Vandalia to Indianapolis, the Panhnnd:e to Dayton, and Hie Cincinnati, Hamilton &.-Dayton to Toledo. Deiroil: mid Put-iu-Eay. 13d' liaabe. a drunken man from Peru, came near being killed Tiy :i stone iraia Tuesday. As the (.rain was passing the Fourth street station, he alremp'.ed to hoard it, thinking he was going to Peru. After hanging on for a block he raised hi-mselt to the ladder. The train was stopped the man taken off and locked up by Detective Gallagher for jumping on moving trains. Mis Tmtna McHit UcKei who -nil address thc'hlgji sc-bool graduates at tli cmn-mencc.m,ejnt; tomorrow night, wil leave next Sunday for New York. Wit! her wlH be a party of young Indies an Ohe .following Wednesday the parly wil .sail for Antwerp. They will spend tin summer mo'iuhs in Kurc.pe. .Mrs. Me Itea has rlie chair o-f English Literntun lit Purdue T'niveiskv. The grass/ should be cut at Spcncoi park. A.-fter it was li'innued last sva sun-Mil! park was a very pleasant resort and became very popular. Dane-hit, parties In 1,'he pavilHous are already talked of. and many evening picnic wliJ oceui.' lit the ivirk wltJiiu the fe-\ few week-*. T.he Pago Fence Gianits piny ball fj-wn th-c start to Hie close of Hie game. They play a high grade of the game, rapid ,-uul effective. In 'former seasons theli. work was not. especially notable, but tli,is year they are making league ball •their aiju and study, and they are- accomplishing a great deal. T ( he Ontos were in the games with the colored players, and .made a showing i-n both that was c red i Table to lhe-m. Thei'i? is not.hing db'cour.iging -:i the faot that t.he G.ia.nls won. as that team las been organized njul on t.iic road for many seasons, and !ias met all sorts of chilis. When the lOt. AVayo-e Colts team defeated the Ottos hi. W;LS only by hard work. The Fit. Wayne piu-her said it was 't.he hardest afternoon's work he had done Mils season. The Colls defeat- oil Toledo a day or two after they irlayed i.-u Logansport. In a neighboring city If has been suggested that the men-hauls each sub scribe-to a fund, say twenty-live ce:i;.-! a week,.aml provide for open a.ir concerts. one each week on t.he s-ireel.s by Hie city's band, as a means of reminding c::-' i'/.ous thai they neod sonieiliing down !o\vn, and n-ay make MIC piuvliase and at the same tune hear go,od music, r.o- gansporr has an excellent band. :iu<l mercbaiijis \v\\o are iiuii.-k ro rake sr.g- gesHons, note the good iu iheni. and reject the bad. They will lie able lo see wlierher •::hc:i-e I:-- anything i:.: i.he p!:in ti commend it to vUem or 10 the ppJijik 1 . Saturday May i6th. Aud continuing for two woe some rare bargains,, iu onr C have'marked medium weigh ks, we will place on sale, lothing Department. We t, and summer suiting at COST to close out certain lines. W e are offering most excellent vaJues tliat were never befor e offered at the price, and to all who are looking for • SNAPS Come and see us, we will con vince you that no place in the city Tvill be allowed to undersell us. No matteer what they say. We are Overstocked And must move our goods, ;md have made a pi-ice that , will do it. Our patrons are jiuvised to take advantage of this sale, before it. is too bite.''*;•;•. , • Sample Hats. Do not forget that our Hat Sale of sample hats, at 50 cents on the dollar still continues. Splendid bargains are yet to be picked up in this li ne. Don't miss tlie oppor. tunity. ', ' ^ JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. O. FERUUSOST. A. P-JJBNKS D. E. DELZELL, : : : DENTIST : : : 416 MARKET STREET. Ot>»tahvj over BruiiyjenMo's Mllllnerj Store. L. CK PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and solicits a. share of tho public patronage. None but First Class Companies Represented. DR. S. H. WARD. HOflGEOPATHlST Office 309 Fourth Street. Ovtr TnyloM Jewel i r storo- Residence 913 North Street. JOURNAL TJIL T RSDAY, MAY 2$, 1SOG. Mandolin for sale. Inquire GOG North street. Fancy strawberries G^c a quart nt Foley's. George Harrison hp-ndles LaDdreth's §eeds only. Hammocks at yotir own price at Geo, Harrison's. / Kantmnn & Co., are injthe market for bargain shoes. / C. H. Ste^ns's gaJ^ry at 414 Market street la nowSpaar Competent workmen. Work (guaranteed. Landrctb Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been seed growers for one hundred nnd.fifteen years. Harrison to their agent in Cuss county. WOMAN Shinlil read our fuivertlsemnt on second p;>.so.—IX U. SInser &• Co. OFFICKKS AUK JOLTED. General Manager -T. V. Loree, Gen eral Superintendent W. H. Scriven. Dl vision .Superintendent \Valt\s and Mr S. H. Church of PiUsburg were in i collision near Xewlmrg Tuesday. Thcj were entering the Iowa raid running a a good speed when rounding a curve they met a -freight going out. too late to stop. Both engineers shut off steam mid applied the air-brakes, but to m ava.il. Both engines crashed together, the engineers and liromen of both trains, jumped in lime to save themselves. Aside from a sudden and iiuceremoni ous jostling no one was hurt. Eolh engines were badly damaged and several freight cars were thrown from the track. IMrBOVEMKXTS NOTED. Considerable improvement is taking place in the ereclJug department. All the wheel mills are being removed to the planing mill department iu order to make room for the large engines now waiting for repair work, A now tool room is being creeled for the shops 'ind when all are done the facilities for handling large engines will bo better. RAILROAD NOTES. James Finning o-f the boiler .shop, Is again at work. Lewis Porter of the rip track, is again at work after a lay-off. The plaulng mill and carpenter shop closed last night until .Tune ]. John Carcw, of the machine shops, ,as resigned and will go to Chicago. H. S; Tousley returned from an inspection tour Xorth and will leave for Jie East today. William Greene, General Manager of he Baltimore and Oltlo, lias contracted ,vith tho Richmond locomotive works to build twenty-five freight engines of .he same type these works built for the 3ig Four. One year ago .T. W. Rein-hart was •(resident of the largest system of railways then In the United States, the MEXICAN AVAR VETERANS. 'Die second annual meeting of this as- socinrjon. will be held at Lexington, Ky., (the heart of the Blue Grass country) .on Tuesday, the Dili day of .Tune, 1SDC. at 10 o'clock a. m. To this session every veteran of Hie Mexican war, his wife, daughters and sons are earnestly invited. The citixens of Lexington have tendered to the veterans a grand and hos-pitable welcome. Reduced railway transportation will be arranged for and an attractive program made. S. r. TUFTS, President. Centndia, Illinois;, ALEXANDER WILLIAMS-OX. Corresponding Secretary. Lexington, Ky. .T. W. HARTLEY, Secretary, Pe- catur, in: DELPHI COMING TO THE FRONT. V. L. RickeUs. o-f Hie Delphian Bath.-* Sanitarium was In the city las': week on business of the new institution. -Delphi is coming to the front as a health resort. Tlio waters there probably have no superior In the world and the new Sanitarium is in the hands of some ol! the best men-Mil thc.cily and is destined to becoir.e a feature of not on!y Delphi, but of the Slate. The institution has a great many friends in this county and there in seldom a time when this city is uot represented at the Delphian Bath*. Indiana -has already a number of famous health resorts and Delphi is certain to take rank with Uie best of them. Those who love I'lie henlihy h;:t redolent onion will lie pleased to know •|;h:vf an aisso-cia-likm is being fiv.'jned for I he revival of I'hat lifijnely bulb, :uid the placing o-f the vegetable in its former high favor. The new organization lias for a n'.ot-to "In Onion There 'Ls Strength." U is supposed lhat at the bur.iiuet.s of the club, el.>tlies-plus arc II proniiiiieut feature. At these T.ian- (jnois nothing but ouioiis appear on tho tables, and lihe garden queen is eaten In every form.' Those who linow that tho ail-ion Is one of the best complexion cures;, are unable to use the edible because ol: ihe scent, which makes Hie eater a neighborhood nuisance. It !.s found lhat coffee will destroy the effect ol.' the unpleasant brcaMi of the onion. The coffee .should be hot, and one cup jnsl after onions, is siiilir.leii't. • = INVENTORS = Patents. Patents. Patents. Have you a new idea? Then protect yourself by having it patented. Paints applied for on mechanical devices, including motors, mechanical powem, resses, p;ij)ermaklug, bookbinding, paper manufactures, air and gas engine*, njectoi's and ejectors, stear.: ;?umps. boiler valves, elevators, locks and latches, a Cos, coopering, stone-working, wheelwright machines, wood-sawing, nil wood latliel machines, laundry devices, measuring instruments, vhe.els and driers. All Kinds or. drawings made to order, BYRON B. GORDON Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. metal wind- . The Business Educator, a oim'tcrlv !>ubl-ioa.!-io.n, issued by Hall's IJusiuess College, iis ready for distribution. Be. sides hei-ng n line piece of priming the Educate Ls unusually excellent in t.he (lua'liity of its contents. There are a iiii-mber of able contributors and the illustrations are excellent 1 . WHEN NATURE Needs assistance It may be best to render It promptly, but one should remetn- bei to use even the most perfect roa»- cdies only when needed. The best and most simple and genl'e remedy !s the Syrup of F.igs. manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company. PROF. HIRSCHBERG, the -well-known Eye''Specialist of New York, wishes to inform his many friends and patrons of Logansport and vicinity that be, or one of his staff, wll) be at the store of bis ngcnt, D. A. Hauk, and adjust his celebrated spectacles ond oye glasses to nil In need of them May 25 to 30 Inclusive. Consultation frer .OPERA HOUSE CLUB BOOM. We have opened up a first-class club •yam whore all devotee.* of pool can ipeixl a pleasant time. Tobacco, cigars nul collections. Soft drinks of all sin ds. THE DELPHI BATHS. The Delphian .Baths, of .Delphi, Infii- ina iu cases of Rheumatism, LaGrippc, i.u-d Nerrbus, Blood and Stomach Dis- nnlers, nevei: fail. BEWARE OF OINTMENTS FOR CATARRH THAT CONTAIN MERCURY. , as mercury will surely destroy ilio 1 sense of swell and completely derange the whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never bo used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians as the damage they will do is ten fold to the gooC you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co:, Toledo", O., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In liuying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get .the genuine. It Is taken iiiteriwlly. and made in Toledo, Ohio by F. T. Qlieney & Co. Testimonials free. Sold by druggists, price TOc. per bottle, N - HEADQUARTERS FOR PAIiVFS. About one man In ten doesn't buy his Paints of me. I AM AFTER THAT MAN About one man In ten doesn't know-that tbi other nine of bis fellow n.»r tals have come to the conclusion that it is always safest to buy their Palnti of me. I AH AFTER THAT HAN About one man in ten doesn't know that bis neighbors arc saving money fti every deal bqeause they buy tbeir Paints of n;e. I AM AFTER THAT MAN, About one mail In ten doesn't know that I keep the largest and best itoot of Paints and Paint Supplies In Indiaua. I Afl AFTER THAT nAN About one man In ten doesn't know that I make a speciality of Paints and thereby sell them for less money than It 's possible for my competitors to do, I AM AFTER THAT HAN . About one man in ten doesn't know that 1 "buy my Paints in carload, loti thereby getting rock bottom prices and give n:y customers the benefits tber» of. I AM AFTER|THAT nAN About nine men of every ten do know I am Headquarters for everything iu the Paint line and by purchasing my supplies in large quantities pl*c«t me iu position to undersell my competitors. 1 give you the best goods. I give you the lowest prices. I give you squart dealing and it you are i.he tenth man you are the fellow I am after. I wi*t your trade. Come and see me. 1 will save-you money. B. F. KEESLINQ. 305 Fourth Street, Logansport IB* Loganspoft & DON'T NEGLECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrsehberg Optical Co., of New. York, have completed arrangements to have Prof. Hirschberg, or one of his staff, visit their agent, D. -L Hauk, May 25 to 30th inclusive and exaiuiuc eyes of all who are in need oC glasses. This will be. a rare opportunity for all who are suffering 1 from defective vision to have their eyes scientifically examined nnd corrected. The Processor comes here^wholly In the interests of the Hirschberg Optical Co., and will stop with D. A. Hank where may be found a i'ull 'ine of Hli-schberg's spectacles and eye glasses. All oculists and physicians everywhere pronounce in their favor, ond all who use them are"only too glad to testify to their clearness, durability, comfort and case they give to the eyes, even O'D the most difficult work. Consultation free. • .':,'''• ' T '> \^. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the First of each month, ten day's grace. Al 1 bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Sp3CiaI--Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. COfllNG Processor Hirschberg, the world-renowned eye specialist of New York, or one of his staff, will be iu Logansport from May ' 25th to May 30th ioelasive, at the Store of his Agent. D A HAUK. Consultation ard Examination of the eye* froe of oharge. VAN CAMPS BOSTON BA as the chief cat- able No preparing necessary. Always fresh, moist and ready to be eaten.

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