Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1938 · Page 16
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 16
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PAQfi EIGHT BUSINESS DIRECTORY PROGRAM FOR CLUB MEETING IN PORTLAND KpgSUTH COONTY ADVANCE/AMONA. IOWA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the by LATVYEKS B. Quarton H. W. Miller QUAKTON & MLLLEB Law Offices. raonea: Office 427, residence 31 Algona, Iowa. J. L. BOffAR Attorner-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. Ottce phone 460-W. Algona, low* §ULLITAN, McMAHON & LIOAS V. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Llnnan ^^ Attorneye-at-Law Wflce In new County Mutual Bldg Krone: Office, 261. Algona, Iowa HARRDTQTOIf & LOWE . Attorneys-at-Law H. J. Harrington J. D Low* Wione 287 R. j. H . 440 «. J. TAN NESS, G. TT. STTLLMAJ Lawyers Office in new Heise Block, ftnone 213 Algona, Portland Twp., Mar. 22- Portland Progress club met with Mrs. William Ringsdorf last week , accepted and Th"f Thursday and roll call was ans-, SSSBloo bT'm'ade wered with names of favorite i J& rm . B "«w»i as <*«$"&<* d f ravel Road and second 'Uth County < membershli wered with names of favorite i birds. Articles were read on Iowa history by Mrs. Ray McWhorter and Mrh. Martin Becker, and Farm Bureau follow-up lessons given by Mrs. Jandl on equipment and mother infant care. Lunch was served to more than 30. Assisting hostesses were Mesdames Donald Ringsdorf, Dave Weber, and Victor Applegate. Fitches Hosts at Party- Mr, and Mrs. Del Fitch entertained at 7 o'clock dinner last week Tuesday and at cards in he evening. Messrs and Mesdames Albert Bunkoske, Harold Anderon, Chester Fitch, and Martin , Of pb , n ? Becker, also Harold Bunkoske vere guests. High was won at i f^ier""thaT ffiS l "f 0n ilo"w?,,J e 'SS7&" 00 by Mrs. Becker, and Harold, be ad °Pt<"l: I0 "°wnis resolution Mor 0 rig 0n th«t C ?h? r0 Vo£ nd «<-onded b ? sf3'4-|kS;£Hr" s ' slon 1574 Cans. Morris, comrn. & session 1ST 0 J. H. Fraser, comui. & session 159 | Nntlonnl Reemployment Scrv., office exp 72 H C. H. Ostwlnklc, del. tnx. coll. 110 4 Casey Loss, board nnd lodge, prisoners 407 4 win. Shirley, office exp 47 01 Vern B. Schwlctcrt, olglitth grade examinations 28 8( Mrs. Lee O. Wolf, eighth grade exnms 2 C Miss Knl'th Heed, eighth grade exams £'• A, WI "l<cl, office cxp. ....'.' 5?, t , sfor ? Dumber Co., supplies H yard Chemical Co., supplies Miller Bryan Pierce Co., sup- Frye Mf's.' n no 7 05 4 23 Koch Brothers','suppHos" '.'.'.'.'.'. 10001 Messenger Printing Co., supplies • . .- i-- 1.11*. v-u,, CHinp.. Lakota Record, prlntln Matt 1'nrrott & ..P".es Co., Supplies -"•' irlntlng ions Co., sup- ... .......... . Excelsior Ribbon & CarbonCo!, 870 supplies ""."."" ^ '-"""•"' *•"•> E. P. Getchell, siippl'les".'.'.'.'.'.' 1314 Johnson Randolph Co., sun- plies 4107 Fldlar & Chambers ' Co.',"sup •ho served ns a substitute -wo-' lan, was low. High for men was ! of B E RESOLUTION" -— .. . ».. O ii L.\JI i-ucLi *> iia «r. Anderson, and Mr. Fitch was low. , Glrl Has Doris Applegate 1s "entertain- O. D. Shumway E D KelU I .' ng "., the mumps, but is not hav- ""SSi-iS" (!?»* s^s™£a? t s Over James Drug Store. ' *>& Algona, Iowa, '"fanr Attend Demonstration- Many Portlandites attended 'h he '™ A.?. —"—'=" ""»<= Sicku6SS in the few t. A. WINKEL County Attorney. Attorney-at-Law Over James Drug Store. Phone 180 HIRAM B. TVHITE Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa Stale Bank 206 Algona, P. A. DANSON Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa State Bank Phones: Office, 460-J; Res. 315 i HUTCHISON ~ DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISOS Attorney 0 -at-Law Security State Bank Bldg «>°n e251 A.gona^owaLTineTo. tractor demonstration at Titonka last week Tuesday. The crowd almost equalled that of the annual Indian day celebration. Patient is Getting Better- Mr. J. p. Trunkhl.ll is at home again and showing satisfactory improvment. thla W. E. McDonald Chairman B. S. Kinsey audit piles t Tenklns FerRinnn Co., supplies HnKpard & W Bller, printing .. mncroft Register,' prlntlnf ! whlttemore Chnmplon, print- News ' 'World,'' p'rVn'tln'ff ... Upouier, bty 3111 T. Barnes, bty >lek Stelnharcl, bty P. A. Danson, .T.'P. fees . .. Casey Loss, sheriff fees C. P. Specht, mayor fees .. D T ' •5 I S en - m n r >hnll fees .. P. J. Belken, mayor fees .... Ole T. Molan, mnrshall fees . T S- g?kholm, local registrar I. E. ^Vortman, local registrar ?•„"•-P'eyer. local registrar . Julia Vaske, local registrar ... wniV T^orapson, local registrar w """'" Boyken, local rcgls- V'i '.'• r , i -- nna ell. local registrar Adah Carlson, local registrar . Florence Hoff, local registrar . Fred A. Dlckman, local registrar Henry Tjadcn, mtg. 3 37 09 75 !M 47 85 33 Frnncls Davidson, reporter fees 10 SB Cassey Loss, mileage 51 70 H. ,T. Klttloman, transcript ... 8 00 O. W. Stlllmaii, attorney fees 10 00 T. B. FUND Dr. .T. T. \Valtc, T. B. Insp. . 212 40 Ahrend Hans, imlein. cattle ... 17 83 Lewis 0. Bralcsder, Indcm. ent- ile 10 30 Herman Carlson, Indcm, cattle 17 58 William II. Evans. Indcm. cattle , 7 gg Oryllle W. Gardner, Indcm. cattle 17 82 William Dorscy, Indom. cattle 11 0(1 Kay Elchorn, Indem. cattle .. 30 D2 Edward Henry Kl'ekbnrth, In- dem, cattlo .................. 7 71 dem, cattlo Mrs. Edna Harr, Indem cattlo 2 81 ItllOt JVU till J.J.U1 1 | iUUUIIl V.HUV1U > — v.~ Harvey Jcrgenson, Indem cat- tin : 31 21 Arthur A, Kramcrsmcler, In- dem. cattlo Henry A. Mollne, Indcrn, cat- tie Victor Dau, Indcm. cattlo 15 30 0 23 15 05 co , n. .... August Brown, Indcm. cattle . 8 70 , . . Francis D. Cochran, Indcm cattle ........................ Frank X. Deltcrlug, Indem cattlo ....................... Leo P. Elbert, Indcm. cattlo ... 22 83 2110 7 70 George, rteyes. Indcm. cnttlo ,. George Hfggln», Indem cuttle , Pntrfck H. McNertncy, Indcm. Harold Miller, Indem. cattle . Fred D. Anderson, Indem cattlo John Blum, Indcm. cattlo ., Hnrry F, Fish, Indem cattlo .. George Gcrlmrds, Indcm. cattlo David A. Nosier, Indcm. cattle " aacson & Ltndc, Indcm jmttle Alvn Kahler, liulom. cattle .... Clarence Seeflold. Indem. cattle Ucrman F. Sodcrberg, Indcm cnttlo ,,, 20 .OS 30.14 ratmsDAv ^vS 10 00 | : Bl 25 j 70 00 • ' Henry Tjadcn, mtg Art Crulkohshank, mtg - ' Klone MAURICE C. McMAHON Attorney-at-Law Office in Heise Bldg. Other Portland. Sunday dinner guests at Troy Jandl's were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collinson, Ehnore; the Mennet Trunkhills; Elda Jandl and her roommate, of Fort Dodge. The girls came for the week-end with Lois Mann, teacher. Mrs. G. U. Fairbanks and Marie Grover, Burt, spent last week Thursday at the L. J. Fairbanks home and were afternoon callers 6 school which the ttL Le ^!- A"::::::: : $ i" freTlh Ludtke, btv. 3 no 15 03 15 00 1 00 s . . ...... .. R. A. Harvey, mtg .Toe Rnhc. mtsr. j. E. Keiiy. mtg.":::::::::: George E. Butterfleld, mtg. •T. J. Anderson, mtg Riel' p "ft r atz, mtg C. W. Elbert, mtg ..... ,, Peter Elbert, mtg. " . . . Martin Meyer, mtg ........ .'.' Henry Borman, mtg Eugene iiyerl,' bty i J$ *„„„»«„„ Won. salary":.'::: 4J5 00 Bv^nlio?"K'!^fT" :: 1 I! Dorothv T fi,,,»ti "•;_••••••• 'jy yy -->-«»*,J UUIU1UU, 111L£ .John Borman, mtg Charles Plathe, mtg. ..' .Tohn Frelderes, mtg. . "" Andrew M. Hnnsen. weed com'. Callaghon & Co., supplies Mason-Publishing-Co.,-supplies R. M. Minkel. med Iowa Mutual Tornado Insurance Ass'n., premium Browns Studio, pictures Clotilda Hutchlnson, O. A P 2 1 4 0 JOHN N. KENEFICK Physician and Surgeon Office over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326 C. H. CUETZMETEfi, M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith Block Phones 444-310 Jugona T . lowa MELTIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Phones: Office. lf)7: residence, 194 DENTISTS ~ DR. H. M. OLSON Dentist Office in New call Theatre Bldg Phones: Business, 166; Res., 78J. Algona, Iowa -.~. u uvyiivjw* »muu i.ne small Fairbanks son "Pepper" attends. Sunday dinner guests at Russell Shipler's were the Samuel Shiplers, Tony Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson, and the I James Shiplers. The Robert Carneys and Mr. Mrs. William Carney were St. Patrick's day supper and evening guests at Ralph Carney's, Burt Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Fairbanks were last week Tuesday evening guests at Doctor Wallace's, Algona. The latest meeting of the Four Corners Social club was with Mrs. Martin Larsen. Leola Bunkoske spent last week with relatives at Ottumwa. , ...... T. Shatto, salary 05 n Lucille Dole, salary ........ 0500 «!„„ Co3 S r °Te, comm. & Ses- • "•••"••*. .mjk w b^Miuauu t \j, A. I.. Inves ',, . 17 Kf W. H nicklcfs,' quarr.' cxp'.''.'.' 4 RO S cr tr c °der, quarr. cxp 3 7r H. H Dryer, quarr exp 3 41 " G. Bourncd, med. ". 2 ni - . Dr. .Tanse, med 18 CH E. MeDo - naid,"comm."&" se 's- " -1 .1 mi.ni^t iiicu, ...,.,,.,,,,. If* IM 3r C. D Schaap, dental fl 00 A V »V •Ji',1 nRe 1>nf Co -- supplies 307 On A. M. Hilton, labor ;.... o 0( COURT FUND ^^W'VVWWAWAVWWWWVW, SINCE 1914— [Board Proceecfings GEO. D. WALIUTH, D. D. S. General Dentistry Phone 20 Algona, Iowa KAEL R. HOFF3LVN Dentist Office in New Heise Bldg .Phones: Office 44, res. 116. DB. C. D. SCHAAP Dentist Algona, Iowa Over James Drug Store. Phones: Bus. 133, res. 174. VETERINARIANS " L. W. FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarians West State Street, Algona Phones: Office, 475-W; Res., 475-R Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, February L'S, 1'JliS ]0:UU A. SI. .1'iilu Alto County Board of Supervisors met in joint session with Kos- sutli County Board. Members present liirojf, L'oiilon ami CottliiKtun «f I'nlo Alto County jind Fraser, Cosgrove, Morris. Helken uuil Sleljouald of Kos- sutli County. Joint Iloaril prooeeiled by appolut- iu = Cottlngton to act as Chairman and Ivfnsey to act as Secretary. Motion by Jlorris and seconded by Lonlon that gravel assessments for Joint Road Districts Xo. 410, No. B45 be confirmed and that said assessments be spread over district as set out. Ayes: All. E. S. KIXSF.T County Auditor Auditor's Office T> > . March 1, ions Board of Supervisors met pursuant . Motion by Fraser and seconded bv Cosgrove tliat the following grave oo U ,°,S S bfi I' 1 "™'' on file, Xos 4L'7 4JS. 41'!) and 4IJO. Ayes: All " e Motion by Fraser and seconded by rinft' r ° T ? r5 hat the nomestead credit hi?^n° f n G ?° rsc B> llilw ™tt for 1(«7 be cancelled as requested. Ayes- All f-nl 01 "" 1 I 1 ? Mo ," ls « Dl1 sel-inded by Ve n th! ;f the , flnnl estimates of Brothers be approved as fol- KOSSUTH COUNTY MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION 119,000,000 worth of Insurance In toree. A home company. Safe, se- «nre. p. p. p ax son, Secretarj LOANS AX1) INSURANCE JTUUTAGII & SON Form Loans Real Estate Insurance and Bonds Security State. Bank Bldg Phone 105 Your Money's Worth in BEAL ESTATE, HEAL ESTVTF LOANS, AKlJ INSUHVVCE JOEL M. HEJtBST Office OTer In. State Bk. 1'hone 08 "" tlon '?•!" Fraser and seconded by h ?' the Old A ee Pension ^h aIHl I' 01 "" 1 ? of KUn 3 ' 1035 ' nnd 1!) . Motion by Fraser and seconded by «?hfl rove tllat Lots 7 and S, Block " Whlttemore, Iowa, be assessed at $70 00 ', ^'l^^r mmen T llei1 b - v Town Council r "'. °"iore, Iowa at regular set Motln e n bl v mi V t "' 103S ' Ayes All n raser nnd seconJod by Poll Tax rOI ishlp be abated, reason wccus to nay same. Ayes: r ™ ser seconded Aves- All See D. D. PAXSON For Town Dwelling, Household Goods, and Automobile Insurance Do not neglect your policy for often loss occurs when insurance lapses. Algona BDNGE SHOE SHOP Shoes Shined and Repaired. Iowa Bankers Life Farm Loans Low r 6 icte t sss&. frm See me for prompt closing, no commission. EDWARD CAFESICS Heise Bldg. Algona, Iowa GENERAL CONTRACTING Building, Repairing and Remodeling . . . We'll appreciate a chance to talk it over with you, and offer estimates on work . . . now is the time to start your planning. E. W. HANSEN General Contracting and Building Phone 3 1 7-J Algona, Iowa U o U111,11 ( j., j • M i ill .(Continue,^ to 30 on PAINT anJ WALLPAPER Pratt & Lambert "61" has been the basic standard of all paint for nearly 100 yrs. Government specifications call for Pratt & Lambert, or equal. As distributors of this paint in Northwest Iowa, we have the most complete stock of paint you can find... every color... every type ... for small home job to the largest painting order. Paint - Varnish - Enamel Jobbers of- —Dutch Boy White Lead —Pittsburg Window and Plate Glass —Armstrong Linoleums —Capital Rock Wool Insulation Why You Can Do Better at North West Iowa's LargJ est Paint, Wallpaper Store- 1—VARIETY: 300 different patterns in stock-1 buy in carloads and cut paper in'our own store to order. 2—PRICE: Because we are distributors and job bers, we can offer a price advantage to all. b 3—PERSONAL HELP: A qualified, experienced wallpaper man is in charge of our-store. He is a graduate interior decorator, ready to offer sound, practical assistance ii selection of paint or paper. Spring Wallpaper GET ACQUAINTED OFFER $ 1.00 Per Room Includes Sidewall, Ceiling and Border Other Papers 4c to $12 per roll Ci WHOLESALE AND RETAIL i Block South Iowa State Bank Phone 275 W& .ALL ELECTRIC HOME —^••w^ Low Down Payments on the Finest ELECTRIC RANGES NEW 1938 MODEL RANGES MADE BY Hot Point Z/ou? Down Payments Make it Easy to Buy Monarch Qn Ranges a down payment of $10 and $10 per month wiU put a new, 1938 ' n Save money on current, have ON DISPLAY AT The City Hall (City of Algona) Q\CTOt2E OF A /MAN ' - way faucet effort ' reoonunen d Westinghouss Water ^^ fo f ^ery home, detaUa *«« AU magic fa *" At * low yow budget

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