Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1938 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PA (512 found the down las »ome south of Lone hired man old tree- Vine grove o£ ever- « «li/M^ f0f The Field ftcpresentntivp girls attend the Lone Hock scl'ool The boys are not y.il (J kt (m ou;:h to go to school. * * * * Mervln Chrlstenson, with his father Peter, farms northwest of Lone Rock, and wo found Mervln busy Friday at putting sawed wood into the house basement. A!i a rule there are a number of J English bulldogs when we call that his ^rlhTtVo latter had there but Mervin said rg I-'"" * , l hnr aut accident, hut ehe ff , lot of ambition to get LA to now as well as ev- lnn" is the widow of had sell a lot more. Most of the dogs go to eastern people. * * # m Jim Ackermnnn, Lono Rock, is ! Geo. glit n< r- Manna who was that town's drayman, 1)ut he was ' ""* n^vi,,,, i?-,.i,in,, v,,,f ,„„. It still doesn't ,t"to find him about or to meet him In Aland then. .,rl Laurftsons, southeast JckTaro a new family I Lorn Rock mail roues. Knday Karl was doing |C * i about the yards, fine, and he was ' field work soon. » * * ' „„, cast of the Lotts „, wns not feeling his ,, t week Tuesday, and sa d Pstnycd in the house nearly While we were there one ,elghl)ors came with a BO got a bull, and while the %£ being loaded the good (the Pi*"*, figuring that he 'took a niP at one of he lv ' '. . . -I* «**mi r*r»« tllO "Old Pompe Sstore yard 'Saturday. He moved on the Place March 1, but farmed the land inst ycad, his father having purchased It. The fields had been mod, and there was a fine crop now w n T - Wi " iam ls now. Ho lived with his last year. * * * * parents Sexton A short playlet was given Sun-j gunday ^ t ^ ra day morning at the close of the Sunday school hour by way of observance of temperance Sunday/. When wo saw Chris Gelhnus Tnls was Thc au est and the Cup, wiio lives at. the north cdce of aild jt was given by Mrs. Herman I'Odynrd, Saturday it was noon Wise, as Life; Phyllis Praser, as and Chris, who is always full of Wln °: Kdlth Greenfield, as Water; J"kos, said wo had better not nnd wilbur Steven and Lois Mil- by Mrs, Jerben' Skow, lunch was served. The next meeting will be In April, with Mrs. Arthur Bottom, Wesley, hostess. The D. M. Malliets, Ames, spent agh Janette's. They brought up Gerald Janette, who had been attending the State college', and he remained to help with the spring farm work. ''oiiio, for he had a couple of big 1101 ' 1 aft Youtl1 ' Rex Taylor and Ev- imiiman in the house, and added i crett Steven sang two songs, timt ihn Irish and the "Dutch" i wltn Mrs - w - c - Tft y lor as accom- don't amount to much. Well thev lmnlst snrincd 0. K. to us, and Mrs. Gol- r ' ocle(1 ' hnus had a fine dinner for them. Mrs* Harvey Steven dl- ri,» " "....nv.1 l\Jl LIIIMI1, I hoy wore helping Chris with some wood-sawing. * * * * Donald Radig, northwest Lone Hock, is a now man on I firm whore ho lives. This of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield attended the funeral of M. J. Jones at Algona Sunday. Good Hope The Edw. Hackbarths and Mrs. Louie Hint/, drove to Austin, Minn., Sunday for the day with the Oscar Kohl-wee family. Mrs. Kohl- workhoom and entrance. Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Dodds, with the daughters Evelyn and Florence, drove to Sioux City Saturday to visit the daughter Bernlce, who Is taking nurses' training. They attended services at Grace church Morningslde, Sunday, returning in the afternoon. Better road and weather conditions, so intimately connected with farmers' activities, have had an appreciable influence on church attendance at both Good Hope and Whlt.temore. The church was pretty well filled at Good Hope Sunday, and there was a marked increase at Whlttemore. The Rev. C. B. Mitchell, Buffalo Center, visited wes, formerly Lena Hintz, Is a i Mope parsonage . „,.,,.„.«. u u ,, u <ij. daughter of Mrs. Hint/,. Mr. and I noon, Mrs. Arch Borger, Buvt, attend- Mrs. Arnold H'intz, Westgate, ed church services ho.ro Sunday, spent Sunday, March 13, with the at the Sunday Good after- licked legs, whereupon him in the face. not draying Friday, but was redecorating the Interior of his home. Jim is an all-around handy man, and he was doing a fine job. * * * * Mrs. Marie Krausc, Lone Rock, was with her daughter at diaries City for the winter and had been at* home only a week when we called Friday. She said it was good to get back to Lone Rock. As she talked she was making <i rng rug. Her grandson at. Charles City is a Tribune carrier hoy and is making good at it. This pleases Grandma. Tn fact grandmas rtre pretty likely to be pleased over anything their grandboys do—unless the- boys come into the house with feet dripping mud! * * * * August Gabel, northeast of Ledyard, is a handsome bachelor, and . 1D llln former Hollister farm. Donald's father bought the 8(*-acre .place Inst, season. Donald was fixing up n yard fence for his hogs. She is visiting her mother, , h Sarah Wise, till Thursday.'' Mrs. Dennis <va? spent Sunday afternoon at W. J. Green's. The Dale Thompsons spent Sun- iday with Dale's parents at Ga.aer. At Henry Hartwell's, northeast I Mr - und Mrs ' Jolln Voss Sr '' of Lone Rock, wo found the men i Lu Verne, and their daughter De- dohorniiig young cattle Fridav. i' ores were Sunday dinner guests They bad been using a horn-clip-' 0 '' Mr ' an( * Mrs< Herman Wise. ior, but had broken it and were i Mrs> wlse ls tno fol 'mer Emma going to Lone Rock to have it'Voss. fixed. Henry seems to have been I Mr - alld Ml>s - Chester Fitch re- oo stout for the machine. .turned Monday from Burt. They • . i had spent several weeks at the Auctioneer to lie Farmer. |Dell Fitch's in Portland township. Hurt, Mar. 22 — Last week! Mrs. Jacob Weaver is recover- Wndnesdoy evening 30 relatives: ing from a majof operation per- and friends gathered at C. 0. Rid- formed at the Kossuth hospital, die's homo for a farewell surprise. | Mrs. Sarah Wise entertained no s ' . «t getting lie used to be—like the we wonder farming for why he is starting himself this year, fcallcd last week Tuesday on Marlow, southwest of X.one lit was raining, so we took L for a fine visit. The Mar- Tniighter works In the bank . Rock; Hugh said he doeV ,n the farm where he liv- •t he owns the 80-acre s place list of Burt to which S. B. F moved this spring. J * » * * |F Mitlag, northeast of .1.he [Creek store, and the two washing walls last i Tuesday. Mrs. Mittag said kind of work was more than bid do. The boys were doing bd job. It was raining that they were glad to stay ! with mother. * # * * / Lieurance, on the old Nel- hylor farm, five miles north jgona on No. 169, was loading Ion a trailer last week.Thurs- Ind was going to have it Ed for feed. This family for- llved west of Bancroft. In __nlly are three girls and two | The boys, who are too small i to school, are fine lads. » * * * [rl Meyer, west of Lakota, was the frozen straw from the lof a stack with his tractor |week Thursday, and was to i dry straw beneath into the Carl moved to the > farm ! Fred Christ lived, and Fred to the place where Carl Fred now owns this farm. * * * * pnry Meyer, who lives west of was married last fall, his coming from Germany. He [been in this country himself 1925, and he aims to keep with the times in America by Jig our paper. He said his i could read English, but could [get the meaning of all she But in a few years more •will be both reading and ing American like a native. * * * * 'hen we stopped lost week iday at William GAfford'e, heust of Lone Rock, we found sawing wood. Ray Black, who moved to this neighborhood n near Sexton, was dolug the ing, and Mrs. Gifford was iwlng the sawed wood out of way, while William was lay- long pieces on the sawing tab- It is not often that one sees foman throw wood away from a*, but we noticed thai Mrs. ord knew how. * » * * week Monday we were at J. Marlow's, east of Lone Rock, found him at his evening res. He showed us a fine roan horn bull and said he had BSht it of Frank Riebhoff, near fona. This bull te an extra 'fine fmal. * • « • I- M. Jensen's, Lono wiled after banking hours E. M. Is a faithful employe Lone Rock bank, and has there 19 years. He has a of five children, vbree are and two boys, uud the could it bo he is going to havo steady company? He showed us some of the stock he bought, and he has a fine bunch of pigs, also an extra-good purebred Belgian stallion. » * * * Herman Blelch has moved !o plape southwest of Burt, am .here, last week Monday, wo found Charles Culberton delivering a cow which Herman had bought it a sale. Mrs . Bleich said the children came homo at noon for Hancock's llrldes' School. Hackbarths. Hancock county's school for Mrs. John Reid has recently re- brides was held at Britt Saturday, built the back porch on her farm' March 12, and the attendance was homo. She added windows on the south and sided the whole. This makes it much more useful as IfiO. Eleven Hancock woman's clubs were represented. Doctor a ' Roadman, of Morningside college, 1 was one of the speakers. The Riddles are to move to a farm ! the south of Algona. Riddle has for some years been a well known luctioncor. Aid last week daughter-in-law Thursday at Mrs. Herman Wise's, 28 women in attendance. Following Bible study conducted dinner and enjoyed the ehang". Were the Bleiches now live is near the schoolhousc. * * * # We called last week Tuesday on William Zumach, southeast of the Lotts Creek store and lingered while it was raining for a good visit. He and a neighbor had been canvassing for signers for two mail carriers out of Whlttamore in summer as well as In winter. The mail is late at the Zumach place when there is only one carrier. William took us out to the barn and' showed us a fine Belgian stallion with a white mane and tail. * * * * J. H. Welfare Is busy harness- maker at Ledyard. We always find his rushed at this time of year, though he says the tractor has taken away some of the harness business. Looking out of the back Window of his shop, we saw Glen Behse, who lives southeast of Ledyard, going out with a new tractor which he had bought of Mr. Carpenter, the farm implement dedl- er. J. H. lemarked, "There goes some more of my business." * A * * William T. Treriary 1 , southeasi of Ledyard, was cleaning up tht Irked fail tls Hamilton White Leghorns (Blood tested for past 10 years.) Large type» high producing $6.90 per 100 GUARANTEE ON CHICKS You are guaranteed to raise 90% of your chicks to ten days of age or they will be replaced free of charge. Heavies, $7.90 per 100. HAMILTON HATCHERIES Bancroft and Tltonka, Iowa ^ The Algona Auction Co. We are here to serve both the seller and buyer at our P»"«on in Algona arery Saturday. Saturday, March 26 J««t forget we sell anything that you hare to sell •rerySat- Sr' ty-? 6 **i*"«r weight. Our place is packed with buy- Jf. «d »ll stock is demanding good prices. So dont forget » «et your stock in, as you will get the best cash price, HORSES L ' ' ' H«re listed a number of horses. We had a good horse sale last sMunlay and expect to haye a good lineup for this week. ttet »«Ws In as the demand is 'as good as It will be. CATTLE—We.expect some good cows and young cattle. We «*" by the pound or weight ^ •uj '* 1oT «^ we *W * ake horse8 <* an * 8to< * ^ ww ««« machinery. All klndg of Furniture, 860 Corner Cedar Posts, W Bn , es <>j* £«. mower, Black Hawk Corn Corn Planter, Potatoes, Sweet sows in where you can expect good prices awd |OT\A|«a also bftlidle the' complete Hue of atftssey^Harris JPon't forget to look this Twin/ Power Bow Urop M - oter, W1U handle 88'ln. sep. and 8 M-iu. plows. We tare the contract on the Belle City and Woods Bros, -~osflier. !?Pen every day, Sale barn phone H W resWepce JfSft OH fitAnlr Q* 1 • DA Ko property yemoTed until settled lor. C. O. RIDDLE & SON Operators and Auctioneers. iTORE! YOUll FRIEND AT TIME FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, 3LARC1I 25 AND 20 Shop at Ease! Thw is mi nervous (unsion when planning your meals and milking your personal selection »f (iiialily foods in a well stocked (Idiincil Oak Store. Xo high pressure salesmanship to get y<iu In buy things you don't need. 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The large No. 2}6 can of these fancy, full ripe, apricots in a hea\y syrup at a very special price of 16c per can. » Free Cereal Bowl With the purchase of 2 large packages of Kellogg's Corn Flakes you receive free a 4 inch blue cereal bowL A special price of 20c on this combination offer. • Cut Green Beans Beans grown and packed in the fertile talleys of the Colorado Mountains. Tender, stringless and a garden fresh flaTor. A wonderful >aiue at our week-end price, of 2 No. 803 cans for 15c. "Honey Krushed" Changing to a "Hearth Baked" loaf meets with the approyal of the large number who have this delicious health bread on the table ,at every meal. Genuine Honey Krushed Wheat Bread can be bought only at Council Oak. Evaporated Peaches When select quality peaches are stowed some prefer them to Iresh or canned fruit for a change. You will be delighted with the bright meaty peaches we are selling at the special price of 1g« per pound. i Fruit Cookies A 1 delicious iced cooky containing raisins and cocoanut For this sale a low price of 2 pounds for 25c. Dill Pickles Crisp, brittle from hollow Now is the time to bring in egg.* for Custom Hatching. Wo set eggs on Mondays and Thursdays and will JiaTe space available for custom hatching for a short time only. You may be assured that we will do our part for a successful hatch for yon. Keservu the space you will neol now. We will liavo a limited number of Baby Chicks for next week's delivery. Algona Hatchery PHONE 551 J. U. Mason, Prop. Rising's Feed Teat Moss. Brooder Houses OPEN EVENINGS. H. Finley, Operator. B. K. Hygenc latter Brooder Stores Common Foot Troubles Can't Devil Your Feet in Pliable Buckskin Soft MVERINE • HO R5EHIDE5 EVEN after fourteen hours in the oF south forty, your feet feel wonderful in soft, flexible WOLVERINES. Just like wearing moccasins all day long. Let 'em get soaking wet from rain or snow—they'll still dry out soft and pliable. It's that secret process of triple- tanning that does it! And it gives them miles and months of EXTRA wear. Come in and try on a pair. SHELL HORSEHIDE WORK SHOES, HUB Clothiers illllllll!lll!lllllllll!IIHIIII!l!!H Christine Sanders | . . Demonstrator for the . . | Advance Cooking School | RECOMMENDS | HONEYKRUST ! BREAD = I can understand why Kossuth people no not spend hours baking is Honey == bread. The reason •^H =5 Krust, a wholesome and tasty H bread that is delivered fresh daily. It has a fine even texture that means goodness. Give your \ children plenty of this nourishing good—-it's the best thing in the world for them. A full quart of genuine Gedney's Dill's for 16c. pickles of uniform size. Pickles that are free spots and have a real dill flavor. ' Brown Sugar Golden brown sugar Is the correct sugar for caramel frosting and for pancake symp. 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Bread is a good energy- builder and at the same time it provides the raw material that make* better health all around. Honey Krust bread is tml^y the staff of life. mm ilM(H|^|p||^ ^kp^ 4Vi Mk^w^P^ •^••^^Bii^^WHiwIfc^Bi^wpi ^y L. F. RICE luiiuijiimiiiuiuiiyiiiiuiiiiiiiiiuiuiiyiiiiii ^HISl!PWflPlPMSHPsSWW»W89WMM5flpPiffiSPflpW!H,'*'W'' ALQQNA . BURT - ARMSTRONG

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