Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1938 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 5
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.- KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA ^^(Jl^W^^^fc ^^^^^^^^"'•^•W ^^IW^^ mor's mother, Mrs. Samuel Bate- mnn. Mrs. Baleman was taken to Marshiilllown Sunday for an eye f Mr and Mrs.' with the former's mother, Mrs. i is out of school Grace Mueller, WhiUemorc. '' Tt - la '" Mrs 0, H. Krlloy, with her son "Billy", returned Sunday from ., .Hnvl IS UUL "* -• <f£ mumps. He Is s ft Sunday with her Foote, Con- opuralion. AlpronliiiiH who attended a dis-;he Eagle Grove, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Holt. Mr. Bauer is employed at a Leuthold- clothing store there, and Mr. Holt were friends geusts of their respective parents, packages by 7:20 p. m. if they are Mr. and Mrs. W. O. K,emis and to go east that night. This is be- Mr. and Mrs. 6. M. Cummings. | cause the postoffiee is closed at 6 The little son Bobby will remain io'clock, (hough that mail is made there a week or two while his | up later and the night mall from I rid. druggists' meeting at the'when the Holts lived at' Eagle [ parents are moving into the house j the north is distributed. The morn- lOmmetKburg hotel Tuesday even- ii:« v.-ero K. I). .Inmes, A. H. Bor- ehiirdl, K. W. Lusby, B. F. Sor- onscn, Eugene Murtagh, and M. H. I'\Ukoiili;\iiior Muds Clirlsiinnsen and I. L. week at. Rod Oak, her former i Ro . om<m wili drive to Mason City home, with Mr. Hoiley's parents, | ln ' H morning for a tiuarterly Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Reilcy. mooting of the Iowa Stalo Brand Mr and Mrs C'irl IVirson will ri ' c ' !Ullori °s> of which Mr. Chris- Grove.and Mr. Holt, now Graham recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. [ing Sioux, which arrives here at store manager here, was an assistant Graham manager there. At the time pf the Quinby-Barry or the Arnold motor supply corn- buildings fire Bernice Stock was pany. Gene Neville. Mr. Kemis is man- 0:12 a. m., now loaves Chicago at of the local Spencer branch;0:20 p. in. the night before and arrives at Mason City at 4:15 a. in. This involves no change in the visiting at Eagle Grove, where she j The Rev. ('. II. Seward, former schedule west of Mason City the week-end ii Slmiv till- WLUK Cllll .U iMOUX Tr " lnfC m. 1 week k Blcgc of!with Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Anlfs,; f lcr ll , s for the Hormel • who recently moved thorn. Mr. | tiiinscn is one of moving spirits. formerly was girls' physical train- i Methodist pastor here, now of Foring teacher, and the Eagle Drove jest. City, was one of the speakers Eagle says she learned there that j at the recent tenth anniversary of her dance studio over the Chris-! the erection of tho present Motho- the principal jtonson store, with all equipment, i (list, church at Eagle Grove. A. few as well as personal belongings, I weeks ngo ho was reported again He travels company-. .. . anu I A"tilfs Is an Armour snle.sman. H()|) ( ._ ^^ ^^ b()y went to , Aus- te , a Or nncll co Inge fre.hman "" , u«,.lli WPllt tO .Alia- IS el VJMIl ^' ft ^ U o visit the Os- and Betty <'lnm Peterson, Buffalo Center, visited T.oona Stewart Tuesday and Wednesday. Miss Peterson is i office clerk in the Buffalo Cen- l/UIOU, alSO a freshman there, are c.nming homo Sumlfiy to jjlilwcs fain y- ^^ ^ 0 j Friday for a week's spring vaca-. ''• "^nVbonna Jeai^tion , j Wl She carried no a . patient at the Sioux City Meth- iodist hospital, but the fact that he . _. _ Enpfk'r, former ; spoke at Eagle Grove seems to in- county recorder, who spent the dical.e that he has overcome the winter with her daughter Edna, j indisposition which sent him to the had been burned. insurance. Mm Susie in Homily onr-hit.or nt, Marie Clu- ; !lt inents 1 beauty salon hero. „.„„., here Tuesday, en;hospital. route to Arnolds Park, where she i A sink 1 council dinner for the n next week at Jaekson, hi)' I'lio little brown and white do Buster which l)niprf?ist nnil Mrs. Carl Vohs, of; lives in summer. On the way here Knights of Columbus will be serv- .,'c,st. Bond, with their three chil-'K''o visited Mrs. Sophie Klelrepell,' ed at. the Hotel Tallcorn, Marshal- M, irV'r'Vi W ifi • "''en. *vcre Sunday dinner guests' Cassviile, Wis., and at Dubuuue: town, Sunday, and the Algona t.h h.Kl lollo\\od Adii!iiii of ( . arl , s ]);il . CI1 . ts M) . , ultl M ,. s G she visited her brother, L. C. council wil he represented by C. •ound for the last ton , ( V() , , ( , ,, birthday anni- Munch, who travels for a drug H. Ostwinkle, Grand Knight, L. A. , more. A truck onishod, nnio.hraiori p.nri nml comnany. jWinkol, Joseph Bestenlehner, and Mrs. M. Sterling around ,„. their Three daugh- years is no inoiv. „ t, >,>,,, ., ,,.,m :l ., vol . Rlll . y wus co i Gbl .., tc(1 . Ctlrl nn(1 i company. a mliv Kuests at Jos. r hml a week ago, and he had to be | , )U { . Mm . ()W1) U](J (]] , UK HU)) , c | Algoim women wlio attended the Dr. R. J. Thissen. Guests will be , v West Bend. ! sllo . L . ,. „ .., .. T ! .Mrs. Fred Frost and Mrs. W. ,T. funeral of Aaron McGrWh, father Governor Kraschel, Justices Carl " CI 'i Mrs Win. P. Sl e ' jle i I)r< ""'! , MrS ,' . H> V:,?'' ;ycVl T ' u " ! Sigsbeo smmt Tnnsd.-.v n t Fort of Omega McDrath, at Clarion' n. stlger, Uiohnrd Mitchell and M. iiliil '» ln ' " - - E. ,1. Osferbiiner, Rockford, 111., arrived Saturday for a few days here, looking after tho estate of his late father, Matt Ostorbauor. He still has his coin-controlled vending machine repair shop, but he also travels for penny weighing machines and target machines, covering a territory of fiome 100 miles around Rockford. In addition to that area ho has the whole state of loiwa, and he intends to put one or two men on tho road in Iowa. His brother L. M. is still at Ottawa, 111., operating a hotel. E. .I.'s wife was one of the Ashelford girls. They have no children. A postal cnnl from the A. Og- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baas, farmers home next Tuesday. In acordance with custom they have spent the winter In an apartment at Grande Courts, San Antonio, Tex. They have the same apartment year after year, and it fronts on the street. Whether the Hugh Smiths, Wabasha, Minn., once Algonians, !ire also about to start the homeward trip has not yet been learned. A married daughter has their house, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith re- employed at the county recorder's office, and Lucile at the relief office. The Chester Harmons, of Woden, and Elmer Dole, Irvington, were also Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Dole, Mrs. Harmon being a daughter and Elmer a son. tain a room or two there, will spend the sumor in They their cabin on a 40-acre wooded tract abutting on Lone Lake, near Aitkin, Minn. Mr. Smith owns this tract. Mrs. Frnnk Gclgcl received word Monday of the sudden death of a cousin, Bert Hanks, 07, Elk River, Minn., who is survived by his wife and two married sons. Funeral services were held Wednesday Elk River, burial to <be made in the Greenwood cemetery today Nashau, Ta. Mr. and Mrs. Geigel are at Nashau for the burial rites. Evcdyn mid Tiiicilo Dole spent Sunday with their mother, Mrs. rcns says they expect to leave for May Dole, Irvington. Evelyn W f^ofSenegas- employ here. " dlsal . Knrilflllfi T. Agard aUendcd » 1H . :|I . ,, ui . ti Sunday evell | llg . Mis.s 1 .. t G. lln^t 1 '' ind H. K meeting of htjuituhU) Life Assur- ;,,,,„ ... bookkocpol . llt a ga ,. ago ' i r D Walrath at- ance men at Fort. Dodge Friday. noro We Hon-il" clliilc at Fortj Agents from Emmctsburg and Ks-. |,,.' s . 1V . D. An.lr.Mvs nnd S. W. , a =t week Wednesday eve-jthovvillc joined him here and all Moyo| . ;Uton(lo(1 an osteo pathlc last went with him. „ 'mooting at Dr. B. K. Bahn.son's, „,, «•« C E. Maxwell, .of Mr. and .Mrs. Arnold M ~" r nvo were Sunday dinner who recently moved to Or K. and Mrs. F. L. Trl- will move Tri-jand the former I at Bjustrom's, "^MM Elmer Dole went! to Goldfield later. il» 3 J Monday on a busU Tlic Dos Moi,,,s '. Mr. Dole is proprie- school .seniors, it Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell is Mrs. sister. nul . t Moll(la evening . Fi[tcon doc . |()rs ftttendcd somc from sur . back for a short time, roun(iing countlos . Doctor Meyer rmer will he employed ,.,„,„,, nn lhp ,, in! , lins | s nn(1 h . na t.- ._, ... . talked on the diagnosis and treat- They w,ll return i mmil Qf hieh h , ood pl . essm , e . ..,.,! Hcilv Dal/k'l and Wesley < onsolidaUM Kroll , S e, both of Spencer, were near Uolfc, had Sundny Rucsts at tne E . W . Ev- ictiini! All. JJUlO lr) l j I-^L." •— ~ - , .~ uuuiiiiy f^i ;TDolc garage here, for- pictures taken Wednesday at the the Dole k<"' l b Brown studio, nnd attended a mat-! (>f M| . E f ft,"ens, Sheldon, were |ineo at the Cnll as a -- , visitors at Barney Caaler's from Mr._Dro_w n . i Grecn | S Mr. Casler's daugli- land'iier liusbaiid operates a repair shop. C. Stewart was up wednes- Dalziel, a sister jvans, runs a dressmaking courl - Hey jshop, and Mr. Krouse owns a clo-, , ... „ . , ,, ,J tiling .store there. Mr. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Edward C.arno/ vo) . ks at the local . Ma xwell gar-; were Sunday guests ot tho latter a i ago | parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brothers, { Mr _ nn(] Mrs> Wnlter wili went l Mason _City. _Mr. .^ Carney_ is^ man- ; |Q RockweU City Saturday to at . tlie first time since last jager of the "parts store at e tend th(J funcval ot Mr!) ; vvm - s | hen he foil sick with the; local Ford garage. , i cousin, Alma Schoepke, 22, who' h Stewart works for the Mrs. Ton. K. 1 a.ley is at Lai o- WM fatally hun ,„ an nc , dent Q f o\fntnr Co I ta lhis weok ' carl " E tor hol> n , couple of weeks ago and died of ,,ml Mrs E J Johnson, !er, Mrs. Minnie Heetland, who intonial in j m .ies. Fred I.anz and r" near ' Curlew with the has boon ill poor health for some- . E(lwavd Len!!> Lu Verne, also at- School Values in Our March Sale HOSE SPECIAL Full fashioned, first quality,. new colors $2.00 ison son Robert, spent Friday with Mrs. Johnson's sister, tractor _ E. N. Taylor. 3lrs< flarli K<Mlf!cld, only son % of Mrs. la Rodfield, started work at rchardt's drug store Monday, from the Kanawha, time. Mr. Dailey is a building con- •,vas graduated [al school in '36. Ers. E. W. Sabin, Helen Lloyd and another Lloyd, both of Britt, visited Sabln's aunt, Mrs. Estella fcin, here Monday. jfr. and -Mrs. Elmer Smith,, of lea City, were Tuesday visitors' I Mrs. N'eal Smith's. Elmer, who c . tended. The faculty of the Tama schools broadcast via the Marshalltowni ..— ..... , H. Swanson, the latler's daughter radlo station Sunday evening, and] Rosalie, Meredith Larson, and Doris Long, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Evans attended the m-| Mrs- A. L. Long gave a musical ter-sohool sub-district music con- reading _ The prO gram consisted of test at Burl Saturday. ' several musical numbers, and a , Doctors C. H. Cretzmeyer, M. talk W as given by the superinten- G. Bourne, P. V. Janse, and John ; dent of the Tama schools. N Kenefick, attended a post-grad- j Harvey Ward and Nels uate clinic at Clarion Wednesday evening. This was tho third 'of a series of ton such clinics. District Court Clerk and Mrs. Matt Wallukait, Humboldt, wore tensen, both, of Wesley, Chris- called briefly Monday at E. N. Taylor's. Mr. Ward is a carpenter contractor, and his wife is the Mary Taylor, a ister of former E. N. |!s Insurance, was a brother ot Noal Smith. 'Oiwld Vrankl, student at Trin- Sunday dinner guests at the Chris' jy[ r Christensen, a farmer, lived Wallukait home here. The men are | neighbor to the E. N. Taylors 17 ™,m,, Bl uucu, «. -- .brothers, and Chris is manager of; yenTS ago , when the Taylors liv- Sloux Citv snent the • the Council Oak store here. e d at Curlew. cena with his parent Mr. i Mr. nnd Mrs. Stanley E. John-, j lr . and Mrs . wimam Bauer, Mrs U B FSnW U B.' owns son have sold their home .on ^outh, ore at Irvington. Harlan to Mr. and Ms. Fia.k 100 DRESSES Silk Bembergs, crepes, plain and print, values to $6.00 On 'Second Floor. 75 PAIRS OF SHOES Black gabardine, blue buck, gray buck, tf»j| QQ black suede, all seasonable shoes, most siz.^ I >wv SATIN SLIPS 4 gore, lace trimmed, marvelous ^»4 t\t\ quality, sizes 32 to 44 3> • «UU HEAVY SATIN SLIPS All 4-gore garments that fit, wear and ^»« feel so good, tea rose only _ ^ Kresen sky's Thurs., Friday, March 2J-.-25 1938'S SI Saturday, March 26 First ))ig thrill of 1»38! BAKED BY /,. ft V B A K E R fl .Parade SUNDAY AND MONDAY, MARCH 27 AND 28 Here's Bob n a A fHH& OXFORD LIONEL BARRYMORE MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN Plus News "Star is Hatched" Gold Medal "Kltclion Tested" FLOUR, 2:B6-]b. bag _. •J9-1I). bag $1.G9 Kims Kos(! 9 -j „ RICE, « His. ^.A ^ Thompson's Chocolate MALTED MILK, 1 Ib. can Del Monte PEARS, 2 No. 2 cans- TOJVA COHX, iJ No. 2 cans Snnnyfield <£ / Q Q FLOUIJ, 41MI). »nR«P-*• »O& Chase & Sanborn COFFEE, Ib. ' DHL PICKLES, OXYDOL, O / med. package &J- Northcrn TISSUE, 5 rolls ' Sunbrito CLEANSER, t Toilet Soap, PALMOLIVE, cake ___ Crystal White SOAP, 10 reg. bars _ • fl Large Bars lOc ORANGES, Size 220, doz. CELERY, large bunch, each- Fresh CARROTS, 4 bunches 23c 15c 25c ift&P FOOD STORES I :-.' !••••... • '•' OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE GRE«T '.ATLANTIC AND PACiriC TEA COMPANY in Istore at Irvington. ,---- ... . [r. nnd Mrs. W. B. Rae, Mason: Miller, but will remain to, spent Sunday with Mrs. j house for the present Mi. John L parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. son Is a local mail cariio . Eylor! Mr. Rae is in Decker] H. X. Tay or, witt Ws daug lei L-packing employ. I Mrs. Helen Webster, spent Sunday BHty Guiiii, daughter of Mrs.'at Cedar Falls with ano.hei ray- '•IviaGuun, is here for the spring j lor daughter Mrs. Harold I otei- kaUon at the State college, and eon, whose husband is in^ CUi^ [college girl friend 'from Evan- Service (gas and oil) employ. on, 111., is with her. ionise, daughter of Mrs. Clyde ilth, will spend next week at i Chrischllles home.„ ar Falls, visiting her sister the employ of the Mrs. Jos. Auncr, Des Moines, a guest this week at the T. H. _ . . ... . i l€r> Atinoi* ITT. was here Tuesday evening in Life, Mrs. Auner'Vllfgo home Friday even- incf ' The Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand, with their son Ronald, were at Harcourt and Burnslde Monday, attending meetings of the northern district of the Iowa confer- of Augustana Lutheran chur- ence |velyn, who is a senior at the "te Teachers college. [Mrs. Henry Lairenz and her Blighter Esther visited the for- (ler's mother, Mrs. Emily Heise, iston, Minn., over the week-end. (Irs. Heine is now 84. D Hub hud in a window dis- Wednesday a robot sewing IP a pair of pants. An electrical j ches. IPPliance made the arm move, but Mrs. L. h. 10 "« r ' , p t . lo stitches were taken. | daughter-in-law, Mrs. Peail J-ot 'Mrs. F. S. Norton, St. Paul, and ter, visited Sunday and Monday ' daughter Eleanor, spent the with the former's daughtei, Mrs. peek-end here at the former's pon Men's. Kleanor is still dean of Nnen in St. Paul schools. Alice Mncllcr, employed at , the '<• U Miller home, and Valeria 1 s, Bode, spent the week-end with her W1LI1 Lliw *»j»»»»«« — »-• - . ... Alto 'Stiles, Charles City, and with Mrs. Pearl Potter's son Lyman at F1 Mr d N. A. A. Sterling and her daughter Jeanette spent the week end at Webster City with the for- Iowa Theatre THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MAR. 24-25-26 BIG 3-WAY PROGRAM, 21c No. 1 Buck Jones Special! "LAW OF TOMBSTONE" No, 2—Second Feature Wife vs. Model JOHN BOLES, LULI DESTE "SHE MARRIED AN ARTIST." No. g—New Serial Second Chapter, "The Lone Ranger" SUNDAY AND 5 DAYS Extended Run—Sunday .Through Thursday Greatest show ever booked in Algona! t >.;-. s Suwiay, J, a 5. IIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Prices, 10r?«c to 6 p. SALE OT success in sparkling and pat- in design PRINTS new colors terns, rich and keyed to the season. All sizes, including \(> sizes to 46. DRESSES in combina- * tions of solid color with stripes, dots, and pastel, bodices. $C95 • BOLEROS • SASHES • SHIRRING t GAUCHOS t DUO-TONES SUITS including every wanted style. The fabrics are in soft, spongy new textures of 1938. $ 9.95 COATS for sports and dressy preferences. Every one is a style leader of the season. • SWAGGERS • FULL BACKS • REEFERS • BRIEFERS § WABDEOBES

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