Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1938 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Clnb leaders Attend School— ""- rty-four club leaders, as- leaders, and 4-H girls at- n^o , a . l esson No - 2 training school at Bancroft Tuesday. Florence Forbes, Ames, was conductor and discussed curtains, draperies, bed spreads, dresser scarfs, dressing table covers, chair covers, and Pillows in the morning. Miss Forbes remarked that dresser scarfs should be brief and' coiorfu,. pillowS) nnd ™i fortmg, not just "to look at." ! In the afternoon Miss Forbes ] discussed three types of home-'of made rag rues, braided, crocheted, OOr and hooked. "Oval rectangular Lif EM'GURG GETS OUT OF PAYING " •••••• \f • PAVING-BONDS New Locations for Persons Ousted by Christensen Blaze . Persons who officed over Chris- tenaen's and Barry's moved equip- TT1 Ptl f r»i i f 1« „ * i _ . * * KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA ° ut 'ft week and are settled as follows: now High Court Decision Hits Bankers I :f^ Bankers Lif« Big Sum. v h ,„ , PV Jiio, Ferguson Wins Ames Major Award The sports section of Sunday's Des Moines Register reported 25 major athletic awards conferred by the State college authorities, and among young man honored in th ° neatly got out of some later In the day. Attending besides If. T). Kutrhlns (farm wort- WPP n.ssoclnfton), K C . ?r c . Million, over Const } 0 'nor i Mi,, Pepoon/fft' leaders and bonds , ,«, cove , .. ~. v --.u.^ it-ciuei s ana . "unus cove iistants: Mrs. Fred Kollasch and ments again- Airs (.aH Ebert. Whittemore; Mrs. |been sold foi \\. J. A\ei-sbrod and Lorena Drey- 1 The er, Fenton; Mrs. " — -- ' : tine, Lakota; Mrs Po^and^V'c"' R'n^o'rfi.rr.bio bocaus i ui U.UKI, .Mrs. Cr. G. Pefferman p-onf j n -in total ""to .iwuiift 1JUU1 Jl( was John Ferguson, son of Mrs. Hortense Ferguson, of Algona. \oung Ferguson was recognized as a member of the college's "Big Six conference championship" swimming team. He Is a senior in forestry and will be graduated this spring. His elder brother Lewis, now in an Ames CCC camp, where he has charge of an abore- aum (park in which trees are plant ed and cared for), Is a State col- ege forestry graduate, and the brother William has for some years been in RFC employ at Washington, D. C., meanwhile taking university night school studies and majoring in finance. $440 - which had The s tate Change Permit Tests schedule property taxes. i. ,~ *- *-"n-iuiLueii s sen ^'i?£:&^^.^\^£z&£«£ A. Rin,sdorf. „„„,„ _...! ,.' h ^% 0c ^\^|P«™^He_reafter the patrolmen Ralph Brown, Cresco; and out' the Luolla Blunier, Lu Verne. Committee members attending were: County Chairman Mrs. Ray and h justice, tr cf be here bonds. Former Algona Girl Mourns Her Husband nn v U n y, el ' ne> Mar> 22 -The Bethany college a cappella nholr from North End Couple Wed 64 Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ditsworth, Bancroft, reached the 64th anniversary of their marriage a week ago Saturday. Mr. Ditsworth Is past 91, and his wife is past 80. The Bancroft!- Register says they were married nt Freeport, 111., on March 11, 1874, and have lived 55 years in Iowa, most of the time n this county. TJhere are' nine children, 30 grandchildren, and 33 great - grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild— five generations in the Ditswarth family. Mr. Ditsworth has of late been in poor heatlh. ' WANTED — GOOD USED BABY carriage.—Call 872-W. 8g27 FOR RENT—5-ROOM MODERN apartment.—Mrs. W. C. Good, 617 S. Dodge. 13u27 FOR SALE—ONE WIRE Electric fence controller.—Clifford Rlob- hoff, Sexton. 10p27-28 FOR SALE—TEAM GOOD young brown mares coming three.— Carl Hutehins, phone 24F3. 13p27 .JJLAGJK: CfAT LOSf SAT- tifdoyt—Call 61. USED BICYCLES — TRADE IN your old bicycle todays r- Joe Bloom. 10(2)27 ^fe^ L boards. H Bm , ^^Sifl *teflt. phoK^VHi Shop.. . «•«. HoiiaSI FOR SALE—ALFALFA MAY, bal- ] Tn nnV""i l " Kf cd and loose; also canary birds. — ' phon o :i! -Mrs. Jacob Winkel, 20F13. 14p27 the rn, ' 0 ' C ur ' nB - , Brown a ,,d Mrs. A B Schonck Emma Gutknecht, S,;' and Mm. Ardon Reynolds, Ledvard Four-U K irl s present were ' the j R,, <^ - conn t>- htatorlan. Betty Anderson, eio bonds J f f " 1USt now write and Ruby Hor ff , Swea City; Eliza- lts rec °rds. both Ann Inman, Bancroft: I.or- c "'~*~ - ' — .Swen Mnnison, Wesley, S3. venintr ' to Bancroft Satur- Heald - six threo Dissent- .- -^.... .mi,,in t i>«un;i ui I; l.OJ'- etta Kisch; LeoUi Bunkofske Portland; and Irene Krnu.se. Fenton. Mrs. Arlliur Krause, Fenton, was a visitor. I Wesley, celebrated day. Mis his 81st bi'-th-li-- .taUsWor-l,,.,,,;'' Monaon ,„..„„„_ ^ T?.Mr"" I Kossuth Group to Garner F. B. Meet Attending a district Farm Bureau meeting at Garner Wednesday were the Kossuth officers: Chairman C, W. Bleich, Burt w ^ Cha r*"' Ethvard ?°™s- choi choir has es in sacred music. , Sive a coucert '!? S at the Bvangell- C 5 urch » of whlch the nb ^ rs ls 1)astor - Th£ > voices and specializ- has become the north- . A. Palmer is 85, But is Still Spry R. A. Palmer reached his SSth birthday last week Sunday. Asked what he did by way of celebration, he snid, "I didn't do a darned thing; just stayed home and behaved myself." Mrs. Palmer, who is /G, has been a trifle 'under the t M 0t " i? f , lnte ' the 1>esult of Mr. Palmer has for 40 years been secretary of the local Masonic chapter, and the grand secretary in a recent letter, remarked that Dick' was probably the oldest chapter secretary In the state. FOR QUICK SALE—TWO-DOOR Herrick refrigerator, $3.—W. J. Payne, 7.18 South Jones street. p27 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE — THE quick, easy, Inexpensive- way to find the buyers—Advance for-snle ads. , • {( FOR SALE — PUREBRED Poland China gilts, to farrow in May Henry J. Hduptly, Wesley, Iowa. 16p2G-27 FOR SALE—ONE 10-FT. CULTI- . Packer and one 4-section flexible [drag.—C. R, Schoby, Algona. p27 FOR SALE — BROODER HOUSE, • 500-chick size. With brooder [stove,—Emmet Paetz, 29F21. 13p27 FIRST CLASS MARES and horses for sale.—O. E. Ely, Wesley. P26-28 FOR SALE—SEED BARLEY AND Silver King seed corn. — J. s. Thompson, Algona, phono 26F12.' 13p27 AGENT FOR WHOLESALE deliveries, major oil company bulk plant Ju Algona, la.—Call or white Advance. 17p27 WANTED—SMALL SAFE FOR records.—Write "A," care of Ad- Vlaicc - . 10u24tf 'Heads Ames Group * , *" "*>'«•'" features from the 16th, 17th, and 18th riOS ' WJth the choir " u U asslstln s soloisu, the T,/^ UDS or &anist and Rhoda Mtschke. The concert will begin at 8, and a silver offering will be taken FARMS FOR SALE-IF C you want to sell a farm Advance readers will be interested. Use a for-sale ad. A KITCHEN SINK—NEW MODERN type with single or d&uble drain OB, C, C, Above James I) nig °" HOSPITAL GENERAL. Hauenstein, minor surgery Tiss as hostesses. Sixteen members attended. also a guest, Minnie J. Loate. Bridge was played at three tables, Anna Buss winning- nigh and Imelda Dooley bein'" Jow. Lula Huenhold won travel- and Bertha E. Johnson, a chair Prize. Chinker-eheks was played at one table, Dorothy Stott winning high, and Laura Mitchell be- ,ov, T V ' •> tw °- cou ™ lunch was seized, ami ,t was decided to have a pot-luck .supper at Miss Johnson s next Tuesday evening. Ericlisons ',','.) Tears IVcd— and Mr s . p. south of James Schwartz, Fenton, was chief of a group of four Ames journalism students who edited the Rockwell City Advocate lost week! James is a son of J. A, Schwartz Fenton, and a brother of Karl s" Schwartz, who has been doing a brilliant job as editor of the Fenton Reporter since the boys' fath- chiPf eC nf m ?> po ^ tmaster - James was chief of the Ames boys who were editing the Advocate. Picking Cast for Piny. The cast for a high school sei I ior play is being picked th David Phillips, the hig who will direct (FOR SALE—ALFALFA and straw Baled or loose.—A. J. Dltmor ! Burt - llp26-27 WHICH FOUR TOWNSHIPS IN Kossuth county are longer than others? Which 1 four townships are shorter? Get your new 1937 plat book at the Advance office. It shows. Only ?3 plus tax. Cash with mail orders. otf Burt, medical treatment. ?,nu- ' n SPRAY FRUIT TI ^ES now. Dormant spray kills eggs and larvae left from last vear- r J nrm*-j T,,K,-, T:I_ . -i. -. . . * "-in . BEAUTIFUL SILVERWARE-WE navfi vtirfnnc «T, *. .. , . . •*-* TH U1U Jttst vear — on ^lli ( ^ n Foth ' Xo - 334. ' 17P27 "s. — — ._. fc_, A J_J y ^ nave various chest and patterns. -'-v '.iv—uuu IN'EW ne.s now on display, are unus- range of pric Club tern s»i '' u ^~ tei_n 1881 Rogers at Lusby's. (2)27 folders of the sort usedb7 pro "»"ial and business men for ners" A 6 ^"' bUls ' and other P^- pers.—Advance. ^ , Jacob Maasdam, s'ton: Aster and George Erickson, Humboldt; the Donald T ET ",?" 0 EL, A 1 ?™?' - Johanna. tn, . washers, ranges, heat- m^' CO r^- mtnS ' available man. Choice several Iowa Capital ams Wh , a re «I°'™d Adamb Wholesale Inc., Waterloo, Iowa. Sri"- 0 ^sss-rrsr-f FH ^ «^-™ k s- *• s^ ln "»" ttU *s^ certified, edge. germination, $5.90 per -iel; also some medium red clover seed.-M. A. Sorlien, Bode 25p27-28 same farm foi- some years. "»v. ii. :>r. s. : Jethodist Woman's Home for I - »«=«cal infomation --Clii1schilles ^ * ^ ID ATE FOR COUN ° f the Seco »d r d Journeys Along Rural Roads; and C. R. Holt will offering service. republican ticket at WILL YOU EXCHANGE? unnecessary discomfort' THE suf- See us.-Hub Clothiers. 31(2)27 CENTRAL I'arfy Honors n IJirlhdiiy— Mrs. Stof.-kwell, -N'axarene day whool Woman's class t Sun_.-.. ...,.,.,, „, ,-.un>rise last week inursday. when members gathered at Mrs. E. \. Taylor's to help'her ce-lebratt- a birthday. The time was •"•pent at pif-f.-ing quilt blocks and a birthday oake decorated in St Patrick colors was served, wel v Mrs- « . ft. I^wis, di«l at '.o, is now G .-error street. FOR SALE-GAIUQ¥l_^r7£o7 ablTL 'T 01 - WUh Wn " board ' ^it- able for hying quarlers. Mile west of Cresco church.-A. J. Bernau. . 22p(26)g SUBJECT TO THE DECISION OF the voters in the June primary I hereby announce my candidacy for the democratic nomination for -C 01 M SO C iU l £ 6 F ° Urth dl 8flct '- M - Gros s, Feiiton township. 30p27-28 who recently ,, vi Mc- «"«."- Corps fluids- Th, T£,:llof r:,,,.p s club mot A ( .< : d7,f.K, lay u , th Mn . rjf;1)a T wan. Mrs-. Martin Bonnstetter and Mrs. rarrio Uivls a.^f.minr. The pro^ranj con.si.Hted of patriotic- c e - Kl ' "anipphlre Reds.- t™", & ,° H:itch «'-y. - 01 /2 miles south, , ," e ;-St of Lon( ' Rock . Phone i '~ - - ___22p2_7- ! 0 ^^^f 1 ; '"HR WORK _ TIRES and tubes repaired promptly and ™,, C ' 7 /' r C( ' u IP mf -'H Is new ' mon '- Phone 856. - Vic's ,-(2)27 . f. R. ___ I'nion Four-lf (iirls Mc-r-t The I'nion Alethoan O n - with £*. ana MISS I'fpofjn. county JI D .\ tors M T u L ° (i ncarclls werfi ; ' i ' si '- > " Kivon by T PETROLEUM „, extra qual- nn iu roofin S. and Columbia also Pqna "^P ain ts and varnishes, S£,eSrsja,,w!; s %& Hanson, 402 N. Hall,'Algona 31(2)27-29 GROWN bu, up Alsike, cooperating gro'wersf°' ' D ' 33(2)24-27 ! ARMSTRONG'S \ifMM "^ paUerns - They're beau' n ° W clever ide;is '" V - V °W-I)ONT nilnu t« slio met - n at the European hnfni n",,,i "Her a busings meeting 'M, N ' KW I carl Piim-iiM ,„. ,_. , . -"'".i -; ; —vcu ,, uo ine' lr> ^ i '! fJowl , sh!ulcs witjh latest rna- ... on transfer, and Mrs. Walter ' H ' Vor y '"cxbenBive. We Ivtamp, was installed as vice-grand' i"'^" 1 ' 0 , iuid "^ 4 your order lTl° ^ a r° Tr JT . d ': aped i™ the -_^^_ 20C27 !.,(„ -AT T T ---- "'ttijeu ior tlie late 3tf J. Jones, who was a mern- > Dehnert served lunch Card Tleiiofit ( s Planned— A Rebokah benefit card party ur automatic electHr- ««l.urute sanitary hatcher. Spec al Etcher™ Gregor. It will be sponsored by°a Cllt)"i H 111 111 'i nrvi-i-* f,r, i. H,T,,,, T -r-i **I f S, J j, I< V V-8 LWB dual- old, at last week at Mrs. Rices'. The attendance of the public is invited. Mrs. P. j. Kohlhaas entertained at bridge Tuesday in honor of Mrs John Frank], who is home for the spring vacation from Boulder, Colo. She will go back Saturday with her daughter and son, Helen and Harlan, who attend a university there. Ford ck, motor — Mrs. Henry 21p27 POULTRY RAISERS-rWE~lLWE" your needs; peat moss, S260- Lapp's Hygeno litter. \$1AO; Algona gon gona Produce, phone' !i. JWE FEATURE * ul ,^, wu w{o . I ducts to be demonstrated at the Cookmg School starting next week Fresh hot bologna today (Thurs- day.)—Sorensen'B Gnxery. C27 PARADE WILL BE this plain, severely tailored sport coat made from that marvelous new silk twisted boucle tweed—the finest material ever turned out for wear and sight- liness. These coats come in a variety of styles—in all sizes from 12 to 62 (the extra sizes come higher) in green and tan mixtures- some loose — some belted, | but every one a "beauty." _ You'll like the firm, sturdy 'eel" of the cloth—you'll *e the trim, slenderizing lines—and last but not least, you'll like the exceedingly low prices — only $*7.95 The Chrischilles Store BONNETS of Unusual Distinction Chrischilles Store Such beautiful and differ- nt hats as the millinery tyle creators have given the women this Spring — just dozens and dozens of distinctive shapes and sizes—pill boxes, off-the lace, sailors, brims, turn ups and turn-downs — the list goes on endlessly. Come in this week and see the many new hats we have received this week You'll like them and you'll like the wide range of price— $1.98 to $11.50 ].><? SUITE Chrischilles Store NOTICE! I plan to open my beauty parlor In the *,.,„„ , ns soon as the shoppe is remodeled and n « mcnt arrives. " Irene Drager Those Smart Sport Jackets are Here Chrischilles Store $3.98 SKIRTS Come in two price ranges $1.98 Ve nominate as the clas- ic of the season this link losed, man tailored suit Grey, brown, black. n ts are the greatest values we « «touch es » , gol , s> and for only a small here NO W _ t he nWch is in St0 ck. FLASH! store

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