Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1938 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE POUR FOUR GIRLS AT WEST BEND ARE ALL-IOWA PICK KOSSUTH COUNT r ADVANCE, ALGQNA. IOWA THE MOVIES By T. H. C. SJfOW WHITK AM) UK SKVKX 1WAKF.S- as real flesh-and-blood characters. There is Grurap the grouch; victim; the • «» buv, '-iv/iucii i'Vf-iU, LIlilL LOU Ely I ' ~ — *'^n tlWcll I ( only ten cents, they may seo| nncl so on down the line. There is ;infi in UlG Gol(Ie » Ago, that today,| Each of the West Bond girl girl state basket ball champions ,, received a bracelet and a locket I • - -—-- ~—, as souvenir, and a woman udinir- cvellts nlul Places their elders, in i also the beautiful princess the er gave linen and lace handker-i 0111 ! yrouth i " ever even dreamed of, handsome prince, and the Chiefs ,„ Pa8fol 8hndea to the ^"ll.^ei-ir the "kldB" today oIdQueoft . P teacher-sponsor" i ll:|n "' ooiato the Comforts, the ad" d a sold tronliv v "" tn s cs ' tllc "thrills" that are de- This is not, strictly speaking, a children's picture. Oldsters Farmer Living West of Titonka, is Dead Titonka, Mar. 22—Olo Michaelson, west of town, who had been No. 44 to Be Paved in '38 if Federal Funds are Not Cut Some time ago the state high- ou". weai ui uiwn, «m< mm ucc» way commission let a, contract for j bedfast for some time, died Sat- 1938 paving on No. 17 from No. 18 U1 . d ., y nnd func ,. n i services were north to the Emmet county line. , ,, ,, , , ., -., ,, ,, . This road is already paved south hokl Mondn r ftt th * Methodist from Emmetsburg to Pocahontfis. I church here, with the .Rev. AV. L. Since that announcement was; Patterson in charge. Mrs. Mich- made West Benders and Whitte-;nelson, four children, and four nore people have been fretting to • grand children survive. The mow when No. 44 between the j children are Donald and Noil, at . , , two towns and on up to No. 18 homo; Mrs. Leone McCulley, near | stoves St. Ben's Catholic Plan Improvements Father Kramer, St. Benedict, was in town Tuesday «tnd reported that it hnd btffrt decided to reroot the parochial schoolhouse at St. Benedict. Information is to be sought on hot-water heating systems for the school house <ind the Sisters' home. At, present the schoolliouse is heated with hot j air, but the sisters' home has onlyj . . , would be done, and now they have i Titonka; and Mrs. Lcola Nelson, basketball classics. — tho"takinc-th7 IHrlTtn "n^'^T ,°'i' yoar > but tno Pi'oject is part of the .ven thoug,nS. tn TS!^ve S U°^u-se Ci M i^ 6 ^ ^™='.^ £ £?\ Conference. -»- girls and their The team received a gold "trophy , ..,.-., for the school's trophy case Two! " tllolr roach . out were of the girls will be graduated In niod to us oldor folks ' June. Take , , , tloo , wo Margaret Ncssen, of the West ; Who, in the old "days, cveTtTought 1^ "TheT'irro'vp S i't tO h t p^« n » C \7 :t f!i Xed6ral ?' d P r °S«"". and it has | Conferences " between teachers jfHVarantiuod"for "scaVl'ot fever, the Benders, and Kilitli Noeding, the "f Kolng 50 miles to attend a dis-! beautiful and it doDicta llfo Ld /, n » pliroved by the If^land pupils in the local • schools I daughter Mar.forie having it. Chas. ,„.. trirt ,™,fm, „,. isn ,„!,„„ ,1.. . "We* life and t e ra i bureau of public roads. Tliis; fl . om kindoi . ga ,ten to seventh Uhlenhake, adult, .is also a patient, nrayj an answer. An official letter says (Mason City. attend without even the excuse of thnt stretch Is also booked for this] excuse ot i ,,„„,. ,,„» ^ „,_„. , _„ .,._ i Toncllcr . r , Ipll Conferences. ^ . — IVcsIcyiins arc (JiinraiifliiiMl. Wesley, Mar. 2'i — The louis Licktelgs, southwest of town, are ' ^ — — -.v. ^,,,,.».., j nn., ^ • • *..! - - •— »,,_, XH.I.V.HV* iv *•• ii=5 ~ i UUH nil i u i nnti if fir l resbylonan pastor 1 ^ daughter, tnct match or 150 miles to attend livine j)ersninlHiP« r - — -«.« -^ I-UK..V, iu .,u 0 . . mo. r ,. om luntlergar -n „„ - 8lnto fi rst-tea,n places; ; a state final, Who. in that day, i , .^Md^d wonderment | %&£ ^^^^^T^^ •" ^g in 'Jerry' Gearhart. a second" team!oven save the World Series ai,, R T listened"to""chndron berth; Harriet Lnck,wood, third tHouwht. to say nothing of follow- iaudlencc scream team; Kdna Jurgens. fourth team; »>« Ramos over the radio? I found Louise Noeding, honorable men- And the old Algona Central'some littl tion. Kdith Noeding was high scot- ! schoolhouse, even in my day rath- „,- almost cntchlnc ~mv or in the championship game. or tottery, but ample as an lusti-I about soiiPthing else Hul.li, another Noeding daughter, tut Ion of learning, now replaced! The music has a lilt in the theme of happiness which wild throughout the produc- breath ... „ completed this i v.uu.v. They are held to obtain cutting down the, flicts to inform parents of the .allotments for road build-, progl . esa ot Uleh . children. ing in the states. The president j « i wants to cut appropriations in thOi App ,i >v onmn DlslociHcs Shoulder. Ill I ni'PSi rtr Pf^nnnm v nnf nr\r\ crvn.oa , . , quarantined at Mrs. Mary Uhlcn- hake's. COTTAGE BEAU?; SHOPPE Free Easter Special, Style plus, regular $2.60 permanent Shampoo, fingerwave, and manictiro """ Shampoo, fingerwave, and arch '__ ~'"~~-Shampoo and fingerwave ~~"~-Oil Shampoo, fingerwave, and mankuuv ~~~~ Oil Shampoo, fingerwave, and arch " ~" Oil Shampoo and fingerwa -e _• ~~_~ — All work guaranteed. I'imii»> (^"" 119 South Minnesota S( EDNA OILMORE AND THMLMA , is n university of Dubuque ,tu- «'ith a magnificent structure dam. and « nu-mber of a univer- which would do credit to any Gold- interest of economy, but congress sity a capolla r-hoir wliicli is now on A - e in the world's history. en tour and broadcast Monday I he kids fully appreciate the via WON, Chicago, and will alsi " " vantages of the new no; tion. What ad- i picture in • -- - - j ^ ».»•., 11 --,^.1, (i i ui i> iji illrsu - n • • n i -, v..i i/i iiit; inj \i ut broadcast again Saturday noon via contrasted with the old? WFKVF Iiulianaiiolis and a (': ' coast-to-coasi liook-up. Eighth Graders at the Academy Will • '- ---- >-"•<- 1 1 in 11 i4i (iv, tii i t: - mi» Slvuni 1 1 building as ; combination of beauty and pathos, ia i tins story which exalts the 1 " •••">-• i 1111 .* n i,wi ,> \> llli-H UAil 1 LW H1G But. I'm drifting far afield. What i virtues of life, which raises youMi 1 started out to say was, what a , and maturity to a level of nioral- Irout. for children to see a picture iiy, and places child and adult on like Snow White and the Seven i the surae plane without scarifying Dwarfs. If the noise, the laughter, | either 1 the confusion which reigned at the' Sno Stap-f 9 A/-t Pl-,,' SlatP V '" Millne "PoIis, where I i the greatest picture ever made. ^".agc t* ^-*.ci IT lay was fortunate enough to see the , and for once it has been acclaimed T ], 0 .„ i I . . in-oduction this week, are an indi-!aK such by cinemniaddicls and will .„•>,, i °'•",', fjra(Iol ' K cation " f s "eer enjoyment which j critics alike. And now ain't tha »MI Dii.-fiu a play, latly Suvos the youngsters got from this 11)38 something? Sinn ?' i'Vi- a '""'' llnv lla " " oxl Grimm fairy tale, then I do not iw 'let '',„,,;Vv I>- '"' n " W iK a llesitato to •"••»• t.hat it ought to bo K :; '.'';,• •,, , '" nliloston « '" their entertainment i\alln\n c.illespie will play the lives. T?!iVh u if J i IiSS Npls " n - t<-"'fl>or; , T know that if T bad seen this nl ,v n' n' ;lU0 '' CUUl Mal ' y Wclr ' * how "» or - |0 years ago, it would erl m.o. i, "i'" "' "'•"'l"' Srad " ll!lv " ongravod itself upon my mind P.,'IU Vi "' Kol( '" ln f n "f'ave with as a never-to-be-forgotten spec- ler ,„] U- f S °, '' iX ; abeth EI - tncl °- Evo " in nl >' hardened old! leu ,md b> a Ireak ot tale cliscov- age, T fairly thrilled with the ei a longlost spade; Arlem? liar- pleasure engendered by the beauty i,iea\os and Horpucp Klocke will of its magical color, the witchery be i ho onoi-wtlo freshmen. Other of its plot, the artistry of its en- roles which will unravel the plot tire got-up el j.!n,, P "M n ! yCl1 bj " Mllrt Sc hcm- ! Wnlt Disney has given us in this rotli T ah ?.'!f y ' lallllno Xcu ' "» c full-length feature literally G^rmP • a " d Dwil >-"o'Pverything. There is, first of all,' V , . . .'-he gorgeous technicoior, ton times six bov-i phivmsr (he part of more thrilling than the is reluctant as regards road propriations. Kx-Alfroiiifin lias Openiilmi. Ponton, Mar. 22—Mrs. W. P. Weisbrod spent from Friday even- C'orwith, Mar. 22 — Mrs. Carl ing to Sunday evening with hoi mother, Mrs. J. C. Kresensky, Al- Mrs. Don Allen, daughter of major operation there Fri'dav. ^ JT J_L * 31 r. iiurt IMrs. Harold Brandt , , . — . Schroeder fell a few days ago and suffered a dislocated shoulder. She was taken to Mercy hospital Mason City. Mrs. Shroeder, who is 79, had but recently recovered from pneumonia. White is unquestionably spent Saturday at Mason City Mr im=f „!„,„„„ „..„ _.,. i3,. amlt travels for Decker's. Sick Will Children's .Disease. Darlone, G-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Secman, came clown with the mumps Friday. She is a kindergarten student, and her father is buttcrmaker for Mrs. William Anldcrks. Lakota spending this week with hei daughter. Mrs. Alwin Huenhold. arm a Sugles" RESOLUTIONS FOK Kt.'W 5. Resolved — That I'll ^ _ : »ome liberties have been taken world. D> U! wilh lhe ancle "t text, but only! OOys Have minor ones. In fact the introduc- 1 the s;lmo thing, they'd - T^.^. iU Li ilion of bil ' (1 - s . doer, rabbits, and - 4 Ogetner Oere numerous other feathered and T, . , Frida Hnniholdt furred friends but adds to Republican charm of the original story earned this mention O f two old. Again, Disney has breathed into cronie, who got together for a every character of his little faU-y u- T,' T, |tal ° that ''"man touch which has w,s n n 0 '' Vn ' , of Dakohl rity ' lifte(1 llis clllcks . mice, and p igs was caller last week on Tom Slier- out. of the category of mere c-u man at Algona. Both these gentle- toons into the world o ealHv men are pioneer residents of this For in Snow mite the human ' ' faCt ° f Humboldt touch is »«P«-ome. and the Seven on " , rule the (!<I ' Kosolntion Xext IVeck. the, , lle 5 1C!in time call at the new j lumberyard near the Milwaukee •(•Square Lumber, Diistlcss Coal, t'eiucnt Tile RaesIyLbr.Co. Phono 231. kota City." 'COME TO FREE COOKING SCHOOL AMD SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO GET LIGHTER CAKFcl IN HALF THE MIXING TIME WITH Spry /" says Christine school lecturer v» iu;e. Sunders, famous cooking for Ko.ssuth County Ad- Get our famous stock that spefls profit for you. Large birds bred for years for heavy production of large eggs. All flocks headed by males from pedigreed nnd trapnested birds. Special discounts on quantities and orders booked early. CUSTOM HATCHING —at prices you can't afford to let the hens set, and we do a better job for you. Get our prices on Chick Starter, Remedies, and Brooder Stores. NEUENDORF HATCHERY WEST OP FAIR GROUNDS Mankato Choir Will __ Appear at Lu Verne lj Mrs. Prank Winkel, who has been spending a few weeks with her daughter Grace at St. Paul, •writes that the hitter's husband Morris M. Christensen, died a week ago, following a. gall blad- — der operation, and was buried Fri- == <Jay. He was a contractor, well known in drainage circles in ! Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. NOW TRY THIS BANANA CAKE 1 A. cup Spry ^A teaspoon salt 'A teaspoon Rratcd lemon rintl 1 cup sugar 2 eggs, unbeaten 2 cups sifted flour (cake ilour preferred) )4 teaspoons baking powder % cup milk 1 large banana, sliced a™ 8 '/! 1 flour and , bakin S Powder togctlicr .1 times Add small amounts of flour to creamer! mixture altcrnatelv with milk, beating after each additio- • ' ' int .co Spread Creamy Banana Frosting one aver CREAMY BANANA FROSTING 2 tablespoons Spry 1 tablespoon butter M teaspoon salt % teaspoon grated lemon nnd 3 cups sifted confectioners' sugar 1 large banana, mashed 3 tablespoons scalded cream (All measurements in these recipes are lad.) L ( Cli i> and fve this Spry recipe) NEW EASY WAY to bake and fry makes foods doubly delicious Y OU'RE in for a whole series of delightful surnri you start baking and frying with Spry. ItV creamier than ordinaryshortenings that you can m ! .n half the time. Yet your cake comes out of theoS and delicate, so fine-grained and velvety that nfl ,-r J -» and flaky Spry-fnedfoods deliriously crisp and ted 1 so digestible a child can eat them. Spry s aysfresl, ] kttchen shelf. No need to keep in refrigerator Do In 3-lb. and Mb. cans The new, pw ALL-vegetc shortening I TR/PIE-I CREAM For those who like the fin est. All the newest spring colors. th "Knee Ily's," "Over Knee" and full length. 59c 79c $1.00 Brownell's Also a full line of Smart hand bags. Your choice START It at ZENDER'S The Suit Features Models—Suits for men and young men—single and' double-breasted in London drapes and sport models - -trim waistlines that are going so big with young men. The new colors-greens, tans, blues, gray blues, and grays. The fabrics—worsteds, gabardines, twists, herringbones, in the new stripes, checks, and glens-ail are fabrics that belong in the higher priced ranges. $19.50 $24.50 $29.50 New Shoes New shoes by Crosby Square in grays, gray and green, elk and two- tone gray. $2.95 $4.95 Monday, AIGOKA, 101 A :30 and 4,00 p. n, tokemlviintaBo of these special' prices. FLOUR HIGHEST QUALITY 49 ]b s $1.69 SANDWICH SP'AD 25c Quart, Carol Hats in all the new shades and shapes by La Salle and Stetson $2.95 $3.95 $5.00 See the new Arrows, Fruit of the Loom, and Marlboro in the stripes and shecks. Toned for spring $1.65 $1.95 ^3 =^; ^= = = f | =SS = 4 • zss =: MUSTARD 14C 18-k quart jar boxes FANCY IUCE 14c Bine Rose STARCH Boxes 25 C 1 boxes OMAR FLOUR Rainbow Peaches Can 19C Large .No. Sfc cans • CAKE FLOUR 25c Lge. box IGA ~^^^OM GRAPEFRUIT 2 Cans 25 C ^ T o. 2. cans PRUNES 15c California DOG FOOD Each DC Hill's 16-oz. cans LB. SACK NQ 18-K CORN Tall 18C On the cob STUFT OLIVES IQc 18-k 1}£ ounce BANANAS APRICOTS 2 Lbs 27c F »ncy diced CORN FLAKES 2 1flfi Boxes I Ov Gold Toast, large | MB^MBMM WHEAT PUFFS . 25c ZENDER'S BLUE G COFFEE 25C Free dish with lb. Nice Bright Fruit MACARONI or SPAGHETTI 2 1 5c 3n S lbs2Sc PEACHES 'V 1 49c Sliced or halves RADISHES Bunches I UC MATCHES 6 Boxes 19C Doz ORANGES Size 252 POTATOES 99c Seed or table stock NEW 5 POTATOI8| 25c Bacon, cello Longhorn Chee Milk Fed l " " ">. — Veal Roast, lb. Veal Steak, lb. ._ Veal Hearts, lb.__ Beef Ro aj ,t, lb Bacon Squares, lb, Aiuer. or Brick Cheese, 2-lb, Cutlets, I7e 43c|

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