Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1938 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 6
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HDITORIAL PAGE Ototmf a atomic* MATTER DB anr^^?^^fXFn^in^F? yva.i ------------_„.,«_..__ 12 50 •AuVflnnfl H-loriG to "" ~** -- - • •*••' ~~———— <t<a»8»ii 1938 year*" ftt a " postofflces no° "xcepted in"^."!? AT,T. subscriptions fo.- papers going to~^>olnts the county and out-of-the-county points named under No. 1 above are considered continuing subscriptions to be discontinued only on notice from subscribers or at publisher's discretion. S u b- scriptlons going to non- county points not named under No. 1 above will be discontinued without notice one month after expiration of time paid for, If not renewed, but time for 831 T IV T F S — — 12846 . 8 7 8 9 10 11 12 1814 151817 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 31 This settles it that all farmers can vote, no matter whether or not they cooperate. Indeed. ,f they are opposed to a marketing quota they must vote if they are to have any say' The act provides that if more than one-third of the farmers voting vote against the quota it cannot be established. It take* a two-thirds vote of all the farmers Doting who would be affected to authorize the for il; i?° , Sing ' e COUnt> '' n ° State ' can decid * ior itself alone. It 1 9 the whole affected re- S on that counts. Every farmer In Kossuth, ^ei> farmer in Iowa, mleht vntn „„„».,,.. the The COLYUM Let's Not Be Too D—d Serious. of EDITOR SPERBECK asks this question m "Whnm n £ e ?f i ssue of the Swea c 'ty Herald, mYvor tl,t a l ? 6 , P ' C £ ed as a candidate for Wh«fi «p r J n1 S* L -RlngBted Dispatch. What, Ray! Did you actually say that' If so suppose you substitute "candidate" for wnom and then see what's in the nomina- i.—Alien, In Algona Advance. 4 "°" " —'- like thla: We are skat- . good, hickory, when all ZC" iV,.""* "who-whom" business, the high school junior student at our she is a pretty good shark on lang- Now you've got me all balled up; why u ask mother?" she said, as she turned .•eadiug. But mother was busy down- so we took a shot and missed. After ner was out the junior high schooler snickering. Certainly we authors are Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of rations Ingredients} A mixture. _ Present Political Picture in Washington „ v ^, ^omuiiouQU Clnyi farmers elsewhere to constitute two- undtfanVV 11016 ^ V ° ted ^'^atlvely; and if and when established all farmers would or' S?*."- "° "*"" ^^ »*> ™ o effect a _ «^w« * cfeiuii will be subject to certain restrictions and penalties. Here is Sec- •etaiy Wallace's own statement, as given out pS2§s~yi i|ff g|?p« on Speaking of authorizing and things llt'ry. tUaA 6 ! afe SUre U Wm intrigue you to know I leading magazines lately was accented promptly by the publishers. It was our check 'qnm y l ara s Hjf« rl P tlon ! — Ray Sperbeck's Some Space Fillips" column iu Swea City Herald. ' Really, it's sometimes worth being a general liSflnPA n hnnf 1rti> n A.. lrwl»ilf fl J tl - - IN A COLLISION on Sylvan street a Ford on°th T tained a cut on the nose and a bruise ----» —-» 5 UI/UTI; all and I effect, be the national debt is at al ing the stares Roosevelt In the fnrp Uh/^f N farmer near Blue Earth, " ~ • ert •ft FIIW... J.1 > . . «-"j Post The editorial which follo\ expresses no reade - oa the facts investisators to do so. Without offer- M a criticism, but onlv as * fact worthy of thought one way or another, th.s is also the f irst time in American history a, least on a great scale, when a majority of »ne class O f the population can by law not only impose a compulsory program on its minority but one hay]ng far . reaching on other classes not privileged to vote. The equivaleut-for-the-tariff argument falls aown here, for the protected manufacturers Have never had the power to impose tariffs by ™te of themselves only; they have had to ob- am the consent of the whole people as represented in congress. _Adding to the reservation stated at the be- ginnmg of the second paragraph above, let it be said that this discussion and last week's w "" "*"?!** 6ither f ° r ° r a * ai -t the On the trip down south ours suffered a split shoulder blade at Little Rock when, as a street car waited, we tried to miss another car parked too close, but after getting home ours accepted the aid of Doc Bill Dau and completely recovered. Add Symposium Gossipy Stories Interesting if True. [Winchell in D.'M. Trib.] It happened a few weeks ago in Chicazo where some settlement worker! put m? a R °° SeVelt ° Becently dnlly newspapers featured a want ad which stated the applicant for a job was lazy, and much to-do was made about it. The applicant landed a job with several offers left over, hence a flood of similar "awful truth" ars, like the one below from a printing trade paper, appeared: SHIFTLESS, INEXPERIBNC- ed university graduate without initiative or ambition wants reporting job under managing editor of equally low character. Drinker, and chain smoker, procrastlnator. Age 26 but feels 40. A relief case if there ever was one. 'l* * * * And speaking of want ada it seems that sex is also entering that otherwise barren field, as witness the following leading sentence from an ad In the same trade paper. 1 ' I'D LOVE TO TAKE ORDERS f . r , om you. especially if you £• ™ h , a paper ln Pacific N. W. Intel., highly qualified, young woman ... Think of what a comma following that word "love" would do to the meaning. * * * * n f T ?? Fe ' S " Snlcs sl °saa in one «9n fm mi ?, St0reS Vhlch *WI So little that means so much." A nice red apple to the first Adam who guesses what it is a woman wears that would justify that™ feel lit ±£t,i? ,", Wh " e * s *° '«> said, She , .„ appears Mrs. Roosevelt any rate, the hall, a ^iSHr"^ in advertising. IB* Y ^ B fe ! 1(W * * unc °vered social-minded—she would Roose- you likely. Vice President Garner "and" o'ther now ri'r:™'! ! ",!''—— «.-„ bur i« mo i '"'.""-" LU UK similarly oppos- but « mamtaming a middle-of-the-road at^~™~^ A S the .situation looks now is that th likelihood be smarting plenty from ewspape-- -'—• * • been a single from republ auc «;^««.-«£«?rsir~ r ™:, f z l ^*' th »-,r--'»» : ! Mexico does things we don't like n^'n Z™?™ 1 . conf 'Cation of oil The is — j'» v-oivjcut,. It is Walh, B \ President would not be averse iv=.SS== Sce^Jra,, "^aehine" and the W al•ace agiarian mafhinr. " TV, i of elements in " np u 'H i * C ° nSlStS ui.. in uie agricultural deDarfmnnT *lIlCl Of The* 17*^ r-i ut -l'rtl cUlCIlI "ells How "th" 1 UI64iU and soil act Person«»»».„,, j,",;;; r;; :?' b ;r;™L', n . ^"^'^rs^.^r - ll ""- that, after all, Xew Dea , „,„„„,„'* ^ i- don't we talk big, march an -_.,re, murder a million or so Mej coukfonf'lf countrv? What a figure cuuiu cut it we were led bv — " solini! U.N'DRED ADDED TO STVTE -—^^^ u .—D. M. newspaper headline thousand state bureaucrats now, and going up! All living on the rest of us; not one ad- all "th eco " omic Products for division But like as not, it\v^To^-^tm^ont and again S °e't le wh g P°»tlcal playboy- more taxes, less economic productio^ The more one hears from Russia, Germany, tl>. and France the more one wonders : ------7 a majority of the populations of the ! spy-mirsi sasrss i ~s, rss-yrjrssi 1 - s,s- -And on the other side of the world the crazy • non-combatants, while the Span- civilized people^' think how foo-' the wars of tribal pri m ,tive,-but look . Mrs. President walked over Mrs. Roosevelt," she said, "I j t •igree with you." . , . Miss Loe\> ^^~^^^^ IN LAST WEEK'S COLYUM there was mention of President Wilson's famous limerick ^d an appeal for the text was broadcast' wow comes the version which Mrs. A. B Schenck, of Union township, recalls— In good looks I'm not a great star There are others more love'y by far But my face, I don't mind it It's t C i a0USe> y f See ' 1>m behind'it— its the people in front that I jar Well, that's the sense of it all right and it may be the correct text, but the scansion *eems a little off, and President Wilson woo great a literary master for that. The ftet m the first and second lines, and again in the Jilrd and fourth, don't jibe. Maybe that "I'm" •n the first line ought to be "I am,-^ '*_ cause" ought to be "For." Who knows? -rk^a-busrp-ace 011 ;^^ n, Cha l ed to death th *n a quiet Place where there wasn't much to do.. In a busy place the day's go ^ *?? .™ **»***.. at y you? you the employe not so sure the boss of his' is slip- * * * * Two men were talking about business virtues not changing though perhaps the method Jf business did change rapidly There is always success for those *hoi give value at a fair profit ser v-ce with pleasure; like the Vo/k ?he' * * * * SOMETIMES high schools kids get eome thing that's really cute, and here's one^t more damage than good. Most >neo i Pie are reasonable, if given „ chance. Algona 'has nol ha accord Pueribus* kisaibus Sweeta girlorum- Girlibus likibus. Wanta somorum. Girlibus pateribus Enter parlorum, Kick pueribus Exit duorum. Nonus lamporum- Nightibus darkibus Jumpibus fencibus,' Pantibus torum. who ——•^ "ecu nere T losses within the last I^SL»il : i n '7 = »;. '.»' Jn\s; c,i sk ir; k s a fire inspection was held The s:",'n'r» t s\i»rr S! '"Boy," according to xuin teacher. Miss Young, local aU th P rt, ' wlth «oot and — ^^ odd? Some a little loving and a gift.—Clipped from .latei 1 t f n. y °-i-- nillt>1BllllMM0 ' the tady ' Wh ° n± rL n °L t0 blalne -°« the kid sary. * * * « And Derned If It Doesn't Work! [Pa Olson's Paper.] smartness or Murage.^ny'nPce'l girls smoke-andean the othew?' Wanted (so she says). a youns I man by a personableI young ' ri^-^JntheVh! ^^;-^^~^^ one. All Farmers Can Vote Under the New Farm Act An editorial In last week's •act, or only cooperating farmeTs. A^oT new e engaged in the production not -^,r;t^F u " s ^"-^ "nd otnirXmo^t^en^ 01118 ' 1OCUl taX6S ' Knoxvin 1 "? 0 Here> Mr ' Journal. thinrabo e ut J the rn s a ^'l V ^ ""»>• writer the $5 Here's a Hint for Temporary Grass Widowers. [Webster City Freeman ] =3pSSH! %£.•%£ r, a?t\srw£ g .,,„ wimmln make me pay for it just the same' Sr person fear they'll miss something "-Ray Sbeck &nd a in Swea City Herald operDecK words that - ... t ,.c neui piac- disposition, a ner- 1 " 1 - 1 " bubbles, life and age pension, he just boils ove™ of r-iV" * U a few years Elberton, evidently has ent administration He SP t — *••«-»- icket to the Dickinson meeting ^°^, ar for a veek. He wrote: "HeVta ti f ln , 1Traer ] aat inner. Do not reserve a seaJ fo 6 Uncoln ot be there, but here's hoping jT^ln Mice!" 6 m ° St dangerous ouui t that ever — family and sent the paper to his wife As rnl^ht ^ expected, she was suspicious right awav «n she came home at once to find ~- ---^V 3 ? happened that her husband from her. Us o even grammar! (if you're over 40) a situation 20 to 30 She's definitely etc. about years N. T. can fall down on the danged thing Awarded our leather medal,'with veil in cap effect, as last week's best local quip. occasion warrants, it's an iS tun. D, E. o. Sprmg Fashion front the Hub Clothiers The Men's and Young Men's Style Store You'll Find Here A Selection Equal to The Largest City Stores 22 50 24 50 $950 L»<> Herringbones and Chalk Stripes Share the Honors in New Spring Fabrics The Balmacaan is Tops in Topcoats I-Woo) Prep Suits 16 50 Drape Lounges in Single and Double Breasted Models Lead the Field in Suits £^!^lue as w?ll as Style iaa *~*r*~ t< &£ The Clot, ^

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