The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on June 17, 1993 · Page 70
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 70

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1993
Page 70
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D6l THURSDAY TV The Sun THURSDAY, June 17, 1993 Glover hopes 'South Beach' thriller will break typecasting John Glover, known for playing creepy villains in such films as "52 Pick-Up" and "Masquerade." gets a chance to break his typecasting this summer in NBC's "South Beach." "They call him 'The Enigma,' " Glover said, laughing. "I've played a lot of cold, heartless men before, but this one is on the side of good. The potential for my character is enormous." In the series which airs at 9 p.m. Tuesdays, Glover plays a master criminologist who runs a group of former criminals, one of them played by Yancy Butler, who now operate on the right side of the law. "The potential for my character is enormous," he said. "He has the same criminal urges, but he fights them." Glover said Hollywood began casting him as a villain after seeing Jane Fonda toss a table at his "smarmy" character Sammy in "Julia." But he believes there is a much deeper reason why he has been attracted to playing characters who walk on the dark side. He understands these sad, lonely men all too well. "I grew up as a lonely child," Glover said. "I was alone. It was just me. I understand these men. I grew up, like them, feeling like an outsider a lot of the time." 'Jurassic' series? In the wake of "Jurassic Park's" record-breaking opening weekend, spokesmen for Amblin Entertainment and MCA confirmed that an animated series based on the movie is already in the works. The project, if it meets with Steven Spielberg's approval, is likely to be the most expensive animated series to date. "We are developing a TV series that we anticipate would be computer animated and very sophisticated," said Jeff Segal, president of Universal Cartoon Studios. "However, Spielberg has not had a chance yet to look at either the material or the format for the series." If the series goes ahead, Se- TV NOTES John Glover Plays master criminologist gal said, "We would aim it at the same audience as the movie not specifically at young kids, although we hope they'd find it appealing, but at a much broader audience." He added that Universal is investigating the possibility of making it for pri-metime. While Segal did not want to go into the specifics of the series, he said, "It would essentially pick up from the closing moments of the movie and it would continue the story in a very dramatic way. The intention would be to continue with the primary characters and also introduce new characters." Where's Rosle? Most of ABC's hit series were represented at last week's affiliate convention "Home Improvement's" Patricia Richardson, "Coach's" Shelley Fa-bares and upcoming series stars like Paula Poundstone and "Grace Under Fire's" Brett Butler. One noticeable absence, however, was Roseanne Arnold, who fought ABC over the cancellation of husband Tom's "The Jackie Thomas Show" and vowed to leave ABC at the end of next season. Ted Harbert, president of ABC Entertainment, insists all is well now. but there were plenty of Roseanne jokes. Fred Savage of "The Wonder Years" came onstage to pass a lit torch to younger brother Ben, who stars in ABC's new "Boy Meets World." Ben turned to Harbert and said, "You want me to take this to Roseanne's house and do what?" Butler's new sitcom is produced by Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner, the same folks who bring you "Roseanne." "I know what you're thinking," Butler said to the affiliates. "A woman comedian in a sitcom from Carsey-Werner trouble ahead." Time for change After 7,000 episodes, "Days of Our Lives" is going to have a new opening. On June 21, "Days" will introduce a new opening, a "bumper" between the show and the commercials, and new closing credits. Says executive producer Ken Corday, "The original opening was shot in 1964 on 35mm film and Mac's (Macdon-ald Carey) voice was laid down at the same time. After nearly 29 years, the film has deteriorated to such an extent that it was essential to bring our look into the '90s. So what we've done is used the same narrative, the same music and the same logo, but we reshot the opening using current state-of-the-art techniques. "By keeping the music, the text and the hourglass, we were able to keep the emotional quality of the opening instead of developing a new impersonal computer image." Correspondent named Lisa Stark has been named a correspondent for "News-One," ABC's affiliate news service. She will be based in the ABC News Washington bureau and will cover Washington news and breaking national stories. Stark joins ABC News from KGO-TV, the San Francisco station owned by the network. From Sun News Services PRIME TIME rffSagfiSS ' - -""""Oil 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 1 1:30 fa I Highway I Back 2 Work I Eye to Eye (Series I Picket Fences News Silk Patrol Premierel Stalkings . mm Hit Hardcopy I Different I Wings Cheers I Seinfeld Sisters News Tonight Tonight World Show Saved by Murphy wEmBlnoftkoAjibn)kMi News Cheers Designing the Bell Brown CoMn, Retort Laiwliuj Women Q Jeopardy! Wheel o( Matlock I Crossroads PnmetimeLive News U.S.0pen Fortune Golf Q Inside Golden News News News Nighttalk Edition Girts rjrj Married... Current Simpsons Martin In Living Down the News Cops M'A'S'H With Affair Color Shore nn Star Trek: The Next -fiitfo('M)MWiIKMton,aW News ArsenioHall Generation Watanabe World Report Korean KTE Daily Korean Comedy Drama Korean Documen- News Drama News Hour Mun. taries CQ (6:30) MotorWeek Mechanic Mexican Discover Mexico Dennis Tony I Remember Television Child at Large Kitchen Wholey Brown era (6:30) Life and 7UpJapan Mystery! (Part 4 of 6) Works Charlie Rose MacNeil Times CQ Rosangelica LosParientesPobres EntrelaVidayla LenteLoco Bienvenidos Noticias Noticiero Muerte Univision eg Rifleman Hogan's Horse Hollywood Combat! Hill Street Blues JuneCain Paid Heroes Racing Park Miller Program m Love Andy vVtetf('M)T)n(mPoww,Si In the Heat of the Night Hogan's ASAP. Connection Griffith Miywird Heroes CABLE CHANNELS 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 A4E Brute Force: Weapons Evening at the Improv RealWest Wildlife Mysteries Brute Force: Weapons .MP m-($:30)jyeoei:n)-k-k hlmiM, m-nyUnbyNltMW)ftfoy wlln)okwlt WIU UflnDy Oranltf, Catty 0'Doniwll (') cmn World News Sports Moneyline Newsnight Crossfire Larry King Live Worldwide Sports Tonight Update Latenight m- (6:00) India Wheel Safari India WheelofLife ZooLife PISC of Life msM (ttiO) I American -Xnr('U) Km Marshall, lywttt I wm-ln It a kitty IplHdoni I nWrrf'fH) Sunny Teacher Anthony WHIIamHoMii,JfiiilfwJoMa ESPN (4;30) PGA Golf: U.S. Baseball Sportscenter Motorcycle Racing: Motoworld Tho- Sportscen- Open Tonight AMASupercross Series roughbreds ter riy Waltons Young Riders I Father Dowling 1 700 Club Scarecrow and Mrs. I Mysteries King upn tStirTrtknnMUdltconrdComtry m-tltckatlUK, 12) Don I Comedy Boxing: Foreman vs. (M,?l)WIIIIithtiw "Dm Draon" Wilton, Brad Htfton Jam Morrison LFE Unsolved Mysteries LA Law fPftctPopli('&) Parry Klnfc Thirtysomething Liuran Hutton MAX m-Momoln of in Inrklto HhiVQ-U' m-to HMntoiM(R, '92) Eric m-AmliyvllblMZH'l C2) Chavy Chaw, Daryl Hannah Stottt, Halan Hunt About flmtW BeavisS Totally Different Pauly MTV Prime I House of I House of Beavis & IComikaze Butthead Style Style Butthead NASH I6'00' Path to I Club Dance I Crook and Chase Nashville Now Path to Nashville Stardom Stardom NICK Looney Bullwinkle Get Smart Dick Van Dragnet Lucy Show Mary Tyler Mary Tyler A Superman Tunes Dyke Moore Moore Hitchcock PRIME ,6:301 PnmeTime This Week in NASCAR CycleWorld PressBox American Challenge Champion- . Motorsprt Motorsports Ride ofChamps. ship SHO -MS) LA. Story fOaitfirlR, '92) Bryan Brown, Roma rftftM(F13,,92)Tom (PO-13,'91) Dewnay Crate, Nicole Kidman TM- TnmtlrtnHylltHllliukytW -AWOff(PO-13, -92) Card -&cttr(R,'M) CM) Jaion Rooarda, Brttt Ekiand BrnaW,MlenaalCalna JodlaFetr tut m-CnttimttlHWoridForgoH'n) WnMWWiotiMH,M)Hig m-$tnld,nj JalkEQ, Tony Bon rw Marfowe, Nancy Qatna lent itya, fee Morton U8. Quantum Leap I Murder, She Wrote iw-ffam(M)ytvtSUIIona, MacGyver Richard Cranna UH1 Sunday Comics Rumor Has Saturday Sunday Comics I Saturday I All Nighter It Night Live Night Live won News NightCourt Highlander: The Series flittoNlglrH'M) Joff QoldWum, I Kojak MkriaUa Pfarffor uni rlOMCj)iiKM('0)-rnma I wm-KIHt firty(U) Martin Hewitt, Ralph m-m$Hoat Aopraikuta) 0m Hackman, Dan Arkroyd faymoar Pououod TODAY'S HIGHLIGHTS THURSDAY MORNING 6:30 'BD Barmy 1 Frlanda "Caring Means Shar- ing." (Re) (Stereo) (CC) 7:00 JB Thli Morning Scheduled: trie Moody t Blues. (CC) O Today Scheduled: actor-author Leslie Nielsen ("The Naked Truth"); actor F. Murray , Abraham ("Last Action Hero")(Part 4 of 5). ' (Stereo) (CC) , O Good Morning America Scheduled: sing-' er Natalie Cole: "reinventing your life": chil-! dren prepare a meal for dad. (CC) ! 6D Lamb Chop's Play-Along Lamb Chop i needs to remember the words if she wants to sing in a talent show. (Stereo) (CC) 7:30 i 83 Mister Rogera Fred Rogers enjoys a quiet ' talk with Chrissie Thompson while shining his ! shoes. (Re) ; 9:00 - ID Joan Rivera From 1992: planning ecc-i'nomical vacations. (Re) (Stereo) OG9 Live Regie a Kathle Lee Sched-uled: "Star Search" host Ed McMahon. 0 Vfcfcll From February: the children of ac- tors Sidney Poitier, Jack Lemmon, John Carra- dine, Tyrone Power and Michael Landon. (Re) P 10:00 . O John i Leeza From Hollywood Sched- uled: actress Drew Barrymore. r 0 Home Scheduled: Wil Shriner and Peter p Greenberg explore Hawaii and offer affordable travel tips. 1; O Sally Jessy Raphael Scheduled: the problems encountered by 10-year-old girls with overdeveloped bodies. (Re) CD Movie "His Mistress" (1984) Robert Urich, Julianne Phillips. A tense emotional tri- ... angle develops when a married industrialist takes an ambitious executive as his mistress. - (2) Jenny Jones From February: Guests from ' past shows return to update their stories. (Re) 11:00 0 Jerry Springer Scheduled: updates on the lives of battered women who were featured on a previous show. BD Quilting From the Heartland How different I-1 strip widths can change a design's appear-" ance. ' GD Be Our Quest With Laurie Hunt and Phil W Reading Rainbow "Fox on the Job by " James Marshall. (Stereo) (CC) AFTERNOON 12:00 0 Punky Brewster Punky and her teacher search for their long-lost mothers. aWl I. . . 1 m-V-l. -. i-IM JaiM1, ' mmm movie ww u r s u i s uiris' i isoi civis rresiey, oieiia oievens. ft nawanan nsn-i-erman capitalizes on his singing talent in the " hopes ot raising enough money to buy back his . lamer s ooai. tB Streets of San Francisco A woman who claims to have ESP seems to know a little too much about the kidnapping of a young girl. Q New Leave It to Beaver Oliver describes m a family "crisis "to a pen pat. 6D Eating Well Recipe tor Mozart's favorite ( j- avgu, tug oii.puiii s lavuillO UUOI UI3M, t how the pretel came to be. ' i 1:00 . U Twilight Zona Oliver Pope kills a bicyclist , in a hit-and-run, but a business rival is identi fied as the driver. O Maury Povlch Scheduled: two long-distance swimmers try to explain why some athletes risk their lives on extreme feats; a discussion of tha ban on Catholic priests being married. (CC) (B Richard Bey BD Cooking at the Academy Braising and stewing techniques are demonstrated during the preparation ol sauerbraten and pork ado-bo. B0 Movie ', "Road Show" (1941) Carole Landis, Adolphe Menjou. A man joins the carnival to get away from his money-hungry fiancee. 1:30 B Twilight Zone Mr. Frisby impresses quite a few people with his vivid imagination. 2:00 O Jenny Jones From February: Guests from past shows return to update their stories. (Re) B Magnum, P.I. Con artists zero in on Rick after he wins S1 million on a TV show. O Sally Jesay Raphael Scheduled: black mothers with white children. ID Gllllgan's Island The Skipper has to relive a World War II experience in order to repair the radio transmitter. IB Matlock After a young mother is accused of killing her estranged boyfriend, her son draws an eerie comic book that mirrors the murder. (Stereo) (CC) 2:30 S3 Bamey ft Friends "Carnival of Numbers." (Stereo) (CC) 3:00 O Donahue From 1992: foster children who were not allowed to be cared for by families of another race. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) B In the Heat of the Night Gillespie and Tibbs are at odds when Virgil suspects that the chief 's friend is a murderer. (Stereo) (CC) B Oprah Winfrey Scheduled: a man released from prison and exonerated in his daughter's death. (CC) 3:30 IB Rush Llmbaugh 4:00 B Geraldo From 1992: people who have a conservative job during the day and an exotic job at night. (Re) B Hunter A former colleague (Claude Akins) hinders Hunter and McCall's search for an escaped convict. (Part 1 of 2) IB Montel Williams From January: teen marriages. (Re) B3 Reading Rainbow "Opt: An lllusionary Tale" by Arline and Joseph Baum. (Stereo) (CC) 4:30 B9 Adventures In Scale Modeling How Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., uses robotics on the backlot and in the theme park. ED Square One Television Math superhero Oirk Niblick uncovers the illegal use of fractions. (Re) 5:00 B Knight Rider A small-town sheriff manipulates the law while covering up a prison death. Guest: Grainger Mines. O Jane Whitney From May: professional businesswomen who prefer to date blue-collar men. (Re) IB Cosby Show When chaos rules in the Huxtable home, Cliff seeks refuge in his office. (Stereo) (CC) . 83 Discover America The West Monument Valley's buttes and prehistoric ruins, and the bond between the Navajo people and their homeland. (Re) (Stereo) 5:30 (D I Love Lucy Ricky's tour calls for Paris as the next stop, but Lucy wants to go to Scotland. IB Different World As dorm monitor, Jaleesa must enforce penalties on litterbugs including Denise. (Stereo) (CC) BD Frugal Gourmet Preparing duck, including stewed, tea-smoked and Peking-style. (Stereo) EVENING 6:00 BD Nightly Busineaa Report Scheduled: the Money File. 6:30 83 Discouraged Child: Bright but Underachieving Decoding the complex behavioral patterns of children who are bright and intelligent but who chronically fail to live up to their potential. 7:00 O Entertainment Tonight Walter Matthau is interviewed about his role as Mr. Wilson in the upcoming film "Dennis the Menace." (Stereo) (CC) Q Inside Edition Claims of werewolf sightings in a rural Wisconsin town. (Re) 7:30 B Back 2 Work California's State Employment Development Office gives tips on finding work and offers job openings. B Hard Copy Scheduled: a man sentenced to eight years in prison for ordering his pit bull to attack two state troopers. (CC) 83 MotorWeek The Toyota Camry SE: reducing tire wear: running the V-10 Dodge Viper at Pocono International Raceway. (Stereo) BD Life and Times "Power in the Hood" (CC) 8:00 B Different World Lena is torn between the past and the present when her old boyfriend and friends from Baltimore come for a visit. (Stereo) (CC) B Movie "Empire of the Ants" (1977) Joan Collins, Robert Lansing. Victims of a Florida real-estate swindler are lured to a remote island, where they are attacked by giant ants. B Matlock When Ben investigates the murder of a country singer, the list of suspects includes her former business manager and her ex-husband. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) OD) Simpsons When Mr. Burns bets on the company Softball game, he hires professional players to ensure a win. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) IB Movie ' "Gung Ho" (1986) Michael Keaton, Gedde Watanabe. American auto workers have a hard time accepting new work ethics when a Japanese car manufacturer takes over their plant. S3 Mechanic at Large Host Bob Bourke opens this engine maintenance series with value cover gaskets. BD 7 Up Japan A group of 7-year-old Japanese children share their perspectives on their nation's culture, lifestyle and economic power. GD Movie "Untamed" (1955) Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward. The fight to establish a Dutch Free State is the backdrop for this tale ol a romantic triangle among members of a Boer wagon train. 8:30 B Wings Joe and Brian lake out a second mortgage on their house to buy Helen a cello for her audition. (Part 2 of 2) (Re) (Stereo) (CC) ID Martin Billy Dee Williams guest stars on Martin's radio show and gives him advice about Gina. (Part 3 of 3) (Re) (Stereo) (CC) S3 Mexican Kitchen Rod Santana hosts this Mexican cooking series which opens with how to make corn tortillas. 9:00 B Eye to Eye Newsmagazine focusing on timely issues and Interviews. Anchored by Connie Chung. Tonight: Roger Clinton, the president's controversial brother; the mysterious death of a model Marine; sexual ha rassment in the classroom. (Stereo) (CC) B Cheers Sam defends his "ladies' man" title against a suave Frenchman who threatens to make his title a part of history. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) B Crossroads Dylan is targeted for murder when he and Johnny interfere in the operations of an apple farmer who is mistreating his workers. (Postponed from an earlier date) (Stereo) (CC) ID In Living Color Sketches: Anton is transported to the suburbs; Siamese twin comedy duo breaks up. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) 83 Discover Mexico Visiting Teotihuacan, Tula, the Templo Mayor, the National Museum of Anthropology and Chapultapec Park, all in or near Mexico City. BD Mysteryl "Rumpole of the Bailey VI" Horace Rumpole's flashy client insists on a lunch date: Phyllida suspects that her husband has been "up to something " (Part 4 ol 6) (CC) 9:30 B Seinleld Jerry takes pity on a foreigner when the man's immigration papers are left in Jerry's mailbox. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) ID Down the Shore Sammy enjoys her affair with a married man until he decides to leave his wile. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) 10:00 B Picket Fences After finding his daughter sleeping with her boyfriend the night before Christmas Eve, Jimmy arrests him for rape and cancels the family's Christmas. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) B Sisters Alex prepares the final details of her mother's wedding; Georgia enters her linal trimester carrying Frankie's baby; Cat begins college away from home. (Re) (Stereo) (CC) 83 America With Dennis Wholey Scheduled: law professor Derrick Bell. (Re) BD Works Host: Marv Woronov. 10:30 83 Tony Brown's Journal An Oklahoma City town hall meeting examining Lani Guinier's failed nomination to head the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. 11:00 O Nighttalk From April: a company accused of degrading overweight women by using pictures of them in inappropriate attire. (Re) IB Arsenlo Hall Scheduled: comic Ellen De-Generes, percussionist Paulinho da Costa, Stan Winston (special effects on "Jurassic Park"). (Stereo) (CC) 11:35 B Tonight Show Scheduled: Arnold Schwarzenegger, singer Kevin Welch, Abraham La-boriel sits in with the band. (Stereo) (CC) 8 U.S. Open Golf Highlights First round from Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, N.J. (CC) 12:00 B Whoopl Goldberg From February: "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz. (Re) (Stereo) IB Montel Williams From January: teen marriages. (Re) GD Movie "When Women Lost Their Tails" (1971) Senta Berger, Frank Wolff. A sensuous cavewoman sets hearts afire during the dawn of civilization. 12:35 B Late Nlghl With David Letterman Scheduled: musician Pete Townshend, talk show host Larry King. (Stereo) 1:00 IB Rush Llmbaugh 1:30 OD Movie Vi "Come Back Little Sheba" (19S3) Shirley Booth, Burt Lancaster. The arrival of a vibrant young woman forever changes the lives of an alcoholic and his frumpy wife. Based on William Inge's play. 1:35 B Later With Bob Costaa Guest: actor-comic Martin Short. (Stereo) 1:36 B Movie "When Women Lost Their Tails" (1971) Senta Berger, Frank Wolff. Current Hractoiy Outlet II QUALITY AT IXW PHICnS S C'AIIDS GUTS STAnONF.HY , II Our Senior Citizen Week Wont So Well We Want To Continue To Honor Our Seniors lly Having Every Tuesday Seniors Day! All Purchases! ( f:.riffrs Sale firms) MUM t()r.. (inct Our Stnion fsmM.So Yeuntl) COME BROWSE THROUGH OUR BOXES OF BARGAINS CORONA ... REDLAMDS 2l50NcvadSi.ffllO HOURS St Trl-Clly Ccmtr Dr 91 To Mckinley lixll Mon. l-'ri. 10-7 l.0TnAIbm Eil rinMcKlnler Sat. 10-6 rin MrtvynUOntri FrrrwRy Onlfr ) c,,n n t Nr., Aamn B,n,. 270-0166 792-43771 Biggest Portrait Package PRICE INCIUDES J? DEPOSIL ol pholofl'aptu' Each odclitionol iubiecl phnloo'nphod acidi $2 lo the pacKugn price paid 01 pyelography Poiel lor adveilued poilroilt our teleclion - on your choice ol background Youl favorite prop! welcomed NOW. 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