Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1938 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 9
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The occasion was the 25th wcd- now 'liuighter, born February are other children in the family: Aria Joan, U; Ronald, !); Dennis, -—••-- ing three fine horses hitched to the spreader. He showed us some pf barnyard. ,1. M. has for , many years been one of the Algona nis, C; Shirley Mae, 4; and Rose creamery's loading patrons and he! informe{1 and believes but that the Mime, i. Albert remarked that he'takes an intelligent and helpful in-; Plaintiff has no knowledge or hi- ding anniversary of the Volgts who were married hero on March' 1 13, 1913, by the Rev. William 1 '" 1[ °" 1 - P™^ busy, rorie farms tcret in all community affairs Faulstlch and loft immediately for' 2 ' 10 «cros. Ho had 20 sows to far- j * * * * Cheyenne Wells, Colo., whore they' r " w lllis month, and the first sow A) J. Eischeid, who lately mov- llved a year, after which they I " n lll ° 3° l) ll!lK nine pigs. Thirty came back to Iowa. Tho.y farmed ' OWCR w o"'o to drop lambs, and the for a year two miles north of West' first rivc dropped nine. Bend, then moved to the II. W. ' * * * * Oeelan farm, where they have! ' TOR ' Mi " Gr is a happy farmer on lived 23 years. I Hie .second place north of Albert (12) and the West Half (W%) of the East sixteen rods of Lot Thirteen (13) and the North Half (NV6), of the West Half (W'/fc) of the East sixteen rods of Lot Fourteen (M), a il In Block Five (5) of Auditor's I lat of Reservation No. One (1) of the original plat of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, and that the plaintiff is credibly informed and believes that the defendants make some claim adverse to the title of the plaintiff In said property and that the said unknown claimants to said premises claim'some interest in or to the said real estate as the plaintiff is cd from Plum Creek to a I southeast of Irvington, was repair work on his manure spread- place doing Mr. or when we saw him Friday. He is <i handy man at such work. Al said ho would like to buy some and Mrs. Vnigt have five Y . css °' a ' llnrtn ot Wesley. Wo saw calves, for ho has plenty of feed. r\« t T) nnnl 1« Al ... . • .. ! VlI 111 I'mf -\\Tf\f\\r- TVT»->n fl.-, .« .. «,1 K« I ff f>TYl n r\f ^rrill fn nmm>n i.r1-.« !-._..*. children: Rosella, Algonu; Harold ! hlm last wcok Monday and Evelyn, Elnora. and Raymond ,,i'i warnccl us tnat wc mustn't i. . * ' *'' i *t» it,. 1-t 1« 1.1. _ l,o Some of you farmers who have home. Attending the celebration the Edw Hansons, Algona; Jack Johnson, ~ put 'much in the paper about Ijim, so formation and does not know how said interest as claimed by said unknown claimants was derived or claimed to have been derived or the method of obtaining the same and the plaintiff avers therein that the names and residences of the unknown persons are unknown to plaintiff and that plaintiff has sought diligently to learn the same and you are referred to said peti- wore Mrs. more calves than you want might t.ion for a more particular state- get into touch with him. M. O. Richards, northeast of Rock, and his boys had put IURSERY iTOCK Iffer a larger and more pete stock than ever be- Ask for our new free [list, it's a money-saver. [Landscape Service [FORD NURSERY Milford, Iowa |ere the Evergreens are Growing" BABY IT'S TIME TO dvertise jetting Eggs 'ustoin Hatching Chicks ncnbators OT6S hpplles have something or »t to dispose of sorrie- iu the poultry line, is the time to adver- it in the ADVANCE ft ads. PHONE 254 Many yearn of ex> pwience and choice carefully selected to- Itaccos are reupon- for the popn- O f the G&B Special '«•• jflTe it a trial 7-yuu'll know why tt »y are HO popular, Alu<ia* dealer*. wc are not giving him even a lino h«»a, ivii-B. ~ !IH you >sco! Joc owns the farm ., t ,v,-v uu ,,,, au ,,, Rolfe; the William' wllcl '° 1)G lives, and having repair-.., , . - —- *- — Schwankea, Cedar Falls' the Wil-i cd and r °P a inted them, he is "sit- tho bul 'nto the barn just before Ham and Herman an 1 door™ l tln K P'^-ty." Ho has tho right idea L w " ari<lv s d 1s , a ' urd1 ?y- Tho bull uj in v.ji.,i71 S^ l-i, n i ' • • • - ' flfl M npnti an 1 »1 * r\ T>.-.«*4 .-.T-. —.. T»_ — Meyers, the Arthur Heidcnwiths,' Mrs, Dorothy Sobers, the Henry Schultzes, tho Archie Voigts, the Reinhard Ostwalds, the up the place I liad boon sol(1 to Bocttcher Bros., * * * « ' |"tockhuyers at Burt. M. O. raises linn Katuin is a now man em-1 Shorthol ' n ca ttle, and they show plnyp.d on tho farm whore William I good care - Hls b °y s are the real Webcrs, and Mr and Mi^ Tnim" w~ ' Cook UHO(1 to live - oast of Wesley, ?f u , Thcy had he] Pod Dad, and Baas ion o\A No. 18. Prank Dalian, who! then two ot Ulom went abo "t their Five hundred was nHvotl ,,t «™ ' ronts tho ' )laco ' is not married and j ' ll!ly - They . had fastened a block en tables M Wohor wlnnl.u- 1^, h I" VC8 with tho Katulns. Mrs. and taok ' e in the driveway of the and Mr "Hanson holm* Inw fn, ! K ' atllin is onc ° r Ule H^rry Anglelf"'" c i: ib <\ na nad fastened a box ana MI. iiancon bcln R low. for ,,. lIlglllorB| and hor folks forme ? ljr Ho it. One boy would sit in the box Mn H lived north of Britt, but later mov- a lhe othor would P ul1 him U P women, j 0(1 U) a farm near Garn(Jr Whon | for a swing. It made us think a prize.! ,,, r , „.„,,„ ,, t lr ,.^^i,.,. !,„ „'„,! T>«« I long way back to what fun .it is to bo a boy. But "them days is men; Laura Hanson, high, George Meyer, low, f Verne Wobor won at A two-course lunch was sw'od at I wore at Frank's, he and Ben' rols and work. midnight. Mr. and Mrs. Voigt received a number of gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Voigt wore taken by surprise again Monday night, when cousins and tho families arrived. Attending: Mrs. Emelie Siems, son Erwin, daughter Esther; Mr. and Mrs. Noah Hoisner, daughter Katharine and tho Edward Kueckcrs, Lotts frock; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wichtendahl, of West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. George ; f ,, , Siems, Fenton, daughter Shirley; 1 - ' ancl and the Herman Haacks, Fairvilic. : were taking oil out of some bar-1 preparing for spring forever." * * * * wo stopped P Oronbachs Last week Chris Gronbach, oast oC Wesley. Tho i!' VC( J rn i«o, L M Vern ° "^"""'-laro newcomers from ' north of | hood till inai. then moved to Crcs- Sponcori and therc wore slad this spring to al](1 two , r , s , n the famjl Saturday wo stopped at Walter R - Smith's, west of Bancroft. Wo haCl Calle * tllerC r ^ m ^' but had f»«i»l only a small boy there. Wai- tcr Wffla now t home f These folks Some of the Sunday Visitors— The Raymond Esscrs, Algona, were Friday visitors at Harry Helmke's. Mrs. Alice Flynn, Rodman, son Maurice, and Gerald Flaherty, Emmetsburg, were Sunday guests at J. S. Cullen's. Mrs. Maude Fish spent Friday with friends at Lone Rock, where she formerly lived. The Conrad Aligs were Sunday guests at George Alig's, Pocahontas. The Maurice Cullens, Mason City, were at the par- ton, but conic back to good old Kossuth. It is about. 200 miles south of here to it has been so dry there that Chris said that he was buying water for his stock up to tho time ho loft. Ho lived 2% miles are six boys Mr. Smith bought this 320-acre farm, and he has already set up a now light plant, of the wind-charger type. There is a 65-ft. tower R. has 28 Spotted Poland China spring pigs. Ho is 1 ' milking ten from the city, and he had to pay $4 lcowsi for 1,000 gallons of city water, do-!___!__ livored. The Gronbachs are milk- Bfiuity No ing 12 cows, and they have 30 cat- ORIGINAL NOTICE tic all told. Chris has 1GO acres, j In the District Court of Iowa, in and ho could work more land, for I and for Kossuth county. March his son Vernon will bo at home | term, 1938. this season. There is a daughter, ty of Algona, Iowa, a Municipa ental John S. Cullen's the same Wesley, day. Fred Fish, of the CCC camp at Bancroft, spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Maude Fish. Leonore Elbert, student nurse at Des Moines, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Elbert. Oldtimer In Visits Here- Carl Krahn, who lives with his daughter, Mrs. Frank Banksen, Algona, spent several days with old neighbors and other friends here last week. He went to Em- Maxine, who is attending school at Lu Verne. * * * * We called last week Tuesday on Raymond Hansen, southeast of and found Mrs. Hansen caring for the Gordon Giddins metsburg daughter, Friday to visit another Mrs. George Schacht, and returned to Algona Sunday. Zuinach Babe is Christened— The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 'Herbert Zumach was christened Sunday by the Rev. W. H. Discher at St. Paul's Lutheran church. Her names are Carol Lee. Mrs.. Hugo Meyer and W. A. Rusch were sponsors. Mrs. Nissen Here Again— Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert to Eldora Monday to bring here Mrs. Louisa Nissen, who will spend the summer with her daughter, Mrs. George Meyer. Four to Brides' School- Mrs. Anthony - Schmitt, daughter Corrinne, Mrs. Nick Reding, and Marilyn Woodward attended tho school for brides at Burt Saturday. baby boy. Mrs. Giddings had not been well, and she was taking treatment at a hospital at Iowa €ity. Mrs. Hansen said the baby was "the best baby ever." Dnffj-s Hosts at Pinner- Mr, and Mrs. Louis Duffy entertained at dinner Sunday evenin'g, guoste being Druggist and Mrs. C. j. Cavanaugh. The William Schwanks spent the week-end here. Mrs. Sch'wanke was formerly Martha Voigt. Othor Whitteniore. ErwJn Ward, Minneapolis, and DRUG STORE Agnes Rubes, Spencer, were here Sunday, visiting at Mike Koppen'u. Joe Schiltz, Port Dodge, visited at his sister Mrs. James Geelan's. Mrs. Josie Goff went to Ruthven he same day for • several days with relatives. Margaret Waldron, Britt teacher, was a week-end guest at her irother John's. James Fickbohm and Mable Zeigler, Denison, with Mrs. Zeigler. Algona, were at the Ww. Fickhohm's. Josephine Fandel spent •'last week with relatives, at Rodman. , Mrs. Gertrude Hockenberry, Mason City, was here lasto week Wednesday to see her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flnnell. Mr. and Mrs. E*win Bargman were Sunday guests of the former's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Henry Bargman, near Rodman/ •HUdreth Elbert. Mason Clty ( snent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and, Mrs, Gregory Elbert. Mr, and Mrs. P. J. Dablhauser and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wblechter West Bend, were, at the John Bisenius home. Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck son Henry, daughter Lucille, and the Martin Meyes, Garner, were Sunday dinner guests at Bdw. Ltebs Lotts Creek. Ernest Welsbrods spent Sunday at Fenton with the Emi C. Weisbroda. Mr. and Mrs George Lowman, Rodman, were at' Enyin Borginan's Friday. The Albert Eiselea. near Blue Earth, and Mr. and Mra. Herman Bode/Wesley, were Sunday guests of the parental Mr. and Mrs. Jos eph Eisele. . Mr, a&d Mrs. Jaroes Geelan, Mr wd MSTHMh Duffy, and County r«a<?wer and Mrs. M. J. DuMy. Mr. and Mrs. NicriU»oft, A. Sunday guests at * * # * Ben Hinders, northeast of Wesley, is always busy when we call. We were at his place last week Tuesday, and he was sawing wood in a different way from any w© had seen before. He had put a sprocket-wheel on the power takeoff on his tractor, and the wheel had a clutch that would slip if the saw got stuck. There is a crank which as it goes around pulls a long cross-cut saw. Ben was saw- Ing up large logs into firewood length, and the outfit was working like a top. * * * * Henry Swanson, northeast of Wesley, has three hoys, in school, and they and the two Ostercamp boys had just got home when, we were at Henry's last week Wednes- ay. The .boys attend a country chool. Mr. and.Mrs. Swanson have [ye boys, and the two older at- end high school at Britt. * * * * We called at the Exchange State jank at Wesley last week Wednes- lay, but did not find Guy M. Butts here. He is taking a needed va- ation in the south. The two lutchlson boys were there, and ohn, who likes to "kid" us, complained that we never had men- ioned the young woman who Ikes to "kid" us, explained that we never had mentioned the young voman who works In the bank. Well, we'll fix that right now. She Maurine Hanson, and she does most of the work at the bank (so, ohn, take that!) John has been n the ,bank many years, And Mr. Butts doesn't have to stick around any more except/ when he feels ike, it. This was .one of the lew tanks which weathered the March closings back in 1933. * * * * We called last week Wednesday on Mrs. Irene Studer, Wesley. She has three children. She said she wished she could find some work ,o do. The people of Wesley had >een kind as possible and have .riven her their 'work when they need someone, but ehe needs more, and she thlught that perhaps some Algona folks coujd use her services. Mr. Studer died two years ago. * * * * We called on M. L. Honey Friday. We always like to visit with this old-time, always good-natured citizen of that neighborhood. M. L said that he had been feeling fine lately. There was a time when he was bothered with rheumatism Mrs. Roney baa a fine assprtment of canaries, and. it is great to hear them sing. The Honeys are among the county's finest people and are among the mainstays of the Irvington community. Forbus Stiltz is a new man working tor J. M. Patterson, the well known south'of Algona dairy Small Loam Up to $300 'UN AUTOMOBttBS LIVE STOCK HOUSKHOLD FUBNITUBK, Prompt. courtepuB, confloenttai service. KORIH IOWA FINANCE CO feif to Upper Pe» ICQlaei offle*. Corporation, Plaintiff, vs. ubrey Waterhouse and Mrs Aubrey Waterhouse, his wife Geraldine L. Maltxahn, formerly Geraldine Wate.rhouse, and Mr Maltzahn, her husband; and al unknown claimants, and all per sons unknown claiming any right, title or interest in and to the following described real es tate, tq-wit: West Half (W%) o Lot Twelve (12) and the Wes Half (W%) of the East sixteen rods of Lot Thirteen (13) and the North Half (N%) • of th West Half (W%) of the Eas sixteen rods of Lot Fourteen (14), all In Block Five (5) o Auditor's Plat of Reservation No. 1 of the original plat of Al gona, Kossuth county, Iowa and all the heirs, spouses, as signs, grantees, legatees, de visees and beneficiaries of each and all of the above named ie fendants, Defendants, o the Above Named Defendants You and each of you are hereby otlfied that the petition of the laintiff in the above entitle' ause is now on file in the office o he Clerk of the District Court o Cossu,th county, Iowa, claiminf hat ttfe plaintiff is the absolut lid unqualified owner.in fee sim le of the following describe roperty. to-wlt: West, Half (w%) of Lot interest in or to tho said premises or any part thereof adverse to the plaintiff or tho plaintiff's title therein and that the plaintiff's tile to the said premises be quieted, established and confirmed and that the plaintiff have all such other and further equitable ' relief as to the court may seem equitable and just In the premises. And unless you appear thereto ] and defend on or before noon of I the second day of the next term, being the March, 1938, term of said court, which will convene in the Court House at Algona, Kos- euth county, Iowa, on the 28th day of March, 3038, default will be entered against-you and judgment and decree rendered thereon in accordance with the prayer of said petition. J. L. BONAR, 23-26 Attorney for Plaintiff. EVERY BUSINESS MAN, DOC- tor, lawyer, merchant, should have one of the new Advance plat books. Each township, with sliown in detail. land otf checks COLDS and FEVER first day Liquid, Tablets Headache, 80 Salve, Nose Drops minutes Try "Rtib-My-Tisin" — World's Best Liniment ment thereof. The plaintiff in said etition states that none of the aid defendants or unknown claim- nts have in fact any right, title, r interest in or to the above de- cribed premises or any part hereof or any color or right, title r interest therein and that the laintiff and its immediate grant- rs have been in the sole, com- lete, ^open, notorious, actual and indistfuted adverse possession of he said premises for more than en years last past under color and lalm of title and ownership hereof and have been the undis- uted and unqualified owners hereof for over ten years, and hat by reason thereof and of the apse of time and the laches of the defendants in failing to assert any pretended claim thereto and in lermitting valuable improvements o bo made thereon relying upon >uch possession and ownership, .he defendants are estopped from inserting any right, title, claim or nterest therein adverse to the plaintiff. The plaintiff in said pe- .Ition prays for the establishment of its estate and title against the adverse claims of the defendants and that each and all of them and all unknown claimants and all persons unknown having or claim- ng any right, title or interest in or to said premises and all persons claiming by, through, or under them, be barred and forever es- topped from ever having, asserting, or claiming any right, title, or Bankers Life Farm Loans Low rate, long time funds from an IOWA COMPANY. See me for prompt closing, no commission. EDWARD CAI'ESICS ' Heise Bldg. Algona, Iowa READY - TO - USE paint — Beautiful colors for walls, furniture, floors. Anyone can apply. Get a new color chart. Botsford Lumber Company Jffl FOOL, Mgr. Custom Hatching Now is the time to bring in egga for Custom Hatching. We set eggs on Mondays and Thursdays and wUl have space ayaUable for custom hatching,for a short time only. You may be assured that we will do our part for a successful hatch for you. Reserve the space you ;will need now. We will haye a limited number of Baby Chicks for next week's delivery. Algona Hatchery PHONE 651 J. E. Mason, Prop. Rising's Feed Feat Moss. Brooder Houses ( OPEN EVENINGS, H. Finley, Operator. B. K. Hygene Litter Brooder Stoves VERY LOW PRICE The Ford effort to make your dollars buy a constantly better car is well illustrated in the Standard Ford V-8. It has all the basic Ford advantages. It is built on the same chassis as the De Luxe Ford V-8. It gives you a choice of smooth 85-horsepower or 60-horse* power V-8 engines. But it sells at low prices, and includes bumpers, spare tire, cigar lighter, twin horns and other equip- The Standard Tudor Sudan ment that make it a still bigger bargain. With the thrifty 60-horsepower engine, the Standard Ford V-8 is priced especially low and gives the greatest gas mileage in Ford history. Hundreds of owners report averages of 22 to 27 miles 9 a gallon — or even more. Your pocketbook will approve of the Standard Ford in every way. And so will you when you drive it! The Algona Auction Co. | We are here to serve both the seller and buyer at our pavilion in Algona every Saturday. Saturday, March 19 Don't forget we sell anything;that yon have to sell every Saturday by the head or Weight, Our place Is packed with buyers, and mtt> stock is demanding gooi prices. So dont forget to get your stock in, a« you will get the best cash price. ^ - HOBSES Have listed a number of horses. We had » good horse sale last Saturday and expect to'have a good lineup for this week. Get yours iu as the demand is as good af it will be. CATTlE^We expect some good cows and young cattle. We sell by the pound or weight. Dont forget, we will take horses or any stock on new and used machinery. HOGS—Sows sold good l*8t ^Saturday and expect some good sows for this sale. Bring your sows In where yon can expect good prices and bring vaccination papers. ' NOTIOE—We will sell one good 16-30 McCormick-Beering tractor; also a good line of used machinery has been, listed. We also handle the, complete line of Massey-Harrig machinery. Don't forget to' look this Twin ?ower low Crop Twetor oven WW handle ?8,Jn, tep, and 8 I4 ? ta, plgw». Open every day, Sale barn phone 11 or residence 5F28, Sfiwt op stock at J»W, TEEMS—Cash, No property removed until settled lor. C. O. RIDDLE & SON THE STANDARD FORD V-8 JIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIINIIIIN i Complete Closing-Out | PUBLIC SALE] _s Will sell at public auction at the farm 6 miles west of Burt; iy 2 miles == = south, 1 mile west of Lone Rock; 3 miles east, 1 mile south, 1 mile east of Fen- g ton; 15 miles northwest of Algona, on old Lindsey farm. I Tuesday, March 22nd | == SALE TO BEGIN AT 12 O'CLOCK SHARP LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS = 14 Head of Horses 41 S Bay gelding 8 yrs. old, wt. 1000 Ibs.; light bay gelding 1 yrs. old, wt. 1600; = bay gelding 10 yrs. old, wt. 1700; bay mare 10 yrs. old, wt. 1700. 125 Head of Cattle 25 Nine milking Shorthorn cows; 8 calves; 4 heifers; 4 steers, wt. 700 Ibs. 70 purebred Chester 70 Head of Hogs 27 Poland China bred sows, farrow 1st to 15th of April; White boar; 42 good thrifty fall pigs, wt. about 100 Ibs. : ^^^^^__^^^^^m^^^^j^p^^^^^^l^^jaBBBB^^^MM^^MMM^BMPM^^^^^MMMM* •JMMBM>iM»*MMfl»w^TTrmg-r"rrr- t T'Trr' TT r-r——" Farm Machinery, Etc. John Deere elevator 36-ft. long, with power and overhead jack: Tohn D^e'-o 5-ft mower, with tung trucks; John Deere corn planter, No. 999, with 160 rods wire; John Deere side delivery hay rake; McCormick self dump 12-ft. rake; Dain Junior hay stacker; sweep rake; McCoi-mick 2-row cultivator; Dutch Uncle single-row cultivator; new 4-section drag; drag cart; New Idea manure spreader; 10-ft. disc; 7-ft. tandem disc; cream cooler, complete with setter cans; kerosene tank heater; McCormick endgate seeder, with grass seed attachment; 14-in. garden plow; 16-in. John Deere sulky plow; 14-in. Emerson gang plow;i fine grindstone; 2 good scoop boards. Pordson tractor, in extra good'shape ; rebored and new pistons and rings last year; 14-in. Grand Detour tractor plow; Belle City corn picker, in good shape, will go right out and husk; good wagon with triple box; good shape; 2 triple box husking wagons; steel-wheel wagon with tight bottom hay rack; bob sled; dump wagon; De Laval separ^tpr, No. 15. Porks, crow bars, log chains, orchard spray pump; 2 brooder stoves; some household goods and 1 Superflex kerosene burner refrigerator. 150 J.YEAR'OLD LEGHORN HENS get of good breeching harness with new traces; set good back pad harness, with 26-ft. lines; set of new leather fly nets, new last year; 3 pen hog house, 8x18, shingle roof and 2-in. flooring; 2 individual hog houses 6x8, good floors; brooder fcouse 8x12, double wall to square; 100 bu. self feeder with Hn. bot^ torn; 20bu. self feeder, with 2-in. bottom; 10 tons alfalfa hay; 400 bu. of Gopher seed oats, with good springiing of wheat; 600 bu. Iowa Gold oats. TERMS—Cash, or see your banker. C. M. UMSTED 15 •'SEE

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